My previous life; Lyra and Lecca

A certain power had come over me, forcing me to leave the country.
I was bound for China.
On my way, I consciously returned into my previous life, which I had already felt with Dectar.
The life in which I was Venry sank back into me and made way for that of father Taiti.
I left my own country at full speed.
I went back year after year now and approached my previous life.
The closer I approached the country where I had once lived, the clearer this consciousness became, for I could feel and think as I used to.
I could already speak the language I had learned in that country, everything belonging to this consciousness returned to me.
“Yes, Dectar, father Taiti has returned and now has to perform a task completely different from the former one.”
While I floated on, my garment changed
to what I had worn at the time, it belonged to that life.
Consequently, I lived in reality, because all events we experienced, the feelings and qualities that we acquired remained in us and will always be part of the soul.
During all those centuries, nothing had changed, only in me, which meant the feeling, my striving for good.
In that life, I perished.
What I now experienced was a miracle to me.
In this way, I could review many lives.
All these lives needed to be awakened.
Again, I wore the robe of a supreme priest.
I soon reached the surroundings I knew so well.
On a high mountain, I saw my Temple.
I was in a beautiful region surrounded by mountains.
As father Taiti, I was the leader of this temple and my power was very great.
Now, however, I was the pupil of Isis, but I lived in both lives, of which this life dominated.
Immediately upon arrival I descended into the subterranean vaults and corridors and visited the places where punishment, torture and hanging are executed, and where I had destroyed my enemy at the stake.
Again, I saw all those events before me, and the places where those who perished had cursed their lives and priesthood.
All this occurred by my order.
I again experienced all these terrible events, and I saw the priests and priestesses of former days.
They had all died here and were now somewhere on earth, or on this side in order to return to the earth and make good what they had done wrong.
My enemy was a high priest and he wanted to possess my power.
His very last deed brought him to the stake.
He stole my love and tried to achieve this by murder, but as a result of my gifts and knowledge of the magic laws, I remained his master.
Beside me, I saw Lyra; I had met her on earth again.
But where did Lyra live?
Where was she at this moment?
Was she not to become a priestess?
At the stake, I saw a human being meeting his death.
Lyra and I followed this terrible process and delighted in this cruel game of life and death.
The one who was meeting his death received what others had experienced through him.
We heard him wail and utter his cries of pain.
Even my own words I had spoken to Lyra resounded towards me.
All my hatred and the related true feelings also returned in me.
Our hearts thumped with joy as he breathed his last breath.
The dancers dressed in priestly garments performed a life dance.
We experienced the feast of destruction and the repelling radiance of human feelings, as well as death on earth and entering into the next life.
In my present life the soul went on and would prepare for a new life.
Then the soul got to know other parents and again went through birth and death on earth.
I had also returned, but with me all my hatred and the assassin in a spiritual dress, the expert on the magic laws.
In me, true consciousness lived, but those were feelings of lust, power and animal-like experience.
In this consciousness, I had driven him to his death, but as a result, my soul awakened.
The serving love awoke from that inhuman process, a love that is eternal, and will never lose its power, but will only grow and become stronger.
I experienced that every wrong deed still contains the higher feeling and consequently leads the soul to the higher.
Observing all this I thought of the words my mother had spoken to me:
“If the voice of your heart tells you to descend, then descend. However, should you go up in love, then go up and should you get to know love, then go in.”
Here I had experienced all this and her words were clear to me.
In this life before me, a life of power, rising and falling, my soul had become conscious.
Here I had got to know love, Lyra’s inner life had fully developed and the certainty in us of a great happiness on earth and on this side.
This love had awakened in an animal-like consciousness; a love called lust, which burned in our souls, setting them on fire.
I went on and entered the dungeons where the priests and priestesses lived.
In one of them Dectar lived.
He had come to me as a pupil but he ended his earthly life as a master.
He had experienced a monstrous end.
Now I got to know his deep inner life.
In Dectar, many lives were conscious now, though he was not really aware of this one.
He had made amends later on in his life for the sins and mistakes made in this life.
That is why I understood that he had settled an old score.
Those other lives came back to his consciousness one after another, and all those events disturbed him and he had to overcome them.
He had given himself a terrible punishment, of which he had not yet told me.
From this life, he only felt love and a fear to put an end to his life.
The feeling which urged the soul on to advance, and which was love, remained and became far more powerful through all those lives.
When this feeling, which presented itself as yearning but meant love, fell asleep, the soul sank back to the very first stage, never to become conscious again.
It was not possible, however, for that was why one lived on earth and was part of the infinite.
All these lives served to acquire a higher consciousness, one day to experience that, which would be in harmony with nature and with that from which we emanated.
In this cell Dectar lived.
Now that I thought of him, I picked up other feelings.
I should not pronounce the name he had borne in this life.
That is what I shrank from, for I might awaken Dectar’s previous life within him and he would again pass into all that misery.
During his life at Isis, it would be fatal to him.
“The sound of his name destroys his rest”, I heard a voice in me say, so that I understood that I was also being followed here.
I accepted this straight away.
What I saw, and what Dectar had experienced in this life too, was the sorrow and pain of many people; and he had to bear it all by himself here.
His entire personality and his name as a priest had passed away with him.
“Leave that alone, Venry, do not wake it up, keep your hands off from what has been suffered for, and for which he was submitted to torture and for which many hearts were broken.
Let it definitely sleep.”
It is surely splendid, I thought, that I hear the voice in me speak so clearly here as well, and that Dectar’s life is known to others.
Again, I heard a voice say in me: “If everything dies, dissolves and is forgotten, not so to a name related to many deep events.
The soul has listened to it.
It retains its power for centuries and once having arrived at consciousness it withdraws all events again, at any rate for the gifted, so that the entire personality becomes conscious again.
That sound remains alive, and if anything awakens the soul, it is the name representing life and the personality.”
Now other thoughts followed to which I adjusted.
Dectar loved, and his love in this life was Lecca.
He too now felt that love.
But where was Lecca?
Where are you, priestess, who knows my friend and feels his love?
The love coming to him is awake, lives, is sent to him and belongs to the conscious craving.
Dectar is on earth; here he was one with you.
Lecca, where are you?
You must be alive too, among all those millions of people there is only one person who touches his twin soul.
Dectar says that you are alive, he sees you on earth and your love enters him.
That love is his soul’s.
The magic laws will bring you to me and I will know where you are now living.
Nothing, do you hear, Lecca, nothing will be able to stop you, you will come to me.
I had already adjusted to Lecca’s soul and all my gifts of this life were activated.
Again, I called her.
Lecca, I am calling you.
My first attempts come into action, I am calling you, Lecca, I will call you again and you will come to me.
Right now, I knew that Lecca lived on earth.
Dectar had felt correctly.
They were both one, one in material and spiritual life.
Lecca knew the laws; the powers were present in her and would awaken.
Nothing could stop her; even if she were fast asleep she would and must disembody and come to me.
Father Taiti called her.
Then I went on, I went to my own room.
I wanted to look back into my own life and once again feel Lyra’s love and experience our end on earth.
Having entered my room, I saw Lyra and myself.
My inner life was consumed by love and I was the slave of my yearnings; I thought that miraculous.
I knelt before her and spoke to her.
I now listened to my own past and heard myself say: “Youth and old age are in me, Lyra, and you know how this is possible.
We are both awake and conscious and have got to know true love.
Out of all this evil our pure love was born, even though we are still living in our own darkness.
You know that we will part, but shall meet again on earth, because we are twin souls.
What we did here was terrible, we experienced murder after murder and nobody may kill.
We killed, Lyra, killed on behalf of our love and we experienced the dance of destruction.
To satisfy our desires others perished.
The masters tell me that you are my twin soul, so that you belong to me, but we shall have to make up for everything.
The time will come that you are with me forever.
However, now you go your own way and I go mine.
Yet, we shall meet again.
The higher consciousness, which is now within me, will be my task in that other life.
Right now, dear Lyra, I pass on into these laws and we shall both experience that.
You will return to earth together with me and in that life we shall be allowed to meet.
Our souls are one and connected with the laws.
I will live and overcome my hatred, dear Lyra, by the remorse I feel.
This sorrow is real, very natural and sincere.
There is sorrow in me, and sincere repentance, for what I have done.
My heart breaks; but my Mother will help me, I feel her prayer, she wants me to live on in it, and it is also our bond for the next life.
I will destroy myself, Lyra, and also all my mistakes, which stop me.
We must serve, Lyra.
I was given the task to destroy all Temples in which the light is darkened.
I will meet my enemy again, because he causes new sorrow and pain and breaks hearts with his gifts.
Right now, I bless the moment of my becoming conscious.
Can you feel that there is deadly seriousness in me?
That I will try to remain conscious?
That we were created as one soul?
Your soul is one with my life, Lyra; we are one in everything.
The masters want me to follow them.
In the next life, my task will be great like my love for you.
Now we are one, Lyra, in other lives others will belong to you, though I live in you, however, you have to make up to them.
Are you ready for the poison, Lyra?
We are in for a punishment, but experiencing it is our development for that other life.
Be aware, dear Lyra, that the very last and deepest sorrow will come over you.
In return, we will receive the higher consciousness.
We impose on ourselves the very deepest sorrow, it will, however, awaken our souls and promote our being one.
Dectar also passed into it together with Lecca.
They were one, also in death.
Do you feel this silence?
Can you follow me, now that life comes to an end?
Do you love me so much that you are ready?
Are you conscious of your ‘yes’, Lyra?
What do you say?
Do you hear Dectar crying?
Do you hear your sister’s faint voice?
They are alive, of course, dear Lyra, they live and must live, and as a result their consciousness will change, the consciousness which is deeper than their being one on earth, and it will irradiate their day-consciousness.
Dear Lyra, the animal-like life gnaws at our hearts and we remain conscious and one until our bones will appear, until we receive the plain naked reality
which carries still more pains, Lyra, so know what you do.
Are you ready?”
* *
A poison ended our earthly life.
Quietly we ingested it.
Next, I saw that we went to our graves and laid down there.
Hand in hand, our souls one and united.
And so we passed away.
Our bodies went through the same process and yet we were still far apart.
Slowly the moment of death came nearer as did the conscious entering of that other world.
Lyra did not speak anymore, her eyes darkened but opened again and we now lived in the other life.
Death by suicide, quietly and consciously, to advance higher and higher spiritually, to satisfy desires, to extinguish the fires in our souls and to become acquainted with the mystic and magic laws, but above all to make up.
The consequences were horrible.
Dectar heard a voice in him, as he wanted to put an end to his earthly life.
Now I understood and knew this voice and the feelings of my best friend.
“Yes, Dectar, the worms once devoured your body, you yourself went through that monstrous process, which is non-consciousness and means destitution.
We too, Dectar, went through it
and thousands of others and nobody achieved anything, we only acquired that knowledge, nothing else.
We wanted spiritual property, spiritual development, and the desire to make up.
However, in this way making up is not possible.
We experienced the process of decay and learned a lot by it, dear Dectar, as your soul will refuse a second time and you cannot experience it again.”
When I had followed this, I returned to Dectar’s cell.
The thoughts that came over me urged me not to lose time.
Again, I adjusted to Lecca.
“Lecca, you are on earth.
Wherever you are you will come to me.”
I continued calling her for a while and began to see.
Right now, I could follow her soul.
I waited for a while and felt very relaxed.
“Truly, dear Dectar, she is on earth”, I called out to him, “she lives in a new organism and even near your own vicinity.
Your feelings are pure and natural, your love is real and she will come to me.”
In his cell, I drew a magic circle around me.
I had to stay in it, because I awakened hell and devil.
Yet Lecca would come to me; these powers were in her too, for she had once been a priestess.
In those days, I used my gifts for all sorts of evil and many obscure affairs. Now, however, for the happiness of two souls.
My concentration was perfect; I kept adjusting to her soul and drew these dangerous laws and powers towards me.
The magic circle now protected me; otherwise, I would be dragged through the darkness and become the plaything of demons.
The dark powers resided in it, as did the higher ones, which could be used for the well-being of mankind.
I knew how to contact them.
All these beings lived in those powers, and I myself passed on into them.
In this respect I was a master in this life. For Dectar and others, I was Father Taiti, who was guarding all his children.
The dark powers forced themselves on me right now.
As a result of this, the soul, here called Lecca, would return to me.
Then I called her again: “Lecca, you will come.
Father Taiti calls, wherever you are, you will come.
Depart from your body, Lecca, do so.
Dectar is on earth; he is faithful to you and loves you dearly.
Dectar is waiting.
Depart from your body, Lecca.
Use your wings and come to me.”
In the meantime, I arranged a cloud of power around me.
I knew from experience that my constant concentration was required.
If my personality passed into these powers, I would be lost.
Many had met their death in this way, for I touched the laws of darkness.
Again I called Lecca and repeated my call for quite some time. I followed my concentration and forced her to disembody.
Lecca was a priestess and the sister of Lyra.
Both knew the laws and there was no power that could stop her now.
If her soul did not live on earth I would be helpless too;
but if the soul lived in a new organism and if she belonged to the conscious world she would come to me and this life would suddenly be conscious in her.
Only the world in which the soul had to wait to be born could render my concentration and connection impossible.
However, Lecca lived on earth.
Again, these thoughts were sent to me.
As before I understood what followed: “What does magic mean and what are the magic laws?
It is the knowledge of previous lives, the being one in them, and the conscious experience of them.
How does it work?
Next follows the awakening of the past.
The soul as a human being has all these powers in it, for nothing is lost.
And now that we know that everything stays alive, that unspoken thoughts and feelings also mean activity, the soul can connect itself with them and this being one is the experience of reality, of feelings once experienced.
When you are aware that all your actions and feelings are the possession from the past and that you consequently live in day-consciousness, and experience, create, receive, act, see and hear, and that all these feelings constitute your entire personality, then you can accept that the soul also lives in the past during day-consciousness.
Is it clear to you that your soul did not acquire anything in this life?
That you are building, creating and serving, and that you have not yet earned anything?
What are the new qualities you acquired in this life?
Search yourself, descend into yourself, or go ‘in’ and see properly and clearly whether this is correct, and you will accept that you and all those who are on earth live in their own past and draw from it.
Is that unnatural?
First of all, work out who you are and what you have now become.
Has any change come about?
Who gave you as a child a mature consciousness?
Can you receive that?
Where does it get the qualities from at such an early age, qualities which really belong to the grown-up being?
Is life that simple?
You know the laws, now lay a protection around you.
Are you aware that this is also necessary?
When consciousness is fully awake, you will realize that this brought you all this knowledge, but it is the past, it is what you acquired in former lives.
Do you feel that this present life gave you ‘knowledge’?
Lecca will come because she also lives in her own past and because this is her day-consciousness,
for you talk, think and feel in and from the past.
So there is only ‘now’, it is there and will remain, there is no past, ‘life’ is there and you are now conscious in it.
But only in so far as it concerns your own life.”
All these words were certainly not mine, they were given to me.
Yet, I found it miraculous.
It was all clear.
Now feelings of sleep came over me and this sleep belonged to Lecca.
Her soul detached itself from her material organism and she would come to me.
As a result of what I had just heard, my connection had become much simpler.
She sent me her thoughts from afar.
Lecca was on her way.
Just a few more seconds and she will be here.
A personality approached me enveloped in a light and dense haze.
Lecca, is it you?
Dectar’s twin soul?”
“Father Taiti, did you call me?”
“Do you recognize me, Lecca?”
“I always see you in my dreams.
Oh, Father Taiti, my master, why did you call me?
Do you know where I live and where I am now?”
“I am very glad you recognize me, Lecca, and that the past is conscious in you. That you feel the love you possessed here too.”
“Oh, Father Taiti, is that why you called me?
Can you make me happy?
I love him so, everything is conscious in me and I live in this consciousness.
I have prayed, sacrificed a lot and now I will receive?
Do you know where my soul lives?
Where is he who was given to me by the Gods?
May I see him?
Oh, I know, Father, I will not mention his name, mine is dead too.
When I think of him the silence returns in me,
but also grief and all his sorrow, which is also in me.
Oh, tell me his name, may I know?”
“His name is Dectar, and yours?”
“My Mother called me Myra.
As a child, my former name was in me and I asked my Mother to give me this name.
But afterwards grief came over me all the time, and then she called me Myra again.
Call me Myra, Father Taiti; and where is Dectar?
Where is my soul and does he know that I am longing for him?
That I send him my love?
Is he conscious?
There is love in me and I shall live on in it.”
“He will come to you, Myra,
Dectar will come. He lives and is conscious, but in love only, everything else must remain asleep.
I see you are a mother, Myra, but you are not happy.
You are the sister of the pharaoh.
Do I see properly, Myra?
Has your motherhood been defiled?
The Gods want you to see Dectar. Dectar’s feeling and perception are also clear,
he says that you are rich and high-born, whereas he is a humble and poor man, Myra.”
“Is that of significance, Father?”
“You will be given what you are longing for, Myra.”
“How shall I thank you, Father.
Can we be one again?”
“Certainly, my child.
Your love consumes Dectar.
You live in him, Myra, and in his present surroundings.
I also see what your life is like and that you cannot receive happiness, because Dectar is your soul.
You will see him, Myra, but you still have to wait.
You may not know yet where we are, or else your desires will overwhelm you.
Yet, you will recognize Dectar and me.
Listen, dear Myra, to what I may now see, I will tell you.
We will both come to you.
I will pick a white flower for you from space, Myra, and only then will you recognize me as that other person.
I live in another garment, but then you know that Father Taiti is there and lives in that body.
The flower is from Dectar, your twin soul, and then you will recognize your soul in the person I will take to you.
Do you understand what I saw and told you, Myra?”
“Yes, Father.”
“This life and your present life are centuries apart.
Yet, there is no past, Myra, which also became clear to me.
You are now awake and conscious, but love has no regard for ages.
Is there no love in you?
This dream will bring reality to you, Myra.
Wait, I will recognize you at the court as pharaoh’s sister.
However strange this may seem, we shall receive reality.
Later, you will wake up, Myra, and you will know where you have been and nevertheless think that it was only a dream.
However, I ask you, Myra, to forget everything and wait.
Our lives, Dectar’s and mine, are in danger.
Afterwards, you will see the ‘meadow’.
Dectar yearns for the ‘meadow’ and you will recognize it.
Then you will understand, my child, that a crown does not mean happiness.
Gold and power are of no significance.
They cannot be compared with this love, this happiness, which is eternal.
The Gods want us to serve however; but serving is only possible if we can love the soul belonging to us.
Dectar gave himself.
He lived here to awaken and you have been faithful to him and followed him.
The worms eat away at your heart; you possess development as feeling, now you can only love.
To be allowed to live in love, to see, to feel and be one, dear Myra, is the acme of happiness we can receive on earth as human beings.
You live in Dectar’s inner life, your being one grows and flourishes in his heart.
If this is conscious in you, Myra, how far ahead you are of other people?
Has gold any significance?
When the desire and knowledge of this eternal space are conscious in us, when the past fills your day-consciousness and boosts your heartbeat, when his radiance brings you happiness and the ‘Lotus’ sends its pure power to you, only perfection can be felt, Myra, which means ‘going in’ into love.
Yes, my dear Myra, you wonder why you should spend your life in that emptiness.
What is the point if I am not allowed to experience my full knowledge and feeling in being one?
It hurts, Myra, but these feelings are also present in my life: we have to make up.
Every second is wasted time; every day seems a century to you and that is how this life is spent.
And now, dear Myra, that you know that your soul is on earth,
how will your desires be?
How will you feel, dear Myra, when Dectar stands before you?
Will you be able to control yourself?
How will you react, dear Myra, when his eyes look at you and you feel that he is going to kneel down before you?
You can only be grateful to be allowed to see him.
Will this happiness make you collapse?
Will you forget your own task on earth when you see him?
Will you have enough self-control, dear Myra, when you see Dectar and feel his fiercely beating heart, so that your brother does not feel anything?
Do not forget that he is the pharaoh and we are his servants.
And it must be in you, Myra; otherwise, you destroy yourself and the happiness of your children.
Will my child be ready?”
“Yes, Father, I will be ready and accept.
May I know your new name right now?”
“No, Myra, not yet, but in due course.
Did Myra forget the laws?
You may not know anything about us, Myra, for the miracles that will happen will require your self-control.
I will be very young, very young and yet old.
I have the great wings, Myra, and the Pharaoh will receive me and you will see a fight to the death, but we shall conquer for there is powerful help.
I may not tell you anymore.
We have to go now, Myra, I must be ready before sunrise.”
“Should I forget everything, Father?”
“Think of a dream, Myra, and wait, but do not look for me.
Go now, my child, return to your material body.”
“Do you know where my sister, Lyra, is?”
“No, Myra, but I have already met her.
I will receive where she lives and then my happiness will also be perfect.
Goodbye, Myra, Dectar will come.”
She faded before me like a haze and I felt that I also had to go.
There was nothing more that I could experience here.
When I concentrated on my present life again, I began to see.
I saw that only the foundations of the Temple had remained.
I was standing on ruins, during the centuries that had gone by this building had collapsed.
How and why this happened I could clearly observe; the Gods wanted the building to disappear from the earth.
Another power wanted me to go now.
What I had seen was part of my task.
I could only start my activities and prepare myself when I had experienced everything.
All these events and getting ready meant power and the consciousness of Father Taiti.
Thinking all this over I received new thoughts, which told me how to continue my way.
These feelings were sent to me from afar.
The miraculous thing about it was that my ways were guided.
All these events were known; an infallible activity pushed me there.
I was on my way to Isis; there I would get to know new truths and secrets
of which my Mother had spoken.
If the Gods were with me and there was light in me, I would be allowed to know everything.
The light I had already received.
That is why I accelerated my speed through space and flew towards Isis.
The power of my wings and the rapid progress were the results of my own concentration.