One day I went along with some boys to the Nile to bathe.
We played in the water all afternoon until sundown.
Then we went back home and I had to answer the many questions my parents asked.
After dinner, they went for a walk in the gardens.
On their return, I was put to bed and that very moment I felt something strange coming over me, as a result of which I fell fast asleep and no longer was aware of anything.
After a while, when everything was calm, I began my journey to that other world.
Soon I was far away from my material body and drifted again in that mighty space.
My rested body was fast asleep, but I was fully conscious and lived in another world.
I met many people, who had wings like me.
I heard them speak, they even smiled at me, which did me good and made me happy, but they went their own way.
When I departed from my material body and travelled, I felt grown up, because a higher consciousness entered me, and I could think and feel like adult people.
My youthful age dissolved completely.
I fully understood the naturalness of this phenomenon and I was convinced of the possibility; it was wonderful.
However, I did not know yet why I so suddenly accepted or received that grown-up condition.
Also in my material body, in which I was still a child, that power sometimes manifested itself and forced itself on me as the awareness of an adult. I got to know that force, it was a personality.
While floating on I suddenly felt something nearing from behind; turning around I saw a human being who said to me: “Hello, Venry.”
At once I asked: “Do you know me and who are you?”
“I am your friend, Venry, and have known you for a long time.”
“Where do you know me from?”
“From this world, from where you live now and from the past.”
I looked at him but felt that he deceived me and I answered: “I hate you for you’re lying.
I hate you and your thoughts.
It was you who turned me into an unnatural child.”
I did not immediately understand the strange phenomenon I experienced, but I read this knowledge from his soul and being.
It however did not disturb him in the least.
“Is it not great, Venry, to be able to think and feel as an adult person?
Come on, Venry, you should not be angry with me for I give you the strength to understand a great many things you can not understand yourself.
You should not talk to me the way you do, you are very ungrateful.”
As he talked to me, I understood the meaning of his entire being and the purpose of his coming.
In my mind, one scene followed the other and I saw what he wanted.
At this moment I saw who he was; he had been a priest and had loved my Mother. He wanted to possess that love from his world, if necessary by force, and he tried to achieve this through me.
I felt even more in him, but that remained invisible to me.
Then I saw my parents’ past.
My Mother had been a priestess.
Through him I came to my parents, but around them lay a dense haze.
This concealed a big secret, which I clearly felt.
However, I could not see through it.
In this dense haze I saw three people.
He apparently felt this and smiled.
He who had come to me had something to do with my parents.
As a priest he had known my parents and loved my Mother, but his love was not answered.
She despised him.
In My Father she had found a good and honest husband.
This terrible man, who had come up to me and under whose influence and will I had been for a good length of time, who had turned me into what I now was on earth, wanted to destroy the happiness of my parents from his world.
I saw all this quite clearly, but I despised and hated this human being and wanted him to go.
I heard his howls of derision.
“You see, Venry, I permit you to know everything about me.
The gifts you have I should have had on earth, then, believe me, everything would have been different.
They would not have been ahead of me and I would still be living there.
Perhaps I would have been allowed to take her, who is now your Mother, into my arms and enjoy the caresses your Father now receives.”
As he talked about my Father, he uttered a satanic laughter, which hurt me deeply.
“Why do you scoff at my Father?”
He ignored my question and went on:
“I will break those hearts; I shall teach your Father to deceive me, for here I am as free as a bird in the air.
And you see, Venry, that I can find and reach you, besides I can do what I please.”
I cursed him and looked at this terrible man.
I defied his look and felt he had no power over me any more; there was another power in this space, which guarded me and was stronger than he; although he could still reach me.
I had to experience all this.
Maybe this occurrence was of great importance.
Silently I prayed and hoped to receive help, I called for my Father.
He felt it, what then happened to me was so terrible and hideous that it sent me down to my material body as fast as greased lightning.
I plunged back into my body with a swiftness of a star shooting through space, and I woke up.
When I opened my eyes my parents stood beside me.
My heart leapt into my mouth and my whole body shivered and trembled with horror.
I felt very sorry for my parents, but a moment later this feeling faded away.
Now I was myself and not myself, I felt outside and within my own body.
I never experienced anything similar.
Yet, I was able to observe everything, watched my own body, and saw that my eyes were searching my Father’s and he apparently could not resist mine.
I now lived in an inexplicable condition.
We kept on looking at each other. My Mother followed what happened.
I saw that my face was like a mask.
My own face seemed to have partially dissolved.
Now I came under the influence of a strange will, which was terribly strong.
It wanted me to hate my Father and would submit him to my will.
If I submitted willingly, though I strongly resisted, this power did with me what it wanted and could reach my Father.
I was aware of all these powers, and still felt myself.
My Mother felt this terrible fight and collapsed.
My Father carried her away and then returned to me.
He took a cloth, moistened it, and wrapped me in it.
Why he did so I did not understand, but I felt that he had prepared himself for this event and had been warned by the priest.
I heard him speak to the other human being within me:
“You rascal, stealer of happiness, thief of vitality, defiler of priesthood, you dark soul, demon, leave this child, get out or I will call God.”
I, who witnessed all this, underwent his curses and profanities only partly.
I was present and yet so very far away, though I could hear my Father speak quite near me.
The person I had spoken to in space, whose life I had got to know, and who seemed to possess powers unknown to my parents, I did not see, though he was present.
The day on earth went by, night had come.
While my Father cursed him again, which confirmed what I knew, that is, that he knew this human being, I passed through the walls and to the room of my parents.
Apparently my Mother had been resting all the time.
I saw that she recovered consciousness, got out of bed, and began to pray.
From that other world I looked down at her and perceived how sensitive she was.
She left and went to my Father.
My Father had meanwhile stopped cursing, and I approached them both.
I descended into my Mother, she felt her heart beat violently and a quiver seized her. She cried for help and collapsed again.
It startled me in my world, and a strong sense of compassion drew me into my own body.
My Father took her away again.
I heard a terrible laughter, and a demonic voice uttering curses, which only I heard, but which were meant for my Father.
However, he did not hear them.
Then I heard a voice which penetrated deep into my soul say: “I will be back, I shall keep coming back, for I do not give up.
She belongs to me, Ardaty, only to me.”
Again I heard his demonic laughter, which subsequently died away and I fell into a deep and natural sleep.
Shortly after, my soul departed from the earthly body once more, and I moved.
I heard my Father say:
“Venry is quietly asleep now.
Today I shall go to Dectar and tell him everything.
Go to sleep now, I will stay with our Venry for a while.
Pray for him, Mother, your ardent prayer has freed him.”
My Mother was conscious again. I departed from my body and these surroundings and floated towards a region I knew well.
It was as if someone called me.
I saw myself transferred to a peaceful and beautiful green lawn, in a wonderful landscape, and there I met Lyra.
Really, I thought, Lyra called for me.
When she saw me she jumped up and greeted me.
From afar she called: “Hello, my dear Venry, as you see, when we are in trouble another power brings us together.
Just now you were in the hands of a devil.”
“Who told you that?”
“ ‘He’ told me, Venry, ‘he’ who helps me and will help you too.
We are spiritually connected and will remain so for a good length of time, but then our ways will part, ‘he’ said. I see and know now what we once did.”
“Who gave you this truth and who is ‘he’?”
“The same way you receive it.”
“And do you see this human being, Lyra?”
“No, I cannot see ‘him’, all I have to do is to implore and call ‘him’ and ‘he’ will come.”
“Is he a man?”
“I think so, Venry, and a good man; ‘he’ says ‘he’ is my leader.”
“Can you rely on that?”
“Yes, certainly, for ‘he’ is coming for me in my dreams.
I then disembody as you experience and float through this space.
In this place, he made me familiar with the flowers, the colours, and everything for these surroundings.
From him I learned that there is another world in which people live who died on earth.
Where all these people are I don’t know, so far I have not met anybody.
Nevertheless, there are lots of them here.
Maybe I am not yet allowed to see them.”
“Oh”, I said, “I have met a great many people.
But tell me, Lyra, how do you know me so well?”
“I know through ‘Him’ that you were my master sometime, and also my lover.
You are mine and belong to me forever.
I know, dear Venry, that we belonged together once.”
“Do you know all this from ‘him’?”
“When I have disembodied I become aware of it as a matter of fact.”
“Are you old or young?”
“Very old, Venry.
In our bodies we are both very young, but this wisdom descends from our deep inner life, though we are still children.
Those who cannot experience this, Venry, do not believe it.
These feelings tell me that I was once your wife.
We were torn apart, tortured, and cursed, but we also killed others.
I do not know whether it is His will that we now meet again; it is not clear to me.
Neither do I know whether we get this love back.
However, there is a feeling in me, dear Venry, which tells me that we shall meet again.
We shall then receive the mightiest love our heart will be craving for.
It will be wonderful like the depth of the space we are now in.”
“Have you been able to ask more, Lyra?”
“Yes, Venry,
I asked ‘him’ why he brought me to you.”
“And what was his reply?”
“ ‘He’ said: ‘I am your leader and will be so for the time being.
You should know, Lyra, that I know both of you.
I guard and will go on doing so.
The one whom you will meet will become a priest and you a priestess.
The two of you are one and will remain one.
I cannot tell you anymore yet.
No harm can be done to you or to him, dear Lyra, do not ever forget that.’
I got to know all that, Venry.
Now I know that you will soon become a priest and I shall also follow priesthood and ask ‘him’ whether we may meet again.
He explicitly says that we cannot without his help, but that the Gods are well-disposed towards us.”
“Do you think that other people have the same gifts, Lyra?”
“I do not know, Venry,
but I feel now that we must go back to our body soon.
I live in a different region.
‘He’ added that we were born on the same day, that we have the same gifts and that our souls are fully matched in feeling.
Maybe we will find out what happened to us in bygone centuries.
Well, dear Venry, I have come to help you and to tell you all this.
I now hear ‘him’ say: ‘Did you not forget something, Lyra?’
Can you hear it too, Venry?”
I listened and heard a soft voice say: “Take everything in well, some day you will return here and must recognize this spot.”
“Did you listen, Lyra?”
“Yes, Venry, but I heard nothing.”
I told her what I had heard.
“I do not know when we will meet again, Venry.
In case of need, however, you must long for me.
Put this longing deep into your heart so that you feel it.
You are young on earth and do not possess this wisdom.
You will receive the great wings, Venry,
I feel what that means. I don’t know all about it yet, but what you will be doing is magnificent.
Even now we have wings and can float in space, far away from our material body, but those other wings, dear Venry, will make you very great.
I see beautiful things, far, very far ahead, which make me fall silent.
I shall patiently wait in love.”
Hand in hand we walked in these beautiful surroundings.
We did not speak a word, we saw that day would dawn soon.
We understood that this meant awakening on the world where our material body was.
I looked up at Lyra.
“How beautiful you are, Lyra.
How beautiful are your face and eyes.
A statue of the Temple of Isis cannot be more beautiful, for I was allowed once to see them.”
“Go now, dear Venry.
We were brought together but now we must part.
We must go back to the temple of our soul, the body we live in.
Look there behind that bluish haze, there is the one who took me here to you, for I begin to see ‘him’.
Look, my dear Venry, he gestures me to come to him.
It is time for me to go.
I must be back in my body before sunrise.
Could you hear ‘him’?”
“No, Lyra, I heard nothing, maybe it is only meant for you, like he told me a minute ago what was only intended for me.
Is that possible?”
She nodded that she endorsed my feelings.
“Farewell, my dear friend, goodbye.”
I saw her leave and dissolve before me.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks.
As she disappeared in that twilight I hurried back to my earthly home and descended into it.
I had forgotten to ask Lyra where she lived,
which I deeply regretted.
I was conscious of what I had experienced and I opened my eyes.
My Mother sat beside my bed and caressed me.
“How are you, my dear boy, a little better?”
She was crying.
“Do not cry, dear Mother, but listen to me.
When the powers of your God in heaven are not clear to you, I can explain them.
It is another world between light and darkness, from which all life is born and as a result of which we as well as the animals, the trees and plants exist, and by which the birds sing.
Those who live in this world can be forced to do something they do not want.
However, between light and darkness there is another light, dear Mother, which can help you.
It sees, feels, and knows very much about us human beings.
Those who follow it have no fear, are no plaything for themselves, and know what they want.
It can only bring you rest and stillness, a quietude which is not of this earth, and equals sunrise when the night makes way for the day.
That is why a bird sings and thanks the Gods for what it received that day and why the snail carries its shell.
That light, dear Mother, is in all of us, we can feel and see it if it awakens in us.”
Suddenly, I realized through whom and why I said all this.
I began to understand what Lyra had told me.
The power, which was her leader, gave me rest, through ‘him’ I descended into myself, and there, very deep in my inner life, lay all this wisdom.
That is why I asked my Mother to listen.
However, it frightened her and she left the room.
Presently she returned, knelt down, and prayed.
She sent an ardent prayer to her God and I followed her.
What happened now brought us close together.
Then I saw – it occurred quite unexpectedly to me – that I would soon lose her.
I lay there fully conscious and saw one vision after another; one vision connected me with the next.
In one vision I saw myself as a supreme priest; I saw the robe I was wearing and Lyra who was my sweetheart.
We both loved, but lied and deceived.
We had defiled priesthood.
These qualities were still present deep within me.
In addition, there were other qualities and feelings and if they were awakened by higher powers, these could reach me and I would be capable of great achievements, which, however, could only be developed through the higher powers.
I adored Lyra, but both of us had committed murder after murder.
We had made an untimely end to one life after another.
I had forced her to do that; Lyra obeyed my will and we both experienced all these terrible things.
Horror and terror entered my soul.
My Mother was still praying.
When I thought of her I could follow her, and I could also look into the past.
In the stillness in which I now lived I beseeched my Mother to go on imploring her Almighty to give me power and mercy, to help me and to indicate how I could make up for all these terrible things and be freed of my sins.
Then I began to see again.
Lyra and I belonged together and we were one; but at the time we had stolen our love and burnt alive the one to whom she belonged.
An inhuman deed performed by passion and driven by our own desires to satisfy the greediness of our feeling and thinking.
I observed scores of false events and saw that I had deceived her as well as others, and that I had even violated children.
In and around me all these mistakes and sins lived, deep in my soul, and even though I now felt different and sought the higher, this reality which formed part of my inner life existed.
Because of the fact that I went back to the past I felt very old; the inherent feelings forced themselves upon me and I had to accept them.
Lyra saw me as her master and I saw her as my wife; at that moment she also lived in her own past and saw, what she sometimes felt in a condition of day-consciousness, and found, like I now did, the many mistakes and sins which once ruined her.
I was greatly interested in my own past, for that age yielded this knowledge; the scenes confirmed its truth and I felt them awaken and become conscious within me.
I saw all this surprisingly quick, and now I concentrated on my Mother again.
The life I was now in and what I had seen a minute ago sank down within me.
My Father entered, and with him the same priest who had helped me before.
He looked into my eyes and said to my Father:
“Go and fetch the blowpipe, Ardaty, be quick and darken the room.”
My Father hurried away, fetched a blowpipe used for raking up fire, and darkened the room. The priest told him to leave.
My Mother prayed for me, her ardent prayer would help me.
The priest blew into my nostrils, turned me on my back, and tapped the vertebrae.
He subsequently turned to the nervous system, felt the muscles, tapped and touched my back at various places, and rubbed me with olive oil.
Now he waited for a while.
I observed everything and was quite conscious.
There were still rebellious feelings in me, which I could clearly distinguish from my other feelings.
They smirked at me so that I understood that I was not yet free from all these influences.
They would no doubt disappear as a result of his drastic action, because this priest was known as a great healer.
When he had reached this stage, he breathed his healing breath on me.
This happened at several places of my body.
I felt that my lungs would start working again if he went on. However, I could not yet breathe adequately, such was the power of that other influence.
I even appeared to be able to influence him and I sent him my desires, because I liked him to go on.
How happy I was when the priest picked up my feelings.
This treatment had a beneficent effect on my organism.
Again he waited a moment, put his left hand on my forehead, held my left hand in his right one, and sank into deep thought.
I felt and perceived that he began to see now; probably he feared a new attack.
He concentrated for a good length of time, looked into my eyes again, and said to my Mother:
“Dear Mother, we have got Venry back.
Get up now, your prayer has been answered.
Venry will live; the Gods want him to.
His gifts transmitted to me what I needed; these powers supplemented mine, otherwise, we would have had to wait for the solution.
The Gods sent us their help, and look, your child is well.
I am grateful to this life, for his gifts will bestow the highest wisdom on us in future.”
I could not quite open my eyes yet, but by a weak light, which illuminated the room, I saw my mother and the priest.
He looked at her in a strange and searching way.
My Mother went for my Father and they knelt down.
In the meantime I returned to my body more and more and what I had seen as well as those other influences sank down deep within me.
However much I concentrated, it was like a recollection of centuries ago.
Now I opened my eyes wide, a minute ago they were like those of a dead person, but through my vitality they were bright again like those of a living being.
When I tried to move it was impossible, although my body was recovering.
Suddenly I felt that terrible hatred rise in me again.
I violently resisted for I perceived that he wanted to speak.
However, those powers were stronger than mine, and my mouth said:
“I thank you for your help. It would have been better, however, if you had practised your tricks on other people.
Damn, Master Dectar, and all those who are with you.”
The priest concentrated intensely.
After a while I said to my parents: “You, my Mother and you too, my Father, I should thank.
Continue your way, your days are ...” Again that other power overtook me and I sank into an unfathomable depth, whereupon the priest brought me around again the way he had done before.
When I opened my eyes, he smiled at me.
“Now it is all over, is it not, Venry?”
I only nodded, for I did not want to talk, because I was afraid to land in the same situation again and say terrible things, which I did not really want.
After having drunk some refreshing juice, this tension left me and I was completely myself again.
The priest asked: “Can you answer me, Venry?”
I said: “What do you want to know?”
“I will only ask you one question.
Do you know, Venry, what situation you were in?”
“Yes, I know everything.”
“Oh, how nice, how wonderful”, he said to my parents, “and that all by himself, it is almost unbelievable.”
Then he addressed me: “I shall come back, dear Venry; now keep quiet and do not be afraid, everything is over now.”
He formed a wall of power around me in which I was to live.
He then left, and I fell into a deep sleep.
My spirit remained free from all strange influences.
At sunset I woke up, I felt buoyant and rested, and opening my eyes, I saw three people beside me, whom I recognized as my parents and the priest.
“Did you have a good rest, Venry?”
“Yes, but I am still sleepy.
Could you let me have some more sleep for a while?”
“I will give you something, Venry, so that you can go to sleep again.”
The priest administered something and I slept until the next day when the sun was high in the sky.
I saw my parents and the priest. The high priest was also present. He smiled and asked me: “Rested, Venry?”
I nodded.
“You are entirely free now, Venry.”
I looked at him and it was as if I could see through him too.
His thoughts came to me and I said: “Are you going to take me to that room again?”
He understood that I had read his thoughts and nodded full of meaning.
“No, not for the time being, later. First you must regain your strength a little and then you will come to us.
Master Dectar will coach you.
Would you like that, Venry?”
“I shall be very pleased.”
In the meantime I saw something most remarkable.
When the high priest asked me questions I saw that there was another power in this room, which closed him off completely, like Priest Dectar had done to me.
Through this power, that suddenly manifested itself and enveloped him as a dense haze, I understood that it would now be impossible for him to pick up anything from me or the others who are present.
This power closed his inner life off completely and also the gifts he possessed.
As a result my parents, Priest Dectar and I were pushed into the background.
Our inner life faded away by this invisible occlusion, and it seemed to me that the object was to preserve us,
though it was not clear to me from what.
The high priest saw and felt nothing, apparently it only concerned me.
Then they left.
After they took leave of my parents I saw that my parents were also enveloped in a dense haze.
Then they looked at each other meaningfully and my Father became nervous, I kept following this very curious phenomenon.
My Father walked to and fro and gave a wrong reply to my Mother, which I had never heard him do before.
When they both observed me and felt that I followed them, my Mother said to me: “You were possessed, dear Venry, but now you have recovered.”
“Yes, Mother, I have”, but I kept looking at her.
“Are you going to rest for a while, Venry?”
“Yes, Mother.”
But I kept observing the haze around her which hung around her.
My mother was wrapped in a thick haze.
which was now rapidly fading away.
Hardly audible and under my breath I said: “Strange, it is all very strange, and not clear.
I would like to see it again, it was much clearer a minute ago.”
Apparently she had understood my muttering and asked: “What is strange, Venry, and what do you want to see.”
“The haze, Mother, it is fading away.”
“You should rest, Venry.
Do not start seeing again, go to sleep or else the priests will come back.”
I kept looking at her and saw the dense haze had disappeared completely.
My Mother was startled and I understood why.
“Oh no, Mother, not for that reason.
I see your beautiful face and you are not old to me, Mother.
To me you are very beautiful, oh so beautiful.”
My dear Mother began to cry and went away.
She had understood me, however.
Her face was quite deformed, it was deeply furrowed, young as it was and looked very old now.
Even as a child I looked through this mask and behind it, I saw a completely different being.
The well-shaped lips, the beautiful, clear skin, her high brow, and shining eyes were clearly visible.
To me she was like the Lotus in the moonlight.
Around her head I saw a halo of light where I recognized the stillness, which I had been allowed to experience only recently.
She lived in it and remained there.
When, as a child, I once asked her why she was so ugly and disfigured, she burst into tears and collapsed.
Now she left me and I fell fast asleep again.
Soon I had fully recovered and was again healthy.
My organism was so weakened by the events that I hovered between life and death, as Priest Dectar told my parents.
An astral entity had not only taken possession of my inner life, the soul, but of my body as well; that is the deepest and worst form of possessiveness.
Consequently, the vitality of the material human being is destroyed within a very short period of time.
A demon sucked these forces away and because this being controlled all vital organs the organism collapsed.
But the human being who was or could be attacked in this way had to be gifted, otherwise, such a connection and taking possession would not be possible, for the inner life could not be reached.
Naturally gifted persons were therefore invariably exposed to serious dangers if someone from that world wanted to live it up on earth through them.
If this connection was possible, it irrevocably resulted in possession.
The priests knew these powers and forces, and had been able to set me free again.
As a result of their actions the possession dissolved and the other personality was removed from my inner life.
Priest Dectar had closed me off and I would live in this enclosure henceforth.
Because of all my experiences and influences they had been able to find that I was highly sensitive, which could mean that I had gifts.
When I would have reached the proper age, they would start to develop these gifts.
I was told to go to the Temple of Isis every morning.
I was allowed to walk around freely and I felt why.
In this way, they were able to check their seclusion and take action if I would be attacked again.
Priest Dectar asked me questions, which I was to answer the way I felt.
At first I did not quite understand why he did so, but I gave answers that pleased him well.
He subsequently asked me: “Can my young friend feel where he lives in?”
“In space.”
“Very good, dear Venry, excellent indeed.
But you must try to feel where you live in, here, around your body in this small circle.”
He drew a circle around me.
I noticed however that he began to see, for the light in his eyes faded away and they became entirely empty. I said however: “I cannot answer you.”
“That is also very clear, dear Venry, very good, I thank you.”
He knew however that I could answer him, but did not want to.
He felt what I felt; that could not be expressed in words.
I saw, felt, and understood that he looked into me to check my answer.
This was very simple for him because this priest was a great seer and he had the calling to be a great healer.
“You will soon be trained for the highest priesthood, Venry, and then we will spend a lot of time together.
Would you love that?”
“Yes, I would.”
“This is for those who are naturally gifted, Venry, and you are.”
He subsequently left.
I walked through the gardens, my memory went back to what I had experienced, and I found the place where I had met Lyra.
I found this so natural because I had not changed at all in that other world.
In the life I was now in I had to follow the material laws, but in that other life I could go through all the material objects, though the material world had not changed as seen from that world.
On this spot I had met Lyra.
It meant that I had not imagined things and that it really was reality.
When I tried to return to it I suddenly could not think anymore and what I felt faded away.
This was very plausible and I understood that I was well closed off, for I remained quiet and could not depart from my body anymore.
Months went by.