My physical gifts

I now intended to be very serious, because Dectar was afraid.
My hatred could destroy my inner life.
This hatred came over me quite suddenly and I did not know what I was like anymore.
Thinking all this over in my own cell, other feelings were sent to me.
The feeling of sleep dominated my entire life and I sank away.
However, I remained in my material body for some time; subsequently I departed from it, but I did not know this way of departure.
I found myself in a very peculiar situation.
When I lived in that other world I got the feeling that I could move the physical objects on earth from this world.
The peculiar thing about this condition was that I also remained connected with the material world;
I was half-spiritual and half-material and remained in that condition.
When thinking of earthly objects and concentrating on them, the object vibrated and it was as if it began to move.
I thought it was my imagination, but I heard my leader say: “You are capable of doing that, dear friend, these thoughts are mine.
For you do not know these powers.
You possess these gifts.
Did you forget your jump?
Did you not feel then that someone carried you, Venry?
And what about that cold?
You now live in it again.
You should have no doubts; otherwise we cannot proceed.
You play with your own life and Dectar’s.
If you go on like this I cannot reach you anymore.
Did you think, my friend, that you were ready?
Oh, do not be surprised; for it can still be more serious. I have, as always, taken my measures.
We will do a test, but you must promise me that you will never try to do that by yourself.
I want to be completely one with you; that is why I speak confidentially.
Do you feel me, Venry?”
“I will do my best, master.”
“How childish you are to think that you are ready.
If you knew Isis, you would banish all those thoughts as well as your hatred, but it still does not get through to you.
Save all those powers for more useful work, otherwise, I will return and leave you to your own devices.
If you want to you will experience wonders, for I am also prepared in that respect.”
“Can you forgive me?”
“You had better preclude it, and then there is no need to forgive.
Now listen, Venry, to what I tell you.
You have now left material life, yet you remain connected with it, as you have already felt.
In front of you, you see a fruit.
It belongs to your world and has gravity.
Now this is what I want.
You descend into that fruit.
Subsequently, you are one with that life and you can raise the fruit, but from this world.
For the earth, the fruit floats in space, but it is you who lifts and moves it.
I will connect you with it.
Not one priest has been able to do this, though they know about these powers, but one must possess the gifts.
This connection, this being one must be accomplished in this world.
Now do not think that you are the only one who possesses these gifts, for every living being possesses these powers, but they are not used because there one does not know how to cope with them.
These wonders must happen now, Venry, which will not be clear to you until later.
These wonders only happen through me.
The pharaoh will receive you and even be most surprised, like all those who are allowed to experience this.
Not you, but I will make Isis great and both of us are instruments and serve.
Are you prepared to follow me?”
“Gladly, oh, with the greatest pleasure.”
“You must accept that this is possible.
You possess many gifts, so that I can connect you with all these wonders.
You know that we possess flowers in our world, and that nature is as it is on earth.
Here where I am, everything blooms and grows eternally.
If you wish, dear Venry, you may take our flowers to the earth; then they have materialized.
Now do not hesitate, you will get to know this wonder.
The masters know about all these wonders and gifts, but they hardly ever use them for they do not understand them.
It will therefore be clear to you that it is actually us, who make these wonders happen, even though you possess these gifts.
It is possible to produce them by your own, but to that end, you need a long life, this study touches on infinity.
However, I live in infinity and know all these laws, so you can accept what I say.
Let us now adjust ourselves.”
I had listened to my leader while being outside my own organism.
Nevertheless, I felt afraid of my own situation and could not adjust myself.
I heard: “If you think and feel the way you do, these wonders cannot happen.
Do you know the power of Dectar’s words when he says: ‘You shall sleep!
Only sleep, I want you to sleep, you shall sleep!’
You cannot evade that and you must fall asleep.
All these wonders happen in this way.
Adjust yourself, Venry, and let me connect you.”
I now experienced a curious event.
When I adjusted myself to the fruit and thought of lifting it, the fruit suddenly floated in space.
This material product, as if it received wings, was not subject to gravity anymore.
The fruit floated through my cell, but I carried it myself and followed this floating about.
When I adjusted myself to something else, the fruit fell down to the earth.
The connection was broken.
I now heard: “You see, Venry, everything is possible.
You must only keep thinking of this.
Your inner joy disturbed the connection.
Your thoughts to tell Dectar about all this, and your joy, immediately made you pass into something else.
So you see however meagre your joy, it still upsets this wonder.
No, Venry, when you have been admitted in the natural but invisible laws you have to experience them; it is not until then that these wonders will happen.
No other thoughts should enter your mind, you only think of this.
If you want to follow me, there will be no joy, and Dectar does not exist for you, only this fruit or whatever interests you.
You forget your age time and again.
Father Taiti is not in you now, although you think you live in that consciousness.
And now adjust yourself again.”
I adjusted myself to the fruit,
and immediately lifted it; I could do what I wanted.
I let it descend and rise, then come to me.
I followed all these movements and had to experience them, otherwise, rising and lowering were not possible.
Now I heard: “If you wish, Venry, you can pass this fruit through the material walls.
You now think of the moment when it still belonged to the invisible life.
Then you are connected with other laws, but I follow you and activate them.
So you return to nothingness, but you hold the fruit through concentration so that it does not dissolve completely.
You pass it into my world; that is also possible.
There it dissolves and vanishes, but here it lives and is perfect.
Subsequently, you go on and pass it through the walls; and then you withdraw it to the material world and the fruit will be as it was.
Is it an unnatural wonder?
No, my dear friend, these are spiritual and material laws and I have been able to acquire these laws, so I possess them.
I will help you.”
I still heard: “Are you ready?
My concentration is infallible.”
I adjusted myself to the fruit and brought it into my world.
It dissolved for the earth.
I walked with the fruit through the material walls and outside my own cell.
Truly, the wonder had happened.
Now I heard: “You now return with it to the earth, Venry.
Return it very quickly; you can do that with lightning speed.
The quicker you do this, the more perfect the laws will act; do remember this.
When disturbances occur and your concentration is not perfect, unnatural phenomena will appear in your material body.
These can strike you fatally, in this respect too it is ‘all or nothing’.”
I adjusted myself, my concentration was immense and I brought the fruit back to the earth.
I had been allowed to experience a mighty wonder.
The fruit had not changed in any respect.
“Splendid, Venry, now everything is perfect.
In the past, you possessed all these gifts, now we shall use them in a different way.
First, you perform these wonders through me and with me, presently alone.
For I remain one with you, although you do not hear and feel me.
However, never forget, my friend, all those wonders are part of my task and are your own weapon.
Do you realize now how mighty your weapon is?”
“I am most grateful to you, master.”
“You see that we can perform wonders by adjusting ourselves clearly.
If need be you can have your own body disappear in this way.
Can you follow me?”
“Is that possible?”
“That is also possible, Venry, and it will happen;
you can travel a great distance in a short time.
All these wonders, my friend, will make Isis great, to this end I have to observe the laws.
Now another test, later on your material body will dissolve when you are ready for it.
Now look what I will show you.
What do you see, Venry?”
“I see flowers, master.”
“Very good, they are in my environment.
Do you see all these colours?”
“Yes, master.”
“Which flower would you like to have, Venry?”
“The violet one, in front of me, master.”
“Splendid, I thank you for your quick decision, there should be no doubt about it, otherwise, you think incorrectly.
Draw it towards you, Venry, I will help you, but your concentration must be very deep.”
Within close range, I saw many flowers and picked one. I then adjusted to the return to earth.
My leader said to me: “You will also return, Venry.
You will wake up there, with this flower in your hands.
Open your mind.”
I drained my mind and I felt that an immense power came over me.
I subsequently descended into my earthly body and woke up.
And behold, I held the spiritual flower in my hand, it was like the material flowers on earth.
A mighty wonder had happened.
Tears of joy ran down my cheeks, but I felt dead-beat.
There was a peculiar silence in my cell and I lived in it.
I thought that I had forgotten myself again, but my leader said: “You understand, Venry, I and many others with me were also greatly moved when we got to know these laws.
This wonder is not yet known at Isis.
This spiritual product is like its sisters on earth.
It is part of all those wonders, Venry, which we possess here.
Our own life is also a great wonder.
We cried with emotion when we understood that there is no death.
We all form part of this might that we know here and that is God.
When we follow this life so that we get to know ‘Him’ who gave us life, you can only kneel down and be grateful.
However, you must also be able to overcome this emotion, Venry. We must remain ourselves in happiness, sorrow and grief; otherwise, the masters will follow us.
If they could experience what happened just now, their hatred would grow and they would forget themselves.
So remain yourself in everything, otherwise they demand your blood and that is wrong as well.
Later it will be clear to you what I mean.
I just want to warn you.
There will be times, Venry, that they want to possess your blood.
Now they search for inner light, but for all of them it means only power.
I cannot explain all this to you, but you will experience it.
I now look far ahead, and my warning is sincere, never forget that.
You can keep the flower until Dectar comes.
It subsequently returns to my world and you have to forget everything again.
You are very energetic, Venry, but you must think more ardently and profoundly, and in particular see to it that you take a very serious view of life and that old age lives in you.
Do you understand me in everything?
Your youth is very dangerous, also for Dectar.
I will go now, Venry, Dectar is coming.
Give the flower to him for a while, so that there is happiness in him too.
I now want you to wait and be patient.
You know that I am always there and that I wait for you.
See you, my friend.”
* *
Dectar entered my cell.
He saw immediately that a wonder had happened and he said: “Oh, Venry, what do I see?
Have these gifts awakened in you?
For this flower is not of this earth.”
He looked at me, then continued: “You have grown many centuries older, Venry, and that in this brief period of time;
I now see my master.
May I see the flower, Venry, and clasp it to my heart?
The Gods come to us; right now, we experience wonders.
And what will it be like, Venry, once your development is over?
What will happen a few years from now?”
Dectar took the flower in his hands and cried for happiness.
He sat down and sank away.
I followed him and saw him depart from his body.
Dectar went into a remarkable condition.
His mouth spoke and I heard him say: “Oh, ruler, leader and master, you may torture me now that I have been allowed to behold this wonder.
I am prepared to follow you in everything.
Invisible help, may I thank you!
I deeply bow down and am very happy to be allowed to live in your shadow.”
Dectar subsequently disembodied and I saw that he was taken up by another power and that he seated himself on a cloud.
Right now Dectar floated in space and experienced one of his most fostered desires.
Beside Dectar, I saw another power.
I could not see whether it was a human being.
However, I could observe a great light and Dectar lived in it.
Out there in space words were spoken, I saw and felt that Dectar listened.
I could see him very clearly.
I saw that his face got very serious, but happiness, heavenly happiness radiated from him.
My dear friend floated in space.
It was most remarkable, today there were clouds, snow-white clouds, and he had sat down on them.
After that, I saw that he returned to the earth and woke up.
He said to me: “Dear Venry, my brother, I was allowed to sit down on a cloud.
Have you been able to follow me?
Oh, how mighty this master is.
How should I thank the Gods?
What offerings can I now bring?
I am ready, dear Venry and I will follow him in everything, however difficult it may be for me, I am ready.”
“What is it, Dectar, is there something?”
“Should I not be touched, Venry?
A minute ago I was allowed to experience a wonder.”
“Yet there is something, Dectar.”
“Silence came over me, dear friend, only relaxation and gladness.”
I thought he behaved in a strange way and I felt something curious, but we both heard someone say: “Children of Isis, the Gods are with you.
Now forget everything.”
Dectar still held the flower in his hands.
“It now returns, Dectar, see how it fades away.”
We both saw the flower dissolve in his hands.
When it had disappeared before our eyes, we nearly collapsed.
Again, we heard: “If you act like this I will not come back to you.
That is not the way to keep a secret; everybody feels your happiness and reads it from your faces.
Have you forgotten that you live at Isis?
There is frivolity in you, a lack of mature consciousness.”
We recovered and went away.