The psychic sessions

I summoned Dectar.
“My dear friend, you must help me,
for the two of us must accomplish a great task. My leader let me know that we must describe everything we have experienced together for the new Temple.
All my questions, your answers and our experiences must be laid down.
Others will learn from them, when we are no longer here, Dectar.
I will make that clear to the supreme priest and if he refuses I will approach the pharaoh.
I shall do what our master instructs me to do.”
“That is wonderful, Venry, that makes me very happy.
You are making me so happy.”
From my own room, I let the supreme priest know that I wanted to be received by him.
He let me feel that he expected me, and I entered his room.
His hostile look did not do me any harm, and I said to him: “The Gods want me to describe everything that I was allowed to experience through them and what we will still receive.
Now if you are prepared to adjust yourself you will learn that these messages are true.”
He answered: “If there is no drive in you I will descend into you and follow the Gods.”
He fathomed my inner life and said: “Is what our scribes write down not sufficient?”
I asked: “Do you mistrust the Gods?”
His eyes pierced me, his hatred was destructive, but I remained calm.
Then he answered: “I shall discuss this with the pharaoh.”
Once again, I asked: “Do you mistrust the Gods?
From whom did you receive your wings?”
To which he answered: “If youth fails to appreciate old age, their houses and buildings will collapse, as will the wonders they perform, for it is the work of demons.”
I found his hatred terrible, but I had an answer ready and said: “If there is possession in me would I be worthy of the Goddess?”
“You have no right to compare your life with the very last, you boast, you are a fanatic.”
This time again I was ready and said: “Is not your curse mine?”
Now he let me wait for an answer.
After a while he said: “You are the child of demons.”
I did not hesitate for a moment and answered: “We shall wait and see, supreme priest of Isis, perhaps you belong to them as well.”
His poison was horrible and he had already lost his self-control.
I remained calm and waited.
However, I followed him in his feeling and thinking.
In his mind, he went back to the past as if he wanted to attract fresh strength.
I kept following him wherever he went, which made him rebellious.
He also understood that I could follow him and that he could not destroy my concentration.
With our minds, we now waged a fierce fight, which was even more horrible than between life and death.
He felt that I kept following him and he returned into his own life of supreme priest of Isis.
But I kept looking at him and I understood that I would conquer.
He subsequently recovered and cut off the past for himself, but unrestrained he shouted at me like a wild animal so that his entire body was trembling. “You may repeat this to your King, Priest of Isis, I am your supreme priest.”
I said to him: “But I have the great wings.”
I pulled myself together very quickly and said: “When the sun will have set twice and have reached its highest point again, I expect you for the spiritual tests.
I am ready for those too.
I am still young, Father of Isis, but I possess youth and old age; you only have the latter.
I greet you.”
A curse followed me, and I returned to my own dwelling,
There I received various indications as to how I was to hold the sessions.
At the fixed time all entered.
A dignitary was present and was seated next to Dectar and my material organism.
I lay down and was in trance in a short while.
Now I lived in space again and adjusted myself to all of them.
Dectar now experienced the greatest moment of his life and his deep and pure love came over me, for which I was most grateful to him.
I merged with him and said: “Will you follow me in everything, Dectar.”
I accepted his feelings and followed the questions asked by the supreme priest.
His first question was:
“Where do you live at this moment, priest of Isis?”
“I live between ‘life and death’ and see darkness.”
“Then pass into the light.”
“I am ready. You may ask questions.”
“Are you conscious?”
“I am quite myself and can see you on earth.”
“How was your meal today?”
“It consisted of dates and fruit juice, however, the laws of Isis require that no food be taken before these sessions.”
“Who was your master?”
“Master Dectar.”
“Can you follow me?”
“I am also ready in that respect, Father of Isis, your questions are very clear and the Gods are quite satisfied.”
“There are species of wild animals in the Temple.
Do you know our favourite animal?”
“You mean Wolta?”
“What is the purpose of these sessions, priest of Isis?”
“To make Isis great and to serve.
We all serve the pharaoh.”
“Is there light and darkness around you?”
“I live in two worlds, for I see a dark and a bright world.”
“Can you observe us from that darkness?”
“I can do that too, but then I see your world as it is now.”
“Those laws are known to us and your answers are clear, but can you explain your perception?”
“I could explain my life to you, should those questions be asked.”
“Can you see whether the scribes are ready?”
“You have taught them to finish their work during the questioning.
They are ready, Father of Isis.”
“Are you conscious of your wings?”
“I am ready to go where ever you send me.”
“Will you try to maintain this consciousness?”
“The Gods say that I am ready.”
“Splendid, Master of Isis, very clear.
Are life and death one?”
“Life and death are one, however, both worlds have their own meaning, because eternal life is around me.”
“Is the darkness of this world like that on your side?”
“No, this darkness does not vary, it is always there, but it will eventually change into light and dissolve.”
“Quite clear;
you say that this darkness will dissolve. Can you tell us more about that and explain, if possible?”
“Are these laws known to you?”, I asked.
“No, I mean the dissolution of the darkness, that is completely new to all of us.”
“This darkness will only dissolve if all human beings co-operate, and they are prepared to start a great and loving life.
The Gods tell me that this darkness has been built by all of us and we shall have to break it down again.
It is not until then that light will come.”
“You say that there is light, now, is that not contradictory?”
“The darkness will dissolve and will then be luminous and belong to all those higher worlds.”
“That is new to us, Priest of Isis, but we understand.
Can you distinguish night on earth from the darkness over there?”
I was prepared and answered: “The light that you see there belongs to the material world.
This darkness is an astral world, in which demons live that have lived on earth and have discarded their material body there.
So they have deceased.”
“That is very clear too. We are very grateful to you.
Can you move away?”
“I possess the very greatest wings and can go where I want to.”
“Then leave and seek out the waters, go as far as possible, we will try to follow you.”
I left their company and went for the waters.
My leader led me to different surroundings and took me to the bottom of a sea.
There I began to see.
Next I adjusted myself to my organism and my vocal organs began to vibrate. The priests heard me say: “You may ask questions, I am at the bottom of a sea and I see all that wonderful life before me.”
I heard his question within me and clearly, I, so to speak, picked up from him: “Can you see whether the animals pass on into other lives?”
When he asked me that question the light around me became stronger and I could see everything.
I said: “All these species of animals go further and higher until the time comes when they will leave the waters and live on land.
You surely realize that this is for inner life and that the soul will receive new bodies, so that the next life can start.”
“Master of Isis, it is beautiful, that is very natural, we thank you.”
I adjusted myself to the scribes and saw that they were nearly ready too. I said to the Supreme Priest: “I am ready and so are the scribes, so you may pose new questions.”
However, he asked: “You see how far we have advanced and you can follow life there as well?”
“You constantly forget that I possess the great wings.
Now ask other questions concerning this wonder.”
“Can you follow the inner life for the material organism?”
I began to see and said: “Around me I see a dense haze from which the inner life, that is the soul of all this material life, originates.
The material animal attracts as much of it as it needs for inspiration and energy in proportion to the activity and size of the material animal.”
“So you clearly see a mass?”
“You may accept this, what I now see is miraculous.”
“Is there darkness too?”
“No, there is light around me and this light I received from the Gods.
However, I can see by my own adjustment and concentration.
I see in that life, and am therefore connected with reality.
I observe that all species of animals must go further and higher and they will become extinct here one day.”
“Can you see how this going higher happens?”
“I will answer you.
When the inner life of all these species of animals has reached maturity in their own species, the inner life, which is the soul, passes into a different world and receives a new organism.
Then the inner life experiences a new birth.”
“Are you convinced that this is true and that it belongs to reality?”
“I know now that none of you possesses these wings, otherwise, you would not ask this question again and again.
This belongs to reality and you need not doubt my perception.
At this place I see the wonders and bow deeply for this wisdom.”
Silence reigned in their midst, but I waited and heard him say: “When you leave this material world, what do you see next?”
“That is really very simple.
The waters dissolve before me and I live in a different world or space.
The space in which you live and see is the material space, but I also see that other space which is invisible to those who do not possess these gifts.”
“Very clear, Priest of Isis.
I now ask: we now want you to see what is also invisible to us and about which we know nothing yet.
Will you move?”
At full speed, I floated through space.
When I felt that he adjusted himself to me I heard a voice near me say: “Priest of Isis, can you hear me speak?
I speak to you and ask you what this connection is like.
So would you make clear to us in what way you receive my voice?”
My leader let me feel that the Supreme Priest disconnected me from the mightiest wonders and laws of nature and repeatedly broke off my connection, but also what I should say to him.
I was ready and answered: “You are speaking and my connection with you has not changed in this instance either,
for there is no distance in this world.
However, the Gods tell me to say the following to you: ‘If you go on in this way and keep sending me from light to darkness, before you know how deep and miraculous everything is, and you do not feel that I am one in this space, we will not make any progress, and that is not the intention.’
The Gods say that your consciousness of all these wonders is not genuine, because wherever I am my inner life must obey and follow what is shown to me.
You repeatedly disrupt my profound being one with the wonders.
The journey I just made can be compared with light and darkness on earth.
The light gives all of us mighty wisdom, darkness, on the other hand, leads us to non-consciousness and you think that I will lose myself in that darkness, but that is not possible.
Do you feel, ask the Gods, how unnatural your questioning is?”
He ignored all this and asked: “Then can you tell us in what way I speak?”
“Your question has not been properly posed, but I understand you and I will answer you. The words, which you are speaking, and which come to me, I hear within me.
A luminous cord, which connects me to, and follows me from my material body, but which is not visible to earthly eyes, nevertheless, conveys your thoughts and feelings to me.
I receive your speaking in my inner life, therefore, from feeling to feeling, but the words spoken have, as it were, been materialized.”
“Very clear, Priest of Isis.
Is this the cord that breaks when the process of dying is experienced?”
“Quite right, Father of Isis.
When man dies this cord breaks, the soul passes on to one of all those worlds, and goes on living.
I see many worlds that are very luminous, but there are also worlds which belong to the darkness.”
“You are conscious of that, as well as of the wonders which are around you and you can explain them to us?”
“I am conscious of my own life and of all these worlds.
I have the feeling that I am a small particle of all the mightiness in which I now live.
In this I cannot be mistaken, for I see, hear and feel the wonder and am one with it.”
“In what way are you conscious of your material body?”
“This question has not been clearly posed either, but I will answer you. Here one does not speak of ‘way’, for the wonder can only be felt.
What is asleep there is for me only the means, so that I myself can live on earth as ‘soul’.
When my organism dies there, I go ‘in’, I who now live here, but I will have to accept that world which matches with my inner life and which my soul, that is I myself, possesses in terms of light or darkness.
I feel very clearly that I still live on earth, although I am now in space.
My material organism is only an instrument, Masters of Isis.”
“We have been able to follow you and think it very natural.
We thank you.
Have you got the feeling or can you see that you will go on forever?”
“In the world where I am now living, I myself am everlasting.
If the feeling and the consciousness of all these worlds are in me, we must irrevocably accept that I cannot die, but that I must proceed further and higher.
I must, however, acquire all these worlds.”
“We thank you for your clear explanation of your perception.
We are ready and ask: What will happen, Master of Isis, when you die here and are born again?”
“You connect the darkness and the light as one world and that is not possible, but I will answer you and adjust myself to that.”
My leader connected me with this wonder and I said to him: “Your aim is that I will feel when I must experience a new birth?”
“Yes, that is my question.”
“The sensations that now come over me, supreme priest of Isis, are very deep and they affect the infinite space.
I request you all to concentrate clearly, so that you can accept what I receive and may see.
However mighty this wonder is to all of you, it also seems to me that it belongs to the very greatest wonders that are known here.
I request the scribes to give a clear description, because the Gods let me feel that what I am going to experience now is holy.
I am ready.
Darkness comes over the world where I am now living.
A moment ago, I clearly felt that I was connected but I proceed further, deeper, and back to the time when the God of Gods created all this.
I descend into it; I feel completely one and see that world clearly before me.
It is the great and holy moment when God split Himself up into countless particles.
I now see and live in that world.
At the time there was darkness, for I see miraculous emptiness wherein it is very still, so very quiet indeed.
In those days, space was still empty.
Masters of Isis, do sense what this means.
There were no human beings, animals, stars or suns yet, nothing, there was still nothing.
Everything living on earth and in space had yet to be born.
The Gods now show me the next stage.
I see that life is coming into being now.
Here before me, I see clouds and those clouds are going to condense.
And by this very phenomenon, Masters of Isis, all this miraculous life was born.
What I see, Father of Isis, belongs to the very first stage and everything originates from that.
So this darkness is a completely different darkness than the one that we already know, and in which the demons are living.
Out of this darkness all others were born and being born commenced.”
“Are you still conscious of the things you see?”
“Do I speak like a non-conscious being?
Could I explain the wonders to you if my brain was confused?
Can a non-conscious being observe what I now see?
The Gods want me to observe and they prepared you beforehand.
Nothing is known of what I am telling you.
This wonder lives around me, for I see the growth process and the condensation of all this mighty life take place.”
“Can you now explain to us that you can be born again?”
“The Gods say that you do not yet know anything of this mighty wonder.
Why do you want me to withdraw again?”
“That comes later, Priest of Isis, answer us now.”
Egoist, I thought, you curse yourself. Again he began to create disharmony and interrupted my miraculous perception, which could surely not be the intention, for I was now connected with the laws.
Dectar let me feel that he had not yet experienced such a thing either and that it was only the desire to destroy me, so that I would return a lunatic.
I was very grateful to him.
But my leader went on and I answered: “If I empty my mind, Father of Isis, other feelings will come over me, but in that case the other world in which I lived a minute ago will dissolve before me.
I now see darkness again and this darkness has originated from the other, though ages and ages later.
Now I go ‘in’, I will pass into that darkness, nevertheless I will remain myself.
You surely feel that if this were not possible, I would be unable to answer and explain the wonder of this connection and what I see.
Yet, I will pass into this world shortly and subsequently lose my consciousness.
However, the Gods want me to remain conscious.
Now I feel that I have been living for centuries, and that I died on earth.
I now belong to one of these worlds.
So when we die on earth, we go further and higher here.”
“Do you see all these worlds before you?”
“The Gods say again that you must concentrate on one wonder or law, otherwise, you will not understand anything of these wonders and your brain will become confused.
The Gods tell me that it is very simple for you to concentrate on the darkness, but now you are one with the light, this light is holy and you must acquire it.”
His poison came to me; he wanted to disturb my consciousness if he could.
His way of asking questions actually interfered indeed, but I answered again before he spoke.
“In the world where I live also resides the world into which I must descend if I want to be born again.
So, I do not live in one world, but in many at the same time, and yet every world is a separate condition.”
He was ready again and asked: “So you live in three worlds and see them all?”
My leader was amused by his childish questions, but immediately afterwards a profound seriousness came over me and I answered: “Father of Isis, you ask childish questions.
The Gods have just answered this question.
You are not conscious and your feeling and thinking are confused.
But the Gods are favourably disposed towards us and I answer: There are many worlds in the world where I am living now, also the one in which the soul must return to be able to experience a new birth.
However, I can only adjust myself to one of all those worlds, because it is not possible for me and all those who abide here to feel and see in all those worlds simultaneously, unless they and I belonged to the Gods.
All of us are only at the beginning of our way and yet, Masters of Isis; we are millions of centuries old.”
“It is clear to us but all these statements are new to Isis.
Can you see to it that you remain conscious?”
“The Gods say that they are ready and that what I will see for you is necessary, but you must concentrate more clearly. You must try to feel the wonder and follow only one situation, otherwise, you will not understand anything of what the Gods tell you.”
“You say that you can feel and see there and that the new birth is ‘in’ you, but how do these wonders happen?”
“The Gods tell me that your thinking and feeling are not conscious, for your questions are not important, not focussed on one object, an uneasy feeling disturbs your own consciousness and you do not want to accept that you are also a tiny part of all these wonders.
The Gods will nevertheless answer you this time again.
If I want to return to the earth as a soul, Masters of Isis, that is only possible by means of two material beings.
You know them as ‘man’ and ‘woman’.
It is they who give the soul a new organism and they are one with these laws.
These laws come into force because both possess this power and strength; these laws cannot be seen, however, they can only be experienced.
If this explanation is clear to you, you can only bow your head and be grateful, for everything I receive for Isis is sacred.”
“We are most grateful to you, Priest of Isis.
But can you follow the laws even if you do not see them; it is of paramount importance that we should know this.
We are waiting for a reply.”
My leader let me feel the impropriety of his questioning.
His brain became confused and his questions were not deep, a student priest would think deeper than he did and would ask other questions.
I was ready and answered: “Now you must listen to what the Gods tell you.
Your questions are not in the least deep; you invariably ask the same questions.
The Gods ask you:
Do you live on earth?
Have you experienced reincarnation?
You surely feel, Father of Isis, that you must follow life on earth, you yourself will present this law; you live on earth and with you all other life.
You will now receive the explanation.
When the soul descends into that world it returns to the very first stage and then waits in that world to be attracted.”
“That very first stage of which you speak is not clear to us.”
“You see, supreme priest of Isis, your unsuspecting thinking and feeling touches on non-consciousness.
You yourself have broken those laws.
Your words were: ‘That comes later, Priest of Isis, do answer us.’
When I was one with that world, however, you all lived in those laws and would have received the explanation.
Now you do not understand anything of all those wonders.
But the Gods say: We came into being when the God of all life split Himself up, at the time we were tiny particles, which were imperceptible.
That is the very first stage.
Now, however, the soul is on earth as a mature human being.
If the soul wants to return to the earth, the inner life returns to this very first stage and is born.
In the mother, Masters of Isis, this wonder we all experienced takes place.
Then follows the growth process, the condensation of material life.
The next stage is already the birth; that is known in the Temple of Isis.”
“That is mighty, Priest of Isis, your explanation is quite natural and very clear.
We are ready and ask: Can you feel or see whether you yourself inspire that which lives in the mother?”
“The Gods tell me that I, who is now connected, is the inspiration for the material garment that grows in her and will be born, if the God of all life wants it to happen.”
“We thank you for your clear explanation.
But can you see whether you are young or old, or, is this your first worldly home?”
“The Gods show me that there are all kinds of wrong feelings in you, otherwise, you would ask much clearer questions.
Follow what has been noted down and you will see your own questions.
You have already been told about this.
All of us have been on our way for millions of centuries.
What caused your brain to be so confused, Father of Isis?
Master Dectar taught me to ask clear questions; otherwise, I would receive that chastisement that would awaken me.
How are your questions?
Your attentiveness is not conscious and you do not realize that what we receive is mighty.
It is a great mercy that the Gods instruct us.
This time again the answer is ready and I explain what the Gods show me.
I received my very first material home from God millions of centuries ago.
Only the Gods of Isis can connect you and me with it.
Then you see everything, including the very first stage.
How old I am no longer needs an explanation now.”
He ignored all this and asked: “Can you see, Priest of Isis, whether the law of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ resides in it?”
“The God of all Gods wanted us souls to be ‘man’ and ‘woman’, for that is the only way to learn to know the laws.”
“You mean that I am not capable of seeing and feeling the laws?”
“Father of Isis, you possess the creating organism, but in that other body, which is the ‘mother organism’, you can experience the laws.”
Now he considered this seriously and for a long time and said: “We thank you, all these wonders are new to Isis and we follow you attentively.
We ask: Is it a law of His that we must know both organisms?”
“If you want to be like the God of all life and all Gods, you must experience that activity, otherwise, you will remain as you now feel.
If you want to get to know that law and experience it, you will witness how stars, planets, suns and other bodies were born.
However, that is only possible ‘in’ and ‘through’ the mother organism.
Locked up in that body is what has happened here in space, which gave light and ‘life’ to stars, planets, suns and other organisms. It gave feeling to the animals and consciousness to us human beings, which is present in you and all of us, but which requires thousands of organisms to reach the level at which the Gods live.”
“Your state of mind is quite natural and we are all most grateful to you.
We are ready and ask: Are you sure that we can experience the laws in the mother body?”
“You are very careful asking questions, but once again the answer is ready. Is it possible that something can grow ‘in’ you that gave reincarnation to the new and young life, which is the child?
No, supreme priest of Isis, for you are ‘creator’, if you want to, but you rather avoid all this, you follow a path that leads nowhere, but by doing so you will not learn to know the laws.”
What he sent me that moment was terrible and his answer was: “Your answers now conflict with the laws of Isis.
Will you bear in mind, Priest of Isis, that we live on holy ground and are together here to make Isis great?
At this moment we are one with the Gods.”
Is he not a hypocrite, I thought,
he keeps going on creating disharmony.
My answer was: “My explanation and my answers are for Isis and for those who come after us.
All the time you fail to realize the holiness of this being one, although you talk about it.
You are very great and old, Father of Isis, but you must follow the Gods like a little child and accept everything.”
Again he ignored everything and asked: “Priest of Isis, where are you?”
“I am farther away from you than the sun and yet I am near you, very near.
Already in bygone days they said to you: Are you convinced that ‘nearby’ and ‘far away’ are one?”
His hatred came over me and there was unrest among all of them, but he said: “You now talk about wonders that are for Isis, so not for yourself?”
I answered: “What I am talking about is meant for Isis, but especially for all of you, because it is wisdom.
The Gods want you to listen to me and follow them, but as a little child, not as a mature human being at the age of a priest, for then you are too much yourself and you cannot be something when all of you want to be one.”
Now he lost his self-control and shouted at me: “From where do you speak, Priest of Isis?
Can you follow the laws or do you think you can see them?”
“You would come to yourself, supreme priest, if you could see my wings.
When you feel my depth, you would want to possess the very greatest of wings, but the disharmony you continuously create cripples you and your perception and feeling become clouded.
You now look at Master Sma and you wonder whether the master sees me and whether all the others can see me, but I cannot be seen, I am not in your vicinity. I am nowhere and yet I am one with the laws, for I now live in the wonders and am one with Him, who gave life to all of you.”
When I had finished, I looked at them all.
I was now ready to paralyse his wings if I were allowed to do so.
Now that I thought of this, these feelings came over me, so that I understood that this also belonged to my task.
I said to him: “You close your eyes because you think that they are tired and that you can then observe more clearly, but you know like we all know that we observe inwardly, that is spiritually, and that our perception has nothing to do with the material eyes.”
“From where and through whom do you speak, Priest of Isis?”
I did not answer him now, I waited for my leader, but again he shouted at me: “Speak!
You shall speak!”
I waited, as did my leader, but he asked: “You shall answer me and speak in another way than you do now.”
Next I felt that I should answer and said: “What I speak of I receive from the Gods.”
“You think that you see.”
“Supreme priest of Isis, the Gods will answer you.
If you go on asking spiritless questions you must leave and someone else will ask questions for you.
The wonders in which you live are holy, but you are not ready, you create disharmony. You slate Isis, you are a disturbing power.”
He did not answer but said to the dignitary: “Do you hear what words a priest of Isis directs to the Head of the Temple?”
I did not wait now and said: “If you feel that is where you must look for help and you try to find it on earth, you do not follow the Gods, but men.
Why then are we together?
Let me return and close this session.
Does the dignitary possess the wings?
Has the pharaoh the wings?
Is he not too ready to accept?
Does not the pharaoh want to know everything and is he not grateful to the Gods?
Does he not follow the laws too?
The pharaoh is the Master of us all; but does the Pharaoh know all these laws?
You are the Master of all of us and the Father of Isis, but your questions are non-conscious and you are now proceeding in darkness.
You are flushed with anger, but I tell you: I follow the Gods and I am only a servant.
You should be like a child and be very grateful, as I am and feel here, I want to be able to see the wonders.
It is a grace that the Gods come to us.”
“Priest of Isis, you may repeat this before your King.”
I waited.
When he had pulled himself together, he asked: “Where are you, Priest of Isis?”
I received the answer and said: “When a student priest of Isis asks the same question again, great Master, he does not feel the laws and will learn to know them, but by chastisement.
Are you prepared?”
Confusion had arisen among them; none of them was himself anymore, only Dectar felt at ease.
However, the supreme priest asked: “Has darkness come over you so that you get annoyed?
Or do you want to hide your ignorance?”
I really did not know what to answer and waited.
Again he asked: “Are you no longer aware of anything?
We know those laws and we can explain them to you.
Have you lost your wings?
Shall we presently experience that you fall down like a flint to disappear into the earth or to return there where you now live?”
He felt supreme again and completely conscious, because all the time I did not answer him.
Again he asked, but in a sarcastic way: “Do you now consider whether you are creative yourself?
We can also explain those laws to you, Priest of Isis.”
He looked at all the masters present and felt ready for everything.
Then something came over me which was very great and mighty and I answered: “The fire that is now in me and which the Gods give me irradiates my whole being and will presently enable me to scorch your wings. Or prepare you like a bird, which fills your stomach and provides your body with fresh strength.
In the darkness and the light in which I now live, I see your own insignificance and that of all of us.
There can only be gratitude in me now that I see that my wings have given me that power.
There are darkness and non-consciousness in you; you do not live ‘in’ the wonders, but beside them.
You must put other questions, Father of Isis, now you are living dead.”
“Do you hear that, priests of Isis?
We will go to the King, I close this session.”
My leader made me say: “I will also be there, but the Gods say that you must have patience and that you may only leave when my organism is no longer there.”
I caught a curse from him and he said: “You do not think that you are a God, do you?”
I was ready and answered: “If I were a God I would make a toad of you, for the way you think and feel belongs to it.”
This was appalling, never before had they ever experienced something like it in the Temple.
Then my organism dissolved before their eyes.
My master accomplished this wonder.
Before the palace of the Head of Egypt, I got my organism back and I lived on earth again.
I entered the palace.
A messenger of the supreme priest passed by and I followed him to the pharaoh.
The King was most astonished when I explained to him what had happened.
He sent a messenger to the Queen, and dignitaries arrived, as well as the counsellors of the pharaoh.
When the Father of Isis and his retinue entered the session was immediately started, for the pharaoh had to administer justice.
The writing was inspected and went from hand to hand.
Next, the King asked me his first question.
I felt calm. Isis would fall or arise, either he was destroyed or Dectar and I would die.
However, this time again my leader was with me.
The King began: “Priest of Isis, you are very gifted, we are grateful for this wisdom and thank the Gods.
Can you explain to us what has been said?”
I answered: “The Gods will answer all your questions. They are ready, great pharaoh.”
He asked: “We have noted that there are disturbances. What do you put them down to?”
“Great pharaoh, the questions that were asked carried me from one wonder to another and space is infinite.
The pharaoh may follow the writing and inspect the answers.
The Gods thought them very vague for they were the questions of a non-conscious being. The supreme priest of Isis is not ready for these sessions.”
“Your answers are clear, Priest of Isis.
Dear Iseues, what is your answer?”
“Can the great pharaoh understand when I say that the wonders that come to us are mighty?
I intend to investigate all these wonders.
What we experienced some years ago should not happen again.”
“Your explanation is very clear and natural too.
What is your answer, Priest of Isis?”
“The Gods say, great pharaoh, that I am a high priest and they consider that their time is wasted when questions are asked in this way.
What the Gods say should be accepted at once. I am not a student priest, but I possess the very greatest wings.”
The pharaoh spoke to the supreme priest and said: “It is perfectly clear to me, dear Iseues, we see that you have asked various questions, but when doing so you were very absent-minded.
Look, dear Iseues, these are your questions.”
The writing went again from hand to hand and the King handed it to the supreme priest; and he subsequently asked: “Priest of Isis, tell us: Are those in space certain of all feelings and, are the questions being answered according to those feelings?”
I felt what he meant and answered: “Ask all winged beings and they will all tell you what I will now explain to you.
When the Gods answer the questions they want all these questions to be clear and directed at one aim.
The laws of Isis require that we, priests, speak clearly and ask natural questions.
It is not possible for us to ask other questions before the wonder has been fully explained, only then may we proceed.
Those who do not observe the laws receive that chastisement.
Those are the laws of Isis, great pharaoh, but I am in space and must follow the laws of the Gods; there I am one with the Gods.
I can say nothing but what I receive from the Gods.
However unnatural and severe it may seem, I must pass it on.
The Gods say that the pharaoh does not know those laws either.
I must follow because the Gods have given me those wings; the pharaoh has to perform a different task for the Gods.”
“No, priest of Isis, I do not possess the wings. I must admit that.”
He asked the supreme priest: “Is this explanation obscure?”
My Father was ready and answered: “Now the answer is very clear, great pharaoh, but we now live without the laws.”
The King looked at me again, reflected for a moment and asked: “Priest of Isis, is it possible for you to finish this session in my house, so that I can administer justice?”
“Great pharaoh, the Gods are ready.
I have just been told that the Gods will come to us.
Can the pharaoh have the light dimmed a little so that I can go to sleep?”
The dignitary who had attended the session spoke to the pharaoh and I understood what he spoke about.
The King asked the supreme priest: “Dear Iseues, you say nothing about the wonder that you were all allowed to behold.
Is the wonder, which occurred before your eyes not mighty?”
My Father was ready again this time and answered: “During all centuries from which we have written evidence, there has been only one priest to whom this wonder was granted, but this priest returned to where he came from and the darkness absorbed him, but Isis kept silent about him.”
My death warrant, I thought.
Dectar prayed for me, but I felt calm and waited.
The pharaoh’s animals came to me as if they wanted to protect me and lay down at my feet.
When the King noticed this he asked the supreme priest: “Can you explain, dear Iseues, why my animals love this priest?
I know that they love children and will not approach older people.
Can a child be obscure and poisoned?”
He was ready once again and answered: “There are winged beings, great pharaoh, who possess both youth and old age and can return into the poisonous insect, but then their sting is fatal and they do not belong to the Temple of Isis.”
Everybody present looked at me, but the pharaoh asked me: “Are you ready?”
I lay down where I was, the animals stayed with me.
Soon I was in trance and disembodied.
I heard the pharaoh say to the supreme priest: “Dear Iseues, there you are, I think you may ask questions now.”
The supreme priest asked: “Where are you, Priest of Isis?”
“In space.”
“Where were you when darkness came over you?”
“I must correct this question, for there are many dark worlds in this world.
I cannot know which darkness my Master has in mind.”
“I mean the very first moment; you have spoken about it.
Can you return to that moment and see what gave us our light?”
Tension mounted among those present, I was asked a question, which could destroy me or my wings should I fail to answer it.
Before I answered I adjusted myself to Dectar and asked him: “You must help me, Dectar, and it is therefore necessary that you remain calm, that is all the help I need.
The Gods are present.”
Now I waited for my leader but the Supreme Priest asked again: “Well,
priest of Isis, are you in the darkness?”
I saw that the King looked at him, but I answered: “When the Gods created all of us and all life, it required time.
For the creation of powers and forces, which meant preparation, millions of moons were required before we, human beings, had reached maturity.
Should I now go ‘in’, the Gods of Isis require from me and from all of you modesty and preparation for all this holiness.
I face a gate and this gate is closed, but if the Father of Isis sends his powerful prayer to the Gods they will let me enter, which will make Isis great.
I knelt down and will send my humble prayer up in order to be allowed to see for all of you.”
I looked at them all and felt how my words were understood and felt.
The King thought my answers splendid, the Queen was absorbed in deep prayer and my answer engendered a playful feeling among the animals. Around me there was silence, holy silence, the supreme priest asked: “If the Gods are willing to answer my prayer I would ask them to give you the powers that will enable you to observe what no priest has ever before been allowed to see.”
I was ready now and said: “What I see is a great wonder.
I see a darkness and light develops in this darkness.
That light changes into activity and next I see life.
What I observe is as the water is on earth.
Many moons ago this water was a mass of clouds, but it has condensed;
so the water originates from it.
In this water, I see little animals and this life is translucent, they look like drops of water.
The Gods of Isis explain this wonder to me and say to you: Once you were living in it as well as all other life present on earth and in space.
Now you are mature and perfect, but you were born at this place, in darkness.
Life grew up, went on and on and became larger.
If you can see this you are connected with reality, which was the very first moment of your life.
You see one drop of water, yet you died thousands of times and were born again before this stage.
The waters generated all life, but that life went on and reached land, the condensed planet.
At that time all life also died and was born again until inner life had reached the perfect human conception.
The Gods of Isis requested me to follow them and I am about to see the heavens.
I now see a world where everyone has wings.
I see Temples and a beautiful nature and perfect human beings. They have all lived on earth, our ancestors among them.
Through my gifts, I see all these wonders.
All of you must accept now what the Gods of Isis tell me, and what I will pass on to you.
When the suns received their light they were already millions of moons old.
Each of them was to fulfil its own task and has grown, as all of us have experienced in our Mother, which is called ‘working’ where I live now.
As a result of that working, stars and planets, darkness and light came into being; this working extended strength, power and movement to all those bodies.
I only see movement and this will continue until all have finished their tasks.
But, all this mighty life was created for us, only for us, spiritual and material human beings, because we must all return to Him, our God.
All of us are still on our way, including those who live here, and are ahead of anyone of us, they will also return to God.
If the Father of Isis follows me and feels what the Gods are now telling us, the Head of the Temple of Isis will understand and feel that what is now being given to all of you is holy.”
I followed them on earth; they all were quiet.
The supreme priest asked: “If danger threatens Isis, what will you do?”
I fathomed his question and in me came: “Should the Gods of Isis want my wings scorched or should they want to turn me into forage for the animals, great Master, then I am ready and I will sacrifice myself.”
“Well, dear Iseues”, I heard the King say to the supreme priest, “that is an answer worthy of a high priest of Isis.”
The priest, however, was not yet satisfied and asked: “They who present themselves to you as Gods and suggest you to listen to them, what measures would you take then when you feel and see Isis will be humiliated?”
Once again he began to create disharmony, but I answered: “You know the pharaoh, but you ask him, who he is, what answer do you expect to get now that you know who he is?”
They all felt what he was hinting at, but he was a law unto himself and asked: “What do you have in mind with that answer?”
“The Gods want you to come to your senses, Father of Isis, at present you are a non-conscious being, you ask for facts that you already know.”
The supreme priest turned white as a sheet and the animals became restless, but I continued: “Your wings are paralysed and your light is obscured.
Why do you not ask the Gods for new wings?
But ask at the same time how to use the very largest wings, otherwise, you will fall like a meteorite and you will be crushed.”
The Queen looked very seriously at the supreme priest, but the King said to him: “My dear Iseues, you fail to answer?
Are you paralysed?
Has your child and pupil advanced so far that you cannot follow him anymore?
What is being said here is worthy of Isis.
Moreover, you dignitaries, counsellors, priests of Isis and scribes, I ask all of you: Why should I administer justice?
Is this so incomprehensible?
A priest of Isis has received the very greatest wings, is completely one with the Gods, should we not be grateful?
Well, my dear Iseues, can you answer?”
My Father saved himself, but I had conquered.
He said: “Can the pharaoh understand that the wonders, that are now being experienced, will make Isis great?
But they come over us like a tidal wave, which floods the earth, and the water cannot be stemmed.”
“That is clear to me, dear Iseues, you are very tired, relax a while, and then you will be able to recover.
However, I will administer justice.
I invite you all to have dinner with us.”
To me and to all those present the pharaoh said: “I present this priest of Isis, who is worthy of possessing the very greatest wings, with my favourite animals, and all of you know what this means.”
There was joy all around me.
Dectar came to me.
This present actually meant that the honour of being a supreme priest of Isis had been bestowed on me.
I returned to the earth and when I woke up the pharaoh asked me: “Priest of Isis, have you heard me?”
“May I thank the great pharaoh for this mighty present?
The Gods of Isis want me to convey their gratitude as well.”
The Father of Isis thought it terrible.
Next, we were together and profound talks followed.
Myra came to me, but I took her to Dectar.
Everyone asked questions and I had to answer them all.
The Queen asked: “Do you live in the wonders every moment, Priest of Isis?”
“The Gods willing, the wonders may be witnessed any time.”
“Can you experience all those wonders here as well, in our surroundings?”
I felt the danger that now threatened and answered: “The Gods give us mighty gifts, but every sacrifice is needed for that.”
“And if the Gods so wish?”
“I must obey the commands, great Queen, and I will accept them.”
“Would you like to serve your King in his surroundings?”
“I would be most grateful should the Gods bestow that honour on me.”
However, I had to control myself, for I felt what she wanted from me.
Next she called her child and said to her: “Karina, tell the High Priest of Isis your dreams, the Gods will explain them.”
A stunningly beautiful being approached me.
Judging from her looks, she was very serious, but her inner consciousness was empty.
There was no feeling in her.
She told me of her dreams, which were not dreams.
They were meaningless thoughts and desires of an unnatural child.
She soon left me, my answers were too deep and she could not follow them, although she pretended she understood me.
I now followed all those present.
Many of them were completely closed, yet I read into their souls and I could follow them.
In this house were hatred, jealousy, envy, vanity and terror, although they now liked the idea of the higher and the wonders they had just learned to know.
My leader let me observe a lot, for which I was most grateful.
They wanted to have my blood and I would at the same time be a counsellor of the pharaoh.
Then I would be a different slave than I was right now.
I subsequently received the message from my leader that I should speak to the King about my work.
It had escaped my attention and I also thanked my leader for that.
I asked: “Would the great pharaoh confer the right on me to note down all the experiences, which I am allowed to live through by the Gods?
And would the pharaoh be prepared to inform the supreme priest of Isis, so that I receive his approval too?”
“If the Gods so wish, High Priest of Isis, and if you need help, I am prepared to assist you in everything.”
He immediately informed the supreme priest, so that this had also been decided to my advantage.
I thanked them again for everything.
Subsequently, I showed them various wonders and dissolved before their eyes.
Some of them thought it miraculous, but others became afraid.
Dectar was in heaven and Myra with him, but the moment of returning home had arrived.
We all took leave; the pharaoh’s animals followed me, which was the very greatest present I had received. I really needed nothing more.
The Father of Isis felt aged.