My physical gifts (2)

To prepare me for the greatest tests my leader wanted to have my physical gifts tried.
I personally fixed the hour of getting together.
The masters were already present, together with several scribes who would put down in picture writing everything that they would experience.
Every word spoken, including the questions and answers, was put down in writing and preserved.
I lay down by a dim light and the scent of strong herbs, while the healers were within reach, and I soon fell into a deep trance.
A magic circle was drawn around me.
When the masters saw that I was fast asleep and lay there apparently dead, they followed me in that other world.
When I was being observed, the supreme priest asked the first question, which was:
“Where are you, priest of Isis?”
My answer from my world was, and my material mouth spoke: “I speak to you from a different world.”
“Are you aware of what you see there and of what you say?”
“I bow my head to the Gods of Isis and I swear that I see and know where I am, I can observe you all.
The masters can see me, all of you have the great wings.”
I saw that the scribes wrote down what was being said.
The supreme priest said: “If you are aware of your powers then show us what you are capable of doing.”
I waited for my leader, but the Father of Isis again asked: “Do you hear what the masters are asking?”
However, I did not yet feel my leader and could not say anything, I was guided in everything.
I answered: “Is a student priest of Isis allowed to open a session when the masters are not yet present?”
“Whom are you waiting for, Priest of Isis?”
“For the Gods, for whom else?”
He understood that I needed time, but asked: “If life in that world is like we know it here, how then will the light be which will shine over all of us and will mean wisdom?”
He was already causing disharmony, but I understood him and answered: “The deadly seriousness of this life forces me to be a child, if I want to receive wisdom for you which will make Isis great; I must obey the laws and wait for the Gods to come to me.
If there is no patience in me I cannot but return, but then we will all remain blind.”
While speaking, I felt my leader come to me, now I was ready and said to him: “You may ask questions.”
But I had already offended my Father and he asked: “If we should be children then what is the use of mature growth and flowering?”
I was ready and answered: “If you pose questions that reduce your deep inner life then search for it in yourself and not here where I am living now, otherwise, you will be a plaything for others.”
He fell silent and understood that I would answer all his questions.
He asked: “Are there physical gifts in you?”
“Can a student priest receive priesthood from you if he is not yet ready?
Had I not been ready and had I not possessed those gifts I would not have sent for you and the masters.”
“In that case I request that you bring me the flowers you see before you but which belong to our world.”
I understood what he meant.
Close by him stood a small vase with herbal-flowers, the flowers were used for these sessions.
I would have to bring him the vase with flowers from this world and the material object would then float in space for a brief moment, as I had experienced with the fruit.
I adjusted myself to the vase, my leader let me feel that he was ready and I brought the earthly object to my Father.
I bowed deeply and my mouth said: “Is the supreme priest of Isis convinced that the Gods are present here?”
The astonishment was great, all shivered at the sight of this wonder.
The scribes recorded it and when they were ready, my Father asked me: “Please, take them back.”
I returned with the vase, after which the explanation of this wonder followed and was written down.
They received the explanation as my leader had explained the wonder of the fruit to me, when they had proceeded that far the Supreme Priest asked: “Is it possible for you to free one of the priests from his gravitation?”
“Whom do you have in mind?”
“Your master.”
A great happiness radiated from Dectar towards me.
When I adjusted myself to Dectar, I saw some beings coming towards me who helped me carry, but who remained invisible to the masters.
Dectar was enveloped in a dense haze and we carried him through the room and back to his seat.
I waited and heard: “That is a wonder, priest of Isis, but these wonders are known to us, we can also explain them.”
Now it was me who felt hurt and I asked: “Do explain them to me, supreme priest, all these wonders are new to me and they are wonders you do not yet know anything about.”
He had to answer and said: “We all listen and give ourselves completely, but tell us what you see there and explain the laws to us.”
He added to the disharmony and would not admit that he did not understand anything about it.
In addition, he asked for an answer.
I replied: “You know the laws and these wonders, nevertheless you asked me to explain them to you.”
There was silence all around, my answer was considered, next I heard him say:
“If I am not mistaken, Priest of Isis, they are hurt there too and know feelings that obscure wisdom.”
I understood him and answered: “In the world where I now live, no explanation is required when those who live here know that answer, and when that wisdom is in them.
That is wasting energy and time.
It is the talk of a non-conscious being.
Here they proceed, ever further and deeper, so that they receive new food for the mind. They never return to what they have learned in the past, all are grateful and feel like children.”
He did not admit defeat, however, and said: “If the wonders are so great and deep and we must follow the school of life, then how shall we be able to obey and follow the wonders when the earthly time is too short?”
His hypocrisy and talking across the laws made me touchy.
However, I was ready and answered: “You possess your mastery and are the Head of Isis.
Explain all these wonders to me, for your wisdom is mighty.”
All the masters witnessed this frightful fight, but that was not the purpose of these sessions; they also understood that he thought he knew them too, but that he wanted to destroy me.
He did not get round to an explanation because he could not.
The very first cut which had affected and hurt his pride, vanity and personality and which made his pedestal shake, he had received from me.
He subsequently asked in a stern and snappy way: “Do you possess other wonders which we don’t know?”
My leader sharpened my weapon and I said to him: “It is the laws of the Temple which prescribe to note down and record what has been received so that there can be no disturbances in them, before we go on.
Will you please first explain all these wonders; then we can proceed. The Gods are waiting for you
and so are the scribes.”
I heard him say to the scribes: “Write down.”
Then followed the story that a priest of Isis had performed wonders and that these wonders had been accomplished from another world.
However, he did not understand a thing about it and consequently gave a wrong explanation.
I asked: “Is the supreme priest of Isis ready?”
“We are ready.” He now felt himself as supreme priest again.
However, my leader answered him: “Your explanation is wrong for there are other laws by which these wonders happen and you do not say a word about them.”
There was silence again and astonishment, but he replied: “It has been known for ages that all these wonders happen in this way.
We will proceed.”
“We will not”, I said, “for you are wrong and your explanation is incomplete.”
His pedestal shook and his hatred made him uncertain. He snapped at me: “Come back, Priest of Isis, you will explain it to us in this world, which is in your own body.
I will not proceed.”
By now my leader had had enough and made me answer: “Listen, all of you, masters of Isis
I alone could not carry Master Dectar, I cannot go higher than my powers will allow me but I received help from others.
They are human beings who lived on earth and together we carried Master Dectar through this space.”
Even sharper than before, he shouted at me: “You mean to say that you can perform all these wonders without our intermediary?”
I was prepared and answered: “Exactly, supreme priest, I meant to say that you and all of you have not seen anything, and that your perception cannot go beyond the gifts and powers and of the inner consciousness that you possess.”
He reflected and I followed Dectar; but my friend felt very calm, though his heart beat for happiness and suspense.
A fight to the death had started.
My leader wanted me to adjust myself to Dectar and I asked him: “Well, Master Dectar, do you live in reality now?”
Dectar felt me without their knowledge and said: “Can you imagine that I have forgotten all my grief and that I am happy now?”
The brief conversation with my friend made me very powerful and strengthened my inner life.
Then the supreme priest said: “Can you perform this wonder again?”
My leader let me feel that he refused to do that and I said: “The Gods tell me that it is enough, you forget that you are connected with the Gods.
So we shall go on, but the scribes must note this down.”
He wanted this wonder to be proved or he would close the session.
I answered him: “The Gods want you to accept this and we will proceed.”
Apparently, he thought this the best solution after all and asked for the second time: “Do you possess other wonders that we do not know?”
I said: “Do you want my material body to disappear before your eyes?
Then you can be sure that I will not return and will stop for today.”
He subsequently asked: “Did the Gods tell you this as well?”
“Yes, Master of Isis, for I follow the laws.”
“If that is also possible, then later on, when we leave.
Can you perform wonders, I mean other wonders?”
I said: “If the Gods want me to I will descend into the leopard there in front of you and none of you can stop me, because your concentration is not conscious.”
This was too much for him.
His hatred and fear came over me and my leader enjoyed himself, for he made me say: “Priests of Isis, you are afraid of death!
There is fear in all of you. You know the laws, you teach others how they should adjust themselves, yet I feel fear and ignorance in you.”
Not a word was spoken and I went on:
“Listen, all of you must listen to me, to what the Gods say to me: If your feelings and the way you talk do not change, I will return to you and take other measures.
In this world, I hear another language and you will have to accept that.
If you cannot I will go to the pharaoh and ask the King to come to us to attend these sessions.
From the images that will be drawn, your hatred will be read in future centuries; they will not give any wisdom to those who come after us.”
My words caused confusion; not one priest of Isis had ever spoken to the supreme priest in this way.
He was deeply touched and answered: “If the Gods want us to open ourselves and to follow them, then we are ready.”
Splendid, I thought, again his pedestal shook and I had hurt his personality, and he now asked: “Can you show us what you can do yourself?”
My leader strongly acted on me and let me clearly feel that danger threatened,
for I could do nothing without the Gods. This was a dangerous moment, but I answered: “These wonders are performed by the Gods.”
“Then continue.”
I said: “You can recover this vase with flowers outside this building.
It is outside this room.
Will you please bow, Father of Isis, the Gods performed a wonder.”
That very moment I descended into the vase and brought it outside through the material walls.
Next I returned and said: “If my Master is prepared to listen to the Gods, then go and show them all this wonder.”
He stepped down from his platform and the scribes followed him.
He returned with the vase and the flowers.
They were very surprised.
Then he said something from which I got to know the hypocrite.
“Masters of Isis, as you all have witnessed, the Gods live in the Temple of Isis.”
To me he said: “Can you show us this wonder again but in such way that we can follow it?”
I understood what he meant and I said: “Another wonder will happen.
Do you see all these flowers in this world?”
“Yes”, the masters said, “we see them in colour and they are living.”
“Well then, watch properly and follow me in what I will do.”
I concentrated on the spiritual flowers and brought them on earth.
Slowly this process took place and they were able to observe the condensation of the spiritual flowers.
I said to the Father of Isis: “If I may give you, supreme priest of Isis, these flowers, my heart will be filled with joy, but I tell you they will not live long.”
He accepted the flowers and asked: “Why will their life be so brief?”
I had my answer ready and said: “Because you do not know how to feed them so that they can stay alive; presently, they will dissolve in your hands again, and return to this life.
This return is a wonder too.”
His answer came quickly, it was short, cogent and sharp: “If you give an alms to a beggar, why then make extensive mention of it?”
But I was ready too and answered: “If the beggar is not capable of appreciating my great gift because of his non-consciousness, his simple education and poverty, I will clarify the value of my gift to him.”
He gave in but I thanked my leader.
Then I said to them: “We must stop for today, I will return to you.”
However, he was ready again to hurt me and said: “So we must accept that your body cannot dissolve and that you do not possess these powers?”
You ungrateful man, I thought, but I waited for my leader to decide what to do.
The Supreme Priest could not bear to wait for an answer and he asked again: “Are not those wonders in you and are your wings not as large as you think they are?”
I still did not hear or feel anything from my leader and I waited patiently, alone I could not accomplish anything.
He already thought that he could destroy me and asked again, but in a sarcastic way: “Do you hear, Priest of Isis, what the Gods are now telling you?
Can you hear them clearly?
Is your sense of hearing unlimited?
Are you in harmony so that you know what you are saying?
Is that in you for your own destruction?”
When he had finished, I experienced something.
It was a great wonder of which he could not see or feel anything, but which I experienced.
Immediately, I ordered them to bolt the doors.
A beautiful light shone over me on this side.
I asked: “Are you convinced, supreme priest, that no one can enter or leave?”
“Yes, all of us are convinced.”
I dissolved there, my material body disappeared before their eyes and I said to him, this time as a spirit and with a materialized voice: “Do you hear my knocking?
I request to be shown in, I am a high priest, the doors of the Temple are not closed to me.”
The place where my material body lay was empty.
“A great wonder”, I heard Dectar say, “a great wonder.”
I waited.
The supreme priest opened the door.
All were convinced and a messenger was sent to the pharaoh at once.
I demanded, however, that a dignitary be present at the next sessions.
After that, I left with Dectar.
When we were alone Dectar said: “Oh, dear Venry, if your beloved Mother and Ardaty could witness this.”
“Do you mean to say that you did not see them, Dectar?
They were both with me in the space.
They could follow all these wonders and that gave me that certainty.”
“It is mighty, Venry, very mighty.
But this fight is frightful.
Can you keep it up, Venry?”
“Now is not my leader mighty, Dectar?”
“There is no fear in me, Venry, but we have never had the privilege to experience anything like it in the Temple.
He poses questions that we were never allowed to ask.”
“If you keep quiet, Dectar, we shall conquer.
All you need is being quiet, just that would indeed assist me, as we will remain one.
He and the others have heard nothing of our conversation.
But you must warn me, Dectar, I feel that he will now ask questions in a different way.
He thinks that by doing so he can destroy me.
When you feel that he follows a different course, you must let me feel that.
What is going to happen presently, my friend, will mean his downfall.
But I am ready, Dectar, do not worry about anything.”
“I have witnessed wonders, Venry, but will others accept that?
Can you convince the pharaoh?”
“That will also come; we will wait and see.”