You understand the pyramid now and you know the meaning of this amazing building.
Come, André, we’ll go on and on, up to our final condition.
There is still a lot I have to explain to you.
The pyramid was complete and we are now going to the place where one waited for the birth of Christ.
The perfect Child of God would come and gave Himself.’
‘How superior that is, Alcar, I have no words for it.
Is it a place of pilgrimage?’
‘Yes, André, but man does not feel how deep and how sacred everything is.’
‘Could we learn to understand ourselves through the pyramid, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, André, that is the purpose of this structure.
It was known in the spheres that man would forget himself and that thousands of years would pass before man would understand this stone building.
If this side had not influenced one being, a field-marshal, people would not yet be aware that it had this meaning.’
‘Did this knowledge get lost?’
‘All beings who helped build it passed away.
This is the great mystery and secret, man must learn to understand it and himself, he has to exert himself, nothing for nothing.’
‘Oh, now I understand, Alcar, that is quite natural.
They would not have understood anyway.’
‘Very good, André, that’s right.
Everything is laid down in it, even the darkness, when there was nothing yet.
Man became the creator of light and darkness, but the light he must earn himself.
Aren’t all those wonders present in nature?
Haven’t I explained all that to you and don’t we find it again in the pyramid?
Are death and eternal life not fixed in it?
Though it can be seen every second in nature, in the universe, people look on, have no feeling, no understanding and think that we and others are dreamers.
They are living dead and have yet to awaken, though only after thousands of years.
Those living dead people nailed the perfect Man to the cross and all of us assisted in it.
All of us who were born on earth at that time and later, also those who are still living there, all of us nailed the perfect Man to the cross.
It still happens every second, for we don’t know ourselves.
My God, You must forgive us all, for we are making up for it.
That’s why I prayed, my son, and asked God for strength.
If there is one church on earth which is sacred and pure, it is the pyramid.
If there is one building were man can get to himself, it is there.
However, they enter that structure like they visit a museum worth seeing.
They forget that they enter the heart of God and His perfect Child.
They don’t understand anything at all of the deep and sacred meaning.
Therefore the masters descended to the earth and souls were born.
If reincarnation had not been a fact, this building, this temple of God, could not have been accomplished, as there were no scientists on earth who could have achieved it.
Why are such geniuses not on earth any more?
They still do not understand why people were so learned in those days.
Where are those artists, where do those people live?
They came from the side beyond, my son, like everything else on earth.
I’ll show that to you on this journey.
Music, painting and sculpture, everything was arranged from this side.
These souls descended to the earth from here and were allowed to transform their feelings into art.
But also these artists are not here any more.
Now isn’t that a problem?
Why did those artists live on earth?
I told you already, but I’ll repeat it, because the earth needed art and feeling.
However, all this art is not felt.
They understand what they possess, but from where it came, in what way and for what purpose, no, they can’t accept that.
When I say ‘they’, André, I mean the scientists of the earth, because they have to learn and understand all those problems.
However, they remain living dead, for they have not advanced far enough to feel these things.
I belonged to those who were allowed to bring and give this to the earth.
We also had to make up for something.
When my work was finished I passed away like they did when the pyramid was completed.
Wonders, André, all of them, and yet it is said that there are no wonders any more, we don’t know any wonders.
They wait for wonders and are faced with them but they are spiritually blind.
Do they need any more wonders?
Are there not enough on earth?
Isn’t the human body a wonder, a revelation when they know all this?
Do they need more wonders, which they do not understand anyway?
Oh, those fools, those poor in spirit.
This is why we come back to the earth, we, too, are allowed to accomplish a small mission.
Look, André, we are in the Holy Land now.
In your time there is nothing sacred any more.
The white and brown people continuously quarrel and hate one another.
A curse rests on this Holy Land and it is caused by man.
It is still the Holy Land and it will always remain so, for Christ lived here, Gods holy Child and here He was nailed to the cross.
The world goes on and people live, but they live to the full.
Come, André, I know this here and you too will know this Holy City.
Once we lived here, I as the father, my mother as my wife and he, my friend, as our child.
I’ll show you that image, it retains good memories.
Here I awakened, my son, I woke up and became conscious.’
Alcar now turned into a very narrow street.
‘Our little home has disappeared, but I’ll find the spot where I once lived.
Spirituality is and remains forever, it cannot be broken nor removed.
Look, André, one of my many dwellings on earth.’
André began to observe.
He saw the past in front of him.
That home was built of stone and clay.
What was he about to experience this time?
Alcar entered and he followed.
His leader said to him: ‘Do you see that woman there, André?’
That very moment an other image manifested itself and he saw what his leader asked him.
‘Yes, Alcar, I see and it is amazing.’
‘My wife, André.
I’ll show you a few scenes of that time and connect you with her inner life.
Look at her inner radiance!
Look how she radiates and what her inner level is like.
She is thirty years old and she once was my mother.
An incredible wonder and yet this is the holy truth.
Her soul is prepared to give much love, she has a rich spirit.
The inner property encompasses everything man has acquired in thousands of lives.
From a sphere of demons we try to acquire something and to that end all those lives are needed, as I told you on many occasions.
I’ll show you an other scene.
Look, my son, the past is open to you.’
André saw an other human being.
This man was tall and broad and in the prime of life.
With him was a child, a boy of about six and they entered the home.
He felt what this meant.
That was bound to be Alcar.
He looked at his leader and waited for Alcar’s confirmation.
The woman embraced them both.
They subsequently sat down and he heard them speak.
This, too, was amazing, for he understood every word spoken.
They discussed every-day matters concerning their child.
Alcar said: ‘That’s me, once it was me, André.
I lived here.
This is my mother of centuries ago and this child is my friend I told you about.
There was quiet in this life, at any rate during the first years and I learned to know myself.
In this life and in many others I came to rest and I passed on into an other level of feeling.
I explained that to you on our last journey.
I had to work hard for our daily bread.
Here, in the Holy Land, that was not yet holy and of which nothing was known, although there were rumours of something wonderful, but there was no certainty.
It was not known that Christ would come.
That happened a good many years later, but we did not live to witness that.’
‘Can this be shown, Alcar?
Could you connect with that wonder too?’
‘Certainly, André, everything is fixed and I’ll also show that to you.’
‘People on earth sometimes say that this is a legend.’
‘Those who say so curse themselves, like those who lived in this era cursed themselves and nailed Christ to the cross.
I connected you with the past in various ways, I showed you my own life and that of others, you witnessed the origin of creation, we could follow everything, why should this not be possible?
I’ll show you, my son, not only the most horrible event on earth, but also what happened on this side and when this holy feast is celebrated on our side.
I’ll get around to it in a moment, André.
As I said, the first years passed smoothly, but then misery started.
I’ll show you that image.
Look, my boy.’
André began to observe.
The image faded and an other appeared.
He saw a sickbed.
There lay a sick person and he understood this image also.
Presently he heard them speak and he saw that the child had grown up and sat beside the sickbed of his mother.
He now was a young man, big and strong.
André felt attracted to him but he did not know why.
‘You still need me so much’, he heard the mother say, ‘and now I’ll pass away.’
Did she know she was going to die?
Was she not afraid of death?
Had she acquired that?
Again he heard: ‘You must look after your father, you must love him with all your heart and not be so quick-tempered.
Will you look after yourself?’
She stroked his head and his dark black curls.
An intimate scene, André thought.
How is it possible that such a scene can be recalled again.
This happened centuries ago.
The young man sat beside her and looked at her.
Then he said: ‘You won’t pass away, you’ll stay, I’ll do my best.’
André felt that Alcar maintained this connection.
He heard Alcar say: ‘She passed away a month later and entered the spiritual world.
Both of us stayed behind.
My child was twenty-four.’
André still saw this scene and he got a remarkable feeling.
He felt like it was himself, as if he were this young man when he felt him and concentrated on him.
Yet, that turbulent nature this young man had was not his.
Though several qualities of character were similar.
I just image things, he thought, for Alcar said nothing.
This image faded and he saw an other one.
A pity, he thought, this feeling was remarkable and he would have liked to keep it a little longer.
He saw this young man again, but now out in nature.
He was outside the town and strolled about.
Evidently he expected someone.
Then he sat down.
It was a remarkable image that André now witnessed.
Those other feelings had come back to him.
Over there, in the distance, he saw someone coming, the young man looked at the person, he jumped to his feet and hurried towards this figure.
Again André got a strange feeling, for he also wanted to hurry towards that other being, but at the same moment he could not move on, something stopped him, called him to a halt.
He felt himself again and André saw that it was a young woman, whom he ardently embraced.
They stayed there for some time and when night fell he returned home.
These two people loved each other.
This image faded again and an other scene appeared.
Several years had passed now, for André saw that he had become older.
He also saw his father.
The son had married now but had stayed with his father.
This image also faded and he saw an other one.
He immediately felt a great change.
The quiet had disappeared now, for he felt anxiety and grief.
This feeling dominated all his other feelings.
He saw him enter.
He saw his father in the corner of the room.
When he entered his father rushed at him and he heard a few words, which made him understand the entire scene.
‘You scoundrel, liar, you are in the hands of satan.’
André looked at his leader.
A shudder went through him when he heard the man speak those terrible words.
‘That happened, André, he deceived her.
She suffered a lot, but she, too, had to make up.
This marriage, out of which two children were born, failed completely.
However, I could do nothing, for he did not listen to me.
How beautiful were those first years and how awful were these.
We had lived through her who had passed away and only now did we become ourselves.
I was left behind alone and I felt the misfortunes of my own life.
My soul languished away and I suffered from all that misery.
That’s how I lived on and the years went by.
What had happened to him?
I did not see him again for we all went our own way.
The end of my child was, like mine, awful.
She, however, passed on into other hands and had a lot to learn, for she was also guilty.
My child and I have not met again; it was not until in the seventeenth century that I saw this soul once more and he was my friend.
I told you about that, how deep my love was and how unnatural these feelings were.
At the end of our journey I’ll tell you some more about it.
I lived to be seventy and the end came in poverty.
Alone and deserted, filthy and infected I entered the world of the unconscious.
I had learned much in this life, he, however, had destroyed himself.
Not until in the lives following this life was I to become conscious.
I’ll pass on to the time when Christ would be born, André, for there is nothing more to say about that life.
Could you follow me in everything, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I could follow you.
But there was something within me that I can’t understand or explain.
Perhaps you can help me.
When you showed and explained all this to me, it was as if I were that child, your own child.
The feeling I got was so strong that I can hardly be mistaken.
Though I don’t want to imagine things.
It is also impossible for me to express those feelings in words.
In addition, I understood every word spoken and it shook me heavily.
Do I imagine this, Alcar?
Every word vibrated in my soul, it was as if I spoke myself and I was overcome by a profound sadness.
I can’t explain it.’
Alcar looked at his instrument and said: ‘So, André, you have felt that?
Could you feel that vibration deep within you?’
‘Is it because you connected me with him?’
‘Indeed, André, you have felt that.
That you understood that language is something you have experienced many a time on this side.
We can understand and speak all languages of the world, because we are connected with man in feeling.’
Again Alcar looked at him, but said nothing and passed to an other subject.
But André referred to it again and said: ‘It is remarkable, Alcar, as if I knew him.’
‘Is my answer not satisfactory?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but I don’t understand it yet.’
‘Just wait a little and this will become clear to you when we come to that.
The time has not come yet, have a little bit of patience.’
André bent his head and waited.
‘We were Jews here, André.
Every human being living on earth, regardless of his race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org), once lived here and has had to follow these laws which are laws of nature.
We pass on into all the human races (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) and there is not a single place on earth we have not lived in and experienced.
All this is related to the material organism, the many degrees and the many races (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) living all over the earth.
We pass from one life into another and we’ll acquire something in those lives.
Come, we’ll go on, I have to show you quite a few things.’
‘How long was it, Alcar, before Christ would come?’
‘Christ was born several centuries later.
On earth he was not understood.
The perfect Child of God would die on the cross.
People in those days had risen in revolt.
The Romans were the rulers in this country and in this chaos Christ was born.
I’m going to connect you with that time and you will observe that this is no legend.
May God give that mankind on earth will feel and understand this sacredness but we have not advanced that far.
Come, André, we go there, follow me.’
André followed his leader.
Now again he got strange feelings.
He saw the old city and those narrow streets were familiar to him.
It was as if he recognized every stone.
My God, he thought, what is this?
He wanted to banish all those feelings from his mind, for this could surely not be possible.
This was self-deception.
Yet, he thought of it repeatedly, as if he had to, as if an other power, stronger than him, wanted that.
He knew this city, there was nothing unfamiliar, and the most remarkable thing of it all was that he knew where Alcar was going.
He kept following his leader.
Alcar left the city; he could follow no other way than this one.
But why did he know that?
Did Alcar make him feel that?
Oh, he thought, why did it not cross his mind?
How stupid I am, Alcar let me feel all this and when his leader did so he was in telepathic contact with him.
Though this experience was different now.
It was more within him, he experienced it more clearly and profoundly, this was closer to reality, as if it were part of himself, as if he lived here once more.
Look, he thought, this seems familiar to me.
And over there, I know that too.
In front of him was Golgotha and over there Mount Olive.
Everything was familiar to him.
Once out of town, he felt something else.
He knew all those old walls, and what was that?
Could he trust his eyes?
Again he felt that shudder.
It vibrated deeply down in his soul.
He saw boys playing.
Oh, he thought, now I understand.
These are Alcar’s thoughts, this belonged to his own life.
Alcar is still thinking of all this, of his life, of those days and he sees the past and experiences it.
I am connected with Alcar, that is why I begin to see and feel these remarkable things and I feel them the way Alcar does.
That’s what it is, André thought, it must be.
His child was playing and here were all those memories.
These were images from the past and those images affected his leader, opened something which was experienced many centuries ago.
This must have been something very intimate, André thought, never before had he been able to follow his leader so deeply, so intimately in everything.
It all recurred now that his leader was here again and passed into that past.
It was amazing and yet he had not experienced anything like this before.
Alcar stood still and said: ‘Have you been able to follow me, André?
From afar I sent to you what I once experienced and observed again.’
‘Yes’, André sighed, ‘everything, everything like never before, I experienced it that intimately.
Now I know why I felt and experienced it so intensely.
It is mighty, Alcar, and a great wonder.
There is your child, Alcar.’
His leader was lost in thought and André looked on.
Then Alcar said:
‘Do you see that high mountain over there, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Golgotha, my son.
Any honest human being should, on hearing this word, not be able to commit sins and to make mistakes any more.
But people on earth do not want to be children of God and are unfeeling, they do not feel what it means.
We’ll go there presently because I have a lot to show you up there.
I ask you to prepare yourself for that, André, if you do not want it to break your heart, to make you collapse of grief by the reality you will experience.’
André was frightened, but immediately recovered.
That was strange too, but he understood that his leader helped him.
He still saw Alcar’s child.
‘Look’, his leader said, ‘look, André, how happy my boy was.
These were the most beautiful moments of this life.
How many times I found him here.
At the time I did not know or understand anything of what I now know and feel.
Look at his youth, André.
There is not any grief or misery.
This is how the soul returns to the earth, that is the way we all are.
There are hundreds of lives behind us of which we are completely unaware.
And yet, how simple everything is.
There he is eight years old.
Though his end is already within him.
This youthful life received the misery he once inflicted on someone else.
We first have to meet one another to make up for it, it is not until then that all the other lives follow.
I cannot be sad about it any more.
We know that it is not fate, that it is fixed and that all of us will experience it.
Rich in one life, poor in another, though we create our own condition, we try to create our own world in every life.
Creating it is so simple, especially when we seek evil.
Everything then happens as a matter of course and we achieve what we want to.
We see ourselves as rulers of good and evil, of darkness and light.
Nobody can stop us, for we have that in our own hands, we live the way we want to.
Follow this child and feel how deep this inner life is.
Now what can we acquire in a hundred lives on earth?
Hundreds of lives are lived in evil; we are demons, devils of hell and destroy the life of God.
In those lives we violate the laws of God, and we want to acquire those laws to hurt others, to destroy, to dominate them and everybody else.
We are ready for every call, we give ourselves completely and we do not wonder whether that has to be made up.
And so inner life descends into the material organism and life on earth begins.
My God, how mighty and natural everything is, how great is our life, how deep and sacred Your love.
Time and again we receive Your life and what do we make of our life on earth?
God does not call us to a halt, André, God gave us everything.
It will be clear to you more than ever before, especially after everything I’m going to show you soon.
I’ll pass on to the time when Christ would be born.
Prepare yourself; cling to me, ask God for strength, André, the most sacred event that you can experience on this journey and will ever experience, awaits you.
There were rumours about an infant prodigy.
Somewhere in this country an infant prodigy was born to very simple people.
That child was a child of a carpenter, and though it was not eight years old yet, rumours, a whisper from person to person, spread about this infant prodigy throughout the country.
But in Egypt the first Divine wonder had already come true.
The pyramid of Giza had predicted the birth of this child and the Pole Star lit the upper part of the pyramid.
That very moment the Christ was born.
The first prophecy and the first Divine wonder of that mission had come true.
The pyramid had now confirmed one event.
A flash of light cut through the universe and God’s sacred light returned and that same moment it was certain that man would forget himself.
Man received a son of love, but man threw that golden light away.
Man cursed himself by that deed.
Anyone who could have opened his inner eyes at that moment could have observed this.
The pyramid stood as a symbol of reality and how old the earth will become, when mountains and people perish, this remains, it is God’s will.
It cannot be destroyed, he who thinks he can demolish it destroys himself.
The golden light was thrown back into God’s face, man on earth did not accept.
In those days the pyramid was enveloped in a dense haze and remained that way.
Hundreds of years would pass before man would open his eyes after having slept all those centuries.
The birth of Christ was fixed in the pyramid and this wonder happened precisely to the second.
Also the reflection of God’s sacred light, that golden light of love.
Both events were one fact, one condition and a law as only a Divine wonder can be.
Man, however, violated a Divine law.
We were to experience that and we have.
Come, my boy, we’ll go up.
I’ll help you in everything.
Golgotha awaits you.
You will be connected with reality.
I’ll be allowed to explain three mighty but spiritual problems to you, you’ll see that with your own eyes, although two of those problems belong to the past.’
André saw a narrow road winding upwards to a high mountain.
He walked beside his leader, who was lost in thought.
What was he going to experience now?
He was at ease and he felt a strange quietude.
He felt that Alcar gave him this tranquility and he remained in mental contact with him.
Inwardly André trembled, for he knew only too well what awaited him.
My God, he thought, do I have to experience this too?
Who will ever believe me?
And yet, Alcar had lived where they had just been, this was Jerusalem.
Here Christ lived, here, in this city He was nailed to the cross.
Feeling the past was amazing.
There was no disturbance at all, he understood everything.
Everything could be recalled on this side and experienced again.
The quietude within him deepened.
They ascended slowly and he trembled at every step.
A cold shudder went through him.
When he thought of these events he could cry.
A strong power surged through him and he began to feel deeper.
He understood that too, for it came directly from his leader.
Steadily, his hands folded on his back, Alcar walked on.
He had to think if he wanted or not, a tremendous power surged through him and that power made him think.
Something was alive here, and that something he felt within him, were the events.
When he concentrated and felt deeper he saw shades.
Here were unnamable beings, visible and invisible human beings.
He now saw them very clearly.
The visible beings were the material people and that was the Jerusalem as it was in his time.
The invisible beings were the spiritual people who had died on earth.
Concentrating on them he could see them more clearly.
Wherever he looked these spiritual beings were all over the place.
They all had knelt down and were lost in prayer.
He felt deep respect for them.
Yes, he thought, here one comes to oneself; here one can experience, here one can pray.
But he saw still more.
Over there and to his left and right he saw thousands and thousands of beings together.
Did Alcar make him see this?
It was bound to be so, because a minute ago he had not seen this.
He saw rows of them and now they dispersed.
Had those beings come to this place?
Were they pilgrims?
All had died on earth and lived on the side beyond.
He knew they had passed away, for he could tell by their radiation.
Material people were different; a material body radiated a different light.
Most of them wore spiritual garments, though others did not.
He understood that also.
These had not advanced that far and it wasn't their possession yet.
He kept following Alcar.
Thousands of people were gathered here, but now only those who had died on earth.
Many of them now lost themselves in prayer; others joined them in their walk upwards, for Alcar had not yet reached the highest part.
He saw that many of them cried.
They let their tears trickle down their cheeks and were not ashamed of it.
All these people were like children.
Look at their faces, feel it and pass on into them, André thought.
He wanted to feel it and tried to pass on into them.
He had felt something similar at the pyramid.
What wonders were on earth and man was unaware of wonders!
All these beings were like children of eternity.
In their arms they had spiritual flowers white as snow.
They were transparent and did not grow on earth.
They also radiated a powerful light.
Oh, my God, what grace to be allowed to witness this.
Alcar still went further and upwards.
To his left and right other people followed.
They all had flowers.
These flowers were their own possession; he saw and felt that.
These were flowers of the spheres, from their spiritual home.
They lived and grew in their own environment and had grown through their grief.
He saw them in all colours, every flower had developed to full beauty through struggle and grief.
In this way the spirit nurtured his own environment.
As a result everything grew and bloomed, as they did themselves.
These were the fruits of their work.
They had worked on it while on earth and it was their possession in the spheres.
Oh, he felt and understood them all.
They brought everything to God’s holy Child.
These flowers were for the Christ and this present was accepted, because this was accomplished through grief and sorrow and the deep love they all had.
They wanted to lay their inner presents at the feet of God’s holy Child.
This occurred to him and he understood that Alcar followed him in everything.
It was mental conversation again, for there was no other way of communication here.
They all had these treasures, although there were also some who had nothing to offer.
They nevertheless followed and went their way up.
He felt where Alcar was going.
Now he heard singing and it was as if heaven tore apart and all angels descended.
It came to him from afar and it got ever nearer so that all could hear it.
Golgotha was one sea of human beings.
All around he saw nothing but spiritual beings.
On they went, upward where that terrible event had happened.
Soon his leader would be there, one more bend and they would be at the top.
He followed Alcar and waited for what was about to happen.
He dared not ask questions any more, he would wait until it would be possible.
Now they had arrived and Alcar knelt down; he also did what his leader did.
André could not think any more.
Instinctively he began to pray and his prayer became deeper and more sincere.
Words did not come to his mind, he only felt.
Yet, those feelings were real and pure, like a little child would think.
How can I ever make up for this, he thought.
My God, I’m only a puny human being, I still live on earth, I work for my leader and I follow him in everything.
I’ll do my best, Father, and I’ll see to it that what I receive will remain pure.
I’ll not defile this work and I’ll do everything that is good and what my leader wants.
Father in heaven, I have no flowers, I have come empty-handed, because I do not yet belong to them, to all those happy people.
My place is still on earth, but once when I’m on this side forever, I hope I’ll be allowed to lay my flowers at the feet of Your Child.
Have mercy on me, oh, Father.
I know I am nothing if Your envoy does not give me anything, but I’m grateful to be his instrument.
Father in heaven, give me strength for my work, forgive me my mistakes and bestow on me Your love, so that I can love all people.
Oh, God, how can I thank You for having been allowed to see the universe, I know now that everything is love.
Forgive me if I make mistakes but I shall see to it that I change them into good deeds.
One day I’ll enter this side and return with arms full of flowers, received by my own struggle and grief.
I hope to be able to earn that, Father, I’ll do and accept everything.
Thy will be done, Amen.’
André felt empty.
He could not think any more, all the strength he possessed he had spent on his prayer.
But he now felt a quiet happiness.
He felt himself one of all those thousands of beings, for they all were lost in prayer.
They subsequently raised their eyes and their gazes, they looked into the infinite cosmos.
But what was that?
In front of him he saw the cross and that cross was like a luminous column.
It was of tremendous size and it radiated a golden light.
God’s sacred light, he thought.
There, were once God’s Son had died, stood this golden cross.
This was the holy truth and the inner radiation of Christ.
He understood that this belonged to the past.
He saw gold, luminous gold and this light was Divine.
Whoever would see this would not think of a legend any more.
They would kneel down quietly in profound gratitude.
Oh, how mighty this was!
Once more all bent their head and again they prayed for strength.
How great this wonder was!
This was the most sacred of all he had experienced on his journeys.
This was the real and true light of Christ.
All received the blessing in gratitude.
Quiet, spiritual happiness and pure love descended in him.
He bent his head still deeper and a golden sun shone on him.
He clearly felt its warmth; it penetrated him and warmed his entire being.
That light had now enveloped all.
The flowers piled up under the cross and their radiation mingled with the light of the radiating cross.
Then he saw another wonder.
Around the cross he saw a golden sun and that sun radiated the entire scene.
How great this sacred event was.
The cosmos was created out of this, the universe had once been like that, he had been allowed to watch that in the temple of the soul.
This golden light remained in and around the luminous cross and shone and radiated on all those spiritual beings.
In gratitude they bent their head and kissed the earth.
They were born out of the earth and the earth was like they were, a particle of that golden light.
He felt holy respect for all this.
Now he heard singing and all present joined in: ‘God is love, God is life, God is just in everything.’
Angels were singing on earth and in heaven.
Suddenly the universe tore apart and the heavens became visible.
He recognized all the spheres on the side beyond.
This must be something special and had a meaning, which he did not know nor understand.
He would wait for Alcar said nothing.
This was like a great feast at which Alcar and he were present.
The spheres were entirely open now and he could look into every sphere.
The highest spheres were never visible, Alcar had not told him that and he had never experienced it before.
What wonder did he see now?
Was there something brewing, or would something happen?
Why were the spheres entirely open, so that one could see from the first sphere into the highest?
There, high above, he recognized the radiance of the seventh sphere.
What did all this mean?
Why were the spheres open?, he wondered again.
He had never experienced it on the side beyond.
This was a revelation of God, for who else could do this?
Oh, he began to feel; Alcar extended his influence on him.
‘Christmas in the spheres is about to begin.
On earth it is celebrated later, in the spheres much earlier’, he heard in his mind.
Christmas, the holy feast of Christ!
My God, how mighty everything is.
‘That’s why all these spiritual beings have come here, they celebrate the feast of Christ and are connected with Him.
This is therefore the connection with God’s perfect Child and it is experienced on this side.’
He subsequently heard Alcar say: ‘I’m so happy, André, that you are allowed to see this.
We see it every year.
The seventh sphere connects with the first.
Millions of beings are present here and will witness that terrible event.
They have all come for that reason and shall, like we, observe the past.’
Thank God, André thought, I could not digest that by myself.
‘Look at this light, my son, it is the universe and it is God’s own light, which you have seen in the temple of the soul.
This is reality.
This is the true event when Christ was nailed to the cross.
Behind that material cross and invisible for people on earth was God’s own light visible.
For God watched over His Child and came to His assistance.
But God was slapped in the face.
God allowed this, and His Child was murdered.
Yet, all this was present, we and billions of others have witnessed it, from the highest down to the lowest sphere on this side.
All those who bend their head, who want to give and open themselves, can be connected.
All this is sacred, never forget that, André, this preceded the crucifixion.
Those who accepted Him as God’s Child, observed this and they are the fortunate ones.
Yet, this event can be observed here and this will remain so, every year we are connected again.
Bend you head, my boy, and be grateful.
I felt your love, be happy.
May God bless you and our work.’
Singing of angels resounded again and the earth vibrated.
A shudder went through all present.
What was about to happen?
They all looked downhill.
André heard a tremendous noise and screaming, the sacred silence had gone.
People were coming this way.
What was he about to experience?
Was Alcar going to connect him again?
All who were present knelt down again and prayed.
This screaming came from the city.
It was awful and André thought he could feel it.
A feeling of deep sorrow came over him.
He cried, he could not restrain his tears any more, for he understood what he felt and what would happen.
Oh, God, how terrible!
The first people had now reached the foot of the mountain.
Millions of souls witnessed what had once happened.
This was Christmas in the spheres; the spiritual world was connected with the past.
‘Crucify Him!
Crucify Him!’ he could hear nothing else.
There they came.
Not a single spirit stayed on his place, they all descended.
Warriors took up their places on a plateau.
André now felt that he passed to an other condition and he began to see the material world.
The crucifixion was witnessed on this side as it once happened in reality.
Man, know yourself and pray, pray that you do not belong to them.
Every second the Christ is being crucified on earth.
These words lashed his soul.
He heard the words and it was as if they were meant for him.
Christ has been nailed to the cross; God’s holy Child has been murdered.
When God’s Child was nailed to the cross darkness came over the earth.
None of all those present dared look up, these spiritual beings experienced in their deep inner life, this real, this terrible process.
All were praying and asked for forgiveness.
‘Do not steal, do not rob, do not break hearts, do not abuse love given to you for you crucify the Christ’, a voice spoke in André.
That voice vibrated in his soul.
Every word entered his mind and was understood.
‘My children’, he heard the voice again saying, ‘God is within you, God has always been within you.
His own life was destroyed and you see how God’s holy Child was understood.
There is a curse on man on earth, on all of us.
It is up to us, however, to spread this event and to open their eyes.
You are all here on your pilgrimage and you accept.
God bless you all.’
There was subsequent singing.
People beamed with happiness.
High above them they saw that horrible scene.
No one dared to look on and André understood why it disappeared, it could not be witnessed any more.
This could not be experienced, for could one ever bear this?
Reality had been shown, they had seen and felt it, to feel any deeper and watch it any more was impossible.
They did not yet have that strength and they would collapse.
He saw, however, that this process went on.
There were the tyrants and there were the two others who had been murdered together with Christ.
Nobody spoke, but those who concentrated on this inhuman process could see and experience what once had happened.
My God, who could see and bear this in full consciousness?
Many had collapsed already, but he stayed and felt and he understood from whom he received this strength.
He clung to his leader and he now understood his words, before they had ascended.
No, he did not want to collapse.
Oh, how he cried inwardly, he would rather not watch any more, this was quite enough, this was horrible, but a power stronger than his forced him to watch what happened here.
That power wanted him to observe.
Here were spiritual beings and many had collapsed, but he had to see and experience, although emotion nearly made him collapse.
My God, what sorrow, he could not bear it any more, but that power made him hold out.
He could not watch it and his soul cried for help.
Yet, he held out, the power within him was that strong.
There were the tyrants again.
Now he thought he was going crazy with grief.
Oh, my God, not that, do not allow that Your Child is murdered.
Kill us, sinners, but leave Him alone.
He gave Himself, His inner being, His blood and all His love.
Yet, He is murdered.
Hear those strokes, hear how every stroke destroys His holy flesh, and tears it apart.
Oh, my God, how can You accept this.
This end is fatal and will mean a curse.
How horrible this is.
Oh, strike me down, don’t let this happen, we can’t bear it, it breaks the deepest inner life.
Oh, God, have mercy on them, they do not know what they do.
André still heard those hammer blows and saw those horrible beings around the Christ.
He could not bear it any more.
Yet, time and again that power forced him to keep watching, hearing and feeling.
He had not expected this; it was beyond watching and unbearable.
Oh, Alcar, help me, I can’t bear this any more.
I’m conscious of what is happening here, thousands have collapsed and I also feel I can’t cope any more, why do I have to experience this?
My God, how could people have done that consciously, how dared they!
Oh, what misery!
Now they were pulling the cross up.
Those other two people had already been crucified.
André cried, he could not cope any more.
Where was Alcar?
Oh, how could he be left alone, this was unbearable, this was horrible.
How could people have done this.
Still, there were beings here who witnessed it, but he saw tears, nothing but tears, because all who experienced this cried and were inwardly broken.
How would this end?
Christ had to die.
Once more he looked up, then he felt the strength that made him watch this scene weaken and he felt himself sink away, so that he was no longer conscious.
He did not know how long he had been unconscious, but when he opened his eyes, he saw his leader Alcar.
‘Alcar’, he cried, and he fainted again.
He regained consciousness for the second time and looked around.
A pair of hands radiated his head and when he looked up he saw two eyes looking at him.
He could not utter a word and burst into tears.
He was, however, not the only one who cried.
The spheres of light were open, billions of beings had witnessed this and all wept for grief.
Yet, there was happiness in them, for the golden light radiated over all of them and that light made them happy.
Christ had revealed Himself, Christ gave man everything and wanted man to listen, see and feel.
‘Therefore, my son’, André heard say within him, ‘I could not do anything about it, because I cannot.
All of us, all those millions of beings trembled for grief, just like you.’
André listened and it made him feel happy.
He had not wanted to follow this, out of respect and love.
Yet, he had seen and followed everything, he had even heard those blows and that was too much for a human soul still living on earth.
‘Alcar, how can I ever thank you.’
‘Do not thank me, André, thank God.’
André looked around and saw that the spiritual beings returned to the spheres.
Some still stayed behind and were lost in prayer.
‘Does this happen every year, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
All meditate and experience the birth and death of Christ.
All look into the past and feel the deep grief, the torturing pains of what happened here.
This will go on for thousands of years, people keep coming and going, we will always see people here.
Here they awaken and become conscious and learn to know themselves.
This is the truth, the holy truth.
Our Christmas is a feast of meditation and prayer.
Everyone is connected with Christ in this place.
This happens on earth and consequently all come to this holy place.
Then the spheres part and the highest spheres are open.
Man sees and experiences on this side and tries to acquire those spiritual treasures.
We know what this means, it is up to man on earth to acquire this.
We follow this road from the beginning up to his death, for which we need months of preparation.
All are open and know and feel the pure love.
Oh, if only people on earth knew this.
If they could feel, concentrate themselves for one second like we have to in the spheres, in order to learn and understand ourselves, to understand the deep and sacred meaning of Christ’s coming on earth.
But their material life and all their possessions obsess them.
They celebrate for years on end and do not stop.
They lack respect and do not feel anything, they only experience what the earth possesses.
They don’t want to hear about this, because it requires struggle, it means feeling the grief caused to God’s holy Child.
These beings were pilgrims, André, and all are awake and conscious.
Presently, this feast will be celebrated on earth and when you are in your body again, you’ll think back to this.
Then you’ll feel happiness, nothing but pure happiness and you’ll know that Christ died for you.
And you’ll also know that you must follow Him and you’ll be grateful that you were allowed to experience this as an earthly being.’
‘I’ll never forget this, Alcar.
It is deep within my soul, it was a terrible experience.
People can’t bear such grief, can they?’
‘Why should earthly people not be able too?
The deeper one descends into this the more intense and grievous one will feel that sorrow.
All of us who live here try to feel that depth, but suddenly we can’t feel or think any more, it tears us apart and we are not conscious any more.
Sorrow has then overwhelmed our inner being and it is not until then that we feel how Christ has suffered.
You thought you would lose your mind and that’s what many others thought.
Yet, there is one power watching over all of us, there is one feeling that makes us experience and that is Christ.
Your heart bleeds and you would wish to give yourself, but that is not demanded of us.
We could not give our life anyway, for it is too insignificant, but we feel the wonder come over us and that wonder warms us.
It lifts us up, it opens us and leads us upwards to unknown levels which we will attain.
We submit completely and feel the depth of this horror.
When the Christ awakens in us, we are glad.
That is why we all come here and want to try to acquire those powers.
Awaken, man of the earth, it is not too late yet.
Here people have forgotten themselves, André, and here people will have to make up for all that.
Christ lives in this place.
Here, mothers will find their children again and all are connected.
A soul that is not aware of our life and cannot be reached is brought here.
Then it will fall on its knees and the greatest sinner will come to himself.
Many, however, will again live their life and will perish for the umpteenth time.
One day they will awaken and only then will they return here and feel what it means.
They feel that Christ must awaken in them and when this does not happen in vain, there will be joy in heaven.
They all brought flowers, my son, and all those flowers have been grown by their grief.
That was their sorrow, their grief but they conquered themselves and by sacrifices, great sacrifices, they received the light, the light in which they live.
Then their spiritual dwelling radiates and they all have possessions, many spiritual possessions and they know themselves.’
‘I also heard singing, Alcar, here and somewhere else, but it was so far away and heavenly, did I hear correctly?’
‘Angels were singing, André, angels were singing for Christ.
Are you prepared and strong enough to experience this once more?
I can connect you again and show it to you, so that you can see how all this was experienced on this side.
This was the material event, but what happened on this side?
Could you experience this once more, André?
It is for mankind on earth, you see for them, because they are all longing to be allowed to know something of this past.
There was darkness all around, but in reality there was light.
The heavens emptied, for all were on earth when Christ was crucified.
Christ saw that and all sang for Him, surrounding Him with all their pure love.
At that time not a single being remained on this side, they were all in the sphere of the earth.
Yet, they could do nothing and had to watch his crucifixion.
They knew that this horrible thing would happen.
It had been known on this side for hundreds of years.
Even when people were reincarnated and came to the earth for the Divine monument.
It was known in the spheres that with the pyramid grief and sorrow would develop, they created this deep grief and were aware of what they achieved.
All this was known and it happened.
Just feel this, André, and think it over, try to understand that everything is fixed, because we on this side know all human ways.
Christ came and would die.
He gave us human beings everything and led us to Divinity.
By His death people received a religion and began to learn true love.
Shall we go on our way, André, or shall I connect you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, gladly, I want to be strong, connect me again and do not go away, Alcar, I’ll pray and ask God for strength.
I’m so grateful to you.’
André felt himself descend again into the past and he began to see.
From the place where they were they looked down upon Jerusalem.
Again he heard that wild screaming that made him shudder.
There they were, on their way to Golgotha.
He could see everything and experienced this monstrous event again.
There were thousands of people about.
Many watched this scene out of sensation; others felt heartbroken.
He could see them and he recognized them all.
The misery came ever nearer and he thought he would collapse, it was that awful to watch.
He felt he was connected even deeper than a while ago.
He heard singing again which he had heard from afar.
He clearly saw what happened.
He saw Christ wrapped in a snow-white garment.
André felt himself sink away, yet he wanted to experience this and he made every effort to hold his ground.
Ahead he saw thousands of angels carrying white flowers in their hands.
They were to the left and right and high above the perfect Human Being.
A holy power emanated from all this.
He saw magnificent garments and the masters of the spheres were on earth in radiating beauty.
Suddenly the singing ceased and he felt a deep concentration develop within him.
He felt and understood why this happened.
All respectfully drew back, for one feeling dominated their feeling.
André also felt it and again he heard singing.
My God, how is it possible.
Alcar made him feel what this meant.
Christ had made all of them feel that not they, but He had to make this sacrifice.
They were not allowed and could not help Him bear, Christ wanted to make this sacrifice alone and He gave Himself completely and did not want them to bear as well.
On the way to Golgotha man received a lesson.
Christ remained Himself under the deepest grief and humiliation God’s Child endured.
Christ gave everything, alone Christ wanted to accomplish this.
André trembled, for he felt that man had to be alone when the deepest sorrow came.
The moment when everything was demanded up to the last bit of strength, one had to do that individually or we would not have given ourselves completely.
He felt this lesson, but people would not be able to.
The intense concentration now dissolved into singing.
All on the side beyond had felt this.
They drew back and looked on when that process of murder began.
The silence within them and the feelings of all these angels enveloped Christ.
He knew and felt this and looked at them and thanked all His children.
Again André saw the universe tear apart and that the spheres became visible.
Then darkness closed in, also there where had always been light.
What did this mean?
Was He left alone?
Why was there also darkness on the side beyond?
Did that have to be now that this horrible event was about to begin?
Darkness not only prevailed on earth but also on the side beyond.
What was the meaning of this event?
Now he began to feel and he understood what it meant.
When Christ was crucified there was darkness on earth and neither was there light on the side beyond and it was as if heaven and earth perished.
Mountains disintegrated, thunder and lightning were heard and seen and the earth shook and trembled.
He grasped Alcar’s hand.
Near the edge of the plateau thousands of people were together and when the earth shook and tore apart people began to shout.
Now they knew he was no human being, but the Son of God.
The soldiers and tyrants took to their heels.
People were squeezed to death and crushed and darkness still prevailed.
Had God deserted His own Child?
Was He left alone at the most terrible moment?
André understood, because Alcar made him feel it.
Now everything had to be given, now sacrifices were made.
Not by other powers, but experienced by one’s own strength.
He subsequently heard a voice.
He heard a soft and pure voice say: ‘My God, my God, have You left Me?’
It was not until this moment that André understood this darkness, which was not understood on earth.
This was the last, the very last strength a human being could give.
Confronted by the very, very last moment man decided for himself.
That was as God meant it to be it was God’s sacred and strict will.
Christ had to experience it as well, but it is also meant for man, nobody can evade it.
Everything, everything, the last remainder of strength was spent.
Christ surrendered.
It is accomplished, he now heard within him.
He subsequently heard singing and darkness gave way to the golden light.
The spheres revived and people became visible once more, but the perfect Human Being had died.
In this darkness, hidden from human eyes, it had happened.
He understood this too and felt the deep significance of this sacred process of dying.
He had been murdered, a sun of Love had been killed.
Man had cursed himself, had laid violent hands on the most sacred being.
André felt himself returning into his own life.
He had experienced, felt and understood this consciously.
God, give me strength, he prayed, never, never to forget this any more.
Then he looked at his leader and thanked him deeply, tears trickled down his face.
This was what people saw on the side beyond and they knew that this would happen.
‘Christ wanted to do this alone, André, but we must also experience our struggle alone, not any human being can help us.
This is the lesson people have to learn and those who do not want to will have to all the same.
God left Him, His Child, in fact alone.
When darkness closed in Christ understood this would require the very last of His strength.
The supreme moment had come.
We’ll all be faced with that moment and then we must show what we want.
God did this and yet, behind that darkness God looked on and watched and Christ laid His own flowers at the feet of God, His Father in heaven.
These flowers cultivated by His sorrow, and grown in His holy heart and awakened by His own life, these pure flowers God accepted and a golden light radiated the head of His Child.
It is accomplished, it is the end of every soul and awaits all of us.
Not one soul can avoid it, we’ll have to give ourselves.
We’ll experience that sooner or later.
And isn’t that worth it?
Can’t we give ourselves for what we all receive?
Look at those who are on this side, they all have experienced it already, otherwise the gates of the spheres of light will remain closed for us.
God demands everything, the very last of our strength, and no human being, nor spirit, can help us.
People should begin during life on earth.
Every second can be their last moment.
Time and again they fall on their knees and appeal for help.
Yet, it comes back time and again, for we have to go on, ever further and higher, that’s why God gave us all those lives.
That is the purpose of life on earth and we pass from one life on to another and learn to understand ourselves.
Then we make up, André, and discard everything that is wrong.
You have been able to feel the sacredness of it all, my son.
What Christ experienced we shall experience and receive.
Heaven is open to us, we still have to cover a long way, but one day we’ll get there and will be met by those who are there already.
Christ will say: ‘Enter, My children, I thank all of you for your love.’
We then have returned to God and entered the All.
I have explained two sacred problems to you, you were allowed to see them with your own eyes and the third problem, my son, is our Christmas, which will remain forever, in all eternity.
This also belonged to the past and you see that everything remains, that everything is fixed.
Now we’ll move on, André, and continue our way.
There is a lot more I have to explain and show to you.
You have been allowed to witness this sacred event.
That can only be witnessed here and it will remain forever, also when the earth dissolves and passes to the invisible energy.
Every man will experience this if he wants to and is on this side.
Here man becomes conscious and learns to understand himself.’
Alcar descended and André followed his leader, lost in thought.
Everything he had been allowed to experience was deep and sacred.
How grateful he was for having been allowed to receive this as an earthly being.
How horrible this was but how mighty and elevated, how pure the life of Christ was.
It was deeply tragic and it had overwhelmed him, though at the beginning he had felt thoughts telling him that he had experienced this before.
As soon as these thoughts had occurred to him he had shaken them off and began to see and experience.
However, these thoughts now returned in him.
They were like those he felt when he walked with Alcar through the streets of Jerusalem.
Now that his leader went the same way back he felt those thoughts develop and he began to recognize everything again.
His leader had not given him a direct answer, perhaps that would also come.
It was as if he had never been away from and still lived here, his feeling were that clear.
Yet, he tried to discard these thoughts, because he wanted to wait.
If an answer were required he would get it from Alcar.
His leader would not let him go about with problems on his mind.
Over there, he would be able to find his way about, was the garden of Gethsemane and there the Mount of Olives.
Or was he again receiving Alcar’s memories now that his leader concentrated on them?
That was also possible.
He followed Alcar at some distance.
Presently they would leave the Holy City, but he found it difficult to leave, he would rather stay here.
He was still trembling because of this horrible experience.
Why did this have to happen?
This occurred two thousand years ago and as yet man did not stop.
They persisted in their hatred and went on cursing.
Oh, all those spiritual beings, how did they feel this event!
All were inwardly broken.
There at Golgotha, they again experienced the suffering and death of Christ.
It had not gone, it remained there like every thought man had transmitted.
And that was simple because everything was fixed and could be seen again on this side.
Alcar had shown him in several ways.
He understood everything now, except why Jerusalem appeared so familiar to him.
Had he only imagined it?
It was a strange perception and yet so natural.
Perhaps one day he would receive an answer.
Alcar had left the Holy City.
His leader went on and he would experience other wonders.
Oh, if only people on earth would be able to imagine this.
He lived in the hereafter and saw all this.
When they would die and arrive here they would be faced with the same problem he had experienced just now.
He had understood everything, because Alcar had first shown him the amazing event on the side beyond and he had subsequently seen the reality on earth and on this side.
He heard the tyrants drive nails through Christ’s hands and he thought he would die that instant.
He had seen that Christ had been pulled up and that the two other murderers had been murdered together with Christ.
How horrible people were in those days.
Though they were not different now, they were even more vicious than in the past.
How could a human being forget himself that much.
There were even people who looked on while Christ was murdered.
Who would ever wish to see that?
On the side beyond thousands had collapsed.
They meditated and would experience this, but they collapsed through all that grief.
Now of all times they would learn to understand themselves better and begin an other life to acquire spiritual love.
He would do that too.
Later, when his life would come to an end, he wanted to have spiritual property.
How well did he feel the grace to be allowed to communicate this to mankind.
What a task he had to perform.
He would not defile the connection with Alcar.
Didn’t Alcar take much pain to convince people?
All this awaited them when they would die on earth and arrive here.
Farewell Jerusalem, I don’t think I’ll return here before I have passed away.
He would try to bring flowers, to lay those flowers at the feet of Christ.
Oh, how very well he understood the meaning of those flowers, how they had grown.
If life on earth was correctly understood and one lived the way God wanted, one had to accept all that struggle.
Those flowers then grew spontaneously, they were cultivated in one’s soul and they radiated through all that grief.
Those who had suffered most and had fought that struggle by themselves had the most beautiful flowers.
When it got dark it had given him a fright.
He had understood that too.
One day man is faced with the very last moment and has to show what he wants.
The angels had wanted to help and support Christ, but Christ decidedly declined that help, God’s holy Child had to cope with it alone.
And that was only natural, bearing in mind that man had a will of his own and had received everything, everything from God.
When darkness set in and it also got dark on the side beyond it was as if God had forgotten His own Child.
Christ also felt alone and deserted, though that was not true, for God watched behind it.
That was the very last moment and applies to everybody, because all of us will face that moment and must show what we want.
Everyone will experience that darkness.
No human being or spirit can help us.
No father or mother, we have to determine and experience this ourselves.
We have to go through this, it is the evidence we have to lay at the feet of God.
For this Christ had died and suffered.
What Christ had experienced we would also experience, it cannot be avoided.
That darkness was horrible and yet, behind it was God.
Thus, it had been God’s intention, God demanded everything, only then did those flowers of the heart grow and radiate.
It was not until then that it was allowed to lay them at the feet of Christ and God’s holy Child would not send us away, but accept them gratefully.
He heard, as it were, say within him: ‘How did I suffer?
Was this not meant for all My children?
Did My Father in heaven not demand everything of Me, even the very, very last?’
André was convinced that that was the way.
Those who lost their beloved ones on earth and accepted could cultivate flowers if they could surrender completely.
Those who lost the ones dearest to them and were nevertheless grateful cultivated those light-radiating flowers which would be accepted.
The angels brought all sorts of such flowers and that was so wonderful, something so Divine he had never seen before.
Yet, it was also meant for people on earth, for they should try to accept everything.
How beautiful death really was.
How well he now understood death.
Yet, he was laughed at on earth and he was a dreamer, but one day all those laughers would have to take that laughter back, when they were faced with that final problem and were snatched from the earth.
They did not laugh any more and reality made them shiver and tremble.
No, then they would not be able to laugh any more, they would fall down and ask for help and be grateful when someone spoke with them.
They would nevertheless also be helped, that is by the spirits of love who cultivated flowers, to present them one day to God’s Child.
They cultivated flowers by helping others and how were these wonders of nature?
They radiated, he was able to observe this.
He felt very grateful that he had been allowed to witness this mighty event and he would always be thankful for it.
Jerusalem now lay behind him and he once more bade that old city farewell.
I’ll return when I have died on earth.
Alcar looked at him and said: ‘Anyway, we’ll come back here once more on this journey, André.
On that occasion I’ll have to explain a wonder to you and I’ll connect you with it too.
That is related to reincarnation on earth and you’ll have to experience that also.
That wonder is also fixed and means a mighty grace for us.
You will see it and be grateful that it has been given us.
First, however, I must explain other conditions to you and after that we’ll return here.’
‘You mean to Golgotha, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, where we were a while ago.’
Now what would this mean, he thought.
These were all spiritual problems for him and all those problems were solved and Alcar explained them.
Strange, he thought, return here again?
Was there more to be experienced?
He was reduced to silence and he waited.
He subsequently thought of Alcar’s friend and asked: ‘What has become of your child, Alcar?’
‘From there he entered life on our side.
He experienced the process of decay and when he had experienced that and the years of silence which he should have spent on earth had passed, the world of the unconscious also accommodated this soul and he waited for a new birth.’
‘Haven’t you seen him ever since, Alcar?’
‘Not before my last life on earth, in England.
Between Jerusalem and his last life on earth are many other lives.
I have not met him again in all those centuries, but I could follow his lives in the spheres.
When he was born again he descended in the female body and died at an early age.
These early transitions always have a spiritual and natural meaning.
It is usually because the soul has to acquire the childlike feeling and for the mother body, because we have to become conscious in it and it is necessary for the development.
He died at an early age and he subsequently entered the female organism again and reached an old age.
That happened several times in succession and when he had experienced that he accepted his proper attunement, which is assigned to us from the first degree.
So you see that the soul has to acquire both organisms and that is to awaken, for we could not awaken if we could not consciously experience the plan of creation.
I saw him again in Memphis and that was at the time when Lantos met his beloved one and he was the brother of Marianne.
However, I cannot follow all those lives, my object is merely to give you an idea how everything is and that people on earth will and have to meet each other several times.
One day they will see that on our side.
He subsequently lived in the West and returned there several times.
He was born there twice and in both lives he had the male organism.
I could tell you much about that, for many people of that time are now again on earth and I could connect you with them.
I could connect you with his fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, and above all explain those lives to you.’
‘Is that not possible, Alcar?’
‘No, my son, that would be too much and all this will not be accepted on earth.’
‘What a pity.
Are there people living on earth, Alcar, whom also I have met in other lives?’
‘Yes, André, very many of them now live on earth.
I could show you wonders, but I can’t pursue all those wonders in greater depth.
I will explain some of them to you later.
I could even point out your own mother of the past who is also on earth now but with whom you have nothing to do.
This is the holy truth, but incredible for those who are completely unaware of it and cannot accept it either.
I see and know that she is on earth, as are many others of those days during which my friend and all the others lived, which was in France.’
‘How amazing that is, Alcar.’
‘Yes, it is amazing, yet, people take no notice and think it is ridiculous because they know nothing about it any more.’
‘How is it possible, my own mother of those days living in an other country, a different language, other friends and acquaintances and perhaps sisters and brothers.
I can hardly accept it, Alcar, though I have been able to follow you in everything.
When are you going to tell me about my own lives?’
Alcar looked at his instrument and said: ‘At the very last moment of this journey I’ll explain many lives to you.
So have some patience.’
‘I’m very happy, Alcar, and I’ll wait.
What did your friend do, Alcar, I mean in those other lives?’
‘In his first life, in the West, he tried to acquire art, but he did not get far with it.
In his next life he joined the army and became an officer, and he was killed.
After that he once more returned in an other life and became a scientist.
His name is still known and I could mention it to you.’
‘How amazing everything is, Alcar.
How many fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers have we had?’
‘Thousands, my son and how could it be otherwise?
Is that so strange when we know we have to return time and again and that this has been going on for billions of years?
Can’t we accept that?
People flounder on death, but when they begin to see spiritually, that is when they enter life on our side, then they look into their own lives and have to accept.
I asked you many times, can we become like God in that one short life on earth in which we achieved nothing but passion and destruction?
Just ask yourself that question and let people on earth wonder about it.
They will say that it is impossible.
What then did God intend with creation and did God cause all that sorrow and human misery?
We know now that we are to blame and not God.
We know, and I have clearly shown that to you now and on our previous journeys, that we have forgotten ourselves in all those lives.
Thus, we have landed ourselves in this condition through our own fault and God has nothing to do with that.
Now feel all that earthly misery, but people do not think any further.
They do not search their inner self; they don’t dare, because they are afraid.
Yet, they can’t believe it, can’t accept it, because it is so incredible and they do not know anything about creation.’
‘I don’t quite understand, Alcar, you said that the scientists on earth know of embryonic life, can’t they conceive the life that follows and must follow?
We would have died, wouldn’t we?
How then do they explain the perfect human being?
Did that embryo suddenly mature?
Was man suddenly ready?
I don’t understand that.
Isn’t that a great and profound problem?’
‘These are all questions, André, clear questions, but they have not advanced that far.
Unfortunately, no, they do not think or feel that this is a deadlock.
As I said before they feel and think that a second creation has occurred, but they don’t know anything about that either and come to a deadlock.’
‘It must be quite remarkable for a scientist when he begins to feel and understand these wonders.
How happy I would be if I was allowed as a scientist to know all this.
I don’t understand those people, I can’t imagine that they do not feel this.
How natural everything is that you showed and explained to me.
We do not acquire anything in one life, we killed others, or do other things and yet, they can’t accept this?’
‘No, my son, everything is too deep, too unbelievable for them.’
‘There are even many spiritualists, Alcar, who can’t believe this and do not wish to know anything about reincarnation.
For them all this is nonsense, imagination and deceit.
All these people say that there is no reincarnation.
I know now how narrow-minded all these otherwise sensitive people are.
I only know this now and also that I have to digest all these marvellous things alone.
However, it is such a great pity, so sad to hear these people speak like that.’
‘I know that, André, but wait a little and have patience, this side now influences mankind and every spirit and leader of some importance tells them of their thousands of lives and of their own distant past.
Wherever spiritualists live on earth reincarnation is discussed and later, after a few hundred years, they will know about it and accept us.
I’m telling them now about spiritual wonders, I may and can speak of spiritual laws and wonders, for if I were not allowed, believe me, I could not have uttered a word.
I would defile my own inner life and spiritual attunement and I would be a liar and such people live in the darkness.
My sphere is the fifth on this side and you know where I live, you know me as a human being and as a spirit.
What I have been allowed to explain to you now and what we bring on earth is miraculous, it is beyond their mental grasp and inner possession, but everything is the holy truth, God knows that I have experienced all this.
Many people, however, will be grateful to us, André, that they may read about this already on earth, and acquire these powers.
God gave us those various lives, all those possibilities, how could we otherwise get rid of all that misery?
How could we ever make up for it in one life?
I have shown you the darkness to convince you that reincarnation must happen, otherwise those human beings who live there in crevices and holes and who have been there for thousands of years, would never advance any more.
This also applies to hundreds of other conditions and yet, how will people on earth react?
I know the answer, André, for we know in advance what we can and will achieve.
If priests and theologians, scientists and even spiritualists who do possess feeling do not feel this, what will people say who know nothing at all of eternal life?
Yes, my son, it is sad indeed, but, as I told you, once the time will come when all those clergymen and in particular the spiritualists who cannot accept us now will understand us.’
‘What will they understand, Alcar?
Do these people think there has been no death before and that they only live on earth once?’
‘Indeed, André, they do not get any further.
They are unaware of reincarnation, though it is a mighty grace for us and everybody will experience it.
All of us who live here have seen and understood that in the fourth sphere.’
‘Where did you go after Jerusalem, Alcar?’
‘I was subsequently born in Italy, and I returned there twice.
That first life ended through a piece of stone, for I wanted to acquire the art of sculpture.
Once again I returned there and attained a great age.
After that I was born in the Far East, one life in the female body.
I then returned to the South and when I passed away I entered the hereafter.
I could not return any more.
At the border of the Land of Twilight where Gerhard entered I also awoke and was convinced of my eternal life.
I had experienced my karma.
I’ll refer to that when I have got that far.
I’ll explain to you how I attained the first sphere, which you know already, though I did not yet tell you about it myself.
I told you that my friend lived in France and that he was a scientist in that life.
He returned there again, was destroyed in that life to be born again.
His final life was in England where I met him when I was an artist.
In that life he was also a scientist, I told you about that.
I have explained many lives to you so that you received a picture of my friend and myself.
My point is merely to give people on earth an idea how everything happened and that every soul must experience this.
When they know all this they’ll lead a different life.
We want to convince them of their eternal progress, of their karma and cause and effect, but in particular, that we are Divine and have to attain the All.
There is nothing strange in all this, how improbable many human conditions may be.
It is a long road winding through the universe.
I have been allowed to explain all this to you, for the earth needs nourishment for the mind and we want to protect them from total ruin.
Those who follow us serve, serve themselves and others and will, as a result, receive spiritual happiness.
Those who accept experience their own karma, will progress ever further and will one day enter the spheres of light.
All this is not fiction, nor romantic, it is the holy truth and reality and I have been allowed to make that clear to you.
I have experienced this, André, and all those who are on earth will experience it.
I have no more to say on this subject and we’ll go on.’