The fourth cosmic mentality

Where do you go to now, Alcar?’
‘I’ll now pass on to the fourth cosmic degree.
On our way, I’ll connect you with other conditions, but our destination is the fourth cosmic degree.
I promised to connect you with it.’
‘Do you pass on to that planet, Alcar?’
‘You mean the way we did on all those other planets we visited?’
‘Yes, Alcar, that’s what I mean.’
‘No, my son, that is not possible there and I’ll explain that to you presently.
You will all the same receive a clear picture of life there and what condition they live in.’
‘You said that those planets belong to a different solar system?’
‘Yes, André.
Thousands of planets are millions of light-years from the earth, and all those planets are not visible from the earth.’
‘How can that be calculated on earth, Alcar?’
‘Many emit their radiation and inner light around and to the earth and that emitted light travelled in one year, is calculated on earth and we arrive at figures that can hardly be pronounced.
The scientists call them light-years.’
‘Can this be determined from the earth?’
‘They approach reality, but it is not possible to do so accurately.’
‘Can’t they of all those planets, Alcar?’
‘They can calculate that of some, André.
Now listen.
We are now in the spiritual or invisible cosmos.
You see and have observed everything from our own world, our hereafter.
If I want to pass on to the material world I have to connect myself with it and we then see the universe as it is seen from the earth.
You clearly see that there are no stars and planets, for we belong to the invisible cosmos and have reached a condition of consciousness in it.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I could follow all this.’
‘Now I’ll pass on to the material universe.
You feel, and you have known for a long time that we know a material and a spiritual cosmos and that we people and the animal kingdom, in short everything that lives, belong to that.
What we have observed in the universe is also present in ourselves.
Our inner life is the invisible cosmos, our material organism is the material cosmos, both form part of this all-encompassing, which is God.
My inner life as a human being therefore belongs to the invisible cosmos, is our hereafter and forms the worlds of existence for the spiritual human being.
I have reached the fifth sphere, but my sphere belongs to the third cosmic degree, as do the two spheres above mine.
It is not until beyond those, I told and explained that to you, that I’ll pass on into the mental regions and will be attracted by the fourth degree, that is by the first transitory planets.
All that is beyond my capacity and spiritual level.
And what I do not possess on this side, or the love I lack and have not acquired, I am unaware of.
A master who has reached the seventh sphere is in communication with the fourth degree.
Later, when his task in the seventh sphere is over and accomplished, this being will be attracted by those planets and the inner life descends into the mental regions, for us the world of the unconscious.
The earth retains inner life and only releases it, as I explained to you, when we have reached the highest material degree on earth.
Even then we are not free, because, as you know, our inner life will draw us back and we have to make up what we have done wrong in many lives.
Once a master has advanced that far, he can also impart some of his knowledge and wisdom to others, and present us with part of what he owns and knows.
For he, this master, is already in connection with the fourth degree.
The fourth cosmic degree is within him, he is ready, and he feels what is felt there, because all those beings have bee in his own sphere and have lived there.
Had this been impossible, the pyramid of Giza would never have been built on earth, as there would not have been beings capable of receiving those messages.
We know, however, that the entire universe is inhabited, not only materially but above all spiritually.
Astral worlds came into existence, sphere after sphere emanated and was inhabited.
The origin of the universe was shown to the masters, they received a clear picture of the development of all those planets.
Since this is now possible, André, and others who are open to it have advanced that far and understand it, I can now connect you with the fourth degree, because I am being connected through the masters.
This is part of my work and it is my task, otherwise it would not be given to me.
The masters constantly, as at this moment, guide me and they give me the powers by which I can connect you.
Do you understand what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Then you will understand that we are going ever further, and soon we will no longer be able to observe the earth, the stars and anything belonging to the firmament and the third cosmic degree that can be seen from the earth.
The farther we get, the darker it will become and even if we go to the left or right, up or down, it does not matter, for there is no distance, no higher, no right or left, there is only space and this space expands.
There is no beginning and there is no end, there is only life.
So you’ll presently see nothing but darkness, because we go to an other solar system.
That solar system, as I said before, cannot be observed from the earth and will never become known because it is the fourth cosmic degree and mentality.’
‘How mighty this is, Alcar.’
‘It is mighty, André.
It is the expanding universe.
This is known on earth and it is admitted that they can’t be the sole inhabitants in this mighty expanse.
They know that the universe expands and that there is no end and that there are more solar systems than the one to which the earth belongs.
They cannot only see all those planets any more, but no sun either, which is nevertheless a luminous ball of fire and warms the earth.
Everything will presently disappear for we enter an other part of the universe.
I should not and cannot speak of an other part of the universe for, as I said, there is no centre, no left or right, no height or depth.
There is only space and life and all that mightiness is God.’
‘It is getting dark already, Alcar.’
‘Yes, I see, André.
That gives us an other picture which connects us again with creation, this time with the beginning when there was still nothing.
The further we go the darker it will become.
It will become as dark as you have seen in the temple of the soul.
The silence you will presently feel is beyond description.
It can only be felt, but material beings cannot feel it, for they would collapse.
Human beings could not live here.
If man, as I also explained to you on our first journey, would venture outside his own atmosphere, he would suffocate or his organism would shatter.
Other laws and powers are in force here and everything that does not belong here will perish.
Nobody will come here, this is a transitional condition and that condition is an astral world, yet, thousands of planets are floating in it.
It is therefore possible, my son, how incredible it may be, that we already passed through other planets, but all those objects are invisible for me, even if they were material.
Consequently, I not only can’t see the spiritual higher condition any more, the material cosmos is also beyond my reach.’
‘How deep this is, Alcar.’
‘Yes, André, it is and if you properly feel that might and power you’ll understand that man on earth will not hear something soon from the fourth degree for a long time, because that planet is too far away from the earth.
Those other planets to which the earth belongs and which occupy a place in the universe have no human consciousness, people living there are unaware of good and evil.
Those people cannot send messages to the earth; they are living dead and have to awaken yet.
Don’t you think that if people were living on those other planets, who had acquired a higher world of existence, they would not try to establish a connection with the earth?
If they were ahead of people on earth and had more feeling, wouldn’t they be anxious to tell them on earth we are alive, we are people like you?
I know, believe me, they would wonder and would have tried to establish a connection with the planet earth a long time ago.
But that has not happened in all those billions of years.
Those who live on all those planets of our solar system are living dead.
Their feeling is poor and they have to go to the earth in order to acquire feeling.
They have to become humanly conscious.
It is thought on earth that there are people living out there who are ahead of them, but the people living there are like those prehistoric beings we have come to know.
They have no feeling either; they are living dead and still have to awaken.
The people of the other planets of the fourth cosmic degree, however, can reach the earth, but there is a gap, and that gap is ‘death’.
As long as man on earth cannot accept eternal progress he will not be able to understand the cosmically conscious human being, this perfect human being is considered to talk nonsense.
The scientists, as I told you, will never achieve anything as long as they do not accept our world and everything we have to say, which we received from the scientists on this side, the masters of the seventh sphere who inwardly bear and possess the universe as the third degree.
Man, however, lives and does not know about death and life, he does not want to know and perishes.
They rise against death and they ask and cry why and what for.
So you’ll understand that people from earth cannot feel this silence, that they would collapse.
If they could be here, they would cry for fear because they would think they would die.
Look, my son, we have advanced.
That is the way it was before creation, André.
However, to our left and right some glimmers of light penetrate and that dim light still comes from the solar system to which the earth belongs.
We go on and on and presently you won’t see anything at all.
You’ll feel an incredible silence.
Look, André, darkness sets in.’
André did not see anything any more.
His leader was also invisible for him.
In this deep silence and darkness he came to himself.
My God, he thought, how mighty everything is.
Alcar said to him: ‘Do you feel this silence, my son?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘It was like this before creation, André.
Everything emanates from this darkness.
God revealed Himself.
We don’t see anything now, we can only feel.
Everything is sacred, also this darkness and this silence.
Presently glimmers of light will penetrate and that dim light is from the solar system to which the earth does not belong.
The picture we then observe is like the first faint light you saw in the temple of the soul; here it means that we approach an other solar system.
You see, André, the darkness is dissolving.
Soon it will become lighter and we are gradually approaching the fourth cosmic degree.
During daytime, if you could speak of daytime, there is pitch-darkness, because there is no solar system here.
And then to know that there are thousands of solar systems in the universe!
Yet we see emptiness, we see darkness.
We are passing from one degree to another.
One degree is hidden from the other and invisible.
That is the entire universe of which we know nothing and which only God knows.
Darkness, André, nothing but darkness.
Isn’t it as if God speaks to us?
Hear my voice, how it sounds and how far it penetrates, how deep and mighty everything is.
You think there is no end to it and yet, in a while, it will be light again.
Light of a sun that radiates many planets, among which we know the main planet the fourth degree.
Now we are many, many light-years away from the earth.
People on earth will not believe us, but that is not necessary.
When I succeed in teaching them to understand death, I will be satisfied, that’s all I want.
Look, André, it is getting a bit lighter.
Everything is different there.
There is a different atmosphere, for the material organism differs from the organism on earth.
The organism on earth is coarse as compared with that of theirs.
Man on earth is a wonder of creation, but there man is transparent and resembles a spiritual being of the fourth sphere on our side.
You know how they radiate there, although that is their spiritual garment, on this planet the material organism is like the inner radiance of the fourth sphere.
Just imagine that.
To be allowed to live in a material organism and in a life of happiness, love, and purity and where everything smiles at you.
Where people are as we know the masters of the seventh sphere.
The masters of the seventh sphere and all those living there with them arrive at the lowest material degree and they begin their first life.
There also is a highest material degree of the body, though there is no black and brown any more and the animal-like degrees have been experienced.
That belongs to the earth and all those other planets visible from the earth.
Look, André, it is dawning.
As if day approaches.
This has a meaning.
They know day and night too.
I could be there in a few seconds as there is no distance for us and master Cesarino will guide me, we’ll experience this through him.
The light becomes more powerful and that is an indication that we enter an other solar system.
Now that awe-inspiring silence dissolves too, for light is also in motion, is energy, although we won’t feel it.
Everything is motion.
In that deep darkness one feels the Divine silence.
Concentrate on it more and you’ll feel that this silence is not there any more.’
André did as Alcar said and now felt a different silence than a while ago.
‘How amazing, Alcar.’
‘This twilight is already in motion and that motion is power and activity and this activity already dominates this deep silence.
It contains many secrets.
Once people on earth have advanced to the extent that they can utilize the sunlight thousands of possibilities will be open to them.
In this light, the sunlight, are many discoveries, for its activity is awe-inspiring.
On earth people have not advanced that far that they can extract these powers from the cosmos; one day, however, inventors will be born on earth who will discover that wonder.
That day has not arrived yet and it will take thousands of years.
The inventions they have made up to now are nothing as compared with what is present in the cosmos.
People on the fourth degree are well ahead.
That height and depth cannot be reached on earth because the material condition of the human organism is not suited to it.
They cannot advance ahead of their own cosmic attunement.
However, one day they will concentrate on sunlight and try to make use of that energy.
As I said before it is the age of technical wonders though they will only achieve part of what is present in the universe.
Do not forget that sunlight is energy of a magnitude of power and strength that cannot be imagined.
Some scientists already concentrate on it, but it is not yet possible to achieve something because these scientists must have a different inner attunement and adjust themselves spiritually, which means that they must feel deeper than they do now.
Everything is linked with their inner life, which makes them assess and feel the tenor of all these secrets.
I’ll let you experience another wonder so that you know where we are.’
André suddenly felt overwhelmed by a deep sleep.
Though he remained conscious of everything and asked: ‘What is it, Alcar, I nearly fell asleep.’
‘It is because we are in the mental regions.
I left you to your own power for a moment and because I did not concentrate any more you immediately fell asleep.
Unconsciousness sets in and your mind is not aware any more.
I am also influenced by that activity, but the master helps me.
I constantly keep my mind concentrated on it or I would also fall asleep.
So we are now passing through the mental regions of the fourth cosmic degree.
There are more wonders and you’ll feel and experience those too.
Attention now, André.
You now experience that everything is one and integral.
I connected you many times in this way, but this time it is greater and mightier still.
You know that we are going to an other solar system and we’ll visit an other planet.
Although we cannot live on it, we can observe but nothing else.
Still here is also our hereafter, but the hell and the astral animal kingdom as well, yet the way we feel we are far, very far away from the earth and the hereafter where I live.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is almost incredible.’
‘I’ll show you, my son.
Now you’ll get a clear picture of what lives in and around us, of which nothing is known on earth.
Look, I’ll first connect myself with the hell, the deepest darkness in our own life.
We have been there before, you have seen all those demons and you also know the land of hatred.
I explained that to you.
My point is this.
I’m going to connect myself, André, now look, there is the darkness, the hell in life after death on earth.’
At the same moment André began to see.
My God, he exclaimed, how is that possible!
This world changed.
He saw the darkness, the hell he had seen on his journey with Alcar and where the demons lived.
He also saw those holes and pits in front of him where people lived.
How is it possible, he thought and he was amazed that he understood all this so well.
‘I understand what you mean, Alcar.
Is this the lowest sphere but one in the darkness?’
‘Yes, indeed, we have been there before.
That sphere is also present here.
Everything is here and that belongs to the third degree and the astral cosmos.
So you see that all spheres on this side are infinite.
I connected myself with the astral cosmos and yet, just now we were in the material cosmos, which is the universe.
Just imagine the infinity of everything, and also the narrow-mindedness of man on earth who believes he can achieve whatever he wants.
Those who experience this will feel their own insignificance, but also what awaits them and what can be acquired.
In this condition I connected myself with the demons, the animal-like beings who live here.
At that time I explained to you and recorded in your second book that they try to attain the land of hatred, once they arrive there their spiritual and animal-like life begins again.
Yet, André, we are near the fourth cosmic degree, in the mental regions and in thousands of other conditions and I can show and explain all that to you.
You also feel that I now live on my own powers again and act accordingly, because this sphere is below my own attunement.
Do you now understand, André, what might and power every human being has to acquire and what awaits all of us?
Isn’t it worthwhile experiencing life on earth?
Is all that misery that terrible?
See what we can achieve, try to imagine all those astral and spiritual worlds and then still further and higher to the fifth cosmic degree!
It is incredible, we must nevertheless accept it, for that’s what awaits us, and it even becomes our property.
We know and we’ll get to know all those spheres.
I can also connect you with the second degree and enter that astral world, so that you’ll see those pre-animal-like beings again.
That sphere, that world, is also here where we are now.
You see, wherever we are I can concentrate and pass on into it.
This is the infinite cosmos; it is the All, the infinity of every condition, sphere or heaven, that closes us off from the other for we have not advanced that far.
Thus, André, spiritual and material transitions.
It is not until we begin to feel and acquire those higher transitions, which is only possible by serving that we begin to see and advance.
I can ascend now and we’ll see two more dark spheres.
Then follows the Land of Hatred and when I ascend further you see light appear and I could continue up to the fifth sphere, which is my own sphere.
Yet, we are in the cosmos and float towards an other planet, an other solar system.
Here and wherever you are, live animal-like beings and those people have arrived here from the earth and have completed their cycle of life on earth.
These people cannot go back, but if they had that feeling and yearned for it, as I told and explained to you, God would come to their help.
However, they cannot be born in their present condition, for they are ‘beasta’, who exceeded the limits of greatest evil, broke the laws of nature.
I’ll explain all that, but later, when I return here and connect you again.
You asked me those questions on our last journey, in a while I’ll answer all those questions.
For the present, however, I’ll attune myself to a higher condition and we’ll observe that and subsequently I’ll pass on to the following sphere and so on, so that you will see that all those astral worlds are in one world, which is the universe.’
André felt that Alcar returned.
He saw one sphere after the other dissolve.
Now he saw the Land of Hatred, then the Land of Twilight and subsequently all the other and higher spheres.
It became gradually lighter and he already saw the first sphere on the side beyond.
Everything he experienced on this journey was remarkable.
Alcar ascended further and higher still but he only did so in feeling.
They remained where they were, far away from the earth and yet he experienced all those spiritual degrees of the third cosmic degree.
How complicated everything was and yet all those spheres were separated from each other.
Then came the second sphere, the third and fourth sphere and now Alcar passed into his own sphere.
Slowly but surely his sphere dissolved before André and this sphere could only be seen as in a dense haze.
Yet Alcar went on and withdrew into that other world.
Then the darkness they had been in returned and he felt that Alcar passed again into the material cosmos.
Now he saw that deep darkness as it had been before creation and this also changed and that twilight condition they had just been in set in again.
‘Could you follow me in everything, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is amazing, everything is really one world.’
‘It is all one world though every condition has its own attunement, a world of its own.
So transitions in a material and spiritual condition.
The astral worlds are together; we find all those higher and lower astral worlds in that one space.
We live in the All, André, which will now be clear to you.
We’ll go on and soon reach the fourth cosmic degree.’
Alcar now rapidly floated towards that degree.
What was he about to experience now?
It became ever lighter for a golden glow like that of the rising sun on earth radiated towards them.
This was a different atmosphere than the one on earth, this one was brighter, he clearly felt that.
His leader steadily went on and the light in the sky became stronger as they approached.
The sky already had a golden glow.
He now saw an other wonder.
The further they got, the more that golden light faded and a deep purple-blue dominated the golden light.
‘Is that the firmament, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, as on earth, but this firmament is brighter than you can see on earth.
This blue is deeper, brighter than on earth.
It radiates everything.
The further we go the brighter the firmament will become.
Look over there, André, those are the transitory planets for the fourth degree.
Here, we also find these transitions as planets for it is impossible to pass straight away on to the fourth degree.
We’ll go on now but observe from our world.
Over there the fourth degree floated in this amazing universe.
As I said, it is not possible to descend there and to live among them and observe.
We cannot connect ourselves with them because they are more advanced in feeling than we are.
Only the masters can.’
‘My God’, André exclaimed, ‘how is it possible.’
In front of him he saw a planet like the earth.
The firmament had now assumed a clear light-blue shade, the colour was as in the fourth sphere.
In the fourth sphere a purple glow was perceptible in the firmament and that glow was also present here.
He saw a magnificent scenery, temples and buildings, which made him think he was in the fourth sphere, the Summerland on the side beyond.
‘Do I feel this correctly, Alcar?’
‘I made you feel it, André.
The fourth cosmic degree in a material condition is like the fourth sphere in our life.
You know the beauty of our Summerland.
You know how pure that sphere is.
You see in our sphere that the flowers radiate light and in a sense that happens here in a material condition.
This means cosmic happiness, this means having a fairy-tale-like happiness in a material life.
We’ll descend close to this planet and we’ll see man of the fourth cosmic degree.
I’ll pass on to that and explain a lot to you from some distance.
We remain floating in space.’
André experienced this wonder.
How could people ever believe him?
There in front of him he saw people.
Oh, how amazing, and such silence!
His leader had approached them very closely.
How Divine these people were and what beautiful garments they wore!
He saw these garments in all shades.
They wore their clothes the way a spirit on the side beyond wore his garment.
It was mighty to see all this.
He trembled for happiness at the sight of these people.
He heard Alcar say: ‘Steady, André.
Don’t forget I’m also guided by other powers and that this also moves me deeply.
I have experienced this several times and I always feel very happy when I see them again in all this beauty.
They are people in a material organism, but look, André, how they radiate and how delicate that organism is!
This is human beauty.
These garments are like those of the spiritual human beings of the fourth sphere, but materially, because this material condition is similar to the one of the fourth sphere on our side.
I could have explained this to you on our side, but this sight reflects their overall condition.’
‘How amazingly beautiful these people are, Alcar.
I could not have imagined such holiness.’
Like the fourth sphere, young and beautiful!
Look at those buildings and this environment, and here women, men and children are living.
Oh, such happiness.
It was like paradise, André thought.
‘This is already a paradise’, he heard his leader say.
‘Isn’t the fourth sphere on our side like paradise?
This is a paradise, but a material one.
Fancy that.
Here are birds of unprecedented beauty and flowers unknown on earth.
What people have here is also found on earth in various things, but there everything is in a lower condition.
Did you expect that, André?’
‘How could I have expected this?
It is a great wonder.
How beautiful these people are.
I am deeply moved by all this beauty.
These people cannot be compared with the human body on earth, they are transparent, Alcar.’
‘I told you.
These beings are like the spiritual beings living in the fourth sphere.’
‘Can people in your life see all this?’
‘Yes, but only those who have reached the fourth sphere, it is not until then that they can be connected with it.’
‘And I still live on earth, Alcar.’
‘For you it is quite an other thing, because it belongs to my work.
You have seen the seventh sphere, you have been to the sixth and seventh sphere with the highest master, a prince of love, and only because you serve as an instrument on earth for the masters.
Otherwise it would not have been possible, André.
Only those who have entered the fourth sphere will come here to see what awaits us.
Isn’t it a mighty grace?
Can’t you be grateful to be allowed to see this while you are still on earth?’
‘I am very happy, Alcar, but people will not accept it at all.
This is going too far, it is beyond them, too incredible for those on earth.’
‘Those who cannot accept and believe this had better ignore it, André.
We do not want to impose it on them.
The others who can accept a life after death will begin to think and gratefully accept everything.
These sensitive people can imagine this, when they hear of all this bliss, of all this spiritual and material happiness.
They will feel this within them and they will be grateful to us for having been allowed to receive this image of what awaits us all.’
‘It is tremendous, Alcar, I have no words for it, and to think that I am allowed to experience this.’
‘Accept, my boy, that this also belongs to my work or it would not have happened.
You receive everything now and all this is spiritual and cosmic consciousness.
You are spiritually awake and conscious now and you can absorb all this.
You will presently see and understand why you may experience all this and what your mediumship means.
I’ll also explain that to you and what I have told you about it is really nothing; only flashes of your inner life and mediumship on earth.
You serve, André, I serve and also the masters serve.
Don’t ask why and what for, but observe; we’ll go into that later.
Now you must observe everything for people on earth should also be able to imagine what you saw as a human being departed from his body.
Look at this nature, André, it is like the Summerland.
You know the quiet and peace of the fourth sphere, but these people are still deeper and more conscious, because all these beings have been in the seventh sphere.
Their appearance however is like that in the Summerland, it radiates and it is pure like nobody on earth is.
The earthly organism is beautiful and strong; here their build is quite different, including the inner organs, in short this planet built an other material organism than the planet earth.
The atmosphere is different, the orbit of this planet differs from that of the earth, and everything is in a different condition unknown to the earth.
The flowers and trees are also different and the water is crystal-clear and human life is so clean and pure as only the perfect spiritual being can be.
Just imagine such happiness, feel what it means to be a human being and feel what awaits all of us.
My God, how grateful people on earth should be when they die.
All sorrow is gone and great happiness awaits them.
You can observe them now, André, the masters have established this connection.
When they proceed to other things and concentrate on something else, contact with this world will be broken.
So see as much as you can, in a while it will no longer be possible.’
André looked at everything and took in as much as he could.
How is it possible, he thought.
Look at these garments, look at these beautiful people!
He saw cosmic beings, angels in a material organism.
It is almost incredible, he thought, and yet, people lived there.
‘Do you feel, André, that Emschor could not show this to Lantos, that Lantos could not be connected?
It is not possible unless one lives in the fourth sphere on this side.
Lantos would nevertheless be convinced of all these laws and the possibility to proceed, for it belongs to our work.
Lantos and his soul are also instruments of Cesarino as are all who work for the masters.
So you see that many beings are working with us to convince mankind of our life and we all serve that purpose.
Master Emschor and Lantos were one, Lantos was his own child, and we both along with many others help us to accomplish that.
That had also been calculated in advance and master Emschor knew that this would happen.
This beautiful image that you now observe belongs to this great work and we may well be grateful for it.’
‘It is all so amazing, Alcar.
This is a paradise and people here are happy.
Here worries and shortage are unknown.
That doesn't exist here, Alcar, does it?'
‘No, my son, here is everything, all love, they know they can advance and they know their Father in heaven.’
‘Is everything they have here also on earth, Alcar?’
‘I said before that many things known on earth are also present here.
People on earth have music and other art and great many other things, art, however, has reached such an incredibly high level here, that we would not be able to understand it.
This art is like their own life, in accordance with the love they have.
They don't curse here any more and lie and deceit are unknown here.
Everything is different here.’
‘Are there kings or rulers here?’
Alcar looked at André and said: ‘How could such beings live here?
All that belongs to the earth and they have discarded that long ago.
That happened already in the first sphere on our side.
Could those who have reached the first sphere act like those tyrants, I mean those who destroy others?
No, my son, that is not possible, you should have known.’
‘But how is their life, Alcar?’
‘Their life is like ours on this side.
There, too, are masters just like in all spheres on our side, because leadership is essential, though they are princes of love.
They are respected the way we feel for the being who has advanced beyond us and has more love.
They provide for everything, they love their children and give themselves entirely for those who have reached this level.
Everything reflects their wisdom, their life is pure and sacred and that in a material body.’
‘That is how everyone looking for higher life conceives happiness.’
‘Yes, that’s the way those who feel the true fire of love think, that’s how all of us imagine the world and how the earth could have been.
It is difficult to imagine happiness, pure happiness that is, in a material condition, yet man here enjoys this happiness.
Now imagine this happiness, André, no hatred, no jealousy, no deceit, no violence, no egotism, no passion and no war or any other violence, nothing, nothing of all those passions, all those troubles man on earth experiences.
Here is only peace, holy peace and true love.
Though we are only on the fourth cosmic degree.’
‘Have they got money like on earth?’
‘No, André, that is not possible either, life here is different.
There is only inner value.
All these earthly things are absent and yet everything is present here and that is for everybody.
Nevertheless there are seven degrees of inner life and those seven degrees are like the seven spheres on our side.
The lowest degree of inner and spiritual attunement is the human being who lives in the seventh sphere on our side.
A spirit from the seventh sphere starts in the first degree and gradually advances.
Those spheres, those degrees of inner life we also find on all those other and higher planets.
Only the transitions, those other planets, which form part of it, have not yet attained this attunement.
However, there is only one material degree and that body is ready.
Do you understand what I mean, André?’
‘If I understood you correctly everything is completely different from the earth and it is only here that one passes into that perfect material organism.’
‘Quite so.
Those transitions, which are planets, have their own attunement and although inner life has already covered that long way, it is all the same not ready to accept this attunement, that is this life.
If a being from the seventh sphere would be directly born here it would cause some disturbances, for this material organism is more advanced than inner man living in the seventh sphere is.
We find this on all planets and that even applies to the highest degree, which is the seventh cosmic heaven.
It is a refined material organism and the soul who enters it must be in harmony with this material attunement.’
‘It is difficult to believe that transitions are still necessary for those higher beings.’
‘It is quite clear, though, André.
Just think of our own life.
The more we advance, the more difficult it becomes to attain these higher conditions.
I live in the fifth sphere and there are two more spheres above me that I can reach, but it will take hundreds of years to acquire the love they feel and have there.
They live in and around me and yet I can’t see them, I am not even aware of their life and presence.
They, however, do see us and they feel and know what we are doing and the way we think.
All those spheres are present, there are buildings, temples and flowers, for I have shown that to you on these journeys and a while ago, yet, I do not see anything of all that beauty.
Everything lies in and around me and I must try to acquire it.
I am already connected with the sixth sphere but I am still a stranger there, although those living there will receive me with open arms and they are glad that another soul has attained that level.
That also applies to them, they must be able to prepare themselves and those transitory planets serve that purpose.
Then occurs, what the beings in the third and fourth sphere on our side receive time and again, that they are going to experience what they have acquired.
That very beautiful organism demands all spiritual concentration of the owner and you will no doubt feel, André, that this life is beyond description.
The masters know what is required for that.
If inner life is not fully prepared for it, this disturbance, as I said before, differs from the one on earth and they will lose their balance.’
‘Are there illnesses here, Alcar?’
‘No, André, there are no illnesses here, no nervous disturbances or all those terrors people on earth know, for the inner human being lives his natural life and adjusts himself to those laws and he tries to acquire still higher laws.
This planet therefore has one organism, but the inner human being can advance to acquire seven degrees.
So you see, André, it is quite distinct from that on earth, for on earth we have seven material degrees.
Nature is like it is in our fourth sphere, also the birds are amazingly beautiful and the flowers and all other life are beyond description.
All those disharmonic conditions of the planet earth are unknown here.
The misery and sorrow of the earth is here pure and unselfish love.
These cosmic human beings are all perfectly happy and this happiness awaits us, André.’
‘Are these people born as on earth, Alcar?’
‘You mean whether that has changed?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘No, my boy, that is for all life, human or animal, so also here.
There is but one possibility and we receive that from the first stage.
That is for the entire universe.
God created two bodies for all planets, the creative or male and the driving or female body.
But here it is a sacred event.
It is the most sacred God has created, for it is creation which the human and Divine being received from his Allfather.
Here it is sacred, André.
The further we advance, the deeper we penetrate what is most sacred of all, and we’ll feel deeper and purer, which is completely unknown on earth.
The feeling they have and possess inwardly here, this feeling is beyond my own power.
However, we know how they feel, how their life is and how they think, but we cannot comprehend this pure bond which exists between two human beings, because we have not advanced that far.
They live a different life than we would want and could.
When a child is born they know the attunement of this young life beforehand and above all where the inner life, the soul as spirit and as human being, lived, who it is and where they have met and known this inner life.
Do you feel this marvel, my son?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘There is a lot more of which people on earth have no idea, because they don’t know this paradise-like condition.
They are all, without exception, clairvoyant to the highest degree.
These people, André, are cosmically conscious, cosmically orientated, they know who belong to them, for all are twin-souls.’
‘How superior this is, Alcar.’
‘It is bound to, André.
We all who have reached the fourth sphere on this side are spiritually conscious and have consequently reached the third cosmic consciousness.
If I were not cosmically conscious, the consciousness belonging to the third degree and didn't possess this, I could not have told you or explained to you anything of all this mightiness belonging to our degree.
However, it is in me, I experienced it and I can connect myself again with that which is below me.
I see through all those degrees and I know the laws of nature both materially and spiritually.
I know what I have to do to be in harmony with this mightiness and yet I’m only a child, a small particle, a spark of this mighty entirety.
If I can say what I see and hear what others who are not in my sphere can’t see or hear but which is there, those higher beings will surely be able to, for they all lived on our side and were in the seventh sphere.
They know all the cosmic laws of the first three degrees, they have experienced those degrees, they understand their God of Love, they know they can advance, in short they are conscious in their condition.
When a child is born here they can clearly see from its birth how this life will be, for there are no mysteries any more for the human being and every being knows what he will achieve in that life.
When I speak of being cosmically orientated this means that they understand their own life and that they experience this life as inner possession.
The life in which they are born is therefore entirely open for them.
All are one and know, they are conscious in their degree of life and this is cosmic consciousness.’
‘What remarkable things you are telling again, Alcar.
How I am yearning for it.’
‘That remarkable is the holy truth, André, that awaits all of us.
We are also longing for it and we are doing our best to get that far.
We on our side, however, live relaxed and proceed consciously, like they do.
We cannot sin and make mistakes any more, like all those in our life who have reached the higher spheres can’t sin and make mistakes.
In our life there is no disharmony any more and I’m only referring to the first sphere on this side, not to speak of the higher spheres which are spiritual heavens!
All these beings who have experienced many transitions before they passed on to this planet have a tremendous love and are one in everything.
When they have advanced that far both pass on and accept this mighty happiness our heart is yearning for.
They have both earned that happiness.’
‘You mean those who are attracted from the mental regions, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.’
‘You speak of both, what does that mean?’
‘That is an other wonder, my son.
You know that we all, when we have got that far, will receive our twin-soul.
There even are people on earth who have their eternal twin soul, but most people on earth, and only those who yearn, long, feel and can give much love, who are conscious in their feeling and love will receive their twin-soul on this side and that bond is forever.
However, that is only possible when they love and understand themselves, the life of their own soul and all other life.
Souls, people, then receive the mightiest bliss man can ever receive and that is the twin-love.
The happiness you’ll then feel within you and own is beyond description.
You think that the universe is within you, that God Himself lives in you.
This feeling, this happiness, my son, is tremendous.
It is so mighty and great that you float and feel like being adored.
Everything smiles at you.
You pass into the eternal quiet, you feel connected with God, and you feel pure love for man and animal and the life God created.
There is a sacred fire deep within you, the Divine fire out of and by which created heaven and earth.
All that mighty life will find a place in your heart and she or he who belongs to you feels like you do, loves like you love, carries the way you will carry, so bend their head for all those pure gifts.
No sigh, no incomprehension, no hard word, no false note will disturb that quiet.
It is not possible, for both beings are one, one in each other’s lives.
They thank their Holy Father in heaven for this awe-inspiring bliss and accept, they are happy, for they have got that far.
When man after all that labour on earth receives this happiness on this side and assumes his spiritual dwelling here, which has been prepared by the angels of our world to give these souls a warm welcome, man kneels down and does not know whom to thank first.
It is always our Holy Father in heaven Whom we must thank for that mighty bliss.
Man will see his soul, or will wait until she or he will come, and there will be feast on our side, spiritual happiness and they will be joined together forever.
That is awe-inspiring, André, you know that because you were allowed to experience that in my own sphere.
When I was allowed to show you that mighty event you saw that Christ manifested Himself and that they ascended.
They were two pure beings who had completed a great task on earth and could finally proceed.
They then live in Divine bliss for thousands of years, but they have to go on until they have experienced the seventh sphere.
Now what will happen then?
No spirit can separate these twin-souls, they are and remain one life.
Yet, the time will come when both live in unconsciousness, for both will pass on into the mental regions simultaneously.
Do you feel this wonder, André?
They are attracted and born on the first transition and they will meet there again.
They already meet and recognize each other in childhood, they play and grow up and they know that they belong together.
This consciousness has already fully developed when they are ten years of age so that they know they are together forever.
That is present in their inner life.
They advance ever more and follow each other.
They finally reach this planet where they find each other again.
They are born not a second too early, the parents are also aware of this.
Try to imagine this and compare this consciousness with that of man on earth.
However, you cannot make a comparison, that is not possible.
People here are awake and conscious and the human being retains his cosmic attunement, that is the driving or the creative organism.
However, before they retain that attunement, and you’ll feel that too, André, inner life will also pass into both organisms, which serves to accept and acquire the depth of this inner life and material life as a natural attunement, subsequently to accept their cosmic attunement again in the final degree.
That is the organism they received at birth during the initial stage of the first planet.
Consequently, the further inner life advances the deeper it becomes.
To that end inner life experiences creation here as well and that experience is a sacred wonder for those living here.
Through this sacred wonder all beings living on this planet will awaken in a higher level of consciousness.
So they know, André, that they had the male body in their previous life and that, in the subsequent life, they will have the pure and sacred mother organism.
And exactly by being allowed to know and feel all this, their bond and this connection are sacred.
They know that they are one with God at the moment of connection, they feel one with God and they understand that the process of revelation is within them and that they experience it.
They also know that they will receive a cosmic being and that this soul has been on its way for billions of years and they know that it is their father or mother, sister or brother they have known on the planet earth.
Before these beings connect they’ll kneel down and try to become an integral part of this mighty event.
They’ll seclude themselves and meditate.
They’ll experience the most sacred event God has created.
What manifested itself in the universe will now be revealed in the mother organism.
They are aware of what happens and they feel the deep significance of connection.
For them this is sacred.
For them this event is the connection with God, for God laid this mighty event in the hands of man.
These beings, André, prepare themselves and this preparation is necessary for they know that a great wonder is about to happen.
They are all aware of this awe-inspiring wonder and those who are aware experience it in pure submission.
You cannot imagine the depth of this sacred wonder, which is defiled on earth, for on earth it is often experienced in an animal-like way.
Here they know that they attract the inner life, which yearns for it and is a child of God.
They know they should be prepared to receive their sister or brother.
And they are prepared, they are awake and conscious, for they experience creation the way God has given it to all His children.
When the mother feels that this wonder awakes and the young life grows and awakens, the mother is already connected with her child and in her deepest inner life she speaks with this new life.
The mother will descend deeply into that other life, which is in her, with which she is one; they are one in feeling and in pure love.
That child, this young life, André, awaits happiness!
We get to know another wonder, for the mother who receives the other twin-soul will visit that other mother and they will stay together.
They, too, are one and speak of future happiness for him or her living within them.
They hear wonderful music, which is indescribably beautiful and makes them live and be happy.
They pray and are completely in harmony with all and with themselves and they thank their Father in heaven for all those feelings, for all that bliss.
From the connection onward they seclude themselves, they walk in the pure nature and prepare to receive this young life.
They live for nothing and nothing else, but for this young life within them.
This way they feel God, feel and experience the wonder of creation.
They descend deeply into this most sacred event in order to experience it consciously.
When the moment of birth arrives no doctor is required nature is the healer.
This knowledge is within them, all are natural, the spirit has it in its own hands.
The mother secludes herself and gets ready.
Heavenly music vibrates in her soul and those sounds give her an enhanced attunement.
In this condition of prayer and meditation, of pure sounds of the soul, man is born.
The more they advance and acquire inner value, the purer and mightier birth will become.
They, these mothers, do not need the help of others, everything is within them, they are like nature, they are conscious.
The child radiates like a child of God can radiate in that attunement.
Within a few years it will be awake and conscious.
It observes this world and it feels and assesses, even recognizes the inner life with which it is connected.
The mother organism is very sensitive, for the natural activity brought it into this exalted condition.
As I said, the two mothers visit each other and will stay together for a long time.
Their children are twin-souls.
They emanate from an other planet, lived on earth, advanced through the spheres on this side and the long journey for the fourth degree has been attained.
This young life is like an open flower and the love they all feel is awe-inspiring.
There will be a feast and that feast is for these young beings, for they have reached this degree.
This child is brought up in a sphere of love and at an early age it already speaks of wonders and problems, this young life consciously passes on to the acquired level.
Consequently they experience this great wonder together.
They are one in everything and are perfect for this attunement.
Their deep inner life subsequently awakens and they reach maturity.
They live their life together and they assume their duties appointed to them by the princes of love.
Subsequently, they experience creation.
A law, like on earth, does not bind them.
This law resides in them for their yes is a sacred word and lie and deceit are unknown here.
Father and mother are unknown conceptions here, though I have to use these words in order to explain something of their sacred life to you.
There are no parents here, no father or mother, they are all sisters and brothers in the spirit and love everything that lives.
These are spiritual and material laws that nature imposes on them and these laws are experienced in a natural way.
Nature here calls a halt to man and all obey, for all are one with nature.’
‘How wonderful that is, Alcar.
Who can accept this?’
‘If people on earth feel this they will accept all this.
The conception of being father and mother dissolves in the spheres, on our side we only know universal love.
We already pass to that attunement starting in the first sphere on our side.
If we can’t dissociate ourselves from being father or mother we can’t advance any more, for this belongs to the planet earth.
This is an earthly and material feeling and we have to discard these feelings.
Now that we know that we on this side, in the spheres, have got that far, we must accept that those living on this planet have advanced ahead of us and that all those earthly laws and conditions no longer exist.
Universal love is above all earthly love, father and mother love dissolve in it and that is no different on this planet.’
‘Is help during childbirth still necessary here, Alcar?’
‘No, André, as I said before, they possess this strength, the material organism of this planet is like nature and is not defiled in any way.’
‘When I understand you correctly you mean that everything happens on this planet in accordance with nature?’
‘That’s right, they are spiritually and materially one.’
‘It is marvellous Alcar.
One simply must yearn for this.
You have explained all those material degrees of the earth, but isn’t there one degree that experiences birth in a natural way?
Do all those people need help, Alcar?’
‘No, my son, there are human beings on earth who are like nature and who experience this amazing process by themselves, without help.
They are the human beings we met in the first, second and third material degree and they, like those here, do not need all that earthly assistance.
It shows you that the intellectual human beings have left the natural way, even though all those beings think that they are ahead of all those poor souls in these dark bodies.
They have created a condition that is not natural any more.
They drape themselves with decorations, they are well dressed, but they discarded their natural attunement.
They lost themselves in their beautiful and rich lives and they do things people in the jungle would never do.
That is instinct, nature and intellectual man has lost and defiled those laws of nature.
Is it that terrible when I say that the natural core has been lost?
That they adorn their bodies, but that the inner being spiritually starves to death?
In those jungles no doctor is needed, nature has developed to the extent that the human being, the inner life, has acquired this strength and they experience this the way their bodies and nature are.
That harmony is restored on this planet, their spiritual and material life have one attunement, their life is natural.
On this side, my son, they have advanced that far and that is their inner possession.
Scientists are not needed here.’
‘Are there no scientists here, Alcar?’
‘Yes, certainly, but not for illnesses because there are no illnesses here.’
‘How incredible that is, Alcar.’
‘Indeed, André, but I’m telling the holy truth, or there would be no happiness here either.
The scientists of this planet are cosmically conscious and are in communication with other planets, for here the fifth cosmic degree.’
‘Can’t they here follow all the sciences of the planet earth?’
‘Only those sciences that belong to their proper life, in other words: they try to acquire the laws of nature.’
‘That is also amazing, Alcar.
So there are here no lawyers, no doctors, no theologians or sciences which belong to the planet earth?’
‘No, André, because lie or deceit are not known here, every person knows himself here, they are spiritually and cosmically conscious and do not need religions any more.
All that belongs to the planet earth.
Lawyers are needed on earth, because there is evil.
Do you feel this wonder, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand you perfectly.
Don’t they have telephone and television, Alcar, for that is a great wonder, isn’t it?’
‘Indeed that is a great wonder, André, but here they don't need that wonder any longer.’
‘What did you say?
Are those wonderful inventions not needed any more here?
They belong to the greatest wonders the earth has, don’t they, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, my son, but I’ll explain this great problem to you, listen.
This great wonder, André, is the inner possession of those who live here, they have acquired it.
Do you feel what this means?’
‘You mean to say that these people possess a technical wonder?
How is that possible, Alcar, that can’t be accepted, can it?’
‘I’m telling the truth, though.
Don’t forget, my son, that all these people are cosmically conscious and clairvoyant to the highest degree.
A material invention of the earth is the inner possession of this being.
Those living here attune to that other human being and can manifest themselves far away from their own body.
The material inventions of the earth are the inner possession of those living here and consequently are spiritual gifts.
People here no longer need these material connections.
If one of them would like to speak to some other being thousands of miles away from him, he inwardly attunes to him and a spiritual connection is established.
They can manifest themselves on that spot; they depart from their material organism and experience what they want.
All these people here experience spiritual wonders, but in a material life.
These are wonders we know and have acquired on our side.
They speak with each other over great distances and pass on into each other.
This spiritual connection is infallible.
Distances are no longer a barrier for them because they have spiritually advanced and developed that far.
They can see into every other life and they can establish a connection wherever that life may be, then happens what they want.
Their sharp and infallible intuition and concentration establish this long-distance conversation.
They don’t need all those inventions of the earth, although they know and have material wonders not yet known on earth.
They move in space to which end they possess technical wonders very similar to those on earth, but here everything is perfect.’
‘Can accidents occur here, Alcar?’
‘No, André, that is not possible any more.’
‘How incredible that is, Alcar?’
‘And yet so very simple, my son.
For no human being can die here before his time, especially not by an accident, for it is fixed and known a long time in advance.’
‘You mean to say all people living here know in advance when they will die?’
‘Yes, that’s what I mean, André.
When they move into space, they know beforehand whether something can and will happen and they prevent this disturbance.’
‘You are going ever deeper, how amazing this is, Alcar.
It is nearly unbelievable and yet I have to accept it for the Side Beyond has already advanced that far.’
‘Indeed, André.
The scientists on this planet co-operate and all are working for one purpose.
That is the connection with the higher planets, which has already been established.
They communicate with those who are ahead of them, to which end they have instruments.
Although technical science is well advanced here, their inner spiritual possession dominates their material abilities.
Only those inventions are and can be made which are useful and only serve to help mankind, to make life more comfortable.
No other inventions will come about.
The inner condition of the human being is taken into account in every respect.
Everything is geared to it and everyone lives and works to acquire inner possession.
Their activities cannot be compared with those of the earth.
What the human being must carry out and do there in order to be able to live, no longer exists here.
All that toil is unknown here.
Each being has material and spiritual happiness; there is no shortage here, all live in perfect happiness.
They designed all buildings and temples themselves, like in our spiritual world.
They also have vehicles which can rise from the ground, but, as I said, accidents do not happen any more.’
‘Has all that been calculated, Alcar?’
‘Not only calculated, André, but intensely felt.
As I said, they oversee a technical wonder, which means that they know beforehand whether a machine will operate properly, for they can feel that.
That is difficult for people on earth, although it is possible.
Also there are people who feel that an accident is going to happen and they act accordingly.
Is it so strange when I say that they can feel that and inwardly possess these powers?
When this happens on earth, these people usually receive those messages and feelings from our side, they are warned by their beloved ones.
Here, however, they have acquired those feelings, which are spiritual gifts for they have attained that higher attunement.
So they know this in advance and prevent material destruction.’
‘How marvellous all this is, Alcar.’
‘Every human being will attain this, my son, all of us will come that far.
Those who pass away are not mourned, for they know that they will return soon.
Now we get to know other laws.
The return happens the way we know in the world of the unconscious for the third degree.
What may take many centuries there does not happen here any more.
As I told you, what the world of the unconscious is for the planet earth are the mental regions here, though everything is different.’
‘Don’t they have to wait that long for a new organism, Alcar?’
‘No, André, here cosmic harmony rules.
Life on the transitory planets lasts longer than on the first three degrees.
As inner and material life advance a change sets in.
People live on all transitory planets, but inner life is now in harmony with the material organism and that is the cosmic balance.
This cosmic balance has been lost on earth, for there are people who could have been in the spheres of light many centuries ago, but they still live in the spheres of darkness.’
‘What kind of mystery is that, Alcar?’
‘This spiritual and cosmic mystery belongs to the planet earth, my son.
I’ll explain that mystery to you and it will be clear to you how natural everything is that we have learned up to now.
Listen and try to follow me.
It tells us, André, that the more we advance the more our inner and material life will get in harmony and that we return to the natural attunement.
When inner life is ready here it will be attracted immediately.
On earth, however, this is not possible and sometimes it takes centuries.
And why does it take centuries?
Because evil dominates on the planet earth, that is, that life living there is in a disharmonic condition and brought this about.
Violence, animalization, destruction by others and suicide dominate on earth.
All these passions cause cosmic disturbances for inner life.
As a result, souls enter our life too early; they pass away before their cosmic time and wait to be attracted again.
Consequently, the astral worlds for the planet earth are overpopulated because of these disturbances.
The soul, who puts an end to life on earth, as I explained to you, must and will return on earth in order to experience the third cosmic degree.
Thus, back to earth, however, there are millions of souls who violated these laws and it therefore takes centuries before they, all these people, receive a new body.
This overpopulation in the astral world is caused in that all these beings have to experience these lives again in order to be able to reach the spheres of light.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well then, everything is different here.
There is no passion here, no violence, no suicide, and no destruction, there is cosmic harmony on all those transitory planets for this degree and it will therefore be clear to you that we get to know other laws.
Here, André, man is cosmically conscious and in harmony with nature.
As a result we learn to know cosmic harmony, because inner life has advanced that far and man and animal are in natural harmony.
The further we advance the more material and inner life are one in everything.
In the mental regions one soul waits for one body, in the case of the planet earth, however, thousands of souls wait for one organism and this explains the disharmonic conditions of the planet earth, which we have encountered on our long road and which I have been allowed to explain to you one by one.
Is it clear to you, André, how amazing all this is?
And, most of all that we people have our happiness and sorrow in our own hands?
That people on earth are completely unaware of this?
That each being must get in harmony with creation and acquire these laws of nature?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand you in everything, it is also natural.’
‘This cosmic and natural harmony must be present here and that is awaking, passing away and being born in the next stage, in an other organism that is ready.’
‘How old do these people get, Alcar?’
‘That varies in accordance with their level.
That process begins already on the first transitory planet.
By earthly standards people will live to be one hundred and fifty years, and when the fourth degree has been attained even older and they’ll exceed two centuries.
Thus, the age of the material organism and inner life is gradually increasing, because we proceed to the All.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, and it is very natural.’
‘It must be, my son, and it has a cosmic meaning as well.
The highest age life will reach on this planet exceeds three centuries, to then die.
On the fifth degree and this is again a spiritual mystery for earthly mortal beings, people live to be thousands of years and the inner and material life has passed on to other and higher laws, of which I don’t know anything either.
In the seventh material degree there is hardly a material end.’
‘Does the soul not have to wait longer, Alcar?’
‘No, André, because there is cosmic harmony again.
Starting from this planet we get to know these laws of harmony and however unlikely it is for us as well, there is no change in that respect, even though material life lasts thousands of years.
These are therefore other and higher laws than those we have encountered so far and this is one event.’
‘You mean that the process of dying and attraction of inner life is one activity?’
‘Yes, André, and in it resides that cosmic order.’
‘Now I’m beginning to understand, Alcar.
What happens when we have reached the seventh cosmic degree?
Do you know something about the age of material life there?’
‘I told you a while ago that figures are almost unknown on the seventh cosmic degree and there is almost no end to life there.
The soul nevertheless passes into the astral cosmos and man has returned to the All.
We cannot follow or understand the laws in force there.
Creation can be followed up to the seventh cosmic degree, but what happens after that no spirit nor human being knows anything about.
I explained that to you at the pyramid.
We have to master all those cosmic grades.’
‘If I understand everything correctly, Alcar, the All is like the mental regions?’
‘Very good, my son, but the Divine attunement.
No time is wasted unnecessarily on all these planets; people don’t do things which they regret later on for that is not possible any more.
Here, on this planet, André, a human being will achieve in one life exactly what should be achieved.
People on earth do not think of laws of nature and live to the full.
They all know here what they are living for and what is expected of them.
All these beings serve.
When people here die during the first stage, they pass on into a subsequent life, at an other and higher level.
On earth, however, we return many times to one and the same stage, because we have forgotten ourselves during that stage.
The further people advance, the longer they live.
Is that clear to you now, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
If I understand you correctly this only applies to inner life?’
‘Exactly, that’s what I mean.
There is only one material organism, but there are seven degrees for inner life, transitions of development.
On earth we see black and brown, but the highest body in material condition is the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, here, however, man has only to do with spiritual degrees for which he will return.
Again, it is the process of death and birth and receiving a new body, the male as well as the female organism.
In all these degrees people live in the female and male material organism in order to experience the deep inner life in that higher condition.
Great respect is felt for the mother organism here, the mother organism is most sacred, for it experiences creation and feels the soul.’
‘What amazing things you tell me, it makes my head spin, Alcar.’
‘Mine does not, André, and none of them who live on this side and on this planet.
Those who live here know all this, I’m also grateful that I know this and I build on it, I’ll concentrate on it.
I said already, André, that I hope I’ll have advanced that far in thousands of years, though I already have spiritual happiness and quiet in me so that I can prepare myself.
I’ll dedicate my entire life to it.
I thank God that He has given me the grace to bring all this on earth.
I’m grateful, my son, that I live and am awake, that I am a particle of all this mightiness and that I have learned all that on this side.
What you now experience, my son, is sacred.
This is only given to a few on earth.
It is a grace to be a medium for it and you can be happy.’
‘I am, Alcar.’
‘I know, André.
We are all happy when we can do something for our brothers and sisters on earth.’
‘Is all that hard work man on earth has to accomplish not necessary here any more, Alcar?’
‘No, it isn’t.
For instance coal is not needed here, for there is a force of nature which is also known on earth.
It is electricity, though its use is more advanced.
Sunlight is collected and processed, which is stronger than electricity, it is not yet known on earth.
This power is known on this planet.
People here know the meaning of this enormous power; it can be traced back to the primary stage.
Thousands of inventions stem from it, which are used here.
People here are vegetarians; not a single animal is killed.
Animal food is not used any more: the refined organism could not even digest it.
They live on natural food, the products which grow in their midst.
Everywhere, wherever they are, natural food is present, just like in our spheres.
If one wants food, one goes into nature and picks the food if nothing is directly at hand.
This atmosphere differs from the one of the planet earth and this also has a cosmic meaning.
Consequently, every planet has its own atmosphere and its life is in accordance with it.
Heat and cooling off are also known here.’
‘Is all the cattle we have on earth not present here, Alcar, and not needed any more?’
‘No, killing cattle is not necessary any more, though we know that noble animals like the horse and many species of animals live here.
Man and animal, however, are one.
The animal gives itself entirely to the human being and the advanced human being gives himself to the animal and is most grateful for all this love.
That is God’s intention.
Here, everything is clean and pure like nature is.
Their garments are made of a silky substance and are like the spiritual garb seen in the entire cosmos.’
‘It is amazing, Alcar.’
‘So it is, André, and yet so natural.’
‘Are all those animal species we have on earth only for the planet earth?’
‘Yes, André, every planet produced its own organism and this also applies to the animal kingdom.
Only the higher species of animals, as I explained to you, go with us to the All and they’ll attain that degree.
You also know that all those animal species will and must dissolve into the highest species, which is the animal that has attained the highest degree in its species.
All that cattle, all those thousands of animal species belong to the human condition on earth.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘You mean to say that when inner man has got that far the animal has also advanced to that stage?’
‘Yes, that is what I mean, in essence this happens on earth.
One day all that cattle will become extinct, for it will not be needed any more.
We know, however, that this animal has also reached a higher stage and this evolution has taken place.’
‘Have they got machines which are used on earth for a lot of things, Alcar?’
‘Oh yes, they do have them, André, but not like those on earth.
Thousands of machines do the work for the human being here to his advantage, but not like on earth for the benefit of a few, while others are starving.
That is not possible here, there is no starvation, no shortage, man is happy here.
Everyone has his own task, as I said before, assigned by higher beings.
Mother love is the dearest possession and bliss known here, mother love dominates and supports this planet.
It is the mother who experiences this cosmic and Divine wonder and holy respect is felt for the wonder of creation.
Those living in the female and mother organism have to adapt themselves to this natural activity and this event is sacred.
You may think that this life is very complicated, but it isn’t.
It is in fact very simple, for one understands oneself here and one is conscious in everything.’
‘What should one learn as a child here, Alcar?’
‘Children and grown-up people must learn the laws of nature.
On our side, too, we do just that.
Their life is like ours in the seventh sphere, though in a material condition.
The masters are constantly in communication with them.
Our life, the mentors of this planet say, is like we have learned to know it in the seventh sphere.
What we have observed and possessed in a spiritual condition we also have here and it is the possession of all.
You surely feel, André, that those messages have reached us too.
‘Feel how wonderful it is’, they said, ‘and you can imagine what our life is like.
What you know there, we have extracted from the cosmos in a material condition.
Here we know that we will die and be born again, that we have to learn and that learning is our spiritual development, like the masters told us when we lived there.
We have temples and buildings as in the fourth sphere, but ours are material and radiate, as we all have inner radiance.’
They were also asked: ‘Have you got your own language?
We know all languages of the earth and we also have our own languages, though they are hardly used, for we use the spiritual language.
Why should we needlessly complicate matters when we can pick up each others thoughts and feelings?
We try to live like we have learned and acquired in the seventh sphere.
Consequently, our life here is a life of pure happiness.
You can imagine our life, but also realize that we are material beings and possess all that in a material condition.
You all know the wonder of creation, but we experience it consciously, none excluded.
Imagine what it means to be conscious with the All-Father.
We are so very happy, for God lives in our midst and we feel close to Him.
We are in communication with our brothers and sisters who have already reached the fifth degree, and that happiness, that life cannot be compared with ours.
We receive many inventions from our sisters and brothers of the fifth degree, but we can only prepare and apply them when we have advanced that far and have acquired the highest inner degree.
We only want to use those inventions that can serve us, but what we can do ourselves, we will achieve with our own efforts.
You know the quiet and peace we have.
We are all like you, but the sixth higher inner degrees are ahead of you.
We also experience the celebration of our Master Jesus Christ, which is no different than with you, though the higher masters feel the sorrow and pain suffered by the Master more intensely.
They explain to us how it should be experienced and felt.
This depth means descending into His holy life.
What we could experience on the planet earth after which we returned to the spheres, we also experience here when we are all one.
Nothing has changed and it also applies to the fifth degree and all planets.
It is experienced and that will remain so, for we feel the great injustice done to Him.
We establish this connection from time to time and we receive your feelings.
We know your life and we return to the past and you know the connection required.
He who has established this connection with you lives in the fifth spiritual degree and the masters assigned this to me.’
That is what this mentor said to all of them, André, and once I was allowed to hear this conversation.
I was also connected.
I told you of a spiritual connection between this planet and our side, which happens several times.
I was allowed to experience this through my master Cesarino, for he established this connection, he was the instrument to receive these messages.’
‘It is remarkable, Alcar.’
‘All the beauty present here, André, is the possession of the material beings who live here.’
‘I have no words for it, Alcar, I don’t know what to say.
Is there day and night here?’
‘We find that throughout the universe.
This planet also describes its own orbit around its sun, though it differs from that of the planet earth and that can be seen and felt.
They know seasons like on earth, but these are in no way related to the earth.’
‘Surely they know time and have established a measure for it?’
‘Time exists on all planets and this applies to all material bodies inhabited by life.
Life brings this along and not only life but nature compels man to act in accordance with it.
Not only the planet as a cosmic entity, but also the material body needs sleep, because it is essential for the organism.
Consequently, this also applies to these people, although these beings are higher than material man on earth is.
As I said, this planet has an other atmosphere than the earth.
That is why nature is different and that the produce of this planet is quite distinct from that of the earth.
Fruit growing in this nature is deliciously juicy, like in our life.
Man has concentrated himself on it, that is what they live and work for and they give themselves entirely.
We know they make tremendous progress and although much has been achieved this goes on ever more.
The search for material perfection is within reach of man and this also applies to the earth.
Also there new and better types of fruit are being found and cultivated which is possible in nature.’
‘So there are a great many things, Alcar, which are known on earth and are also used here?’
‘Yes, indeed, especially what nature produces but also art and sciences, though everything is more perfect here.’
‘If I understand you correctly, Alcar, all those institutions essential on earth for self-preservation are not necessary here any more?’
‘No, André, as I said before lies and deceit are unknown here, people do not steel and fight, here is spiritual quiet.’
‘How delightful that is, Alcar.
So nothing is ever wasted here and man does not desire the property of others.’
‘As I just told you all those earthly passions are not known here.
There are no rulers here, such people are only known on earth.
There they are essential, here they aren’t, for everyone can be trusted and every being possesses true love.’
‘It is amazing and great happiness awaits us people of the earth.
If only they could accept this.
That, however, will not be possible.’
‘I told you that they cannot imagine this, though we’ll convince many.
Others, however, think we are insane and dreamers, but that is up to them.
One day they’ll get that far and will also experience this.
No illness, no restlessness, no death, no fear of the future, nothing, nothing of all this earthly misery is found here.
Just try to imagine.
My God, who would not want to live for that?
So, all that earthly misery is unknown here.
Everybody knows how to live, what age he will reach and thousands of other things, for they are conscious in everything.
It is not until now that man uses his inner gifts and although some also do on earth it is not in this condition and attunement.’
‘How is the arrangement of such a planet, Alcar?’
‘You mean how it is looked after and managed?’
‘Yes, that’s what I mean.’
‘Oh, that is very simple.
The masters live in the centre of the planet, just like on our side.
The masters look after us all and we after others, until the lowest receive.
In this way everybody is connected and that connection emanates from the centre and flows in round lines over the entire planet.
From there they issue their instructions which are punctually and faithfully executed, for everybody is doing his work in a perfect way because they cannot make conscious mistakes.
This is the spiritual connection and the planet is governed like our spiritual world.
People on this planet, André, are quite distinct from inner and material man on earth.
Oh, that pure love they possess here!
That fire, that spiritual fire is their possession.
To be allowed to live in such a condition, in such a splendid material organism, to play music, to paint, to sculpture, all that, André, is so superior and pure and nobody on earth can imagine that.
Here is spiritual and material happiness.
My God, how could we thank You!
Such is life here, André, on the fourth cosmic degree, which you have now been able to see.
It is a grace, as I already said, only few people may experience.
This is the honest truth.
One day we’ll also be here.’
‘How long will it be before the animal-like human being will enter here, Alcar?’
‘You mean the animal-like human being of the earth, don’t you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I meant that degree of consciousness.’
‘Possibly ten, twenty or perhaps even a hundred thousands years.’
‘Before they are born here?’
‘Yes, it may take that long.’
‘And coarse-material people or those who are already open to spiritual things and can accept all this?’
‘For coarse-material people it may take thousands and thousands of years and also for spiritually sensitive people.’
‘How is it possible, Alcar, still that long?’
‘Yes, André, do not forget that the more we advance the slower progress will be.
It may be a thousand years before I reach the seventh sphere, and then also thousands of years will pass before I enter the mental regions and before I’ll be born on this planet.’
‘It is a long way we have to cover, Alcar.’
‘That way leads us to God, my son.
Once you feel spiritual ground under your feet, you feel safe and advance quietly.
You can’t hurry, that would be wrong, for you cannot keep that pace up.
We on this side proceed consciously and we know what we can achieve.
In the spirit you cannot leave anything out and yet all of us will be born here.
We prepare ourselves, we serve and we sacrifice ourselves for all life, we give ourselves entirely, we work and pray and advance step by step.
Gerhard staked everything, which he could because he possessed those powers.
But he won’t be able to in the second and third sphere.
It becomes increasingly difficult and an other life is required.
Those spheres cannot be reached that easily.
He made a lot of progress within a few years, but the years would increase tenfold for him to enter from the first sphere into the second or into the third sphere.
People on earth who begin to feel that they’ll live eternally should calmly adjust themselves and allow the Holy Ghost to act on them.
Then they will reach our side and they can proceed.
When they experience everything they will hurry back to the earth to tell their relatives that they are alive, they’ll return to the spheres with renewed courage to acquire the higher feelings.’
‘So insanity is not known here either?’
‘You felt that correctly, André, though you have known that for a long time.
No, that is indeed impossible.
All are spiritually conscious and insanity is in essence the influence of a lower consciousness.
That is unknown here that is past and is not possible any more.
All those illnesses and spiritual phenomena belong to the earth.
You know why, I explained that to you.
The material organism of the planet earth is ill and society is worse.
Nothing is in harmony with nature in accordance with which they should live.
It is incomprehensible that the number of people killed is not greater, for when the earth is observed from this side one trembles and shivers because of all evil, all the misery but if you tell them of eternal life, they look at you and think you are insane.
Here it is different.
They yearn for spiritual wisdom and receive it.
Here everyone adjusts himself and receives and experiences the greatest bliss.
If only it was like this on earth, if they only wanted to destroy death, they would have advanced and the aspects of the earth would change.’
‘Aren’t there religions here, Alcar?’
‘No, André, but you have known that for a long time.
Nothing of all those earthly religions and religious hatred are known here.
These earthly aspects are not present.
People here yearn for spiritual nourishment, which is satisfied.
They only know life and they love this life in pure love.
That is all they need and it is their religion, it is the perfection that man needs.
They only know Christ, for their feelings for God’s holy Child are deep.
How do people act on earth?
We hear their prayers, but we also know that theses are not pure, because they ask God to destroy their enemies.
The priests do the same and go on praying in this way.
However, such clergymen only live on earth.’
‘So, there are no clergymen here, Alcar?’
‘No, my son, those people are not needed any more, for they do not even know themselves and what can these beings do for others?
They do not know their God.
Nor Christ or life, they are also living dead.
Here, however, one lives and is awake and conscious.
These people do not lock themselves up, they live life as nature and God wants them to.
All those religions belong to the planet earth, for it is there that we, people, begin to awaken for advance.
All, none excluded, my son, love, they have true love.’
‘What a mighty difference with the earth, Alcar.’
‘Man on earth holds happiness in his own hands.
Those who seek the good and live accordingly, the way God wants, acquire inner happiness and know that God guards them.
Life on earth is difficult, but only because it is a school of hard knocks for spiritual life.
It cannot be evaded, for people must go back to the All.
We know what awaits us, the spheres on this side and this life on the fourth cosmic degree.
Shouldn’t we do everything for this?
Man here lives in a material paradise and God has reserved that for all His children.
Life is lived here for the happiness of others and it is not possible for one of them to feel unhappy.
They live here as in a large family governed by princes of love who guard them all and serve the life living here.
We’ll find this situation towards the end of the earth.
The earth will change, and the good will prevail when there are no more demons in hell, when the first two degrees have passed on to the third cosmic degree and those pre-animal-like beings have reached the highest and spiritual attunement.
On earth people must be urged on to seek the good, that is not necessary here any more.
One time all that misery will disappear from the earth when there are no more illnesses, no passions or violence, then all people present there are conscious and awake and know where they are going to and what awaits them.
We are not understood yet, André, and we don’t blame them, one day, however, they will get that far by which time we hope to be here and live in all this beauty.
How must we thank God.
My Father in heaven feels my deep gratitude, André, I’ll never forget this either.
I’ll always think of this and we’ll do our utmost to acquire this happiness and wisdom.
To that end we have to learn a lot, but we’ll manage.
My heart feels it and it warms my soul, this is the driving force to accept to give ourselves entirely like God wants us to.
How blissful everything is and love radiates and flows towards us, in essence we are already connected.
All of them cultivated those spiritual flowers and they, too, collapsed many a time before they had advanced that far.
They covered a long road and yet, they once lived like wild animals on the second and third degree and felt nothing of all this love and inner richness.
Now that we know this it urges us on to make a start, for this road is open for us, we want to start, won’t we, André?’
André looked at his leader and thanked him profoundly.
‘Your ardour,’ said André, ‘I’ll make my own.
I shall and want to do that at all cost.
I want to destroy myself and my pedestal, for there should be nothing left in me that could obstruct my spiritual progress.
Oh, if people on earth knew this.
If only they wanted to discard themselves and find fault with themselves and not with others they would be well on their way.
However, they invariably look at others, they are at fault.
I notice that all the time, Alcar.’
‘We’ll experience that for a long time to come, for they forget that they are there to learn.
They forget that they could not be there any more, if they had experienced their own karma and had made up.
Nothing for nothing and not a single child of God will get unnecessary sorrow.
Man looks for his happiness, but that happiness does not come until on this side.
They will not begin to feel their happiness until they have finished with their many lives.
Every being seeks and attracts what they are themselves and have achieved.
An animal-like being descends into the material organism and inspires that material life.
What would happen if they also had this in their own hands?
People wonder why and for what reason they receive such a child, but deep down within them they have to do with that inner life and merely because of that they attracted that life and will make up.’
‘That is not possible here any more, Alcar?’
‘No, thank God they have advanced that far.
These people are angels and they can only attract similar beings and this inspiration lives on our side.
Do you feel, André, that nothing has changed yet and that nature still acts infallibly?
That we shall attract in accordance with our inner being?
When we have experienced our karma an other life will descend into that material organism and that life will be to do something for the earth.
It is remarkable how well everything has been arranged; God oversaw this and knew how it would happen.
I was allowed to explain many wonders to you and if people do not seize this with both hands they are not worth being children of God.
Yet, I should not speak like this, although I know they will trample upon this nourishment for the mind, they will abuse it and not accept it.
Nevertheless, we reach many people and in a few hundred years we will have advanced that far.
Then there will be people on earth who understand us and are grateful to hear about this.
They will continue our work, because they feel how sacred everything is, how deep, how great and pure this message is which was passed on.
I’ll explain that once again and you’ll then feel and see how I arranged everything before­hand, so that no mistakes could be made.
I guarantee your mediumship, I hold these gifts in my hands and it is my task to tell you of our life.
Those who do not feel this do have to learn it.
Later these people will be on earth and read our books, André, and then they’ll make every effort to reach the spheres of light.
Then we, and all who follow us, will be understood and all will be grateful that we were given the grace to tell this.
They will fold their hands and bend their head and know that they can proceed.
It is not until then, André, that they will seek themselves and do not ask why and what for any more and that death is spiritual happiness and reunion on this side.
Yes, one day they’ll be that far, and we’ll be far, very far away and prepare ourselves to accept this here.
We follow Christ and all who have received God’s life will have to follow Him.
An animal on this planet is thousands of years ahead of the rational being on earth.
There are many species here that follow the Divine being in everything.
They are grateful when being spoken to and they feel what this higher being wants.
On our side they are the spiritual messengers, they have a similar task here, but in a material condition.’
‘Did this planet also bring all this about, Alcar?’
‘Everything we have seen on the first degrees and the earth posesses and brought about, is present here, but only the seventh cosmic animal species, of which I told you.
The higher the more beautiful all life becomes, whether human or animal and everything growing in nature.
So everything is ready and perfect here and beyond description.’
‘What a wealth, Alcar.
I see the entire planet in front of me and also how everything happens.’
‘I make you feel this, just as on our side.
In the centre of this planet, my son, there is a mighty building and this building is the image of the pyramid on earth.
However, this building is a Divine temple and has a different meaning.
In it people concentrate on the All and are connected with those higher spheres and planets.
I cannot describe this profusion, for this happiness is too profound for my feeling, but we know how everything is.
There are buildings we have in the seventh sphere and which are of incredible beauty and the height of which cannot be seen.
That section dissolves in this bright blue and they know why.
I showed you this on our side.
Everything is as they are inwardly.
The architects who live here are spiritual artists.
Their feeling is highly developed and mighty and that is what man seeking higher life creates.
Everything living here belongs to them.
Material property is unknown here, they live in everything and with everything, for personal property does not exist, they discarded that a long time ago.
Do you realize how mighty it is to be able to feel like that and to be allowed to live and to receive in this way?
Wanting to live for that is a sacred feeling which is present in all of them.
Nobody will disturb; they would not be able to disturb.
Everybody knows his own task and knows what is required of him or her.
Everything here is perfect, spiritually perfect.
As I told you, the technical wonders here are beyond description and beyond comprehension.
They are thousands of years ahead of the earth.
They float in space, for them there is no distance and they know this planet.
There is no being who would not know what he possesses, for they own it inwardly.
They have an infallible intuition and their main possession is that they know themselves.’
‘You said, Alcar, that this planet is larger than the earth?’
‘Hundreds of times larger than the earth, André.’
‘And then to live on it as a large family?’
‘Yes, billions of beings live here and yet it is one big family.
They all travel, years on end and thus take possession of their beloved planet.
They are one with everything here and even a grass-stalk is sacred to them.
They know every patch of soil and have been there and they are lovingly welcomed on their journeys by their sisters and brothers.
Do you feel, André, how great this love is, how mighty is their happiness?
Their houses are open, for these houses are also the property of others and they are happy to receive and welcome their brothers and sisters.’
‘Is that for everybody, Alcar?’
‘Yes, this happiness is for everyone, my son, without exception, there is no distinction here.’
‘What many wonders did you explain to me on this journey.
How simple this life is and yet how profound, Alcar.’
‘The depth of this life is their feeling, André.
The further we get, the more we advance, and the simpler it becomes, however difficult this may seem.
Only people on earth make their lives difficult.
They do not understand anything of creation and lose themselves in everything and they feel very unhappy when husband or wife or child passes away.
They cannot be helped and think themselves very unhappy.
Here, on our side, that father or mother awakes and sees that life.
Then there is no misery or grief any more, only happiness.
All this is known here, for I told you that they know where they are going.
To be allowed to die here is a mercy.
Yet this also applies to the earth, though they don’t feel it and they cry their eyes out.
So on earth everything is different.
This difference is due to a lack of inner possession, of faith and confidence.
That is why it is so sad there, they are living dead and feel lonely and abandoned.
Here one being supports the other and they understand what is given to them.
No more tears of suffering and grief are shed here, for they do not know what sorrow is.
It is true that they can cry, but only for happiness and bliss because of everything they received from God.
It shows their love and they weep for deep emotion and gratitude.
Is this not a great and mighty happiness?
Look at all that, André, and proclaim it on earth.
Tell them what it is like here and that they will receive all this.
A planet where billions of people live in harmony, isn’t that a cosmic wonder?
Don’t we feel that we’ll become like God?
Has that Divine quality not always been in us from the beginning and haven’t you noticed and felt it everywhere?
I explained that Divinity in many conditions and wherever we were we saw and felt that Divine suggestion.
Pursue it, feel accordingly and respond to it.
Feel the depth of you own inner life and descend into that depth.
What you feel is either evil or misery, but if you descend deeper and deeper into yourself you will feel the quiet of God and you touch your own Divine attunement, for the spark of God lives in that pure quietude.
You fall asleep and the tranquillity of the spirit descends in you.
Poets on earth feel what all this means, but people who live like wild animals curse everything I said.
Yet, that quietude is God, because it touches that which is his own life.
They do not know hell or damnation here, preachers who say that, André, live in darkness themselves and are living dead.
I could go on, for there is no end to everything here.
It becomes ever more beautiful and purer.’
‘If this planet is hundreds of times larger that the earth, it must be a great expanse.
Are there planets which are still larger, Alcar?’
‘The higher we get the larger everything becomes and we get the feeling that there is no end any more.
On earth powers of nature and wonders are known, we on our side know spiritual laws and wonders, but these people here and those who have advanced even further know cosmic wonders and cosmic laws of which we, André, know absolutely nothing.
Everything becomes ever greater and wider and the more we advance the more everything expands and its extent can no longer be felt.
They know, however, that this is true and that it awaits them.’
‘If I correctly understood everything you explained to me on all our journeys, Alcar, our life on earth is exactly the opposite of this life here.
If we can accept everything on earth, that means losing everything, then we’ll actually receive, is that correct?’
‘Did I ever say something different, André?
Isn’t that what I always taught you?
Those who can accept, my boy, have well advanced and will soon receive everything.
Precisely when we are prepared to lose everything and bend our head for God, an other power acts and lives in us and then happens what God has reserved for us.
How great is the human being who can say, my God leads me on the right way when I am wrong and I’ll be grateful when this happens, whatever my life will be like.
These people here, André, give everything and the more they can give the more their inner wealth increases.
Their inner light then radiates over their entire environment.
People here give, on earth they ask and demand, here they only serve, and they could not live differently.
This belongs to us, if we want and we can receive this, if we bend our head.
This will be our property, if we open ourselves and it is spiritual wealth.
That is what we are all longing for.
Have an other look at everything, André, I feel that we’ll have to leave soon.’
‘Does Cesarino let you know that, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
The way they live and receive here, and are in connection with others, is like our life.
We in the spirit, and they in their material organism.
You can still observe, soon this will not be possible any more and we have to return.’
‘That again is a wonder, Alcar.
I have assimilated everything and I am most grateful to you, I won’t forget it.
Does Cesarino know what you explained to me?’
‘This mentor has connected himself with me.
I know of all these possibilities, but in order to pass on into this, higher powers are required and this happens the way you experienced when you were permitted to visit the sixth and seventh sphere.
My powers are insufficient.
I, too, am only an instrument, you see how the masters are following me.
This is their work, and mine and yours and that of many others.’
André looked at this paradise, he would not return here again.
I wish you all farewell for thousands of years, and he sent his gratitude to those united in happiness.
He felt grateful, very grateful to the Creator of all this mighty life.
He knelt down and prayed for this happiness.
When he opened his eyes he saw that his leader was also absorbed in prayer.
Alcar also looked up to heaven and thanked his Holy Father.
André trembled for happiness.
Then he suddenly exclaimed: ‘What is that, Alcar?
Everything is fading away, I can’t see anything any more, a dense fog is covering this planet!’
‘Didn’t I tell you just now that our connection would be broken?
This happens now and we must leave.’
‘What wonder, how you are one, Alcar.
Now I understand what was shown to me in the temple of the soul.’
‘Cesarino has broken our connection, André and we must return to our side, where you will experience yet more wonders, which I am allowed to explain.
Come, my son, however difficult it will be for you, this happiness has come to an end.
Once, even though it will take a great many years we, too, will live here together and with us many sisters and brothers of the spheres.
All will arrive here and accept this possession.’
André could not see anything any more.
Alcar returned and they floated towards the side beyond.
‘I could pass on into our own world here, but I want to linger for a while in this silence.
You want that too, won’t you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I’d love to.
I must digest this first, presently I’ll be ready.’