Pre-animal-like human consciousness

‘We shall move on floating, André.
We’ll go to the jungle.
There human beings live in the first material degree and also their inner life has this attunement.
We’ll pass on and proceed in your own time.
All those human material and inner degrees have not changed yet.
Good and evil dominate on earth and those first degrees are despised.
No white man will compare himself with those who are in those obscure and dark bodies.
They are the rulers of the earth but they don’t realize that all are God’s own children and that these dark beings, too, will ultimately reach that material stage.
Thousands of years will pass, though, but it shall happen.
No child of God is put behind the other and none is given preference over the other.
One day, the beggar will be rich on earth, one day we’ll see emperors and kings in beggar’s garb.
But they are not aware of that; it is all deep down in them, hidden in that incomprehensible inner life.
Look, that’s where I want to be.
We are in the jungle, André.
People and children of God are living here.’
André saw these people.
They looked wild and savage.
How well did he understand this attunement, how well did he understand their inner life and the deep meaning of it all.
How wonderfully perfect creation is.
‘These human beings are like those living on the second degree; but their material organism is different from theirs.
They come from there to the earth and the inner life descends into this organism.
The earth is billions of years old and, as you have seen, these human beings still live on earth.
There are even human beings unknown to man, who have not yet seen the highest material degree, the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
Now review all those degrees, all those planets and all those billions of years; consider what I explained to you on our first journey, what you have observed from the beginning of creation, then you see, André, that these people are still on earth, that they don’t know a God in heaven, a Father of Love, and that they will learn all that when they have acquired a higher degree.
This pre-animal-like but human being is a child of God and we have followed that process.
They live like man on the second cosmic degree feels.
There, however, they have a pre-animal-like monstrous body, and that is why I can speak of a pre-animal-like but human attunement.
This body has developed in all those thousands of centuries to what they now have.
You have been able to follow that.
They, too, live divided in groups.
Now isn’t this remarkable?
Why do these beings live like that; why do they separate from all those other tribes?
These beings belong to the dark-coloured race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, and that is the first cosmic stage for the third degree.
We have learned that, André ; it is still as in the initial stage of the planet earth.
We see this again in your own time, and it will go on because that first material degree has not become extinct yet.
That will happen when there are no more people living on the second degree.’
‘Where do they arrive, Alcar; or where do they go to when they die on earth?’
‘You should not have asked that question, André, you could have answered that yourself.
To the world of the unconscious, André, that’s where they go.’
‘Don’t they have to go on?
Can they already enter the hereafter?’
‘These beings only live in the first material degree and there are seven.
You’ll feel and understand what this means.
They, those human beings return to the world of the unconscious and will be born again.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I should have known.
So all those degrees are together in the world of the unconscious?’
‘Yes, André, they are bound to, because there is only one world of unconscious life, where inner life lives to animate the material organism.
We know only one world on this side where this life lives to be attracted by the material being.
All those various attunements are in that world, from the lowest up to the highest degree, which is the spiritual attunement.’
‘Do you know how many times these beings have to return in the material condition, Alcar?’
‘No, I cannot assess that.
As I said, man has to return to the earth thousands of times and it cannot be fathomed for inner life either.
Man cannot in any way change his return to earth, André.
When the cycle of life on earth is not completed, so travelled, either material life will attract us, or we have to return until the spiritual world attracts us, and we have inwardly advanced that far.’
‘How amazing everything is, Alcar.’
‘It is all enormous and natural, André.
Man, however, cannot imagine this; but all of us have experienced it, and everybody will experience this.
This cannot be changed.
The earth attracts inner animation for its own material organism and this inner life cannot go higher, because it is connected with the earth.
That is an infallible law and we have been able to follow that from the very beginning of creation.
No human being or animal can evade that.
They will and shall all go back, because they have not advanced that far yet, neither materially nor spiritually.’
‘What would happen, Alcar, if these people were killed as occurs so frequently on earth?’
‘Why do you ask, André?’
‘I thought: what would happen, if these people were no longer there and inspiring life yet waited to be attracted; or if man has killed these human beings; or if they were killed by a natural disaster; surely that is possible?’
‘Let me tell you first of all, that this having an accident and dying is not possible.
However, I want to answer this question and say this.
If that were to happen, inspiring life would pass on to the next degree.’
‘Is that possible, Alcar?
I thought it was not possible, that both lives had to be one?’
‘The way you feel and think is very good, but you forget one thing which you are not aware of, as I have not discussed it yet.
You forget, André, now that the earth is ready, the organism is perfect and the earth has completed its task.
Do you already feel what I mean?
Do you feel that this was necessary for embryonic life and that it would happen there?
That at this moment one transition is no longer of importance?
That there are people on earth living in the seventh degree who connect with the fifth degree and that children are born?
I will explain that to you later.
It is, therefore, possible for material life, because the planet earth is ready; but as a cosmic transition it is not possible; in other words: passing from the earth to the fifth cosmic degree where spiritual and divine angels live, is not possible.
One transition is of no significance; though, as I said, extermination of all this life is not possible; that is not why God has created all this life; all this belongs to creation.’
‘Then, surely, it is not possible that all of mankind perishes, dies as it were?’
‘No, André; that is not possible either; because no matter how far everything has advanced, creation would be a failure and God would not be a God of Justice and there would be disturbances in the plan of creation.
Every life returns to God, that is a law; and to this end planets are required to acquire that development.
What is in nature and what God has created cannot be destroyed.
What applies to one person also applies to the other.
What belongs to the first degree and has to perform its task there, does not have to do it in the third degree.
No natural disasters destroying all life of the earth will therefore occur, André.
That is impossible, such a disturbance does not exist and cannot occur, or it would have happened during the first stage.’
‘So man on earth does not have to worry about it, Alcar?’
‘No, André; it cannot happen, or God had not overseen His own creation.
Nothing has gone wrong in all those billions of years.
Everything happened as was preordained.
These laws are infallible; we have been able to follow and experience that on all those planets.
And this would occur on earth, where this awe-inspiring process is established?
The earth, which has to perform a great task, where man becomes ‘man’ and has to prepare himself for the fourth cosmic degree?
The earth, with all those wonders and cosmic laws?
If this were to happen, we and God would dissolve and nothing would be left.
God cannot destroy His own life.’
‘If I understand you correctly, Alcar, nobody can destroy himself?’
‘No, André, that is not possible either.
Temporary material life can be destroyed, spiritually it is not possible.
Thousands and thousands of people try, they put an end to their material life and yet enter into an other world and are alive.
Didn’t Lantos give a clear description in ‘The Cycle of the Soul’?
Those who commit suicide will either wait to be born again, or continue life on this side; total destruction is not possible.’
‘Do these people know their condition, Alcar?’
‘Yes, of course they know their own lives; but I feel what you mean.
Your question should be: do they know themselves?
Do these people understand why they are here?’
‘Yes, Alcar, that is what I mean.’
‘The answer is no, André.
They know they are alive, and that’s all.
They feel like man on the second degree, they hunt and kill and eat human flesh and are like wild animals.’
‘But if these people are still on earth, why then can this connection with the second degree not be accepted?
Where do these beings come from?
Why do these beings live on earth?’
‘We have been able to follow all that and I can tell you that no human being can say: I know myself; I understand my life; I know who I am.
Now that you know and have experienced all this, you will think and feel differently; you know that all these human beings are children of God.
They live their own lives, they separate from the mass; they live in caves and hovels and are prepared to slaughter other races (see article ‘There are no races’ on and eat their flesh.
I ask you, is this being so strange, so incomprehensible now that we know where he came from and how it happened?
Can’t you see deep in his soul and don’t you fully recognize this being, materially as well as spiritually?
Now ask those questions to a learned man on earth, who has made a study of it.
What will he reply?
He does not know; for how should he know this black woman and man, these two beings?
Doesn’t he look down upon them like a deity (The writer thus expresses the condescending attitude of some academics from 1939.)?
And yet, one day, he had this black skin; for God knows and makes no difference.
Once all white people lived in the jungle; all of us have been here.’
‘How interesting, Alcar.’
‘Not only interesting, André; but natural.
If this had no meaning, the entire creation would disintegrate.
If this had only been for these people and not for those millions of whites, God would not be a God of love and creation would not be right.
One thing would be in contrast with the other; there would be a wide gap and that gap could not be bridged.
Have you seen any unbridgeable gaps on all our journeys?
Have you been able to detect one unfair deed in the entire creation?
Have you seen anything unnatural?
Have you experienced that on this side and on earth?
Can you indicate an untruth to me?
If so, you have not understood me, and you should have asked me, André; I could have pointed out God’s justice to you.
I can’t contradict myself; I followed nature, and God’s life and laws cannot lie and cheat, only people can.
Man betrays his sister and brother, and his God, and renounces his own attunement.’
‘How will they take this, Alcar?’
‘They will condemn this, and all your other books, because they cannot accept it.
But that does not matter, we’ll show them on our side, and I and thousands of brothers and sisters in the spirit, their material brother and sister, their father and mother, who are already here and have accepted everything.
Here, my son, in this deep and dark jungle; here in this black material organism and in all that misery, your life and mine on earth started.
I call to my sisters and brothers on earth: Man, you man of the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, look at your brothers and sisters on earth.
Look at those who live here, who are on earth like you are; fathom their material and spiritual condition and you will recognize yourself.
God’s own life lives here.
Here lives the first and second cosmic degree; we recognize in this material organism God’s sacred laws; you lived in it as the inner human being.
This life goes on and has to go on; because the spark of God is also in them.’
‘How simple everything is, Alcar, since we know this.
Wouldn’t scientists accept this either?’
‘No, André, they will not accept this either; they will, as I said before, deny all this, like all your other books.
They concentrate too much on what they know and do not advance any further.
‘Death’ still calls them to a halt.
They will advance when they can bridge that gap; then they’ll feel that there is no death and witness the distant past.
One man kills the other, they dare to criticize, but they don’t understand themselves and deny everything coming their way from this side.
Once more, André; it does not matter to me.
I and many others have patience; for one day they will enter here; we’ll convince them on this side; they will die there, one after the other.’
‘Why are these people so anxious, Alcar?’
‘There is fear in them, and also the hatred of millions of years ago.
One race (see article ‘There are no races’ on slaughtered the other; we have been able to follow all that.
This commenced during the initial stage of the earth.
In those days other dark races attacked them, but later the whites came, and those beings really knew how to deal with them.
The white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, ignorant of this grace of God and not understanding its own material attunement, massacred the dark beings.
They wanted to possess and that was their downfall.
Those who were ahead of these beings wanted more, it was not enough yet, although they had received that magnificent body.
No, they returned and those poor in spirit were killed off.
Does it not clash with everything God is, with everything bearing God’s own life?
Do you feel now why they are so anxious?
That fear, André, is already millions of years old; but not only that, the animal also attacks them; you have learned that hatred which is still there.
The white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on has cursed its Divine attunement and they also curse God when they look down upon these beings and think that they have to bring their own civilization to these people and impose it upon them.
As sure as there is a Father of love in heaven, as surely all people of the earth once lived in these dark jungles and were despised and ridiculed.
But all that is not understood; they don’t want to understand it; but it is the holy truth.
This, however, only happens on earth; because there are no dark material organisms on the fourth degree.
Everything and everybody there is white and pure, like the most delicate material known on earth.
But here these people still exist.
You see, André, that they are no longer like those hairy people on the second degree; that is not possible.
The earth has developed this magnificent material organism and completed it.
Look how powerful they are.
They do not comprehend science and everything the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on has.
They only ‘feel’; they can’t do anything but feel and that in a pre-animal-like way.
This is man living in a pre-animal-like, but material condition.
What do these beings have to acquire?
Just imagine this and you will wonder when they will pass on to the highest degree.
How long will that take?
Where do they stay in life after death and do they proceed there?
We’ll follow that; though I first have to explain some other conditions to you.
Then we will go on and follow all these attunements until we have reached the highest material and inner human being.
Now look at the astral world.’
André observed.
‘What kind of a world is that, Alcar?’
‘Their world, André; that’s where inspiration lives which has come here from the second planet and is attracted by these material human beings.
Those beings, or inspiring life, is in and closely around them as a result of their lower attunement.
But you see that they are human beings who have lived on all those planets.’
This astral life surrounded the material being as a dense cloud.
André saw this clearly and observed that this life was attracted.
It happened the way he had observed on the second degree; nothing had changed.
The human organs had changed somewhat, they had become more beautiful, but the functioning was as it had been from the first moment.
Has anything changed in this mighty process, André?’
‘No, Alcar, nothing; it is all as it was.’
‘Yes, as on the mother planet, in the first stage.
But now it is established by this magnificent organism.
And in this perfect material organism are those seven degrees.
Isn’t it a mighty wonder that it proceeded during all those billions of years?
Isn’t it amazing that nothing has changed?
Yet, man on earth is ignorant, does not feel this tremendous wonder.
Man just lives as he likes; he is not aware, not of a God, nor of creation or of the beings who live here.
Inspiring life descends into the female and male material organism.
The soul, therefore, experiences both material conditions and that, too, is a mighty grace.
Why does this have to happen?
This existed from the beginning and happened there as a natural event, but it is not until now that it proceeds at full power and action.
It was also present on the first degree, I showed you on all those planets and you experienced it.
It was present on the first degree, the mother planet, and also on the second degree.
I connected you there; you have seen that wonder and been able to follow the attraction.
I ask you: why does inspiration descend in both organisms?
Why should it be that it has the mother organism and gives birth to children in one life and receives the creative organism in the other life?
That is a wonder, André, a sacred wonder, which God oversaw.
I have described this already in your book: ‘Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side’, and we have been able to follow it again in all those stages.
Man on earth still owns this wonder; man has to own it, or he would not be able to develop any further and higher and could only create, not being aware of spiritual inspiration.
This is, André, to be able to awaken spiritually, to evolve.
This is, to enable every soul to learn and understand pure mother love and to fathom the wonder of God in all its depth; it is the origin of creation, though as individual life.
The mother experiences this wonder.
That first activity and the origin of creation are present in the mother organism.
The mother organism owns that power and capacity; because the first stage of embryonic life takes place in that body.
The embryo awakens and lives in the mother, as happened on every planet, and that life is also closed off by a dense mass, but now the human and material organism.
Do you feel what it is, what it means that inspiration has to descend in both organisms?
Isn’t this a sacred wonder?
Man on earth will laugh at it, although he knows this wonder of birth, but its meaning, no, he cannot accept that.
Thousands of years will pass before they will accept and understand this and be able to follow me in everything.
I do not return for those who laugh at this, it is not meant for them, only for those who crave and yearn, who are longing to learn more about this mighty event; who want to understand the miracle and wonder of creation and especially their own lives and attunement.
Everybody will and shall become a mother; that inspiring life is a man and a woman on earth; it is creative and driving, the serving life.
God gave man everything and man also received this from his Father in heaven.
These beings will enter the male and female body thousands of times.
It is, as I said, to awaken, to experience the plan of creation.
These human beings, however, are unaware of it; they do not feel this awe-inspiring event and pass from one condition on to the other.
Also those who have acquired the highest material degree, all those scientists, are unaware.
And yet, this is the essential event, which awakens the human soul.
If that was not a fact – we have been able to follow that – we and all that life would never have been.
If the mother body had not existed, the earth and all those other planets would not have come into being.
This is a similar condition; the human body experiences the plan of creation, and is the plan of creation, because the creative capacity resides in the human body which holds the serving power.
God knew all this, and with all this, God gave Himself, God created a being representing His creation in miniature.
Creation is therefore embodied in man and animal and we see this awe-inspiring wonder reflected in them and in nature; which connected the universe and is the cycle of all life.
God gave Himself entirely; God created wonders and man possesses these wonders but does not understand them.
Is the connection between a man and a woman a different condition, a different event, than we have seen during the first stage?
Is it all different?
I ask you, André, has anything changed in creation in all those millions of years?
Hasn’t it happened there, and on the second degree; and wasn’t this for all those other planets?
Don’t we see it reflected in material and inspiring life and in the entire universe?
Haven’t all of them passed on to this activity?
Look at the earth, the animal kingdom, nature; wherever you look there is reincarnation.
But man does not understand himself.
Man who is the thinking being sees nature in a different way than we do who know nature.
We pass on into all these wonders; we have experienced these wonders in ourselves.
Yes, we are different, so very different from man on earth; but we have acquired all that, we have laid ourselves aside and have come to understand our Father in heaven; because we know now how it all is and what it means to be on earth.
We have bridged that gap, that wide gap; we have learned to know God and understand the depth of life here present.
We passed on into all those laws and acquired those laws.
We know creation now and that what was born at the beginning of creation is still present on earth and in man.
But they are deaf and blind and do not listen to those soft inner voices.
They do not see that these wonders happen every second and do not understand that tremendous love tied therein.
God knows his children, God gave one the creative power because he did not know nor possess serving love.
One day man will and must create.
He will awaken, because he creates and by what he creates; then he receives and experiences this sacred wonder.
Look, how everything is alive, how everything returns and it happens by an infallible power, a law, and that law is God.
God returns to man every instant, but man does not see or hear anything of this return.
Man calls why and what for and asks for gifts, for happiness and for that which cannot be given him until thousands of years later, because it is not until then that he will understand the tenor of what he asks.
Then it comes; but if it comes and it is not like he had imagined, he rejects this wonder and exclaims: No, not that; that is not what I mean; that is too difficult and costs too much strength.
He rejects all these gifts and curses himself and his Father in heaven.
I could go on like that, André, but one more thing I would like to say.
Those who want to feel it, can understand the depth of creation, because it is within them.
Those who want to see open their eyes; but not their material eyes, for they are spiritually blind and will remain blind as long as they do not witness inwardly, and discard themselves.
In doing so they will learn to understand themselves, when an immense power radiates from them and they experience creation; they will experience what happened billions of years ago and still lives within them because they still live on earth.
Reincarnation is inherent to all that; we see the first moment again and we recognize it as the beginning of revelation.
Human beings are living here who are unaware of all this, who are despised by the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on and who cannot be compared with them.
Human beings are living here who are unaware of God’s perfect Child; who have the first material degree and will return to the earth thousands of times.
These beings also live on earth, in the cities, although they wear silk dresses, and decorate themselves with marks of honour.
We see through it, however, and recognize them immediately and we notice their spiritual poverty.
Their deeds point them out; we have listened to their discussions, we saw who they were the way they behaved.
The pre-animal being still lives in that beautiful body.
These beings live in the highest circles of society.
We’ll see them there again, André; and I’ll prove that when we get to it.
It is not only here that they have no feeling for all those things, there they haven’t either.
Scientists don’t know anything about these material degrees and when they are discussed it is fantasy.
Living dead are also on earth, in the highest material degree and I’ll show you who belongs to the living dead.
These beings here are spiritually dead and perish through their own ailments and animal-like life.
But even in the highest degree they have to contend with illness and perish in misery and sorrow.
Here, they do not know of a God; there they do but they do not act accordingly, they only experience and they are heading for disaster with all their possessions.
In many respects these beings are ahead of them, because they are children of nature and give themselves as they are.
But there in the large cities, we see people in disguise, as no pre-animal-like being could, and they look down upon these beings.
And yet, the wonder of God also lives in these dark bodies; they, too, are God’s children and have to cover that long road.
Thousands of years from now they will have advanced as far as the people in cities and villages and will have attained a condition of existence on earth.
One day, all these beings will occupy an important position in material life and they will be doctors and scientists on earth.
One day, they will be the blessed ones and we’ll see them again, but then they will be like most people on earth and still belong to the living dead.
One day they’ll pass on to that highest possession on earth and live their lives to the full like they still do there and as happens every day.
Later, after thousands of years, their eyes will open and they awaken on this material world.
Then they possess that perfect and beautiful body but have changed beyond recognition.
Yet, they have received everything, everything from their God, but neither do they know then where they came from.
I ask you my boy, why did I take you along, why did I take you to this jungle, to these dark brown-black peoples (see article ‘Human being or soul’ on, whereas there are to see so many beautiful things on earth?
Why do I pass on into these beings?
Didn’t you wonder?
Do you understand why I have to be here?
Why don’t I take you along to the spheres of light, where I could explain such a lot to you?
Why don’t I speak of those pure spheres and don’t we go to those regions where man is happy in his life and why don’t we take long walks in our spheres?
Why do I stay here, whereas there is so much of beauty on earth that people are still unaware of?
Do you feel, André, why I am here and do you understand that everybody living on earth must have been here to attain the place where he is now?
This is where our life on earth began, this is the first degree of material and spiritual attunement.
Here we came on the planet earth and our long way on earth begins in the jungle.
This organism, which they own, is the first material degree and they will and shall acquire the seventh.
This is where the cycle of life on earth begins and the foundation is laid to start securing ourselves a place in material and spiritual life.
Here we begin our existence on earth and it is magnificent to look back on it now that we have acquired the highest degree.
We, human beings, will experience God’s creation in this organism, and awaken.
Here our long road on earth starts and this is reincarnation on earth.
Should this not happen, it would again be an injustice and no love.
But God does not want that.
God is justice; our holy Father is a God of Love.
These beings go about naked; they do not know all those earthly pleasures man now has, which make life more comfortable on earth.
They go about like wild animals, they have no light, no warmth and are poor, so very poor.
As compared with life of those who have everything on earth, their lives are miserable and terrible.
But, André, we know better.
Man has to go through this.
In the future they will live in an other organism; if they wouldn’t, if that would not happen, God would be an unfair God; God would be a God of revenge.
But God is love and has been in the entire creation, as we have experienced on all those planets.
Man goes on, must go on; it is a law; it is experience and quite natural, but man should know that law and try to understand creation.
Man on earth who possesses the white body does not know all these laws because he does not inquire after them and does not feel them.
What has he got to do with these people?
What could he learn from them?
Why do all these types of people live on earth?
Man seeks and tries to solve this enigma, and yet, he will not find the truth.
‘Death’ is a deadlock and exactly behind it is the solution.
The answer is here, in our lives on this side; they will see and understand all this after their lives on earth, but they cannot accept it.
Dead is dead; when they die it is all over forever.
These people think they are learned, they want to solve the mighty word ‘creation’; these people try to analyze these dark souls.
Seek, you learned men of the earth, but first seek your own spiritual and cosmic attunement; seek and feel what death is and means.
But they don’t; they put themselves on a pedestal and continue to solve it in their own way and they will never succeed.
Look within me, André, and feel why my soul is crying now, and my heart breaks when I think of all these things.
Because, one day, these beings here will also have everything and put themselves on pedestals, and death also will be a deadlock and they will not wonder, where did I came from?
They will go there and have to pass on to it.
We, living on this side, see and know it; all this was revealed to us.
We have experienced it, and so have all those higher spirits, and man on earth and these black souls will experience it later.
Is this so strange?
This is and belongs to reincarnation on earth, as a result we must accept that we will pass on into many lives.
This is the great wonder these beings will experience and which keeps the entire universe connected.
This is majestic and a grace; it is mighty in its simplicity and infallible for every being who experiences it.
The human being will deeply bend his head when he feels creation and when he experiences the depth of inner life and material life; for that makes us awake.
Black people are living here; but God’s wonder is in them just as it is in the white organism.
When people on earth are prepared to follow this course, they will comprehend this deep mystery; an other course is not possible.
Is it clear to you now, why I wanted to be here, André?
We’ll go on from this place and pass on to these seven material degrees.
This is the first and at the same time the poorest, the most miserable one found on earth.
You see, my son, they live as on the second degree, they are divided into groups and feel as they did there, but have a different organism.
These are already human beings, there they were animals.
Here it is a human condition and this is a pre-animal-like but human stage.’