The first test

Dectar would come for me.
I was relaxed and had already become a different person.
Now I would meet the high priests.
There were seven high priests, one of them was the leader, and the others had to fulfil their own tasks.
Together with the pharaoh they ruled this country and they were the healers, surgeons, medicine men or herbalists, the teachers of religion and the experts on good and evil.
When Dectar entered I was ready and we went to another building.
As we entered various birds flew towards us, and I understood why those winged animals were here.
There were also some wild animals, large and small ones, as well as a variety of poisonous snakes.
The masters also entered and sat down on a platform.
The supreme priest was sitting in their midst.
All were dressed in different garments reflecting their grade and wisdom and the gifts they owned or had acquired.
All these men, Dectar told me, were famous for some quality or other for which they had studied, and in respect of which they had become masters.
Amongst them were healers who could infallibly cure a tumour or many other diseases by concentration within a very short time.
There were some healers who turned a wild beast with all its violence and passion into a lamb, and who made a bird of prey on the wing obey. Others could change the poison of a snake into honey, because they dominated the animals and it’s poison.
They possessed an infallible concentration; these men were supreme.
All knew the laws between life and death and had complete control over them.
They could go wherever they wanted, they did depart from their material body and collected spiritual treasures, which they carried consciously within them when they returned, and which were subsequently recorded.
The Supreme Priest and some of the others were in constant contact with the pharaoh, they were his councillors and enacted new laws with their King.
We had to sit down in their midst.
What a pupil was now going to hear also concerned the master.
A big mistake of the pupil affected the master.
If a pupil achieved special things, it was the master who had accomplished them.
My feeling, thinking and inner life were in the hands of Dectar.
If I made mistakes he was also involved, for I was only an instrument.
Scribes were also present for every word spoken was written down to be preserved.
The very first moment of my entering was written on yellow parchment, also what I had experienced in my youth and everything else I had got to know.
They had followed my life so that I understood that they could check my inner thinking and feeling.
I now felt an overwhelming influence coming over me.
My soul was being fathomed, and the physique of my body examined.
This fathoming and examination took a good length of time, after which I had to undress.
There was a small room to my left and I entered it.
Dectar told me: “Keep calm, Venry, the masters must see the physique of your organism.”
So I appeared completely naked before them and awaited their orders.
My keen interest subsided within me now that I felt their repellent fathoming and feeling.
I felt revulsion arising from deep within me, but it was immediately followed by that warmth so that I understood, and clearly felt, that this invisible power had followed me up to here.
Together with this warmth, I got a different view and I understood what I had to do now.
What I experienced was a revelation to me.
The deeper they descended into me the stronger the warmth in and around me became.
This remarkable power gave me rest.
Subsequently I followed the masters and I experienced space.
At this moment we lived in the universe, we went from world to world, from sphere to sphere in which the soul had lived; there were the grades of life in which I had been.
They searched for many lives, because all of them were clairvoyant to a high degree, and they now tried to see those various lives by using me as a contact.
That enabled them to determine my present condition.
The supreme priest became lost in deep thought after he had seen through me, the others, however, were not yet ready.
There was a feeling within me as if I did not live on earth anymore.
I received stimulating feelings to follow them.
Apparently, something frustrated them, which prevented them from feeling in the depths of my inner life; they looked at each other and they were obviously faced with a great problem.
I understood everything, however wonderful it was.
This was a revelation to me, but for all of them it was inexplicable.
There was something in and around me that they could not determine.
There was a mystery around me or I was that mystery and a deep and mighty problem for all of them.
Again they descended into me; they had never experienced such a phenomenon before.
Their combined powers were terrible.
This persistent fathoming and concentration was horrible because it hurt my deep inner life.
I felt like a small child, unaware of anything, a child that felt nothing, saw nothing, experienced nothing, and stood quite empty before them.
Yet, there were powers and gifts in me, even conscious gifts, which they knew and could follow.
However, what they really wanted to see, floated and lived between life and death; they could neither see nor feel it in any of my lives; it called them to a halt.
Their fierce powers rushed towards me.
Dectar understood there were disturbances and asked:
“Is something bothering you, Venry?”
I looked at him and answered: “No, Master Dectar, nothing. I feel very calm.”
“The Masters want you to be entirely yourself.”
Dectar had already said too much and one of the high priests warned him by looking at him. That look was so horrible that a chastisement could not be worse.
Dectar received a spiritual blow, which hurt him deeply.
His gentle feelings were not accepted.
Did Dectar understand anything of what was happening here, I wondered.
I was quite aware of it but dared not think nor evoke it, for they could follow me at once.
Another power called them to a halt, a power in which I lived, felt and remained myself.
Their gifts as well as their perception and feeling and even their mastership no longer existed.
They were obstructed in their perception and feeling.
To them the human soul was like nature, not one of them could fathom the actual depth of my inner life.
Then I had to dress and sit down again.
I tried to follow them, but I found that I could not think. They did not allow other people to share the way they felt and thought in their own world.
That way was cut off to anyone who did not belong to these seven men.
I was not allowed to feel sorry for Dectar, because they followed me. I would be punished, and Dectar would not have instructed me properly.
When they sent a deep hatred towards Dectar and me, because their perception was disturbed, I felt another consciousness come over me, as a result of which I promised Dectar to destroy them all.
These feelings had come over me with that delightful warmth and I now understood that I could think and feel and that they could not follow my line of thought all the same.
My whole being lived in another power and force, which meant a strong protection to me.
I sensed them all beyond their own power and force, in spite of the fact that they were masters.
A spiritual struggle was about to begin and it was clear to me that it would be a fight to the bitter end.
Why, and from what I knew, this had come over me a moment ago.
The masters had one powerful weapon for they were one.
Suddenly I thought of my Mother and the words she had spoken.
“I shall pray, dear Venry, that the Gods may give you a mighty weapon.”
Would this event have to do with that?
Did my Mother know about all these laws?
My youth became conscious within me, another power partially awakened me, and these thoughts, and feelings formed part of it.
The power, which consciously lived in me now, was tremendous.
I experienced that I floated in space, but could still feel and think in my own body; my soul split into thousands of parts for I was here and in space, near them, behind and in front of them and nowhere.
Yet, I was conscious and completely myself.
Only now did I understand my thinking and feeling of weeks ago, namely that I had to follow this splitting well and clearly, and that I, if necessary, could make use of this weapon.
However, I was helped with this splitting process now, for the warmth was enormous.
One hundredth part of myself was present here and represented Venry, but the other ninety-nine percent were missing, lived in space, but space was infinite and they could all get lost there.
I thanked this invisible help for these mighty gifts, thanked everyone who participated in it, including my own Mother.
The happiness I felt, now that I experienced that they followed me but could not find me, disturbed their unity and a disharmonic condition set in.
As this happened, I saw a power, which could only be concentration. It was a strong and powerful will floating above me, giving me this miraculous strength.
This became my own weapon and no one could take it away from me.
If the Gods wanted to and made me their instrument, I would send all my love and power to them. Venry was ready.
If I could acquire those laws and powers which I did not doubt anymore, I would be a useful instrument and they could begin.
I clearly felt that I was being used as an instrument, not only for all these priests, but also for invisible powers whose activity I did not yet know.
One of the priests rose from his seat, went to a corner of the room, picked up a small cage with a lovely little bird, and put it down on a platform.
He opened the cage and sat down again.
The bird leapt from stick to stick and did not bother about anything.
They requested me to adjust my concentration to the little animal and to call it to me.
Whether it was already possible was irrelevant, it was a test to see how deeply I could concentrate my thoughts on one point.
Everybody looked at me.
I adjusted myself to the little bird, followed it in all its movements.
Together we went from stick to stick until I wanted it to sit.
In the meantime I felt myself completely in my body again.
This wonder happened while I concentrated, and I felt that the little animal responded.
I activated it again and forced it to leave the cage.
It hesitated, however, it had to follow me.
Never before had I controlled such a species, I did not know this one and it was possibly not known in our country.
I wanted the little animal to perch on my hand and adjusted myself to it.
I held my right hand up and forced the little animal to come to me.
But it refused, no matter how I exerted myself, it did not respond.
There were powers which did not want the test to succeed.
It was the warmth again which made these feelings come over me, and I understood that these powers emanated from a human being.
This formidable consciousness, this incredible energy and that enormous feeling and thinking belonged to a human being that wanted this test to be unsuccessful.
How deep was my emotion when I heard someone say in and around me: “Not everything at once, Venry.
Be patient, dear boy, or they will go too far and you will not be able to finish your task.”
While these words were spoken I watched the masters, however, nobody had felt or observed anything and I was quite certain that I was being guarded.
The masters understood that I was powerless and could not go on.
The little bird flew away. It did what it wanted and kept flying around.
I already freed myself from the little animal and anticipated.
One of the masters focussed on the bird and it flew back into its cage at once.
His concentration was infallible.
Other thoughts came over me,
feelings of doubt.
The masters questioned several phenomena and wondered: “Why can we not follow this youth who is actually unable to concentrate keenly?”
Now I heard a voice within me: “You see, dear Venry, they made many collapse, and these were chased away insane and ruined”, so that I understood that this power could reach me in various ways.
“Are they not the healers of this Temple?
You see, Venry, I have power and know their spiritual weapon, but I led them astray.
I am ready, Venry.
You will follow me and not them for we have to make up and destroy what they built up.
Their horrendous building must collapse.
To that end you shall get to know their life and understand why I am here.
Many were ruined or cursed; others were disfigured and disappeared without a trace.
Is that serving the Gods, Venry?
Look behind their own weapon, Venry, but do that through me and accept that I am a master in this field.
Do not look for me now, Venry.
The Gods want me to return to you.
Our being one is free of all disturbances.
You do my work.
You will receive the keys of this Temple and you will get to know all the secrets.
Have patience, but now see through me!”
Doubt had entered them; their disharmony was such that I had disturbed their mutual contact.
They could not pick up each other’s feeling and thinking.
This immense contact, which was their secret weapon, I was now going to see.
I saw a lit cord running from the supreme priest to the others, which interconnected them.
That astral cord, created by thought and concentration, was a magic connection.
I saw this invisible cord through the other power, for I understood that this would be beyond my possibilities.
I saw because someone wanted me to see.
At some places this cord was impaired and even transparent.
Their doubt and failure to achieve what they wanted had severed their mutual feeling and thinking.
I understood the uncanny aspect of it as well as the mightiness, and their being one was clear to me.
The way I was one with Dectar when he called me and I had to come, they had accomplished a similar alliance.
I now understood the power and magic of this weapon, which had a mystic activity and even possessed space and affected the invisible world, because I could follow it.
These masters were one in the depth of their inner life.
All were gifted and were closely united by these gifts and the knowledge of astral laws.
They soon recovered, the cord condensed, their contact and attention were complete again, their secrecy became perfect, but they understood that even masters are no Gods.
There was a gap in their being one, but they would correct it when they were alone.
I had seen this secret weapon and been able to follow it within a few seconds, and foremost was that I had understood it.
The supreme priest acted as spokesman, and said to me: “You will be trained to become a priest.
You must follow Master Dectar in everything, and you must comply with the laws of this Temple.
You shall implicitly accept everything, give yourself completely, and prepare yourself.
Go now, but know that we will follow you.”
We left.
Dectar was silent.
We entered my cell.
“You have been accepted, Venry, you can stay with me all the time.
Oh, I am so grateful.”
I was very curious to know how he had felt the tests and I asked: “Have you followed me, Dectar?”
He did not answer me, looked very seriously at me, so that I understood that danger threatened.
Here it was impossible to think of anything, every thought was picked up, and then we would be punished.
Punishment would immediately follow as soon as we thought things against the laws, or beyond the Temple, or about feelings which concerned our own lives, so that the seriousness of priesthood was forgotten.
Dectar began to see, he looked up, to the left and right, waited a moment and said:
“You must listen well, Venry.
Everything is safe again, but when you feel a sudden change in me do not say a word or do not think of anything, even not of yourself and close yourself off from everybody and everything.
We are being followed, and that is why I am careful.
You must follow me, Venry, otherwise, we cannot talk confidentially.
If the masters feel that I forget myself, we will both be destroyed very soon.
So if you want to talk confidentially with me, wherever we are, you must always remember this.
You must arrange a wall of power around you and build it by concentration.
You are still young, Venry, and also old, your age may nevertheless become your undoing.
I feel that you are being helped and that is why I can speak to you now, but never forget it.
What I felt, dear Venry?
Well, you were putting your life at stake.
I know your inner life, I got the opportunity to get to know it, but I am very anxious now that you know how powerful they are.
However, they need your gifts, Venry.
Horrible things could happen right now and the people outside this Temple do not know anything about it; but both of us would be destroyed.”
Dectar put his hands to his face and heaved a deep sigh.
I understood him.
He went on:
“The masters could not reach you, Venry.
There was something and I warn you to be very careful now.
You did not live on earth.
You were not in their presence, you were somewhere and nowhere.
I was allowed to follow you, but that was not possible with my own gifts.
We were completely one, but I do not know by which or by whom.
The masters followed you.
What happened today has never happened here before.
The horror of it made me wary.
At that moment, Venry, you did not live on earth anymore, you were really nothing, you could not be found, seen, or followed, and yet you were very powerful.
Consequently, it is a great mystery to me and also to them, and that is why danger is threatening which is so terrible, Venry, that I beseech you to be very careful from now on.”
Dectar looked at me and asked: “Did I observe correctly, Venry?”
He went on and did not even want to hear my answer.
“You thought, Venry, that I did not know anything about it, that I was struck blind, and that I felt being alive yet dead.
Neither did you know that those powers were in me, but I know a good deal more.
You must listen well to me.
From now, dear Venry, we must know how to adjust.
I want you to know that danger is always lurking here.
Then you must know that I follow you which you must be able to feel.
You must be able to feel me clearly and not anyone else.
You will be able to pick up many thoughts, and yet you must be able to determine that these thoughts are not mine.
They will try to influence you from afar, pretending it is me.
If you respond, should you by any chance think it is me and send me your answer so that the masters find out about our feeling and thinking and being one, I assure you, dear Venry, that we shall be prey for the wild animals.
Not one but dozens have been thrown to the animals as food; not one but thousands of oaths and profanities curse the existence of this building, for its sanctity has been defiled, the depth of the spirit has been trampled on and abused.
Do not forget, Venry, that I have been serving the Gods for thirty years, and I know the secrets of the Temple of Isis.”
I thanked Dectar very heartily and answered: “You are a true priest, Dectar.
A profound contact will bind us, and we are helped by a spirit about whom I do not know anything more yet.”
“I have seen your contact, Venry, and I know your secret now.”
“You, Dectar?”
“You forget that your Father spoke to me and left a message, that they admitted me in their midst.
It is also clear to me that I do not know everything, but I know that you will get to know the secrets and we will destroy their magic bond, which is their being one.
They have been living in this darkness for centuries, Venry.
All those masters wrapped themselves up in a monstrous haze and they also live in it.
The world thinks that they are doing good, but the light has been lost and they are erring.
Nothing has changed during these centuries, because they succeed each other in evil.
Yet I perceive, Venry, that you led them astray, and that did me good.
Then I felt doubt arise in them; I have never witnessed a thing like that since I have been here.
You controlled the bird, but there was another power, which did not want you to go on.
I do not know why I felt and saw this, but our being one left nothing to be desired.”
“Did they feel anything, Dectar?”
“No, my dear, that is exactly the most unbelievable thing about it.
I fail to understand that, for they are powerful.
Yet we are safe when you let me enter you, Venry, so that nothing will disturb our being one.”
“Go into me, Dectar, and stay there.”
Now I felt a new wonder.
Dectar entered my soul, united himself with me and we merged together.
I was so to speak pushed aside a little, his person dominated. Our souls merged closely and a great happiness came over me.
“You are a wonder, Dectar.”
“Presently you will know that I am not, Venry.
I have learned how to become one with another human being.
Well, we are now one and we can prepare ourselves.”
“Will this stay, Dectar?”
“Certainly, it must, Venry.
Has Ardaty been with you, Venry?”
No, Dectar, my Father has not been here.
Wait and see, Dectar, maybe I can soon tell you more.
What shall we do today?”
“We are going for a walk, and we shall talk things over thoroughly and take our measures.
We must do this now, Venry, for it will not be possible later. They follow our feeling and thinking and their perception is keener.
But I have a plan.
When we want to talk confidentially, we must try to do so from that other world.”
“How much time will be needed for that, Dectar?”
“We could do that in a short time, Venry.”
It was clear to me now that Dectar could not sufficiently fathom my inner life and my gifts because I could be ready straightaway, for that other power helped me; I felt that and could make use of it all the time.
Apart from my own feeling and thinking I realized that Dectar was also guided by that entity, for he had seen and experienced what happened in and around me.
It was very important that we belonged together and were instruments.
I asked him to empty himself completely.
In the space around us, I saw something mysterious.
I saw eyes and those eyes were looking for Dectar and me and were searching the astral connection, which was our being one.
Dectar followed my perception like greased lightning so that I recognized the learned priest in him and understood how much I still had to learn.
“What did I say just now, Venry?
We must be attentive and very careful and always draw up our wall around us when we want to live our own lives.
Those eyes are looking for us.
It has always been like this and it happens to all who are present here, but especially to you.”
“Why, Dectar?”
“They know now who you are, and again they do not, and that is precisely the dangerous point.”
“Can those eyes see everything, Dectar?”
“Not only see, Venry, but feel as well.
They see, feel, and hear what I say and think inwardly.
Right now we are not present here, we live in space, but they can follow us there too.
Do you feel what this means, Venry?
Do you understand how powerful the priests are?
However, this is nothing in comparison with what they can do in addition.
They are leaving now, but will be back in a little while.
We may only talk to each other in space
And to that end we will have to split ourselves, Venry. You have learned that.
Do you realize how dangerous these powers are?
We must go on, Venry, notwithstanding all danger.
In this Temple I got to know them.
Yet, I sometimes even wonder why I feel them so distinctly, and why I can see through the mentality of the masters.
In this country people know a lot about magical laws.
Now I am aware of any danger.
However, I could not explain the depth of all these laws to you, they are very mysterious.”
Dectar left, and we both took a rest.
Next, we were to take a walk.
I laid down and began to reflect.
How careful I had to be now.
If I wanted to think of anything dear to me and which concerned myself, I had to close myself off completely.
If I did not possess those powers, and I thought beyond this Temple, my thoughts would be picked up and a chastisement was in store for me.
I found this terrible.
If I wanted to think of my youth and of the happy events I had experienced with my parents, I went too far already, and I did not abide by the laws.
That also went against my inner feeling and thinking and I found it horrible.
I would nevertheless try, and find my own way to be able to think of myself and of Dectar as well as of my parents from time to time.
For all of them, my youth was dead.
My parents were dead too. It was considered undesirable for me to have other thoughts, for they would stop my development.
I hated all this, I hated this so deeply and immensely that I could forget myself.
I particularly understood that here lived nothing but hatred and horror.
I had probably gone too far again.
When I thought of that and of all those priests, I did not take care of myself; that could be fatal.
My only hope was my unknown helper, only he could help me, otherwise, Dectar and I would perish.
There was something else, however, which also encouraged and strengthened me, or I would collapse.
The only possibility was what Dectar had said.
When I split myself and lived in space we could return from there to the earth and to everything related to our lives, and even abide by the laws of Isis.
To that end, however, my whole personality had to be present in my body
and that power had to represent me during my disembodiment.
It surprised me that I could think so clearly now.
Was my helper with me?
After a short while I felt something that pointed to it and a different kind of happiness entered my soul.
Then the eyes returned and looked for me.
A horrible feeling came over me so that I cursed the masters.
The astral poison, which the eyes radiated, awakened me and I was on the alert.
They disappeared.
I felt very quiet, but this was because the warmth was in and around me.
The Temple of Isis appeared to be a poisoned building, where hearts had been broken and young lives destroyed over the centuries.
And all this only happened to conceal their disgusting lives and devilish powers.
I had returned to earth and to this life to expose this devilish band. It was endeavoured to achieve this by using Dectar and me as instruments.
In the face of the world the priests did good things and even performed wonders, but I felt all this evil rushing up to me.
I defied the masters, young as I was, for I had a helper who was infinitely stronger than they were.
A mighty weapon was within me.