Reincarnation on earth

‘I also need this, my boy, for this is also a mighty event for me.’
They floated on and both were lost in thought.
André did not know what he should think of first.
He felt, however, what he should do.
This should not last too long, for there was still a lot that Alcar should explain to him.
Once he would be back on earth, he could ponder on everything.
How good his leader was, for he definitely needed this; Alcar had experienced thousands of wonders and could cope with them.
There was a longing in him now and he realized that this meant struggle on earth.
He now had to try and digest this in day-consciousness and that was not so simple.
It was essential, though, and he would do his best.
Oh, what happiness and beauty!
How pure those people were.
Yes, he thought, they are transparent, finer still than the most delicate substance on earth.
These people were material angels.
He could not stop thinking of it and this was awaiting people on earth.
Therefore one should like to live.
Oh, such beauty!
How amazing life on that planet was.
On earth man fought and killed as much as he liked.
Nobody could stop those animal-like beings.
Wherever one looked there was misery.
There was no peace anywhere on that large earth.
Everywhere hatred, envy and deceit.
What wonders he had been allowed to see here!
It was getting dark, they had already left that solar system.
Now he felt that deep silence.
Oh, that Divine silence.
He now lived in nothingness and that very nothingness was God.
It was here like it was before creation.
He understood everything and he felt as if he had never been away from here, as one of those on this side; creation was that clear and transparent to him.
He felt and saw that it was like that and had to be so.
This was amazing and yet those feelings he had had before, returned.
It was as if he had been told about that before.
It did not come from the left or right or from above, no, this emanated from his deep inner being and he began to feel it again.
It was strange, yet he could not free himself from that.
He had never heard of that on earth, but on this journey he had felt it many times and even very clearly.
He had not been aware of this feeling on those other two journeys, now, however, it was conscious within him.
This was strange, very strange, it was within him and he could understand it, but he did not know where this mystery came from and into him.
It was most remarkable and he felt this had to do with himself.
It was exactly as in Jerusalem, but now more profoundly than there.
How was that possible?
He lived on earth, didn’t he?
Did this also belong to the past?
To his own past?
He did not yet know where he had lived, Alcar would explain that, so he would wait and not think of it.
He felt the silence overwhelm him, and he passed on into it.
This was like before creation when man had yet to be born, when there was nothing.
Darkness, deep darkness and yet, everything was there though it should be felt.
But who could feel that?
No scientist on earth, but learning is terrestrial and this could only be felt.
One had to descend deeply into oneself, for it is there, we had experienced it.
‘Did you feel’, Alcar suddenly said, ‘that not only our inner life is calling us to a halt there, but material life as well?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I felt that.’
‘On earth we can see through all substance, there, however, that is not possible any more.
We also face that depth and cannot enter.
You see that I can only explain what lies within my reach and what I have experienced.
Everything else is invisible for me.
Here is quiet and peace.
We are again in the silence, in the Divine silence.
Darkness now prevails in the universe, yet there are thousands of solar systems and everything is moving.
All those thousands of bodies are moving and nothing disturbs in this mighty universe.
The entire universe is in harmony, but where earthly human beings are there is disharmony, for earthly human beings disturb.
Here you feel the purity of nature coming into you.
Now we float on in the universe and are happy beings.
God created heaven and earth; God created us human beings, the animal kingdom and vegetable world, God created the entire universe of which we are part.
There is already light in us, André, but we have to acquire all this mightiness.
Do you notice, my son, that it is getting darker all the time?’
‘Yes, Alcar, and also quieter.’
‘Presently, it will become light again and that light is of the solar system to which your own material organism belongs.
When that dies you will be with me forever and we’ll go on, on this side.’
‘Once I’m here, Alcar, then what?’
‘I told you many times that we’ll make a journey that will last many years.
Then we’ll experience everything once more and that will take those years.
After that, I’ll return to my own sphere and my task will be finished.’
‘What about me, Alcar, could you tell me that?’
‘You’ll proceed alone for some time to do other work.
That work is already waiting for you.
You’ll give yourself entirely to it and after that I’ll await you in my own sphere.
We’ll go on together and proceed higher to reach those highest spheres.’
‘Shall I on this side be allowed to work together with my sisters and brothers of the earth I now know, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, that is possible.
You’ll see all your brothers and sisters who follow us on earth again on this side.
You’ll be allowed to work together, to make long journeys, you’ll be united in love, in pure love of the spheres.’
‘Oh, what happiness, Alcar.’
‘It will happen, André, you’ll receive all this happiness.
All will enter here, where great happiness awaits them.
I’m telling you this now and you may rely on it.’
‘Does your twin-soul wait for you all that time, Alcar?’
‘She waits already from the moment I went to the earth, but she helps me, André, we both do this work.
There is no parting in the spheres, you know that.
You were once allowed to see my own sphere and you have even spoken to her.
We are one and I am never alone.
Wherever I am she follows me, and I her and we never feel separated.
Yet, I am always in the sphere of the earth and she is in her own heaven, but parting is not possible.
We are forever united and we’ll remain united.’
‘It is all so mighty, Alcar.
When we arrive on the fourth degree, do I recognize you and you me?’
‘From now on we are one forever and all those with us will remain so.
Isn’t it marvellous to be allowed to know that already?
This is the spiritual connection, André, and those who are connected in the spirit have acquired that.
Ask those who have reached the fourth sphere and all will confirm that.
Believe me when I say that we are prepared to give everything.
This seems much and yet, it is nothing as compared with what we received.
God gave Himself, His own life, His attunement.
Those who lose themselves receive that what God is.
We try to acquire that cosmic consciousness and we give ourselves completely for it.’
‘Where do you go now, Alcar?’
‘To the darkness again where we were, for there are many things I must explain, related to reincarnation on earth.
I’ll also tell of those who broke all spiritual laws.
Reincarnation occurs from all transitions, from those regions that are inwardly prepared.
Everyone who yearns to make up what he did wrong can do so and returns to the earth.
I’m going to explain that every being can experience and will receive birth, reincarnation on earth, if he really wants to.
When they live in the astral world and have completed their cycle on earth, their return is a mercy.
That is the wonder of reincarnation on earth, it is deep and mighty and like everything else, sacred.
It is amazing and it is only known here.
When this soul lives on earth again that inner life is not aware of it any more and some ask again why and what for?’
‘Shouldn’t they have reached a certain level?’
‘You mean a spiritual level, don’t you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘No, that is not necessary, but, as I said, only God can grant it to man.
When inner life receives an other organism they can achieve more in that short life on earth than in a few hundred years on this side.
Do not forget that when one lives in the darkness, one does not have anything but darkness and cold.
Try to imagine that condition.
That same being now receives a material organism on earth.
On earth it will irrevocably meet that inner life to which it must make up.
The soul only returns to the earth for that purpose.
Thus, God comes to the aid of this life.
Millions of beings receive this mercy.
They would not otherwise make any progress, though all these beings are children of God.
Millions of beings live in the darkness who yearn to come back.
Among them are people who broke all laws of nature.
How do all these souls get out of that condition?
Can you imagine anything more horrible?
Not being able to move, to feel no space, any life any more, nothing but darkness?
We know these conditions on this side, André, and I’ll show and explain them to you.
There is a beginning and an end.
There are also conditions in which the soul lost itself, so that there is no viability or possibility of existence any more.
And that is logical, it is very natural.
We can break these laws, because we belong to this mighty life and are part of it.
These laws of nature are not known on earth.
I learned to understand these laws when I made my journey on earth and on this side.
I learned that God is love in everything.
How many beings haven’t I met who were yearning and went on yearning and nevertheless there came no end to their misery.
All these people lived in the darkness and could not free themselves from it.
That must happen in material life but, as I told you, it is a mercy of God to receive a new material organism.
A suicide who has paid the penalty on this side because he destroyed his life on earth feels here what he did and lost.
When his end has come inner life will call him to a halt and only this law can help him, which is reincarnation.
That is the final moment to show what we want, or we sink back into a deep and miserable life.
That is the darkness we have got to know on Golgotha and that applies to every human being.
Well then, that suicide returned to life on earth and faced that condition again.
Would he again put an end to his life?
He does not know that he committed suicide before, though it lies within him.
If he has no spiritual property he will perish again.
This is a problem for him, a tale of woe, although an opportunity, a possibility to get out of that condition.
How can this be overcome on this side?
Is it possible, André?
Can man prove on this side that he won’t commit suicide?’
‘That, surely, is not possible, Alcar?’
‘No, my son, it is only possible on earth, one has to have a material organism.
Now what happens, what will these people experience?
Hundreds of years pass on this side.
During those centuries they cry and ask why and what for.
I mean those who are trying to acquire something, who feel that they can advance.
Can and may I not prove that?
In the darkness they can advance if they want, but they cannot shed those feelings and this stops their development.
Consequently, when a suicide is born again and wants to commit suicide, I explained this already, something will prevent him from doing so and that is the past, his inner life, which he experienced on this side.
In that life on earth he achieved that and he was only on earth for that purpose.
By telling you this I want to make clear how great this mercy is that everyone can receive.
It is incredible how mighty it is to be allowed to be on earth again out of that profound darkness.
For there is light on earth, André, everything that makes life agreeable is there.
Here is nothing but cold and misery.
Just imagine this life.
So, God is coming to our aid in various ways.’
‘And if they fail again, Alcar?’
‘That is hardly possible, André.
Before they pass into that condition they have brought themselves to that stage; in other words, they have acquired that much willpower that they will not fail again.
Consequently, it is pre-established that they will achieve this.
I also saw others.
They did not live in the darkness, but in the spheres of light.
They, too, can return on earth.
I told you of a mother who wanted to experience motherhood.
She yearned for fifty years and finally her prayer was answered and she was born again.
Those are wonders, André, God helps us in all these conditions and we must be grateful for that.
Those who want to learn will receive everything from God when their experience will help them reach the spiritual spheres.
On all our journeys I spoke of spiritual and material laws of nature and now of the mercy of God.
If that mercy did not exist, I would not be known on earth, there would never have been any art, nor music or sculpture of the level people possess.
However, I was born on earth together with many others.
The pyramid came also into existence, for these beings came from this side as well, as I told you, and there are thousands of other conditions.
Once a human being lived on earth who interpreted the life and suffering of Christ in music.
On this side this soul asked his Father in heaven to grant him that.
He received this mercy.
I’ll soon connect you with that life and you will see this human being.
To this end we’ll return to Jerusalem, as I told you before.
This soul lived there and that was because he wanted to feel Christ and interpret all that sorrow and misery by music.
Do you feel this wonder, André?
This has happened and that is possible for thousands of conditions, but only when the soul wants to experience something or has something to bring on earth.
Those who are connected with these laws know what great wonder happens and only those who experience that know.
No human being or spirit on this side can tell anything about it, because it is a mercy which only God can give.’
‘Is that why so little is known of reincarnation, Alcar?’
‘Yes, nothing is known of it, André, we only know that it is possible.
Ask all those who live here, nobody knows.
When this happens, inner life dissolves in the world of the unconscious.
You know that condition.
They arrive in an unconscious state and inner life is born and awakes on earth in that condition.
In that life only that will happen for which inner life came to the earth.
Material life runs its normal course, but inner life will experience that and it is fixed and must happen.
Those are the many problems of life they must experience on earth.
Once again, André, if God’s children want the good, everything is within reach of inner life and we’ll receive that as human beings.’
‘Would a spirit of your sphere know of his reincarnation, Alcar?’
‘Yes, for one is conscious and that consciousness makes us act and feel on earth and our feeling demands nourishment for the mind.
No human being on earth can take that away from us.
When a soul comes to the earth for art, it will achieve that; this inner life will turn to art.
Even if parents have other plans, which often happens, the child will follow its own way, and even if it causes a rift between them, it goes and must follow that way, nothing can change that.
That is why the soul returned to the earth and not for anything else.
This inner life naturally also experiences thousands of other things; it will forget itself in that life or make something of it.
We are then connected with various conditions of our own past.
I explained that to you of my own life.
Inner life awakens on earth; the human being experiences that, awakens and becomes conscious.
Good and wrong things are done, but it is not possible to sink lower and deeper than they already have.
That inner strength makes them hold their own, it makes them carry on and they experience their art or that for which they have come to the earth.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, and it is also amazing.’
‘Yes, it is, though it is more a mercy than a wonder, for this event is beyond all existing spiritual and material laws.
I’ll now pass on to our astral world, for you see that we have already approached our own solar system.’
André felt that Alcar was going to connect himself.
When he began to observe he noticed that they were again in the dark spheres.
‘Look, André, we are on the spot where I wanted to be, here lie those beings we have met before.
For them it is impossible to return consciously, for they would set the earth on fire.’
‘Is this sphere the lowest on this side, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my son, here are the people who broke all laws of nature.’
André looked at this misery.
There in front of him lay human beings.
He had been here before with his leader.
‘I connected myself with one of them on this spot, André.
I told you what I noticed, and we have put that down in your second book.
All these beings broke all laws of nature.
Oh, if these people in this spiritual state were to be born consciously!
If they came into power again which they can certainly accomplish through everything within them, may God have mercy with man on earth if these animals would acquire full consciousness.
All these beings are indomitable.
They know no bounds; they don’t realize what they do.
That is why they are in this condition.
All these people have sunk very deeply; they are unconscious and just lie here, which may last thousands of years.
Yet, one day they will awaken and start a new life.
How much misery haven’t I shown you already, André?
How much do people suffer?
All that, however, is only for the earth, because man on earth must acquire spiritual consciousness.
It is not until then that higher life begins and people are open for our life.
When I see the many deep gaps that these people have to bridge, I think of the misery they have to experience.
If there were no end to that, God would be unjust, but they know they have caused this misery themselves.’
‘Could they also return to the earth if they wished?’
‘Everyone can return, André, but as I said, if all these people would return to the earth in their previous condition, like their last life on earth had been, hell would set in again, for they attack everybody they meet.
Once they were on earth, but they forgot themselves in everything.
They are the rulers on earth, the wreckers of our human happiness.
Yet, God also helps these souls.
Inner life arrives on earth; the soul is a living dead being and spends that life on earth in that condition.
I told you about that on our previous journey.
That life is spent and they are unconscious, their deep inner life is asleep, because this is necessary for further life.
However, God comes to the aid of these souls and because they experience life on earth in an apparent dead condition something has changed in them when they enter here.
During the last years of that earthly life, however, they must become conscious and when that happens they usually are spiritually insane beings.
Do you feel how amazing everything is and how these laws act?
That insanity on earth is better than lying here in this darkness.
Here, they can’t advance, on earth, however, they acquire something, though it is merely to belong to the living beings again.
Do you understand what I mean, André?’
‘If I understand you correctly their own life keeps them imprisoned?’
‘Yes, André, that is correct.’
‘Aren’t they aware of anything, Alcar, not even that they live?’
‘No, my son, they are unaware of everything.
Thousands of them live on earth in this condition.
These souls are deep and all these people can not be fathomed.
Yet, we know these people on earth, for when we meet them we think they are insane.
These people live on earth but are spiritually asleep.
Try to imagine such a condition.
Look at these people, they are everywhere, they live in all parts of the world.
They are anxious, they do not dare to live, they do not mix with anybody or anything and have no feelings, no desires, for they are living dead.
That is the deepest psychic condition we know and we know why those beings are on earth.
They are attracted by a higher degree and are usually those who are open to insanity.’
‘How remarkable again, Alcar.
You haven’t told me anything about that yet.’
‘No, I haven’t, for it was not yet possible.
I follow one course, which has been ahead of me for several hundreds of years.
I give and explain to you only what you can absorb; I proceed from the lowest condition to the highest.
When my work on earth started, I began by appearing before you and establishing a connection.
At that time I could not have told you of all those psychological laws and planets, you would also have become insane.
I had prepared everything in advance and I initiated you, as you became inwardly awake and conscious.
You would not have understood this depth and even now you must adjust yourself properly and clearly in order to be able to feel this depth of the soul.
I said just now that there are many such people on earth and they are the eccentrics.
These people stay out of society and they must, for if they would be conscious in that earthly life, my God, what would happen to thousands, no millions of people?
However, nothing is known of all these depths of the soul.
They cannot be fathomed for they are stupid, are not interested in anything, they can’t learn and are simply not capable of normal human thinking.
They are adult people, but their inner being is unconscious.
Yet, all those people were born like anybody else, and their material bodies may be normal when there is no material disturbance; but it is the soul.
The human being received this for he would have been here for thousands of years and God came to his aid again.
No spirit, no human being can do anything about that nor change it.
No scientist could solve this great spiritual mystery, for these people are beyond any earthly help.
They cannot be helped, there is no cure for their illnesses, this is a spiritual problem that only we know.
These laws, André, are beyond all others, which, as you will understand, have acquired an existence.
Everyone living on earth who may or may not have to perform a task, which is immaterial for that matter, has reached a world of existence.
A world of existence means to be something, to possess something, but these people went beyond all bounds.
Their inner life keeps them imprisoned.
No inner life has sunk so deeply as that of these beings and we know no greater sorrow and misery and ruin.
Once these people were conscious, lived on earth, killed thousands of people, were usually the rulers on earth, because they acquired that power.’
‘So it is not possible, Alcar, for such a being to be consciously born on earth in this condition?’
‘No, they have exceeded that boundary.
When they pass away they go to this sphere and are laid down here.
All these people have forgotten themselves, destroyed others for a piece of land, for money or gold and for thousands of other things known on earth as property.
They were the tyrants of the earth; they brought humanity grief, sorrow and misery.
But God knows no rulers, no tyrants and no wreckers.
God gave man everything, His own Divine life.
Yet, all these people did not understand this.
This deep mystery resides in our life, in front of you are human problems, but we know all those problems.
All those rulers, those wreckers must proceed and that is why there is reincarnation on earth; they could not otherwise advance.
However, on earth they are the mental defectives, the eccentrics, and one wonders why those people live.
They see in them the spiritually poor, which they actually are, but the spiritual meaning is the one I explained to you.
It will be clear to you, my son, that we know all these problems of the soul, we know where and how they live, we know whom they will be attracted by, for that is also a great wonder.
The law of cause and effect has to do with this; the parents have to make up to this life.
For everything and everything, however deep for people on earth, the explanation can be found on this side, for this is fixed in man, one must feel it and be able to see into one’s lives.
And we can, we can connect ourselves with everything that lives.
Now let a psychologist try to analyze it, for that is impossible.
Since we know that a wrong thought must be set right, must be corrected and made up, then most certainly all this misery poured out over thousands of people.
There have been rulers who are still held in esteem merely because they were geniuses, but who had thousands of people killed.
They will have to make up for that killing.
We see them and I know where some of them live on earth in your time.
You should see them, my son, those poor, those children of God, but first look into their past.
It is a great mystery, but those are spiritual laws.
There is one being who killed millions of people.
Just imagine his struggle, his misery and sorrow in the future.
He will have to sleep for thousands of years; it is not until then that he will also be born.
He will be a feeble minded, insane, and a living dead being.
Oh, if once that spiritual veil was lifted for people and scientists on earth.
How they would tremble and shiver from all these truths.’
‘How terrible such a task on earth is, Alcar.’
‘Such a task, my son, is a great mercy, but when they forget themselves they will all perish.
Such a task is only terrible when they resort to those deeds and kill their fellow human beings.
The others who seek the good can do a lot of good and when they are in power it means a mighty bliss for mankind and quiet and peace on earth.
If such a monster were given his full consciousness on earth, he would again try to attain a high social position and you’ll understand what would happen then.
It is therefore possible in the lowest degrees of this darkness to experience reincarnation.
This new birth serves no other purpose and they experience their own problem.
It is not possible for these beings to achieve anything in that new life on earth for they experienced that already and forgot themselves completely.
So this is the very last possibility for the planet earth we can receive from God.
It is one chance and it has to happen.
This is a great and sacred wonder, my son, for which we have to bend our head.
The soul I spoke of descended on earth and was born.
That inner life would experience poverty, for it would ruin others if it had wealth.
Now wouldn’t it be possible, hear what I say, for this inner life to be born to parents with a lot of earthly property?
Surely that should be possible, for how many parents haven’t acquired that?
Let me tell you, my son, that it is not possible for this law is infallible.
This is that great spiritual mystery of which we on this side don’t know anything either.
No spirit, however high on this side, knows these Divine laws.
That amazing event happens the way it must happen, it was asked and prayed for in advance.
That wonder happens and by whom?
Only through God.
Only God can give that and we know nothing about it.
So that human being is born and only experiences what he is on earth for.
Do you feel this mighty wonder, my son?
It is a mighty and amazing event only God knows, of which no prince of love knows anything.
Also those who have reached the All can’t know this or the pyramid would have been completed.
That is God, André, and a Divine event.
For that we can and must pray and bend our head.
There is one law that governs and directs everything and that is God, the visible and invisible God we know on this side, Who created the universe, man and animal.
God assists His children in everything.
But this help is not understood, nor accepted.
God allows me and you and billions of others to do something for ourselves and for others, when we seek higher things.
Is it clear to you what God is?’
‘Where is this leading to, Alcar, can all this be understood on earth?’
‘To the depth we all feel, my son, and for which we bend our head, even if we think we feel and know something of creation, even if this is our possession.
Do you understand, André, that all of us are powerless when God says; now it is enough?
And do you also understand that we can only ask that God who rules everything to help us with these words: ‘Thy will be done’?
This, my son, is the only prayer we may say, only then do we want to be children like God wants us to be.
‘Thy will be done, oh, my Father in heaven, I want to be a child, only Your child.’
People think that praying is not necessary because everything is present, the universe, man and animal.
What is God and where is God?
If there is a God, why then all that misery on earth?
Can’t God interfere?
Can God allow His own children to be ruined?
Is God a Father of love?
That great mystery, André, is beyond understanding and cannot be felt, neither by spirit nor by man.
This calls us to a halt, but the more love we acquire and feel for all the life of God, the clearer becomes the mystery of God and we receive in accordance with the love we have.
God is light, love and life.
If God were not love, there would come no end to all this misery here in front of you.
This is reincarnation on earth; it is the wonder of God we know on this side.
That is what I want to explain to you and what cannot yet be accepted on earth, for one does not know anything about it.
Do you now feel how deep and sacred reincarnation is?
That we experience it as human beings and yet do not know anything about it?
That this is necessary, because we can’t digest what belongs to those previous lives?
That God also comes to our aid in this respect?
Birth on earth obliterates everything and yet, deep within us lies the past, it is fixed within us, it lives in us, it is ourselves.’
‘Is that the reason, Alcar, why controlling spirits when asked about reincarnation cannot tell anything about it?’
‘Yes, because those who live here and have not yet attained that level, can’t know.
The higher spirits know all those laws and know that only God can give us that mercy, but they also keep silent, though they know it is possible.’
‘And does this apply to every human being, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
But on this side we can only do what is in our inner being and to that end we must exert all our energies.’
‘If I understand you correctly, only those who yearn for this wonder will experience it?’
‘Indeed, my son.
Those who want that and long for it are busy with themselves and those who live in there can’t think of anything else.
Those beings are not aware of anything any more; they feel and think only of this event.
While thinking and feeling, many work on some task or other and wait for the moment when they begin to feel this action.’
‘Does it occur in them of its own, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, and then man experiences this wonder.
What happens I’ll explain later.
It is therefore possible here in this darkness to return to the earth and that is a mighty grace for those who would otherwise lie here for thousands of years before they would awaken.
Look at all those people, how deeply they have sunk.
Nevertheless, God comes to their assistance.
It will therefore be clear to you that only reincarnation on earth can help them; it is the possibility to get out of here.
We have learned to know these laws, reincarnation is possible from all spheres.’
‘How natural that is too, Alcar.’
‘We human beings cannot be grateful enough, my son, for everything we received.
However terrible these lives have been, there is an end to them, all that misery must dissolve; they, too, are children of God.’
‘How well you convinced me of a Father of love, Alcar.
On earth all those people are doomed.
They are banned forever from the spheres of light and there is no end to their misery.
The heavens are closed for them forever, that’s what the priests say and propagate.
How dreadful their preaching is now that I learn to know all this.
Wouldn't it be far better to say nothing, not a word about God, instead of preaching that falsehood throughout their life on earth?’
‘Indeed, André, that’s right.
They do not know their God, no Father Who loves all His children.
Everybody has his own God; their eyes won’t be opened until on this side.
It is not until then that they learn of all these laws and possibilities, here, they bend their head and do not know how to make up for it.
I told you of them, I showed you where they live, and they all belong to the living dead.
Come, we’ll go on, there is still more I must explain to you.’
André looked at all those beings once more.
He felt deep compassion for all these people.
He thought of the words his leader Alcar had once spoken to him.
Rich on earth and poor in spiritual feeling, yes, that’s what they all were.
How had all those lives been?
He trembled and shuddered because of all this misery.
However, one day they would also reach the spheres of light.
How great God was, how infallible all these laws were and nothing was known of it on earth.
He followed his leader.
He now lived in the deepest hells known on this side.
During his first disembodiments he had been here with Alcar.
How much Alcar had explained to him.
He now understood spiritual life, he now felt how true everything was, how natural these laws were.
‘Can those who live in the land of hatred go wherever they like, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my son, those people are conscious, these here are unconscious.
These people have broken the laws of nature, also in the spheres above this one for we also see and know spiritual transitions in these spheres.
Look, André, an other hell, we have also been here before.’
Hands reached out of cracks and those hands were like claws.
André trembled and shuddered, because he saw they were bloodstained.
‘How is it possible, Alcar, I see blood!’
‘Human beings are living here, André, people like you and me, children of God.
Like the angels of the spheres of light, they also have the spark of God, are attuned to God.
All of them have forgotten themselves.
The blood of others sticks on their hands, they live in a condition like their inner life on earth has been.’
‘Can these beings also go back to earth?’
‘Also for them it is possible, my son.
Otherwise they could not free themselves.’
‘What happens, Alcar, how do they get away from here?’
‘When they are about to receive reincarnation, they will be overcome by a deep sleep and dissolve slowly but surely.
They are subsequently attracted by the world of the unconscious and we see them on earth again.’
‘How grateful we should be that this is possible, Alcar.
So these beings were brought here from the earth?’
‘When their end came on earth and they died they were brought to this place.
Then they woke up.
Then this life begins and they see and know they are imprisoned.’
‘Would they be aware of that?’
‘Certainly, they know they are locked up and try to free themselves, but that is not possible.’
‘What did all these people do wrong having to live here?’
‘I’m not going to connect you, André, you would not now be able to digest all these horrors.
I assure you that God does not allow anything to happen to us, if it is not necessary.
Their life on earth was terrible.
All these souls, these people, none excluded, André, have killed, tormented, tortured and destroyed thousands of people on earth.
All of them are demons; they are geniuses of evil.
You surely feel that if nobody helps them they can’t get out of here, for they have no spiritual property.
They are poor in feeling and don’t know that it is possible to proceed.
God would not be a Father of love if He left His children alone.
However, they cannot stay here.
Help is needed.
It is not possible to talk to them and tell them of a higher life.
They cling to you and are again prepared to kill anybody.
Their life is disgusting and horrible and yet there will come an end to this.
All of them have forgotten themselves.
But haven’t we all forgotten ourselves?
Is there one being in the spheres of light who can say that of himself?
No, my son, they all have forgotten themselves, one time, thousands of years ago they were one of those, even though they have already reached the spheres of light.
We have been here before, but I could not explain all these possibilities to you at the time, you would not have understood them.
Now, however, we have reached that stage and I can connect you with reincarnation.
God, therefore, also comes to their aid and then that occurs, which is reincarnation.
Everything is deep and mighty, André, and we cannot be grateful enough to God.
Is it clear to you that God is love?
That we human beings must receive this, or we would not advance any more?
There is no end to their life, they have no spiritual property and cannot get out of here.
Reincarnation sets them free and they receive a new material organism.
Thus, there is no other possibility of advance for them.’
‘What will their life on earth be like, Alcar?’
‘Life of these people will be hard, André.
They may try whatever they want, but they will come to nothing.
Millions of these people live on earth and all these souls have to make up.
One law keeps them captive, their life on earth is a great mystery and they feel lost.
They don’t reach a high social position, they spoiled all that.
There is something, André, which makes them invariably feel: up to here and no further.
You see, such are those unfathomable laws of God and man curses his Father, because he does not understand his own life and does not know all these laws.
That mystery lives on earth, seeks an existence and everything fails all his life.
Consequently, every human condition on earth is a deep spiritual mystery, as will now be clear to you.
Every human being has his own karma, which is and means the past.
Where would you rather live, André, here in deep darkness, where it is cold and miserable, or on earth in a material organism with the sun and people around?
If one can accept all this, life on earth is not so difficult, for one experiences what one has done wrong.
However, people revolt, for why do others have everything?
As you see, this deep problem can only be solved on this side.
There is a power that rules everything, the power through which man and animal, stars and planets were born.
That power guards and drives and says up to here and no further, when people have broken all laws of nature.
We are confronted by this wonder, this deep and mighty problem that we have learned on this side and we are grateful for everything.
Look around, André, see how much misery there is and these are human beings.
I showed you all this before, but now I was allowed to explain the meaning of all these spiritual wonders and problems we know.
They are living in cracks and holes and wherever you look there are God’s children.
They all have the Divine Spark, but they have to awaken.’
‘What do they achieve on earth, Alcar?’
‘I told you already, they can’t achieve anything.
They’ll live there and in this way that earthly life will pass and they’ll again enter here, then, however, they can move.
Do you feel how wonderful it is, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, they belong to the living ones again?’
‘Exactly, that’s right and that is God’s intention.
Once free of this life they crawl about and proceed to reach the land of hatred.
I explained this also to you on our other journeys.
They have returned to life by that new birth.
And this, my son, is a great mercy, for which we cannot be grateful enough to God; there would not otherwise come an end to this darkness.
We do not know damnation; God loves all His children, also these children who broke all laws of nature.
The higher we come, the more the spheres and also the people change.
You know that there are seven spheres of hell.
The deep darkness dissolves already and as we ascend you will be able to see better.
The people who live there crawl about like animals, but they are free in their doings and can go wherever they like.
Yet, their hell keeps them imprisoned and I told you already why.
We have put that down in the first three books.
Come, André, a little further and higher you will see those who have reached an other condition.’
The deep darkness dissolved a little and now André could observe better.
He had been here before, in front of him he saw those beings.
They crawled on hands and knees and their horrible physique hardly resembled human beings.
‘Is it clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, everything, I understand you perfectly.’
‘Those, here above, the ones that live at a higher level of hell are not yet accessible to reincarnation.
All those people lived to the full on earth and I also explained those spiritual conditions to you.
When you ask them how they feel, they think their life is not at all bad.
We, however, shiver and shudder at their conception of life and are disgusted by their passions.
These people remain in those dark spheres until one day they will awaken and want to begin a higher life.
My point is to show you that reincarnation is not yet possible for them, for they are conscious and must try to free themselves from this hell.
Though it may take centuries, one day they will begin.
But only, as I said, when that sacred activity is conscious within us.
We ourselves awaken those laws of nature and when this happens we pass on into that activity and we have to experience it.’
‘And that also applies to the higher being, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, I’ll explain that to you in a minute.
As I said, this is for everybody, God makes no difference.
What applies to these beings also applies to those who have reached the spheres of light.’
‘Those who live in the Land of Hatred, Alcar?
Can they also return to the earth?’
‘Those who live in the Land of Hatred are animal-like beings and conscious in their life.
Do you feel what this means?
I just said that all those people must awaken first, it is not until then that they will feel remorse and ask their God to be allowed to make up for it.
We know, however, that hundreds of years will pass before they reach that stage.
They experience life on earth again, though this time as astral beings.
They can nevertheless receive this mercy.’
‘If I understand you correctly, Alcar, it is rather possible to be born from the deepest hells than from the Land of Hatred?’
‘Indeed, my son, quite true.
They just lie there in the deepest darkness and can’t move.
In the Land of Hatred, however, there is activity and they can go wherever they like.
It is a matter of course that all these people have to awaken and begin an other life.
We see many possibilities in their life, in the deepest darkness there is only one possibility: reincarnation as a result of which their condition changes.
After the Land of Hatred the Land of Twilight follows which borders the Land of Hatred.
In those spheres, however, people have cut themselves off from reincarnation, because they belong to the living ones.
Do you feel that too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is very clear to me.
They don’t want anything else, they only think of what they want to have and they find that on earth.’
‘Very good, André, this is what I wanted to explain.
Those down there have but one desire, but those living in the Land of Hatred and in the Land of Twilight have thousands of desires and this excludes them from reincarnation.
Consequently a person who is absorbed in his own problem cannot think of anything else and it is not until then that these wonders happen.
Then they feel remorse, André, and want to make up.
However, hundreds of years may pass before this prayer is heard.
I have experienced all that, I have learned to understand all those problems on this side and I am very grateful to God.
When I was in the darkness to help others, I met a woman whom I wanted to convince of a higher life.
No matter how I tried to reach her, I found it impossible.
I hurried back to the higher spheres and asked my master what I should do to help this poor soul.
She had a great problem, nobody could help her, only God could give her what would change her life.
My master said: ‘Brother Alcar, just wait.
There is only one power able to help and that power is God, but it is the being itself that must activate those laws and powers.’
‘But, I said, the sorrow and remorse she feels are terrible.’
My master looked at me and said: ‘Yes, my brother, she lives, she is awake and conscious and she yearns, but her yearning is not intense enough yet to activate that process.
Go back and see what she is like, follow her and you will learn to know this wonder and notice how infallible all this is.’
I descended once more, André, and I saw this wonder take place.
Slowly but surely she dissolved and disappeared before me, she had entered an other world.
I returned again to the spheres of light and told my master.
He said to me: ‘If this had not happened, thousands of years might pass and she would still remain in her own condition and that torment is beyond description.
However, God helps all of us, but only if we earnestly want to.
Would God be a Father of love if he denied this to His own life?
Now follow her on earth, I’ll tell you where she’ll be born, watch this life mature.
See what happens in that short life on earth and you learn to understand the Divine laws.
I returned to the earth, André, and followed that life.
This soul experienced her own problems and God granted her this mercy in order to come to herself.
And she came to herself and when she left that life on earth when death called her, she entered here and was delivered from that terrible remorse, so that she was open for a new life.’
‘How mighty that is, Alcar?’
‘I told you already, André, we cannot be grateful enough to our Father.
Time and again God helps His children.
Where prayers do not help, the laws of nature do.
That life is experienced, the deed dissolves and the soul is happy and begins a new life.
Is that clear to you, André?
Then you feel that God’s love is in everything and that we, human beings, can receive everything if we earnestly want to.
This belongs to our life; it is the reincarnation on earth and a mighty grace of God.
When we have completed our cycle of life on earth, we learn to know all these Divine laws.
The possibility for these souls to free themselves from their own misery is, as I said before, also available to the higher being who wants to do something for the earth.
The higher being also has and knows his own problems.
When we begin to understand this life, André, and feel what we received and were allowed to experience during all those millions of years, an other feeling develops within us, which is gratitude.
But how can we show that gratitude?
There are thousands of ways and means for that.
First of all we can be of use on this side, in the hell and in the spheres of light, as well as on earth.
We can descend into these spheres, where much work is to be done.
Nearly everyone descends into this darkness to help others.
Many go to the earth and help their friends and their sisters and brothers.
Others again want to bring something on earth, to achieve something there to thank God for everything.
That is also possible and they are born again.
Now I’ll pass on to the time when the earth was to receive art.
Meanwhile we’ll return to the spheres of light, while on our way, I’ll tell you about it.
We’ll leave the darkness, André, and you won’t come back here for the time being.
Have you any more questions?’
‘No, Alcar, I understood you in everything.’
‘Splendid, André.
Surely you have understood that, whatever is on earth, came from this side?
There is nothing on earth that has not been received from their sisters and brothers on this side.
We discussed that on our previous journey, now I’m going to explain it because it is part of reincarnation on earth.
Everything present on earth we brought by inspiration, but also by reincarnation.
Thus, beings were born who came to the earth for art, because the earth needed this.
The object achieved thereby was that people became interested in higher things.
I’m going to connect you with that condition and show you how this happened.
Wherever we are, starting from the first sphere, we see spiritual beings preparing themselves to receive this grace.
Is it clear to you, André, why all these beings had to reach the first sphere before reincarnation is possible?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is quite clear, for all those people first have to make themselves free of everything.’
‘Exactly, André, they must earn it, attain a spiritual possibility of existence in order to activate those laws.
It is possible in the lower three hells but subsequently people are conscious and because they are conscious their inner life is different and that activity is not possible any more.
Thus, they continuously proceed and once they have attained that aim, they get to know these laws which have been activated by their remorse.’
‘How many wonders there are on this side, Alcar, and how natural everything is.
How great is the mercy to be allowed to receive this.
Did you experience reincarnation, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my son, I also was one of those who were allowed to experience this grace, but I’ll tell you about that later.’
‘Is this the Land of Twilight where Gerhard lived, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, we’ll soon be in the first sphere.’
‘So, reincarnation is not possible from this sphere?’
‘No, for they have to experience other problems and consequently have plenty on their mind, they are therefore not open to deeper experiences.’
‘That is quite clear, Alcar, I now understand perfectly.’
‘This must be clear, my boy.
All those people have a different spiritual attunement, they experience their own life and cannot think of anything else.’
‘When a human being is born again, Alcar, and dies on earth, hasn’t anything changed when they enter here?’
‘Yes, certainly.
If they make progress on earth, they’ll notice it instantly on this side.’
‘Are they aware of that?’
‘No, that is not possible, it is not until in the fourth sphere that we can perceive this.
I told you about that too.
I’ll show you this, when I’m going to connect you with my own life.
There is a change and it is achieved in that life on earth.’
‘Can’t they sink back, Alcar?’
‘No, that is not possible either, those powers are within us.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, this is also clear to me.’
‘Before we are born on earth, we meditate for years and prepare for this mighty event.’
‘Did it take you a long time, Alcar?’
‘For me it took about half a century.’
‘I beg your pardon, fifty years?’
‘Yes, my son, fifty years by worldly standards I needed to prepare myself for this task.’
‘What you explain is a new wonder again.’
‘I had to be prepared inwardly in order to be able to receive this great mercy, before birth on earth could follow.
When I entered this life again, I had attained a higher sphere, which I only realized later.
Consequently, I had earned that higher condition during life on earth.’
‘Everything is so amazing, Alcar, I have no words for it.’
‘Look, André, there is the first sphere.
We now go to the temple of art where I am going to connect you with the past.
You’ll see what happened on this side at that time, several centuries ago.
I try to convince you of reincarnation in various ways.
We’ll enter over there.
You have been there before, André, it is the temple of the art of painting and sculpture.
That’s where I want to be.
I have also shown you this temple in the second sphere.
Here, however, this temple has an other meaning.
During the years when art was to come on earth, that art emanated from this temple.
That’s where the artists lived and these beings would be born on earth again.
I promised to tell you about it.
This art, I mean the art of the old masters on earth, is of very high quality.
Why did all these artists live in that Golden Age?
Why did they live there and aren’t they there any more?
I’ll answer those questions.
People on earth still paint, but they cannot come up to that level.
Such masters will not come on earth again, they can’t come there any more, or they would bring an art that cannot be understood on earth.
What do we achieve?
That is taken into account here.
I told you that the art of the second and third sphere is not understood any more.
If it was born on earth it would be a revelation, but this revelation would not be felt either.
It is beyond their feeling and the passions of mankind would be roused, merely by our art.
At the time I also told you that my art was stolen and that some people got killed, just because they wanted to possess a painting to cash in on it.
That is a disturbance and if that higher art were given it would happen again, and that on a much larger scale.
The art to be given to the earth in those days came from this sphere and some of the masters were already connected with the second sphere.
Though there were only a few.
It was felt here what would happen.
It was here in the first sphere that the masters began to prepare themselves.
They meditated before that tremendous event was to happen.
Come, André, we’ll go inside.’
André followed his leader and he recognized this magnificent building.
At once Alcar was welcomed.
A spirit of the light approached Alcar and paid him welcome.
André heard him speak.
This spirit wore a magnificent garment and André understood that he was a master from the third sphere.
He recognized his sphere by his garment and his inner light.
Alcar beckoned André to come nearer and the spirit went away.
‘Look, André, art, spiritual art.
They are young artists who lived on earth and are now training on this side.
You know that this is possible.
I also told and explained that they had better descend into the darkness to do work there instead of paint here.
But these temples are open to man and everyone who wants can qualify in it.
Strong spirits, however, feel what they could do and they descend and achieve much in a short period of time, as you know from Gerhard.
That’s not my point, though, for this has been going on here for thousands of years.
When they have finished painting they will come to themselves.’
‘Why are they not told, Alcar?’
‘That is pointless, my boy.
They have that feeling and they must experience it, they will not otherwise advance.
Do you realize how intense our feelings are here and that we can’t do or feel anything than that one thing?
Do you feel then that those poor beings down here suffocate in and through their own life?
That they cannot move an inch and first have to experience that before they can think of other things?
This master who recognized me is here, because he does good work and convinces them of their wrong feelings, when necessary.
Life on earth is similar and we see this reflected in the spheres, though only in the first sphere, since the first sphere is like the earth.
In the second sphere people need not be stimulated any more, they have that willpower and have advanced that far.
Here, they paint, in other conditions in this sphere they walk around and seek their life in nature, they try to fathom how everything grows and lives.
Though also that does not bring them any further.
I also painted and thought I could achieve everything through it.
But it is not possible for our inner life.
We understand and possess art and our sensitivity has developed, but that does not get us any further, for one must serve here, one must serve life.
Look, André, all these people try to achieve something in art, but I’m interested in the past and I’m going to connect you with it.’
At the same moment André began to observe.
He saw many beings in front of him.
‘These spiritual beings, André, were gathered here many centuries ago.
Many of them were born on earth and I am among them.’
‘I beg your pardon?’
‘That I am among them, André.
Search and you’ll find me.’
André followed all of them.
He was startled, for there he saw his leader.
My God, how is it possible?
‘Yes, it is you, I recognize you, Alcar, you are that being.
It is a great wonder, Alcar.’
‘Look, over there, André, our master, like him who welcomed me a minute ago.’
André looked in that direction.
He felt art in that human being.
This being was a genius.
He lived in art and his radiance also reflected art.
‘What does this mean, Alcar?’
‘It means that this being has reached his highest degree in art for this sphere.
His feeling is open for art only; he is nothing but art.
You see that feeling in his radiance.
There are beings on this side who have qualified for other studies and that can also be seen in their aura.
He is only art and a master at that.
Although that does not mean that he has much love.
His love is as in the first sphere and that’s where he lives.
I’m there too, but I must tell you of my arrival on this side and I’ll presently refer to my own life.
As I said just now, I arrived at the border of the first sphere and I also wanted to achieve something in art, while attaining a new birth as well.
All these people, André, were born again, just as I was.
What you observe now is the moment we prepared ourselves.
A higher being would convince us of that mission, and that happened.
There was a desire in us to be allowed to bring this on earth.
There was art on earth, but art would now reach its peak, if this could be given.
That message came from the higher cosmic masters, who not only governed the spheres, but also followed evolution on earth.
They knew what people on earth would do with all that art; it served to raise the human level.
First the art of painting and sculpture and subsequently the music.
Music, too, was brought on earth from this side.
We prepared ourselves on this side and many were masters.
We had that feeling and yearned to be allowed to bring it on earth.
But where did those feelings come from?
From ourselves?
Was I conscious and had I already got that far in this sphere that I felt this consciously?
I pose those questions, André, to explain to you that I did not have these feelings.
The cosmic masters made those feelings awaken in us, they were the ones who influenced us in silence and from afar, and things happened as follows.
Many secluded themselves and meditated.
That is only possible in this nature and while doing some work or other.
Subsequently, we all went to the earth and observed what man did.
Though this took a number of years, our art was ready.
However, none of us was aware of that higher influence, although that influence brought us in the required condition.
Years went by and the time approached when that art would be brought on earth.
One after the other disappeared.
However much we tried to find one another, it proved impossible.
In reality we all dissolved and passed on into the world of the unconscious.
I know all my fellow artists who were on earth at the time.
This master also became my master on earth and I showed him to you on this journey.
But how was it possible, André, that we would meet again here?
As a matter of course we knew nothing of this mission while on earth, and yet one became the master of the other.
As soon as one had accomplished his task, another was born and that happened as in the case of the pyramid, in a number of years.
Do you feel this mighty wonder, my son?
We lived in the south and in the west, in various cities on earth.
This master, André, is well known on earth and when I presently mention my own name on earth to associate it with this work, this name is also known.
How many names have we had on earth?
This one, however, is dear to me and I can always think back to it.
He, my master on earth, once, however, thousands of years ago, my husband.
However unbelievable this is for the earth, I was allowed to explain this to you on this side and every human being will be connected with that on this side.
We were allowed to bring this on earth, for this side wanted to present it to the earth.
This also happened in respect of the art of sculpture.
One of the greatest geniuses known on earth came from this side.
All those masters, my son, were born again, because this had a cosmic meaning.
As I told you, what was possible for the pyramid, and all those poor beings here in the dark spheres, the suicides, and those who broke all spiritual laws, is also possible for a being of higher spiritual attunement who has to bring something and must do so for the good.
All, non excluded, became artists.
Those gifts were in us in our youth.
That is obvious, for we were born for the sake of art and this is simple when one knows the spiritual meaning.
I would not have been able to do anything else or use my powers for a different purpose, for I had no feelings for anything else.
I was essentially inspired by art and this was not only my property, we were also helped from this side.
I was religious and that is why I created religious representations, those feelings were in me.
Though none of us understood that.
How could we have understood this meaning, now that we know that everything dissolves by birth and that we are only aware of our present life?
I’ll refer to this later, André, I must first explain other wonders and to that end we go out into nature and presently back to Golgotha to connect you with an other being.’
Alcar went outside and André followed his leader.
Again he had learned new wonders.
He felt great respect for everything; how natural everything really was.
If it wasn’t it could not be a revelation.
Alcar had been a great artist and now he lived in the spirit and was a master from the fifth sphere.
How he admired his leader!
They walked for quite some time and he felt that his leader returned to the quietude.
He now walked in the first sphere and also here, the deeper he descended into this life, the more he felt that he had been here more than once.
He had been with his leader, but this was different.
He recognized all this beauty and the more was explained to him, the deeper he began to understand this great mystery he felt deeply within himself.
Together with these feelings all previous remembrances came back to him.
He still could not find words for it and yet it must have a meaning, that was a dead certainty to him because it was too intense, but he felt sure he would get an answer.
Presently Alcar would explain his own past and he would wait.
In front of him were spiritual beings.
All walked along and were lost in thought.
He noticed that some of them were enveloped in a dense haze, while others were more transparent.
‘What does it mean, Alcar?’
‘This means that they are here with their beloved ones and will presently descend.
I also wanted to explain this to you.’
‘Are they aware of that?’
‘Yes, André, they know they will leave soon, but they are joined together forever and will remain so.
I told you about it on our last journey.
One of them descends into the world of the unconscious and the other remains on this side and becomes the guiding spirit for this human being on earth.’
‘Haven’t you told me, Alcar, that this is possible only in the fourth sphere?’
‘Yes, André, but I merely touched upon this problem and this has a meaning.’
‘Do you feel that this being has to perform a spiritual mission?’
‘Yes, I feel and see that.’
‘Are they separated during that life on earth?’
‘Didn’t I tell you many times that we can never be separated?
They are one forever and will remain so.
She, this soul, brings something on earth and also has to make up for something.
I, too, had to make up for something when I was on earth, as well as all those who were born there with me.
This human being is the inspiration for her and will raise her on earth to a high level.’
‘How difficult that is, Alcar.
What age will she reach?’
‘She will be approximately between sixty and seventy years.’
‘And that other being is alone all that time and must endure that she is ridiculed and provoked, for she’ll no doubt receive and experience her share of misery and sorrow and many other things?’
‘You felt that correctly, André.
She will meet someone on earth and make something up to that being.
She’ll also bring something which is to free herself in that time from what stops her here and prevents her development.’
A new wonder, André thought.
‘How terrible that must be, Alcar.’
‘Do you think you could not accomplish this, now that you know all this, or that you could not do it?’
‘I don’t know, it seems so difficult to me.
I do feel already that when she’ll meet that other being he’ll not understand her when she descends into the mother organism.
That is terrible, because that life will be so difficult.
Oh, what depth and what sacrifice.’
‘This wonder is deep, André, though it is no sacrifice.
You heard what I said, that she’ll also make up?
In that case it is no sacrifice, but a mercy, a great mercy, that God gives to all His children when we must make up in that life, and can achieve that in one short life on earth.
If the person we have to make up to is on earth and we are already on this side, isn’t that better than waiting for years on end before we can proceed on this side?
It irrevocably stops us; it impedes our development, for we can’t advance while that particular being lives on earth.
Do you feel the mighty wonder of this condition, and that it is a great mercy when this happens?
A lot is accomplished in that life, and when the end comes all sorrow is over and they are united forever.
Then they are sisters and brothers in the spirit and proceed on this side.’
‘I think it is terrible, Alcar.
The way the spirit that remains on this side must suffer.’
‘Have you properly understood Lantos’ life?
What did he do when that time came?
He connected his own soul with Roni and experienced that she was bound hand and feet.
And yet, it is a thousand times better than having to wait here and being unable to advance.’
‘If I understand you correctly, you mean the following.
When I cause harm to someone on earth and I have returned to the spheres, but that human being goes back to the earth again, I have to wait anyway until I made it up?
Can’t others do that for me?’
‘No, only they have to do with your life, they experienced that sorrow and not those others.
You can do much for others, but you’ll nevertheless meet those others again, for they are the ones who prevent our development.
That is the law of cause of effect.’
‘Surely these are not big mistakes, Alcar?’
‘You mean because they are living in the first sphere?’
‘Yes, that’s what I meant.’
‘Those who have reached the first sphere may have to make up great sins and mistakes and nevertheless have entered here.’
‘You never told me about that, Alcar.’
‘That was not possible.
Only now can I discuss these spiritual laws, you would not have understood them.
I will now discuss these laws, for all these conditions have to do with reincarnation.
We can enter the first sphere on this side when we are free from hatred, passion and violence and already possess love, although we still have faults and sins that we can make up for only now.
Usually that wonder happens of which I have just told you.’
‘What you now explain to me is quite wonderful.’
‘Do not forget, André, that the first sphere is like the earth.
There are two more spheres to reach the first spiritual sphere of existence.’
‘I’m beginning to feel it, Alcar.
How remarkable this is too.
It did not cross my mind.’
‘Everything must and shall dissolve in the first sphere, André, it is not until then that we can proceed.’
‘And to that end many of them return to the earth?’
‘Yes, André, to make up for the sins and faults and also to serve.’
‘How will they find each other, Alcar?’
‘That is taken care of by those living on this side.’
‘So this spirit will connect her in due course, whereas she is his own life, his own soul?’
‘Yes, André, that’s the way it happens.
I ask you once again, couldn’t you do this and also bring something on earth and make up?
Is that gratitude not in you?
We have all been able to, nobody excluded.
Many human beings on earth wonder why God brings people so closely together, but one learns from the other.
One being returns for his inner life, an other to bring something to the earth and mankind.
There are thousands of possibilities for us to return to the earth, though for a fixed aim and that is achieved.
I know many scientists who are on earth, and were born there merely for an invention for the benefit of mankind.
Only a short time ago two geniuses arrived here who had returned to the earth to bring something to the earth and science, by which thousands of people could be released from their terrible illnesses.
Had these beings not been reincarnated on earth and had there not been beings on this side to inspire them, they would not have achieved anything there.
But this had been experienced and accomplished in advance and they returned to the earth for that purpose.
This is also possible for other disciplines.
If the doctors did not return to the earth from this side to leave something for mankind, no progress would ever be made.
They were born again and returned after completing their task and they saw that they had not been there in vain.
While on earth they were unaware of it, here, however, they passed on into the past and were happy that it had been achieved.
This is as old as the earth occupies a place in the universe.
I explained that to you.
From the moment when hell and the spheres of light commenced, spiritual beings already returned in a material organism and brought their inner knowledge to the earth.
Here, André, nobody asks what we must experience; we want to experience for we are all serving.
We want to make up and feel this as a mercy.
Everybody does and all pass on into it and one day they will have advanced that far.
Those beings cannot be stopped.
Watch them go and feel their tremendous inspiration.
They work their way through and that way is paved from this side.
Beings watch on this side, and these beings are supervisors, the guardian angels of those on earth.
They are closely connected and they all have a task to accomplish what they are serving for.
Thousands of beings have a task on this side and that task is accomplished; that work cannot be destroyed, it shall and must be done, however much they may be opposed, for they all want to.
They have a sacred urge to create.
That is spiritual ardour, my son, a sacred ardour that flares up and warms others.
How many spiritual beings are there on earth for our work?
How many spiritual leaders are there on this side helping those on earth?
They now live in all parts of the world, for it is now the century of nourishment for the mind.
People returned from this side for the art, the art of sculpture and painting and brought there what they were to bring.
As I said, these two beings are very closely connected and will remain so forever.’
‘And will she pass into other hands, Alcar?’
‘What are hands, my son, what is a material body?
A magnificent garment, but we think differently.
We only ask after the inner life, that material organism is of no use to us on this side, inner life, that is our bliss.
On earth people commit murder for the sake of that garment, but we, on this side, just go our way and wait until inner life is ready.
That is the eternal truth, that is what we love and that goes on forever, André.
We see and feel that differently, for deep inner life is not touched, nor set in vibration.
Here, it awakens, here it lives, there it is deeply hidden in man’s inner life.
I could tell you a lot about that as well and you would see it differently, but that is not possible now.
On this side, André, feeling is life, feeling is love and light, warmth and happiness.
The material organism is only temporary and dies.
On earth the body is loved, here we love inner life.
Consequently, the depth of inner life is not touched, cannot be set in vibration, for here lives the being that is able to and has the same attunement.
That is the inner connection and it is pure happiness when it is felt.
Otherwise it has no meaning and is of no value.
No, André, she’ll go and with her thousands of others.
She will presently dissolve and the male being begins his task and waits until he can reach her.
Feel the depth of this mighty wonder, my son, and be grateful that it is possible.’
‘What a sacrifice, what a strength, what an inspiration, Alcar!’
‘They both feel this mercy and will always feel this mercy.
Look at this young spirit, she returns.
She’ll become a mother and she’ll experience this on earth.
Somebody is waiting on earth and they will meet on that large earth.
When she has experienced that, for nothing can prevent it, she’ll return to the spheres and proceed on this side.
Everything has then been accomplished and experienced and at the same time suffered and made up.
She’ll consciously experience this mighty event, which is not understood on earth; all this resides in her deep inner being.
Aren’t those wonders, André?
Isn’t this mighty and shouldn’t we feel grateful to God?
Shall we feel this gratitude within us now that we know this?
I think so, André, for it can’t be otherwise.
We’ll feel and think that way, it is in us and we experienced it.
I can explain this condition to you in all spheres, even in the highest spheres, but in that case this task is a particular one and is related to a mighty event on earth.
All this is only for the development of mankind, because those higher beings could not bring anything else on earth.
That would be a mission of the highest order and that being is then a great personality on earth.
They bring wisdom and happiness and this has a cosmic meaning.
Those now returning to the earth bring nourishment for the mind, or science or technique.
Both follow one course and will reach the aim envisaged.
This happened during all those millions of years and this would no longer occur now that mankind needs it so badly, now that God’s kingdom will be established?
You, André, and millions with you live in a particular century, mankind on earth will experience that.
We on this side are ready; we only wait to be allowed to begin.
Now of all times we bring nourishment for the mind, for that century has approached and people are open for it.
Now, our mediums are no longer burnt and we can complete our work.
I told you about that too.
In former days, several centuries ago, people were sent to the stake, now, they dare not do that any more, because they have advanced and began to think and feel differently.
At that time, my son, we ourselves destroyed others and now we are making up for what we destroyed in those days.
Yet, we pulled down what others built up.
Those others are now the beings who live in the sixth and seventh heaven and look back on what they once accomplished.
Is all this so unbelievable, so strange?
For mankind on earth these are problems, on this side they are the truth and a great mercy.
They still think we are insane, but later they’ll do what we do now and they’ll thank their Father in heaven for all this mercy.
We’ll now go to the temple of music.
These beings were also born on earth.
They prepared themselves here and all returned to the earth.
We’ll enter over there; you have also been here with me before.
All this was achieved in a few centuries, my son, and during those centuries geniuses lived on earth.
Music is still composed and paintings are made and there is also sculpture, but the greatest genius who lived here is not here any more and will not be born on earth again.
If this should happen thousands of years will have passed, and that would still very quick, for the development of mankind proceeds slowly.
Come, André, follow me, you’ll hear spiritual music from the past.’
André entered the building, which was full of people.
Already from afar he heard spiritual music which he had been allowed to hear before in other spheres.
That had been in the fourth and sixth sphere, he had experienced that Divine event.
Art was practiced in life after death, all arts known on earth, but how mighty this music was.
Thousands of beings were together here, the building was entirely open and he understood what this meant.
It was quiet.
There were flowers everywhere, birds flew in and out and were the friends of the spiritual beings.
And this was only the first sphere!
It seemed to have come to an end, for all went away.
A pity, he thought.
Masters of art were gathered here and interpreted what they felt inwardly.
The instruments were like those on earth, though many could not be compared and described.
Alcar said to him: ‘Come, André, we’ll go on to the interior of the building.’
He followed Alcar.
Who would believe him?
Nobody, for this was altogether too mighty, too incredible for people on earth.
Yet, he experienced all this, he had departed from the body and left his material organism.
He saw more beings from the earth over here but they would presently be unaware that they had been here.
Yet, in their sleep, as they would say, they had heard beautiful music and, however strange it was, spoken to their father and mother who had passed away a long time ago.
This was nevertheless reality and one day they’ll see it.
When they enter here to stay forever, they’ll see that they have been here before more than once.
He clearly recognized those who still lived on earth.
Great was their happiness.
Look how they radiated!
Man wasn’t aware of that either when he woke up in the morning.
No, life on earth suppressed everything; everything dissolved therein and obscured that picture.
It was splendid to see them this way.
Fathers and mothers were together; a mother visited her child.
This, too, was a mercy, a very great mercy.
They could cope with life again and that deep grief had mitigated in the morning.
Alcar walked on but now he halted and waited for him.
‘Here, André, I am on the spot where, several centuries ago, human beings prepared to bring their art on earth.
Not one, but dozens prepared themselves.
All of them returned to this side long ago.
One of them passed away at an early age.
Look, there, in front of you, André.’
At the same moment André began to observe.
‘There, in front of you, that is the spirit I mean, André.’
‘I know him, Alcar.
His spiritual countenance is like his physical countenance on earth.’
‘Yes, André, that’s right, that is what I wanted to show you.
That, too, is a spiritual phenomenon we only know.
In that case inner life dominates the physical body and radiates through that dense garment.’
‘I know whom you mean, Alcar, he was a genius.
You mean Mozart?’
‘Yes, André, that was his name on earth.
It was his task to bring this art on earth and that art came from this sphere.
Knowing his art and feeling his inner life, you can imagine what art of the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sphere is like.
What he brought on earth is mighty enough, not to speak of the art of the higher spheres.
Many others came with him and I could point them all out to you, if I connected myself with their past.
They lived here, they were born on earth and when they had finished they passed on.
That was all they had to do.
That art was perfect and everyone created in accordance with his own feelings.
There are always artists on earth but these were there only once and can only be born once.
They cannot be equalled and they were born on earth for that purpose.
They all brought the highest and very latest.
Now isn’t it remarkable, André, that they are not on earth any more?
Why were those people in Egypt and are they no longer there?
I told you, they were all born merely for that purpose, and if this had not been possible, there would be no pyramid, no art, no science, nothing on earth.
These beings, however, lived on this side, in our hereafter and on all those planets we know.
Now we’ll visit one more being who prepared himself on this side for his great task, to bring his art, his love and his religion on earth.
He, too, was a genius, one of the greatest we know.
He was unique in his art and he was assisted from this side.
I could mention all those names of famous people and also show you that they lived on this side.
We have known them as spirits; they lived here among us.
We also know where they live at this moment.
They proceed and will advance here, though some of them are again on earth for they have to make up.
Come, André, we’ll go back to Jerusalem.
These are wonders, my son, but great is the mercy all of us received from God.
This is possible only through reincarnation for we as spirits can receive a new physical garment.
All this is mighty and elevated, this is to be grateful to Him Who will never forget us.
Everything is love, is inspiration, a holy ardour that is within them and which they have acquired in these thousands of centuries.
Pure love inspires.
It is passing on into an other being, it is feeling and experiencing, it means adjusting to what we want to bring.
God gave us everything and, how many times did I tell you, God gave us His own sacred life.
We are inspired by Him and can receive that pure inspiration.
But God helps us if we do not understand that inspiration.
Many will go to ruin and seek until they have found the inspiration and the being.
However, those who really create do so by their own inner possession.
It is only pure love that creates wonders.
Look, André, we are already on earth.
In a little while we will be in Jerusalem again.’
‘Why is it, Alcar, that everything is so clear to me on this journey?’
‘I’ll tell you later.
Then you understand yourself and you’ll know why and what for
Then I can answer all your questions you put on this journey and the previous ones.
Have a little more patience and this deep mystery will be solved.
We’ll pass on to Golgotha, there is nothing to keep us in Jerusalem.’
Below them lay the Holy Land.
André was again on the spot where Christ had lived.
What was he going to experience this time?
Now Alcar passed over to the earth and he again walked upwards, towards Golgotha.
André felt that he was connected again, but this connection differed from the one when they were here last time.
Alcar was completely lost in thought.
Slowly he went upwards and André followed his leader.
He, too, thought again of this terror.
He still trembled because of what he had been allowed to experience here.
Again he saw beings.
There were always people here, but only spirits; they had been living on this side for a long time.
Alcar went on.
Soon they reached the crest of Golgotha.
Alcar said to him: ‘Here I’m going to connect you with a great wonder and with the past of a spiritual being.
This was also shown to me when I returned to the spheres after my last life on earth.
I’m going to explain, André, what a mission on earth means and what is required to be able to accomplish that mission and to feel it intensely.
Those who can’t are neither capable of accomplishing their task successfully and that mission will come to nothing.
We must know that beforehand, or our life on earth will become a failure.
All that work, all that trouble would have been in vain, and that is not possible, for we would break down more than we would build up.
Especially in the case of spiritual work we must know this and calculate it, and that is possible because we can fathom and feel the inner life of those suitable for this work.
We know then whether they’ll experience that life on earth correctly or that they’ll forget themselves and somehow live to the full.
For a spiritual mission he or she must therefore be up to this task, they cannot otherwise descend.
This only applies when we receive this mercy and do work for the masters.
If a human being is on earth for himself, and consequently for his own development and he experiences something or other it is up to him to make something of that life.
However, in the case of a spiritual task, when an artist or a medium is doing work for our world, we must know whether they can cope or will collapse under their work.
They all meditated on this side to acquire their art and to feel everything intensely and when they were ready they descended into the world of the unconscious, shrouded in a veil of light.
They will awaken on earth and as they mature physically, inner life awakens and they will only feel that for which they came on earth.
For this being it was music.
He only came to bring mankind an interpretation in music of the life and suffering of Christ.
I myself painted Christ, others interpreted Him in poetry, still others in music, like we experience this holy feast in the spheres.
Now I’m going to connect you.
You’ll see, André, how a spiritual being on this side got ready to bring this great mission on earth.
Look, my son.’
André began to observe again.
Again he saw the illuminated cross that was ever present here.
Below this illuminated cross, invisible for human beings on earth, he noticed a being.
This being was lost in prayer.
Deep was the silence he now felt and it was a sacred moment for him.
‘Stand here near me, André, and give me your hand.
You’ll hear and see what happened at that time.’
The being was still lost in prayer.
André began to see and feel.
In the depth of his soul he experienced something and André clearly felt what he was thinking of, and what happened in this human being.
He had to experience this on Golgotha, it could not be experienced anywhere else.
He felt what he was thinking.
This human being followed the life and suffering of Christ.
He followed everything from His birth onward.
Now he had arrived at the place where the most terrible thing that was ever to occur had happened.
He followed that horrible event and acquired that event.
However, André felt and heard still more.
He heard beautiful singing and when he heard this he looked up, for it came from the side beyond, from the spheres of light.
That being heard this singing and he experienced it deeply in his inner life.
Subsequently, André suddenly heard beautiful music and this swelled to a mighty entirety.
He felt the meaning and he trembled for emotion.
This singing and this sublime music interpreted the life and suffering of Christ.
Now he understood the complete meaning and felt what this being was here for and why he was connected.
This was a sacred moment.
It was the love for Christ; it was gratitude for the perfect Human Being Who had given Himself entirely for mankind.
This being intensely felt this awe-inspiring event.
It passed through his soul and he experienced this great wonder in the depth of his own life, which wonder came to life within him.
This human being became inspired.
This was spiritual inspiration, pure and mighty, this was spiritual bliss, a prayer interpreted by music and singing.
The angels were singing for him, everything was ready in the spheres and he heard this sublime music and absorbed everything.
When he had experienced this, he got on his feet and looked up.
Above him he saw the illuminated cross and behind it were the angels.
At this moment a light shone to the earth and irradiated this human being.
He knelt down again, bent his head and was lost in prayer once more.
This lasted some length of time.
André still heard the spiritual singing.
A tremendous happiness now rose in him.
Oh, how deeply he felt everything, how mighty this event was for him.
This human being was lifted, he was radiated and a dense haze enveloped him completely.
André felt he was not aware of it.
That spiritual veil condensed and now he was completely closed off, so that he lived as it were, in a spiritual dwelling.
He would not be able to free himself from it.
This remained, unless the higher beings would free themselves from him and withdraw, but that was not the intention.
This spiritual being was now completely closed off.
He now lived in what he had just experienced and could not be influenced.
He felt that this spirit had concentrated on this event for many years and that he experienced this time and again and that the end had now come.
What would happen now?
André saw that he went away.
Once more he cast a glance at the luminous cross, then he knelt down again and prayed, prayed ardently and sent his love to those from whom he had received all this.
André subsequently saw a luminous shape appearing from space.
This spirit put his hands on the head of the human being and radiated him for a long time.
The luminous figure then looked up and a golden glow irradiated him.
André understood this too.
He was a leader, an angel who had connected himself with him.
These beings were one.
They had the same feelings and longings and both felt what would happen.
They had passed on into this and would presently experience.
This was a marvellous and sacred event.
Pure, very pure were the thoughts of this spiritual being.
They were at the beginning of a mighty work, though André did not know yet what they were going to do.
He did feel though that this meant a mission, but was it for the earth?
Would this being be born on earth?
It must be.
He saw that the luminous figure dissolved.
André then felt that he must have arrived at a conclusion, for he jumped up and went away.
‘We shall follow him, André.
A great wonder is going to happen.’
André saw that he was floating over the earth and Alcar followed him.
He returned to the spheres.
Alcar also returned and kept following him.
Now he experienced another wonder.
André saw that this being became more transparent, as if he dissolved.
He could still see him; presently this would not be possible any more.
André felt this mighty and deep wonder.
This being was to be born on earth.
He was still visible, he could still see his shape, slowly he saw this being disappear before his eyes and dissolve completely.
Alcar looked at him and said: ‘This being was born on earth and had to accomplish a spiritual mission.
This what you saw was the final moment, though his preparation took half a century.
He prepared himself for many years, as did his spiritual leader you also saw.
He is ready now and he is already in the world of the unconscious and will be born soon.
This being became a composer and, as I said, he had to accomplish a spiritual mission.
Have you ever heard on earth of the ‘St. Matthew Passion’, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, now I understand.
What a wonder.’
‘What you heard there came from our world.
This being prepared himself for it to give it to the earth.
It expresses the life, suffering and death of Christ.
Those who hear and want to hear that experience what happened on this side, where so many beings and angels assisted.
When you experience that, my son, you descend into the life of Christ.
You will experience through singing and music what you witnessed when we were there.
Those who experience it properly won’t commit any more sins or make mistakes.
Those on earth who understand this feel that this must be a spiritual mission, and that he was solely on earth for that purpose.
Those who feel this feel God and the life and suffering of His perfect Child, Jesus Christ.
This is a spiritual mission.
This happened and it was worked out in advance.
This human being was born in this place where he was destined to be born, and was suitable for this task.
He became a composer, he could not have become anything else, his soul was connected with that mighty event, he felt as one, entirely one with our Master Jesus Christ.
That is what he brought on earth and for that purpose he served his leaders.
He had not only acquired this; he was also influenced and guided by them from his youth.
Isn’t this sacred, André?
Can people on earth imagine this?
Do they feel how mighty it is when they listen and what happens on this side?
What was required to accomplish this?
Can they completely connect themselves the way he had to, in order to be able to achieve this?
He was one of the very greatest who lived at the time, the age of music.
He came to the earth for that purpose.
Isn’t this a special circumstance and can’t it be accepted?
He was a master of his art, as we were all master in those days.
You have seen that they were all here and returned to the earth.
Could those who serve art on earth again be able to reach that high level?
No, that is impossible, for this was a mission and that mission came from our side.
This human being experienced this awe-inspiring event below the cross, on the spot where Christ was killed.
When he was ready he descended and was born on earth.
This can only happen once, André, and that is why it is a spiritual mission.
This was possible only once and cannot happen a dozen or more times.
Mankind on earth possesses this art and it will remain there.
It is perfect and sacred and it has a deep and pure meaning, as I showed you.
It is on earth now and for many people this wonder of creative power is too incomprehensible.
We know as he does that this was given to mankind many, many years too early and yet that mighty event did not come a second too early or too late.
The time was due, for nothing can be given unless it is known here that it is possible.
Mankind is still asleep and it will be years before they understand and intensely feel this sacred and awe-inspiring message, as it was felt and experienced by him and others.
This was a master of art and for this he brought himself.
Oh, that people on earth may realize what is already on earth.
So much has already been given to the earth, but they don’t understand anything yet of all these sacred things, for which beings returned to the earth and experienced reincarnation.
He brought himself as others did, like Christ taught us, it is not otherwise possible and a mission would be a failure.
Those who find this dull do not feel what they have received and belong to the living dead and do not understand that this is a pure and sacred prayer.
When they listen, others pray for them in music and singing and raise them, so that they are connected.
There are many inventions on earth so that they can listen to this mighty music all over the earth.
To enable them to listen to it, the scientists came to the earth and were supported from our side, for they were also instruments in the spirit.
In this way everything comes from this side, my son, otherwise nothing would have been on earth.
That human being came to rest here, he felt the art and the thoughts arose that became conscious on earth and were expressed.
I could show this to you in a hundred ways, but it will be clear to you now that it is as I said.
What more can I say?
All those other masters are known on earth and their names will never die, I’m not concerned with their names but with what was brought, but mainly, that reincarnation on earth is possible.
There were great and the greatest of all on earth.
There will be times, however, when they are forgotten and the noise of the jungle dominates everything.
Yet, mankind will come to rest again and awaken once more.
They will turn to this music and the masters will be honoured again and their creations experienced.
This happens time and again.
One day the earth and people will have advanced that far and understand what they possess.
What has been brought from this side will remain for it is a spiritual mission, like all things given from this side for the benefit of mankind.
When you listen again, André, you’ll see the picture I showed you and you’ll begin to understand the life of our Lord.
The spirits then pray for you and you merely have to follow that.
You’ll be connected with the spheres and your eyes will be full of tears and you can cry your eyes out.
Don’t be ashamed of it, we are also deeply moved when we listen to this event.
It was ready before it was given to the earth.
This applies to every spiritual mission.
We are one here and we experience what Christ experienced and felt.’
‘It is mighty, Alcar, I’m deeply moved.
I did not expect this either.
I can’t say much, but I am most grateful for having been allowed to experience this and for everything you explained to me on this journey.’
‘We’ll go back to the spheres, André, to the place where I arrived when my life in the south came to an end.
I told you after all that I would return there, that moment has come and I’ll now follow my own life.
Subsequently we’ll go to the earth and after that we’ll return to the spheres, for it is necessary and I must explain other wonders.
When I have explained all that, André, we’ll go to a certain place in the spheres as a final experience and, by having you experience something, I’ll answer your hundreds of questions and feelings, which have arisen of late on this journey and on earth.
But now first of all to the Land of Twilight, the sphere where Gerhard also entered when he arrived here from the earth.
I also entered there, as I told you.
We’ll soon be there and I’ll immediately pass on into that condition.
I’ll follow my own life there and you’ll see that I, too, was born again.’
‘How remarkable all this is, Alcar.
Oh, if only people on earth could accept this, how different their life would be!
How much could they acquire, how much is there to learn.
How mighty everything is and how great is God.’
‘Didn’t I tell you that you would see wonders?
Those wonders still happen on earth, people are still born on earth from this side who have to accomplish a task, like those others.
Evolution goes on, time and again they need other things, be it science, nourishment for the mind and so on.
Souls are preparing here to perform a task, and however insignificant those missions may be, they are all for the benefit of the earth and serve mankind.
As I said, this has been going on for millions of years, from the moment the first human beings reached the spheres of light.
We receive this from God and it is a mighty grace.
This is for all of us, everyone can receive it when feelings of gratitude and love rise in them and they begin to understand what we received from God in all those lives.
Then, we all want to do something and give ourselves, and that is possible.
Look, André, we are in the Land of Twilight, I lived here.
When I had died on earth I awoke in this place which was my spiritual attunement.
Most people arrive here from the earth and they are all not good or bad, though they have no spiritual possession.
I, too, was convinced of my life, here I was stirred up and my inner being awakened.
I was a little ahead of Gerhard and that is why I decided to let him tell of his spiritual life, so that I would not have to do it later.
Gerhard expressed, as it were, my own life, for I also descended into the darkness to acquire something.
I remained down there for years.
I helped thousands of beings and in that way I accepted my higher condition.
I felt the way Gerhard lived and felt, but there was art in me.
You’ll now understand that I connected myself with Gerhard when I knew that he was to come to this side, to let him tell of his own life and because you had known Gerhard on earth.
I sent one of my own assistants to him and you also know now that this was arranged in advance.
Gerhard was convinced, he descended into the hell, experienced thousands of wonders, although they were demonic powers and influences, and in doing so he reached the first sphere.
I also experienced that, André.
When you follow and understand his life you’ll know what my life was like in those days and you can feel it.
I was, therefore, like Gerhard, I was aware that my possession resided therein and once I understood this, I pulled out all the stops and wanted to reach the first sphere at all cost.
I said that there are many people of the earth who enter here and give themselves, but who have never been able to do so on earth.
That again is a great mystery.
Those beings were on earth to make up for something and have done so, but were to die there at an early age.
Gerhard was one of those beings; he had those powers through which he was able to reach the first sphere in a short period of time.
For many others this is not so easy as they don’t have this depth.
For Gerhard this depth was his great willpower which he possessed.
Others also arrive in this sphere, though they are not as strong as Gerhard.
This proves that all beings feel differently, that we admittedly possess one love but that we have different qualities.
We are one in love, though not in art and feelings and what one being is able to do the other isn’t, even though he lives in the same condition, in one sphere.
Some feel for art, others for science and others again have different feelings, not only on earth, but also on this side.
So his life was like mine when I entered here.
Consequently, we now go to the first sphere where I’ll continue.
When I entered, my feelings for art awakened.
At the beginning I made a journey and assumed my own sphere and I subsequently turned to art.
I did not stay there though.
The others proceeded and indulged in spiritual art, but at times I descended to the earth and into the dark spheres for long periods of time to help others.
My master supported me in everything and he understood me perfectly.
Go on the way you do, he said, there will be a great surprise later.
I again descended into the hell, helped many unfortunate people there and subsequently returned to the spheres of light to devote myself completely to art.
On earth I had already attained a considerable level, though not yet the level I could reach as a master.
Here my feeling for art awakened.
I also learned to know life in the darkness, though I did not understand that I was followed in everything from the higher spheres.
Even then, André, I was under the leadership of my master Cesarino.
This master was to accomplish a mission to the earth, to which end many assistants were needed.
I became one of his thousands of assistants.
That way the first years went by.
Slowly but surely the fifteenth century approached.
I went on feeling the life God created and in this way my art developed.
Then, when I thought it would do me good I asked my master permission to make a long journey.
I’ll go with you, he said.
We went to the earth and I studied my art, which I had already left behind in the south.
At that time, however, I had not advanced that far.
That desire now rose in me to be allowed to give to the earth what I now possessed and I asked my master whether that was possible.
He said to me: ‘For our Father in heaven everything is possible.’
‘Can’t you say for sure?’
‘We know a lot, brother, but it is a mercy when this happens.’
‘Can’t I acquire that mercy?
Can’t I ask my Father in heaven for that?’
‘Are you prepared to accept everything that you might experience on earth?’ he replied.
‘Is that so terrible?’
‘Don’t forget that you possess light here, you feel happy, you are free from cold and hardship, from every passion and when you accept a material body, that body belongs to the physical world.
If you want to live and to be born there, you must accept everything the earth may give you.
Also illness, for you’ll have to contend with that, nobody on earth can set himself free of it.
I need not tell you that, for you know this life, we have been in the sphere of the earth and you made a study of it.
You’ll experience that again, although your life will differ from the life of those who are there for some deed or other.
You also have to make up and this life could be considered a happy one.
Once again, only God can give you that, we can’t say anything with certainty, for these are God’s sacred laws, which cannot be changed.’
After that I took long walks in the spheres and I arrived at a decision.
You have seen me and my fellow artists, so I can leave that out.
I prepared myself, André, though I did not understand yet that this had started a long time beforehand.
When I began that journey on earth with my own master it was already part of this event.
The years went by and many began to feel this approaching event.
All were convinced where they wanted to go to and realized what they accepted.
Here in the spheres we possessed something, we were free from cold and illness, we were happy, and we might experience a lot of misery on earth, but we could not have stayed here.
I again descended into the darkness, where the brothers also suffer, but by working there an other sphere is attained and one serves, though this serving is not so simple, for you know the hell.
The time came when I began to feel it.
Many years had gone by in which I completely devoted myself to art.
Then followed the years of meditation and I felt that wonder rise in me.
None of us spoke about it; this was too deep and too wonderful for life itself and beyond description.
You feel that you become very quiet and you want to be alone all the time.
It is as if the entire creation lies within you.
I often wandered in nature and at times I descended into the darkness again to help others.
Suddenly I felt that awe-inspiring activity rise in me and I returned to the spheres.
Then, my son, the wonder happened that you experienced a while ago.
I dissolved; I felt that I was raised into an other world, an other condition.
I saw that I faded away.
An unbelievable wonder happened within me.
Although I thought I was alone, I heard my master say: ‘Farewell, my brother, we’ll meet again on earth.
There you will seek the deep meaning of this event, though you won’t solve this spiritual mystery, for you won’t be aware of this life any more.’
I subsequently felt myself sink away deeply and I did not hear anything any more.
After I awakened on earth, and as a youth, I had a feel for art.
I got to know my master and however strange it may seem, it was as if I had met him before.
I felt great affection for him, but I could not unravel this mystery.
There were more artists on earth like we were, who gave themselves completely.
These beings lived in Italy, Holland and many other countries.
One of them displayed his mastership in your own country; he was also on this side and experienced what I had, just like all those others.
I don’t need to mention his name, we are all known all over the earth.
We came for one task, André, and served art, the earth and all mankind was to receive this wonder.
We all gave our entire personality.
This was our mercy, my brothers’ and mine, and the art we left is being held in esteem.
Visit museums, look at our paintings and feel what it means.
Try to connect yourself with our art, it will be as if you feel this wonder, especially since you know all this.
This was a mission as well and we brought ourselves, stimulated by our masters.
Many people now admire our art, but I would like to tell them this: when you see our art, try to feel what lies behind it and linger a while on our side.
What you admire was given you in order to awaken.
It happened through inspiration and this inspiration came from the side beyond.
We could not have attained that level if we had not been connected.
Think of this and above all that this happened because reincarnation on earth is possible.
This cannot be achieved on earth, I mean by those who have not felt the depth of this mighty event, who have not experienced those many years of meditation and not reached that spiritual level in art.
This, too, happens only once.
No more beings will be born on earth who can achieve this.
That has happened, it is past and this is the meaning.
If I can reach one of you now, that you know this, and may convince you of your eternal life, this work and my art have not been in vain and all my pains have been rewarded.
There I was Anthony van Dyck and I was allowed to bring my art which I acquired on this side.
I was able to do this and all the others with me, for reincarnation is possible and a mercy of God.
Feel this depth, my sisters and brothers; you too might experience it.
One day you’ll enter this life and we’ll convince you of it.
We now go to the earth, André.
Soon we’ll be there where I have something to tell you.’
Floating Alcar returned to the earth.
André thought everything over.
How many wonders had he been allowed to experience.
How mighty everything was, he could repeat that thousands of times.
He kept thinking all the time and how closely one thing was connected with the other!
Everything was fixed and that applied to every human being.
Everyone experienced his own karma, cause and effect and there was nobody on earth unless he had to make up.
All people were on earth for a fixed purpose, for everyone had done good and wrong things.
All had been born there and were born again.
Oh, what bliss, how deep and mighty everything he had experienced was.
If only they could accept it, how different their life would become.
They would learn to understand death and their fear of the unknown would disappear.
Oh, how clear everything was.
What more could Alcar say?
He understood everything and however deep and amazing everything was, it was so very natural.
This life was magnificent, God’s laws were deep and sacred when man, the soul, received that mercy once again to correct his wrong things.
He could not think properly now, for he felt that he should concentrate on Alcar to be able to experience all those wonders.
He should not think anyway, there was too much in him, he was overflowing with spiritual wisdom.
‘Look, André, we are where I wanted to be.
You were thinking and meditating while I quickly followed my way, now we’ll enter my home on earth.
Do you remember that we have been here?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘When we were about to set out on these long journeys, I promised you that we would return here.
Now think of everything I explained to you, what you experienced and where we have been in that period.
I only followed the past and I could tell all that apart, for I followed a silver thread connecting the events of my life and of others.
I only needed to concentrate and everything manifested itself for me and I saw what I had experienced thousands of years ago.
This is not difficult, André, though it is incomprehensible to you.
Everything is mighty, for it has to do with our lives and with God and creation and because everything is love.
I am grateful and so are many others who followed us wherever we have been, which will become clear to you soon, that we have advanced that far and that this has happened.
We’ll go on in a minute, for we won’t stay here long and return to the spheres, where I must explain other wonders to you.
You surely feel that the end of this journey is nearing?
Then this mighty event is over and you have experienced creation and many, many wonders and my mightiest and most difficult task will be accomplished, for which I’m grateful to God.
I lived here.
You have seen me and my friend here and you heard us speak, at that time I connected you with my own past.
In Jerusalem I showed you that he was my own child and that I have not seen him since.
When I met him there I did not understand why I loved him so much.
But, and do listen now, I would not have loved him so much if an other being had not loved through me.
So, a being loved through me and the love I felt was laid in me from the invisible world with a fixed purpose.
At the time, however, this was a mystery for me, now, however, I know and understand this mystery.
I also know who did this and why it also happened.
Just feel this deep wonder, my son.
It was known thousands of years beforehand what I was going to experience and that this would happen.
In this life, I was not aware of my reincarnation, but there were beings who had followed me and knew that I would be born.
That also happened with an intention, which will become clear to you soon when we have got that far.
Here I lived and met him.
I also told you that he made a big mistake.
That mistake was that he gave himself to an other being, as a result a child was born which he did not accept.
That being went to ruin, for grief struck her deeply.
She did not put an end to her life, but she sank into despair.
She was left behind with her child and he did not accept and later on he had to accept but then it was too late.
We can’t see through this, but when it is all over and we enter on this side, we see cause and effect and experience all these spiritual laws and mysteries.
I told you already on our first journey that he tried to make it all up at an advanced age, but in doing so that law is still in force.
It would be made up one day, but in quite a different way.
He, however – you know he was once a scientist – also wanted to create his own condition in his last life.
He reached that level in France, but he entered the world of the unconscious discontentedly and would be born again.
When he was born again on earth he joined the army and passed once more into this life.
In his next life I met him.
My feelings for him developed and I loved him like my own child.
As I told you, that love was laid in me, I loved him through others, I would not have felt this otherwise.
Just imagine this.
They wanted me to love him, for one day I would meet him again and we would be connected.
One day, but how many years in advance was it felt and known that this would happen?
It was known already in Jerusalem and my path was guided.
I had not seen him during all those years.
During my last life my love for him ever deepened.
You know already that he didn’t achieve anything.
In that life he could have, as in that other life, attained much, but he wasted his time and was not interested in anything.
This also had a profound meaning.
The soul living in the human body must and wants to try to attain a social level on earth.
We all get that far, every human being will achieve that and to that end only energy, willpower, perseverance, ambition and some violence are required, that is already sufficient to create our own condition.
Once the soul has reached such an sensitive state and condition, things are straightforward.
That which we want to achieve will be attained, for the qualities needed for that are within us, they are our character traits I just mentioned.
We have acquired those traits in those many, nay hundreds of lives and if this life is capable, if, for instance, the parents have the necessary means, you surely feel that what we have intended is already within reach.
Now he was in an other sensitive state and already freed from worldly ambition and many other terrestrial traits.
One day this will happen to every human being, because we then pass on to spiritual life.
All worldly honour has no meaning any more; we are not prepared to exert ourselves for that, not even if it was a free gift.
Such people live on earth and that is not so strange after all.
There are people who would give their life for a worldly title.
Others, however, would not even like to have such a title, for nothing, because they don’t care.
However, that is a law, it has a certain meaning, for, if one lacks that strength, one wants this, for it is of significance for the earth.
If one no longer cares about it, one must therefore have that inner strength.
It also means that once they must have known those titles or whatever, or they would see to it that they possess many of them, for with these the earth and mankind lie at their feet.
This is my point; I want to explain this to you.
That is what he experienced, he did not care about anything, not about titles and he was unaware of its meaning.
We know now that he was a scholar.
I showed and explained his death, so there is no need to go into that any more.
In this life, when I was an artist, I met him and we became good friends.
Once, however, he had been my child and once I took his life, I subsequently gave my life in return and I met him again later and he was my own child once again.
Do you remember, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I know everything.’
‘I’ll go on then.
My end on earth came and I entered the spiritual world.
We’ll follow that now.
There is nothing else to show you here and I close this past and I’ll not return here any more.
We now go to the second sphere, André.
We’ll leave the earth again and when we return this journey will be over.
I awakened in the second sphere, between the second and third sphere.
I had therefore been able to acquire that higher level by my life as an artist, for you know that I descended to the earth from the first sphere.
We’ll go on to that level, you’ll see me awaken and also how I changed, which I can show you now.’
‘What wonders did you experience, Alcar.’
‘We all experience thousands of wonders, André, and all people will experience these wonders when they enter here.
They have to experience it, because they will descend into their past when they have completed their cycle of life on earth.
You no doubt feel how deep everything is and this is bound to be mighty, for we human beings have been on our way for millions of years.
We have discarded and accepted thousands of lives.
We passed on from one life to another and all those lives served to acquire spiritual love and to show our gratitude.
We receive again all the time and this also serves to make up.
While making up we also experience a lot of worldly pleasures.
I was welcomed everywhere, I moved in English court circles, made many friends and acquaintances there and yet I also made up and experienced what was reserved for me.
That is a mighty grace and to show our gratitude.
Look, André, the second sphere, here I awoke.
I woke up on a high mountain and had my own spiritual dwelling.
Before I went to the earth I gave myself completely, I told you about it.
I’ll now connect myself with that time and consequently pass on to the second sphere, so that you can see what has changed in and around me.’
André also observed this wonder.
‘I am now as I was when I entered here.
As I advance and connect myself with other spheres, for I am able to do so, my outer appearance will change, which is reflected on my face.
You know my face and my possession, which is the fifth sphere, where I now live.
That is also clear to you, isn’t it.’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘So I woke up here, André.
The being who convinced me of my life on earth was the one who roused my love for my friend.
I knew I had died.
When I was ready and had assumed my sphere, other wonders were shown to me.
When I understood those wonders I again descended into the darkness and stayed there for many years.
I subsequently went to the earth to visit him and I helped him there with a few things that were on his mind and he could not cope with.
I returned to the darkness again and I wanted to try and attain the spheres, for me the third sphere, within a period of ten to twenty years.
I worked on myself and nothing was too much for me.
However, I retained my master.
I was completely unaware of my former life in the south; neither was it explained to me, that would happen later.
Meanwhile the years went by.
I acquired many spiritual laws and learned to know all spiritual degrees of the hell in those times.
Then the time came when my friend would die and I showed that scene to you during the first disembodiment, I connected you with his passing away.
Do you remember, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I am quite aware of everything.’
‘Well then, when he had entered here I had meanwhile reached the third sphere.
Day and night, speaking in worldly terms, I was down there and you know how difficult that work is.
Those who want, can make rapid progress and I attained that sphere in a very short period of time, though twenty-five years had gone by.
I had a powerful will and I did not relax until I had achieved that.
I admittedly say that I did not relax, and had a will, but this was also given to me and inspired in me by my master who had other and mightier plans which I was unaware of and would not have been able to understand.
I was then called to my friend and I convinced him of his eternal life.
You know that too.
Next we took long walks.
We visited the earth and the darkness again and I taught him what I had acquired already.
Now we both were on this side.
From time to time we were alone, for I was being prepared for other things.
Then my master came to see me.
He told me that an other era would come on earth and that from this side nourishment for the mind would be given to the earth.
Many were to do work there for the higher masters and become their assistants.
There was also a task for me and I felt very happy about it.
He said to me: ‘Brother, a mighty task awaits us.
You have advanced far enough now to accomplish an other task.
You can acquire a lot in two centuries.
You have learned to know the earth and the spheres, how God created us and what is the meaning of our life on earth and on this side.
Would you like to perform a task on earth?’
‘Gladly’, I promptly said, ‘tell me what I should do.’
The master said: ‘On this side you’ll learn the physical organism and everything necessary to help mankind on earth.
But that is not the main point, you must acquire what you know of our life, experience it again and adjust yourself to that task.
I’ll come back to you later.’
My master went away and I contemplated everything.
Again I descended to my friend and we took long walks.
We went to the earth once more, studied all material laws there and returned to the darkness.
After that my friend awoke, I told you that too, André.
I refer to this only now.’
‘Do you know’, he said, ‘what the earth needs and what I felt there already?
Do you know, dear friend, why I came to nothing?
All this is now clear to me.
I’ll tell you.
Nourishment for the mind, my brother, only love and happiness, that is what the earth and mankind need.
But there is something else, my brother, what I wanted to ask you and what keeps my mind occupied.
Where is she whom I made unhappy?
Do you know that?
Could you connect me with her?’
‘No’, I said, ‘that is impossible.
I advise you first to do everything to reach the first sphere, not until then can you search for her.’
He descended and did good work in the darkness.
It took him ten years before he could enter the first sphere.
When he entered the first sphere I was the first one to welcome him.
How happy he was.
We subsequently made long journeys and were everywhere.
After that he experienced those Divine feelings I had already felt and experienced and which mean reincarnation on earth.
‘Is that possible?’ he asked.
‘For God everything is possible’, I said.
‘It is a wonder for I feel what I would like to do.
Believe me, I want to make up, to make up everything, because it holds me back.
Where does she live?
Is she still on earth?
That is impossible, isn’t it?
Where would she be?’
I said to him: ‘Have a little more patience.
I’ll investigate and ask my master if I may see her, then I’ll come back to you.’
I returned to my own sphere and saw my master.
I could always find him, wherever I was, which I did not understand until later.
At the time this master lived already in the seventh sphere and was the mentor over all spheres.
My friend meanwhile went to the darkness to help the unfortunate ones.
In the temple of the soul I was connected with my life and his and also with her whom he was looking for and to whom he had to make up.
I now knew what I wanted to know.
I was allowed to experience and receive all this for him and for my task, which I likewise did not understand until later.
After a long time I went back to him in the darkness and found him at work.
I told him what I knew and advised him just to go on and wait.
I would come back when he let me feel this.
I returned to my own sphere, for I had already started that study.
I did not hear from him for years.
He remained down there and I prepared for that other task, which was not given to me until later.
I did not yet know its purpose, though I had some idea.
I then felt that he called me and I went straight back to him.
We took long walks again and he told me that everything was clear to him.
‘Do you know what awaits you?’ I asked him.
‘I am aware of everything’, he said.
‘I want to serve, if possible.
I’ll pray and ask God for that.
Shall I see her again and do you know whether she will be born?
How happy I would be if God would allow that.
Who is going to help me?’
‘You must wait and see, perhaps it will be given you.’
We set out on a journey again and visited the earth.
During that time he began to feel that wonder and I also told you that.
Do you remember, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, you told me.’
André, however, felt himself sink back in his own life.
It was as if he began to feel a great mystery, an enormous problem and that this mystery would now be solved.
He nevertheless waited to hear what his leader was going to say.
‘His sensitivity, my son, became ever deeper and now he experienced what we all experienced and what I explained to you.
I told you that I lost sight of him and that I thought I knew where he was.
I knew this, André, but I could not tell you yet at the beginning of our first journey.
Now the time has come and I can explain this to you.
He felt ready and would return.
This feeling had come into him.
We were together in nature and waited for things to happen.
We discussed all possibilities we felt and understood.
Then he dissolved in front of me and I called out to him: ‘Till we meet again on earth and on this side.’
He descended into the world of the unconscious and was born on earth.
He, too, was enveloped in a dense haze and that veil would be lifted on earth.
A mighty task awaited me, for I had a lot to acquire.
As I said, my friend was enveloped in a dense haze and in that haze lay my connection with him on earth.
He would meet her again and I had to see to that.
I received my directions from my master, which I had to pay attention to.
I now had time to prepare myself.
I followed my way through the spheres and visited together with my master what you experienced during your disembodiments.
I acquired all that.
In this way the time went by.
He was subsequently born on earth, André.
My master sought contact on earth and that connection was found.
He was born in a small town to simple people and that was also fixed, for he had to make up to his mother.
He was protected in his youth and finally the time arrived that I could connect him with her, for she was also on earth.
It seems impossible to people on earth that human beings who are thousands of miles away from one another can be connected, but on this side that is very easy.
He was subsequently introduced to a seance group.
My master had obtained this contact and he was to be accepted in that circle in order to awaken.
He had that sensitivity, we only had to awaken and open him.
We maintained this connection on this side.
And now, my boy, the time has come to answer all your thoughts, your questions of why and what for, where my friend lives, your mediumship and many other things that you asked me during the journeys we have made.
Now, André, the moment has arrived.
You surely feel a lot, because I picked up your thoughts.
I ask you to control yourself for a while.
I’ll help you, my boy.
I’ll show you something that will answer your many questions and thoughts, I told you about that as well.
By experiencing this, you’ll pass into all those questions and this deep but natural mystery will be solved for you.
I’ll now show you all your lives, André, to that end we must go back to the first sphere.
Come, follow me, André.’
André became very quiet inside.
Yes, he felt everything, he now understood himself.
My God, he thought, how is it possible.
For him it was a great and sacred wonder.
He now understood everything; he felt the beginning of creation and also his mediumship.
A tremendous tension rose in him.
He would for preference have lifted Alcar, or fallen on his knees to thank him for everything.
With a supreme effort he forced himself to be quiet.
He still had to control himself, but it was ever so difficult.
André floated on and was deeply lost in thought.
He dared not look at Alcar.
Not a word was spoken.
Alcar would reveal everything to him in one condition.
He already felt what wonder this would be.
He quietly prayed for strength, he asked his Father in heaven to help him.
He prepared himself.
It was quiet in him, relaxed, yes, he felt completely relaxed.
A mighty feeling of happiness rose in him.
He felt that he was being helped and he also knew and understood now where that power came from.
Oh, my God, what wonders, what might, how tremendous all these laws of nature were.
His leader could go there in a flash and yet it took quite some time and he understood this also.
He felt and understood everything.
An other personality now forced itself upon him.
It was the being he had felt on earth and this emanated from his deep inner self.
It was his own previous life: it could not be anything else.
I was Alcar’s son, I am his friend, and I have been with him during all those lives.
He now felt Jerusalem.
Oh, my God, how natural everything is.
We have known each other for thousands of centuries.
My Father, what a problem, and he had been allowed to experience that problem.
He now felt himself on earth and at the same time in the spheres.
For him there were no spiritual secrets any more.
It was all so incredible, though he had to accept everything Alcar had explained everything from the beginning to the end.
Eternity had awakened in him.
How did he feel life at the side beyond.
This surely could not be otherwise?
He had made all those journeys in former days together with Alcar.
He also understood his mediumship now, he needed no more telling and explaining.
Everything, all those secrets were in one condition.
He kept thinking, however, for there were thousands of thoughts in him and he had to try and digest all that.
He now understood himself and his life on earth, which was also open to him.
My God, how grateful I should be to You!
His entire youth passed in his mind.
Now other thoughts rose in him and he knew where Alcar was going.
He felt and knew it because he felt like ‘then’, before he was to return to earth.
What wonder!
How glad he was that he had understood his gifts.
He now understood that Alcar had kept all those gifts in his own hands, he would not have known what to do with them and would never have been able to cope with them.
All those gifts were too much for an earthly being.
But Alcar had gradually opened him completely.
He now felt conscious and there was nothing left in him that he did not understand.
Finally Alcar said to him: ‘Look, André, we’ll enter there.’
Alcar looked at him and smiled.
‘Wonderful, André, and yet, we ourselves are that wonder.
Do you know now what you are going to experience?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I know.
I see Cesarino.
He is your master, as you told me on our first journey.
I know and I am very grateful, Alcar.’
‘Do not thank me, my boy, but God.
I’m also grateful.
Look, we are already where we should be.
Is this also familiar to you?
Isn’t it wonderful, André?’
‘It is all so natural, so mighty and exalted, Alcar.
You are my father, my mother, my sister and brother, you are everything to me and now everything is reality.
It is you, it has been you all the time, now everything is open to me.’
Alcar entered the building.
He was welcomed at the entrance by his master.
André followed.
The master approached Alcar, took both his hands and said: ‘My brothers, God be with you.’
He then said to André: ‘My brother André.’
André looked at Alcar’s master.
‘There is not much to say, André, once we were here and at the entrance I said to you some centuries ago, look to the left and to the right, above and below and learn to know that.
You have learned to know that, it is your possession now and we’ll disclose that to mankind, for our work is nearly accomplished and will be passed on to the earth.
I am very grateful to you and to your brother Alcar and ask our Father to bless our work.
You know everything now, I don’t have to explain anything.
I just want to add this.
When you are back on earth in you physical organism and you meet her, my sister on earth with whom I connected you, tell her, and you know whom I mean, that I thank her for everything.
I thank all who have been connected with her and all my sisters and brothers on earth.
Tell her that I’ll welcome her on this side and she’ll recognize our flowers.
I greet her from this side.
My brother André, you’ll bring this message from me to her who followed me in everything.
I also thank you and bless you for your work, for you did our work and that of a thousand others.
Until then, André, we’ll meet again in the spheres.
Farewell, until we meet on this side, Your Cesarino.’
The master dissolved before his eyes, which André had experienced before.
He still heard: ‘We’ll meet again on this side, André.
You are still needed on earth, but when your task is complete we’ll come and pick you up.
May God bless our work.’
André sank down.
When he woke up he found himself with his leader in nature.
There were flowers and birds around him and tears were rolling down his cheeks, for it had moved him profoundly.
How happy he felt.
He took Alcar’s hands in his and said: ‘Did I make things very difficult for you on earth, Alcar?’
‘You did your best, André.’
‘Why did you give me this name, Alcar?’
‘Because it was your name once.’
‘Was that in France?’
‘How is it possible, Alcar.
It is all so true, do help me digest this.
I’ll try to be strong, but oh, it is so mighty.
What will people on earth think of this?
Will they be able to accept it?’
‘Yes, André, there are people who accept this gratefully.
All our sisters and brothers will help us to circulate this work.
However, there are also people who find us insane.
Let them do as they like, André, one day they’ll see and accept all this.’
‘How well you have connected me on earth, Alcar, and now I also understand why we were not allowed to keep our baby.’
‘Everything is fixed, my son, or is cause and effect.’
‘How many books could you write on this subject?’
‘Dozens, André, if I wanted to deal with everything we would never finish writing.
I only gave flashes of before and after creation, of what awaits all of us and what we have experienced together.
You’ll receive all this in three volumes within a short time.’
‘And what happens after that, Alcar?’
‘You will depart from your body again and I’ll tell and explain more of your last three lives.’
‘Will that also be recorded?’
‘No, André, that is important only for yourself.
Just wait, my boy.
You are entirely conscious now; there is nothing living on this side which is hidden from you.
You are now spiritually and cosmically conscious.
Do you realize what that means on earth?’
‘I know, Alcar.
But how am I to cope with everything, how shall I be able to digest this on earth?’
‘I’ll help you with that.
This year is difficult for you, but you’ll manage.’
‘How well did you figure everything out beforehand, Alcar, there is no flaw in it, everything fits.
You were with me from the very beginning, in my youth and when I matured and moved to the city.
How is it possible!
After that, meeting her.
I won’t forget anything and I am prepared to do everything to make her happy.
How grateful we should be.
How great God’s love is!
But how did you manage to conceal this, when we were together?’
‘After all, you knew nothing of your lives.
Not until you were allowed to experience all this did you become conscious.
I gradually gave you nourishment for the mind while descending ever deeper into this world, which was present deep down in you.
The closer I approached reincarnation, the clearer it became for you.
I ask you, André, why should people not be able to accept this?
Is this so strange, so unnatural?
They will experience it, here on this side, for one day they will also come to this side.
They will all be welcomed and convinced here.
God knows that I speak the truth, this will happen.
Now this is mediumship, my son, which we spirits hold in our own hands.
Those who can submit, who can listen on earth, who want to follow us implicitly, can receive nourishment for the mind and do something for mankind.
André, I am grateful, most grateful to you, you have understood me in everything and followed me.
I would like to add this to mankind on earth: ‘My sisters and brothers.
This is mediumship.
Those who can submit will receive spiritual wisdom.
Follow everything I said in these ten years and have a look at this end.
If I had not known and had not been able to oversee this end, which was my task and work, I would have lost myself in all these spiritual and natural laws.
No man on earth could do this.
But I was prepared and so was André, I only needed to connect myself with him and our work could start.
I drew from his subconscious and yet I had everything, all those gifts, in my own hands.
We know this subconscious, for we once lived in that reality, it is the sum total of the lives we have experienced.
What is subconscious?
Do I still have to explain this?
Feel your own depth, your inner life, the feelings that are within you.
There are thousands of beings on earth now who work for the side beyond.
The earth needs nourishment for the mind and that is why these things happen.
For God is love!
Do I have to show again that God is love?
Do feel my sisters and brothers, all this is present in your own life, but you should be able to feel it, learning cannot help you.
Once I lived on your earth and I mentioned my last name, though I won’t pursue this in greater depth, for worldly names have no meaning on this side.
I wrote in one of André’s books: ‘He who calls himself master on earth is a pupil on this side.’
Is it clear now why I could say that?
Am I not a pupil?
I am grateful, most grateful and happy as a child that I was allowed to do something for you and for the earth out of which I was born.
I now do and achieve far more than when I was a master of art in that life.
Seize all this with both hands and don’t give up.
One day you’ll come to this side and you’ll see the truth of it all.
I ask you: Would André have been able to do all this?
Could he have invented all this?
No, for why was he born in that little town?
Because he should not acquire anything of the earth, or he could not have accepted me completely.
Now he was completely empty and thankful, very thankful that I came to him.
Who is prepared to accept us who possesses everything on earth?
Then you do not need us, for what you possess, all those riches, will stop you.
André was destined to be born there and to possess nothing, not until then could I reach him.
And this happened.
Do you feel this wonder?
Haven’t I shown this in everything?
This wonder of God happened and we waited here until we could begin.
Although there will be people who say that it is too good to be true, it is the holy truth.
We proceed, ever further and there will be no more sorrow for you when you possess love for others.
Later, the world will crave and yearn for it.
At present, however, we are not understood, neither was he who interpreted Christ and came to the earth for that task.
One day, your time has come and then we’ll meet again on this side.
I am so grateful to my Father in heaven that I sit here beside my brother André and may think of you and that I’ll soon be allowed to tell this.
God knows that I spoke the holy truth.
If spirits come to you and tell you that this is not possible, know then, brothers and sisters, that they pass off as higher beings but that they do not know the light.
They come with fine words to express their love and yet, be on your guard.
I’ll leave now and I thank all who have helped and supported me from the bottom of my heart.
These books will be read, they belong to your own century.
It is God’s will, for the time has come that mankind can receive everything from our side.
I greet you, my sisters and brothers, we’ll meet again on this side.
Have you any more questions, André?’
‘Is that what the masters assigned to you, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, and with this I have accomplished my actual task.
I thank God for this mercy.’
‘I have no more questions, Alcar.’
‘This is the place where we were before you returned to the earth.
Here we have experienced everything beforehand, then the mightiest wonder we know, which is reincarnation on earth, happened.
You were allowed to experience wonders of the spirit and this is meant for every human being living on earth.
I dedicate the three parts of this book to your wife, André, and to mankind.
Remember me to her.
And now quickly back to your physical body.’
In the spheres André received Alcar’s blessing.
They subsequently returned to the earth and he entered his home.
He could not say a word, but he knelt down before his leader and thanked him inwardly for everything.
Alcar said to him: ‘Will you continue to feel me as before, now that you know everything about me and yourself, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I could not do otherwise.’
‘Farewell, my boy, you’ll soon be with me and do not forget that I’ll always guard and help you with everything.’
André descended into his physical organism and this journey was over.
He had again been allowed to experience many wonders and problems, for which he was very grateful.
May God’s blessing rest on this work.