The astral walls of Isis; I received my weapon

This was a revelation to me.
I had just received great happiness.
I lay down and soon fell asleep.
Immediately, I began to feel and think, and I departed from my body.
The very first thing I saw was the wall, the poisonous weapon of the masters.
How is it possible, I thought, around my cell there is a dense haze.
The terrible weapon.
In what dangerous situation did I really live?
My heart thumped as a result of these mysteries.
Nevertheless, I had been out of my cell before.
My gifts might also have meant my own misfortune.
A spirit of light guarded Dectar and me.
How was I to pass through it?
Did I have to split myself?
Of course I would accept him; he was a friend to me, and above all my master.
He had told me that here, in my cell, everything was present.
In this confined space was the beginning, but also the end of human feeling and thought.
But where is it?
Where does this deep mystery live?
Suddenly, I thought I felt it.
A moment later, I heard the voice say to me: “Concentration, nothing but concentration, not anything else.”
These words made me happy.
I still heard: “Make your mind empty, do not think of life on earth nor of my world, behind it, there it is.
Then you may go wherever you want to and Dectar with you.”
How nice, I thought, that Dectar was not forgotten.
Next, I concentrated on ‘nothingness’.
I had to be entirely empty.
Soon I was connected.
First of all, I left my own world and subsequently I entered life after death.
Before me, I saw houses, buildings, human beings, animals, and the light overshining all; this life was beautiful.
I went on.
Then light and darkness came.
These were two worlds, which merged.
Again I went on and I felt that I was being guided.
Yet, I still lived in my own cell, and I experienced something miraculous.
After a while everything blurred, all these worlds faded away, but I remained conscious.
“Go on”, I heard a voice within me, “just a little further and you will be there.
I will take you there; presently you must be capable of doing it yourself.
You must possess this consciousness; it is the consciousness of all these worlds, and once you possess it the secret and astral walls of Isis will not mean anything to you anymore.”
Again, I went on and experienced a great wonder.
Behind the haze and all these worlds, I saw a deep darkness.
A feeling of blissful happiness made it certain that I had reached the end.
My astral body was so rare now that I could hardly see myself.
If I concentrated on myself I was fully aware of everything, but this rare affection remained.
My spiritual body was much rarer now than the astral walls of Isis.
I had already conquered these poisonous walls.
Here the very first laws existed, and I also lived in them.
The masters had not advanced that far and this was my weapon, a mighty weapon in my own hands.
In gratitude I knelt down and thanked the Gods for this great mercy and promised to do my utmost.
It is unbelievable, I thought, but I have made it, though I could never have achieved this on my own,
but how to go on?
I was faced with a new problem.
If I left now, my cell would be empty and my leader had not spoken a word about that.
I thought it over for a long time but could not solve it.
I could go now and yet I should not move an inch.
It was not even possible to split myself.
The masters would immediately feel and see it.
A deep sadness was the only result of this mighty wonder.
What seemed enormous to me a minute ago now proved to be of no value.
However, I heard the voice within me say: “If you want me to help you never ask me who I am.
Listen, my friend.
You may safely leave here. I will stay and guard your body.
If necessary I shall descend into it until all danger is over.
You need not be anxious, and can do your work at full power.
You will not see my face anymore and you shall not hear my voice for the time being, yet I will follow you in everything and speak to you from time to time.
You will feel me immediately.
This is to preclude any danger.
The light is in you.
Go now, Venry.
You hear that I know you.
I will stay here until your return.
Only then shall I go.
The masters will come to us now, Venry, watch how I will do my best.”
Now I was alone again but I wanted to follow what was going to happen.
A high priest entered my cell, followed a moment later by two others.
They were on their way to control the inhabitants of Isis.
The masters had departed from their material body, and I experienced the searching of my spiritual and material body.
Very near them and yet invisible I was looking on and experienced this unbelievable event.
How great were the gifts of all these beings.
However, they followed the evil and belonged to the demons.
I had never thought of this possibility, for I could follow them in everything.
The masters of Isis had set off. I was beside them and inaccessible.
“My weapon is mighty, dear Dectar, mighty, very mighty.”
It was not until now that my work could start.
One of them descended into me and searched my inner life.
Nonetheless, I shivered when this happened.
Soon he returned to the others.
They all pierced my sleeping organism and found me there.
My leader represented my personality; my inner life had not changed in any way. A master in concentration was the living vitality in it.
I could not have imagined it greater and simpler.
How natural it really was, and yet none of them had any notion.
The masters left, but I went with them.
I wanted to follow these monsters and walked ahead of them, and behind, but they did not see me.
Should I stay in this world, there would be no danger for me.
Moreover, I now understood their weakness, and I could establish how far they had advanced.
They were not familiar with the possibility of splitting themselves and of spiritual help.
They would never get to know these powers, for they would not receive this help.
For them, this was the deadlock Dectar had mentioned.
What they had received so far was only a trifle of what all that power and space encompassed.
The situation I lived in offered many possibilities to split, but these were the worlds I had come to know.
Dectar had told me of them and he wanted to acquire them.
My leader had connected me with the very last possibility and world.
And from there they would receive wisdom, but through me and not until I was ready.
Because I adjusted myself to them I descended into them and received their thoughts and feelings.
I was their very first victim, now we went to Dectar.
We both disturbed their rest for they gave us their full attention.
They were at their post too and were ready in every respect.
The silence in which they lived and their indifference, pretending that they did not follow us, were merely appearances.
In fact they followed us day and night, their concentration focussed on both of us and would remain so.
However, great events were to happen at Isis.
Their horrible proceeding made me shiver; though I remained myself.
Soon we were in Dectar’s cell and I would see to what extent my friend was maimed.
Dectar was fast asleep.
One of them bent over him, which lasted quite some time.
The master adjusted himself to his inner life and the other two followed his descent.
I followed the masters too and could clearly feel their thinking and concentration.
They were careful enough not to wake Dectar.
Their joint powers forced him to remain asleep.
Now that I knew both organisms I understood this searching of my soul, otherwise, I would not have been able to follow it.
The master who descended into Dectar followed his soul, the others saw to it that the two bodies remained one, so that he remained asleep.
Owing to my higher consciousness, I could see now why Dectar limped during day-consciousness.
The right part of his material body had a completely different radiation than the left part.
That is what they concentrated on so that Dectar could not disembody.
On his left side his wing was paralysed and his material body maimed.
I could not see why he had been maimed, but I would get to know this too.
The masters were quite satisfied and left.
I followed them wherever they might go.
I would return to Dectar, however, now it was more essential to go with them; perhaps I would discover some more secrets.
We visited many other cells, but only stayed there for a moment.
I understood that I had felt properly.
At Isis there were only two persons important to them, in fact only one and that was I.
They gave me their special attention.
In addition to the high priests, there were forty priests, among whom student priests and even children who wanted to become a priest just like me.
We now went over to another building where the masters used to gather.
As we entered, I saw that the astral doors opened; then we were in the actual room.
I found this closing off horrible.
In this room, decisions were made on life and death.
There were two more priests here but in their material life and day-consciousness and therefore awake.
Yet, the three masters were immediately observed.
From this world the others got a message, that they received spiritually.
I felt why they did so.
This was necessary to control their own connection and being-one.
Certainly, I thought, Isis is mighty and I am going to know this power now.
No priest would be able to destroy this power by himself.
Their power was connected with it; they were one in feeling and thinking, hearing, and perceiving.
They all had only one purpose, to make the best of life so that they could enjoy wisdom, honour, glory, and the pleasures of life.
But for all of them, the Gods were the means, the wisdom, their power and greatness, but the pupils of Isis were the victims who had to accept their beastly poison.
Disgust and deep emotion entered my soul.
I could experience still more secrets here, but I put that off until later, for we continued our way.
Now we went to another building.
Around it, I also saw a thick wall of astral power.
Now what, I thought, for there were no doors in it; this building was also completely spiritually closed off.
Would I perhaps discover new secrets?
The first secret and wonder was that the masters passed through this wall.
They subsequently entered the material building.
I recognized this closing off from their own radiation, for they went through their own power, so that I understood this mystery too.
It was quite natural, but deadly dangerous for those who had been accommodated in this building.
Oh, how mighty Isis is, how mighty, I said to myself again and again, how terrible everything is, is Isis with its secrets.
“Dectar, my friend, I know now the love of Isis and I wonder how you have been able to protect yourself during all those years.”
We entered the building in which the priestesses lived.
A terrible influence came over me.
We passed through some corridors and entered a cell.
I adjusted to the masters.
The influence, which came over me was devilish, I felt lust, murder, passion, and the destruction of a young life.
Death entered my soul, followed by deep sadness so that I thought that my heart would break.
With superhuman efforts I succeeded in remaining conscious, for what came over me was terrible.
I had to remain myself at all cost, even though I lived in evil.
I would not be able so soon to experience something similar and my collapse might mean the destruction of our lives.
What came over me now was nothing but misery.
On a couch lay a naked priestess, but she was dead.
To all outward appearances, her material body was empty; maybe the soul lived somewhere else and was thrown out.
She had suffered a violent death.
The masters stared at the youthful organism and sucked their fill.
They could not yet depart from this young corpse.
Now I understood what Dectar said: “They feed the beast in them.”
All of them were guilty of it, but one of them was the murderer.
They had sucked their fill and defiled her spiritual and material body.
I felt that I became silent, very silent.
This deadly atmosphere poisoned this small room; their presence contaminated her very last breath, which had remained in the corpse.
Here I saw one of the many thousands of curses of Isis, one of the many by which the Gods were cursed as well as the wisdom and holiness of priesthood.
These spiritual hyena’s looked at the body, which still belonged to this life only a short while ago.
In it lived the soul ready to acquire priesthood at Isis.
But this soul was cruelly thrown out of the body and with it the young life, which had now died in her body.
One of them had killed his own child and was the Father, but also the deadly poison for this young life.
She was beautiful, this priestess, and not even twenty years old, she had been defiled by a brute, by a spiritual monster in the priestly garment of a master.
As I descended into the body, tears came into my eyes.
In the material body there was still something alive which the masters could not observe, because they had concentrated on evil and lust, which meant joy to them.
In this way, they lived to the full, although they were priests.
The body was not even cold yet, and saw that the souls of both mother and child were about to depart.
I experienced the coming apart of the two spiritual bodies and understood why I was made to disembody, a little later and nobody would ever have known.
Of course, my leader knew all about it, for he said to me that I should observe attentively.
Oh, masters of Isis, is this serving the Goddess?
Is this your wisdom?
Are you crazy about young lives?
Is this the end of her study?
And did she attain priesthood?
Or was she here to serve the masters?
However, that is not true, for I see that she was defiled in her sleep.
Not one life has been destroyed but those of mother and child.
In her heart lived the poison of Isis, and this killed the young life.
The symbol of purity gave way to disgust, destruction, vice, spiritual and material violence, and deep darkness.
What is Isis?
What does it mean to follow Isis?
What is the meaning of the Lotus?
“Dectar, oh Dectar, do you know that such inhuman things happen?
You know, but I go through the reality and criminal nature of the masters.”
A violent hatred arose from my inner life as I looked at these three sensualists.
Their astral bodies were dark and their radiation was demonic.
I was quite willing to pierce them one after another, unfortunately, for this purpose I had no weapon.
I had to be content with what I had experienced.
I had overcome the astral walls of Isis.
The young life was lying there; its soul now departed and would probably curse its end on earth.
In this material body the herb poison from Ardaty’s gardens lived.
Mother and child had been torn away from this life too early.
She had received much wisdom, but her wisdom also meant her death.
The astral child cried outside the material body and was already conscious.
“Mother, my mother, we live, but not there, we now live in a different world.”
“Yes”, I answered, “not here, but far away, far away from this darkness, you live where ‘His’ heart beats, He who also knows about this and saw how you were killed.”
I ran away from this spot, as fast as when the earthquake occurred, away from these terrible surroundings and back to my own cell.
On my way I experienced a new wonder.
When I moved so rapidly, I suddenly noticed that I floated.
I floated outside Isis as a result of my enormous concentration that was raised to a great height by all this sorrow and misery.
While moving on so rapidly, I had passed through the astral walls of Isis without wishing to do so.
When I realised what had happened to me I shouted with happiness for I understood that these walls had lost their significance for me.
For a brief moment I was no longer myself, for I wanted to go back to my cell, and I had forgotten Dectar.
Now I wanted to visit him.
After only a few seconds I had reached his cell and entered.
First of all, I forced myself to relax; otherwise, I would not be able to follow Dectar.
I was fully aware that I had already forgotten myself, and that this was very dangerous.
I had to remain myself in everything, even in the deepest misery.