The third cosmic degree

How wonderful everything is, Alcar.
How much we people on earth still have to experience.
All those planets awaiting us.
It is not until then that misery on earth will be over?’
‘Yes, it is not possible sooner.
First, all those transitory planets must dissolve, the second degree must pass on to the transitory planets and subsequently to the earth, and when all people are spiritual, peace and quietude will come.
Spiritual happiness in a material organism and that happiness is the possession of man on the fourth cosmic degree.
To your left and right are the many transitory planets which are geared to the earth’s level.
Over there, in the centre of all these planets, is the earth.
I explained all those conditions to you and I said that many organs are required to reach that degree, which is an existential planet.
This also applies to the earth.
If there were no transitions, as I also explained, the material organism would collapse, and inner life, the life of the soul, would succumb.
But God, the Creator of this might, oversaw all this, which is for the organism of man and animal.
All these transitions, which are in connection with the earth, complete the material organism, although the lowest degree is still found on earth.
That material organism is already perfect, yet it is still far away from the seventh degree.
On earth we know the material organisms which belong to the highest degrees, which are the fifth, sixth, and seventh degree.’
‘How remarkable, Alcar.’
‘It is not different from what we have experienced in previous conditions.’
‘Is that known on earth?’
‘No, not at all, but they do know there are various human races (see article ‘There are no races’ on, although they do not understand the meaning of those human races.
For why has one human being reached the highest degree, and why do others live in the jungle and violate the life of others?
‘That, too, is a natural problem which I explained to you.
There are seven degrees of material organism; they who live in the first degree, are those on earth, who are called head-hunters.
That is the first material degree on earth.
These degrees are present on all these planets, and I showed you these degrees.
Now if this is so, why should it not be accepted on earth?
Is it so strange?
Haven’t I shown that all of us have been like that?
These humans live on earth; if they hadn’t, there would have been injustice in the universe, and God would have made a mistake.
The human being on earth experiences seven material transitions, in order to reach the highest stage.
What we have experienced on all those planets, we also experience on your own planet where you still live and which I discarded.
Primitive races are still living on earth and they are the first transitions to the perfect human species.
Those having reached the highest degree can no longer descend to the first degrees.
Man who has reached the highest attunement passes on to an other.
Yet, man returns hundreds of times in the same (kind of) body, which is for the inner life.
The spirit will have to acquire these treasures, which is tuning in to spiritual love.
Man will therefore return to the earth until he has acquired these powers, and will then go on.
This going on is on our side, but afterwards, when man has reached the seventh sphere, he will, as you know, pass on to the mental regions and is attracted by the fourth cosmic grade.
You do feel that everything links up, that everything and just everything transfers into each other, that one connection follows the other to which man and animal submit.’
‘How marvellous all this is, Alcar, and how fair.’
‘It is a wonder of justice, and man will experience thousands of wonders when they enter our life and learn to know it.’
‘If people on earth only knew its meaning, Alcar.’
‘They shall know, André; we are telling them already.
We shall lay down all your questions and my answers and everything you have observed.
Nothing will be lost; our effort will not be in vain.’
‘Wouldn’t they understand the earthly problem better?’
‘When scientists on earth can accept all those material transitions, a completely different world opens up and they will learn to understand creation and see its simplicity.
Because everything is simple; if it were not, I would not be able to explain the universe to you.
But now that we go over into this mighty and feel all these planets within us, which I made you feel, man will feel that he possesses it.
Haven’t you noticed something remarkable on this journey, André?’
‘Everything is remarkable, Alcar.’
‘Yes, I know, but that is not what I mean.’
André reflected on everything he had experienced but he did not feel what his leader meant.
‘I will tell you, my boy.
There are different human races (see article ‘There are no races’ on on earth and they all have their own material organism.
On all the planets you have observed, only the dark, brown-black race (see article ‘There are no races’ on lives.
These beings have been there from the initial stage up to the last transition.
The white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, however, was only created by the third degree, and only lives on earth.’
‘No, Alcar, I had not thought of that.
It is remarkable and yet so obvious.
For those people would not be born until on earth.’
Everything living below the third degree does not possess this organism, because it was only on the planet earth that man was to receive it.
The earth created that organism and it developed there.
The substance of the earth cannot be compared with that of all other planets.
The first degree on earth received its splendid organism, but the skin colour is as we got to know it on the second degree.
Only on earth is the human organism perfect.
The highest degree is, as you know, like your own organism.
Look there, in front of you, is the earth; we shall soon be there.
Do you feel, André, now that you are approaching the earth, that a different power enters you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I clearly feel it.’
‘That is the attunement of the earth.
The power it radiates is present between the earth and the atmosphere; the place it occupies in the solar system is the effect you feel and this is different for all the planets.
Now we are back on earth.
I’ll first connect you with the earth and you will feel the overall situation entering you.
What you see and feel is life on earth, a condition, therefore, similar to the one on the second degree.
Pay attention now.’
André felt himself sink away and a remarkable power entered him.
He had not felt the earth in this way yet and now he had a general view of this planet.
It was a remarkable connection.
Now he felt the life living on earth.
The other planet was larger.
He clearly felt this mighty difference.
Now he heard Alcar say: ‘You will return to yourself, André.
Did you feel that those other planets, anyway some of them, are very much larger than the earth?
And that the first planet dominates them all?’
‘Yes, Alcar, perfectly.’
‘I will now connect you with an other image, the initial stage of the earth.
You return to the past and will be able to follow the entire process, but this time of the planet you are living on.’
Again André descended into the unknown and the past became visible.
What he now observed was amazing.
In the universe lay a violet light and in that light he saw a golden glow.
It was like an evening at sunset.
It was of such an awe-inspiring beauty that he thought he was in the seventh sphere.
‘What does this wonderful scene mean, Alcar?’
‘It is a beautiful view, André, and it means the moment has come when the earth begins to condense.
It receives that glow from the other planets.
During the initial stage of creation, life on all those first planets has, time and again, experienced this amazing and mighty event with intervals of centuries.
You see various shades of colours in the universe.
The planet earth now receives that wonderful and inexplicable power, and this phenomenon preceded every condensation process.
In fact the earth is, as you will see shortly because this belongs to the next event, a luminous ball of fire, though enveloped in a dense haze.
When I am going to connect you with that moment, the earth will dissolve before us and you see that this is the case.
The light of the sun darkens; the first planet has completed its task.
The other planets, which receive life from the first degree, are ready, as you see.
Thousands of planets have hardened and condensed.
Up to your right you see the second degree.
You see, André, it is in a further stage of condensation than the earth.
All those smaller planets belonging to the second degree are now going to condense.
The first transitions between the first (and second) cosmic degree are ready.
Now I pass on to the initial stage of the earth.’
André felt himself sink away still deeper.
The earth dissolved before him and now became a luminous disc, in which he could see.
What I observe is as in the temple of the soul, he thought.
‘A wonderful sight; how is it possible, Alcar.’
‘I will go on, André, and will show you transition after transition.
Attention now, this is a mighty phenomenon.’
André saw that the earth started to condense.
He saw dark parts appearing in this light.
The dark parts spread over the entire body.
He now felt he was in the centre of the earth, and to the right and left, below and above him, he saw the earth condense.
Slowly this amazing light condensed.
The light took other colours, like he had observed in the temple of the soul, one colour changed into another, and he understood this phenomenon.
This lasted for a considerable time; then he heard Alcar say: ‘As you know, millions of years have already passed.
These transitions, which form the first stage of the condensation, lasted millions of years, before that process could go on.
I now go on to the next stage, which you will see.’
Again André saw that he was connected with an other process.
A dark shadow now lay over the entire earth.
Above him in the universe he saw something condense, completely closing off this planet.
This mighty organ was now secured from outside.
André felt what it meant.
The atmosphere was forming.
This atmosphere changed into an other light, and now he could no longer observe it.
Yet he felt that it would stay and was nearly ready.
He looked at the universe and could observe the other planets, and saw that the earth passed from one condition to another.
The dark haze which covered the entire earth became ever denser.
In that darkness he saw shapes which changed into others, subsequently to compact as a dense mass.
That will become the earth, he thought; mountains and valleys formed.
My God, how mighty is everything I see.
Again he heard Alcar who said: ‘You will now see the next stage.’
André saw movement below him.
He could perceive something in that dark mass.
It was as if a dense mass of clouds contracted.
This mass became denser and denser; it was as if the earth had changed into a ball of fire.
It resembled a huge fire but he could not comprehend it.
This went on and the earth now equalled the darkness of hell.
He understood the meaning of this majestic event.
During the initial stage, the earth had been like a blazing fire.
That mass had condensed to such an extent that he compared it with a fire of tremendous magnitude.
He could not think of an other explanation.
This remained for a considerable time.
The power that brought all this about was indescribable.
It looked like it had been lit from the inside.
When something is on fire, dark clouds of smoke billow up, but here they stayed together, which he found amazing.
This phenomenon was like a fierce hurricane sweeping over the earth and spreading death and destruction.
The earth was like an erupting volcano, but the entire mass remained close together; something kept it that way.
He now felt the meaning enter his mind.
How marvellous, he thought, it was brought about by what was above him, the atmosphere.
The earth continued its process and now he saw another and following stage.
Alcar now held a mental conversation with him.
That rolling mass condensed and he saw what it was to become.
My God, how wonderful is Your power, André thought.
That mass of clouds changed, and he saw that it became water, nothing but water, and in it he saw life.
How is it possible, he thought; he had observed a similar process on the first planet.
In this water, the first life was born.
Yonder he saw the mother planet and all those other organs.
Tears ran down his cheeks now that he was allowed to see all this.
It moved him deeply.
Oh, how great is God in heaven; such might and power!
He, who saw this, knew he was a tiny part of it all.
The earth followed that process, and now he saw that the condensation process had attained the next stage, because something separated and condensed in the water.
Again he felt what that meant.
That will become the negotiable planet, he thought, that will become what they call earth.
When this is complete and entirely condensed we will see the firm soil.
He understood his leader, because he saw that it happened.
‘I am now going to connect you with the next stage’, he heard Alcar say: ‘Millions of years have passed again, and you will see what happened in that time.’
The earth had come to rest.
He saw land, trees and flowers, although as on the second degree.
It was not the earth as he knew it.
‘This is the first era experienced on earth, of which nothing is known today’, he heard Alcar say.
‘Thousands of centuries have passed.
In the many waters on earth, a being has appeared like you have seen on the first planet.
Here, man also followed a similar process and had passed on from his fish-like stage.
Here, too, the lower part of the body split, the animal-like being reached the shore and man gained the negotiable planet.
But once again billions of years have passed and in all those years the earth has reached this stage and has advanced that far.
Now I’ll pass on to the next stage and again millions of years have passed.
Look in front of you, André.’
André was scared stiff.
What he now saw he had seen before.
He saw man and animal, as on the second planet.
Man and animal had accepted their material condition.
They were large and powerful.
Were they the first human beings who had lived on earth, and were those animals the prehistoric species now extinct on earth?
He saw a wonderful vision passing by.
Out of that luminous ball of fire, the earth had developed and out of that water, man, and animal, and yet everything was one condition, one event; one stage developed out of the other.
The image he saw was wild and rugged.
The animals which lived here were enormously large, although not quite as large as on the second planet, and man was hairy and strong, though his body differed from there.
This body was more refined and more perfect, but the skin colour was dark.
The white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on was not yet known in this period.
‘Everything is amazingly beautiful, Alcar.’
‘This is the wonder the earth has experienced and where we were born.
You will return to yourself, André, and I’ll explain several events to you.’
André looked up at his leader, but could not say a word.
‘Has all this moved you, my boy?
It has deeply moved me and all beings who have seen this process.
Now that we know what God’s creation is, we work out how we have to live to thank our Holy Father for everything, no matter how our lives have been.
We now see the first stage of the earth, the first era, about which, as I said before, nothing is known.
But you have seen that everything follows one course.
All this did not come into being at once, one stage developed out of the other.
In this tremendous space, lay the all-encompassing and the simplicity, which we see in the entire universe.
Had the third degree been ready before the mother planet had completed its task – I told you about it, but it will be much clearer to you now – chaos would have been the result.
If man on the second planet had already been able to reach his highest material condition, one planet would, as it were, have crushed the other and would have been teared apart.
But here is this Divine order, which we also find in our own material organism.
Everything is present but one organ depends on the other.
One organ acts through the other; it receives power and energy from the vital organs, and all this is also present in the material organism of man.
What we observe, know and feel in ourselves also happened in the universe.
The smallest insect - I told you about it - has the same activity as the planets have experienced.
Feel how mighty it all is, and how simple the way it happened.
This is amazing for man on earth and yet, if they could observe all this they would be silent of astonishment at all this simplicity.
The planet earth is ready, but over there the mother planet is dying, as are the many other planets which have completed a similar task.
Billions of years from now the earth will also die.
When the last being of the second degree has come here, and all those beings have reached the spiritual condition, the earth will accept what all those bodies had to accept and will dissolve to return to the invisible energy.
At present the earth is building the material organism.
Man must go to his highest attunement and will receive that here.
You see that man lives here and the animal is also present, but all that life will die.
Now look over there, André.’
André saw an enormous monster.
‘Do you recognize that animal, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
This animal arrived on earth from the second grade, just as all life you observe has lived there.
This is the mightiest and most sacred wonder of God we know; because every planet produced its own life, although all these planets were connected with each other.
You see, André, the animal has now hardened.’
‘Is that a tortoise, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, but the animal is in the first stage of development.
It is enormously large, but it will discard that size on earth.
Man, too, has a different body than man in your time.
Material life on earth begins, and the earth will beautify this material organism.
Many thousands of years will pass and, during all those centuries, beautification proceeds.
It is nature that changes this organism inwardly and outwardly.
The skin colour will also change, and the enormous size is dropped.
Man has a fixed cosmic degree and that attunement is approaching.’
‘Is that the reason why people were so large, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, you saw that on the second degree.
Here on earth, it serves to reach perfection.
At the same time, inner life, the life of the soul, develops on earth.
However, man is still a prehistoric animal; in all those centuries, this animal being will change and attain that human degree.
Everything reflects the plan of evolution.
All those organs are present to pass on to this beautiful human organism we now possess, but it requires thousands of centuries.
Man and animal passed from one era to the next.
In one era, thousands of animal species were born and died again to pass on to an other condition, therefore an other organism.
The prehistoric animal species dissolved, and out of this process the many other animals emanated.
Then a time came when the winged animal was born; man, too, had already gone through various changes.
The dark skin colour became lighter, and the earth beautified the fine organism, so that man could pass on to his final stage.
Still, for all of us, in your own time, the highest condition and material degree have not yet come.
Dark races (see article ‘There are no races’ on are still living in the jungle, which have to pass on into that condition and attain the highest degree.
These should not be confused with the oriental type, because that type belongs to the perfect material being.
The being in reduced and yet beautified shape, as seen in the first degree, is found again on the second degree.
Man now living on earth has the perfect human condition, which comprises also seven transitions before the highest degree is attained.
What happened on all those planets, we find again on earth.
However, a different process occurs on earth, which is for the embellishment of the material organism.
It is therefore not surprising, André, that there are still dark races (see article ‘There are no races’ on on earth.
In the billions of years, which have passed, these beings have not yet advanced that far, and millions of years are still required.
But however long it may last, it must happen.
A time will come when there are no more dark people on earth, then all those species of people have passed on into one species.
This is the highest material degree we know.
Then man can no longer be born in the jungle for the simple reason that man has passed into an other race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, the second material stage.
But as long as there are planets inhabited with a second cosmic attunement, beings will live in the jungle and the first stage cannot dissolve, because they emanate from an other planet and pass on to the third degree.
It will take billions of years before the last human and animal beings will arrive on earth.
You surely understand that the earth must exist and that there is no question yet of destruction or perishing, for God would then destroy His own life, which is of no use for the creation.
In time, this dissolution will happen, but then life has lived on all planets, and discarded them, and has passed on to those regions which are ready for the fourth degree.
It will now be clear to you why we find all those conditions on earth.
Why there is sorrow and misery, and why all those different material organisms exist, you can now accept and understand.
If scientists would know all this, they would feel how far they have advanced, how much they have learned and discarded, before they entered that material degree.
But as long as they cannot understand their own lives and continue to see death as a process of total destruction, they will not advance any further, and remain blind to God’s creation.
All of us, who once lived on earth and have entered the spheres of light, have experienced all this.
It is our origin, out of that which happened, we emanate.
A magnificent image has been shown and explained to you,
I can’t follow the various eras now, it would be too much; what I told and showed you, André, will suffice.
On our next journey I will tell you more about it.
But you now understand the meaning of being on earth.
The way the earth completed its task is wonderful.
The other planets, too, had to perform a tremendous function, but the task of the earth is awe-inspiring.
When man lived in his first and prehistoric era, food was available for him and also for the animal kingdom.
Also, in later times, when the human being of the first material condition had reached the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh stage and the human organism as well as the inner organs had reached a much higher and more beautiful level, the earth also provided food for all this life.
In whatever stage man and animal lived, there was food for man and animal.
But man, who was still in a pre-animal condition, awakened, and with it good and evil came into being on earth; which certainly, already existed on all those other planets, but only now man became conscious of it.
You do feel that the inner life followed the material life, and could not attain that high degree.
Even at this moment, now that millions of years have passed, inner life has not changed in the least.
There are still pre-animal-like beings on earth in that material and spiritual attunement.
And it will again take millions of years before every being has accepted the human condition.
We are again on earth, André.
We have made a long journey.
Are there things you have not understood?’
‘There are small beings on earth, yet they are people like we are.
What kind of degree is that, Alcar?’
‘From the first degree onward, you have followed various stages of the human organism.
These small beings lived on those first transitions, and what happened there also applies to the earth.
You have been able to follow this process from the first stage on.
What was born there is born here, but on earth this life receives a perfect material organism.
What happened on the first transitions, is also found on earth because here a similar process came into being.
Is that clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘On the second degree you saw that those small beings, which were born out of the first stage, were destroyed.
But here these beings united, which resulted in the various races populating the earth.
That happened on earth, but it already occurred on the first transition, and on the second degree it was no different, but there, as also happens here, one group attacks the other.
The groups which formed there have here grown into large tribes and races (see article ‘There are no races’ on
Every degree unites, and this has been since the beginning of creation.
No other can experience the life they possess.
Nowadays, now that all those human races (see article ‘There are no races’ on are being understood and investigated on earth, this study is taken up, but the real essence, the depth of all that life and of the material organism, will not be understood on earth, because they cannot follow the wonder of creation from the very beginning.
That would still be possible - and I return to that again and again - if scientists could accept eternal advancement and reincarnation.
That reincarnation - and that is my point, and is why you have been allowed to experience all this, and why I have shown you that on this journey - is for the material and spiritual organism.
Both organisms are one; both intermingle.
What is possible for the material organism, is also possible for the spiritual organism.
If, during the first stage, the human embryo had not been animated, that life could not have passed on into an other organism, we would not, as I have shown to you, have come onto earth and we would not have known that mighty wonder: creation.
But God oversaw this, for God gave man a material organism and, although this organism was like a prehistoric animal species, it had to change, and that was the purpose of all those planets.
The power those enormous objects possess, however strange it may sound, are also present in the material and spiritual organism.
Everything is in harmony, and we find this compilation in everything.
In various ways I have shown to you, that this has to be so, or else we would not be beings with a Divine Spark, and would never be able to enter the universe and accept it as our own.
In everything, from the very first moment, there is reincarnation.
I can show you this in hundreds, nay thousands of conditions.
Anyone on earth is an incarnation.
Trees, flowers, and the entire animal kingdom have been on other conditions, other planets.
If they had to stay there, they would not have advanced that far.
If the first human being was pre-animal-like, and it took millions of years before it had advanced materially, it must be the soul, the spiritual body, which has experienced that.
I will explain and show all that on our next journey.
Now man has advanced that far, and the spiritual being owns this magnificent material organism.
But inner life, the soul or spirit, will return in it thousands of times to acquire spiritual love, for this mightiness is God’s pure love.
Man not only needed millions of years for his material development, but also for his inner life.
Both follow one course up to the very highest, which are the Divine Spheres.
What inner life could not receive on the first degree, it acquired on the second degree.
Thereafter, inner life received this magnificent organism which the earth would produce.
But inner life, the life of the soul, which owns this organism as its dwelling, will return to acquire the spiritual love in this organism.
I showed you this mighty phenomenon on all our journeys.
Later on, when we shall visit the first degree again and follow all those planets – most of them at any rate – and we see inner life grow and awaken, it will only then be clear to you that there must be reincarnation, or else all that God had created would have been in vain.
And could that be possible?
Would God, our Father, not have overseen that?
I need not repeat that time and again, my boy, but I would like to repeat it on earth many times, so that their eyes finally open and they accept that this must be so, or we would not return to the Divine, and heaven would remain closed for us.
But you will do it for us; together we shall lay down this and everything belonging to this.
Those who are honest, and do not place themselves on pedestals, will be able to accept it.
Those who realize what nature is like, and that the earth has this cosmic image, and that this sacred event is also present in the mother, feel the sacredness and the simplicity of all this, how unbelievably deep it may be.
Now what was possible for the male and female creature was also present during the first stage.
What God accomplished billions of years ago, has remained in all those billions of years.
But we go on, further and higher, once to enter Divine life.
And now, André, we shall return to your own organism.
This journey is nearly over.
I have been allowed to show you the creation of the universe.
The masters had assigned me to do this and I have completed my task, at any rate for the material organism.
On our next journey we shall follow the inner life of man and animal, in so far as my task concerns animal life.
Then, as I said already, we shall again visit various planets and follow the life of the soul, pass from one world on to another, the astral world where the being lives that will be attracted.
I’ll explain and show you wonders of spiritual powers.
All those wonders you experienced up to now were born and created through Divine inspiration.
What you have seen up to now, belongs to the visible energy, the invisible energy you will experience on our next journey.
From the first moment of activity, when inspiration became instinct, I’ll explain all this to you.
You do feel what that means.
Then we shall pass on to all those lives on earth and I’ll explain why man returns there hundreds of times, and why it is always the earth, which attracts that being.
That, my son, belongs to reincarnation, as did my friend whom we shall follow on a subsequent journey.
Only then can I explain your own life and mine to you, and tell you why you have these gifts, which really belong to the life of the spirit, and why we are together and have to experience all this, necessary for the earth and humanity.’
André felt a sacred quietude enter him.
This journey had been amazing for him.
How great Alcar was.
How tremendous was what he had been allowed to see, and yet, it was not sufficient; he was to receive still more.
He took his leader’s hand and said: ‘Alcar, how can I ever thank you.’
‘Don’t thank me, thank God for everything.
But listen, I still have more to tell you.
Meanwhile we shall go back to your material body, but we shall do it slowly so that I can explain one or two things to you, because I want to know whether you have understood everything.
When we were on the first degree, I spoke about the prehistoric animal species.
The animal that was born there passed into an enormous organism in later times.
As you have seen, this animal also lived on earth.
I have also explained that this animal has to experience thousands of transitions before reaching the highest degree in its condition.
I said that there were hundreds of animal species in one degree and I compared that with the cat and the panther you know on earth.
But what I want to say is this: these pre-animal species we have seen on those planets, have dissolved in the All.
Not only materially, but also spiritually.
Do you feel that, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Splendid, then I’ll go on.
What applies to all those planets, also applies to the animal kingdom; it had to dissolve, because the animal living on earth was born out of those animals.
I also said that the animal kingdom is deeper than the attunement of man, although that attunement is Divine.
That is also clear to you, isn’t it?’
‘I perfectly understand you, Alcar.’
‘The animal, therefore, has in its condition a degree, its material organism, but passes in that degree on to hundreds of transitions.
The thousands of bird species - and how many are there on earth - have seven material and seven spiritual degrees.
The seventh degree, and that is my point, goes, as we do, higher and higher, like for instance, the pigeon and other species.
We find those animal species again on our side and they are our spiritual friends in this life.
Also the dog and the horse we can call back on our side and they stay near us, although they live in their own world.
Now that is marvellous.
So you see that the noble animal species has the highest material degree, or it would not be able to advance on our side.
If it has not yet acquired that degree, we find the species as predators, and for predators there is no room on our side.
Do you feel all that, André?’
‘If I have understood you correctly, Alcar, a pre-animal monster cannot live in the spheres of light?’
‘Indeed; very good; that is what I wanted to explain.
On this side, in our life, there is only room for the higher animal species, to which the various winged species belong.
A pre-animal monster, therefore, has gone that long material and spiritual route and passed on into a higher species to return, just as we do, to God.’
‘And that applies to man and animal, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.’
‘So the time will come that brown-black people (see article ‘Human being or soul’ on are no longer on earth?’
‘Indeed, André’, those human degrees, as I said, must also dissolve.
I am glad you have understood everything.
Races (see article ‘There are no races’ on will indeed be present, but the first six degrees dissolve into the seventh degree, because the soul must experience that.’
‘If I have understood you correctly, there will only be higher animal species and spiritual people on earth when the end of the earth is near?’
‘That is obvious, André.
Only then, as I said, will there be quietude and peace on earth and man will live in a paradise, which is God’s intention.
But millions of years will pass before that stage is reached.
That is the final picture I can show you of the earth, the planet earth will then undergo what the other planets already experience; the earth has completed its task.’
‘How mighty is everything, and yet so natural, Alcar.’
‘So it is, André, mighty and natural.
We can solve the most difficult problems, because we know the material and the spiritual organism.
If man can accept this, I assure you, quietude and peace will come on earth.’
‘May I ask another question, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, you still can.’
‘Can you explain to me, Alcar, why a pigeon has that wonderful instinct?’
‘Listen, André.
A pigeon has the highest material and spiritual degree any animal species of the animal kingdom can acquire on earth.
Fundamentally, that animal and all other animal species belonging thereto, as I explained to you, have a more advanced and higher feeling than many human beings on earth.
The little animal acts in accordance with its inner possession and those feelings has the spiritual man who has attained the spiritual spheres of light on our side.
The intuition of this animal, according to which it acts, is the telepathic degree we also have.
This little animal, released far away from its home, concentrates on its own possession, in this case its home, and it is infallibly attracted to that place.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, everything is now clear to me.’
‘So everything is feeling, which we had to acquire.
The animal has also advanced that far in those millions of years.
Whenever I wish to connect myself with anyone on earth, I will find that life, wherever it may be.
The pigeon acts as I do and arrives at its destination.
In other animal species, other organs have developed to the highest degree, and their attunement is between the first and seventh material degree.
The many species of birds of migration which travel to warmer regions in winter are not essentially different.
That is why, André, the animal kingdom is more complicated than the human being.
Have you understood everything now?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘You have seen a lot, for which you should be thankful to our Holy Father.’
‘Shall I know all this consciously, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, but to acquire all this in day-consciousness will be more difficult than in the past, but I’ll help you and you will get through it.’
Soon they arrived and André entered his home.
‘Everything is so amazing, Alcar.’
‘We’ll take leave now, my boy.
I’ll pick you up soon, when we shall return to all those planets and follow the life of the soul from the beginning of creation.
Farewell, André, God bless you.’
André knelt before his leader and thanked him for everything.
He descended in his material organism and also this journey was over.
The End of Part One