Word by the publisher

Dear readers,
This book belongs to the series of 27 books which came to earth via Jozef Rulof between 1933 and 1952.
These books are published by Foundation Spiritual-Scientific Association “The Age of Christ”, which was set up in 1946 by Jozef Rulof.
As the board of this foundation, we guarantee the original text of the books which we are making available today.
We have also published an explanation for the books, which contains 140 articles.
We consider the publication of the 27 books and this explanation as an inextricable whole.
For some passages from the books, we refer to relevant articles from the explanation.
For instance (see article ‘Explanation at soul level’ on rulof.org) refers to the basic article ‘Explanation at soul level’ as you can read that on the website rulof.org.
In ‘The Origin of the Universe’, much is written about the so-called human races.
In the year that this book was published, 1939, this term was integrated into the social thinking.
The writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, focused in this book on the human word use from that time, they began with the human image of the reader from 1939.
This is why the word race is often mentioned.
The term race interprets the earthly thinking and not the truth of the masters.
In this book, the masters also already introduce the term which belongs to their own terminology: material grade of life.
As a result, in this book two explanation levels are used interchangeably, the earthly thinking in races and the soul level of material grades of life.
In later books, the masters explain that no races exist.
At that time, the masters had already been able to explain the soul level sufficiently, so that the reader could know what they mean by the material grades of life which every soul experiences in order to bring himself further in feeling to a universal love.
In order to give every reader of this book the opportunity to compare the content of this book with the explanation of the masters at soul level, for the printed book and the e-book we have added 29 articles which describe the soul level.
We refer here in particular to the articles ‘explanation at soul level’ and ‘there are no races’.
In the current text of this book there are regular references to the articles by indicating the place where the reader can find them on the website rulof.org.
This is in accordance with the way in which we refer to the articles in all the books by the masters.
On the website rulof.org for every article one can also find the sources which were used in order to compose that article.
As a result of the addition of the 30 articles, we hope that it emerges that Jozef Rulof and his masters do not find a single distinction on the basis of so-called race, skin colour or physical feature relevant, because universal love is only aimed at the essence of the human being: his soul.
With kind regards,
The board of directors of the Foundation The Age of Christ