A leader

A few days later I was connected with my Father again.
I did not have to wait long and I asked: “Are you here, Father?”
“Yes, my boy, but I am not alone.”
“Who is with you?”
“There is someone with me who has a lot to tell.
He will take over my task.
He will bring you beautiful thoughts.
Be happy, Alonzo, this spirit is Love.”
“How can I thank you, Father.
You do not know how grateful I am to you.”
“Now listen to me for a moment, Alonzo.
After this, I will go.
You will experience hard times, but you know now that I live and that one day I will wait for you on this side.
You must be strong and firm, my boy, and I am very proud of you.
This is your faith, Alonzo, and nothing else.
I give you Geraldo’s regards. I cannot see your other brother, for he is to return to earth.”
“Do you mean that, Father?”
“Did I not tell you, Alonzo, that we live on earth repeatedly?”
“It is so incredible, Father.”
“And yet, my boy, the real truth.
The Creator of heaven and earth wanted it this way.
We must accept this.”
“Who will accept it, Father?”
“You, my boy, and all those who can feel and are conscious.
I must now make room for a master and I ask you to give him all your love.
He is very great and powerful.
Will you, my boy?”
“There is nothing I want more, Father.”
“Our gathering was only short, my child, but it is God’s will.”
“I will not stop you, Father, and I shall do my best.
Just one more question.
So you approve of my going on?”
“I would ask for nothing better than that, my boy.”
“I mean, Father, that I give myself entirely to it?”
“Listen, Alonzo, to what the master has got to tell me. I will pass his thoughts on to you.
Do not the things of your Father come before everything on earth?”
“How exalted, Father, I have no words for it and I am delighted right now to receive my master.”
“Will you listen again, Alonzo?”
“Gladly, Father.”
“When silence is in and around you, when the day makes way for the night and those who sleep dream of beautiful things, which they do not see but nevertheless feel, when your soul is open and you feel my silence, I will come to you. The night will dissolve before you and your prayer will be the love which comes and enters you from afar.”
“Beautiful, Father, oh, let me write, let me receive this stranger.
I am ready. I am prepared to do everything and open my heart for him.”
“You will receive him, Alonzo.
I shall leave now.
Goodbye, my boy.”
“Goodbye, Father, I thank you.”
My hand stopped writing.
Next, silence came over me and again my hand wrote: “Good evening, child of the earth.
I come to you and bring you a message; it is a message of happiness, peace and consciousness.
I ask you to write exclusively at night and only three times in the period, which is called a week on earth.
So spread these times and I will come to you.
You may ask questions.”
“Who are you, spiritual master, are you a butterfly and are your colours visible?”
“Truly, my friend, I have got wings and my colours are those of a rainbow during bright sunshine.
You do not know these colours and your eyes could not bear my light because your soul is not open.”
“I wish you good evening.
Enter my humble dwelling, stranger, and sit down.
I thank you cordially.
It would seem to me that you are ready, your eloquence is perfect.”
“I thank you, earthly friend, for this warm reception which delights me like the soft hand of a mother caressing the child and whose happiness is consequently very great.”
“Are you a poet?”
“How can you ask such a question?
Is not everyone who feels and knows life a poet?
Can you go ‘in’, into that which God has created without bowing your head?
Can there be other thoughts in you when you feel restfulness, peace and happiness?
There is then love in you and he who feels your love is a poet of life.
The language you write down emerges from what the soul feels; the soul is very deep and touches eternity.
Is not the farmer on his land a poet of the field?
What he plants will grow and flower.
Follow that, my friend, and you will see Him who wrote poetry in the silence and this silence is called working.”
I thought of my friends, what they would think of this, but the stranger wrote: “Do not rejoice at those who are blind and yet have eyes to see.
They cannot accept this reality, because they are non-conscious.
They are not ready for these wonders, my friend, but those who feel inwardly are very grateful to you; they eagerly read what we write down through you.
They are like children, friend of the earth, for the older ones are not conscious.”
“Why is there so much injustice?”
“In your eyes all those events are unjust.
To me they only mean working and returning to God.”
“You surely do not mean to say that it is good and means love?”
“I am pleased to see and feel working in you, which is really rebelling and failing to understand the wonders. Otherwise, I would go away for it is no use speaking with the living dead.
All those people must be born again and it is impossible to wait for that event.
But I ask you, dear friend, who spoke about ‘love’?”
“I understand, thank you.”
“I spoke of working, there is only working, there has never been injustice.”
“Yet I see injustice everywhere and man perishes, is that the intention?”
“We only know working, there is no evil on earth, nor injustice, everything is ‘cause and effect’, which means working and making up.”
“No one will accept that.”
“Do you know that the punishment you get is the settlement of a deed once committed?”
“You words are very deep, stranger.”
“When you are punished and you know that you have to make up, what then are your feelings?”
“I would be grateful and happy for it is not until then that I can get on.”
“Look here, my friend, the wonders performed by my Father have a deeper meaning than you human beings see and feel as an injustice.”
“Now I understand you, but what about all that misery on earth?”
“When you give alms to a beggar, do you ask what he does with them when you part with your donation?”
“You are very deep, master, but what does that mean?”
“God gave you His own life, gave you and me everything, and did He ask: What do you do with your own life, which is actually My life?”
“What are you trying to say?”
“That God does not tolerate injustice, poverty, grief or sorrow. God gave everything, God gave His own life,
but, my friend, what has our life been like?”
“You make me afraid, master, your words are like those of a heathen and to those who call themselves priests, you are devilish.”
“Are you conscious of previous lives?”
“I do not even know that this is possible.”
“Have you been able to follow nature in all its stages?”
“Yes, for I love animals very much.”
“Very true, but only to impose your will on them, and little else.”
“You know about that?”
“I even knew you before you were born, dear friend.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“I can see into your inner life.
I knew you hundreds of years ago.”
“But that cannot be accepted, can it?”
“You are in doubt, that is quite obvious, for you are not conscious.
Yours is a question of those who despair, who are in doubt and question all the wonders, because the soul is not open.
I repeat, you do not know nature, you are non-conscious in earthly life.
You do not know life.
Did not God give the birds what belongs to the bird?
Why is there night on earth?
And why light and darkness in our world?
Why are you there and do I live in my own heaven?
Accept that I have been allowed to know God
and also that whatever I say, I mean every word of it.”
“I am ashamed, master, my disbelief is horrible.”
“If those feelings were not in you, you would be living dead, the good and evil are in us.
He, my friend, who recognizes both deserves to live, he is mighty and deep and will go ‘in’ into my Father’s house.”
“Christ said that!”
“Do you know, dear friend, that I am his son and that your animals are his children?”
Profanation came into my mind and the following was immediately written: “Your thoughts are him or hers who does not know God and yet speaks of Him.”
“Everything you say is mighty, stranger, I am grateful to you.”
“If those powers were in you, you would not need me, but the doors of your soul are closed, however, you are ready to follow me.”
“Are you convinced that I earnestly want to?”
“Are you convinced, friend of the earth, that you will smile at your God even when your heart breaks?
Even then when you are burnt alive?”
It gave me a fright; my Mother had talked about that, which was the danger of the church.
I asked: “Will it then be so difficult to smile?”
“I ask you: Do you know the devil and his tricks?”
“Has that anything to do with my feeling?”
“Is there complete surrender in you, my friend, and do you want to experience the wonders?”
“Oh yes, with the greatest of pleasure.”
“Would you give everything for your God and are you ready to love, however life may be?
Even then, my friend, when darkness comes over you?
Well then, you may ask me questions and I will answer all of them.
Ponder all this and I shall return to you.
I greet you.”
I perused all this and thought it miraculous.
Everything was exalted, but deep.
I visited my friends in the afternoon and read everything out to them.
I found their answer terrible.
Juan said: “You must ask him, Alonzo, whether he is God himself.”
I became angry.
“You are blind, spiritually non-conscious.”
“Better be careful, Alonzo, otherwise, you might become insane.
This is devilish.”
“I had expected you to feel this, Carlo.”
“He is a heathen, Alonzo, and too dangerous for us.”
“Do you mean that, Juan?”
“I need not mean that, Alonzo, you read it out to us yourself.”
I left; they could not have offended me more.
They could not be reached.
The days went by and I was very sad.
I yearned to be allowed to receive the stranger.
At the fixed hour I sat down and waited.
Next, my hand began to write.
“Good evening, my friend, as you see I have come back to you.
Have you any questions?
Why are you so sad, so influenced?
Is that because of your friends?”
“Do you know about that?”
“I was with you and heard you speak to them.”
“That cheers me up and it makes me happy, now I feel fully cured.
It tells me that you are prepared to help me.
I am ready.”
“Did I not warn you?
They are blind.
Is my language so improbable?
Do not let it disturb you, Alonzo.
All of them are living dead.
I have come to you to awaken you.
You may ask questions.”
“Tell me what I should do.”
“Are not my words clear enough?
Go your own way, Alonzo, and you will not regret it.
They cannot be helped yet.
I am not God, Alonzo, however, I do my best to be a child of God, but I do not need their advice.
Their lives pass in non-consciousness.
Do you want to follow them?
Good, my friend, I will go away.”
“For heaven’s sake, stay.”
“What you should do, Alonzo?
You can do a useful job in many respects.
Open yourself, if you want to and I will come to you.
Rejoice about your own life and that of others and, prepare yourself so that life can come to you.
Do not grasp for things that are beyond your own ability and feeling; otherwise, you will collapse, my friend, and all others with you.
In what way do you think you can get to know your God?
As you see, I too can ask questions and you must try to answer them.”
“Is there life after death, master?”
“What a naive question, my friend.
The way you think and feel is not clear.
You relapse. Your friends have hurt you.
I write through you, do I not?”
“So I belong to the living dead?”
“Such questions can only be posed by living dead, Alonzo, but the feeling is in you, otherwise, I would leave.”
“Can you forgive me?”
“There is nothing to forgive, Alonzo.
Of course, there is life after death.
Do you conceive the wonders of God to be that puny?
Only for those who think they possess art and are without feeling;
their art is without inspiration; they do not know what inspiration is.
If you devote your own life, Alonzo, you can only do so physically, spiritually is not even possible, because you are nothing.
I am nothing either and God knows all of us.”
“What do you mean by devote?”
“Christ gave his own life for every soul and we who are living in the light are also ready, but we are at the same time afraid that they think they love us physically and that is not the intention.”
“What you say just now is very instructive, master.”
“I should think so, Alonzo, but it is deep, it touches eternal life.
All of us are prepared to devote our lives, Alonzo, to everyone, every soul, man or woman; we are prepared.
That is very difficult on earth because this love is not understood.
They think of a material being and it is the soul, it gives, it serves, it goes ‘in’, Alonzo, in everything because we follow Christ.
When God awakens in you, you will follow Christ.
Then you are ready to give yourself completely and it is only then that inspiration is in you.
But be careful, my friend, it is holy ardour which is not felt and understood, because it is so rare.
This ardour lives in and around you; it is the prayer of the animal that loves its children and it is accepting real life.
You can devote your life to the happiness of others and that is mighty, very mighty, Alonzo. However, do realize that you can only follow Christ and that all love on earth has no meaning if that which is eternal is lost.”
“You mean to say that I should give myself completely?”
“During life on earth that is only possible once.
Yet, you may give yourself in many other situations, but God demands it only once from us all and then it is perfect.
Then you live; you are inspired. You live in reality and are prepared to accept everything.
In that way, you learn to know life and you know that more species will live in one animal, but that this life has to follow its own way.
You again believe that I am talking nonsense, but my soul is full of it and I know what I am saying.
It is not easy for me to make these thoughts clear to you, because anger and temper are in you and your personality has been hurt.
Your gloominess reminds me of Peter, when the cock crowed three times, he knew what his Master had said to him.
His disbelief was far from him then, and Peter went ‘in’.”
“What do you mean by ‘going in’, master?”
“‘Going in’, means giving everything, experiencing the pure and natural, seeing and hearing, so that you go through it.
Those who go ‘in’ pose different questions and are conscious.
Today you cannot ask me questions, you are obsessed by the insensitivity of your friends, and yet you ask to be opened.
You might see me, but your soul is closed and ‘going in’ into the wonders of God cannot be given you.”
“What do you mean by opening, stranger?”
“Did not Christ open the apostles one by one?
Were they prepared for all those wonders?
Moreover, are those wonders different for your world than for us?
Have not we who are now living here, all been on earth?
Indeed, Alonzo, our way of feeling and thinking differs from that on earth, but we are prepared to give everything, for we want to get to know true love and we have received this love because we went ‘in’.
Christ has taught us to look for it in ourselves and then to serve, serve for others so that we are prepared to devote body and soul.
If you want to accept my light, Alonzo, I say to you, go ‘in’ and you will live.
All those who possess light here are awake and conscious, Alonzo, and they understand their own life and that of others.
If you cannot open yourself I consider my time wasted.
It is now more natural for me to go away so that you can sleep, for you are tired and there is emptiness in you.
For today, you are satisfied, but by the poison of those who can hurt you.
I will go for the waters of life, Alonzo, and fill myself completely so that I may quench your thirst when I return.
Do not forget to go to sleep.
I shall return to you at our fixed hour.
You are alone.”
When he had left and I read everything over, I suddenly tore it all up, for I did not understand it at all.
It was enough to drive one mad.
I was possessed and Satan wrote through me.
Fear sneaked into my soul, fear of the many possibilities I felt.
The next day I went to work and wanted to devote myself completely to worldly things.
My Mother said that a priest would come again and I fully consented.
A few days ago, I had shown him the door, but now I agreed to everything and obeyed.
The reverend came and said: “Your Mother, dear sir, has summoned me and you know why I come to you.
Therefore, we can make it short.
Do you not know that you are liable to punishment by the church?
I request you for your own sake to stop that.
Your seeking is absolutely devilish.
You seek connection with Satan.
You defile your own environment and make your Mother’s life unbearable.
You err and will damn yourself forever if you continue to defile your Father’s house.
Your Mother cannot stay here, you drive her away.
A child of God and a heretic under one roof, that is impossible.”
I looked at the priest as he continued: “Yet, it is not too late; you may come to us and confess, then all your sins will be forgiven.
Let us pray.”
A lengthy prayer followed, he prayed rosary after rosary, but his murmuring suddenly woke me up.
All those cold meaningless thoughts made me shiver and tremble for anger and annoyance.
I saw his God and my own God suddenly before me, and at once, I was convinced that I knew what he wanted, whom he served and what his faith was like.
I listened but I was in a cold sweat.
When he stopped, I asked: “What do I owe you, reverend?
But do not forget that I am indigent.
The animals walking around here are sick, otherwise, I would like to fill your sheds.”
“Are you mad?
How dare you!
I demand that you take all these words back, you are possessed and your illness is infectious.
Satan is in you; Satan lives in this house.
Your Mother must go away, away from here. I will take measures, do you hear?
You cannot be helped, your poison is devilish and you will receive eternal damnation.”
He ran away back to his church.
My Mother entered and said that she would leave.
“Listen, Mother, before you go away I want to tell you this.
I am neither possessed nor ill, if I am ever to know what to do; then it is right now.
I do not do wrong things and my seeking will not make me bad.
Stay here, Mother, do not leave me alone.
What will my Father say about this?”
“You are possessed, Alonzo, my mind is made up, Satan lives here.”
“Good, Mother, you go your own way, I will follow mine.
One day your eyes will also be opened.”
My Mother left and I was not even sad.
“Go, my dear Mother, do not hesitate to go, but I will not follow your church.”
I went to my room and looked for the torn up sheets of paper, but I knew everything, suddenly consciousness had come over me.
The stranger had meant well, now everything was clear to me.
Suddenly, this wonder had come over me.
How grateful I was, how happy that I had remained myself.
This is awake, this is conscious; theirs is living dead, now I follow him and all those who gave their lives for all this.
Good heavens, how clear everything was to me now.
How true and natural is everything that has been given me from that world.
The same night I sat down and received the following message: “Did your church collapse, Alonzo?
You are a heretic and they are now praying for you.
Have you got to know him and his God?
Why do you say such terrible things, Alonzo?
You must try to see everything clearly and retain the good, do not destroy everything.
They are non-conscious, Alonzo.”
“Just why do you still come to me?”
“Did I not tell you that I wanted to open you?
But if you think that you can do so yourself I will go straight away and not return anymore.”
“For heaven’s sake stay, do not leave.”
“It is my intention to open you, just that, which is very much for you and others, for you will then see the things as they are and you can take measures.”
“I should not have spoken in this way?”
“You may speak as you like, but you might have said it in a different way.
Do not forget, Alonzo, that he is blind and without feeling.”
“Why did I suddenly understand everything?”
“I want to open you.”
“Yes, I, if you want to accept me.
The words you spoke were not mine, I let you see, that very suddenly.”
“Then I am grateful to you.
Why do I hate all those people?”
“Because you know priesthood, Alonzo.”
What makes you say that?”
“You see, Alonzo, we are now where I want to feel and think and where I try to open you.
Once you were a priest, and a very great priest at that.”
“Do you mean that?”
“In our world we do not talk about things that have to do with lies and deceit, otherwise, I would belong to those who do not possess light and around me there is light.
However, we do not get on in this way and you must be ready before things happen.
Do you hear me?”
“You write the words, I cannot hear you.
A moment ago I thought I felt you.”
“If I would descend deep into you, Alonzo, I could open you and you could follow and understand me in everything, for there are many wonders in you that have sunk into oblivion.
When the soul returns to the earth, it forgets everything from that past life, because the present life dominates and is very serious.
It can only be felt and that feeling is mighty.
Your Mother went away, her love for the church is greater than for you. You are God’s own life; her faith is merely childish consciousness.
Nevertheless, she is also God’s child but she must still awaken.
Do not think evil of her, Alonzo, she does not know any better.
But what will happen, Alonzo, before she feels and sees her God as we have learned to know him?
She went away because you spoke about wonders, which she does not feel or know; yet she is very powerful in her own struggle, but she can never go ‘in’.
Her way leads nowhere, Alonzo, and all of them are heretics, do you hear me, heretics, precisely because they pray so much.
Go on loving her, for what did God’s Son teach us?
To be able to do that, you must see things as they are, Alonzo.
The good and true things cannot be destroyed, neither hers nor the priest’s, nobody’s.
Do you feel, my friend, that we all possess a small particle of reality?
All of us must awaken, be opened spiritually, including she who seeks her God and thinks she has found Him.
That is why I have come to you and I want to help you, because your life touches mine.”
“What shall I do with these writings?”
“You need not do anything, Alonzo, you have already done everything.
There was a time when you were conscious of all God’s wonders and laws. Now, however, there is feeling in you and we shall open that together.
You must be able to take action in all conscious and non-conscious feelings, because you should know whom you want to follow:
yourself or God, Christ or the devil.
You go one way, Alonzo, you cannot proceed differently, because you experience cause and effect as every soul has to experience it.
Those feelings suddenly rose from your inner life and you knew what to say. However, they too are God’s children.
Now is that so strange?”
“No, master, it is clear to me and I am very grateful to you.”
“As I told you, Alonzo, I bring you a message.
Are you satisfied?”
“Yes, master, even if you have got nothing more to say I am most grateful right now.
Tell me, stranger, what danger is threatening me?”
“There is sadness in you, is there not?
Nothing threatens but it lives in you.
It belongs to you, Alonzo.
It is present in your soul and it is part of your whole personality.
Can there be sadness in you, now that you get to know the wonders?
Alonzo, believe me, when your coffin is lowered you yourself will watch what you have served.
And you will be grateful to God for what you will then observe and your consciousness will be perfect.
Those who stay behind and cry their eyes out, Alonzo, are not conscious. The heavens wait for them because they are open and feel that God is only love.
It is also possible for you to back up others who die with you and whom you open, Alonzo, so that your love will make them happy.
If you are prepared and God calls you as one of His children, this can only mean mercy for you and all those who experience this.”
“You present me with something, you want to prepare me, but what for?”
“Did I not say, Alonzo, that I want to open you?
And I do this with all my heart, with everything that is in me.
Do not start loving me, Alonzo, like people do to whom one opens oneself, do not do that. Otherwise, I will leave, never to return to you, for you would not have understood me.”
“Why are you so offhand? Is it so easy to hurt you, master?”
“A very natural question, Alonzo.
No, my friend, I am not, but I do not want to waste my powers, Alonzo, your love belongs to someone else.
You must accept me as I am.
To love me as is done on earth, because you receive something from me, is not known in this world.
I would have to go then.”
“How tough you are.”
“Do you call this tough?
I am on my way to serve, Alonzo.
Not to receive love, but to give love.
But woe to you if you do not feel me so that your personality speaks and you think that I love you because of your personality.
In our life we are as free as a bird but we devote ourselves completely.
If you are prepared to accept this love, I will be your master and I am ahead of you, yet I am your servant.
The depth of my love and of all those who live here touches spirituality and has been developed by sorrow and grief.
We follow God’s Holy Child; we love everything that lives, Alonzo, because we must return to God.
Who is ready to receive this love from us?
Those who understand, who feel and can accept, who are prepared to learn that their soul is being opened.”
“You are prepared to devote your life to everyone?”
“Yes, indeed, Alonzo, for every soul if it is ready.”
“Right now, I expect, that you have nothing to lose?”
“How naive you still are.
In this life, I can lose everything.
Light and spiritual consciousness are in me.
I dedicate all I have when I give myself completely, for I can lose myself in this respect as well.
And that means sorrow and grief and we are not understood.
This failure to understand us breaks our heart, Alonzo, because we then experience that we are seen as material beings; whereas we thought that we were already on our way, so that this higher consciousness, the only and very last thing remaining in our life is seen as perfect unity.”
“You are very deep, master.
Our life is different and we shall soon lose ourselves in it.”
“When you can lose yourself, Alonzo, then receiving everything resides beyond it.
It is God’s will that we will die again and again, but by dying we enter a different and higher consciousness.”
“That is very clear to me and I understand that perfectly.
But can this be applied here?”
“Precisely on earth, Alonzo.
In our world, it is far more difficult.
On earth, you have everything. You can help others in a variety of ways and you do not only serve others but yourself as well.
Nobody does something for others, Alonzo, we do everything for ourselves and as a result we proceed.
That is not clear, is it?
You see how difficult it all is.
It will now also be clear to you that we do not want to receive love.
We do not give or serve because we must receive something in return, Alonzo.
Christ gave Himself completely and we too want to follow Him.
When I have yet to accept that you love me, my serving is not complete because I awakened other feelings in you.
I must be able to serve in full consciousness in order to be able to proceed further and higher, but this way of serving has got nothing to do with my own personality.
All who are on this side want to give themselves completely; they dedicate themselves and do that for anyone.
If they are not understood, Alonzo, those who receive will be left to their own devices until they can accept, only that which opens them and makes the soul awaken.
Just that, Alonzo.”
“It is mighty to serve in that way, master.”
“Look at God’s Child, Alonzo, forever, eternally, and you will follow true love.
Life on earth serves to experience all these laws.
This means that ‘cause and effect’ is present in every soul and all must accept what life on earth enforces on them.
If the holy ardour, called inspiration, comes over you, then be careful, my friend, otherwise, you will be looked upon as being possessed.
And that is terrible because you will be on your own and will not be understood, but never forget that we must be alone in order to be able to reach perfection.
Those who awaken get on their way to help others.
And so we are all on our way and serve.
One day, Alonzo, this will come to an end and then we will be ready to receive the holiest of things and understand the life of God.”
“I am very grateful to you.”
“So am I, Alonzo, because you are prepared to listen to me and you understand that I am only here to open you.
You no doubt feel, my friend, that it is a school, for it is all up to us and we must acquire that knowledge, only then shall we be able to help others.
If you think that you can give everything you have, then devote your all and you will receive God and go ‘in’.
Then you see God’s life awaken in the human soul, which is the awakening of the spiritual personality.
When that holiness is in you, the holiest fire burns in you which is called inspiration, and which radiates from you and over all those who want to receive.”
“It is beautiful, master, but are you preparing me for something?”
“Did I not tell you that I wanted to open you?
It requires a lot of power but you are awakening now.”
“Is it so dangerous to awaken?”
“Indeed, for you will not be understood.”
“Is it possible that I will see you one day?”
“One day you will see and recognize me.”
“That is remarkable too.
Then what?”
“Then you will be conscious of your own lives like no mortal soul on earth is.
Only then will you understand your inner happiness.
There will be a different consciousness in you, so that you can see in many lives.”
“Is that possible?”
“For God everything is possible.
On this side you will learn to know yourself and you will see all your Fathers, Mothers, brothers and sisters.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“We have thousands of parents and you too bore children.”
“That means that I have been man and woman, or yet have to be?”
“However improbable it may seem, Alonzo, I am speaking of holy wonders and we human beings have to experience those wonders as inner life, as soul.
God created us human beings, and all other life.
Animal life has to follow this way too.”
“You go ever deeper, I cannot follow you anymore.”
“And yet the consciousness is in you, all these wonders are in you, so you already received them.”
“But I am unaware of them.”
“The feeling which resides in you, which is you yourself, and which the soul acquired and is felt as feeling, touches this consciousness which manifests itself in your searching and yearning.
If this is clear to you, Alonzo, you will feel that the soul must acquire all of these feelings, which requires many lives.
It cannot be accomplished in one short earthly life.
We return to God, never forget.”
“It is hard to accept and yet it seems so natural to me.”
“You see, Alonzo, you are awakening and become conscious.
There have been lives in which all of us were mother and experienced the laws and wonders of God.
Can you accept this, Alonzo?”
“You go very deep, my brain cannot digest this.”
“I could go even further and tell you that you have known all these wonders, that you once lived in the laws and received all those wonders.
As I told you, once you were a great priest.”
“You are speaking like a God.”
“Again you think of profanation, I assure you that I am only a child and that I am working to make a good child of myself.”
“Do you walk there like we have to here?”
“This question is not clear either, Alonzo.
Do you know how far away my heaven is from this place?”
“No, I do not.”
“When I would speak of billions of days’ march it will give you a fright.
When I tell you that my heaven lies here in this room you cannot accept that. Yet, Alonzo, you would need millions of years to cover this distance and you would still have to accept that you are unable to reach my heaven.
I ask you: Can I cover that distance walking in just one second?”
“Where do you take me?”
“I take you between life and death, my friend, and you will learn to know the laws, in that way I will open you.
Do you know, Alonzo, that I travel faster than light?
That I move as fast as my thoughts?”
“Now you become interesting, stranger.
How is that possible?”
“I have the speed of thought.
When I want to go to the earth and visit you I adjust myself to it, I fly through space as quick as lightning, and I am one with you.
I can go wherever I want, space belongs to me.”
“That is miraculous.
Shall I also receive that grace?”
“If you want to open your inner self, yes, Alonzo, everyone will.
However, holy seriousness is needed for that and a strong personality.
Then your time is valuable and there is no time to waste.”
“You frighten me.”
“Is there fear in you?
Of what,
Now that you know there is no death?”
“No, a thousand times no, master, I am not afraid of death.
You have taken away that fear from me.
I am most grateful to you for it and I will remain so, even though you do not want my love.”
“That is not the intention either, Alonzo, however much I like to receive your love, but you must accept my personality as it is, and not love my person.
You must see and feel the life of God in me, and loving that will open you.
Then you follow my own life and you will go ‘in’ into that which is eternal.”
“I am beginning to understand you, master,
I am prepared to follow you in everything.”
“You see, Alonzo, in that case I could be ready.
I could go away for a while so that you may assimilate and experience all this.
You should never forget that I can always come to you, wherever you are, even if you were in the bowels of the earth.
When you have advanced that far and you think that you still need me, you can call me.
Well, what about it, Alonzo?”
“I think it is a good idea for I must assimilate this, which requires some time.
I will discuss it again with my friends; perhaps they have now advanced that far.
Would you please return to me after that?”
“But of course, Alonzo, you may rely upon me.
Now listen, my friend, I will call you, pronounce your name.”
“I heard a soft voice say: ‘ALONZO ...
A..L..O..N..Z..O.’ ”
“If you hear this again, my friend, you hear me and I will come to you.
Are we ready for that?”
“Yes, master, I thank you.”
“Do not forget anything, Alonzo, be strong and I assure you that you will receive divine love and learn to know my God and yours, the God of all life.”
“I see your light, is that possible?”
“Very good, Alonzo, I wanted to manifest myself.”
“You are beautiful, oh, how bright is your light.”
“You will acquire this light, Alonzo, and much of it is in you.
I go now and I shall come back to you.
God bless you, my friend, I will help you in everything.”
The stranger left and I collapsed in my chair
as a horrible fear over came me.
Yet I tried to sleep,
and after a while I did indeed fall asleep, I felt that this happened through other powers.