Animal-like consciousness

‘We’ll go on and leave them and visit an other group.
They are slightly ahead of these beings and therefore belong to the animal-like condition in regard to their inner life.
Do you have any questions about these human beings?’
‘Yes, Alcar, if I may put this question: Is it possible that they can attract a higher being?’
‘No, they not yet.
I say not yet, because later on it is possible.
Once they have experienced all degrees.
They here attract that being, the inner being, living on the second degree, as this life is attuned to their material condition, because we have seen that material balance is necessary for animation, which is inner life.
But there comes an end to it, and I will tell you about that when we have reached the highest degree.’
‘What happens, Alcar, when these people connect with a higher degree?’
‘Then the material organism will split.
Children born out of this have lost their natural attunement.
Do you feel this, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it did not enter my mind.
Is this known on earth?’
‘Yes and no.
Scientists know of it, but they cannot fathom this depth because they don’t know and don’t accept these material degrees.
They are unaware of all these truths; they do not know that the spiritual and material creation are one and that it has been so from the beginning.
One has to accept all this in order to learn and understand the material degrees of the human organism and that these material divisions have come about in that one attunement passed on into the other.’
‘Does the material organism really have this power of attraction and can the material organism bring about a change?’
‘Yes, that is possible.
The action is as follows.
Those two different degrees of material life have their own activity and attunement.
These two material degrees connect, let’s say the fifth degree and this one, the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on and this body in the first degree.
What will happen?
In the first place the natural attunement is lost and I can tell you that the primitive life dominates.
The higher the material organism advances, the further it moves away from its arch attunement.
The arch attunement at full power and activity, and therefore in perfect health, cannot be surpassed by anything; in it resides the tremendous power of all those planets, dominated by the first stage which is the mother body known to us as the first planet.
This means that it is material and possesses that arch power in that material degree.
This is obvious, because inner life, the life of the soul, belongs to a higher attunement.
That soul or life has that dominating power in its own degree; but now, in this case, the lower degree dominates.
Is that clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
But what is the action or attunement of inner life like?’
‘When a child is born out of this connection, that inner life has the same attunement as the mother.
Though it is possible that the child is different; in which case it has a different meaning, of which I will tell you later.
The child may then have more intellect than a child of parents of the same attunement.
This is a remarkable phenomenon brought about by the higher organism.
We see, for instance, this child awaken, and this event differs from all those other children born out of one attunement.
It has more intellect and this activity is brought about by the higher material organism.
In this dark, black child, in this organism lives something of that higher organism and that activity can be seen.
It is only temporary; when that organism has reached maturity the first stage will dominate and inner life will obey that organic supremacy.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
Is that why the human race (see article ‘There are no races’ on is unnatural?’
‘Yes, in so far as you mean that different degrees have connected.’
‘Yes, Alcar, that’s what I mean.’
‘The human race, all those seven degrees, have passed into thousands of degrees.
I want to tell you about that when we have reached the highest degree.
There are no pure races (see article ‘There are no races’ on on earth any more.
The seventh degree is contaminated, it has passed into other degrees; in other words: In that highest degree flows the blood of the third, second, fourth and fifth and even of the first degree.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar; perfectly.
It is amazing how much there is to it.
Is it of great moment for all those material degrees?’
‘Yes, it has a deep meaning and not one, but thousands.’
‘Can you keep track of them?’
‘Yes, we know all those events; not only those events and possibilities, but the history of all seven material degrees as well.
As a result, André, that magnificent material organism has weakened in all degrees; that’s why these inner disturbances, illnesses and other torments exist on earth.
Believe me when I say that man is to blame for his own sorrow and misery and for all his illnesses as well.
Man has defiled his own attunement.
That is not possible in the animal kingdom; an animal would not do that; that life acts, as I explained to you, in accordance with his natural attunement and cannot act differently.
But man has passions and through those passions he has destroyed his own attunement; this attunement therefore passed on into a different degree.
As a result the natural attunement weakened and an unnatural condition set in.
This happened millions of years ago and cannot be restored.’
‘So there are no people on earth having the pure natural material condition?’
‘No; as natural attunement, not one.’
‘Is that where all those illnesses come from?’
‘That’s why this natural material organism weakens and declines.
All the organs are there, have always been there, but the tissues, that million-process, have weakened.
The material organism in the attunement of the highest degree is a magnificent organism, and if this attunement had remained pure, all those illnesses we know now would not exist; that same organism would have more strength, and be more resistant, also against summer and winter because that organism has the same strength and activity as nature in which it lives and out of which it emanated.
In that period it was perfectly natural, but the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on has multiplied this process a thousand-fold too, has returned to those lower grades and defiled its own material attunement.
The children born did not act differently on reaching maturity; that is why the process has multiplied and the natural attunement is lost.
Now, this organism is weak, the scientists examine all these illnesses; they go back to the third and fourth generation to try and find out what caused them.
Though this is possible for various illnesses, the real source is millions of years old.
Yet, man on earth wonders where all those illnesses have come from, and because of them they curse their God, or beseech Him to be delivered from them.’
‘What chaos has become of the earth, Alcar.’
‘The earth is a planet of quiet and peace; it has completed its task, but man has disturbed that peace and quiet.
They have defiled everything and everybody.
They have not only forgotten their God, not only the animal kingdom which still shows its teeth when this high being approaches, but they have forgotten themselves in everything and through everything and made a hell out of this planet, where life holds God’s own life and forms part of it.
They have not only forgotten themselves, they also defiled God’s sacred love; they tred on mother love and descended in the deepest misery to experience and to give full reign to their passions; they forgot they are children of God, and are Divine.
They defiled everything and laid down a curse upon mankind and cursed the arch power within them.
This was bound to have consequences, and nature punished them; for their own body could not stand it.
It went from bad to worse and now that they have come to their senses, they call out: Oh God, help us, help us and deliver us from all that misery.
But God in heaven cannot alter this; they wanted their illnesses and misery themselves.
Whoever it is, wherever he lives, however far he has advanced and feels now, all took part, not one excluded, all of us have forgotten ourselves.
But we come back to make it up; all on this side come back, not one person from the earth who enters here and sees and experiences that process, can advance; they will return to the earth and do deeds, nothing but good and do constructive work.
They serve; which is giving their inner life; they make up what they once destroyed.
They are still asleep and plead: Oh God, deliver us from all that misery!
God, however, looks on and waits and cannot change anything.
Now they seek and ask, now they come to their senses, now that everything is defiled and they experience the misery caused.’
‘You said, Alcar, that this happened millions of years ago; are the people of this era to blame?’
‘That is a question everybody will ask.
What concern is that of ours, what have we got to do with it?
We lived a pure and clean life; we love God and pray and go to church every day.
Don’t we?
Isn’t that what you mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘I can imagine, André, that people who are unaware of this would ask me such a question; but you should not have asked.
I ask you, André; has man got to do with that what happened millions of years ago?
Haven’t I explained to you just now, that these people lived in the jungle and that all of us have lived there?
Haven’t I explained to you, that we are millions of years old?
That we have lived on earth thousands and thousands of times and lived in those times?
Don’t you feel, that there are still people who connect with a lower degree?
That they will again defile their own attunement?
They do not know anything about these laws and are therefore unaware of what they are doing.
This is still possible on earth because there are still seven material degrees.
Those black people will also reach that stage, they will curse their God and defile their attunement, not a single person can evade this.
They do not have that property, that personality, they do not have that control, that love, but live to the full, because passion and violence are in them.’
‘If, from this moment on, man owned that mental power, and continued to follow the natural way through all those centuries, would all this misery dissolve, Alcar?
Is that possible?’
‘No, André, that is not possible, I told you that this is millions of years old.
It cannot be changed.
These people have not advanced that far either to be able to control themselves in everything in future.
That’s why they will also forget themselves and pass on into what they want to possess.
Is that clear now?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
How natural everything is.’
‘It is bound to be.’
‘Can that no longer be done on the fourth degree, Alcar?’
‘No, that is impossible; only on earth.
There they are awake and conscious; here, they are spiritually blind and have poor feeling, they have passion and violence.
There, everything is different; no illness, no misery, no passion, nothing of all that earthly misery; there is spiritual happiness in an earthly body.
There, inner and material life are one in everything, in a natural condition one and pure.
Can you imagine something of such purity, sublimity and perfection on earth?’
‘No, Alcar; I can’t; and nobody could.
Will doctors never be able to feel or assess that depth, Alcar?’
‘You mean the weakening of the material organism?’
‘Yes, Alcar, that’s what I mean.’
‘No, that is impossible; it is too far in the past.’
‘But if children are born out of perfectly healthy parents, is that weakness still present?’
‘Even then, even if they have never been ill and have died a natural death, that weakness is still there.’
‘You would not think it was.’
‘But it is, because the natural core has been lost for millions of years.’
‘Amazing how much you know about that.
How is that possible?’
‘Is it now clear to you what the cycle of life on earth is and means?
What it means, that one of your books is titled ‘The Cycle of the Soul?’
That is one and the same condition and event for material as well as spiritual life.
It means all those material transitions, all those thousands of lives together, which we have experienced.
When we have experienced that inwardly, by inner life, we ourselves, an other world will attract us and we go on in the hereafter to prepare ourselves for the fourth cosmic degree.
Then, all those questions, all those illnesses dissolve, and our life will be natural, in an unstained and pure organism, so that nothing will disturb us there.
But before we pass on to that, we return to the earth and do something, give something; bring something of ourselves, because God gave us His own Life and we therefore bring our inner knowledge and tell them how to live, and we are ready to serve all the time.
Those who do not want to go back, do not understand themselves, do not know our lives, nor God and neither the earth and life.
Those who say they do not want to return to the earth do not understand anything of creation.
And those who have not advanced this far and laugh at all this or shrug their shoulders, belong to the living dead.
They are convinced here and then they yearn, like we all do, to be allowed to do something for mankind, for ourselves and especially in gratitude for everything we received from our Father.’
‘There are so many people who do not want to return, Alcar; and they recoil when they hear of it.
I know and hear it all the time.
Who wants to come back to this hell?
Is life on earth not dreadful?
Not one of all these people wants to return.’
‘Do you find that strange?’
‘Yes, they do not understand what they say, Alcar.’
‘I will tell you something, my boy.
Those who speak like that and do not want to return, do not understand themselves.
People who speak like that, do not feel all this; they are living dead.
There are also people who cannot imagine that a mother could cry herself to death because her child was taken away from her.
They would not be able to.
Are those people more advanced in life on earth than she is?
No, we know those living dead, people who speak like that.
Haven’t I shown you, when we visited those poor mothers and all those mentally ill people on earth living in a deranged condition, that those who speak like that and are amazed at their condition, do not yet have that feeling?
Haven’t I explained that they still belong to the living dead and do not own that sacred feeling?
And if they do not have that feeling, could they yearn for it?
Is that possible?
Those people, André, will not acquire that attunement of feeling until hundreds of years later and will then cry like all those mothers and speak no longer about not wanting to return.
They will and shall experience that.
That is a law and means justice.
We shall return and are in no position to make demands, as we have not attained that material and highest spiritual degree yet.
Oh, those poor of spirit, those beings who have done nothing but cursing the life of God!
When we live in the world of the unconscious waiting for an incarnation, we receive exactly that what we do not want, because it is the very thing we do not own yet.
Those who say: I do not want to return and only say so for fear of all that material misery, are mentally dead, they are not awake and conscious and they will return and experience exactly that what they do not want to receive.
Those who do not want, will receive and those who want to receive, won’t, that is as far as earthly things and conditions are concerned and if it is only to possess, to be rich.
Christ knew before He descended to the earth, what awaited Him, and what was for Him, is also for us.
One day, we’ll experience what He did; one day, we’ll also possess our entire personality.
Then we don’t ask to give us this or that; or we won’t descend.
No, André, however it may be, we descend and desire to give everything we have.
It is not until then that we are awake and conscious.
Those living dead, however, do not want that; they annihilate what others built up and think they have a right to destroy all this, but they are fast asleep and won’t wake up for the time being.
They have nothing to give either and belong to the living dead.
All these beings only love one person and sometimes they don’t love anybody.
Or only when they get something in return.
Those living dead will stare their eyes out, because they will have to return since they feel that way.
The earth would be beautiful if people could want, could want what is God’s creation.
But if they were able to determine their birth and death, if these powers were in their own hands, it would be real chaos.
Man received everything, God’s own life.
Man only wants to experience beautiful and desirable things; only that life on earth in which he has everything.
Thank God that we understand nature, that we know the laws of nature and that people cannot alter them and have to obey them, for it is not God who sends them back, they are attracted by their own attunement, their mistakes and sins and by all the wrong things, which lie in their past.
This has to be made up, when they will be able to take leave of the planet earth and enter life hereafter.
Wherever they are and whoever they are now; after a while others will take their places and they will fall back and pass on into an other condition, back to the earth to make up for everything.
It is all straightforward; these are material and spiritual laws.
There is an end to everything and the lowest degree passes on into the highest and the highest descends to the lowest to help.
Those who curse some race will perish.
Those who violate the love of others will also go to ruin, as they make mistakes and will have to make that up in an other life.
Those who do not know God, will understand Him one day.
Those who do not seek me, Christ says, will neither see nor find the Father.
Those who do not accept us, do not accept God, for we have come in the name of God; thousands descended to the earth with me.
Thousands with me speak of love and faith; thousands with me know that all who speak like they do will return.
They all think they can return to God in one single life on earth.
Is that possible, André?
Can we acquire all that in one short life on earth?
Now that we know that we go further and higher and other planets await us?
What then is the use of all this?
Has it been God’s intention to create heavens with which man on earth has no connection and will never receive that connection?
Review all this and imagine if that is possible, feel all these possibilities deeply and ask for mental inspiration.
There are millions of beings on this side, who will come to testify of their mental happiness and bliss.
But death is a deadlock for man and will remain so.
They will awaken, though, all those people must go further and higher; one day they will be grateful to have received all this about our lives, about creation and the laws and powers.
We’ll proceed and finish our work; we, on our side, as I told you, shall wait until they all enter here.
Look, André, we are on the spot where I wanted to be.
Is our conversation clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well, then we’ll go on.’
André again saw people and they were like the ones he had just observed.
Though they were slightly different.
Among them were those he had seen there but he also saw smaller human beings, they were dwarfs.
‘Another degree, André.
One degree higher than where we were just now.
Those dwarfs live here too and have come to them.
Do you recognize this attunement?’
‘You mean those dwarfs?’
‘Yes, I mean them.’
‘Weren’t they on all those planets, those transitions, Alcar, between the first and the second degree?’
‘Indeed; that’s where we met them and here we find them again.
I told you about them on our previous journey.
Isn’t it amazing to see these beings again after all those millions of years?
What happened there would also happen here.
They pass on into an other material condition, but before all have died thousands of years will pass.
That degree then dissolves and they accept a natural condition.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I know.
Do those others already belong to the second degree?’
‘Yes, you see that their bodies are different and although the change is not conspicuous, it is a different degree, the second material degree we know.
These people, too, are inwardly different, they feel and understand more and are not that shy any more.
Many inner changes can already be seen, they are different in- and outwardly.
But why do these people not live together?
Wouldn’t it be simpler?
Why do we see that again in all these transitions on earth and do those groups of black people not join together?
Isn’t that strange?
Listen André: they cannot join together even if they wanted to.
These grades cannot be connected, for those material grades live separated.
It is a law that keeps them apart.
This is nature and is the first and second degree.
This wonder is deep down within them and they react to it as to something natural.
The two degrees cannot stand each other.
And why?
Is that so inconceivable now that we know all these degrees and have been able to follow them from the beginning of creation?
These human beings cannot be connected by people, because nature calls them to a halt like in our life if we want to go beyond our proper sphere or attunement.’
‘It is amazing again, Alcar.’
‘But natural, André.
It is very normal and yet deep, very deep, because it is part of God’s creation.
These people feel differently.
They are no longer pre-animal-like, but animal-like.
They too cannot refrain from killing and eating their fellow men, although they are generally ahead of those we just visited.
They proceed to do other things because they have feeling, although that feeling is animal-like.
They do not know a God either and are unaware of all those higher degrees.
Yet they have something which raises them above those others and that is the second material degree which gives them this feeling.
They still receive; they did not acquire anything, they receive until they make something of themselves.
They will not get in harmony with their life until they are no longer able to kill.
They learn in each life on earth.
What they have acquired in one life on earth will remain their own.
That’s how they go on.
But how much longer?
Until the highest degree in which they will also live and forget themselves.
That is what the entire creation is like, they pass from one life on to the other.
People want to possess and when they have it they want something else and that is no good either.
One material organism, as will be clear to you, gives them more than the previous one.
God gives inner life ever more.
In all those material degrees lies earthly happiness and that happiness is what is acquired on earth.
They received this from our side and it is present in all these degrees.
You will feel that every material degree has its own power, and that happiness and those things which make life on earth more pleasant form part of it.
Do you feel what awaits them?
That they will receive this, but that they will also forget themselves?
That, according as they advance, they want to possess all those material things, all riches, all treasures of the earth; but that it will also ruin them?
This goes on, André, until they have reached the highest degree in the material world, and this will happen; they have to complete their cycle on earth.
We shall see that and I will show it to you, they do not know any better and do not know the riches of the earth; just watch them collect all that earthly trash.
These passions already awaken here.
In the jungle, far away from the intellectual world, they collect earthly things; that is their human happiness and their inner self.
That is the being, the soul that is their personality.
And that personality grows, awakens, must awaken, after they have attained a higher stage, which, for them, is the higher material organism.
As a result they themselves, the inspiring life, will develop.
Their present development attunes them to animal-like consciousness.
Here, we see the initial stage of human passions, which we will see again in a refined condition in the highest degree.
See, how they do their faces and already adorn their dark bodies.
See where that leads up to and you will find yourself in the inhabited, intellectual world, in the large cities, where everything is different.
That’s where we also find those qualities; where people collect all sorts of things and have developed a passion for all those things.
These people are still living in nature, in the jungle; but the more they advance, the more they will lose this natural behaviour which is left in them and they will pass on to a higher consciousness.
They may become kings and emperors and the intellectuals on earth, or the poor.
One day they will have advanced that far and have acquired that stage; but then thousands of centuries have passed.
Slowly but surely they will pass on into those other material degrees.
Nature or creation will bring them that worldly happiness.
God gave man everything and as a result man would learn to understand himself.
Do you understand, André, that this will happen and that these people are already ahead of those others?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I see and I understand you in everything.
Do these people, when they die on earth, also go to the world of the unconscious?’
‘Yes, they are bound to.
They cannot yet enter the spiritual hereafter.
They have to return thousands of times.
First of all to acquire their highest material degree and subsequently for their inner life.’
‘If I understand you correctly, they are already building their hell?’
‘That is also correct.
Because they cannot think and feel differently.
They are still unaware.
They pass on to the world of the unconscious time and again.
That is a sacred law, which I explained to you in various ways.
They will return there, until a higher world, the spiritual world, attracts them.
Then they cannot return any more, even if they wanted to.’
‘How amazing, Alcar.’
‘We see and find that natural law in everything.
It is reincarnation, it is creation, it is the return to God.
There are thousands of beings on our side who would like to go back, but it is not even possible; only God can give them this wonder and grace .
I will explain that to you on our next journey when you will see how this happens; we’ll follow one being.
You will also see how infallible inner life is and that the soul will experience what it destroyed in its previous life.
These people proceed, materially as well as spiritually.
They return to the earth and wait on this side to be attracted again.’
‘Are they not aware of it, Alcar?’
‘No, André, that is not possible.
The soul has this higher feeling, it is within them.
When they receive a new organism, it must therefore be of a higher degree or they would come to a standstill in the plan of evolution.
However, the material organism attracts what belongs to it as inner life.
Neither man nor spirit can change that, because it belongs to God’s sacred creation and is, therefore, a law.’
‘How long do they have to wait for a reincarnation; do you know that?’
‘That may take hundreds of years or less.
The higher man advances, the longer it takes to reincarnate.
Materially perfect man, he who has acquired the perfect human body, often has to wait five hundred or a thousand years before receiving a new body.
These beings, however, return sooner and from the first degree it varies from fifty to one hundred years.
This is simple and natural and when we have to advance ever more, it will take longer on those other planets, because man in his material body will live to be hundreds of years of age.
There they know and experience other laws, which I’ll explain to you on our next journey.
There they understand what it means to receive a new material organism; they have learned to understand these laws and they live there in the greatest happiness, a happiness they will always retain.
The higher we come, the greater the distance between inner life and the material world.
I explained that on the first degree.
Thus, inner life waits to be attracted again between the first and second degree, these transitions.
Yet it is born again, as it has to go further and higher and has to cover a cosmic road.
Also in everything the natural laws.
Nature either calls us to a halt or attracts us, which serves material life and man as inner and spiritual life.
So, when you live in hell, I explained that to you, but it will be more comprehensible now, you have reached a world of existence, however terrible it is.
However deep the misery in which these people live, they are conscious and have acquired a world of existence.
Those who have not yet acquired a world of existence live in the world of the unconscious and will have to acquire that world.
When the first people arrived in hell and had to accept that there was something that stopped them, that they could not return to the earth any more for incarnation in a material organism, they shaped their own condition and became the rulers of the hell.
Something called them to a halt when they had completed their material cycle, but had not acquired anything inwardly in all those centuries.
How these people would like to return to earth and receive a new material organism!
And how these people, who are the demons of hell, would live their lives to the full again and take possession of the earth!
Don’t you think they would rather have life on earth than having to stay in that darkness?
They have experienced that and gone beyond their natural limit; an other world attracted them and prevented their return.’
‘That is an amazing law, Alcar.’
‘This law is like all the other laws, André.
We’ll see again in life after death what we have experienced on earth.
The hell is a condition reflecting our inner selves.
The material world serves inner man.
When inner life has completed its cycle on earth, it is quite simple that we human beings should enter an other world, because we have to acquire Divinity.
A spiritual law detains us and we have to accept that, whether we want to or not.
These people will also experience these natural laws, as they have to go on, higher and higher, until they have completed their cycle and continue in spiritual life.
That world will be as they feel inwardly.
The first beings who passed on in evil, so that hell began to take shape and darkness set in, could not return any more and had to accept that.
We who live on this side, also had to accept that, just like these people will experience that later on, for every human being will experience that, because man forgets himself in all those lives on earth.
One day there will be an end to it, though millions of years will meanwhile have passed.
As long as one single human being lives on earth, he will have to follow all those laws, he will also seek evil and find a world on this side reflecting his inner self.
There has to be an other world when man on earth departs from his material organism.
Those who inwardly bear a higher world, which means doing the proper things and loving God’s life, will pass on into an other world, the spheres of light, which you have seen on this side.
But not until they have experienced all those degrees of life of the material world.
God gave man everything.
How many times have I repeated these words; I must repeat them; it does not penetrate the minds of people that all this serves to return to God.
It is worthwhile repeating them, as we feel in those words the All-Power, the All-Love we have to acquire.
In various ways, I refer to it time and again, I try to convince you.
Thousands have come with me to the earth to bring what they know about our life and have acquired.
Each of us selects his own attunement to convince man.
And this has been going on for millions of years.
When the first human beings who populated the earth had attained their highest material degree, they could not return to the earth any more.
But they returned to the planet earth in the spirit, as spiritual beings, to live their lives to the full through man in his material condition.
That also came to an end.
They began to realize that is was possible to advance.
Thousands of years passed before they had acquired this feeling.
The people who had experienced the first rays of light of the spiritual spheres within and around them and felt that it was possible to advance, dragged the others along and tried to convince them.
What they achieved on earth added something to their own lives.
The good things man did, became the heightened condition in which they would proceed, because an All-Condition, Divinity, awaits them.
We have been able to follow all that.
It became clear to us on all those planets and it also applies to the earth, to all these people, as they have to experience it as well.
This happened during the initial stage of the earth and this process is still going on.
The age of the earth, my son, cannot be assessed, nor how long it will last; but one day all this unnaturalness will dissolve.’
‘So everything man has on earth, good and evil, emanated from man, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, that’s correct.
Everything on earth and on this side has been accomplished by man.
No sphere could exist if man did not sustain it.
The darkness will and must dissolve when there is no more evil, the earth and all this material life belong to that, but inner life goes on and higher to pass on to the fourth cosmic degree.
Everything is fed and maintained by man.
The material and inner world of these human beings is one condition.
Every deed has its own attunement; man creates darkness, hell by his passions which force him to do wrong, and those who helped create it, will once have to pull that hell down, because man has a higher attunement.
Every sin punishes itself; those sins are within us; we did wrong and by doing so we created darkness and the hell could condense.
There is not one human being on earth who did not create hell; we have to go through that and will forget ourselves, because we must learn to understand ourselves.
As a result, Divinity will awaken within us; we hold that power, that Divine strength, in our own hands, it is up to us to make the most of it.
Every grain of sand of the hell, a spiritual substance, but after reality, must dissolve in order to destroy what we did wrong.
As man begins to feel and understand his own life and seeks the good, he deprives the dark spheres of power, but others are adding to the dark spheres, and this is the struggle between good and evil we have to experience on earth and on our side.
One day man will advance that far, just like the first human beings of the earth did, and the spiritual light will penetrate them.
When the first human beings experienced it and felt what God’s life on earth and on this side meant, they went on their knees and bent their head.
When that Divine Spark burned in them and inspiration became more and more intense and seethed in them; when they were ablaze with inspiration, they hurried back to the earth to help those who could be reached.
We, too, have experienced that and those who follow us, like those who will awaken later, will experience it.
One day these people will also awaken, they will create the dark spheres, and continue to do that until something else awakens in them when the higher spheres are open for them.
Then the inspiring fire is within them.
It lives and sets them ablaze; they will always feel that fire; that is feeling and means spiritual possession; it is related to God’s own life.
Then they are ready to give everything, their entire inner being.
Who, then, would not want to go back to the earth?
Millions would, but then it is not necessary any more and not possible.
They will proceed on this side; there is work for them and they will give themselves completely.
We all started in this condition on earth.
Once, André, I lived on the second cosmic degree and passed on to the earth.
Here, I became acquainted with life on earth; but I was not aware of it in this condition.
One time, in this condition, in this dark body, I killed my fellow men and I ate human flesh.
How was my life and that of all my sisters and brothers; how much have we suffered and destroyed?
But we had to be here; we had to pass on into this in order to attain the highest degrees.
Everybody will experience it.
I have seen all my lives and I returned to the earth in hundreds of lives.
I was shown all those lives on this side.
I also know why I was on earth and became a master of art and why that happened, as I have learned to know that wonder on this side.
I know all those laws.
I have experienced those and other laws and I’ll explain them to you on our next journey, when you will get to know me and many others entirely.
I showed all this and I know all these wonders and planets, I experienced them and I am now in the spiritual spheres.
I have been, André, like these human beings; but I am not ashamed of that any more, because I have made all that up, all that misery and all my mistakes and sins.
I helped create the darkness, because I caused misery and sorrow and should have brought happiness.
I have experienced all that, and so have billions of beings, and now we return to the earth because many people have advanced far enough to listen to us.
Now we are convincing them.
How much have I suffered and how much have I had to work on myself to make it all up.
Learn through me, André, and my sisters and brothers in the spheres.
All of us have suffered and we want to preserve you and all people on earth from it.
Seek the good and continue doing so.
I cannot yet reach people, as they are deaf and blind and do not believe this truth, they will have to see and experience that for themselves.
Man lives his own life and ignores this subject; he does not feel the sacredness of all this, nor the great grace, though, one time he will experience it all.
I lived here, André, and started my cycle on earth.
You will get to know it, my life and that of others and why we must pass all this on to the earth.
How are these human beings now?
Could we curse them; haven’t we done the same?
There is nobody on earth, who has not been here, all of us, none excluded, were here in this jungle.
Here, we were born and would die to be born again.
Try to imagine that long road and how long it will be before they have acquired that highest material condition.
Millions of years will pass before they have advanced that far.
By then we’ll be on an other planet and don’t know misery and sorrow.
We and all those who go with us, have deserved that and received that from God.
That applies to the entire universe.
To receive, deserve and acquire.
This goes on and will continue infinitely, and we’ll experience all those laws.
People will experience all these wonders they don’t know yet, but which are within them and they will finally awaken and become conscious.
Then they will fall on their knees and cry their eyes out for gratitude and happiness and they understand their Father in heaven.
Once, all will feel what it means to be ‘man’.
Life on earth begins here.
They desire to possess and they’ll own what is so beautiful in their opinion.
Pieces of stone, pieces of wood, and a fragment of iron which the higher human being has lost or forgotten; they collect these things.
This is a particular character trait and we received that feeling on the second degree.
That’s where we got these feelings.
Because that’s where pre-animal-like instinct awakened, and this feeling is quite distinct from animal-like consciousness.
You know that distance of feeling; you experienced it.
That feeling came in us when we attacked those other groups on the second degree and robbed them of all they had and which was their possession.
It was there that these feelings came into being and with them we came to the earth.
From the first moment that we opened our eyes we felt desires.
When we had advanced to the extent that we could move about, we wanted to possess all those things.
When we got older these feelings became stronger and we knocked others down by our physical strength, merely because we wanted to posses what they had.
That is an arch-feeling that passed into the instinct, which many people, even in the highest material condition on earth, still have, and which you will see and experience.
People are killed for this trash which is now gold and silver, diamonds and pearls, all those precious things on earth which are only valuable for them.
That is what everyone wants to possess, but they should be able to discard them.
That is not possible, because they have not advanced that far so that they have to return many times.
Returning is a torment for them, but that torment comes, because they begin to sense what awaits them.
People do not want struggle and sorrow; they want to keep all these material things, to enjoy all this trash which we started to collect in prehistoric times.
One day all this end.
Then, we only collect mental treasures and acquire all those qualities forming our mental character which cannot be taken away from us.
They will cheer us from the side beyond, for the more of those treasures we collect the more our inner being changes and develops and we adorn our spiritual dwelling.
That is thousands of centuries away from those who live here, and also from them who have already attained that material level.
One day they will die and enter life after death.
They also collect these things, that earthly trash, in hell; you have seen that, André, there too they adorn themselves with pearls and diamonds but this trash is as false as their spiritual lives.
Look at these magnificent material bodies!
See how this body lives and radiates how strong it is.
It sparkles with vitality and how ardent they are and how childlike and natural!
But you know after all that I told you just now, that they are animal-like.
However vital and powerful this body is, the core, the natural attunement is lost; because they also suffer from many dreadful illnesses they carry deeply within them and from other illnesses they contract during life.
We will leave these people now and visit others.
I have to tell you more, but we’ll leave here.
In this condition, André, which is the animal-like attunement, there are seven more degrees.
In that first degree, where we started, there are seven transitions, to which belong those small dwarfs and many other tribes.
I’ll not follow all those transitions, as you will understand all this now.
You see that those transitions are present, we have seen those transitions on all planets.
Everything we have seen and been able to follow in the universe is reflected in human life.
These small beings we find here among those races (see article ‘There are no races’ on, are the many transitions present between two material degrees in order to pass on to that higher degree.
We even see these human beings again in the perfect body.
All that must have a meaning.
On earth it is attributed – at any rate by the scientists who made a special study of it – to improper functioning of some glands, which retard the perfect growth process.
This may be true for some of these beings, but that entire tribes suffer from one and the same condition is possible in the case of other illnesses but not for this process.
This is no illness, but a material, even cosmic, condition; because their organs are normal, although their build and size are not as should be for the human organism in its perfect condition.
At a later stage, these people will pass on into another organism, which is the normal size and one degree of the seven material attunements we know.
Now that we have advanced that far, the material organism is well ahead of inner life.
These material bodies are fundamentally perfect but their inner life has only reached the pre-animal-like and animal-like attunement.
I explained that already on the second planet, and you will now experience it.
Now that they have reached the third degree, they still live in their animal-like attunement and they have to follow two more degrees before passing on into the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
Pre-animal-like man still lives in these two dark races (see article ‘There are no races’ on and they have this attunement.
This is their inner possession and the love they have.
The pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse material, material and spiritual attunement which is consciousness, live in these seven conditions.
People are living in all those conditions of consciousness; we are acquainted with the first two.
Presently you will see and experience that all these conditions of consciousness are represented in one human being whom we find again in the highest material condition.
We’ll now go to the third degree or transition and these beings are animal-like beings; they also kill and murder as much as they want.
These people are living together in various groups.
We have been able to follow all those groups from the second planet on, and we find that natural process again on earth.
Three degrees are therefore living in these dark woods.
The fourth degree is already in contact with the other, the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on’
Alcar floated over the earth and André observed and experienced all these wonderful things.
How deep life is, what does man on earth know about it?
Who could ever fathom this?
Everything his leader explained was wonderful.
He had experienced a lot, and more was to come still, it was not yet sufficient.
How thankful he felt for everything!
‘Look, André, a next degree.’
André saw other people.
They too were wild and ferocious and yet, their material bodies were different.
They were not that coarse and did not have that pre-animal-like.
How far were these people still from the perfect white body!
It was a big difference, for how was his own material body!
Blood also circulated in these bodies; they had the same nervous system and were similar to the perfect body, but they could not be compared with his own material organism.
How mighty all this was.
These people could not be fathomed, he knew all these people now; he understood the degrees and knew where they came from, how the earth had worked and developed this material organism before it had attained that perfect condition.
They had adorned themselves with all sorts of decorations.
How beautifully they had made themselves!
He saw nothing but beads and again beads.
He got to know a different kind of man, a different attunement of feeling.
Hundreds were together.
‘Are they dangerous, or can they be trusted, Alcar?’
‘No, not yet; they are still dangerous, André.
They also forgot themselves and had to, because they lacked that inner strength.
This is a higher degree, but inwardly they still have the animal-like attunement.
There is more life in them, more feeling and intuition.
They have already some feeling, which is religion for us.
They have, however, no religion yet, they are still unaware of it.
It will be thousands of years before they have advanced that far.
But you feel and see that there is more feeling and they are livelier than the others we have met.
They don’t fear other people any more, they have learned to control themselves.
The others were timid and anxious, these are bold and ready to attack anybody coming within their reach.
This degree lives like the previous one, spread in many groups, but the core of this attunement lives together in a main group, although they are unaware of it and cannot comprehend it.
This applies to all those transitions, which include the highest degree.
The present race (see article ‘There are no races’ on is also widespread, but is one; they all have attained one material degree of organism, although they speak different languages.
This has nothing to do with all this.
God did not create languages, not any of all these earthly things which man established.
God created the universe and man is ruler over all planets.
They live in different organisms, each in his own attunement to which he belongs.
It is remarkable that these have more feeling than the others.
We can accept that, as we know the activity of all those material bodies.
The closer they approach an other race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, the more they learn from them, which adds to their knowledge.
That knowledge is nothing but earthly wisdom, events occurring in their daily life, which cannot change their inner life; to the contrary, it will urge them to seek evil, because they want to have all the things the higher condition, which is a higher degree, has.
It will be clear to you how much these beings have to suffer.
They are peaceful in their natural condition, but completely upset when in contact with higher material degrees, because all those human qualities confuse them.
When the first human beings lived on earth and came in contact with others, trade commenced.
The property of one group was desired by the other and it is still the case at present.
But the higher beings cheated those who did not know anything about it.
You can follow all that in human history; these unfair things still happen, the higher being degrades himself for the sake of property.’
‘Can’t they attract a higher feeling yet, Alcar?’
‘No, that is not yet possible, we will see that happen lateron in the fourth degree.
That’s when cause and effect begins.
Then we get to an other domain when man begins to make up for what he has done wrong in former lives.
By that time they have experienced all material degrees.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Do they first have to experience all material degrees before cause and effect begins?’
‘Quite so; that is what I mean.
This animal-like attunement attracts that inner life which belongs to their material attunement.
No other inspiring life can be attracted.
We will follow these beings.
This condition also has transitions and all these transitions bring us in contact with the fourth degree.
When we have passed through them we go to the fifth degree, where the black race (see article ‘There are no races’ on changes into the white race.
Consequently, the first degrees only live separately in the jungle.
In the fifth degree all those people live spread over the earth, as do the human beings of the sixth and seventh degree.
Once race (see article ‘There are no races’ on differs from the other, which is quite clear, because this has to do with the climate.
Yet they are and remain one.
This is the material attunement; but as inner being they pass from one body on to the other.
We will now go to the fourth degree, André; where I’ll continue.’
In a floating state, Alcar left this place.
André felt that he got somewhat nearer to civilization.
He no longer saw the jungle, where people lived in hiding.
Here they lived more in nature and he observed that this had to be a higher state, because he perceived that in everything.
People lived everywhere, but his leader went on.
Now Alcar said: ‘We’ll stay here.
We have reached an other, the fourth degree, of material organism.
Look at those people in front of you.’
Remarkable, André thought; these are different again; who on earth is aware of that.
‘Is that known on earth, Alcar?’
‘Yes; why shouldn’t they know?
They do not understand it, though.
These people are different from those we have met.
Their material organism has acquired a finer condition.
Look at this organism, André; how remarkable is this garment.
How different their shape and build are.
It is known in the scientific world, but they do not know why.
Whoever would be able to assess that?
They do not know all those laws, they do not know how everything was predestined from the beginning, how it all happened and how creation has come about.
This is the fourth degree.
These people are different, outwardly and inwardly.
They discarded centuries ago what the other three degrees still do.
They do not want the food they eat there any more, their material organism requires other things which grow around them.
Every constitution asks for the kind of food it needs.
They eat meat, like those others, but no human flesh, they don’t eat that any more.
You see that they have advanced inwardly and outwardly; for it is the inner being that wants it and the material organism will take what it can digest.
Everything is in harmony; not only spiritually, but also materially.
These are material and spiritual laws.
This is natural in so far as they attune to nature, because everybody has a will of his own and does things not in compliance with nature.
They get in conflict with these laws and have to digest that.
There is already something within them representing their religion.
They possess a feeling, which surpasses the faith of the perfect material being.
In essence these beings do less harm than perfect material man.
Nature calls them to a halt.
They live naturally, in accordance with their inner being and they have respect for the stronger being.
They feel the presence of a supreme power, which they recognize in nature; the elements make them anxious.
That is beyond their comprehension.
When they progress they seek support and worship those forces of nature.
Pre-animal- and animal-like consciousness have then attained a higher attunement of feeling.
The inner being has the animal-like attunement, although they passed into the fourth material degree.
You see that the material organism is now far ahead of inner man.
In these four degrees we have passed to the animal-like consciousness.
Transitions now follow and all these material transitions of the human organism pass on to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
That is the fifth material degree.
These people represent the fourth degree and that is their proper attunement.
Around it are all those transitions and it is remarkable when you follow it.
It is as we have seen in the universe.
In the centre lies the mother organism surrounded by all those planets, which are related with the proper attunement and are the transitory planets.
Now this is remarkable and we see that all over the earth, in all the material degrees we know.
Gradually, all those beings pass on to those transitions and receive an other body until they have completely acquired the proper attunement, have reached it, which is a higher material degree for the human being.
They gather knowledge in all those transitions and all this knowledge is what the earth possesses, what the other degree knows and acquired.
You feel, André, they do not yet possess what they should in order to enter our life and hell in life after death.
You also feel that all these beings have not yet reached a world of existence.
Not only materially; they have to experience another three material degrees before they pass on into spiritual life, as I will presently explain to you.
One law detains them and takes precedence over all other laws, which serves to acquire the highest material degree.
I will continue and pass on to the fifth degree.
Though I’ll return here where we are now in the spirit to follow inner life, because those other laws will take effect, which is karma and cause and effect.
I said just now that one law takes precedence and works infallibly, and that is, as will be clear to you now, that man proceeds, always has to proceed, to acquire that highest material degree.
Do you feel what that means, André?
Do you feel then that all these people commit nothing but sins and mistakes, but that they are unaware of it, and do not feel it?
That they commit murder and destroy and that they have to make up for all this?
I’ll refer to it later.
The earth therefore compels inner man to go on, which is a natural wonder, too.
Do you feel these laws, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar; though it’s getting complicated.’
‘I said already that we shall get to know other laws and that a material and spiritual chaos develops on earth.
This development continues infallibly; man nor spirit, however high, can alter that.
In this apparent chaos lies the quiet and harmony of the supreme being; nothing whatsoever can disturb that, though it is incomprehensible for people who are unaware of it.
Nature goes ahead, ignoring everything including inner man; the planet earth rules over all these laws, life living on earth has to experience those laws, and I am explaining these Divine laws to you.
Do you feel, André, how mighty everything is?
The planet earth detains inner life; it is a Divine law every soul must experience to reach the perfect material degree.
Thus, inspiring life follows only one course, but we have to experience the seven material degrees.
We know why all this is and what purpose is served.
There is encompassing justice in all these degrees, André, as it has been from the beginning of creation.
As I said before, everybody will experience it; all must cover that road and will receive that body and all those earthly pleasures.
That goes with it and they will also have it because it is tied up in the other incarnation.
All this is strange for man on earth, and yet it is true.
Those living in the large cities feel different from those living in the jungle.
You feel what I mean, André, and so every degree of the human organism has its own condition which they created themselves.
It is the holy truth, and I’ll show this truth to you; I am already showing that everything serves a purpose and that we have got to learn God’s laws.
Nothing is coincidental, nothing is wrong and nothing in creation will come to a standstill, everything goes on and proceeds, ever higher, until we have approached our Father and pass on into His sacred life.’
‘There are dark people on earth, Alcar, a remarkable race which is intelligent, don’t these people belong to this degree?’
‘I see what you mean, André.
No, that is a different condition and has nothing to do with the cosmic material attunement.
Those races (see article ‘There are no races’ on are coloured people of which they have the deepest degree.
There are many racial species (see article ‘There are no races’ on, coloured people, who have nevertheless reached the highest material attunement.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar; but have those people acquired their colour by nature?’
‘Yes, the coloured people you mean have nothing to do with these beings.
Look at these beings and then at those you see as coloured people.
How great the difference is!
These people have not advanced that far; they are primitive, clumsy and shy.
They live apart from the crowd and cannot yet adapt themselves.
Those coloured people have more feeling and live among the whites.
These beings, as will be clear to you, are in a completely different condition and have contact with our inner lives.
Their material organism is also perfect and cannot be compared with these degrees we have followed so far.
I’ll now go on to the fifth degree, at any rate to a region where thousands of people of this degree are living, because this degree is spread all over the earth.
We will find them in all corners of the earth, and they live separated from the sixth and seventh degree.
We will soon be there.’