The ‘meadow’

The sun had set a long time ago, everyone at Isis had gone to sleep and I prepared myself to disembody.
My leader watched over my material body and would represent me, if necessary.
First, I went to Dectar.
When I came to him, he expected me in the spirit; his organism also remained guarded, since it would not be possible for him to leave.
I heard my leader say to me: “Do not think, Venry, that this does not belong to our work, these events also have a meaning or else I would not take care of worldly feelings and desires.
You cannot probe how far I now look ahead, but do realize that this consciousness is necessary for Dectar.
Go now, his material garment is being watched over, the astral walls of Isis do not keep you imprisoned any longer.”
Dectar beamed with happiness when he saw me and he said: “Oh, Venry, how can I make up for all this?”
I told what I had heard and he understood me.
“If I may now receive, Venry, you may well be the happy one later on when I will not know anything of all these miraculous things anymore.
But I promise, when I possess gifts, I will do my best.”
“Now listen, Dectar,
I will take you to the ‘meadow’ and you will wait there, for I am coming back to the earth to collect Myra.
Later on it will not be necessary any longer and you can go wherever you want on your own.”
We left the earth and floated together to the ‘meadow’.
The ‘meadow’ lies between life and death and is a place where the soul may dwell temporarily to free itself from feelings.
It is the place where earthly human beings meet and are one with those who have already passed away.
When this being one is experienced, it happens in their dreams; some are conscious, but only one out of millions of souls has these gifts so that the consciousness of both is perfect.
I knew the ‘meadow’, for I had been there before with Lyra, and I also knew that holy place from my previous life.
At the time, we also disembodied.
When I disembodied I set Lyra free and we floated together in space.
Sometimes disembodiment happened during daytime, but mostly when the sun had set and the universe could receive the earthly souls in the quietude of life.
We had witnessed several times that Dectar wanted to float on clouds and it meant a mysterious sensation.
We then floated through the atmosphere and lived in space, which was a revelation to many.
The ‘meadow’ is like a nursing home where the soul gains fresh strength to be able to experience material life in all its stages of grief and sorrow.
There is no soul on earth that has not been here, either conscious or non-conscious.
It subsequently returned to the earth, with fresh inspiration and full of spiritual powers in order to accept that what it must carry, is imposed by the laws of cause and effect.
I know this, as do those who live in that other world and have experienced it.
In all of us resides the desire to meet that soul for which we feel love and which the Gods have given us as mercy.
I also know that only those will see the ‘meadow’ who sincerely yearn and are ready; not those who must awaken and for whom this love has no significance, and who experience life on earth unconsciously.
Yet, they also see the ‘meadow’, because their soul lives and resides somewhere, this may be in space or on earth.
They may meet each other in all and different stages, but it is the organism in which the soul lives.
The number of stages that the material organism possesses is represented by all those bodies, starting from childhood.
The soul may receive and must experience untold stages.
What is now on earth the child who has the father- and mother-consciousness was in its previous life Mother, and the mother of her who is now Mother.
God’s laws are inscrutable, they cannot be fathomed, nor known and felt, yet they are visible to those who accept that there is no death, that the soul will achieve full spiritual consciousness in both bodies.
That is how it is, it will remain eternally, for all time, because these are the laws which we priests wanted to get to know.
Consequently, the ‘meadow’ lies between life and death and is a spiritual sphere.
It is like a spot on earth and like a heavenly region, it is both, it strengthens the organism and inner life.
One is conscious at the ‘meadow’ and the previous life returns into us there.
There it is known where we go and who belongs to us and who will be with us forever, forming part of our life.
The ‘meadow’ serves to awaken spiritual consciousness and to urge the soul to yearn for that love, which means the return to God.
The Creator of heaven, earth and all planets understood that His children would not awaken if they were not allowed to ‘go in’ from time to time.
This ‘going in’ is the joy and happiness for the soul that it experiences as ‘feeling’ upon its return on earth.
At the ‘meadow’ a Mother sees her dead darling again, the man his wife, the sister her sister and the brother his brother, and lovers meet as twin souls and they experience their spiritual happiness.
The ‘meadow’ helps the material human being bear, its serves, it gives and presents strength and zest to the life of God.
God understood that all his children would collapse, for earthly life is only intended to awaken and to make up for what was once done wrong.
During the many lives, in which the soul lived and defiled, hated and destroyed, the ‘meadow’ comes to its aid.
Particularly during that life on earth, which is a permanent chastisement, the ‘meadow’ provides the soul with strength and resistance, otherwise, that life would collapse.
I asked Dectar: “Is the consciousness in you that one day you were at the ‘meadow’, Dectar?”
“In me, dear Venry, lies and lives that great happiness, and Myra will also know it.”
We floated ever further away from the earth.
We could also stay in space and lie down to rest on the downy bed of energy and power, out of which space originated.
We could go to other countries too and, if we so wished, follow the human beings in their doings, everything lay within our reach and was open to us, because we possessed the wings.
But we went on and on so that the earth dissolved before our eyes, after which, we entered another world.
In it lies the ‘meadow’, between heaven and earth, and it is connected with both worlds.
When I was possessed as a child, I saw Lyra there again.
My possession brought me to the ‘meadow’, because my previous life became conscious again as a result of my possession.
In that life I had seen the ‘meadow’; those feelings were connected with it and I experienced them again.
Serious events strike deep wounds into the human soul, which are experienced as emotion.
One such emotion connected me with the ‘meadow’.
As a result of my possession my soul awakened, that feeling rose and became conscious in me.
This time, however, we were brought together by invisible assistance.
But the feeling, which we once lived in, and in which love awakened in us, would in the next life be the desire that is present in every soul, and is felt by the soul as emotion and must be experienced.
I began to accept and understand everything.
At the ‘meadow’ all those feelings return consciously and they are the consciousness of the previous life.
Warmth and gifts were in me, but I had acquired those laws and had learned to know the mysticism.
We had killed ourselves by chastisement.
What I now possessed as feeling belonged to the life of Father Taiti, but this time I lived in a different organism and I prepared myself to receive pure love for centuries.
Because of this consciousness I saw Lyra again, and Dectar saw his Myra, because we are twin souls, otherwise, we could not have experienced it.
That was also clear to me.
Lyra lived on earth, so did I and we were one.
Later, we would have to part again to make up for another cause and effect.
In that previous life we had committed suicide, we subsequently had to wait for a new organism and we were born again.
But during that time, nothing had changed in Lyra, Dectar and me.
I had only received a new body and I was a priest again, for I did the same work, but this time I sought the higher.
All these feelings came over me while I floated along.
Everything was clear to me and I thought it very natural, for there was no past, I lived in the present.
Dectar said to me: “How clear everything is to me, Venry.”
“Have you been able to follow me, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, for I followed you in my mind and found it very instructive.
I have learned a lot again.”
“How simple everything is, Dectar.”
“Can the Gods be unnatural, Venry?”
“No, my friend, that is not possible, but we must awaken.
The lives of Father Taiti and Venry, dear Dectar, become one only now. Is that also clear to you?”
“Now you are conscious, Venry, both lives are completely one, that is as I see it, but you experience it.”
“Look, Dectar, the ‘meadow’.”
“My dear Venry, I understand everything.”
“I will be back later, Dectar, you wait for Myra.”
I rapidly returned to the earth and soon reached the surroundings where Myra lived.
I entered the palace.
I saw an astral wall around this building too. This house was protected against demons, and the masters had erected this wall.
I entered another building situated behind the palace.
Soon I reached Myra’s room.
She was alone and fast asleep.
She pressed her flower to her heart, however, during this journey, it would dissolve.
Her husband was not here.
When I concentrated on him, I saw where he was.
He was connected with Myra’s aura, but only for this life; in eternal life Dectar was her soul, her love and own life, her happiness and blissfulness.
A high-ranking official could do what he wanted, but he was a long way from this mightiness and non-conscious in love.
I concentrated on her inner life and set her free.
She immediately recognized me and asked: “Oh, Father Taiti, have you come to me?
My master, do your wonders take me to Dectar?”
“Come, dear Myra, follow me, Dectar is waiting at the ‘meadow’.”
We floated over the pyramids, we rose higher and higher and the earth disappeared from sight.
On our way, I asked her questions.
“Is everything conscious in you, Myra?”
“There is very much, Father, that I know, but not everything.
When I was still a child, all feelings from my former life were conscious in me, but when I got a little older, they submerged.
Sometimes I was very old, then again I was like a child.”
“Is the happiness in material life and consciousness true, Myra?”
“I am so happy, now I will finish my task. I thought I would collapse.
This gives me strength; I will not leave my home, however difficult it may be.
Now I know that my soul is conscious of my love, for I doubted that. I did not think nor did I feel anything anymore; I was ready to take poison again.
Now I can wait, I know that it will take centuries; still I can wait.
Do you know where Lyra lives?”
“Yes, Myra, today I was allowed to see her.
She is at Isis and if you wish see the priestesses there, I will let her know.
You are familiar with her thinking and feeling and Lyra will recognize you.”
“I see Lyra in my dreams, she often comes to me, but she did not tell me her name.
Does she have the wings?
Is she nearby?”
“You will see her, Myra, go and visit her and talk inwardly, from feeling to feeling and bring her all my love.”
“Is the wisdom you now have, from this world, master?”
“Yes, Myra. The Gods want us to clear Isis from all darkness.
Is there anything you want to tell me, Myra?
I read it from your soul and you want to tell Dectar.
Speak, Myra, I am prepared.”
“Will you be very careful, master?”
“Has the princess already been chosen, Myra?”
“If you so desire, they want your blood, master, and you will make Karina happy.”
“I will arm myself against that, Myra.
Now look, my child, there is the ‘meadow’.”
Dectar had been rejuvenated, a youth knelt down, bowed his head deeply for his twin soul.
Myra walked up to him and both thanked me.
“Do not do that, children of God, thank Him by whom all this is possible.
Only now, can your life start.
Do know, however, that you will both live in other lives to acquire the higher consciousness.
We all must proceed and will make up for what we once did wrong, which will then allow us to go higher and higher to reach the very highest heavens.
I will expect you in the morning, Dectar, you must explain everything to me.”
Dectar and Myra dissolved before my eyes for the ‘meadow’ is infinite, it is endless and one with the very highest spheres, so that the Gods are there when they go ‘in’.
I saw millions of human beings, all of them experienced only one thing which is the most unbelievable, the mightiest thing the soul feels and for which it dies, sacrifices its own life and which is felt as ‘Love’.
Next, I floated back to the Temple of Isis.
I visited the masters but remained invisible to them.
I now passed into all secrets; they were now visible to me.
Horrible murders had been devised and committed in these rooms.
I could now look back on centuries.
I saw all those high priests before me, one after another they succeeded each other.
Here the poison of the Temple of Isis lived, a stop had to be put to it and the Temple purified.
Their doings lived here; I saw many scenes before me.
The priestesses and priests that had been poisoned and whom I saw as shades waited here for revenge.
I understood that none of them knew the laws, this aimless wandering about meant being non-conscious in the life they were living.
Passion and violence were in them; they perished and had already been ruined on earth, because they too were not free from hatred.
This consciousness belonged to the darkness.
I prayed to the Gods for strength, for I felt ready to destroy all this.
With new wisdom I returned to my material organism and closed the doors of my soul to every influence.
I was not open for anything now, only for the quiet and the silence of the ‘meadow’ and for the wisdom that gave me full spiritual consciousness.
My leader did not speak a word to me and I understood that too, he did not need to explain anything at all.
Soon I fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning, I felt wonderfully rested.
I summoned Dectar.
When he entered, he said: “Can my master accept that I am still living in space?”
It was clear to me that he spoke to me from space.
The masters followed us. He said: “The Gods gave me the great wings by which I was allowed to go ‘in’.”
My soul is filled with wisdom I received there; a wisdom which is mighty and deep, so that there is gratitude in me, joy and happiness, simplicity and humility and the feelings of the unborn child, that gave me this holy silence.
Is my master convinced that the mature consciousness means the destruction of this silence?
Can you accept, master of Isis, that it is ‘going in’, the experience of all these wonders?
How I trembled with emotion when I learned to know myself and when another consciousness came over me.
When I saw and felt how the Gods have created us, I understood that this is the only thing by which we will awaken.
That revelation suppressed my human feeling and day-consciousness and we went ‘in’ to receive the wonders, by which we understood what takes us back to God.
It is ‘Love’, Master of Isis, only ‘Love’ can make Isis great.
At the ‘meadow’ we came to full consciousness, as did all those who experienced the wonder like we did.
A crown has no significance when there is no love in those whose heads have been crowned.
The mighty thing that a winged person may enjoy beyond the earth, Master of Isis, concerns the immense view.
I know now that the things, which make us human beings great and happy, are only possible through life and mean ‘going in’.
He who neglects all those powers follows a dead end, because, if all souls live as we do, the time will come that there are no more souls on earth.
When we got to know that, we bowed our heads and entered the Temple of Love, and we were one with reality.
The Lotus lived in our hearts, and we were blessed.
After that, we returned to the material world and were allowed to sit on the clouds.
We floated through space on a couch of energy and power, until day was drawing near and we had to return to our house.
Myra says that crowns have no meaning, and that she is prepared to follow me and we will wait until our souls will be connected again and we will have acquired eternal ‘going in’.
We are ready, Master of Isis.
When the masters did not follow us anymore Dectar said to me:
“Is everything clear to you, dear Venry?”
“Everything, my friend, I too am very happy.
Will you see Myra again?”
“Our connection is ready, Venry, we will be one again when my heart so desires.”