The death of Iseues

I asked him to be so kind as to receive me; I hoped that he wanted to see me one final time.
I sent him my desire from feeling to feeling but he let me wait. In the evening I was called.
The day before we had been at the court, my leader showed new wonders as a result of which I achieved what Iseues had never been able to.
He returned to the Temple as an old man.
I went up to him, and asked:
“Father of Isis, may your pupil help you?
I am ready for you with all the powers I have, if, you will accept my assistance.
My hands will raise you and you will be strong again and ready to make Isis great.
All priests wish you happiness and strength.”
I received no answer.
His eyes were bloodshot and I understood what he had done to himself.
For a brief period of time, he had adjusted a deadly suggestion to himself,
and in this way, he finished his own life.
Next, he said to me: “I do not choose your poison.”
I remained quiet and answered: “Not for yourself, Father of Isis, but you had enough for my dear Mother and me.
And you see, I am alive.”
He looked at me, sat up in his couch and shouted: “Go away from me, you satan, what are you doing here?”
“I have come to help you.
Did you recognize me?
Dear Iseues, I am your child but I have no inherited properties from you, my blood is not injected, outwardly and inwardly I resemble my dear Mother.
Even your material poison remained far from me, for Ardaty was a master.”
“Go away, you satan.”
“Indeed, Father Iseues, now you see clearly, a star rests on my head, my Mother was a princess; when I am with the King I live in my own house.
Why do the animals come to me?
They belong to me, Father Iseues, for they are my Mother’s.
The Gods wanted me to receive them back and you have been able to follow that.
Nevertheless, Father of Isis, now that you know who I am, I humbly bow my head to you.
I come to my Father as a child and student priest and as a high priest.
In all these personalities, I want to assist you with everything that is in me.
I ask your forgiveness, I will make up for everything and forget, but the Temple of Isis will radiate, I must purge it from all poison.
The spiritual fire scorched your wings and you fell down like a meteorite stone.
But is it my will?
You do not want to live any more because that cowardice resides in you.
Cowardice and emptiness, that is all that is in you.
Youth will triumph, Father Iseues, because the Gods so wish.
Yet I ask you:
Will you accept my help?
Can you forgive me?”
“Go away, darkness may come over you and yours.
Your Mother asked me to make her my soul and she ...”
He did not get any further.
I jumped at him, but was suddenly stopped.
Between us stood my Mother and with her was Ardaty.
She said to me: “My dear boy, would you really want to destroy everything?
Do you want to burn your wings because the fire of hatred comes over you?
You descend into hatred, dear Venry, and I warned you against it.
Is that following what made you great?
Is that being grateful?
Is there Love in my child?
Can I now be proud of you, dear Venry?
Never do that, my boy, you degrade yourself.
Return to yourself, Venry.
You cannot help him if he does not want your assistance.
In our world they are left to themselves until they bow their heads and are prepared to accept our help and start a different life.
Go, my child, and finish your work.
There is nothing left for you to do here.
He will go ‘in’, dear Venry, because he wants to; no one can stop him.
Do you see Ardaty?
He smiles at you and we are very happy.
Some day Lyra and you will be with us forever, dear Venry.
My dear boy, go back to your work, your master is waiting for you.
We will also return, for all danger is over now and you do not need my help anymore.
The God of all of us guards his children, him too.
Goodbye, my dear Venry.
Do give our regards to Dectar.
Goodbye, my boy.”
I left, his poison followed me, but it did not harm me any more.
I had forgiven him everything and was prepared to help him, but he did not need my help.
The next morning we embalmed him and he was interred.
The pharaoh summoned me.
I now became the Father of the Temple.
Yet, my leader wanted him to appoint my successor.
Master Sma would become my successor.
The other priests accepted me.
In the years that went by, we finished our mighty work.
We described the physical and mental mysteries and in addition, my own experiences which I had been allowed to receive through my leader.
When we had finished, I presented this immense work to the pharaoh. The Head of Egypt would keep it; the new Isis was in his possession.
I had dismantled the old ‘Isis’ through higher powers together with Dectar and the others who followed us.
We were very happy, satisfied, and waited for new events.