The secret powers of Isis

“Come, let us go for a walk, I have a lot to tell you.
Mind you, Venry, thousands of thoughts will rush at you.
You will visit many worlds they know to exist, but are sometimes not aware of and then again, you are connected with reality.
That is why it is so horrible.
But do not pay any attention, you will soon be able to feel reality and then you will pretend to be very tired.”
“You are a Father to me, Dectar.
How can I ever make up for all this?”
“You are my brother, Venry, and I know your Father and Mother and love them both very much.
However, you will help me too, give me back my strength; I am lame.
When I feel what they want, I shall warn you.
According to me, these events happen too soon.
I told you that they have reached a deadlock, they cannot proceed and do not know what to do now.
Nevertheless, the Pharaoh invariably asks for new wisdom.
Go back to your cell, presently I will come for you, you must be very relaxed and prepare yourself.”
This ghastly reality frightened me.
I knelt down and prayed to my Mother and Ardaty.
I would always love him as my Father and I sent them all my love.
Afterwards I felt less anxious.
I now understood why Dectar sent me back to my cell.
There was fear in me.
Now I also understood my Mother and why she manifested herself to me, but especially my hatred of which she spoke and many things more.
What kind of monsters lived here around me?
I lived in criminal surroundings, I felt and saw nothing of pure love.
Did the priests and priestesses go through all these horrors?
I wanted to be ready; maybe it was good for my development.
Soon Dectar returned and said: “Are you a little more relaxed, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, I am ready again.”
“Let us go for a walk again, but now listen well and do not forget to think of our own weapon.
You should know, Venry, that this is a very difficult test.
You can already disembody, and your concentration is keen.
They skip many years now.
In the darkness, I experienced that unclean animals gnawed at my body until I was unconscious and of course did not feel anything anymore.
Next I woke up and experienced other events.
My cell, the room in which these things happened, was on fire and I cried for help.
But nobody heard me.
When I cried for help, I was already ruined.
Subsequently, I went through other events.
I was on a large river in a small boat.
Everything was quiet, there was no wind, and the water was very tranquil.
But presently the sky darkened, a strong wind was setting up which turned into a hurricane.
Of course I perished, Venry, waves washed over me and I disappeared into the depths.
Yet I woke up and lived.
In this way I experienced several events. I repeatedly lost consciousness, and that was not good and quite wrong.”
“What is the meaning of that, Dectar?”
“The priests or priestesses must prevent all this by concentration and remain themselves.
There are no snakes and other terrible phenomena, no storms, no fire is burning you, those are thoughts, Venry, only thoughts of the masters, brought to life by their concentration, which you experienced as reality.
If you are not yet ready, Venry, this is the very development, which is infallible to strengthen your will and make it powerful.
So we must be able to stop that fire, to control a storm, no snake is powerful enough to reach us.
No creatures should be able to stun you, nothing, Venry, can happen if you are ready, and want to attain priesthood.
But I and many others came out broken; our strength was entirely exhausted, we were spiritually worn out, so that months passed before we could start our work again.”
“Did you enter again later, Dectar?”
“Certainly, did I not want to attain priesthood?
Two years later I was ready, Venry.
Others tried again and again and never succeeded.”
“Then what happens, Dectar?”
“After three tests they may go, but their lives will then be ruined.
They lost everything, gave everything in one go, and have nothing left.
Their souls are completely worn out within a short time, Venry.
They experienced a great many years at once and collapsed.
They experienced everything or nothing.
Well then, they were empty, there was nothing left in them to encourage them to live on.
They experienced a law, Venry, it means failing, failing completely or be a King in thought.
But when they achieve this they have a lot of wisdom and power and that makes them great.
For that purpose they sacrifice their lives.”
“Is it the same in other Temples, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, but this one is perfect in this respect, and who receives priesthood here is really a priest.
However, Isis is dying, it lives between good and evil and will perish through evil.
Isis breaks itself down, the holy of holies has been lost for years.
Now please do not say or think anything for a moment, Venry.”
We walked on for a while and then Dectar said: “There is always danger, Venry, right now we are being followed.”
“Did you prepare several pupils, Dectar?”
“Yes, but many came out insane, Venry.
Others became priests and are now masters in other Temples, to teach there too.”
“Do the high priests not know that pupils collapse, Dectar?”
“Of course they do, they know everything and can know everything.
The first time they stop and after several days, the pupils come out again.
Later on, however, the second or third time, it is all or nothing.
Then those terrible things happen, Venry, of which I told you.
There is neither life or death in them, they are entirely worn out, physically and mentally broken.
But it is their own will.”
“Have you been able to talk with all the others in the same way to prepare them, Dectar?”
“Yes, but it was no good. They fell and collapsed or became a priest.
You lose yourself and are not aware of anything anymore, whether you are alive or are already in that other life.
You do not know anything anymore, whether it is day or night, nothing, your mind is completely empty, and yet you must remain yourself.
Besides, all those other things which make you collapse.”
“And that cannot be achieved, Dectar?”
“Did I not become a priest, Venry?
If you remain yourself, nothing can happen.
You defy them all, you have gifts, and you defy all those masters, Venry, for you are a master yourself.
I failed and collapsed too and many more times afterwards in my cell, but then, Venry, I became a master for I remained myself.
And as a result of what, my friend?
No, you cannot know that.
I became a small child, Venry, a very small child, without thoughts, and yet very strong and big, even grown up.
However, there was no fire, no vermin, no love, for I had no notion of them, nothing could then reach me, and yet I was everything, as you have experienced.
In this, dear Venry, you must try to find your own way, for I still do not know what method they now apply.
Not everybody experiences the same,
and it is up to you to be strong in that other world.”
“Is it that dangerous over there, Dectar?”
“Did you not you feel those powers in your youth?
That being was just a small child in comparison with others.
They are hideous.”
“Is that what I have to prepare myself for, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, and do not think too lightly about it.
For what is the use of a winged being to the masters if he collapses?
Who is made insane for months, even years on end?
This insanity, Venry, is not as bad as all that, for it can be healed, but the personality is destroyed, everything is lost and that during one journey.
Just one moment out of the material body will suffice.
Then we are powerless too and cannot do anything for this being, because this soul has been ruined for this life.
When they die they will live on there and wait for a new birth.
However, they may have to wait for centuries, Venry, before they return.
Those centuries are necessary for the soul to recover.”
“What do they know here about these laws, Dectar?”
“We know very much, Venry, and I have to learn the rest.
If you want to be ready for the large tests I have to tell you everything about them, but that will come later.
There were priests who endured darkness, Venry, but when they were in space they collapsed.
There were also those who could not return again and then death immediately occurred.”
“During the test, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, where else?
they collapsed during this very test.”
“And could the masters not withdraw them, to earth I mean?”
“You need not be so outspoken, Venry, one word and I will understand you.
No, that was not possible anymore.
On that side, there were thousands of demons and they retained the priest there, thus cutting off earthly life.
Dead in a short time and we can do nothing for them.
Against that the masters are also powerless.”
“I now understand the danger, Dectar, but we are being helped, and our aide will surely know what is possible.
Besides I am ready now.”
“You see, Venry, I rely on that, but we have to realize full well what we can do ourselves.
Otherwise I would beseech you: Do nothing, you are tired, let everything come over you, so that darkness cannot yet defeat you.
And that is the very intention, and we will go on for some years to prepare ourselves.
They will have to wait as well, the pharaoh included.
But there is more, Venry.
Around this Temple is an astral wall, and every cell is also surrounded by a wall of power.”
“Now what is that again, Dectar?”
“You do not yet know all this, Venry, and you may only know now.
There is an astral wall around your own cell.
I know you have already been beyond it
for you came to see me, Venry, but then you were being helped, otherwise we would have received our castigation, or we would have been followed quietly.
That is why I understood we were being helped, and I knew for sure that a strong power was present so that I understood a lot.
The masters were not there then but someone else must have stayed in your cell, for they feel that immediately.
This makes me feel confident, Venry.”
“So you think that somebody guarded, Dectar?”
“Of course, Venry.
And when you receive this help in the darkness we can wait quietly.
Do not forget, though, that you must learn, in space you cannot live on other powers; that would be much simpler but is not possible.
Nobody has yet been capable of breaking through the astral walls without Isis and the masters.
That is the mighty secret of the masters.
None of us could go where he wanted, we are and remain closed off in our cells.
It is impossible to experience things beyond the masters.
We can only disembody when we are under their control, but then you cannot think of anything else.”
“When I am there, Dectar, and I would meet my Mother, can I not tell her a thing?”
“No, Venry, that is out of the question, it is they who travel, not you, they force you to listen.”
“How terrible.”
“It is, Venry,
but now there will be a possibility, my friend.
I have every hope that you will break all this down, otherwise, we will both perish.
That is why we should not hurry.
We must build our resistance up very carefully, work at it every hour, ever proceeding consciously, deeper and deeper, otherwise, we will advance too quickly, Venry, and that is wrong.
They want wisdom, but through you, hence this hurry.”
“Why is this wall around Isis and our cells, Dectar?”
“Because the masters want to keep all secrets and powers in their hands.
Not one priest possesses power.
No one is capable of telling others about these laws outside Isis.
If we were not connected, believe me, not a word, not a thought could be in me, or the astral poison would enter my soul and kill me.
I would be fed to the animals because of what I said, and when someone else decides, I will be blinded for the rest of my life, or my organism will be paralysed.
Isis, my friend, remains Isis, those who enter here will have to observe the laws or die.
A slow destruction is possible, we shall perish through dominating powers.”
“But if you flee, Dectar?”
“No, Venry, that is not possible.
Wherever you are, you will never be safe anywhere.
They can even reach you in the other life.
Demons are living there who work for the masters and do something for Isis.
They serve Isis.
But they all represent evil or darkness, but they just happen to be there now.
These are the secret laws of Isis, but there are still more, Venry.
Those who rebel will perish.
However, my friend, he who destroys all these powers is a great master who can only appear once.
Here the masters are supreme, Venry.
That is why our task is very heavy.
If we succeed in warding off this danger, the Gods will be most grateful to us.
If a priest can begin a different life, Venry, Isis will be worth retaining its place.
However, all those who cannot achieve what they intended will be broken.
That is why the astral wall is a spiritual but mighty construction in their hands.
Hundreds of priests smashed against it.
Many priestesses collapsed physically and spiritually, they and their young ones.
They passed away too early, their young lives were defiled, and their hearts broken.
You see, dear Venry, only for that reason do I want to live.
In this respect, I do not know any danger and I must and shall watch.
We must accomplish this, Venry.
I am prepared to sacrifice myself, my friend. Isis must be cleared from all evil.
That is why you are on earth, and the Gods will help us, because we both want to serve.
You asked me a minute ago whether there is any danger outside Isis.
Well, my friend, if you want to go to the other end of the world and flee from Isis, take it from me, dear Venry, death will come after you and much quicker than you think.
It comes to you and breaks your heart.
I know all these laws, I have prayed to be allowed to know them.
Consequently, I can also help you this time.
We are walking here now and you feel nothing.
But when I tell you that right here where we are an astral poison is present in space that can reach us, you can accept that.
The masters build an invisible and poisonous wall; we pass through it and are unaware of anything.
Of course, they only build this wall when they know something about us.
However, those who pass through it, materially or spiritually, will die very soon.
This aura is fatal.
Should it not be necessary for the fatal activity to be imposed, but for example insanity, then a strange lunacy will come over you.
However, there are many more possibilities to destroy people.
If they arrive at the decision to maim them, no power on earth can discourage them.
If you have to perish as the result of a terrible sickness, you will contract that disease and very soon.
Your breath is cut off and you are blinded within a few seconds.
Is it clear to you, Venry, that all these powers are lethal?
Those who think that they can resist these laws are goners, or should be able to destroy them, but they are seven.
That might still be possible but that person must be a miracle, one out of millions of priests.
In addition there are astral priests, those who lived a similar life here or somewhere else and who are now their assistants.”
“If I understand you correctly, Dectar, we will never reach our aim.”
“If you had understood me well, dear Venry, you would never speak such words.
He who faces such an event, my brother, and speaks in this way is already lost.
Right now, you are your own slave.
Do you think, dear Venry, that Dectar risks his own life?
That he puts his precious life into your hands and receives nothing, nothing in return?
Would you think that I could speak in this way?
There is help and a mighty help at that, dear Venry.
You will receive a weapon, only you, Venry, because all these powers are in you.
Should the Gods want this to happen, nothing can stop us, or we would be destroyed as well.
I see my prayers, my thoughts, my feelings, and everything I ask the Gods answered.
I want to serve and when I do so, help will be on its way and I will receive those powers.
How and wherever this help may be, it will and must come.
The Gods do not stand for any nonsense; one day they will take action and this interference is miraculous, but quite different from what we think.
A child can then perform wonders and break the laws of Isis.
If it is to happen, I will receive these powers.
Should it not be necessary in this life then in the next one,
but I serve and will go on serving.
One day the Gods will feel what I want and send me their help.
I have been able to follow you from your youth.
Even then, I knew that I, I only, Venry, would receive help.
How I yearned to be allowed to know this help.
Then I saw you and I was no longer able to control myself.
I asked the Gods for forgiveness and they answered my prayer.
No, dear Venry, a thousand times no, it is you; you will be able to achieve anything, because you are the instrument of higher powers.
These powers have protected me, your parents, and yourself, already, during your youth, which was a great miracle.
This assistance, dear boy, comes straight from that world and concerns one law; the law called ‘Love’.
This law is supreme, everything else is merely appearance, and is the sentiment of many villains.
But they will perish one day.
To be able to draw from that, Venry, and serve this aim, believe me, is a great mercy as it is, and can only be mercy.
Now I am myself again, Venry, presently you will know what that means.
You will see me in various shapes, but keep in mind that I saved my own life in this way.
Feel correctly and try to understand me in this respect too.
I laid my own life in your hands, and I know that I have to help you; however, once I will receive.
Isis is mighty; power is also present outside Isis.
In later centuries, dear friend, the people on earth will experience how mighty the astral laws are.
Who, after us, follows this out of curiosity, is a dead man, and the one who does not know these laws will die sooner or later, but die he will.
Because of what, Venry?
Only due to the magic laws, for they are lethal.
You are sucked dry from afar; they pierce your heart. That weapon is their concentration and strong will.
I can heal a sick person at a distance, but also kill, such is the infallibility of my concentration.
When a priest is ordered to kill, no poison, brute force, or any other weapon is needed.
Only thoughts, the spiritual weapon we possess, Venry, which we acquired in the darkness.
There it is all or nothing, well, we want everything, everything.”
“You are a miracle, Dectar.”
“My mental power is limited, otherwise, the astral laws would not keep me imprisoned either.
But we achieve our aim, Venry, I rely on your aide.
If you want to see an immense space and receive the wisdom from there, be a King in thought, so that you give this Temple a new garment, then, dear Venry, you must be completely conscious of yourself and know what you can do yourself and what is impossible.
The masters are not perfect either, for in their being one is a weakness we have come to know already.
They do not think of us, to them honour, fame, gold, silver, and many other pleasant things mean everything.
But by you, the naturally gifted person only.
If I would possess a heavenly power and could change the winds into storms, believe me, dear Venry, no stone would be left unturned.
I would like to smash them all.
But the Gods do not want that, because they keep such powers in their own hands, for we would not know what to do with them.”
“I think, Dectar, that you will soon come for me.”
“Do those feelings come over you, Venry?
Do you feel them beyond yourself?”
“Yes, Dectar.”
“Then may come what must.
You will know how to act, and there is no fear in me.”
“So the masters will open me spiritually, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, but there are still other gifts in you.
They are as yet untouched. One of them was your jump over the abyss.
These are material gifts, I do not know yet whether they will be developed,
but if they are, you will see wonders.
It is also possible that your gifts will automatically become conscious.
However, that will be later.
The spiritual gifts are the more important ones, by these powers they could accomplish wonders, if they would not lie and deceive and think of themselves.
Only reality can make this Temple great, but now they cannot proceed any further.”
We walked on, when we suddenly heard a terrible roaring.
Dectar dashed to one of the pens where two lions were locked up.
The animals attacked each other and tried to tear each other apart.
They tumbled over the floor, bit each other and drew blood.
Dectar did not hesitate for a second, opened the cage door, and stood between them.
Next, I saw that his eyes concentrated on those of one of the animals and it crawled away at once.
Within a few seconds he had calmed the lions down and said:
“When we were here, Venry, I already felt that this would happen.
They should not do that again, otherwise I shall have to take other measures, for I dearly love them both.
They would have to be parted then and I would deeply regret that.”
Dectar talked to the animals and they came up to him.
“How can you be so angry, Wolta,
you are the stronger one and are very, very clever.
How can you forget yourself so completely?
Must I get angry?
But you are sorry, are you not?
Do you want to be put in the darkness?”
“You see, Venry, now I cannot follow Wolta anymore.
The animal closes itself off from me
and that makes me sad.
I can feel the toads in their slow movement and I know this sluggishness, Venry. But these animals can think and feel so quickly.
Deep down in them, other animals live, and I cannot see them.
Can you see them, Venry?
Just look and try to follow them.
When I can observe this, they will obey me in every respect.
The pharaoh also wants to know that, and they want to attain that through you.
Here there are no priests who can see this; it is very difficult indeed.
Wolta is very sweet but if the other animals awake in it, it is no longer itself.”
I understood what Dectar asked me. I had observed it before.
I adjusted myself to the animal, and I saw several species of animals in it. I said: “I see these animals, Dectar.
Did Wolta eat all those animals?”
Dectar smiled at me and answered: “He did not, Venry, this has no meaning, but you see, go on and keep control of everything, control them, Venry, for that is a great wonder too.
It makes me very happy, Venry, I request that you continue.”
“In this animal, Dectar, there are other species, for the soul of Wolta lived in other bodies.
I look back through many centuries and visit other countries.
When I go back further, I find myself in the water, Wolta lived in it but as another species.
The soul proceeded, Dectar, ever further and received a new body each time, so many that I cannot count them.
I cannot follow them now; perhaps I can when I have departed from my body.
My own body interferes for I cannot move, because the space is too restricted and I have to disembody.
What I saw now disappears before my eyes and dissolves.”
“Splendid, Venry, now I shall get to know Wolta and those other animals.
To be able to see into that is mighty.”
The animals were quiet again and we went on.
“When you can see in this way, Venry, we shall receive fresh wisdom.
None of us can, for it is very deep.
How much is there between life and death that we know nothing about?
That is where the mighty secret of our life on earth resides, and the high priests want to know that.
In whatever world you may come, Venry, for there are many, this is most indispensable.
Then I will know all animals, although there are thousands of species, and I will know where they have been and to what families they once belonged.
Should you be able to see how everything was born, Venry, our wisdom will be still greater and you will receive even more than I predicted.
Indeed, dear Venry, we know very much, but knowing all those other things is wonderful.
We people have to conquer all those lives, so has Wolta.
When those animals come over Wolta it rebels, though it is not aware of it.
I can see several shapes in the animal, which are those animals forming part of its soul, we human beings experience it too.”