In the high dome of the Temple, I got my new accommodation. I had only slept one night in my previous cell.
Dectar could not accept it, but the facts could not be denied.
Only now could he start his life, he had received his great love.
Love was in him, but priesthood had given him this consciousness.
This great power lived deep down in his soul.
I could now go wherever I wanted, not only between life and death, but also in the Temple, all buildings were open to me, there were no more astral walls, nothing stopped me.
I prescribed myself the rest that I thought I needed, for I no longer had to take orders.
I wanted to start as soon as I was relaxed and ready.
Dectar would see the ‘meadow’, that belonged to my task as well.
My life was quite different from his.
Yet we felt as one, for we saw one law by which all life was animated, and that was ‘Love’.
A love, which was experienced as a law between life and death and which I came to know, but all human beings had to acquire that law.
If they wanted to understand this love, everybody would receive the great happiness, but to that end, one had to serve.
I summoned Dectar and he said: “Is the Grand Master ready to receive me?”
“Come, Dectar.”
“When the Gods want you to become still greater than I can see and feel, dear Venry, it will make me afraid.
I wonder whether you are sure of yourself, Venry?
I cannot feel the Gods, but fear came over me when all those wonders occurred before my very eyes.
You are powerful like none of us.
I thought I saw your Mother, Venry, is that possible?”
“Was there any fear in her, Dectar?”
“I could not feel that, Venry, but I saw her quite unexpectedly and I thought I understood her.
You actually lived in your own surroundings.
Did you feel at home there?”
“You saw correctly, Dectar. My dear Mother warned me, but there was no fear in her.
When I was a child she told me about this and now we have advanced that far.
But remember, dear Dectar, I am only an instrument, in fact I am nothing.
All those wonders are mighty and yet so simple.
In their eyes, they are wonders because they are obsessed by power and are delighted by the kneeling of their slaves.
You will not see those qualities in me, Dectar. You taught me to be simple, but he who sees me in a different way does not understand simplicity.
The Gods want us to experience wonders, but the smallest insect can perform them, for it belongs to the life of Him, who gave us life.
That power resides in the very smallest being, Dectar, but the consciousness of it resides in us.
There is only one God, my friend, Who gave feeling and inspiration to all His life. One little spark that falls from heaven represents Him by whom all those wonders exist.
It is only a spark, and yet it is capable of representing His Greatness, for it produces light.
But tell me, dear Dectar, are you happy?”
“Oh, Venry, I am so happy.”
“Yes, Dectar, now we are ourselves and we both proceed.
You in love, but I must finish my task.
But I ask you to tell me what you feel when you understand everything and know yourself, moreover when consciousness has come over you and you float on clouds, when you clasp your twin soul to your heart, which you have deserved through your sorrow and grief.
Later, when you are at the ‘meadow’, dear Dectar, will you know whether the things that you possessed in other lives were greater than this happiness?
I want to know, my friend, whether a crown is more powerful than love, even though I am sure what your answer will be, like the great happiness that is now in you and radiates from you will then smile at me as well.
But I wonder right now, dear friend, whether you do have the essential powers, and whether you will not collapse.
What will you do, Dectar, when your heart is full of love?
What will your feelings be like, when you float in space with your twin soul beside you?
What will your feelings be like, dear Dectar, when you go ‘in’, in a Temple that is far superior to all Temples, when your being one is perfect?
I want to know all this, Dectar, and you must tell me, you live in that pure happiness.
But now I am beginning to see, my friend, listen.
We must be very careful, because the supreme priest is enraged.
However, do not worry about anything, I am prepared.
However, there is something else.
Now you experience that powerful and incomprehensible happiness, but later, Dectar, possibly centuries later, I will receive that love and you will possess the great wings.
It is true that you will not be a priest in that life but you will have learned to know all the laws; that is why you are here in the Temple.
In that life you will see the wonders as I have to experience them now.
Then you will live between life and death and you will be allowed to make very many human beings happy.
Now you live in your eternal happiness, but then you will be asked to give everything you have, and, you have to serve.
Prepare yourself for this, Dectar.
You get to know this happiness now because in later centuries the consciousness of all these wonders and of the laws must be in you; all of this will be given to you by the very greatest of wings.
I see all these laws and it will happen the way the Gods want it.
Now happiness waits you in an astral form, you will experience everything as soul, but in full consciousness. Then you will float to and fro between heaven and earth, from the earth to the darkness, to heavens and to those places in space where now I will not stay.
Perhaps I may then come to you and explain everything.
I now see far, very far ahead, Dectar, and it belongs to all these wonders.
I have been allowed to connect you, dear friend.
Today you will see the ‘meadow’.
After that, I will be ready for the great events that will be experienced at Isis.
It was given to us, those who come after us will follow this path for it is luminous.
You have witnessed that the wonders have come to us, sooner than we thought, Dectar.
For some it will take centuries and they have all the time to prepare themselves for them, we, however, dear Dectar, go on wings, we are ready within a short period.”
“Is our wall still necessary, Venry?”
“More than ever before, Dectar, I want to proceed in this way and do not see a super power in me.
The wall is needed until the very last moment.
When the sun has set for a long time, Dectar, I will pick you up and we will go to the ‘meadow’.”
Dectar left and I also had a need for being in nature; I visited the gardens of Isis,
and had to try to digest everything I had experienced.
The gardens of the Temple were now open to me.
Soon I had reached the age of nineteen and I was already prepared and powerful, but this power lived between life and death and did not belong to me.
However, I surrendered completely.
A feeling came over me to visit the buildings where the priestesses lived.
I had a right to enter there and I no longer regarded astral walls or the masters. I had conquered all those laws.
I did not know what I would experience there; I followed the feelings that had come over me a minute ago.
I entered the sanctuary of the priestesses and bumped into my Father.
My inner life became intensely conscious.
My Father here, in this building?
Are there priestesses who need special education?
I read in his soul and that roused my hatred.
I thought I could not hate anymore, but now I felt nothing but hatred, though only for him.
His flashing eyes looked at me and sent their destructive hatred to me from behind a mask.
He had recognized me, now he knew who I was, but I understood that my birth and youth remained hidden from him.
He was furious, but tried to control himself.
I had now learned to know his weak character traits.
He passed me by, but we took up the weapons which had been buried centuries ago, and the fight to the death had begun.
Blood against blood, the child against his father, but youth would conquer.
He saw Father Taiti in me.
He had recognized me by my gifts and the wonders; his perception and feeling were perfect now.
This man had experienced the stake through me; I had punished him for all his murders and again our paths crossed and we would experience the laws.
He thought he could now live his life to the full again, but I would destroy his life, though in a different, completely different way, a way which would awaken his soul.
You are powerful, Father Iseues, but childishly transparent, so that a blind man can see what you want and what your desires are.
My new garment opened the doors of the Temple of Isis for me; no one could stop me.
I felt hatred, nothing but hatred coming towards me.
How many beautiful princesses were there in the Temple?
I counted seventeen cells; children of princes and dignitaries were here but only a few were nature gifted persons.
The priestesses were together in a room, which I entered.
One of them, who poured her light out over me like a radiant sun, looked at me.
I was startled;
is it you, Lyra?
You here, in the Temple?
Is that the reason why I am led to this place?
Did they want me to meet my Father?
Do they want to give you the great wings as well?
I wondered whether I dreamt.
It could not be anything else; it was Lyra.
How could I thank the Gods,
Lyra, may I see you?
The other priestesses left and I walked up to her.
“Soul of my soul, now we may meet each other, but everything is clear to me.
It is I, dear Lyra, when we were children we were at the ‘meadow’; my master has connected us once again.
Do you still remember the ‘meadow’?”
“I know everything, Venry, and I have had to wait a long time, yet you have come to me.
But my perception is genuine.
You are great, Venry, I know your wonders, you will make Isis great.
I see into your life, I have always been allowed to follow you.
My master made me see, as if he felt that my life is ready.
Oh, do not be afraid, Venry, your leader is watching, he has always watched over me; that development is alien to me, my cause and effect have passed into waiting.
In my soul resides my own protection, for the demons came to me very frequently. So did, on the other hand, a different power, which is very strong and mighty, Venry, through which you experience the wonders and which puts the very first wonder around my soul, so that the demons left for fear.
I will serve, Venry, and those who want to serve receive protection from the Gods, even though I faced superior powers all by myself.”
“Lyra, my soul, I am here to make the Temple of Isis great.
I have been allowed to see into our previous life.
What we experienced there were passion and violence.
We brought sorrow and grief to others, but our souls awakened and we satisfied ourselves with those who died at the stake.
Are you conscious in that too, Lyra?”
“Yes, Venry, I know everything.”
“If this is clear to you, Lyra, do you feel then why we are here?
Is the wonder of being one conscious in you?
You will give me the strength to fulfil my task because the Gods know that I would collapse when alone.
You will belong to me in other lives because now we are not yet ready, dear Lyra, to receive the very highest happiness.
And yet we are one, but this being one is a mercy and it belongs to my task.
We live in the laws, my child, and this being one is part of this cause and effect and belongs to it.
How could I serve, Lyra, if I did not know love?
What do you feel?
Can you explain everything to me?”
“My dear Venry, ruler of Isis, messenger of love, you have already experienced wonders, but those which are still to come will exceed all others.
The Gods want you to serve and I too must serve.
Our being one awakened your gifts and developed your soul.
Isis lives in me, we are children of God; our life will end in it, then proceed and make up.
We are and will remain one, Venry, though my soul will live in other bodies.
I will bear children, created by others, yet I belong to you, to you alone, Venry.
I shall wait, but one day I will be great and return to you and, if necessary, I will completely surrender, whatever my end on earth will be like.
Times will come, Venry, when I know nothing about all these laws, but in me will be the feeling that gives me the strength to accept everything.
You bring love now, in other lives you will be non-conscious and you will wonder ‘why’ and ‘what for’.
Let us begin, dear Venry, and the Gods will accept our first reckoning, so that you can look back at this life.
If, one day, there will be emptiness in us and we have to endure the sorrow that is waiting for us, we will also be prepared in this respect.
This life will prevail, dear Venry, and strengthen us when our souls will call and seek and cannot find a way out and when the darkness will be around us.
All those faults and sins reside in me.
This life will be spent, dear Venry, preparing myself for all those other lives, in which I will serve and endure sorrow and grief, not being comprehended, being left to my own devices, living through by myself and seeking, asking where my soul is.
Why I am here, Venry?
Is not my soul conscious now?
Could I now live in the darkness?
Do we both not go the same way?
And is not that to awaken?
Could you have advanced more than I have?
If you must follow the light, it will also shine on me; otherwise, we would not be one.
When you search, dear Venry, I will search too and when there is emptiness in you it will also be in me, for we are one in everything.
Oh, I understand everything.
I cry when I see into the next lives, Venry, not for fear or because of emptiness, but because I want to serve.
Later you will be very great, then again quite insignificant and you will no longer know anything about all these wonders, a different life then dominates.
Do not ask then why you are alone, why you have to experience that loneliness, we will, go ‘in’ into cause and effect and also enter that Temple to thank the Gods that we were allowed to serve and awaken.
I thank the Gods, dear Venry, for having been allowed to see you now.
Can we not be happy?
Is not our struggle for awaking?
How was our end when Father Taiti got to know his great love?
I still feel the vermin in my heart, the pains and awakening in the spirit.
Oh, my soul, when I am ‘Mother’ and the particle of Amon-Re lives and grows in me and falls asleep under my heart, then we are one because it will awaken us.
I am conscious as never before, dear Venry, because I think and feel and this loneliness is only a short moment.
Preparing myself will mean receiving and receiving means that we have lived our earthly life and will proceed in these other worlds.
I will keep praying and ask the Gods whether I may die with you this time again, which is the only thing I shall ask.
My prayer goes a long way; it will get through to the Gods, dear Venry.
Wisdom will be given to you and the knowledge that I wait for you and that you call me to prepare myself.
I know that it is a great mercy, yet we can receive it if you act in accordance with the laws after which, the wonders will happen, dear Venry.
I do not implore the Gods to make me happy, I am everything, soul of my soul, happiness is in me, the happiness of wanting to awaken and to follow the Gods.
I only ask to be allowed to die with you this time again, but this death will mean consciousness and ‘going in’.”
“I thank you, dear Lyra, for the strength that is in you and I am glad that you know everything.
The power that has been given me will protect you in the Temple, the Gods will watch over you in other lives.
We shall meet again at the ‘meadow’, dear Lyra.
I am ready, you have everything, you are one with my soul, one day we shall both represent ‘Him’, our house will be like the space and everyone who wants to awaken shall be received in our midst.
When the darkness yields to the new light, when demons are destined to fall asleep, when my blood has calmed down and Isis awakens, when the Goddess puts her aureole on your lovely head, my dear Lyra, then I will be ready with my work and we will go ‘in’. Then you will receive and we will be between ‘life and death’.
Thereafter, I will come for you and you will receive ‘Death’ and ‘Life’ because you want to serve.”
My leader floated amidst us and wanted me to make her happy too.
I said to Lyra: “Come to my heart, Lyra, and look how our life will be one day.”
She embraced me and I embraced her, but between our hearts Lotus lived and woke up.
Its light shone over our love and our hearts melted together, silence came over us, deeper and more ardent than all worldly powers and forces together.
Eternal love lived in her soul, I saw the entire universe expressed in her eyes, her heart spoke to me and the enchantment, the blissful being one with Amon-Re awakened, for our souls accepted this sacred radiance.
For a brief moment we lived in space and we saw Temples and the angels living there.
“Some day, dear Lyra, we shall be like Lotus.
Then our light will be bright, our garments are one creation, woven by our deeds, and are only worn where my Mother is living.
Keep the Lotus, dear Lyra, when it dissolves I will come for you and we shall die.
How grateful I am to the Gods.
Oh, my soul, do not ask anything. I will overcome my hatred and approach him in a worthy manner.
My struggle will be fought in love because I want to serve and get around to one life with you, to one feeling and understanding, only then will our love be perfect.
I shall conquer myself, Lyra, and put my whole being into your hands and you will watch over me, like the depth of ‘maternal love’ that is in you.
Then we will go ‘in’, Lyra, and our life will be blessed.
Queen of my heart, are you convinced that I will conquer myself?
Do you feel that I am ready only just now?
You live in and around me, I will serve for the sake of our happiness.
You now felt that I would come, later you will also be allowed to know.
I must leave, Lyra, my master let me feel that.”
“Go, my dear Venry, you just go, I will wait.”
* *
I left, Lyra lived near me;
however, she belonged to me and I thanked the Gods for that.
The paths the Gods force us to follow are unfathomable; they may lead us through sorrow and misery but also through happiness.
I understood everything, I felt this mercy, and my serving would be perfect.
I would have to earn my twin soul; all people would experience this.
We were conscious in this.
Everyone experienced his own cause and effect, his desires.
All of them were on their way to meet that soul, which constitutes for both one part, one heaven, one Temple, one space in which they lived.
We too were on our way to earn all this mightiness.
I returned to my dwelling, as I wanted to re-experience everything in my own surroundings.
Yet, I had to be careful, although I had power and the pharaoh was well-disposed towards me.
My Father was still the supreme priest of the Temple, and his hatred was devilish.
Those were still wonders to all of them, later they could certify me insane and I had to be ready before that time.
I possessed gifts of which none of them understood anything.
And in this resided the danger and those were the very thoughts that came over me now.
I would point my spiritual weapon at him in a natural way. I thought the struggle that I would fight was marvellous and perfectly natural.
I would triumph through my leader.
I thanked him for everything, also for this happiness and I would do my utmost.