The fifth material degree

‘I’ll show you some beings belonging to the fifth degree.
Then we will return to the fourth degree where I have to explain a lot about inner life.
We do not need to visit the sixth degree and in the seventh degree you live yourself.
We go to the North; that’s where people live belonging to the fifth degree, although the majority is widespread.
They live by hunting and are not ungifted spiritually.
You’ll feel that it has reached the stage where inner life commences which is displayed in talent.
Look, André, the fifth material degree.’
André looked at these people.
‘Are they known on earth, Alcar?’
‘Yes, they are called Eskimos.
Formerly, many thousands of centuries ago, they had a different name.
All other people belonging to the fifth degree live in the South, West and East.
In those millions of centuries, the fifth degree has, like the sixth and the seventh, spread all over the earth, because many of them were in search of property.
Yet, the core of the fifth degree is present here.
Their bodies are hardened and can stand this climate.
Their organism has a immense powerful skeleton.
Many have a religion, brought to them by an other degree.
Yet, they are children of nature, and it is not by chance that they live here.
The seventh degree will not be able to pass on into this kind of life; nor will the sixth.
This life cannot experience an other attunement, I mean pass on into everything.
That is not possible, as the material condition adapts itself to their inner life.
Both belong together, although the material organism is far ahead of inner life.
As I said, they are not ungifted, but they find it difficult to live among the seventh degree, as they cannot very well adapt themselves.
Although we see transitions among them which means, that some of them can adapt themselves to the sixth and seventh degree, but their material attunement remains as it is.
Millions of years ago millions of people lived here, but they spread during all those centuries and now live all over the earth.
Their inner life is in amazing balance with their material life.
The reason is that they are living alone here and do not tolerate the influence of other races (see article ‘There are no races’ on
That is why I visit them, because the pure fifth degree is present here.
The sixth degree we find in Further India, and also in China and Japan and other parts of the earth.
The core of the sixth degree lies in the Far East, as does the seventh degree which has spread all over the earth.
This, André, is the material condition of the human organism and the seven material degrees of the earth.
All those millions of beings live their own lives, but, and this is remarkable, they adapt themselves to the organism they have, although they are not aware of that.
These people live here and are happy, and that is one condition for all degrees.
But what does this happiness mean for the seventh degree?
What does the happiness of the first mean for the sixth degree?
Everybody feels and has his own material life and that is not because this is a race, but because these are the degrees which determine the material degree and condition of man on earth.
Man is tied to that and cannot free himself.
As I said, nature and the earth bring this about and it means reincarnation on earth.’
‘It is amazing, Alcar.’
‘Yes, a mighty wonder of nature, André.
And this wonder has existed from the first stage of the earth; it occurred from that time on, and this law is still in force, because inspiration lives and waits for a new organism.
Those degrees can therefore not dissolve, because inner life has not advanced that far; it has to experience that school of life materially as well as spiritually.
Is all that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘These are the material degrees of the human organism.
All of us have had to follow that long road including those who have already reached the Divine Spheres.
Feel this million process and you will understand your own condition on earth.
You’ll also feel that all this must have a meaning, that God is fair and that there will have to be an end to that jungle stage.
All these races (see article ‘There are no races’ on are known on earth, but they don’t know the spiritual meaning.
There are even people on earth whom they do not know, who retreated far away from the inhabitable world.
All that will and shall dissolve, because they are God’s children, too.
Do you have any questions, André?’
‘No, Alcar.
I now understand life on earth.’
‘Fine, we’ll go on then, as I must now give you a general survey of inspiring life which lives in every degree and inspires material life.
Wherever we go there is life, man and animal live together.
Each follows his own course, his earthly, spiritual and cosmic road, and knows and has his love, but also his sorrow and misery.
We’ll now return to the fourth material degree.