My leader

Soon I was honoured with other powers that came over me, and I now felt more clearly than ever before.
Were these from the masters?
I followed this powerful influence and felt very relaxed.
Next I saw eyes again, but they had a completely different power and could be clearly observed.
An improbable feeling, which I could hardly accept, descended within me.
These eyes made me feel that I should remain quiet and that there was no danger.
For some time, I saw nothing, but when night approached, they returned to me.
They were in my immediate vicinity and the face to which they belonged even began to take shape, but it remained translucent.
I saw the set face full of vitality and the very fine features before me when I heard the voice say: “Do not be afraid, priest of Isis,
I took my precautions, nothing can happen to you.
Know now that I am your friend, I have been with you before.
You have felt my powers.
Once, long ago, I lived in this cell.
At an early age, I was to receive darkness as you will experience.
I prepared myself too, dear friend, and completely submitted.
How my soul was tortured.
It appears to me that you are ready to listen to me, otherwise I would not tell you anything about this, for I do not want to frighten you.
There are a great many people who do not want to know the truth, and that is why they do not make any progress.
This truth may strengthen you.
I was brought back to the light like a dead man.
You no doubt feel that I was not prepared.
My greed, as well as my energy, vanity, and youthful enthusiasm destroyed my own life.
I was wounded until bleeding.
I collapsed.
And have you not been as I was?
That is why I understand and know your aim and can help you now.
Oh, my friend, do not be afraid, for did I not tell you that I have taken precautions?
Besides, I know the laws, and in addition I belong to this world, and live in the light.
Those who live in the darkness and were once masters in it but now work for Isis from this world, I see them too, as well as their lives, but my inner life dominates them all.
The Gods want me to be your leader.
My work is your work, so we both have to accomplish the same task.
Consequently, you must accept me, dear friend, and know now that I have been waiting for you for a long time.
I have been with you from your youth on.
Later, when you are ready, we shall make Isis great.
Soon they will come for you, but you will return to your cell equally soon.
I made you feel that and also that you are not ready yet.
We need time, for you will not serve them, but the Gods.
You will abide by those laws, not those of Isis.
You got to know me by my light but do not look for me for you will not be able to find or see me.
On the other hand, I can come to you, but you cannot come to me.
Never forget that.
If you think that no connection is possible, precisely, then I am with you.
You should know that you are living in my aura, which once closed off others and protected them against many dangers, misery, and grief.
You have been able to see that but through me.
When you live in that situation, you will be sure of yourself for my powers will pass into you.
Is all that clear to you?
The spiritual walls of Isis are no obstruction for me, but they keep you imprisoned.
If you will accept my powers this will not be possible anymore, you will pass on into another personality.
It is not until then that you will get to know and understand the laws of Isis, which you have already enforced.
If I had not guarded you, you would have been a dead man, as well as your friend Dectar, who is very dear to me.
You may give him my regards.
Will you please pass on my message?
You cannot yet accept it, your feelings come to me and this is very natural.
Let me tell you that I was in your cell when you went to see your friend and you were overcome by fear.
If you are still in doubt, then I will say the following: imagine that the masters were here during your absence.
Feelings arose in you as questions, but they were mine.
Do you understand?
I was in your cell although you thought that the masters had not been there.
I kept it to myself, for you do not yet possess the powers to hide.
Now you have advanced that far.
Your thinking and feeling are not yet conscious, but I guarded you and I will go on doing so and request your complete submission.
You know now that I am always there, but you must not think of me.
I need not explain that this is necessary.
Many others asked you this and they did so for me and through me.
You live your own life, and just leave me alone, you think of nothing, ‘never’ think of me, do you hear?
Never. You go your own way, and I go mine.
And yet we are one.
If you draw me towards you the masters will follow you, and I cannot finish my task.
You see, it is very clear.
Keep relaxed, my friend,
why be afraid?
You are still in doubt about me.
Do I have to tell you everything about your youth?
Again, I know the laws of darkness and light, they are in me, in me is everything you need to serve.
The Gods sent me to you.
I very much want you to follow your own life and use your time in the darkness to learn to split yourself.
These feelings also came to you, but they were mine.
So split yourself into many personalities, but remain yourself.
Learn, by all means, to understand the powers of your deep inner life, and you will be able to go wherever you want.
None of us has ever been able to, for even now it is not possible without my help.
But you must accept me.
You will get to know all these powers.
In space, the masters cannot follow you, as you have already experienced.
You lived in me then; did they feel you?
You lived among them and yet you were not there, but in my world. Consequently, far away and yet near them, you were here and nowhere.
They have not yet any notion of that, my friend, although they call themselves masters.
Is it now clear to you that I am your friend?
When the sun rises, you must be ready.
However, I mean something quite different.
So do it in the darkness not in daylight, because the powers of heaven dominate your thinking and feeling and you will achieve nothing.
We were all born in the darkness; not when there was already light, and that is precisely, where your power resides.
So return to ‘nothingness’ and you cannot be traced.
To break hearts they yearn for wisdom here, but they will all be blinded.
They think they know themselves and feel almighty, but their very first emotion already entered their soul.
Such sentiments mean weakness, my friend, and we see through them.
I am ready to undermine their own ‘self’, that is my task.
You must also prepare yourself, to which end you need a weapon.
Your dear Mother spoke of that.
It will strengthen you if I tell you that I know her.
Keep quiet, my friend, do not let there be happiness or sadness in you.
I told you of your weapon.
We shall prepare it on this side.
Here, in our world, lives the secret of your life and of them all.
I will help you.
I can follow your train of thought, so I know what you are thinking of, but it is not as simple as that, my friend.
And yet, a child could render them harmless if the Gods so wish.
When the stars twinkle and send their light to you, you see yourself.
We all originate from it and to be allowed to live and see in it is the weapon the Gods will present you with.
First of all your complete submission is required and the sincere desire to serve.
Only then will the doors of your soul open and your perception become perfect.
You cannot possibly comprehend what you will observe then, but it outshines everything given and known so far.
In space, my friend, resides the origin of man and animal and it is in my world and yours, which is life on earth.
Again, I feel that you do not think as you should.
The way you think is to see all this in space, but it is also present in your own surroundings, in this little cell.
Consequently, you realize that you need not make long journeys.
This wonder can be seen here too, for in here the food lives which people are waiting for.
In this space your weapon lives, which must be spiritual and material.
And from that world, I speak to you.
Yet, I am not in it.
Does this not sound improbable?
I live in ‘nothingness’, my friend, and ‘nothingness’ is not visible for terrestrial eyes, nor perceptible, unless one belongs to our life.
Should you be able to project yourself in it you would enter ‘nothingness’, and only then do you possess everything.
After all, we originate from it as well as all other life, and you will be able to break down the astral walls of Isis.
By listening attentively, you understand that they know neither the origin of all life nor the end of our human feeling and thought.
Consequently, only the Gods can give us that wisdom, but for that purpose we must serve and many others with us.
At Isis they do not serve
and that is why they promote darkness.
This has been going on for centuries, but now light penetrates their darkness, though in a different way than they can imagine.
Consequently they receive a great deal, but as a result, they will perish.
Now is that not strange too?
To change poison into honey is an art, which they should not teach you.
To be ‘everything’ in ‘nothingness’ is my experience, and you will acquire it.
To this end, you will accept the child within you but shall not forget your age, for both are one.
If you want to experience this and return into it, you must be able to discard yourself.
Is that so difficult?
Reality lives between ‘life and death’, my friend, everything else is only temporary and will die.
Jealousy, passion, lies, and deceit blot this building and pure inspiration is lacking because their hearts remain closed to the Gods.
When you enter darkness, I will be with you and I will help you think.
Go to sleep now, only your material body will rest, you yourself will disembody to assist those who need your help.
Give them back their lives and your path will be lighted because you serve ‘Him’ from whom we all originate.
Your ardent feelings will show you the way, even if they would lead you to other countries.
You are conscious and ready to receive everything.
Those who are conscious will conquer and experience the treasures of the spirit.
With me, you will enter the Temple of the truth and with you many others.
You are highly gifted, my friend, and worth being developed, but only by me.
I greet you, you are alone again.”