The pyramid of Giza

What kind of building is that, is that the pyramid?
Why was that pyramid built, Alcar?’
‘I’ll tell you, André.
It is very remarkable, yes Divine.
It is absolutely a great and sacred wonder and this wonder is not understood nor felt, although they are now trying on earth to unscramble that Divine mystery.
That building, André, represents a Divine mission.’
‘A Divine mission you say?
Can a stone building have that power and was it built on earth for that purpose?’
‘Yes, it was built there to announce the birth of Christ, but there is a lot more which is not yet known on earth.
I told you about it on our last journey and now I am going to explain that to you.
The high-priests and scientists of those days together with their king knew all about it, but the priests received that great truth from this side, for they were assisted from this side.
I told you that in those days everything was received from this side and that mankind must now acquire these treasures which it began centuries ago.
In those days the priests were already in connection with our side.
It is not known on earth why and how they had advanced that far, only we living on this side know.
How it all happened is not known on earth.
At present, in your time, there are no such scientists on earth, although they have achieved much.
Yet, many centuries ago, there were people on earth who had advanced that far.
That is a wonder indeed, for these people who were capable of understanding a Divine construction do not live on earth any more and cannot be born again.
I said already that it was envisaged to convince mankind and this happened as follows.
The cosmic masters descended from the seventh degree to the sixth degree and brought this message.
This happened in the same way we received that other message as you were shown in the temple of the soul.
This message subsequently reached the fifth cosmic degree and these masters then communicated with the fourth degree and passed this Divine message on to them.
Finally this mission reached the third cosmic degree, the mentors of which set themselves the task, as they were meant to do to bring this message to mankind on earth.
A Divine message had thus descended from feeling to feeling, from master to master, out of the very highest and had reached the planet earth.
In those days mankind was ahead of our time, although only for this event.
That message was to be brought on earth, to that end people were required to serve as instruments on earth, people who possessed this sensitivity, learning, intuition and other talents and had acquired them as inner property.
Only human beings could receive and accomplish this.
Among the people living in those days were the greatest scientists that ever lived.
Among them was the supreme priest who had the general management.
This message, however, could not be given to one human being, many people were required.
The people of Egypt fully understood that task.
Now what happened?
The Divine Man would be built from stone.
Not only materially, but also spiritually and Divine.
This building was to represent the Christ as the perfect Divine Being.
The building would not only encompass the life the Divine Human Being was to experience on the planet earth, but also eternal life and the Divine attunement.
That was the way this building had to be erected.
In the first place to announce the coming of the Christ, secondly to represent His sacred life and thirdly mankind would possess something related to the existence of the earth.
The priests were under the direction of capable spirits and all were up to their task.
They received the inspirations, the indications from this side and the scientists had to look after the construction and supervise it.
The high priests received the entirety symbolically, and the scientists materially.
I know that twenty-five human beings have worked on the pyramid and have accomplished this Divine event.
When they had received all their messages the actual construction started.
This side guarded the overall process and their instructions were obeyed on earth.
Consequently, no mistakes were made in this mighty building.
As I said, this building encompassed first of all the coming and birth of Christ.
The Saviour would be born on time, not a second too early or too late.
In addition, His life and suffering, His death at the cross, resurrection and the return to God.
The pyramid also represents the problem of mankind, as man on earth, as spiritual being and the Divine attunement.
This building not only encompasses the entire mankind but also all events man on earth would experience.
Thus, they looked ahead thousands of years.
There is no end to the pyramid, although people in your time think they can attain it.
That is not possible.
Thousands of years will pass and the deepest meaning of the pyramid will not have been established because it cannot be determined, except for the cosmic masters.
Therefore it is a Divine mission, it is perfect.
The pyramid was erected in the centre of the earth.
This had to be, because God also occupies a place in the entire and inner universe and that also applies to the perfect Child of God.
Though not only for that reason.
Condensation on the first planet started from the centre and this also happened on the planet earth.
The first human beings were born out of it, all power and energy was concentrated there.
The Divine and perfect Child of God was to be born in the centre of the earth and from this centre people flocked to all corners of the earth and settled there.’
‘How remarkable that is, Alcar.’
‘Yes, it is remarkable, André, just imagine this work.
Look, we are now at the place where I wanted to be and we are in the centre of the earth.
There are many pyramids, but here is the pyramid I mean.
It stands here like the Divine Human Being and it shows us the way towards perfection.
I helped to build it, André.
Though I was no scientist, no priest, I was one of the supervisors and helped.
It encompasses thousands of wonders.
Stone was available, though what it took to transport those tons of stone to the site and to move them up is indescribable, for in those days there were no machines.
Even if they had been available their use would not have been allowed, for man had to sacrifice his own flesh and blood.
To that end one gave oneself.
The whole of Egypt was engaged in it, everybody did something and wanted to help.
It was there that I met my friend, but there was an accident and he fell down.
You may have wondered whether the people of that time had such a sensitive and pure connection with us, the spiritual world, and whether they were such great mediums, for those people could not accomplish this by their own doing, had never been able to.
Man who had attained the highest material degree, I told you about it, had not advanced enough yet to understand a Divine mission, not to mention this wonder, this Divine structure.
Isn’t that strange?
People on earth search and wonder, they admire these builders, scientists and priests, for among them were the geniuses of the earth, who would never be born again on earth.
I repeat, André, what I said before, we shall never see these scientists on earth again.
They cannot be born any more.
And why not?
Why had those mathematicians, those astronomers and priests so endlessly advanced to feel and calculate this depth?
What gave them these high feelings, civilization and exceptional intuition?
Had these people already advanced that far and have we declined?
I could go on, André, and ask you hundreds of questions, but nobody on earth can answer them.
They admire those who accomplished this and rightly so, for the pyramid of Giza is a Divine wonder, a Divine revelation.
It was erected in stone, the coming of the perfect Child of God was fixed in stone, as were a lot of other wonders, but that was the main thing.
I ask you, has science declined, are those scientists no longer on earth?
No, André, they will not return to earth again, all those artists, all those scientists in feeling had come to the earth and were born solely for this event.
These beings had reincarnated and they came like the Christ came and this would be ready for Him.
Do you feel what I mean?
I’ll now return in the spirit.
When that Divine message had reached the third degree, that is the mentors of the third degree, but the seventh sphere on this side, it was deliberated.
One of them had to return to the earth and would be born in Egypt.
That being became a high priest.
Many others would come with him.
They all came to the earth for one purpose: to build a Divine monument, which meant a Divine mission.
Thus, all those spiritually perfect beings accomplished a tremendous task in stone and the perfect Human Being Jesus Christ brought Himself.
Those who do not accept this, do not feel that these beings, who had to calculate such a Divine event and represent it in a cosmic symbolism, to which man is bound from his youth up to his end on earth, could not do it if it did not imply a wonder.
This encompasses the wonder of reincarnation because all of them were born.
In the spheres I saw them go to the earth, that was also shown to me.
There it was deliberated, arranged and calculated in advance how this wonder would be created.
This was accomplished in the seventh sphere and the mentors of the seventh, sixth, fifth and fourth sphere descended to the earth and those beings would qualify for a study on earth.
The amazing wonder happened.
The pyramid represents many wonders, but the deepest wonders we know on this side are not understood.’
‘How is it possible, Alcar.’
‘I am telling you the holy truth, André.
All those mathematicians, all those gifted people, those priests among whom the high priests, a master of the seventh sphere, the astronomers, who had continued and completed their study on this side, who as spiritual beings could visit all those planets, who had learned the activity thereof and owned all this as their property, were born on earth.
Isn’t that a great wonder?
The mentor of the seventh sphere supervised this mighty plan and was the connection with this side.
All those spiritual beings received a new material body and the place where they would be born was determined in advance.
Thus, all were born on earth, which was only possible by way of two human beings, the male as creative being and the female as the driving and serving organism.
Imagine this wonder.
They all came on earth to accomplish this.
What had been decided beforehand was effected infallibly.
On this side everything was ready, everybody had his own task and was up to it.
I have seen the spheres where they lived; this is also preserved on this side.
They were together all the time, everybody followed his own way and they knew what awaited them.
Years of preparation and meditation went by.
During those years this structure took shape and was completed but still only in the mind.
Finally this awe-inspiring process could be started.
They dissolved in the world of the unconscious one after the other and waited for the moment of attraction, one after the other was born on earth in Egypt, where this building would be erected.
They were all born to parents who had the means to allow their child to study, and, above all, were attuned to their inner level.
Every soul, scholar or mathematician or priest followed his own way, which was allocated to him beforehand on this side.
They would not be able to qualify for anything else.
The mathematician completed his study, the astronomers continued their study, the priests were trained for their priesthood and the mentor with his king were in charge.
Just imagine that!
Everything happened according to plan and the work could be started.
They were all there and were quite unaware, the connection with the Side Beyond had yet to be established, and eventually was.
The high priest received that connection together with all other priests.
He departed from his body and received his instructions from this side, it was explained to him what was to happen, like I explained everything of our life to you.
Slowly, they awakened and became conscious and the spiritual veil was lifted from them, so that they knew why they had come on earth.
This mighty wonder, my son, you’ll also experience in its entirety on this journey.
That is what they were on earth for and for nothing else.
The mentor of the seventh sphere supervised this Divine work, but who were his leaders?
Can you imagine, can you feel that, André?’
‘No, Alcar, I can’t.’
‘I’ll tell you.
The preparation they all had received in the spheres was also necessary on earth.
There they also needed years of meditation before the spiritual connection was established.
All cosmic degrees were subsequently connected, which means that all degrees, all those planets received one connection.
From the highest heaven, the seventh cosmic degree, instructions came through to the sixth, fifth and fourth degree and the mentors of the fourth degree communicated with the earth.
This, however, was the only time in the history of mankind that a higher cosmic degree established a direct connection with the earth.
It was possible for this purpose and that is why this structure is Divine.
The cosmic masters of the fourth degree remained in communication with the earth until the end.
They received their messages from the fifth, sixth and seventh degree which are the Divine Spheres.
I explained all this to you so that you can understand it.
When everything was ready and meditation and the spiritual connection had been completed, actual work was started.
I said already that the stones were available, for they were also shown on earth from this side where these stones could be found.
Everything tallied perfectly, but the actual building was a superhuman task, though they received support.
By inspiration they received the simplest means to move the stones up which weighed several tons.
Yet many people perished and were crushed.
As I said, many wonders are represented in the pyramid.
In the first place the birth and the coming of Christ, His sacred life and death.
In addition I told you that all events on earth, the entire mankind up to the last human being who will live on earth, are laid down there.
Also the development of the earth and, besides, the pyramid represents the universe, all the cosmic degrees and the orbit of the various planets.
In short, the entire creation is fixed in the pyramid, also what we now follow, what you have experienced, man as the creator of darkness and light, everything, everything is fixed in the pyramid.’
André had listened in admiration and looked at that stone structure which predicted the course of events.
‘So thousands of years have been looked ahead, Alcar?’
‘Yes, and only those who know and control material life can do that.
They are the cosmic masters.’
‘It is incredible and yet one has to accept it, Alcar.’
‘There is more, André.
Beneath the pyramid is a second building.
However, nothing is known of that.
There are many corridors there, which are related to the entire monument.
In addition, every stone has its own meaning.
In your time the depth of the pyramid has been discovered and time and again people will be born who will reveal it.
Every century has its own meaning.
In every century there will live human beings who penetrate a little further into this cosmic mystery.
That is also fixed and all those beings will be born at the right time.
According to the bible the pyramid can be unveiled, but also in the bible profound truths and realities have been falsified because nature and the cosmic meaning were not understood.
Every scientist who makes a study of this will and cannot go further and deeper than he has feeling.
You no doubt feel that later, when they accept eternal and cosmic life, scientists will have advanced much further, they will penetrate ever deeper to unveil this Divine mystery than those who are at present engaged in it.
A scientist who does not know anything of cosmic life and cannot accept reincarnation will never get through to the deepest meaning, because death will call a halt again and he will not proceed beyond the depth of his own life.
This, however, has been accomplished for every human being, for we all have to follow Christ and it is only through him that we can attain the All, which is called the King’s chamber.
That is the utmost a human being can achieve, but we know how deep everything is, that we proceed ever further and that it is laid down in the pyramid.
I could write volumes on this subject, but that is not the intention.
You do feel, André, how wonderful and deep everything is.
This is beyond description, I would not be able to do that by myself, for I would have to visit all those cosmic degrees and look ahead thousands, nay millions of years, which is impossible for me.
As I said, I could nevertheless fill volumes, merely relating what has to do with my own attunement.’
‘Are all those terrible events, like war, also fixed in here, Alcar?’
‘The last terrible massacre mankind on earth experienced was calculated on the dot.
The course and evolution of the earth and of mankind is fixed and is calculated.
As I said, they had a comprehensive view of everything, these gifted beings, who were to come to the earth with a task.
But this does not apply to the normal earthly and material human being, for he has not advanced that far yet.
From time to time, as I said just now, people will be born on earth who will reveal part of the pyramid.
That will gradually proceed and the human condition can be calculated for every human being and as long as there are people living on earth, for that is fixed.
However, it is not possible to calculate the end of all things.
Time and again this stone structure will be there, and call a halt to man, for on earth only good and evil, light and darkness dominate.
This building, André, represents the resurrection of the Divine Man.
All misery is laid down in this building.
This building represents good and evil, like man is in his life.
One road ascends through this stone structure which is the way indicated by our highest Master Jesus Christ, the way we all have to follow in order to enter the All.
Isn’t it remarkable that we find everything I explained to you on our three journeys represented in here?
It encompasses man and his Divine attunement, that man must become ‘man’.’
‘What kind of statue is that, Alcar?’
‘That is the sphinx.
Those who sense that statue feel and understand the pyramid.
It demands, it calls, it compels us to come to ourselves and to descend into ourselves.
Only then are people allowed to enter here.
It says: ‘Man, know yourself, become what I am, hear what I have to say’.
Man, however, does not listen.
This statue has a deeper meaning and has to do with the bible.
Look at this face, André, and feel what it wants to say.
Listen, it has to tell a lot, though few people understand it.
This is meant for man, but man passes by and enters.
The sphinx calls us to a halt and says, up to here and no further and bend your head.
You, children of God, look at me, all of you who want to enter here.’
André saw that his leader knelt down and so did he.
He listened attentively to what his leader said:
‘Like the universe is and God’s own life is the true love within you.
You are a God of love, take my sins away and allow me to approach you.
My heart belongs to you and our Father in heaven.
I shall try to achieve what you demand of me.
I’ll bend my head for that is what you want.
Look, you are already smiling.
You make me feel that I understand you and accept your life.
Through you I receive true life and I enter reality.
In your shadow I’ll learn to understand my own life and to love my God.
God is within you.
Eternal life resides in you.
May God give people on earth the grace to know you.
We shall try to get the better of ourselves and to discard ourselves completely and ask you to open our eyes.
May God help us, Amen.’
It is Christ’s wish, my son, to understand this wonder, otherwise it would be better to stay away from this mighty building.
An all-embracing love radiates on us and on all those who enter here, and we will have to acquire this all-overpowering love.
Through the sphinx we learn to know God in heaven, and as a child of God, as a particle thereof, ourselves.
That is laid down in this structure and it is the meaning of the pyramid.
There is an other wonder which I will explain to you.
Look at this building, André, look up to the highest part of it, don’t you see anything strange at the pyramid?’
André looked up and said: ‘No, Alcar, I don’t see what you mean.’
‘Listen, André.
Isn’t it strange when I tell you that the pyramid is not complete?’
‘What do you say, not complete?
What kind of mystery is that?’
‘That is a spiritual mystery, but with a Divine meaning.
I’ll explain that in a few words.
The top of the pyramid is lacking.’
‘Indeed, I did not notice, Alcar.
Has it got a meaning?’
‘Yes, André, as I said, this is a spiritual mystery with a Divine meaning.
The top of the pyramid is the seventh cosmic degree the very last material attunement man can attain.
We know that the All, God, follows and we also know that no spirit, however far he has advanced, can explain God in His entirety.
Do you feel, André, what my point is and what this means?
The seventh cosmic degree is the end of material man.’
‘My God, how is it possible, Alcar, I understand its meaning, here human and spiritual powers cease to exist.’
‘Very good, so it is.
That’s why the pyramid could not be completed, as one should be able to essentially understand God and God cannot be represented in stone or in writing or art.’
‘How remarkable, Alcar, and yet so natural.’
‘It tells us, André, that the human being who has reached the seventh cosmic degree has understood his Father in heaven.
Consequently, the All cannot be described nor explained.
That is why the pyramid is not complete and that is what I wanted to explain to you.
I’ll proceed.
As I said before, André, I helped in building this structure.
Here I met my friend.
I told you on our last journey that he stole my love.
We quarrelled and he attacked me, a struggle followed.
Then he fell down.
A few days later my friend passed away.
He had reached the age of twenty-eight years.
I did not want to kill, it was a concurrence of circumstances.
It was predestined, though, for I have seen all this in the spheres.
The moment it happened I was overcome by an awful feeling.
It was as if I killed my own child.
We now know it was true, at the time, however, that strange feeling and great mystery were within me.
That feeling stayed with me during my life, until my death, and I suffered terribly.
We had both met again without knowing it.
We returned to the astral world and had to wait to be born again.
I passed on to several other lives and met my twin soul.
I met her again during my last life on earth and you know who she is.
As I said, I passed on to several lives and in two of them I met him again on earth.
In one life he was my master and I was his slave.
I died at an early age, a wild animal put an end to my life, but I saved his.
I told you about it, so I’ll continue.
My star now began to shine and his faded.
His way was a different one than mine, as he still had to make up, whereas I had nearly finished.
I was ahead of him on the spiritual road of which we were unaware.
However, I would return to the earth many times, because I had not yet earned anything.
Centuries passed.
Once again he would become my child, but that time I would be his father.
This is that other condition of which I spoke.
That wonder also happened.
She who once was my mother now became my wife and he our child.
That happened in Jerusalem, where I was a merchant.
That’s where we’ll go now, that’s where I have to show and explain other wonders to you.’