Development of the earth

Alcar descended to the earth and André felt entirely free of the other planet.
‘We’ll sit down here, André.
From this spot I can explain everything and we’ll pass on to the planet earth.’
They sat down in a lovely vicinity.
André looked around.
How beautiful the earth was, here he lived.
Yonder, far from this place, lay his material body.
How mighty all those wonders were!
If only people could accept this, how happy they would be on earth.
He was very grateful that he had been allowed to experience all this.
‘Where are we, Alcar?’
‘In your own country.
Wherever we are, I can always connect you with the earth.
Now listen carefully.
On our previous journey I explained material life to you and the way all those planets were created.
When we arrived on earth I told you how the plan of evolution of man happened, but now we’ll follow psychic life.
It is essential, however, to follow man along his way on earth from the beginning.
I explained at the time that the first planet is the mother planet, which dominates all those thousands of planets.
The earth, too, received its power; it was directly influenced and nursed by the mother planet.
You know all that and it is clear to you, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, Alcar, perfectly.’
‘Then we’ll go on and descend to the first stage; I’ll connect you with the embryonic life.’
André felt himself sink away.
The earth faded before his eyes, he began to observe and saw that the earth began to condense.
There was no life yet; but it would soon come.
He heard his leader say: ‘I explained this on our previous journey.
Yet it will take thousands of centuries before the earth has condensed to the extent that life can commence.
I do not want to stay in this condition, I’ll show you the next stage.
Before I go on, I’ll first show you a mighty wonder.
Although you see that the earth condenses, it is by no means fully condensed.
The earth is nevertheless already in connection with the astral world and inspiring life is waiting to be attracted.
Consequently, from its initial stage the planet earth attracted inspiring life, and I’ll show you that life.
I explain this to you, so that you feel how closely both lives are connected with each other, and that this attractive force is already present in and around the earth.
Do you understand what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Very well; I will connect you and you’ll see the astral world in which inspiring life lives, which inspires material man on earth.
Attention now.’
André clearly saw what happened and he understood the meaning of this scene.
The earth began to condense, but around this tremendous object he perceived another force in the form of a dense haze, like a cloud around the earth.
The planet earth lived, as it were, in it.
He saw this below and above him, to the left and right, wherever he looked, the dense haze was present.
The earth floated as in a spiritual shell.
He felt how deep all this was, and yet he understood what his leader meant.
Now he heard Alcar say: ‘This is the inspiring life for the earth; but that haze, too, will condense and it happens according as the earth becomes available.
The planet earth was a transparent mass during the first stage, as you have seen in the temple of the soul, but that transparent ball of light condenses, and that also applies to the inspiring life.
Both are one in every respect.
That cloud you observe is the inspiring life returned to the first stage, as I explained to you before.
This is for inspiring life, André, now you will experience another wonder which I’ll connect you with.
Remember, you can only feel it.’
When his leader said this, he felt a tremendous power surge through him.
What is that? he thought.
I am being radiated by an invisible power and that power absorbs me; it warms and feeds me.
‘What wonder is that, Alcar?’
‘That wonder originates from the first planet, the mother planet.
Do you feel now that the mother planet accomplishes everything, that the earth is nursed from there?
This is power from the first planet and the earth condenses through this power.
The earth, therefore, did not possess this power and would have remained a transparent ball of fire if no other powers had assisted it in its task, but God oversaw everything.
Shouldn’t we bend our heads deeply for this event?
We know that this is God’s sacred life and light and this light is condensed through an other power, the atmosphere.
But there was another dominating power which controlled all this, and that is the mother planet.
This, André, is to feel sacred respect for that which is creation.
See and feel, my son, that this is the power of the first planet and of all those thousands of other planets.
All those planets feed the planet earth, for it is the earth, which has to perform a sublime task in the Divine plan.
This is a great wonder, André; but don’t we see that wonder in nature, too?
Doesn’t a branch of a tree receive its power from the entire tree?
Doesn’t a mother feed her child during the first moments of life; and isn’t the earth the child of this dominating planet, which, like the mother organism on earth, performs its task?
Isn’t this simple and acceptable?
This, André, is God’s work, and it is mighty and natural.
It is a wonder of life, of power and of pure love.
This is God’s work; we emanated from it, we were born on earth.
It has been established by this all-embracing power.
The earth, therefore, received its activity through this influence; and in this awe-inspiring event was the order of the All-Soul.
God oversaw everything; nothing disturbed this great process, because that mighty guidance, that infallible activity is in everything.
The earth therefore receives its power and experiences this activity; it will also attract inspiring life.
That activity is at work now, but later, I mean thousands of centuries later, we see how far the earth has advanced.
Is that also clear, André?’
‘Yes, everything; and I thank you, Alcar.’
‘You see, my son; inspiring life is ready and is waiting.
The earth continues to condense and presently the first connection will be made and the first life will be born.
I’ll connect you and you will now pass on to an other stage.
If you do not understand me, you must tell me and I’ll explain.’
André observed again.
He saw that further stage in front of him and he understood what it meant.
He had observed this life on the first planet.
This was embryonic life out of which man would be born.
He saw these unnameable cells which floated on and moved.
It was an amazing sight to see this again.
He heard Alcar say: ‘You see that this is a further stage.
According to the natural way, many centuries have passed now.
I can tell you that thousands of centuries passed before the earth had condensed to the extent that embryonic life was ready.
All those cells have already been animated by the inspiring life.
When this material life commenced, the inspiring life immediately descended into this little cell, as happened on the first planet.
My point is, and that is why I must explain these first stages again, that the inspiring life, which we have got to know as mature beings on those other planets, fundamentally returns to the first stage, so that it can be born in this life, on earth.
Inner life descends in the embryo as the Divine Spark and as inspiring life, and drives material life onward.
This, my son, is the great wonder, and this mighty wonder happens in the mother organism, it has the perfect organism on earth, and we have experienced it on all those other planets.
Thus, that in front of you will become man.
Inner life, which we have followed on our long way, lives in it.
Inspiring life of that pre-animal-like human being, the spiritual energy, the soul, which has discarded its material life that far, has to accept the first degree again in order to be able to enter this material shell.
If this were not possible, there would be a disturbance and one life would dominate the other and destroy it.
However, inner life adapts itself to that material organism, which, during this stage, is embryonic life.
I speak of embryo, my son; here in front of you lives the embryo and that is also present in the perfect human body.
The being as man would have to cover that long road, and when it has advanced that far, this being owns creation, because that wonder is implied in the mother organism.
These organs are present in the mother organism; in this wonderful product of creation the entire creation is reflected.
What happened here, happens in the mother organism, it is the wonder of creation, that great and mighty gift we people received from God, which God has laid in our own hands.
I want to prove herewith that man is his own creator and that he received this from God.
What all those planets have experienced the ‘mother’ on earth experiences now.
What happened in a billion-process, now happens in the mother organism; it is man’s own property.
Now try to feel this, André, try to imagine this wonder.
God gave us everything; I told you this many times; now, however, it is getting through to us, now we see and feel, what it all means.
When people on earth connect, then, André, they experience the ‘plan of creation’; it has not changed.
And this event is defiled by man.
We know life on earth, we on our side know how man lives.
One-thousandth of the male semen, the strength that this organism possesses, is sufficient to establish this awe-inspiring wonder.
Man does not realize nor feel this; it happens in an unconscious condition, because man does not understand his own life, death and birth, nor the universe.
This wonder, André, happens every second on earth when two people connect and birth is engendered.
Now I will explain another wonder.
You know now that inspiring life of the second cosmic degree descends into this small cell.
The inner life returns to embryonic life.
We also know that this inner life has lived before and has acquired several qualities in that life.
Yet, and this is the wonder I want to explain, inner life retains all these qualities it has acquired in all those centuries.
All those qualities are present in the inner life and will awaken as the material organism matures.
They are part of that pre-animal-like human being, they are his acquired property.
That astral being which affects embryonic life, is in actual fact the pre-animal-like but inner human being we have come to know there.
Do you feel this wonder, André?
That inner life returns to nothingness and yet, it has, when we see mature man, the qualities it had already on the second planet.
When we presently follow the first material but mature human beings, when the earth has performed its task, we know that inspiring life is present therein, which life we have come to know on the second cosmic degree.
But even now, in this condition, it is also present and it inspires embryonic life.
In nature and in all those millions of years, nothing, absolutely nothing has changed; we still see it happen in your own time, the children are born on earth in this way; the embryo is inspired in the mother body; this event is as at the beginning and origin of the earth.
Is this not awe-inspiring, André?’
‘I have no words for it, Alcar.’
‘I’ll go on now, André; follow me and keep concentrated on me.
Inspiring life is present in this bluish haze; but when material life condenses and we advance many centuries, we see that both conditions have changed considerably.
A further stage now follows and, first of all, you’ll see the astral world.’
André saw what happened and saw a wonderful sight.
The astral world had condensed.
He saw millions of beings in this spiritual world.
He now felt the wonder of both lives.
The planet earth had gradually condensed and a similar process took place in the spiritual world.
Oh, how wonderful, he thought, how natural everything is.
Then he heard Alcar say: ‘Do you see in what an amazingly natural way everything happens?
Do you see that both lives follow one condition and that the material organism cannot be ahead of inner life?
All that changes when we have reached the perfect material condition; but when man fertilizes and connects, then happens what I explained just now when I told you of the mother body in its perfect material condition.
The astral world will also condense more and more according as the earth advances ever further and we pass from one stage to the other.
I am not going to follow all those stages; you know them already and it would lead too far; I’ll connect you now with the thousandth and tenth-thousandth stage and we’ll see what happened in those thousands of centuries.
Observe André.’
‘What is that, Alcar?’
‘I told you I was going to connect you with other and subsequent stages.
You see millions of lives.
All that life, which will become man, lives in the deep waters and has now attained the fish stage.
I’ll go a little further, and we’ll see that some of these beings have reached the shore.
Pay attention, André.’
The same instant André observed.
What wonder was he going to experience this time?
It teemed with beings.
Those beings were on the shore, in the water, wherever he looked, everywhere was life.
And this was to become man, man on earth.
He witnessed an unbelievable problem.
He heard Alcar say: ‘Some more centuries further and we’ll see beings, man, already living on the negotiable planet.
Look, there, André.’
André trembled because of all these wonders.
Indeed, there were beings; man lived there and had emanated from them.
The earth had advanced that far; now he saw happen on earth what he had experienced on the first planet.
Oh, what wonder!
How unbelievable this was for man on earth, and how natural, how clearly had he been able to follow everything from the beginning of creation.
A tremendous problem had now been solved for him.
He saw the first terrestrial people.
The first man, my God, how is it possible.
He was inwardly moved to tears watching all this on earth.
Deep within him he felt profound respect and gratitude for God and his own leader for being allowed to observe this wonderful event on the planet earth.
‘I have no words for it’, he said to Alcar, ‘I can hardly speak for it has moved me deeply.’
‘I can well imagine, André.
It is wonderful.
This was accomplished by the good earth; all these people appeared from its interior.
I was as you are now; I felt trivial and insignificant when I was shown this wonder of creation on earth.
You feel all this very deeply, because you still live on earth.
All, none excluded, feel that way when they die on earth and enter this life, and if they do not want to understand their own lives, a spiritual brother or sister on this side descends with those disbelieving brothers and sisters to the origin of everything and of themselves, and then happens what you now feel and experience.
Then they are silent and do not speak; but those who are allowed to see this are defeated, are inwardly broken and bend their heads.
If anything can convince man of his insignificance on earth it is the origin of the universe.
We on our side can connect ourselves with the initial stage of the earth, because we, living on this side, have experienced all that.
Here, we were born, but millions of years were to pass before the perfect material organism had developed.
It still took that long before the planet and all those material degrees of the human organism were ready, like your own material organism is now perfect.’
‘How deep, but how natural everything you show me is, Alcar.
I am so grateful that I can’t say much, but do feel my gratitude.’
‘I feel you, my boy.
I, too, and all beings allowed to see this, were grateful.
I tell you, André, look at this wonder and feel what it means that God is the Father of all of us.
Do not forget that God gave us all this and that we, human beings, were born out of this process.
I understand that you can’t speak, for it is so mighty that it cannot be expressed in words.
You only feel the insignificance of our personality, even when man has his perfect organism, for look at man and follow him, see how he lives and destroys God’s life.
We emanate from the earth, from nothingness, from the invisible, which is God.
We will go on now and follow the first human beings on earth.
You see, André, that human beings already live on the negotiable planet.
The earth is not yet ready though, because there are still human beings living in those waters.
Those beings must first come out of this before life commences on this negotiable and condensed earth.
But even in this era there were seven degrees of material organism.
We see the first and thousandth stage, which comprise all those degrees we’ll presently see on this negotiable planet.
I’ll skip a few centuries.
What happened in this period?
Those, which had reached the shore, also developed and multiplied.
In those centuries those first material beings attained the human condition and they were the prehistoric beings which lived on earth.
I’ll show you that process of evolution, you will see how far they have advanced, which you will find most amazing.
Look, centuries have passed again.’
André experienced one wonder after another.
He saw these people: how coarse and crude they all were.
He observed the male and female being and all were hairy, like animals.
They were still animals, but he recognized man by their bodies.
See, how powerful those bodies are, though this first man had a monstrous physique.
This was accomplished by the planet earth and was to become man.
This wonder had reached that stage.
‘These beings, André, could proceed and occupy the earth.
However, human beings were still living in those deep waters, who had to discard their fish stage.
I’ll go on and we’ll see what happened.
Many of the first human beings who had reached this negotiable planet died when their cosmic time had come, which is normal death; others, however, were attacked by prehistoric animals, dragged into the water and served as food for these enormous animal species, which, like man, lived here.
The animal was in essence good-natured, but man awakened this animal being, which happened already on the second degree.
We saw there how the human being destroyed the animal kingdom; and the soul, of man as well as of animal, was attracted by the planet earth and would be born here.
When the animal kingdom awakened on earth and had received this awe-inspiring material organism, a struggle developed between man and animal, which continued for thousands of centuries.
Before I go on, I’ll return to the animal kingdom, for the animal followed man and attained this material organism.
To this end I must connect you with the first stage.’
André felt himself sink away deeper and he began to observe.
He heard Alcar say: ‘This is the world of human embryonic life.
What I explained to you on the first planet about the animal kingdom, happened here too, for here on the planet earth it was one and the same condition and event.
I showed you the spiritual world, how inspiring life condensed and subsequently how embryonic life was inspired.
However, you will now see another wonder.
There, in front of you, André, you see this world which also comprises the astral world for the animal kingdom.
This world is therefore in the human astral world, as on the first planet, and it is also invisible for human inspiring life.
When the first human ‘peel’ died and decayed, the inspiring being descended from the astral animal world and, after a long time, the first animal being was born.
Not merely one, but dozens of beings; they were so tiny and small, that they could not be seen with the naked eye.
And yet, after many years, when this process proceeded, we see thousands of these beings in the waters, because all those beings rapidly multiplied.
I won’t follow all that, you see that wonder also materialized here on earth and that it was already in advance.
That enormous animal being on the second degree animates the material animal on the third degree, the earth.
This was one event; for man and animal had to go on.
Every planet created its own organism, though brought about by the mother body, but the earth, as I explained to you, condensed and enlarged many animal species, which sometime pass on into the true cosmic organism.
I now go to the final stage where we were just now, and we see both man and the animal kingdom again.’
André felt himself return.
‘This is also wonderful and natural, Alcar.’
‘Indeed, André, a natural law has manifested itself.
Now I’ll pass on centuries and in those centuries we see that man has multiplied and so has the animal kingdom.
I said that a terrible struggle developed between man and animal and many people were destroyed.
The earth condensed, the last beings living in the waters appeared and life on earth commenced.
During all those centuries millions of human beings had died and returned to pass on to the highest material degree.
Now we see an entirely different condition.
At this time seven different species of material beings lived on earth, and these material transitions were also present in the animal kingdom, but in the animal kingdom these material degrees had become very extensive, because out of one species many other animal species had developed.
The highest material degree of the human being was the dark black being, but it had a prehistoric material organism.
And there was more.
At that time, André, there was no white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on yet; that race still had to be born.
During the centuries that passed, this material organism got ready and, again, we see an different earth from the one in those previous conditions.
Human beings now lived in all corners of the earth and these beings were divided in groups.
After centuries had passed again, these beings awakened as did the animal kingdom so that both attained consciousness.
Man had pre-animal consciousness and when he passed on to it, that violent struggle of which I spoke, sparked off.
Man attacked the animal and the animal attacked man.
Human passions awakened and this constituted the being, the personality.
Now I proceed again centuries.
In those centuries man joined together, because the animal forced him to.
Man in those days was no match for the animal, even though there were animal species, which were not malicious and would not attack human beings, not even when they were killed.
But there were species, which would attack the human being; this hatred developed on the second cosmic degree and was inherent in the animal on earth, like man had brought his pre-animal consciousness with them.
The groups became larger as the number of human beings increased, the struggle on earth in particular became more violent, though no longer against the animal but against those human beings born in a different place.
Every second there was slaughtering.
The more advanced human being slew the others who had not yet attained that highest material degree.
It was no longer a struggle of man against man, but they went into battle in groups of hundreds and those they met were killed; the strongest therefore conquered.
In this era the more advanced people joined together, as did the lower degrees of material organism, and we still see this in your time on earth.
This has not changed either.
One group attacked the other; but something proceeded and that was the planet earth, which went on completing the perfect material organism.
Some centuries later these material organisms have appeared on earth, and the picture of the earth has changed again.
The higher and further man advanced, the stronger became hatred for the other man and also for the animal kingdom.
That hatred became more conscious and fiercer, so that the prehistoric aspect had vanished forever.
Those groups of people became tribes, and after a long time these tribes became nations which produced rulers.
These people lived in groups of thousands, scattered all over the earth.
It will be clear to you that they developed into all those various races (see article ‘There are no races’ on and peoples, white people already being among them.
This race (see article ‘There are no races’ on began to dominate and the earth also proceeded.
What used to be a quagmire in centuries gone by, condensed and those regions, too, became populated.
This occurred all over the earth.
The earth continued its difficult task and brought this about, to which end it had occupied its place in the universe.
People joined together still closer and killed everything coming their way and proceeded to large scale fighting.
Thousands were killed.
The higher degrees passed on to a higher stage of feeling, but the lower degrees were all cannibals.
In this era, the earth had completed one third of its task, and this was a great wonder.
For those living in a lower degree of material organism, meeting the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, it was also a great wonder to see those people.
They did not understand it; but the whites knew what to do with them and attacked them.
Materially more advanced man, therefore, dominated the planet earth, but he did this by manslaughter and violence.
In this respect nothing has changed either in all those millions of years.
We see nothing but animal violence, killing all the time, these beings were not capable of other things, although that time would come.
Centuries passed again, in the meantime the perfect human organism was ready, and we see that the seven material degrees are present in the highest degree.
Finally the earth had advanced that far with its task and we observe the following situation.
The lowest degree of material organism was the prehistoric animal-like being while the highest being lived in a material organism which became perfect in those thousands of centuries which followed.
Then the planet earth had completed its task and we learn to know other laws.
One law steadily remained effective, the process of dying.
In those thousands of centuries billions of people had died.
What happened with all those beings?
We’ll follow that now, André; after that I’ll return to the development of the earth.’