The death of my parents

During that time I neither felt nor heard anything from my invisible enemy, for I was protected by many.
The priests guarded and the other power who took me to Lyra and who was her leader turned out to be a great help for me.
As a result, the demon’s impotence seemed complete.
I did not even think of him anymore.
My parents were very happy; I was quite different now, as a child of my age should be.
I remained very quiet, but I could sometimes think deeply and give intelligent answers like grown-up people.
These feelings emanated from my inner being and I found that quite normal.
Because of these wise feelings within me all these former events faded away and there was rest and an unexpected quietude within me.
One day, however, I perceived other phenomena within me, which could not be suppressed.
It started with a peculiar feeling that I lived on earth and yet I did not.
It was as if I lived between two worlds, so that I was partly on earth and partly in that other world, and in that situation those curious phenomena occurred.
In order to control this, I chastised my own body, but I did not feel pain at all.
When I cut my finger or some other part of the body it bled just for a moment, and it stopped immediately, however deep the cut might be.
I showed my friends and they also tried.
The results were such that they did not do it again.
Next, I experienced other things.
However bright the sun was, whether it was day or night, I could see that other world constantly.
Even by day this world shone through the sunlight and laid, so to speak, a dense haze of purple and violet colours over this life.
When I told others about this phenomenon, I found that nobody saw anything and they were very surprised.
My eyes hurt and my Father consulted Priest Dectar.
I was given powerful herbs to dab my eyes with, which I should do after sunset.
However strange it was, I understood why I should apply this treatment at that time.
I got the feeling that the sunrays had a predominating effect on these herbs, however powerful they were.
After sunset these powers dissolved spontaneously.
I was also of the opinion that these herbs would not be of any help because seeing occurred from within, so that I could observe a change in nature.
I pretended to obey, but did not use the herbs.
The meaning of the treatment did not dawn on me.
However, when these thoughts occurred to me I felt that there was something wrong with my way of thinking and feeling, and that it might be completely incorrect.
Priest Dectar knew what I was feeling and thinking, so that I understood that my doings were even remotely controlled.
He came to me because I did not go to the Temple anymore.
“Why do you not obey my orders, Venry?”
I looked at him in surprise and did not answer.
“Come on, Venry, are we not friends?
Why do you not use the herbs?
They serve to strengthen your eyes and nerves.
You are looking too much at the sun and you should not do that.”
The priest knew everything about me.
“You see, Venry, we are entirely one and that is why I know what you are doing.
You must listen to me for your own thoughts are not pure.
Why did you not follow those feelings?
Those thoughts were very good and correct.
Will you henceforth duly note which thoughts come to you from afar and which belong to yourself?
You can feel that, Venry, for you possess these powers.
However, these are experiments, Venry, and that is why we are one. You will understand this later on.
Presently you will come to me, we shall walk a lot, and I will teach you many things.
Now do tell me, Venry, why you did not use the herbs.”
“You know why I did not do it, correct?”
“Yes, that is right, but I want to hear that from you, Venry.”
“I felt that the herbs would be of no help, because this came to me from within and I lived in that other world.”
“Very good, Venry, but you know now that you should have followed those other feelings, for your eyes have suffered.
What made you feel this so clearly, Venry?
Just think calmly, we have got time.”
I now felt that he helped me.
Thoughts came to me and I answered: “It is quite natural.
That other world is becoming ever clearer.”
When I wanted to go on telling him everything I suddenly could not, and he said: “You must answer my question, Venry, only that question, nothing else.”
Now I understood our being one and I told him how I had felt it.
“Very good, Venry, and very clear, and now the rest of your knowledge.”
“When I see in that world the sunlight loses power and cannot penetrate that other light.
Next I see colours, very beautiful colours that merge.
I told my friends, but they cannot see anything, though I can all the time, even at night.”
“Well, well, and what else do you see, Venry?
Other things, for example?”
“A great many other things can be seen, but I cannot distinguish them very clearly.
But, in this light or behind it something is alive, for there is movement and I feel rest and quietude, it is as if someone calls me.”
The priest was very happy.
“It is coming, oh, it is coming, Venry.
Do you love being granted to see?”
“No, I am accustomed to it.”
“That is alright, Venry, do not desire, my boy, for then your vision will not be clear, everything must come to you as a matter of course.
You must keep very calm.”
“I know why you approve of it.
I can also speak to you without using my voice, with my mouth shut.”
“Splendid, dear Venry, but that is for the future too.
I shall come for you soon and call you beforehand as you want to talk to me now.
Yet, you will hear me all the same and come immediately.
It may be night, or in the evening shortly after sunset, but you must come straightaway.
Will you come, Venry?”
“Shall I hear you?”
“But of course, dear Venry, you will hear me very clearly and come to me at once and know where I am.”
“Why not take me with you now?”
He smiled and I felt very clearly that from now on I would be under his control.
Instead of answering he had connected himself with me.
“Why do you commit yourself to me?”
“I will call you, Venry.”
He greeted me and left.
Now we were completely one.
When he looked at me, I thought I would shrink into insignificance.
My consciousness sank away within me and I was now an instrument in his hands.
“Dectar, Dectar”, I repeated his name several times as if that name was known to me.
Though I understood this human being, much was not yet clear to me.
I loved him very much and I already knew this very moment that one day I would be superior in thought and feeling, although his great gifts, his ability and wisdom were highly praised.
I would become aware of that.
I would get to know his deep wisdom and he would learn from me, because my gifts developed.
There were sentiments in me, which told me to love him deeply and to trust him like my parents.
I had promised to use the herbs until I would feel that it was not necessary anymore.
Suddenly, these thoughts came to me and I heard him say in a soft whisper: “Stop now, dear Venry, go to sleep calmly, but stop.”
I sent to him: “I will follow your advice.”
I still heard him say: “Thank you, dear Venry, many thanks.”
Again, I understood a little more of him.
This repetition of my name and his soft speech, I became highly aware of it and I had to obey whether I wanted to or not.
Many thoughts arose in me and however improbable it sounds this was nothing new to me, for I knew these powers.
The more I thought of him the clearer my own life became.
I now lived under his will, feeling and thinking; he only needed to attune himself to me and I had to listen.
He undeniably possessed peculiar powers, but these wonders, which only few persons knew about, were also present in me.
It was a long time that I no longer had to go to the Temple; I followed my Father in the gardens or helped him feed the birds.
I talked a lot with him but kept quiet as to what I knew about the two of them.
I had great respect for their love towards me.
My Mother kept finding ways to spoil me and one pleasant event followed the other.
I perceived a curious, almost fascinating atmosphere around her and saw that she became very silent.
My Father seemed to feel that too.
When we were together in the garden one afternoon I said to my Father: “Do you know the silence in Mother and which she is aware of, Father?”
“Dear Venry, there are feelings which are sacred to others and for which we bow our heads.
Surely Mother knows why she prefers the silence and we ought to leave her to it, should we not, Venry?”
“You deceive yourself”, I suddenly said and felt those feelings of hatred rise in me again.
“Remember your Master, Venry,
be quiet, very quiet, for your life is only about to begin.
I do not deceive myself, my dear boy, I could not, but, there are other laws which can change into forces and powers which we cannot stop.”
I thought of him, followed his thoughts, and I understood what he meant.
“So you surrender entirely?”
He looked at me and said: “So young, my dear Venry, so young and yet so wise, so deep and natural.
Oh, if only I could live and listen to what you will proclaim, to what your mouth will say, and that will be heard and read far beyond this country, so that pharaoh after Pharaoh will accept what you will then have given, and which will be spiritual food of men.
You are very dear to me, my boy, I want to thank the Almighty that you, Venry, are my son, even though we shall only be together in these splendid surroundings for a short time.”
“Do you know what it is, Father?”
“We have got to follow what the Gods say and want, dear Venry, but particularly listen to what ‘He’ says and will say.”
He continued his work and at the same moment, I saw a silver-white line going through the earth.
It proceeded in a twisted pattern and pushed its way through the core of the earth.
I kept looking at this mysterious line for quite some time, I stared into a tremendous depth, where I could follow this remarkable phenomenon.
“What do your eyes see, Venry?”
When I wanted to answer him, I heard a voice within me say: “Keep quiet, dear Venry, be very quiet and do not see yet, be yourself.
Do you hear me?
This is Dectar speaking, your Master!”
“Nothing, I see nothing”, I told my Father.
He shook his head. My vision dissolved.
I was myself again and went to my Mother.
She saw me come, took my right hand in hers, and said: “My dear child, come, sit down beside me and let us talk a while.”
She avoided looking at me and it was a little while before she spoke.
“Once you said that things may happen which we people do not want, but must happen all the same.”
“Did I?” I asked, but she went on.
“When these things happen, dear Venry, they are beyond our control, but the higher powers and maybe the Gods know about it.
Sometimes we are informed, but often we are not.
And when we are informed it is not by words, my boy.
These feelings are then imprinted on us and are very clear.
Where they come from probably nobody knows, yet we can rely on them and we are sure that what we feel will happen.
Whether they come from far away or nearby we do not know,
but one voice within us tells us to do as we feel and to listen to that one only.”
When she stopped speaking and plunged in thoughts, I said: “You speak like Father, but you feel something, Mother, and I know what you feel.
So do not hide it from me, for I know”, I repeated emphatically.
She looked at me and her eyes were full of tears.
Then my Mother said: “You read in my soul, Venry.
And what you read there you kept to yourself all the time, and if only because of this, I am grateful to God.
I thank you, my child, that you kept all this wisdom to yourself, although you are still a child.
You were told between life and death, but not all of it is true.
Remember us when we are no longer here, and know that we enjoyed happiness.
You are very old, dear Venry, for wisdom is written on your face, in your eyes and in your whole being.
Heaven knows that I was not aware, that I suffered, and yet I understood everything and accepted those pains.
A crown is of no significance, dear Venry, only what your Father possesses.”
“You know everything, Mother?”
“Yes, my dear.
The Gods willing, you shall know everything too.
When you feel the light in you, Venry, it is the sign that you are allowed to know everything.
I learned the laws of heaven, see through things, and know you, dear Venry, for are you not like me?
Is not that what is within you also in me?
Did I not also attend that school?
I know, dear child, you came to us with a certain purpose and you will attain it.
I shall pray for you, Venry, and ask the Gods to give you a mighty weapon, one which none of them possesses.
However, you shall serve, Venry, only serve the Gods.
What I taught you is nothing in comparison with all that you will see behind the veil.
That is where God lives.
You will see the origin of heavens, man, and animal.
You have got within you what none of us possesses, and the greatest treasures are for this and the next life.”
“Where do you get all this wisdom from, Mother?”
But again she did not reply and went on:
“It was revealed to me through your Father, Venry, and you will also be opened.”
Again she waited a moment and said:
“You will not tell anybody what I said, will you, Venry?”
“I solemnly promise, Mother.
Can you tell me something about my education, Mother?”
“Master Dectar will tutor you, you can put yourself in his hands.
What you know now you have got from me, from your Father and yourself.
In your Father’s gardens lives natural wisdom, the origin of which you will see and perhaps experience.”
“You did not want me to study, did you, Mother?”
“When you were born, dear Venry, my mother who has been living behind the veil for a long time now was with me.
She brought me spiritual flowers and said:
‘Only in the gardens of Ardaty resides the secret of life.’ ”
I understood my Mother and she went on:
“On your forehead, dear Venry, is the star of our house.
Those who possess this symbol of wisdom will proclaim where we go and how things were created.
They will see what our life will be like after this life.
They know why the birds sing with joy and the flowers radiate light.
They are allowed to see many wonders, because they see and have received the great wings.”
I took her hands in mine and kissed her ardently.
I had known for a long time that we were to part
and therefore I intended to talk with her often.
My Father came in and brought flowers for my Mother, one of them of rare beauty which he called ‘love’, and which he had called after my Mother.
Fruits for me.
My Mother thanked him, and a deep love shone over these lives.
After dinner we stayed together for a long time and Mother talked to me.
Next we went for a walk in the gardens and admired what my Father had grown and extracted from the soil.
We accepted the beauty of life on earth, and were grateful for the mighty gifts sent us by the Gods.
My Father looked at all his treasures and I saw tears rolling down his cheeks.
I understood this too for I felt his deep love for all this life.
I heard him say:
“Now you are grown up and you will return to the Gods anyway, for they call us, my children.”
He broke away from all this beauty, and we returned home.
When the birds had been tended, the mangers filled and the flowers arranged, so that we could begin our hour of rest, we still stayed together.
It could not be more beautiful in heaven.
The silence, which came up from our inner lives, had united us and we understood.
I felt the urge in me to ask questions and I asked my Mother:
“Why, dear Mother, if you know that we shall lose each other, do we not leave here?”
They both looked at me and Mother answered:
“You cannot run away from these laws, dear Venry.
Where stars and planets are shining and owe their creation to, where fruits are growing and blooming and our life is a law, is borrowed and belongs to the Gods.
Everything, my boy, will happen the way the Gods have ordained.”
And my Father added:
“Then the palms will wave us goodbye and greet those who feel and understand God, because life knows who is awake and conscious, like all my children sing the song that only the Sower of Life knows and understands.”
Only because of my particular way of feeling and thinking could I understand them, for which I was very grateful.
My parents had awakened and were conscious and their love had blossomed.
They understood all these natural phenomena.
To them these were laws, I would have to learn and acquire during my life.
Then my Mother said to my Father and me:
“Do you feel this heat?
When this goes on and the heavens tear open so that rain will be pouring down, the waters will rise and overflow their banks and fields and all life will be killed, we go ‘in’.
Do you feel the heat?”
We also felt the heat of which she spoke.
It became ever more oppressive.
“Believe me”, she continued, “dear Venry, whatever collapses, the Temple of Isis remains, it must and will remain for the Gods so wish.
You too will stay on earth, my boy.
In the Temple you will get to know the wonders of the universe.
You must stay to see all those wonders, which are only known there; you can observe them behind and in space.
The Gods want you to stay.
Where should we go if all ways are blocked?
I see that the gates of heaven will open and that my Mother calls and waits for me.
You will stay, my boy, to learn and to perceive all those wonders.
That is not granted me, however, you will receive them and will be able to go where you want.
The power by which you will float in space is present in your inner life.
Perhaps you will come to us and admire your Father’s gardens, which he will have there too.
In his garden we shall live, eternity will enter us, and the knowledge why we must leave presently.
One day you will see us as we are within ourselves.
You will see us as you do not know us.
Then we shall come to you to assist you if your heart belongs to us.
That love, my boy, will be the light, which will show the right way.
How quiet it now is around us.
The mistakes and sins I committed were forgiven as I infer from the many things life gave me, so that I am ready.
I am greatly indebted to your Father, dear Venry, he restored my own self, so that I could enter the gardens of life.
As you sow you will reap and he who follows what grows and was planted by loving hands suffers no pain, misery, or sorrow.
Those who want to see will discover that all sorrow disappears.
Growth can be followed from life, but those who go ‘in’ experience what is present deep down in their inner life.
My temporary feeling fades away, the ultimate is now in me and is speaking like a soft whisper.
Yet, my heart understands and I feel that quivering and pounding.
Therefore, I shall follow the voice of my heart, dear Venry, you should too, whatever way it will speak to you.
When you feel that you will perish, so perish.
When the voice tells you to ascend in love, then do so, and when it orders you to descend, then descend, my boy, it means following the way the Gods show you and have set for you.
You cannot run away from it, dear Venry, for you cannot proceed otherwise when this feeling is in you, when it demands and calls in you, when it burns in you and urges you on.
Should you live, you cannot die and if you must die, you cannot go on living.
Ah, my boy, when stillness is around and in you do not look for it and wait until you are sure of yourself.
Between life and death is the secret and that secret you carry within you. It will develop and become conscious and you will translate it into words.
Between life and death is the ‘why and what for’ and the answer to all questions, but you will be there and live in the wonders, because you will possess the great wings.
Only there, dear Venry, is wisdom for all of us.
Something miraculous is also in me, my boy.
Therefore, when the voice says ‘come’, we shall both go to the place where we are awaited, and where many will sing for us when we arrive there.
You are different from other children, dear Venry, for you understand all these things.
If there had not been wise men on earth, we would not have known anything about it and our thirsty souls would have perished.
However, our thirst is quenched by what we feel and see, and by what has already been granted us.
There is food on earth now, but it came from and through them.
I am greatly embarrassed now that I feel that a great many years passed during which my soul did not feel thirsty.
What was granted me, dear Venry, could undeniably have been greater and mightier, but my desire for earthly things bereft me of pure inspiration, which is heavenly only.
Still I am very content and am allowed to be as the Gods want to see me and I may enter.”
Around us was breathless silence.
Suddenly she jumped up, fetched her instrument, and sang her favourite song.
In this melody lay her feeling and thinking, and her great love for him who lay knelt down beside her.
I have a healthy respect for their closely being one, and I understood these beings as humans and as souls, to which end I could use my inner seeing.
Both went ‘in’ into that which we belong to and which is space.
They felt the silence, which was not for me, however, for I could not yet feel it and which could only be experienced by two souls.
But I understood everything.
When the last cords and the sound of her beautiful voice had faded away in this sacred silence they left me and admired the gardens.
Nothing seemed to come of sleep today.
There was quietude in us, a quietude called silence.
I had understood her, however deep her words were.
Now I knew her who was my Mother very well.
I granted them this great happiness and I felt that I was part of it.
She saw behind things and experienced them, as in a dream.
But she knew that I would stay behind alone, that certainty was her own property.
She was one, one in everything, with the very last one, for both ‘dying on earth’.
We stayed together until late at night.
Mother supplied refreshing drinks and my Father talked to the birds, which could not sleep.
The flowers hung their heads, nature was intoxicated, for dense vapours ascended from the waters and remained suspended above the earth.
We were sitting behind the house under the fruit trees, my parents to the left and right of me and they held my hands tightly.
We felt perfectly at ease and no word was spoken.
We would certainly have fallen asleep, which was however not possible now.
We were living in a consciousness touching ‘life and death’, between powers and forces representing a supreme power beyond this life.
We intended to stay together until sunrise.
My Mother lived in perfect peace; and also my Father was quite himself.
He mumbled, but apparently my Mother understood every word and said to him:
“Dear Ardaty, just leave everything we do not need on our heavenly journey.
All children belonging to this life who are not yet prepared will stay here.
The other life will await us there.
But if your love adores temporality, why should you prepare yourself?
Dear Ardaty, are you actually willing?
It is true that the attractive things you have here, and which were created by your mastery, are worthwhile possessing.
It is understandable that your attentive life feels this depth.
These feelings are also in me.
An enchanting beauty through which temporality passes into eternity and from which this silence emanates, irradiates our lives and our unity.
My inner contemplation bridges ‘this’ and the other life and I see immutable laws, which mean powers and forces.
One emotion after the other overwhelms me when my inner eyes see the light in which the Gods live.
The temporary release of my soul touches the life you love, but the laws demand complete surrender and ‘going in’ into reality.
Such feelings cannot ruin you.
Rebellion against this and the following life is linked with your own personality, but life demands full confidence, for a stubborn refusal may break our hearts.
Who follows this passes into an improbability in feeling and thinking and discards full consciousness.
It banishes everybody from what should be fully experienced.
Believe me, dear Ardaty, I shall not allow despondency to overcome me, now that the laws change into powers and forces.
If you feel this breathless silence in which we live right now, then carefully follow the lighted path the Gods prepare for you.
I do know that many questions now arise in you, but the direct threat also rushes up to you causing a gap between ‘life and death’.
Misleading desires may cause your downfall, your soul passes into their accumulation and rejects what is perfect.
What is in you now radiates far ahead and connects you with this and the next life.
In our souls reside the origin and new birth, but you must be prepared to receive infinity.
If you want to live then go ‘in’, Ardaty, and die.
When inner and worldly desires attract you and you feel a shudder, it is your own ignorance of what is behind it.
Everything we possess on earth, dear Ardaty, is only borrowed.
Venry will get to know Ardaty, assuming that the Gods regard it useful.
Look at it, that red sky, it is like blood.
It illuminates the darkness.
It is a sign, but only for those who accept.”
I looked into the darkness but saw neither light nor blood-red coloured sky.
Although I had often observed light, which was invisible to others, I could not perceive anything my Mother saw.
The last few days my Mother had spoken more than she had done in all her life.
Quietly, very quietly and withdrawn into herself she had lived her earthly life and kept her secret.
Now her inner being was opened up and every word she spoke came from the depth of her soul and touched eternal life.
When my Mother fell silent my Father jumped up and opened the cages.
The birds were still awake and he spoke to his children and urged them to keep quiet.
He subsequently returned to my mother.
Suddenly she rose, took my Father’s hand in hers and they both looked at me.
My Mother’s eyes looked into my soul like night makes way for day and life awakens.
My young life passed by and again I experienced her great love.
Our souls were one and would remain so forever.
Then, as if inwardly shocked, she freed herself from me and I descended into my Father.
A grateful probing and feeling and the happiness of a grown-up child came over me.
They said in unison as if their being one was also perfect in this respect:
“Goodbye, dear Venry, goodbye, my boy.” They walked into the gardens
They both disappeared from my sight and I remained alone.
In my mind I worked out everything she had said to my Father and me.
Her feeling and thinking were immensely deep and yet I was able to understand her.
When I descended deep down into myself, I understood her perfectly.
Would I get to know Ardaty?
Did I not know my Father sufficiently?
As I thought of him the birds flew away and disappeared.
This was of great significance, for it was still night, though a faint twilight was breaking through, announcing the new day.
At the very moment when the birds had reached freedom, a dull rumbling sound emanated from the interior of the earth, immediately followed by a second and third one and a deep red light broke the twilight.
A sultry atmosphere nearly made me choke and far away, I heard the roar of wild beasts coming gradually nearer.
Immediately thereafter, I heard Dectar’s voice in me.
“Come, dear Venry, come quickly, will you?
Do not look for your parents now, they are lost in prayer and go ‘in’, and onto ‘Him’, who is omniscient.
Come now, dear Venry, come quickly before the laws change into forces and powers.”
A Master of concentration and strong will had spoken to me.
From the Temple of Isis he built a wall of strength around me.
My inner life, which had, so to speak, been split for a long time so that I felt myself in two worlds at the same time, now integrated.
Moreover, I felt other forces and it was as if my material body was free of gravity.
However, I did not know what to make of it, though I distinctly felt it.
As fast as my legs could carry me, I ran away from the house and its vicinity.
I progressed rather like the floating of a bird, that is how fast I moved. I had never before been able to run so quickly.
To reach the Temple of Isis I normally needed a quarter of an hour, now I would be able to cover this distance in just a few seconds.
I lived in a power unknown to me.
The Temple was outside our little village; to reach the path leading to the main staircase I had to pass through a small but dense wood, after which I saw the Temple before me.
I continued at a somewhat lower speed.
I had already forgotten those curious feelings.
For the fourth time I heard that terrible rumbling rising from out of the earth.
A bright, blood red light shone on the earth and everything in nature was lit and coloured a deep red.
My Mother had seen this terrible event beforehand and I myself had perceived it as a silver-white line.
The terrified chirping of birds suddenly shook me awake and I thought I recognized our birds, wildly flying about and unable to find rest.
Again I heard that horrible rumbling and saw the earth tear apart.
However, I was not afraid.
The earth split with excruciating violence and incredible force so that buildings collapsed, the surface disappeared, and I stood before a deep insuperable cleft, which blocked my way.
Around me there was emptiness, depth, loneliness, and desolation.
Several huts and little houses had been dragged into this depth and I heard the anxious crying of people and children.
Rain now poured down from the sky and a tidal wave flooded across the earth.
The surface I stood on began to crumble away, for I felt it tremble under my feet.
That moment I felt these strange forces arise in me again and I heard Dectar say:
“Jump, dear Venry, just jump. You will be able to jump very far to get over this cleft and you will feel firm ground under your feet again.
You will float, Venry, just jump.”
I did not dare to, for I saw that I would never be able to make it, and I was afraid that I would disappear into the depth.
Again I heard Dectar say: “Know, dear Venry, that these forces are also in you; that they have been granted us, but that few people feel them.
You have them, you possess them and I know these forces.
You may go wherever you want, but you must jump and will jump.
Now jump, Venry.”
Behind and in me I experienced a bitter cold and I felt that I was becoming lighter.
I had a feeling that these forces rose from the interior of the earth and I calculated the distance.
I had only three metres to make the jump.
Before me there was an abyss which was that deep and wide that it made me anxious.
It was at least ten metres wide, before I could reach the other side.
I stood still on firm ground, but could hardly move forward or backward.
I was in a precarious situation.
Still it did not occur to me that I was in danger of losing my life.
Again I heard Dectar:
“Now jump, Venry, jump, it is high time.”
A terrible fear seized me, which was so horrible and atrocious that sweat trickled down my body.
But then I concentrated my will on the leap over that abyss and I knew what was going to happen.
An enormous power entered me, activated by my fear, thought and feeling; I could now force a bird to change its course and come to me if I so wished.
Then I jumped and no longer felt my own body; I floated to the other side.
While floating I got the feeling that an invisible being carried me.
With all speed I ran away and found the path through cracks and holes. I perceived that the wood had partially disappeared in the earth.
Ahead of me lay the main staircase, which led straight to the Temple.
When I had covered the first part, I took a little rest.
This path subsequently meandered upwards and when I followed it, it seemed to me that somebody waited for me at the top.
“Is it you, Dectar?” I wondered.
Running to the top I saw it was him.
His young face beamed with delight.
He embraced me.
“You see, Venry, all this is necessary.
You’ve got new gifts now which fear awakened in you.”
I looked up at him and asked:
“Where are my Mother and Father?”
“They are admitted, Venry, namely in their own summer garden, where everything always blooms, smells and will smile upon them.
Follow me, dear Venry, from now on we shall never part.
I want to be a Father and Mother to you.”
I wanted to answer Dectar and ask questions, but I had an attack of dizziness and I fainted.