The origin of creation

‘Look, André, we shall enter that temple in front of you.’
André saw a small temple; but the entirety looked like the temple of the soul.
A golden light radiated from this magnificent building.
Alcar went inside.
Did the masters live here?
Here nothing could be seen either; but the inner light present here was dominated by that golden light.
He recognized that light, for he had observed that at the border of the seventh sphere, the sphere of mentor Cesarino.
(footnote in first edition: See: ‘A View into the Hereafter’, third volume.)
Would he see a wonder here?
Here, too, he felt himself as in space.
Now he clearly felt that his leader had connected him with the highest at this side.
‘Come close beside me, André.’
Alcar took his hand, and André felt that the great moment had come.
He felt Alcar’s hand and understood he had thus been lifted into his sphere.
He would not be able to enter here by his own strength.
A sacred feeling of quietness came in him.
Now he saw something move in that golden light and manifest itself.
At the same time, that ‘something’ condensed; it was like the rising sun sending her beams over the earth.
A tremendous light radiated over him.
He saw several beings in front of him, and he immediately recognized Alcar’s master.
Cesarino, he thought, I am so grateful to you.
He saw four entities, wearing the most magnificent robes.
They were the mentors of every sphere, and they all belonged to the seventh sphere.
Cesarino wore a robe he could not describe.
All shades of colours, from the first sphere onward, were present, but the golden light dominated this robe.
He saw the soft shade of purple enveloped in a bluish haze, assuming this golden light again.
A spiritual robe was alive and radiated its light, like everything at this side.
He had never seen anything so beautiful.
A spirit, who had been at this side for thousands of years, manifested himself in this way.
And yet, Alcar’s master looked like a young 30 year old man.
The other masters, too, were no older and wore magnificent spiritual robes.
The golden light was predominant in these robes; this reflected the attunement and sphere in which they lived.
My God, he thought, are they human beings?
They were the mentors Cesarino, Mondius, Miradis and Urabis, the masters of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh sphere.
These feelings came in him and he knew how they came to him.
The masters had come to him in a sea of light of a brillance which he could not absorb.
He could not digest it in that short moment, for he felt that the masters would leave.
He noticed, however, their youthful faces and their aureole of purity.
The masters looked at him and smiled.
An indescribable feeling overwhelmed him and he could no longer think of himself.
He felt and experienced this through the powers of others.
This was a tremendous grace for him and he bent his head and waited.
But immediately he heard a voice say: ‘Look at us, André.
We have come to you, to show you our presence here.’
André looked at the masters again.
They were princes of love; and they spoke to him and addressed him by his name, which Alcar had given him!
Cesarino looked at him as only a child can look, and a feeling of great happiness engulfed him.
Then he heard the voice say: ‘Now the moment has arrived that you may experience the highest at this side.
Master Alcar has developed you that far, but I supported him with that; for your leader carries out our wish; it is a task we all have to fulfil.
So I know about your life on earth, and how far master Alcar has advanced at this moment.’
Then Cesarino looked up at his leader.
Not a word was spoken, however.
André saw what happened and observed that the higher beings scanned his leader.
Souls were connected here; here a higher master descended into another being, and this being was his leader.
My God, he thought, give me the strength to absorb all this.
Alcar bent his head and the golden light radiated on his leader.
André understood that this was a sacred moment.
His beloved Alcar received the benediction of the masters for whom he performed his task.
He, too, deeply bent his head for this event.
A sun radiated on Alcar, yet he remained in connection with Alcar.
Then his leader looked up; his face reflected great happiness; and André heard a voice say: ‘Master Alcar, how can we thank you.
We have followed you in everything.
The most beautiful moment has come for you.
God is Love.
We shall now lift the veil; your instrument has come this far.
Your happiness is ours.
How grateful we all are, only God knows.
Your course was difficult; but you see that everything is possible.
Much has happened in the centuries that went by; but much has been achieved, and together we can achieve still more.
We thank you, master Alcar.
May God bless our work.
And now, André, I will show you an event, so that you will understand that I followed your leader in his difficult work and that I know his task on earth.
Look up, to my right; there you will observe.’
André looked in that direction and he was immediately connected with a scene.
What he saw was amazing, because his leader had told him about it.
It was a scene of Alcar’s own life on this side.
It was the moment when Alcar and his friend entered a building in the first sphere, and a spiritual brother spoke to them.
He saw the brother who had spoken to them dissolve, and he heard Alcar’s friend say: ‘Did you know about that?’
‘Yes’, said Alcar, ‘but not everything.’
It is amazing, André thought, but what is the meaning of this scene?
Cesarino told him: ‘You see that everything is fixed.
The moment has not arrived yet to explain this scene to you, but you will receive this, and your leader will explain it to you.
Have a little more patience.
I knew that your leader would meet his friend and the spiritual brother and I knew what his wishes were.
I was there for a fixed purpose and you will also see that later.
Everything, however strange it may seem to you, will become clear.
You will be shown what belongs to the past and you will be connected with it.
You, too, are involved in this scene, and you have to do with it, which will be clear to you later.
Follow your leader Alcar; give yourself entirely, and know that you are doing our work.
We shall follow master Alcar in everything and support him.
God willing, we will complete our work.
God willing.
Now the moment has come to connect you with the universe, the origin of creation.
Your leader has told you about our life, and you were allowed to see that life at our side.
You descended with him into the dark spheres and you were also allowed to see the highest spheres at this side and to feel the happiness of the spirit there.
All this serves to give man on earth a picture of what awaits him.
You have learned to know the higher spheres, degrees of spiritual love, life on earth, and the astral world.
You have received that already and passed it on to mankind; but now we will connect you with the universe.
This is for man on earth, so that he will receive a complete picture of his life there and at this side.
You will not only be connected with this life, but also descend with master Alcar into the deepest past, and be connected with various planets.
The purpose of this voyage is to show you the origin of everything.
What we will reveal to you presently has also been shown to us; and you will experience what we received at this side.
It is the reality of everything created by God.
However, we shall show you flashes of the true events, and all this serves to convince our sisters and brothers on earth of their Divine connection and attunement.
This serves to explain to them that they can be like God.
Everything you will experience, therefore, has happened.
Millions of years ago, God revealed himself in the universe.
All of us, at this side, who have been allowed to see this mighty event, bent our heads for Him, who is our Father.
God created heaven and earth, man and animal but how all this happened will be shown to you.
Everything you received from the side beyond, belongs to our message; also what you are about to see.
We will now retire into our own life but will return to you later.
I beg Him, who gave us our life, for strength for you, so that you will understand everything.
Know, that what you will observe, is meant for those on earth who do not possess these gifts.
I connect you in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.’
The masters then dissolved in front of his eyes.
Immediately deep darkness set in.
What would this mean, André thought.
He could not see a thing.
He held Alcar’s hand in his, but he could not see him.
Yet he thought he could recognize the deep blue colour in this darkness.
An awesome silence set in.
Never before had he felt this.
What did this silence mean?
Yet he felt there was life around him.
In this profound darkness he heard a voice say: ‘Cesarino is speaking to you; listen.
Before God revealed himself, there was profound darkness.’
The voice which had spoken vibrated deeply into his soul.
Now André would see the highest of events.
The voice continued: ‘Only God lived in the universe.
Nothing of all life living in the universe, on all those millions of planets and in the seas, existed.
Nothing, my son, but God.
What you observe now, is as it was before creation: darkness, only darkness.
This mighty, this darkness is God, and out of this darkness we, and all other life, were born.
I will connect you now with the first phenomena.
No man, however, has ever observed this.
Yet – you have seen this, because that was why your leader connected you in various ways with the past – we can connect ourselves with the beginning of creation, because we, too, received this connection, which happened as follows.
You know there are seven cosmic degrees of love.
In those degrees, people are living who have lived on all those millions of planets and have already reached the fourth, fifth and sixth, yes, even the seventh degree.
When the first beings had reached the seventh cosmic degree, they established communication with the sixth degree, and gave those living there this picture of the beginning of creation, so that they understood how everything had happened.
This, however, was not possible until the first human beings had reached the Divine Spheres.
You will realize that this event happened billions of years ago.
And it serves to show us, mankind, that we originate from God.
Then, the sixth cosmic degree established communication with the fifth, and the fifth with the fourth cosmic degree.
Subsequently, the masters living at that time in the seventh sphere received this message, and so we know how, billions of years ago, God revealed Himself in everything.
What you experience went from sense to sense, from man to man, and from sphere to sphere.
And all this is God’s Will.
What happened at the beginning of creation has, therefore, come to us from the highest of degrees.
When this is clear to you, you will feel that we are, at this instant, connected with the origin of creation; and also that we are now passing on to mankind on earth what we have received ourselves.
These, however, are only flashes, for any spirit who has not yet reached the seventh degree, cannot comprehend it in its entirety.
Consequently, you will see scenes, images of this tremendous event, nothing and nothing else.
But what you will see is the holy truth, which you and also man on earth can accept.
Now I am going to connect you with the first phenomena which preceded the event.’
In this darkness, André saw a very faint light appear.
This light remained for a considerable length of time and disappeared.
It then returned and became somewhat stronger.
Again the darkness returned.
Now he heard the voice say: ‘What you have observed just now were the first phenomena of Divine revelation.
God manifested himself and just now creation has already begun.
God revealed himself by this light, but again and again the darkness returned, and this process continued in that way for millions of years.
But the process of revelation went on: Behold!’
André now saw that this faint light became stronger and more visible.
Wherever he looked, this light was present.
It radiated over the universe; it pierced, so to speak, the darkness, so that the darkness dissolved.
The light became stronger, still, he felt that the darkness would return, which indeed happened.
But then it returned, and it became more visible still.
Again and again the light changed; gradually it became more powerful, only to weaken again.
But now, the darkness seemed to have dissolved for good.
It was an amazing spectacle!
Now he heard the voice speak again, and Cesarino said to him: ‘It took centuries and centuries before the light had reached its present strength.
What I mean to say is, that before this could happen, the entire universe, that is that darkness, dissolved in the light, and this event accepted an existence.
Night gave way to day; and when God’s creation has taken place, we see this phenomenon again, reflected in night and day on earth, in the spheres of light and darkness, in death and birth on earth; but this will be clear to you later.
Master Alcar will explain all this to you.
Your leader will therefore revert to this and he will explain several events to you.
We will continue now and follow the plan of creation.’
André saw this twilight change.
It became gradually stronger and that twilight also dissolved.
This happened several times, as he had seen in the previous processes.
Again and again the twilight returned and then changed into another and stronger light, so that now it became continuously lighter.
In this morning-light, to compare it with that event on earth, he now saw another light appear.
He experienced this mighty process like the approach of noon on earth.
But here this event was repeated several times; it went and came back to change into another and brighter light.
Now he already observed a golden radiation.
That light, too, which resembled a spiritual radiation, faded to return more powerful.
The entire universe now became like the sun as observed from the earth.
The universe had now changed into a tremendous fiery ball.
This lasted for a considerable time to weaken again, and a shadow now lay over the entirety.
Yet that golden light returned, stronger now than before.
The universe had now changed into a golden ball.
Now he heard the voice say: ‘Again millions of years have passed and you will now observe the condensation of the universe.’
That golden light weakened again and André now saw other colours appear in that golden light.
He saw a light blue, soft green, and many other shades, and all those colours merged into one another; but the golden light dominated everything.
A contraction process had now set in; and he felt what this process meant and how it was possible.
In this process, too, he saw several transitions.
One moment the soft green dominated, then again the blue, then they merged, but behind it was the golden light penetrating the other colours and absorbing them.
After every second, the light became stronger.
Now the golden light dominated again, and the other colours had dissolved in it.
He now felt that an other stage was about to set in.
Something would happen, but what?
He had the feeling that heaven and earth would collapse; and yet nothing happened; but he felt that power.
The firmament at this instant looked like a tightly drawn cloth.
A dense haze now lay over it and through that haze the golden light penetrated.
The haze dissolved too and seemed to be absorbed by all those shades.
He felt what this meant; it was the contraction process.
All those shades of light merged and he saw other shades appear again.
These colours again dissolved in the universe; but light was everywhere, and what he observed emanated from the darkness.
Again the golden light returned and now pierced everything.
The universe was a golden ball again and now there was movement in it.
That tightly drawn cloth assumed shapes and again an other twilight set in.
The universe changed repeatedly.
Then André heard the voice say: ‘You see how this contraction process happened.
It lasted for millions of years.
The firmament slowly densified.
The entire universe, as you have seen, is a luminous glow of fire.
This light, which belongs to the Divine energy from which everything came into being, preceded the creation.
It was not until this was complete, that creation proper could occur.
That, too, has happened, as you will see presently.
You also see that the golden light continues to dominate; it will do so eternally, for it is the Divine radiation.
We shall now proceed to the next stage, and you will see what happened.’
André had understood every word.
He waited for what would be shown next.
He felt his leader beside him.
They were one in thought.
Alcar pressed his hand and he understood what his leader meant by it.
He was very grateful; he did not tremble, but accepted everything.
He felt great happiness.
Now he was going to observe the next stage.
The universe now changed into a violet-like light and through it the golden light.
Now lighter shades appeared and all these shades merged, but it was the golden light again that dominated.
All these colours had merged into one colour of light, which he could no longer comprehend.
The universe had now become a golden mass.
He could no longer describe what he saw now.
The light he observed became ever more powerful.
He felt a tremendous tension absorbing him which he understood and he sensed what would happen next.
A while ago he thought that the moment was imminent, but that feeling weakened and he understood that an other process had begun.
Everything he observed was marvellous.
Now he saw another wonder.
From that golden light, he saw thousands of other shades radiate.
Never before had he observed such an indescribable spectacle.
What he saw belonged to God, this was God, in thousands of luminous forms and colours.
And behind the universe something lived which created all this.
Now he again heard the voice say: ‘The final moment has not arrived yet, but it is approaching.
This process, too, lasted for millions of years, for the golden light had to dominate; it is the golden light which brings everything to life.
One day we will all be absorbed by that light; all of us will acquire what you have observed just now.
The radiation of the human being, too, will become denser; for this is the transition towards perfection.
In all phases of life, man and animal will experience this.
This will be explained to you, too.
Look what happens now.’
André felt that the moment had come.
The golden light became so powerful that the universe changed into a ball of fire.
This had happened several times before, but now the utmost degree had been reached.
Life now appeared in this light and that life vibrated through the universe; he felt what would happen.
Suddenly, a tremendous current surged through him.
He saw the universe tearing apart; that was what he had been expecting to happen for a considerable time.
The universe split into millions of light balls and he saw larger and smaller ones of those light balls floating on.
A tremendous event had taken place.
The universe had split into countless particles.
God had revealed himself.
This tremendous creation had burst into billions of particles, among which he observed tiny sparks.
Now André heard the voice say: ‘The process of creation has begun: the origin of stars, planets and solar systems.
What you see, are luminous balls of fire; but, in reality, this is God’s own light and life; God’s sacred radiance.
The wonder of revelation has happened.
God has divided Himself into billions of particles, and these represent His sacred life.
All this life is inspiration, for it emerged from that source.
God, therefore, revealed Himself in the universe.
A luminous ball, therefore, is part of the Divine energy out of which it was born.
He who looks at the universe, observes God’s life.
God lives in it; that is God; and God lives in everything which will yet be born.
We emerged from this all; your leader will show that to you.
It was God’s intention to reveal Himself in all this.
That this happened, had to happen, you will experience.
You will see much of what you observe now; many of the millions of objects which are still balls of fire, change and condense.
Everything you observe at this moment, belongs to God’s sacred life, and is in itself a revelation.
God’s sacred life revealed itself, and this is the wonder of creation.
But we will go on and follow this process of revelation.
This is the first stage of revelation and the second stage follows.
Thus, one event revealed itself by the other; until everything returns to His sacred life.’
All these sparks and luminous balls were suns.
He saw smaller and larger suns; but all were luminous balls of fire.
A wonder had occurred.
God had divided Himself into countless particles and parts.
God had accomplished all this.
After this event, he heard the voice say: ‘What you see now already belongs to the material world.
Billions of years have again passed.
Those luminous balls of fire have contracted.
Others adopted an other condition and belong to the many solar systems we know.
That light, therefore, is power and that power is energy; but it emanated from the Divine source.
Surely you feel that it is impossible for total black darkness to set in.
But out of all this, and that will also be clear to you, stars and planets developed; and we will show you how this happened.’
André now saw a new spectacle.
He saw that those suns contracted.
Many floated on and drifted in circles.
He felt they were attracted by others; yet, an other power developed which prevented this attraction.
It was a tremendous, unnameable power.
This movement produced vapour; and the way those suns had been created, that vapour became gradually denser.
Now, the vapour had become so dense that it enveloped the ball of fire as a dense haze.
He now heard the voice say: ‘An atmosphere has formed.
The second process of revelation has taken place.
Now again millions of years pass.
Thus, in that atmosphere lives a glowing ball which remains floating in it.
From this, a planet will presently appear.
And now I will show you another stage.’
Far away from him, André saw millions of these objects, which had all occupied a place in space.
They were enveloped in a dense haze.
The golden light, which he had observed all that time, now weakened.
Again he heard the cosmic master, who said: ‘The stage you now see lies millions of years later.
This process has advanced in all those years; yet the end has not been reached.
But when this contraction process is complete, it is at the same time the end of the process of origin, and thousands, nay, millions of planets have assumed their existence.
Then this cosmic wonder has happened and the universe has been created.
You know that every object is energy; as a result it contracts and this happens from the interior.
By contracting, one object attracts another, but at the same time repels it; which will be explained to you presently.
This is the wonder of creation of the universe and how it happened.
All objects have their own atmosphere; that power emanated from them, and it is also the protection for this awe-inspiring wonder.
It also encompasses the way planets, stars and other objects have assumed their own orbit.
Order rules in this vastness and that order is contained in every object.
God oversaw all this.
It will therefore be clear to you that no planet can leave its own sphere; for if this were to happen or would be possible, the universe would collapse.
This, however, is not possible because this, too, is fixed.
All these objects have to perform their own specific task.
In accordance with the size and power they possess, they occupy a place in the universe and describe a fixed orbit.
You see, it is now gradually getting darker.
This is related to the contraction process and when this is complete, you will recognize in it day and night on earth.
What once was a ball of fire, is now a planet.
The smaller objects are stars, and that will also be explained by your leader.
And now the next wonder.
Again millions of years have passed.
The planets have contracted, and by this process life has come.
Every object is life, is energy and, because there is energy, life awakes which is within these objects.
This young life shall and must awaken and reveal itself and this is the umpteenth process of revelation.
This occurs in excess of millions and we see it happen on those organs.
I will therefore connect you with the inner life of a planet; in doing so you will feel and see this young life.’
André felt he was connected with a planet.
Within it he saw that something already was born and came to life.
They were very small cells; and he saw that these tiny cells contacted others.
Also this young life followed the same course as those enormous objects had to follow.
He looked through these cells; and however tiny they were, there was life.
Now he heard the voice say: ‘What you see now is the first stage of man.
After this millions of stages follow; yet we emanate from these small cells, and this is part of the entire creation.
This stage, as will be clear to you, also took millions of years.
These are small lives, but they form part of the universe; they are God’s Sacred Life.
This process proceeds very slowly.
According as the planet contracts, this young life grows, which is the awakening of the first embryo from which we were born.
Master Alcar will explain all this to you.
In this way the universe was created.
You now see everything is slowly contracting.
All life will awaken now and the young life passes from one stage to the next.
This awakening means taking possession of the planet, the process of growing, and the acceptance of the human organism.
Solid portions develop which will be habitable later.
The denser and more solid the entirety becomes, the more this young life contracts until it has reached the first stage of existence.
All this life has been inspired by God, because you know that it is His Sacred and Own Life.
It was created by this inspiration and propelled towards perfection.
The archepower which controls all this is God.
You see that the process of revelation has made rapid progress, although billions of years passed, years you and I cannot pronounce.
Yet it took place in a short period of time; the process proceeds further and further and all these tiny cells contract to form one whole and this assumes shapes.
These shapes change again and this young life accepts a form of existence.
But also this new form is dropped and life transforms into other and higher forms of existence, which is the perfection of the human organism.
This young life only follows one course which leads it towards perfection, because an animal-like being appears from the interior of this planet, which has the Divine attunement.
Organ after organ develops.
This animal-like being is not conscious of anything; for the instinct was not yet born.
But as it grows up and is subjected to change after change, the instinct awakens and this animal-like being passes into the stage of the animal-like consciousness.
But your leader will explain this and the following stages to you, for together with him you will visit the first world of existence of human embryonal life
This will suffice, for these are only flashes of what has been shown also to us.
It is roughly in this way that the universe has been created, for the actual event cannot be retold.
No spirit, however high he may be, can comprehend and explain how all this exactly happened, unless he has entered the All.
There are, therefore, beings who have already returned to God, and we, too, will reach the All and will return to God.
God’s sacred life lies in us.
This revelation is in us and it is our connection with God.
What we showed you is the experience of higher beings, who passed these scenes on to us.
As it has been shown to you and happened in all those years, it is still happening, for there are still people living on the second cosmic degree who will pass on to the planet earth.
That will also be explained to you.
The first degree, which you observed, has at present already partially dissolved.
Life that lived there has passed on to the second and third cosmic degree which is the earth.
There are seven cosmic degrees, that is cosmic life, on which human beings live who have advanced less far or already further than we have.
You will learn to know all these wonders and cosmic problems; we will help your leader Alcar to explain everything to you, so that you can make it known on earth.
This means a mighty grace for us and for you.
We shall now return to our own life, but we shall follow you in everything.
I conclude by asking God’s blessing for our work and wish to add my deepest gratitude.
May God’s Divine blessing be with you and rest on your work.
I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost; Amen.
I, Cesarino and the other masters greet you.’
André once more looked at the masters, who then departed.
The universe dissolved for him, and the temple of the soul resumed the condition when he entered here.
André looked up at his leader and knelt down.
He remained absorbed in prayer for a long time to thank all for this mighty grace he had been allowed to experience.
He sincerely thanked the Creator of all this for the sacred event he had been allowed to witness.
The origin of the universe had been revealed to him.
‘Come, my boy, great work awaits us now.
I must explain this tremendous event to you, but you know that I am being helped, too.
Cesarino and the other masters will follow us in everything.
I remain connected with them, until you have experienced all this.
We shall now go to the first state of human existence, which, as Cesarino said, has already partially dissolved.
Yet, I can connect you there again and you will see the process of fertilization, the awakening of all life and the plan of evolution.’
André now understood what the temple of the soul meant.
Soon they had left this mighty building.