My first conscious disembodiment by concentration of will

Dectar returned to me and said: “You see, Venry, we now skip the years other pupils have to go through.
We can use your gifts right now.
We attained this by thinking and feeling, but they need ten years and some of them fifteen.
There are also pupils who achieve nothing at all.
Now I will try to put you to sleep and then you must tell me from that other world what you see.
Would you like that, Venry?”
“I should like to, Dectar;
just tell me what I must do.”
“Lie quietly down on your back and make your mind completely empty.”
“Do I remain conscious, Dectar?”
“That is the intention, Venry.
In that other world you will be conscious and you will begin to see, but your body will be asleep.
You have experienced it, have you not?”
Dectar looked at me and I asked: “Did you follow me, Dectar?”
“Do you not you realize that I am your master, Venry?”
“I am very grateful to you, Dectar.
You are a learned priest.”
“You will speak to me from that world, Venry.
Do you feel that this is possible?”
“Yes, Dectar, I understand you.”
“Well then, when you are there I am going to ask you questions.
The masters will do so tomorrow, but then we shall be prepared.”
I laid down; Dectar sat at my feet and concentrated on me.
I immediately began to feel tired and sleep overwhelmed me.
I sank deeper and deeper and became unconscious.
My organism had now attained a condition of trance, which in fact meant nothing but being asleep.
Next, I began to see.
I saw light around me.
I descended into my own organism and followed the working of my heart.
I subsequently saw my blood circulation and the activity of the lungs, but the activity was reduced to five percent, because I myself was the driving force, the inner life of my material organism.
I experienced this curious sensation several times.
Time and again, I descended into my body to follow the working of all organs.
That way I saw that the blood circulation accelerated, the heart beat faster and my body gradually activated.
I caused this working, I who now lived outside the organism.
My whole body was illuminated inwardly and this power it owed to Dectar’s concentration, as a result of which, all organs became visible.
He asked me what I saw and I heard him say: “Do you hear me, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, very clearly.”
My mouth spoke these words by adjusting my will and concentration to the organs; next, by uttering my feelings.
This was a new wonder to me again, a new experience I had not known before.
It was miraculous.
Dectar said: “You should concentrate better and speak more clearly, Venry.
Do you feel what I mean, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, for I see how this speech takes place.
The vocal chords receive this power and working from me.
I see a cord, Dectar, which runs from me to my material body.
I am connected with it; you are no doubt familiar with it.
When I think and want to talk it goes automatically, the cord relays my feelings and will.
It passes them on to the other organs, of which the brains are part, those brains make my mouth pronounce what I feel and want to say in the world I am now living in.”
“Excellent, Venry, you are perfect right now, it is a miracle,
and that without school or education, it is splendid and you spoke to me clearly.”
He continued: “You should use as few words as possible, Venry, speak very briefly, but explain everything clearly.”
“Does this concern the tests, Dectar?”
“During the tests we must try to be very accurate, Venry.
Only see what they ask you to see, nothing else.
Can you leave, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, I will go to your room.”
“No, do not, Venry, not yet, maybe later, we may not leave your own room.”
“I will stay, Dectar.”
Now I strolled about in my own cell and tried to touch Dectar from my world.
He felt that at once and saw what I did.
“Very good, Venry, you are highly gifted.
Now descend into me and see.”
When I concentrated on Dectar I began to see and observed an old scar where his flesh had been torn by an animal.
I even saw that event and also that Dectar had been in great danger.
This had happened at Isis as many as fifteen years ago.
When I told him what I saw he called out: “It is all absolutely correct, Venry, excellent;
now look into my head.”
When I adjusted myself to his head I felt a violent stress come over me.
I saw all the tissues very clearly, as well as the brains and their working.
And there I felt and saw the disturbance.
I observed this disturbance and took it over from him.
It was caused by the head nerves.
It was clear to me that I could free him from it.
“Lie down, Dectar.”
He lay down on the floor.
I descended into the tissues and followed the nervous system.
By concentrating on it, I saw where the disturbance was located.
I irradiated this spot and made magnetizing stroking movements.
Dectar suffered agonies.
The tissues had swollen, and the swelling of these delicate tissues caused pain.
I saw a complicated web before me,
and in it, which was formed by the vital organs, I saw the disturbance.
To that end, I had to follow the entire organism.
By concentration and thinking I removed the nervous stress which had accumulated by exhaustion.
In this way, I followed one organ after another and descended deep into the phenomenon.
When I had finished the pains disappeared after some time, and Dectar felt completely free of them.
Although I had achieved a lot, I felt that this could not happen all at once.
Dectar said: “I am very glad, Venry, right now your perception and following of my organism are perfect.”
I now felt the power in me, which enabled me to heal sick persons.
I very clearly saw the source of the illness and its activity, as well as the cause which automatically entered my own organism and which I could even feel in this life.
I could not possibly err.
I could infallibly diagnose the illness; that was beyond any doubt.
What I saw and experienced lived in Dectar, and I could see that life.
Dectar let me feel that I had to return.
But before I prepared to do so I heard him say: “Just try to return slowly, Venry.
What you will observe then is miraculous, but while returning you must pay proper attention to your own material body, then you will feel how you reactivate the organism again yourself, so bring it to life and working.
Next you will wake up.”
I followed this event and slowly returned into my own body.
The organs accelerated their working until normal conditions were restored, then I lived in my own body again and opened my eyes.
I was on earth again.
“It is a great wonder, Dectar.”
“A very great wonder, Venry, though at the same time quite simple and natural, for we people are no different.
However, we know the soul and all its powers.
Do you know how long it took before I had advanced that far?”
“I do not know, Dectar.”
“Seven years passed, Venry, seven long years and yet I am naturally gifted.
Now look at yourself.”
“Shall I be able to heal, Dectar?”
“Those gifts are in you, Venry, but I think they will make no use of them.”
“Why not, Dectar?”
“Well, Venry, that is very simple.
We all can heal, but what you have, no one else has.
It is known here that actually we cannot help man at all.
In his non-consciousness, Venry, man attracts his own illnesses.
If we could spiritually develop all these people, we would achieve much more than healing all these sicknesses, which after all will recur again.
They invariably attract some disease or other, mostly because of their non-conscious life.
The soul has this power, Venry.
I know what is wrong with me now, it is my own fault.
But this does not alter the fact that these phenomena have come to me as a result of my inner feeling and thinking.
In fact, I overburdened all these organs.
For a period of time, it went alright, Venry, but then my material resistance was broken and the illness came over me.
All sicknesses, however terrible they may occasionally be, are fed by inner life.
We have been able to follow this clearly.
An accident, dear Venry, is a very different thing.
If all these human beings were conscious and could accept that the soul possesses everything, that they could adjust like we can, they wouldn’t have any illnesses.”
“That is a wonder too, Dectar.”
“This is quite natural, Venry.
Now that the masters know this and see that the great wings are within you, I think that they will not order me to develop you in that respect.
We shall stop now and go to sleep, Venry.
Tomorrow we shall continue.”
Dectar left and I fell asleep.