My first conscious spiritual walk at Isis

I already departed from my body while falling asleep and I beheld earthly life from that other world.
First of all, I wanted to visit Dectar.
When I had made my decision and wanted to go, the well-known warmth came suddenly over me, which I felt more strongly than ever before, but I saw nobody.
Then I left.
When I left my cell, I adjusted myself to Dectar.
Wherever he might be, nothing could disturb me for I was automatically taken to what I thought.
I already got to know these powers in my youth, and now I understood what I should do.
Soon I entered Dectar’s room, which was slightly larger than my cell.
He was fast asleep.
I did not think it necessary to wake him up.
I possessed that possibility,
for I only had to concentrate for a moment and the inner life was elevated to day-consciousness and Dectar would wake up.
The organism and inner life were completely one.
When I adjusted myself to him, I saw that Dectar had suffered agonies, of which he had not spoken.
However, I saw more.
Dectar healed himself.
He had adjusted a natural and strong concentration on himself.
I was allowed to observe how he intended to heal his own body.
How curious is everything that I can experience here, I thought.
Next, I followed his inner life.
Dectar’s feeling and thinking were entirely adjusted to wisdom, and for that, he gave his own life.
He wanted to earn something for himself in this life, as a result of which his enormous concentration had achieved that level.
In this respect he was a master.
He yearned to be allowed to disembody.
He wanted to dwell in that other world where I now lived.
He wanted to be allowed to see, to float on, and receive.
To him these were the greatest gifts known at Isis.
I noticed that I could free him from his body.
If we could walk together in this world, it would mean perfect happiness for him and me.
To reach this he had had to study for years.
Yet he belonged to the naturally gifted already, and he had been able to achieve this level.
However, I felt I should return to my own cell.
I said goodbye to Dectar and now walked through the walls.
I could see everything clearly; I saw the places where I was.
The secrets of earthly and spiritual life were not mysteries to me now, for I lived in these secrets and saw into all those mysteries of which man was still unaware.
Now I lived consciously between ‘life and death’.
My present situation meant ‘life’, but ‘life on earth’ was temporary and related to death.
There one would die; here was no death, for here there was only life.
I caught all these beautiful thoughts from space and was most grateful
for I understood that I was being followed.
This comforted me.
I dared not yet visit the rooms of the high priests, although I would like to very much.
I provoked as it were all those masters; my youthful enthusiasm saw and knew no danger, but I had to return.
Suddenly, I was beset by a horrible fear.
Oh, my Dectar, I did not think of that.
If only nothing terrible has happened.
The masters departed from their bodies at night, which I knew because I had experienced it.
But now that I returned to my body, I became very quiet.
When I entered my cell, I saw everything was all right.
Fortunately, my cell was empty.
Now I experienced another wonder.
Thoughts in me in the form of questions came over me, reading: “Imagine the masters were here the very moment you visit your friend.
How do you want to explain your absence?
Would you be able to point that out to them so that you will escape punishment?”
I startled; these thoughts were as if a voice had spoken within me.
You are careless, Venry, I told myself.
You play with Dectar’s life, you do not build up because of your carelessness, but you destroy yourself and Dectar’s life.
I was already feeling sorry, but immediately after I heard a voice say in me in the same way: “Do go, you winged one, go, but take better care of yourself and your friend.”
“Thank you very much, invisible friend, I will do my best to be more careful.”
I did not think this over for a long time and left again.
In the world where I stayed there was perfect rest.
To be allowed to walk here was a blessing, a mercy, and an unbelievable joy.
I stayed in my own surroundings, visited the other cells, and looked at the priests of whom I had not even seen one.
I should not forget the number of cells I visited because I wanted to tell Dectar.
My experiences would surprise him and he would want to take a spiritual walk with me.
After having visited all those cells, I returned to my body.
Having arrived there new thoughts forced themselves on me.
I felt that when I calmly descended into my body, I myself and my body would not awaken.
Next, I would soon fall asleep and not be aware of anything anymore.
Consequently, I attuned myself to my descent.
My spirit accepted the workings of my organism during the descent, the two bodies merged and became completely one and I fell asleep.
When Dectar came to me in the morning, I was ready and we could leave immediately.
I understood how keen his perception and feeling were when he said, even though he had not experienced that night: “I perceive, dear Venry, that you are far more conscious.
Have you already received the great wings?”
I told him of my experiences and he thought my development and aide were miraculous.
The number of priests also tallied.