Alcar’s past

Many wonders await you on this journey.
I connected you each time with the past and I can always do that.’
‘Where do we go now, Alcar?’
‘To Egypt.
I have lived there and I want to show you my life and that of my friend.
I said on our previous journey that I met him there.
A quarrel separated us and he lost his life through it.
However, I’ll pass on to that time later; first I have to explain some other conditions.
I’m going back thousands of years and during those thousands of years I lived on earth several times.
During the first life that I’m going to follow I had the female organism.
That is an amazing and incredible problem, but every human being who enters here will experience it.
I also pass on in other lives and that is the most incredible of all, though it is the truth.
It is merely for the soul, the soul must experience that or we would not advance.
I explained that to you.
Inner life must develop and that is only possible when we can experience the plan of creation which requires human organisms.’
‘So, after all, that material body is only of secondary importance, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, but haven’t you known that for a long time?
However marvellous and mighty that earthly body, it is not important any more and will die.
New people, new material bodies are constantly coming on earth, invariably occupied by the same souls, never by others.
We know that inner life was born on the first cosmic degree and had to follow that million process.
The earthly material organism is subjected to the process of decay, the soul returns to the spheres and will wait.
That process goes on, has been going on for millions of years, and is still in progress.
However, people on earth cannot accept it.
In nature I could draw their attention to thousands of examples of reincarnations, in a germ, that minute seed, lives the multicoloured perfect flower.
People know all that, but they do not reflect and do not feel that this wonder means reincarnation for the vegetable kingdom.
It is no different for mankind and the animal kingdom.
This is where I wanted to be.
This is where I lived, André.
Here I gave birth to two children.’
‘I beg your pardon?
You gave birth to two children?’
‘Do you find that incredible?’
‘No, I don’t, Alcar, but it is so remarkable.’
‘Here, André, I cursed myself and others.
This was my life and here I began to make up.
Look, André, I lived in that quiet environment on the edge of this forest.’
André felt himself sink away deeply, the present-day earth disappeared before his eyes and a different world, the past, revealed itself.
Then he began to see.
My God, he thought, how is it possible.
In a simple hut he saw a human being, to the left and right animal skins were suspended.
He understood what it meant.
‘Now I connected you with the past, André, look at this mother.’
She was an old woman and she sat there quietly.
A mountain of misery surrounded her; she was poor and embittered.
There was hatred in her; he clearly felt that.
It was quiet and he looked up at his leader.
He dared not speak a word and he waited for what would happen.
Alcar said: ‘I’m going to connect you with her.
Try to feel her and ask me if you want to know something.’
André felt himself descend into this being.
What am I going to experience now?, he thought.
There was terrible hatred in her.
She thought of putting an end to her life, because she was here alone and deserted.
Where were her children?
Now that he thought of it he immediately saw another image.
He heard Alcar say: ‘I’m going back forty years and you will see what I was shown by the masters in the spheres.’
André now saw that she was much younger and he saw two children, a boy and a girl.
This picture faded.
He subsequently saw that some years had passed.
The girl was ill and her mother sat beside her sickbed.
She was preparing some herbs over a fire.
‘Now an other image’, he heard Alcar say, ‘that child will pass away.’
André saw it happen.
How terrible it was for her.
Then somebody entered.
It was a robust figure who looked around and approached her.
He was going to witness a remarkable event.
He spoke to the woman and those words he could understand.
He could, because he felt what this being wanted to say.
Before he had pronounced his words, André knew already what he was going to say.
He asked Alcar how this was possible.
‘We know no languages in the spirit, André.
On this side one must feel and experience, merely feel and we are connected by those feelings and pass on into the human being.
It makes no difference whether the event happened in the past and neither in the case of foreign languages, it is no impediment in our life, we connect by feeling and know what they think and want to say.
You can follow him now in all his feelings.
Once I destroyed also him.
Now he will destroy her, she will perish through sorrow and misery.
She cannot endure all that misery, it breaks her heart.
He is a hunter and he was famous for it in his time.
This life was thousands of years ago, André, and yet we can see and experience it again.
This child is going to die, André, and that event is also fixed and on time, this young life will pass away not a second too early or too late.
Her husband, who was invariably away, stayed away when this child passed away.
That was hard, very hard and he, too, will have to make up for that once.
How can people forget themselves in that way?
He loved someone else and he left her in all her misery.
However, she received what she had once done to him, but he did wrong things again and that is what we are like as human beings when we do not understand ourselves.
He should have stayed and waited for his end, only God could have given him what he so dearly wanted.
But he took it, lived his own life and thought of nothing else.
Some years went by.
Her boy grew up and this child was also taken away from her.
A wild animal killed it.
Now she had nothing left, she was entirely on her own and deserted.
Will she be able to cope?
Will she be able to hold out?
Has this soul already advanced that far and does she have those powers, which are spiritual property?
Isn’t this life terrible?
We do not know the depth of inner life and we do not want to see the pit brimming with sins, and yet, we have to make up for those sins.
However, she could not endure this, André, and she put an end to her life on earth.
Look and observe, my boy.’
André saw this horrible scene.
She had strung herself up.
My God, what misery and he looked at his leader.
Alcar was lost in thought.
It was long before he could speak and André said to Alcar: ‘You have had to experience that, Alcar?
You once put an end to your life?
And now you are in the fifth sphere?’
‘I am not ashamed of it, André, because I have made it up and have covered that long road.
This happened once.
I saw all this in the temple of the soul together with a lot of misery, when my own film of life was shown to me.’
André’s eyes filled with tears.
This moved him deeply.
His leader was an angel of light and yet he had done it centuries ago.
Alcar looked back at his past life and that required courage.
‘I lived in this material body as an astral human being, André.
I, a particle of God, lived in it, because I am spirit and man, I am soul and life.
As a human being I did not feel love and my soul, so I myself, had to experience that.
I lived, but I did not understand that life.
I had to acquire it and to that end many other lives were needed.
I had returned here to make up, but all that misery broke me and that’s why I put an end to that life.
As a result – and that will now be clear to you, I told you of the soul we followed, she also perished time and again – I did more bad than good and I had to experience this terrible mistake.
My soul, I myself, was eaten up with hatred towards the one who did this to me.
God could not possess love, for this was unbearable and I cursed Him and all those who spoke of Him.
There was faith in me, though Christ had not yet come to earth.
There were other prophets, however, and we had learned to know a God.
Can you sense my feelings, André?
I will return to that time, you can feel that I am the one who lived in that material mother organism.
What do you feel, André?’
‘My feelings lead me from her to you, Alcar, I feel that very clearly.’
‘That’s correct, André.
I descended in that time and accepted that life, my inner life of that time, for a while.
We can pass on into it and we are as we then felt.
I’ll go on now and show and explain a bit more.
In this life I forgot myself, and what happened now, what happened to me and to my body?
What happened to me will happen to every human being who puts an end to his life.
I was attached to this material organism and had to experience the process of decay that Lantos described.
This was my end on earth and my entrance into the spiritual world.
Look at that corpse, André.
Beside that material organism you see that other being, that astral one and that is the spiritual or inner life, which is I.
I experienced being separated from my material organism and had to wait until it had decomposed.
That corpse was not found until months later and was buried.
Here below is my material body, when it was buried this hut was pulled down and I was forgotten.
This was the end of a human life on earth.
When my material body had decomposed after many years – Lantos described it and he did so for me, otherwise I would have had to give you a complete explanation - I wandered about in the astral world, an empty space, to which there seems to be no end.
However, that end came and that world also dissolved for me and I entered the world of the unconscious.
There I waited for a new body, because I had to proceed and be born again to make up.
In this life, however, I had destroyed more than I had made good, although this life had not been in vain, which I could not understand or feel.
I would have reached a very high age in that life, but I put an end to it when I was sixty-four years old and wandered about in silence for fifteen long years, the years I should have lived.
Lantos told you about that too, and I do not need to explain that to you.
Do you understand, André, to continue this subject for a while, why Lantos was allowed to tell about his life?
He did so for me, because I had too much other work to do.
In addition he could tell about his own experiences, for there was depth in his life and a mighty wonder which is reincarnation on earth, represented in Marianne.
He told of his life on earth, his entrance into the astral world and what he experienced in the life of the spirit.
I said that after that long walk I dissolved in the world of the unconscious and waited for a new birth.
If reincarnation would not be a fact and had not been created for the soul, if God had not given us that mighty grace, believe me, I would have had to live on in that empty space by myself, deserted and there would have been no change for me and those who put an end to their life on earth.
How could I have left that world?
Who could free me from it?
No man and no soul, only God.
But I was to receive a new body, because I still had to make up and to that end I came on earth again.
After having atoned, after having experienced that misery, because that deed had to do with that life, I returned to the earth and was born again.
I’ll refer to it later.
Now we’ll first follow this astral image so that you can see what I experienced.
I’ll pass on into a different condition.
You now see that I am free of my material body, we shall follow it.’
André observed.
He saw the astral being beside the corpse and also that new life entered this lifeless mass.
He subsequently saw this being moving away and Alcar followed his own shade.
‘A remarkable event, André, but horrible for those who have to experience it in reality.’
The astral human being wandered and so did his leader in his present spiritual attunement.
It was an incredible scene.
Alcar continued to follow his own shadow.
If he was ever shown a miracle it was at this moment.
If he was ever inspired with awe for God’s holiness, it was by this event.
My God, how deep everything is, how true Your life is.
A human being as spirit, as life, followed the true and honest reality, the past walked in front of him.
It was unbelievable and yet so natural.
He felt both beings, from the being in front of him he got to that other human being, his leader Alcar.
His leader was a spirit of light because he lived in the spheres of light, in a condition of pure happiness, but in front of him wandered nothing but sorrow and misery, that being had to perish out of ignorance and need.
Oh, how horrible, André thought.
Though he felt the deep truth of this event.
André saw that she sat down and fell asleep immediately.
That is how Lantos had experienced it and so had Alcar and perhaps he, too.
He saw that she woke up and went on again, towards the unknown.
André saw her go and followed her.
He dared not look up any more, was that Alcar?
It was nearly too much for him, he could hardly believe it, but he had to accept it.
He looked at her again and saw her fall down and she then fell asleep again from exhaustion.
Oh, oh, he thought, such misery.
Had this been shown to his leader in the spheres and did he have to experience that there?
It was horrible.
This being lay there, but he dared not ask questions now.
Yet he felt an urge in him and he sensed that Alcar wanted him to ask.
André asked, looking in front of him: ‘How long did this sleep last, Alcar?’
‘It lasted for months, André.’
It is unbelievable, awful and horrible, he thought.
Now he saw an other scene.
He saw she got up again and started her mad journey once again.
Alcar said: ‘This journey lasted fifteen long years, André.
I have experienced that, my son, and that is why I know what grief and sorrow and all other misery on earth means.
There is no sorrow on earth, which I have not experienced.
However, this was not enough for me.
I had to suffer in many other lives, because evil had accumulated so alarmingly in all those hundreds of lives that I would have to return several times to restore my own spiritual balance.
I had destroyed lives, made others unhappy and I had to make up for it.
To this end I returned to the earth and would do so many times.
All this misery, and this is the most awful thing we can experience, was not enough yet, because I had done this myself and did, therefore, not belong to my karma.
There was more to come, because I had to make it all up, even the last wrong thought.
God oversaw everything, only God knows what His children have done in all those lives.
In one life I was rich, here I was poor and later I had many worldly possessions again which made me perish, as I’ll show to you presently.
When those fifteen years had passed, André, I dissolved, and an other world attracted me.
Another wonder happened, my son, and you will also see and experience that wonder.
She, André, in front of you, this human being dissolved and you know which world attracted her.
She will live there and wait.
She had to wait for hundreds of years to be attracted again.
Yet, she had to go back to the earth, for all those people to whom she had to make up lived on the planet earth.
And that wonder happened.
Now realize how natural everything is.
You have seen how the universe condensed.
I subsequently showed you how embryonic life condensed and dissolved, when one life passed on into the other life.
We have been able to follow that in everything from the initial stage.
Condensation and dissolution, connection and attraction, birth and death, that is God’s creation.
This soul dissolved again and was attracted by an other world.
Asleep and unaware of anything she would prepare to be born again.
She is still a shadow of reality.
Look, André, how she dissolves, how she gradually disappears, presently you will not see her any more.’
André watched it.
He had got to know another wonder.
It was awe-inspiring, like everything was awe-inspiring and wonderful.
‘Now she is gone, my son, down into this deep darkness.
I explained all this to you before, and now you have been allowed to experience this great wonder.
She, this soul, returned to the first stage, although she was on earth as a human being.
I myself descended in there and was unaware of everything.
An other world admitted me; I lived in it and came to rest.
You will feel that now, André, take care and concentrate on me.
Sit down, André.’
André did, as Alcar wanted.
He sat down and felt sleep overwhelmed him.
He looked at his leader and Alcar said: ‘Do you feel sleep overwhelming you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, very clearly.’
‘I have connected you with this world and I can do so, because I experienced that.
Is this clear?’
‘Yes, quite.’
‘Very well, I’ll connect you completely and you will feel what this world actually is and means.’
André felt himself sink away still deeper, so that he became fully unaware.
He subsequently felt himself regain consciousness, though that mysterious power detained him.
He heard a voice as from far away say: ‘Do you hear me, André?’
What was that?
He heard someone whisper his name, but he did not understand what it meant.
Again he heard: ‘André, do you hear me?
It is me, your leader and ...’, then he did not hear any more.
He did not know how much time had passed, when he woke up and opened his eyes, he saw Alcar.
‘Where are we, Alcar?
How did I sleep!’
‘We are still in the same place and have not been away.
What did you feel, André?’
‘Sleep, and yet it wasn’t.
It was as if losing consciousness, something like that, Alcar.’
‘Did you hear me speak?’
‘Yes, but not clearly, it was very faint.
As if from a great distance.’
‘Do you know now what this world means?
You did not even know any more where we were and you did not clearly hear me speak and yet I spoke very loudly.’
‘I wanted to listen and it seemed as if your voice stopped and I sank away.
Is that possible, Alcar?’
‘Yes, that is correct, and you have only been in that world in an unconscious condition for a few seconds as compared with several centuries or even longer for others.
The soul is finally attracted and will be born on earth.
A blissful quiet resides in this inner life, it is not aware of anything any longer.
Nothing but quiet and rest and yet this inner life is ablaze, it accommodates hatred, passion and violence.
That rest is necessary, for if this inner life would be conscious, as I told you, it would suffocate the embryo into which it descends and destroy the foetus.
Now you can comprehend this wonder, it is also open to us.
The soul descends into the embryo as the spark of God and this, too, I explained to you on our last journey.
Do you understand that this is necessary and that a new birth is a grace?
And do you also feel that this has been so from the beginning of creation and that people can therefore not know anything about all those former lives any more?
That inner life will awaken in the mother body and can only awaken therein as the child grows within the mother?
Now isn’t this a great wonder?
You felt it yourself and could follow it.
Thus, in this world there are millions of lives, sparks of God.
All are human beings, they once lived on earth and all will experience this, but are unaware of it in their next life on earth.
You experienced a mighty wonder; a process of nature and this is the astral world and the world of the unconscious.
Could you follow me in everything, André, and are there any questions about this subject, for I’ll presently pass on into an other condition.’
‘I have been able to follow this, Alcar, though I would like to ask you this.
What makes one fall asleep here?’
‘A very good question, André.
I’ll explain that as well.
First of all you know that this world is unconscious.
Which means that we can’t feel any more, in other words: we lose our life and consciousness
It is therefore a world in which no existence is possible.
You still don’t know what caused this condition, do you?’
‘No, Alcar, I don’t know yet.’
‘It is quite obvious.
This world, André, is the one – you should have known because I explained it to you – when we visited the first cosmic degree.
When there was no life yet and the planet was not ready and embryonic life was yet to be born, this world was already finished.
Do you feel now what this world means?’
André thought for quite some time, but could not find the answer.
‘I don’t know, Alcar, you may find it terrible but I can’t find out.’
‘Thank you, my son, for your honest admission.
You could have known, because I told you about it.
You have seen and experienced it.’
‘You say, I have seen and experienced that world?’
‘Yes, even in various ways.’
‘On the first planet, Alcar?’
‘Yes, there and somewhere else.’
André thought again and considered everything, but he could not find out.
He looked at his leader and said: ‘No, however much I try I don’t know, it seems a mystery to me, a new problem.’
Alcar smiled and said: ‘I’ll help you, André, stop thinking.
You could have known, though I can imagine your ignorance.’
‘So you understand that I cannot feel or know it any more?’
‘Yes, André, you are still living on earth, if you had been here, if you had discarded your material organism everything would be different.
But listen.
When we were in the temple of the soul and the masters connected us with the beginning of creation, what was the first phenomenon you saw?’
‘I know the answer now, Alcar.
You mean that darkness, the invisible cosmos?’
‘Indeed, you see that you know, but you did not realize that we had to return that far and deep for this condition, that is the meaning of this world.
So you return to nothingness.
Is everything clear now?’
‘It is a mighty wonder, Alcar, and I have no words for it.
How is it possible, who would ever think of that?
Having to return that far, to the very first stage of everything, no, I did not think of that.’
‘You see that in many conditions we have to return to the initial stage in order to be able to answer many questions, for that’s where the answer is found, the holy truth of everything.
The soul has to return to the first stage to enable inner life to pass into the embryo.
I have explained that to you, so I need not refer to it.
That first stage is part of the darkness, before God revealed Himself.
So there was no consciousness yet – I do not speak of God but of the human stage – and because there was no consciousness the soul is subjected to this activity when we enter here as human being, as spirit.
You have been able to feel it, unconsciousness seized you.
Is that so strange?’
‘No, Alcar, I understand you perfectly.
It is a revelation to me, a mighty and sacred wonder.’
‘You will agree with me more than ever before that we human beings will return to the spark of God as inner and inspiring life, in order to pass on into the embryo.’
‘What is the activity of my own material organism?
Why didn’t I think of this, what is the disturbance, Alcar?’
‘You had better speak of an impediment than disturbance.
The material organism still has that power to prevent you as a thinking and feeling being from complete transition, even though you have departed from your body.
Do you feel that too?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is clear to me now.
I feel that is the reason why I cannot penetrate to this depth, because my own organism prevents it and I experience feelings and actions.’
‘Indeed, so it is.
I am entirely free from earthly and material vibrations.
I can connect myself, descend deeply into the past and I do not feel the slightest disturbance, because I belong to this life.
The entire creation is open to me; I can through one condition follow the beginning and the end of human life.
That will now be clear to you and we will go on.
I’ll just connect you with an other problem and that is also a wonder.
I experienced that in my last life on earth when I was an artist.
I am going to connect you with the one we just saw and who went away.
That is possible from here.
Look, André, he who left me and did not return any more.
He was terrible in this life, but in the life preceding this one it was I who destroyed him.
He also had to experience dozens of lives before he passed to his final life on earth.
In my last life on earth when I was an artist, and consequently many centuries later, this soul was my teacher of art.
Who could ever have thought that, who could know this and who will accept it?’
‘How is it possible, Alcar.’
‘I have been able to follow all that in the spheres of light.
He became a famous human being and he will always be remembered on earth.
Now just imagine that and stay in this condition.
Who could ever have thought of that?
If this had been his and my last life, if there was no reincarnation, neither of us would have become artists.
Keep this picture of the future in mind and feel how mighty and deep it is.
If God had not given us the grace of reincarnation, there would have been no change for him and for me.
Look at him.
He already has an impulsive nature and he has every quality to become an artist.
There he goes, this soul people cannot fathom.
He hunts and goes on hunting till his dying day, though one day he will be a famous artist.
It was not until in the seventeenth century that we were on earth together and he was my master.
We had already met in the spheres and there, too, he was my master.
We were subsequently born and both accomplished a mission.
Now imagine this, André, we would not accomplish that mission until thousands of years later.
Wouldn’t we be grateful to God?
Observe my life and his.
The earth will not forget us; our art is there and will remain so.
We both, however, went our own ways and I had not seen him in all those centuries.
When this life was over, his soul, he himself, was attracted by other lives and he would make up.
To that end he had to pass from one life on to another, from the male body to the female body.
He would return to make up for everything, for all his mistakes and sins, and to leave something behind on earth during his final life.
That is the wonder of reincarnation on earth, it is because our mighty Father in heaven gave us that grace.’
‘What a wonder, Alcar.
Did you know on earth that you had met him before?’
‘No, it was not until I had reached the third sphere that all my lives were shown and also this one.
On earth I did not know anything about it, nor did he, because we had not advanced that far.’
‘What happens, Alcar, when everything has been made up?’
‘Then auras will tear apart and hatred, jealousy and all evil dissolve and we can go wherever we like.
We try to earn something, to make something of ourselves and that is when we receive grief and sorrow, we have to endure and experience, for that is the final making up.’
‘Is it possible when we are confronted with fresh misery that we put an end to our life again?’
‘No, we have experienced that.
Lantos described that very clearly.
He felt in the inner life of that unfortunate mother that she contemplated suicide.
But Lantos saw that it was impossible, Master Emschor made him feel that.
She could not put an end to her life a second time, she had done that before and as a result of which one learns.
That same knowledge was in me, for many times I was on the verge of suicide again, because I had to make up in those other lives and was faced with a lot of misery.
But I could not resolve to do it and I experienced all that misery.
Such a deed and experience leaves a deep wound in the human soul.
That struggle and sorrow reside in us, but we are not aware of it and our deep inner-self refuses, it causes a halt because we have experienced that terror.
However miserable life on earth may be, we’ll never be overcome by suicide when we have experienced that process of decay, which seriously wounds our inner life.
That very power protects us in other lives and we see that grief and misery strengthen us, that we mentally grow through them and that we acquire spiritual property through the life we experience.
We make many mistakes, André, but once a mistake or deed has deeply penetrated our inner life, I assure you, we won’t let it happen a second time, because we have had to suffer so much from it.
When I committed suicide, which I did not understand at all, it protected me several centuries later when I was confronted by the same problem and if I had not experienced it before, I would have forgotten myself again.
For we learn, even though we think that it is not possible, because we do not know the depth of our inner selves.
One day we shrink from making the same mistakes, André.
Nevertheless, we often make the same mistake, but in time this comes to an end.
When a human being puts an end to his material life, it is the very, very last thing we can do.
The deep sorrow within us, the horrible event we had to experience can never be forgotten and inner life will warn us even in unconsciousness.
When we receive misery and sorrow again, that experience will manifest itself and we feel a contradictory force develop within us.
This is the experienced misery and all that sorrow of former lives.
If we could not return, it would be impossible, for it is exactly in the material organism that inner life awakens and man will experience that for which he has received an other new body.
Is that clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, everything.’
‘Then we’ll go on, come and follow me.’
New wonders had been explained to André, one wonder was even mightier than the other.
What misery!
And yet, Alcar was happy now.
How great God was to tell all this apart.
How mighty everything was.
Not one human being could oversee all that on earth, this should be experienced on this side.
Floating, Alcar went on and he felt curious what he was going to experience now.
How his leader had suffered.
Now he really understood why Alcar knew about all that misery on earth.
Because of that the soul awakened and man passed on to other conditions.
Thousands of lives had been experienced before man could take leave of the earth forever.
How could people on earth ever accept this?
Yet it was all so simple and natural, or life would come to a standstill and man was after all a Divine being?
When would we ever get there?
He had seen enough of this life and he understood that this could not be attained in one life.
Some people faced a high mountain of sins and mistakes.
For instance, all those people who tortured and killed others.
Not one human being, but thousands.
Wouldn’t they have to make up for that?
Could they do that in one single life on earth?
In that life in which they had destroyed those people?
He accepted everything and fully understood Alcar.
‘Do you only follow your last lives, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, I’ll explain some of my lives on earth to pass on to my final life, in order to give you a clear picture of what I want to show you.
I cannot follow all my lives, because we have lived in thousands of conditions.
That would be too much and is not necessary either.
I’ll explain some lives in which I was connected with my friend.
The many other lives have an entirely different meaning, they were important but without depth.
I’ll follow one course and I’ll presently explain other wonders to you.
I therefore follow what will be sufficient for you to get a clear picture of reincarnation.
Naturally, I will not follow the lives in which I was a living dead, for thousands of lives passed in that way.
So you see that I was a living dead too and I have nevertheless reached the spheres of light.
You will also realize that life on earth serves to acquire feeling.
Merely feeling which becomes the alleviating and healing love which supports others and it is not until then that we live the way God wants us to.
We must acquire pure and absolute love, which requires thousands of lives on earth.
Man on earth is unaware of all those lives which is a mighty grace, for human strength, our nervous system, is not designed to bear all that sorrow consciously.
Look, André, we are now in an other part of the world, in the Far East.
My parents lived here and I’ll show that to you.
I must explain some other conditions to you.
Ask me if anything is not clear enough.
I’m going to connect you with the past, at present our house no longer exists.
You will observe, though, for that is fixed.’
André felt himself sink away and felt that he passed on into an other world.
In front of him he saw a large building.
An ancient building decorated with towers and figures appeared in front of him.
A remarkable scene now developed.
His leader entered and he followed.
His leader halted in a large hall, after having passed through various smaller rooms.
‘Look, André, a mother and her child.’
André saw both beings and he looked at this image in amazement.
How remarkable, he thought, what a mighty wonder!
He heard Alcar say: ‘This mother was my mother, André, and this life precedes the one I just showed you.
In here, however, I experienced hatred and violence and I destroyed him who enters there.’
At the same moment André saw a human being enter.
‘My father, André, and I destroyed him.
In a vicious way I put an end to his life on earth.
I pass into this condition just now because I wanted you to know him and to understand why I had to make up.
I also defiled my mother’s life, though she was ahead of us on the spiritual way.
I have made up to my father and will make up to my mother although in an other life.
But now the most remarkable thing of all these lives.
Do you feel what I’m about to say?’
‘No, Alcar, I don’t know.’
‘Look and think, my son.
There, in that other life I was a mother, his wife, here his child and I had the male organism.’
‘My God, I didn’t think of that, Alcar.’
In astonishment André looked at his leader and did not know what to say.
‘It is a wonder, André, a sacred wonder.
What more should I say?
I could fill volumes on this subject, tell about cause and effect, the attraction and repulsion of both souls, but above all about the wisdom of God our Father, Who brought all this about; I could not otherwise have served and made up for my mistakes.
Everything dissolves; I don’t have to explain any more.
I was tortured; I put an end to my life because he left me.
I suffered terribly and so did he.
But this is not God’s will, André, this is cause and effect, wonders of laws of nature which we only know on this side, but experience as human beings on earth.
I deceived and robbed my mother.
We were rich in that life and possessed everything man can think of in life on earth.
After my father’s death I left and did not return.
I perished in that life and my mother died of grief.
Thus I had killed both.
I was not punished on earth; I could not be punished, because I killed him in solitude.
Yet, one Power knew and watched my deed.
God knew, though God did not punish me.
Oh, how I did pray when I understood that deep problem.
But it was not until in the spheres of light; there I bent my head and thanked God for everything.
God did not punish me; to the contrary, I received a new body and was born again.
How was my life there?
He could do with me whatever He wanted and the punishment I received at his hands was, as compared with what I had done to him, a blessing.
If I had not committed suicide, deep human sorrow would have been my lot, but that should not have been necessary.
Herein resides an other problem.
Hundreds of laws are associated with it, André, but I cannot explain all those laws, as it would lead too far.
Why did he not kill me?
I had killed him before, hadn’t I?
That force is not present in nature, it is a law of God and God does not know hatred.
Something quite different happened, because I served, I had to serve for I became a mother.
By this motherhood, giving birth, by carrying his life which I endured, I made up.
I owed that to him and I made up.
I gave myself completely and no human being on earth knows this depth, for it is part of God’s wisdom and All-love.
Should I want to explain this big problem to you, I would be connected with the universe, with infinity, cause and effect and thousands of laws.
It is possible though, for we have experienced these wonders and laws ourselves.
He left me because he did not need me; he, too, would have to make that up all the same.
Listen, my son, and realize how deep all this is.
He also had to make that up, for a spirit of the light acts differently, cannot act the way he did.
Thus, God gave me all this and I cursed Him, Who is nothing but love.
That is how we all are: all His children and still God loves us, God gave us His own life.
Have you understood this, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I am ever more bending my head for everything.’
‘I am very grateful to you, André, we will go on and you’ll see an other wonder.
Come, follow me.’
André was deeply lost in thought.
Who knows himself, who dare say, I’m good, I know, I feel it, it is true?
For him all this was a lesson, a lesson of life that he would never forget.
He could not ask any more questions on that subject, he did not know how to think.
People on earth were like that and they were unaware of all these wonders and laws.
Yes, who knows God?
Not one human being on earth knew God, for they would also know these laws and wonders and that was not possible.
‘Look, my son, we are in an other country, this time in the West.
My parents lived in the country and worked hard to make a living.
Why would I be born here?
Who attracted me?
I’ll show you this immage.’
André began to see.
‘How is it possible, Alcar.
Is she your mother, again your mother?’
‘Yes, André.
It was she who attracted me; I had to make up to her.
Who connects us?
Is it God?
Is it a law?
If so, that law and also God are infallible, because hundreds of years have passed.
Now isn’t that in itself a great wonder, that two souls find each other on that large planet?
Can we human beings ever assess these laws and wonders?
I ask you, did God want me to return to her?
Problems again that we cannot solve, for we do not know these laws although we experience them.
Isn’t it amazing, André, because I destroyed the life of these two beings on earth.
I did not think of any laws or a God, I only thought of my own life.
Yet I was born here, but we did not have all that wealth.
This time my father was a different soul, he was a stranger to me, but my mother had to do with him.
Now what happened in this life?
I’ll tell you about it, listen.
When my mother carried me, so she had the female body again, she fell into a deep pit.
This happened between the fourth and fifth month.
Apparently nothing was wrong, but a few months after I was born she got into trouble and could not walk any more.
She received help and I grew up.
My father passed away when I was fourteen and my mother and I were left behind.
I had no connection with my father, André, in other words I did not have to make up to him, only my mother and that’s why she would meet him.
So you see that we have to experience many problems.
I said just now that my father passed away when I was fourteen years old.
We both remained behind and I cared for this soul, I worked for her and did my best day and night until I was thirty.
When I was thirty years of age she also passed away.
She had suffered much though it was not her final life; she had to return to the earth and to other lives.
I would meet her once more, which was in Jerusalem, though many centuries later.
I will refer to that later when I have got that far, I’ll now proceed with my own life.
So I met both beings and did for them what I should do.
Our souls attracted one another and it is not God, but the law of cause and effect that brings all this about.
Something invisible connects the human being; sorrow caused to others calls us to a halt.
I also had the female body.
I connected with a being and a child was born.
It was a girl and the soul living in that material organism once became my friend.
From that time on I see this life again several times and I therefore have to do with this inner life.
I had met this soul before, thousands of years ago, when I stole her love.
I had lived many lives again, and met and ruined other beings and experienced that karma but now this karma would have to dissolve, though not until many centuries later.
These laws had not yet taken effect, because my own lives dominated this karma and we get to know other powers and laws.
Do you feel, André, how amazing this is?
Do you feel that a different power dominates this karma, for what happened?
An illness taking a heavy toll on life on earth, broke this family and I was once more left behind.
Had I not suffered enough yet?
Had I not fully made up to my father and mother?
I was confronted by a new problem, for I faced my own life, suicide.
I thought of suicide, I wanted to put an end to my life, because I was entirely alone on this big earth.
Just imagine that life, my son, feel what it means having to live it.
I found God terrible and destructive and I won’t repeat the words with which I cursed God.
And yet, André, you do feel how God guards all His children and that we human beings cannot understand that, although this guarding is now to show what I wanted.
I remained alive; I did not put an end to it and died in old age.
I had not put an end to my life but wandered about lonely and deserted, for something made me stay and that is what I explained to you.
I would awaken in my own life.
Something within me resisted all that misery.
Do you feel how we awaken, André?
Finally the end of my life on earth came; I passed on and entered the world of the unconscious again.
However, I was to return many times.
I returned to the earth; now we’ll leave here and I’ll explain an other life to you.’
‘It is all so remarkable, Alcar.’
‘Indeed, André, you see that we have to prove what we want.
This law dominated my own life and that other karma and yet I was again connected with my friend, though this tie was broken again and we both passed away.
I, however, had to show what I wanted, I had already experienced that activity, that earlier life, but I was not entirely free of it and was still connected with that life.
I was left behind which is also amazing, for I ask you, why me and not the others?
For me, however, this karma should be dissolved.
I had to prove what I wanted to bear my sorrow or perish again.
I did provide that evidence; I felt that invisible power and that power dominated my own life.
That is the All-Father.
He guards and forces His own life upwards, and although this life receives misery, it has to go through it, or its development would come to a standstill and would not advance any more.
Consequently, that life was for myself, but I had not earned anything yet.
We now see, André, that one life may be faced with many problems and that we do not know these problems.
Nevertheless, everything has its meaning.
If we are prepared to bear, there will be an end to all that misery sooner or later, for there must be an end to it, because we have to pass on into other lives and make up in them as well.
We are now going to the North.
There I also received the female organism.
I had to make up to the one who attracted me there.
I had destroyed him as well, but in quite a different way.
I had broken him inwardly.
You see, André, one problem follows the other and it often has to do with the previous one.
Try to feel all this deeply.
In that previous life I met my mother and made up what I had to make up.
My friend, my own child died at an early age, yet I was again connected with that soul.
What I want to point out is this.
In one life I met three beings, I had to make up to all of them and I also experienced my own karma.
It will now be clear to you that I can’t follow all my lives as we could not tell one life apart from the other.
But there is more.
For why did this child pass away so soon?
Why did that other being who was my husband pass away?
Why was I left behind?
Problems again, but we know now that my feelings to commit suicide dominated.
Who provides for all this?
Who wants us to experience that and who looks after this cosmic order?
I don’t have to explain all that to you, we could follow that in everything.
We must accept it and have to experience all these problems.’
‘It is very complicated, Alcar.’
‘Nevertheless, God’s order resides in it, we just have to follow it.
When I began to explain my lives to you, I told you that I would only show you those lives in which I had to make up.
However, in every life we make sins and mistakes again and that must also dissolve, for I was left behind.’
In the far North, we survived on a miserable crust of bread.
My father was a fisherman.
I was already cursed upon my birth, for he wanted to have a boy and he was not given a son.
Look, André, there you see me in this environment, but how could you ever feel that other life in the East?
And yet, that urge, power and desire reside in the inner life.
My father was sturdy and wild and embittered both our lives.
He attracted me for I had destroyed him in an other life.
Now my life and my mother’s were messed up and when he was at home we were nagged from early morning till late at night.
He behaved as an animal could never behave.
That lasted for several years.
My mother perished and I remained behind with him.
I had to go through that until I was thirty-five.
That life was awful.
Again we get to know new wonders, because in this life I made up as a child.
My mother’s karma dominated mine and she passed away, broken-hearted, and nothing could be seen or felt of my inner life.
Then God interfered and I got off.
When he didn't returned, I married.
And also for me there was happiness.
Three children were born, but I had no connection with any of them.
These ties belong to him who was my husband.
All these beings experienced their material degrees and you know what that means.
Again we experience other problems of life, so connections for inner man.
This life passed in peace and quiet and I entered the world of the unconscious.
Once again I would return to the earth.
In all those conditions I had acquired mother love and I proceeded to the creative power.
In one life I received wealth, in another I had to create my own condition.
In one life it took hundred of years before I was born again, in an other less time passed before I received a new body.
This also has a cosmic meaning, but I won’t follow that now.
I subsequently experienced an other life, which was in Egypt again when the pyramid was built; we’ll go there soon.
All these souls with whom I had to do, André, followed various other lives and experienced various problems, their own karma and they also had to make something of themselves.
But there is not one human being, listen what I say, who will meet lives, souls, he has nothing to do with.
Do you feel what that means?’
‘You mean to say that we only meet those people with whom we have to do?’
‘Indeed, only those to whom we have to make up.
All those other people, all those millions on earth, experience their own karma and meet people whom they have to do with; they are their fathers, mothers, brothers or sisters, for one law brings them together and that is the law of cause and effect.’
‘How remarkable that is, Alcar, and also how natural.’
‘It is, my son, every human being has to make up for his own sins and mistakes and can only do so to those to whom they brought grief and misery.
God does not permit them to meet one single human being with whom they have nothing to do.
This also shows God’s Justice.
On the other hand they cannot miss out any human being, for all sorrow or misery must dissolve and we know how that happens.
These laws are infallible and no human being can evade them.’
‘There is hardly any home without sorrow, Alcar, have all those people to do with one another?’
‘Yes, André, they met in the past, that sorrow will dissolve now even though they may think that God curses them.
Follow life on earth, you now see through all that misery and you understand that all are making up.’
‘It is amazing, Alcar, how natural everything is.’
‘It is not until all those people have made up that they start working on themselves and that is to acquire nourishment for the mind.
We’ll first of all meet those souls to whom we have brought the deepest misery, as that karma dominates.
We’ll subsequently follow other conditions and everything will dissolve as a matter of course.
There are conditions into which man has brought himself and has to wait for thousands of years before he awakens.
I’ll explain that to you in the dark spheres, in the hell, as I promised to visit the rulers of evil, those who violated all laws.
Come, André, we’ll leave, I can answer your questions on our way.’
‘Where are we going now, Alcar?’
‘To Egypt, to the pyramid, for it is there that I received a new material organism.
In that life, as I said, I got to know my friend, we were both on earth, but a quarrel separated us during which he lost his life.’
‘Why are Orientals open for reincarnation and why do we in the West know so little about it?’
‘The feeling of all these people is closer to nature than that of the Westerners.
That is an arch-instinct into which they pass on.
I told you about that.
The Westerners cling to a dogma and need that because they have discarded those first stages of feeling, they have advanced further and higher in a material condition, but lost their natural attunement.
As man advances an other condition gradually awakens, though he moves further away from his first stages, the arch-instinct.
These beings live in those first stages and also in the very highest, and they feel mysticism in everything and they have their own God.
People living in the jungle have often advanced far more and are closer to nature than those who have attained the highest organism on earth.
Their natural feelings bring them closer to God than the intellectual people on earth.
They are children of nature and have remained so in everything.
The intellectuals, the more civilized peoples have acquired different powers, but they have discarded the powers of nature.
And with those powers of nature and qualities also their inner feeling
Man in the East lives with the soul of the deceased and consequently accepts the inner personality.’
‘Is it known for certain on this side where the soul will be born, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, but only the masters can connect themselves with it.
I told you about it.
However, it is not in our hands and neither in theirs, for these are the most remarkable laws we know.’
‘How has God arranged everything, Alcar.’
‘There isn’t the slightest disharmony in anything, my son.
There is order in all those laws, the order of the All-spirit.
Only we violate these laws, for when we have to make up, we don’t accept but ask why and what for and put an end to that life, because we think that dead is dead.’
‘If I understand you correctly, Alcar, there is not one human being on earth who did not put an end to his life on earth?’
‘Yes, André, that’s right, all of us murdered and destroyed and when our own karma calls us to a halt, we put an end to our life.
Then, however, we experience other laws, laws that have to do with that deed and we see that we live.
I want to tell all this to mankind, I want to open their eyes and guard them from their own ruin.
As I said before, if I can reach one human being I’ll be satisfied.
It is a mighty grace to guard one human being from all that misery.
We all put an end to our life on earth, without exception.
We all asked why and what for and cursed God in heaven and yet we have learned to understand ourselves, we now live in the spheres of light and others have already reached the All.
Such is our life, in this way inner man awakens.’