At the court of the pharaoh

When I woke up the next morning, I felt completely relaxed.
Dectar would come for me.
It was already known for miles around that a great wonder had happened at Isis and that this wonder belonged to a still very young priest.
Dectar sent me these thoughts and I was most grateful to him.
Our being one was normal again; he could not have presented me with greater joy.
After a little while he entered.
“Is my brother ready and completely relaxed, Venry?
We are expected and must go.”
“Will you follow me in everything, Dectar?
You will see Myra; I will take her to you.
I received a message, which you will rejoice, Dectar.
I may pick a flower for Myra; it is the wish of our master.
You must be prepared for that, Dectar.”
“You make me so happy, Venry, and thank him in my name, for he gave me the great light.
And now we must go, they are waiting for us.”
The bearers were ready.
I would take a seat beside the Father of Isis; the others would follow us.
I looked at Dectar and through him; he felt and understood me.
A holy bond was ours; we were completely one between ‘life and death’.
Soon we reached the palace.
The pharaoh’s servants approached the masters and led us to the Monarch.
I went beside the Father of Isis, but did not allow myself to think of anything concerning myself, Dectar or Isis.
I followed him blindly and we entered the reception room where the pharaoh and his consort waited for us.
The Head of Egypt approached and welcomed us.
Two leopards accompanied him, they were beautiful animals and they followed him wherever he went.
I had learned from Dectar that the priests of Isis had trained them so that they, like all other animals in the Temple, had learned to obey a strong and powerful will adjusted by concentration.
“I welcome all of you.
Dear Iseues, I am very grateful to you for the great wonders you created.
If there is anything I can do for you I will gladly comply.”
While I admired the leopards
a sudden feeling came over me, which forced me to follow the animals.
The pharaoh looked at me, but the supreme priest sent me his poison, which I caught and felt.
The pharaoh said to the Father of Isis: “It would appear to me that the Gods of Isis present those who can perform wonders also with other gifts that place them beyond all life and the laws, which we shall take cognisance of.”
To me he said: “I greet you, priest of Isis, you are welcome in my house.
I see that my animals are your friends and you should highly appreciate this. Their training has taught them not to do so, but I see other powers in you with which you were blessed.
I understand that you are a particularly gifted priest.”
The animals caressed me and when the pharaoh saw this he turned to his retinue and said to his consort and his sister: “Behold, a great miracle, a young man and already a priest of Isis.
The Gods gave him the great wings and a mighty view and yet he is still like a child.
As you see, the animals extended their friendship to him and all of you know what this means.
They greet him very ardently.”
Then the pharaoh said to me: “You may come to us whenever you want, priest of Isis, my house is yours.”
Subsequently, all sat down and a profound discussion followed.
The pharaoh and his consort thanked me for the spiritual flower I had presented to them.
It had dissolved in time and they had witnessed this wonder.
The Queen asked to be allowed to see more, after which the pharaoh invited us all for the great harvest-festival, which would soon be celebrated, so that I could show them still more wonders, if the Gods would be with them.
Then they asked me questions; the first one of the King was:
“According to the masters, priest of Isis, are you conscious of the wonders which occur through your gifts?”
I adjusted myself to my leader and answered: “If I did not know the laws, great pharaoh, I would be spiritually blind and the wonder would mean my destruction or veil my garment in darkness, but there is light and the inspiration is mighty.”
There was profound silence.
The Queen had been able to follow me and asked: “You speak of happiness and wisdom, priest of Isis, but is it night when you see all those wonders, the laws that are very deep, and for which we must thank the Gods?”
I was prepared and answered: “Day and night are one, wise Queen, as are ‘Death’ and ‘Life’ which are seen in those other worlds and that are the growing and flowering, the feeling and thinking of all life.”
“Have you been able to observe those wonders when fully conscious?”
“Light and darkness came over me and ‘Death’ said that it was good, but ‘Life’ followed both of us and dominated.”
For a long time, no questions were asked.
The pharaoh spoke to the supreme priest and asked: “Dear Iseues, is this way of speaking new to Isis?”
My Father saved himself by saying: “We think, great pharaoh, that the Gods present us with new laws, as this way of speaking is new to Isis.”
The princes, princesses and the sister of the pharaoh came nearer and listened attentively, but the supreme priest sent me his hatred.
However, I was quite myself, my leader was present.
The Queen subsequently asked: “Priest of Isis, what do you feel when you experience these wonders through the Gods?”
“The feeling which is in me, wise Queen, is the feeling and thinking of a child, which has not yet been born.
Silence and rest come over me.
I experience the wonders when my being one is perfect.”
They all lost the firm ground under their feet and floated with me in space.
My Father thought he should darken the light in me and said: “Can you explain your feelings so that we feel the earth and everything that belongs to us, but are still there and able to follow the Gods?”
They all looked at me. My Father seemed very pleased about his question and his thoughts were ‘answer me, young man.’
Dectar trembled, but I put him at ease when I answered: “Great Master, Father of Isis, can you accept when I tell you that darkness dominates here while the sun nevertheless shines, that the Gods live here and connect me with the laws?”
He reflected and said: “Does that explain my question?”
I was prepared and answered: “Is it possible for you to adjust your feelings and concentration?
Do you know then that being far away means being near?
That you must lose yourself if you want to get to know and experience the laws?
Could you warn your mother against misfortune when you slept in her and the growth process developed?
What do words say, what are sentences, what does a language mean, when the feeling is in us?
Why ask if the answer represents your own life?
Why look for warmth and wisdom when eternal life has been given you?”
An awkward silence fell and the pharaoh said: “Dear Iseues, the Gods want us to prepare ourselves, to understand and feel what they have to tell us.
Do you not think that my thoughts explain what has been said?”
But the supreme priest was himself and answered: “Should the Gods come a little nearer, great pharaoh, everything would change and what they say would concern the earth on which we live, our mind will understand and the winged will fade away.”
The pharaoh understood him and tried to suppress a smile.
“Dear Iseues, is there discontent in you that you force the Gods to come somewhat nearer, and to us?
Do you consider that the means by which they speak are too far away?”
My Father was rebellious, which amused the pharaoh as well as all those present.
Our fight of blood against blood, youth against old age, had now commenced.
But he was himself and answered:
“There are many worlds between life and death, great pharaoh, of which none of us knows anything yet, but which we might be allowed to observe.”
I understood his answer, the pharaoh also accepted it, but his feelings and thoughts were different.
I bowed deeply to the Queen and said: “The Gods tell me, wise Queen, that I must show you the forces and powers which are experienced between life and death as laws.
None of you know the laws and you will accept them from the Gods, because they will be shown to you.”
I stood in their midst and they listened with rapt attention to the words I now spoke to all of them.
“As you see my hands are empty.
Here, in this room, I see beautiful fruits, but they are invisible to you.
Therefore, I look into a different world in which the Gods live.
The Gods now want me to pick some fruits for you so that the wonder will happen before your eyes.”
I turned to the supreme priest and said: “Do you see, Father of Isis, that I am one with the Gods?
Can you see all this beautiful life?
Do you see these lovely flowers before you?”
The pharaoh asked the supreme priest: “Is it true what he says?”
My Father saw nothing and answered: “We got to know priests in the Temple who thought they could see.
I do not see that world, great pharaoh.”
I looked at the Queen, stretched my hands, walked up to her and I felt an enormous power come over me. I was connected with the wonder.
I saw the fruits before me and picked them, brought them to the earth at the same moment and all saw the wonder happen.
The spiritual fruits lay in my hands full of delicious juice and I offered them to the Queen with the words that my leader wanted me to say: “The Gods beg you to accept this wonder and to taste the fruits before their eyes.
The Gods ask you whether the fruits are genuine and natural.
Eternal life cannot be surpassed in richness, and the Gods feel your emotion, for the wonder is mighty.
If there is true love in you, great Queen, the Gods expect all of you to awaken; your view will then be that you see the wonder and taste these fruits that live here and with which space is filled.
If the childish consciousness is in you, you will be able to observe all these wonders so that happiness will enter your house.
We live in it, wise Queen, although we think that they are only thoughts, for that consciousness also originates from it.
My concentration consists of thoughts, aimed at this wonder, of being one and feeling, but all these wonders happen by my gifts, which were given to me by the Gods.”
The Queen was deeply moved; a heavenly silence fell.
The pharaoh also accepted a fruit which I offered him and his sister; the princes and princesses held their hands up, they also received.
However, the priests of Isis and the supreme priest felt defeated.
Dectar’s eyes shone for happiness and joy.
I immediately adjusted myself to another wonder.
I said to all those present: “The Gods want another wonder to occur.”
I concentrated on my leader, for it was he who wanted me to make Dectar happy and to connect him with his soul.
I now became one with my leader. I saw that other world before me, picked a snow-white flower, brought it down on earth and said to the Pharaoh: “Great pharaoh, the Gods want me to present this flower to your sister.” At the same time, I handed the flower over to Myra.
She bowed deeply for the wonder, looked at me and spoke to me from feeling to feeling: “Master, oh Father Taiti, I see Dectar.”
“You see my master there”, I answered so that everyone could hear, “I received all these wonders through my master.
May I take Master Dectar to you?”
“Gladly, priest of Isis, with the greatest pleasure.”
I brought Dectar to her; two souls were connected and united to one life.
The pharaoh and his consort thought it miraculous.
Dectar spoke with his eternal love.
There was happiness around me, only the supreme priest acted mysteriously.
The animals joined me and I played with them.
Myra and Dectar were one and Myra’s dream was reality.
Dectar’s feelings and desires, his going through all those powers as a priest came also true.
His thinking and feeling were the pure and natural consciousness, which he had acquired in all those lives.
The pharaoh said to me: “Priest of Isis, we saw wonders, which are only given once.
We thank the Gods of Isis for having been allowed to see these wonders.
We have been allowed to experience the descent from their heavens; from the wonders, we see that the Gods are in our midst.
You bring happiness in our house, your blood is blessed; I would like to see the star of our house on your head.
We are most grateful to the Gods and to you.”
The Queen then said: “If you wish, priest of Isis, come to us and tell me and the princesses of all these wonders.”
A feeling of fright came over me; my leader had spoken of that, but I answered: “Wise Queen, if the Gods so wish I will soon return here.”
I subsequently turned to the pharaoh and asked: “Do you allow me, great Pharaoh, to leave now?”
He answered: “It never happened before, priest of Isis, that my guests leave when they so wish, but the Gods will know why they decide in this way; I resign to their decision.
I bless the moment of your arrival and wait for the events which will happen at Isis.”
There was profound silence.
The pharaoh subsequently turned to the supreme priest and said: “Dear Iseues, I raise this priest to a high priest of Isis and I think that the Gods sent me their feelings and wishes, which I will obey.”
Then the Queen addressed me: “You will make Isis great, will you convey my gratitude to the Gods? You are so close to them and you see how my heart is filled with love.
We all thank you.”
Before we left, I felt stillness come over me and when I looked into space I saw my dear Mother.
I heard her say to me: “Dear Venry, the pharaoh will receive you in his house. The star of our house rests on your head, but be careful.
Do go now.”
I was very happy.
Many gifts were presented to me.
I asked for delightful oils for Dectar and received those too.
The pharaoh handed me the insignia of a high priest.
Within a very short time, I had ascended from the very lowest to the very highest rank.
I could be content with this result.
Now I had power and would wear a different garment.
I bowed my head deeply to all of them, and we left.