Dectar’s great healing gift

Soon we were outside the temple.
The earthquake had knocked over several buildings and dwellings, but our house had disappeared into the earth.
However, Dectar told me that the people had already started reconstruction.
I carried the many herbs and oils he needed.
We entered a dingy hut.
On a bed lay a young mother; her whole body was studded with ulcers.
Dectar put her at ease by saying a few kind words.
The sick woman looked at me but my face was hidden under the hood, only the learned priests were allowed to show their faces;
however, Dectar was known for miles around.
He said to me: “We speak from feeling to feeling, Venry.
The sick woman may not hear us, but the masters can follow me.
Therefore, when we talk confidentially we do so from space, but in the case of a sick person I open myself completely to the masters.
Now come over to me and look.”
Dectar irradiated the whole body and I saw a bluish haze dissolve.
The sick woman could not observe this.
I felt why this was essential, but Dectar said: “You have felt already, Venry, why this is necessary.
It is an astral protection, so that the illness cannot spread anymore.”
Now he applied soothing oil to her skin.
Subsequently, he treated the skin and spread an herbal ointment around the wounds.
“Surely you understand, Venry, why I rub around the wounds?”
“You do so to strengthen the skin, Dectar.”
“Quite so, Venry, then the wounds will heal spontaneously.
The skin has to become stronger around the wounds, not on the spot, that will come later.
In a minute I will irradiate the wounds, that is all that is needed.”
The sick woman had to turn round and I saw that her entire back was one wound.
Now Dectar spoke to the sick woman and said: “You see, my dear, initially these wounds were very small and now they are like one large wound.
This is already recovery.”
To me he said: “She could not be helped, dear Venry, others could not heal her and I was called.
I have achieved quite a lot already.
I might have healed her straightaway, but that would proceed too quickly.
I will show you in a minute.
The herbs and ointments help me, but my own powers must cure her.
This illness comes from within.”
Dectar irradiated the sick woman and adjusted his concentration.
His right hand hovered over the body and his eyes were closed; he prayed for strength.
Blood flowed from the wounds, the irradiation resulted in a violent activity and I saw a wonder occur.
After he had irradiated the wounds for some time they healed spontaneously, they would have normally required a much longer time to heal.
Dectar’s great healing power accelerated the natural activity and he reduced this process to a brief recovery.
His immense concentration produced wonders.
After having irradiated her for some time he said: “Were you able to follow, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, I saw them recover, you are a great wonder.”
He took no notice and said to the sick woman: “Now keep lying down for just a moment, later I will put you to sleep.”
Now Dectar showed me his great power.
The thigh was also covered with wounds.
When he irradiated the leg, the wounds closed under his hands.
“You see, Venry, I can heal all these wounds within a short time, but as I told you that would be too quick.
This must be done slowly, the way nature performs its task.”
His concentration was marvellous.
I noticed that the wounds contracted and scabbed over, which scabs subsequently fell off.
It was a brief process, but it was wrong, for it happened too quickly.
Dectar possessed miraculous powers.
To me he was like a small child now.
He felt what I was thinking of, and said: “That is right, Venry, you felt correctly.
Now I am a child, but then I see very sharply.
Beautiful things come over me so that I could cry with happiness.
The sick cry with me, but they do not know why these feelings come over them.
However, I know they are happy as a result of those healing powers, but there is still much more.
What comes over me then is remarkable, Venry, and it makes me very happy.
I pass into these powers and the sick person receives them in turn from me.
These powers elevate me, then I feel very light-headed and then I am highly sensitive.
Sometimes I hear voices and I can talk with them.
They are the voices of people who were on earth and now live in that other world. However, the main thing is that they give me advice and their advice is more powerful than my own knowledge, including all my gifts
You know of course what this means.
I then have the great wings, Venry, and I can float in space and see very deeply.
The masters do not know anything about it, or they would forbid me.
This is my own secret, Venry, but now I know a great deal more, now that I have got to know your leader.”
“Do you think it is him, Dectar?”
“There is no other possibility, Venry,
the masters can follow me in everything, but they do not know anything about this.
Now is that not splendid?
Sometimes people come to me who have had a similar illness and they told me they died of it.
They explain how all these herbs can be used, but I have to heal with my own powers.
They bring me joy and happiness, also for the sick, and they know a lot about illnesses.
They are not present here now,
for I have not seen them for a long time, and it is my own fault.”
“Why, Dectar?”
“Well, dear Venry, I am very bigheaded, for I did not want to see them anymore.
That great happiness only made me sad.
When I see them in their shining light I cry for desire, and I can no longer do my work properly.
You must be very strong to watch them and follow all that happiness.
You start drawing comparisons and that is wrong.
They have advanced more than I have and I must accept that.
Then I am sad because they have everything and I have nothing.
And yet I am very rich, I possess beautiful gifts, but their happiness is so mighty.
Can you feel this, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar.”
“All those human beings are hardly ever alone, I always see them together.
Surely, you understand they are twin souls.
They are on their way and live in space, they may go wherever they want and they have everything.
They float over the earth and look at us, human beings, who have nothing of all that happiness.
Then I begin to yearn, dear Venry, and I have yearned so intensely that I did not want to see them anymore.
You see, Venry, it is a weak point of mine, but that is the way I am.
They see much more than we think we know.
It is quite natural, for they say that they died of all sicknesses; by this they mean to say that all those human beings live over there and that each one of them has experienced a different illness.
Over there, they see through life. They clearly see the illnesses on earth, but in a different way than we, who possess these gifts do.
But you know, when you have disembodied you see everything, the beginning and the end of an illness and that is what we should see here.
Their happiness is beyond words.
When I do my utmost, so they say, you will also receive this happiness.
Now I know that they speak the truth and cannot lie or deceive anymore, for they live in the light.
One of them was a power who helped me, Venry.”
“And do you know that power now, Dectar?”
“But of course, it is your leader who has been waiting for years and also helped me also in this respect.
I will now put her asleep and then we will go on.”
Dectar sat down beside the sick woman and took her hand in his.
I saw a light emanating from his beautiful deep eyes and soon the woman sank into a deep sleep.
He covered her up and said: “Relax, my child, tomorrow you will be better, during your sleep the wounds will heal.”
We left.
“Do you know, dear Venry, how long she will have to sleep and what I have to do now?”
“Will she sleep till tomorrow, Dectar?”
“Yes, and I will go on helping her.”
“It is beautiful, Dectar, you remain one with her.”
“When I sat beside her, Venry, I became one with her.
She must sleep now, for I am also asleep.”
“Your splitting is perfect, Dectar.”
“When I heal, Venry, I am ready.
In this way I could put many people asleep and yet do my other job, but I remain one with them.
I can talk and do other things, but my concentration proceeds and is constantly adjusted to her, and will remain so, until I want her to awaken.
Tomorrow the wounds will be healed and this contraction completed.
It causes severe pains and weakens her.
Now she receives new strengths merely through sleep.
We know all these transitional stages of sleep, do we not?
Well then, I will stay with her in it and yet I remain conscious.
Do you know who taught me this, Venry?”
“The masters of Isis?”
“No, dear friend, your leader.”
“So you have been connected with him for a very long time, Dectar?”
“He must wait, Venry, and prepare for everything, that is why we too are one.
The masters know all these possibilities, but therein resides yet another power which they know nothing about.
The masters think it is they, themselves; I accept that wisdom with great pleasure and let myself go then surrender myself in everything.
However, I may not do that; I must be able to account for everything, because every illness is put down.
When the power lies in that other world, it does not belong to us.
Do you feel, Venry, why they want it?
They do not want to be dependent.
Come, we will enter here.”
We entered another hut, but were first called to a sick person who had been brought here from far away, because it was known that Dectar would come.
It was an old man.
An insect had stung him and he cried in pain.
Dectar went up to him and calmed him down.
His right leg had swollen and had a bluish-black colour.
Dectar said to him: “I see that you have waited too long, why did you not come to Isis?”
The man wanted to apologize, but Dectar let it pass for he saw through him and said: “I will help you, but never tell lies anymore, otherwise the demons will enter you.”
First, he rubbed the leg with a strong-smelling ointment.
Subsequently, he concentrated on the illness.
His hands irradiated the leg and I saw it getting thinner and thinner under his hands, until the leg had resumed its normal shape.
Within a short period of time, Dectar healed this illness, which appeared to be a poisoning.
The man cried for happiness and wanted to reward Dectar, who ignored it.
The leg was healed, and the man was able to walk back home.
We then visited a very sick middle-aged woman.
She had been bitten by a snake, which had caused disturbances in her organism.
Dectar proceeded to tell me about her illness, and how far it had advanced.
“I have now come to the point, dear Venry, that I can remove the poison which is still present.
Of course, it has already been killed, but some organs have been affected which are hampered in their activity.
The poison has left a paralysing feeling in the intestines.
I must now administer some herbs.”
Dectar gave her these herbs and we left.
“All these herbs, Venry, have been grown in Ardaty’s gardens.
They will purify her blood and reactivate those paralysed organs.
Ardaty has grown all these herbs and that took years, but we have them now.
He possessed this mastery by which the sick are cured.
Later, when the herbs do their work, my work will only start.
Then I follow the herbs throughout the body and pass them by way of my perception and concentration to the spot where the illness is rampant.
This cure is only possible as a result of my perception, the herbs and my knowledge of the illness, Venry.
Presently, she will suffer terrible pains caused by the herbs, but I will put her to sleep too.
She feels pain because the herbs begin to take effect, which means recovery.
I know how long these pains may last, so I let her sleep throughout this period,
for the organism does not operate at full power during her sleep; these organs will relax, but the organism must recover in full consciousness.
It is quite different with other sick persons when I have to take other measures.”
Dectar went up to the sick woman and showed me how he had healed her.
“You see, Venry, this is produced by the herbs, but I myself took it out of her body.
She will soon fall asleep and we will go on.”
On our way to another sick person we were stopped by an old man, who asked Dectar: “Master Dectar, the Gods make me cross your path, can you cure my wife?
She acts so strangely; I have never known her like this for several days.
The Gods sent me to you.”
“Lead the way, my friend.”
The man took us to his home.
On our way Dectar said: “Did you see, Venry, that it was not the man himself who spoke to us?”
“Yes, Dectar, I see another being in him, so he is sent?”
“Very good, Venry.
I know already, what we must do.
His wife is possessed, through her own fault.
They all want to possess gifts; they perish through wisdom and want to die for that.
However, are we not like them?
Are our desires any different?
Do not the masters desire day after day?
Does not the pharaoh invariably want fresh wisdom?
What we do they all think they can do, Venry, but those who do not know reality perish.”
We came to a hut. At the entrance Dectar stopped and looked at the sick person.
A female lay on the floor like a spineless instrument, her eyes popped out of their sockets.
I felt that Dectar began to see, and I followed him in his perception.
Meanwhile, he said to me: “Is it clear to you, Venry?
She is possessed the way you experienced yourself.
If you want you can heal her within a very short time and she will not send her prayers for help and gifts anymore.
The Gods sent her the non-consciousness in the shape of a human being, a demon descended into her.
We shall both help her, Venry.
I want to follow you very much.
We need not even irradiate her, the astral personality is already aware that we are adjusting ourselves and he will leave later.”
Both of us adjusted to the sick woman and we began to see.
Dectar said: “Can you see everything, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, she is possessed, the astral being lives itself to the full and promises her spiritual treasures he does not know anything about himself.
It is a man, Dectar.”
“Very good, Venry, but look, he really wants to resist!
Look, she winces with pain, twisting like a snake; our spiritual fire forces him to let her go.
Now she will faint, but then he is gone.”
Our strong concentration forced the astral monster to leave her body and the woman fainted.
We carried her to a couch and Dectar said to her husband: “Would you rather that she does not possess these gifts anymore?”
“Oh, master, please take away all these phenomena from her, the Gods curse my life and she brings pain and sorrow to me and the children.”
“We shall close her off, Venry, so that her feelings remain dormant.
In fact, she is very sensitive, but this does not mean anything but misery to her.
We could make a worthy priestess out of her, but now she is a mother and her adjustment is confused.
Do you know this activity, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, I see what occupies her mind, it is clear to me.”
“Her inner life has split itself in this way, Venry.
For many people this is actually the very simplest development, but for her it is disastrous, this sensitivity brings her into an unstable condition.
We shall arrange a dense aura around her gifts and think of her for a while.
When all these powers are dormant again we may stop and she will be freed from them for this life.”
We now put a dense aura around her inner life, composed by concentration and strong will.
After a brief moment this soul was freed from that obtrusive and destructive power and cured.
Dectar said to the man: “You may let her sleep; she will be cured in her sleep.
All those terrible gifts have now left her.”
“Thank heavens.”
I healed another sick person, a man, from a serious fever.
Dectar said: “You see, Venry, everything is still conscious in you and now you can heal again as you used to.”
“Now we will go to a strange case, dear Venry, and I think that we shall now be able to remove the tumour.
But it will happen at Isis.
Come, follow me.”
This time we again entered a poor hut, for the rich came to the Temple and received other help, so that the rooms in Isis would remain occupied.
The poor were usually helped free of charge; their gifts were only accepted once or twice.
The mother of the sick child welcomed Dectar, and called her child.
He was a boy of about eight, and retarded.
Dectar said to me: “Adjust yourself to him, Venry,
there is a tumour in his head.”
He put his right hand on the child’s head.
I followed him and saw what he would observe.
There was a small but serious tumour in the head.
I could clearly see that it was ripe and could now be removed.
After a little while Dectar returned into his own life and said: “Did you see, Venry, how clear this tumour is?
That is why the child is vacuous.”
To the mother he said: “You come to the Temple with him.
Tomorrow you must come to us and we will heal the child.
The boy will stay with us for a couple of days and return to you well recovered.”
* *
That afternoon we continued visiting the sick,
whom we were able to help before returning to the Temple.
Having relaxed for a while Dectar came for me again, and we once more visited the sick who were at Isis.
Then he took me to the embalming room where I was allowed to be present.
A public figure had died in an accident and was embalmed,
which took the rest of the day.
I arranged with Dectar, before he took leave, that I would come to him during the night to correct his deformity.
That night I disembodied and put my own powers around him to strengthen his resistance.
Soon I could start again, and our own powers dominated.
The masters should not know anything about it.
We developed a counter force and when we had advanced that far Dectar could disembody and see in that other world or experience something or other.
I hoped to attain this with the help of my leader.
I was engaged in it until morning.
When he came to me, he said: “Only a short while and I will be able to float, Venry.”
“Do you really know how far I have proceeded, Dectar?”
“Do you not see that I can raise myself again?
But I will have to be careful.
Come, we will go for a walk, I must tell you about what we know so that you will be ready for the tests.”
We now visited other gardens and buildings so that I would be able to know the Temple and everything belonging to it.
There were gardens in which various wild animals moved about freely and were together with winged type species.
It was a curious sight to see all these creatures together. Most of them were kept under supervision.
I asked Dectar: “What is known about all these species, Dectar?”
“We know that we human beings return again and again and receive new bodies and the animals return too.
How this happens and where they go to we do not yet know.
You must tell me what you see, Venry.”
I could not explain what I saw and said: “I cannot express myself, Dectar, to that end I must disembody, but I see these many species of animals.”
“That will be splendid, Venry;
do not bother, this will suffice.
What do you see in space, Venry?”
“In the space I see other worlds, Dectar.
I see trees and flowers, human beings and animals.
You can see that too.”
“That is correct, Venry, but I must know what you observe.”
“I see human beings wearing beautiful garments, they are happy, and nature is much more beautiful than here.
I was also allowed to see the darkness.
Is all this known?”
“Everything, Venry, also that it is always light there or deep darkness.
All these human beings lived on earth and died there.
But what we must know is whether there are still more human beings like us living in this space.
We must know whether all these luminous fireballs are inhabited.
The masters search and try to get that far.
The pharaoh must also be informed of it and he constantly asks whether we know about it.
So far, there have been no priests who have been able to establish that.
We hope to receive that through you.”
“Will the masters send me there, Dectar?”
“Of course, Venry, if you have these gifts it means wisdom for all of us.
We yearned to be allowed to know that.”
“And would I be able to go to her?”
“That remains to be seen.
We know that the soul lives in both bodies, and that we are man and woman.
And whether all these celestial bodies in space are connected, that is what we want to know.
We proceed ever more, but we do not yet know where we came from or where we go to.
Of course, we know that we live on, but just this knowledge does not satisfy us.
There must be bodies out there on which human beings live.
The masters think and feel this and they have well advanced in this field.
A connection must be possible, in other words, we human beings once also lived on other bodies in space and will also live there.
Is it not mighty, Venry?”
“Has there been another priest, Dectar?”
“No, Venry, this perception belongs to the mightiest of gifts.
Not one of the masters has these gifts, neither have I, no one here on Isis.”
“How are these meetings being held, Dectar?”
“You witnessed them already, Venry.
You depart from your body and you must see in that other world.
Subsequently, the masters will ask you questions;
all which you must answer.
If you see incorrectly and the masters notice, they will warn you.
They check on you and they ask questions and what they ask they know the answers to.
If your answer is clear and natural, you proceed and go deeper, ever further.”
“You told me of the waters, Dectar. Were there any priests who saw into them?”
“All of us can descend into the waters, Venry, but it is not so simple to explain all that life.
There was a priest who could explain much, but afterwards it appeared that it did not belong to reality and it was all of no importance.
We must be able to establish that, Venry, and to follow all these worlds, otherwise, we do not get to know the laws.
The things he had declared during the first sessions, and which had been miraculous to the masters afterwards turned out not to belong to reality.
The pharaoh was furious and that is not good for Isis.
Other Temples were ruined because of it.
What we collect, must have reason for existence, otherwise, we cannot proceed.
If you can look into reality there, it will give power to Isis and all of us; however, one’s own thoughts are useless here.
There were priests who had received beautiful gifts, and they thought they saw all those activities, but that was only their imagination.
A later research brought to light that they had spoken nonsense, of which they had not been aware.”
“Surely that can be seen, Dectar?”
“No, dear friend.
They see and experience a world, they see all that life before them, and yet it is only appearance.
Their vanity, greed and desire to possess the great wings are to blame for it.
They all received their castigation and some of them were killed.
We have been able to follow all this feeling and perception, Venry.
The possession of gifts is the greatest treasure the Gods can give us, human beings. However, it is disastrous, Venry, to imagine that you possess them and to live in thought the way they want to see it and conceive it.
Then we will all perish.
The masters are very docile, but woe to those who imagine they see what does not actually belong to reality, they destroy themselves.”
“But should a priest be destroyed for that reason, Dectar?”
“They ask for it, Venry, we do not ask for lies and their own thoughts, we want to get to know the laws.”
“I could break them all, Dectar, all those masters and with them the pharaoh.
I hate the masters.
Right now I could start and prove my powers to them, if I were allowed to do what I wanted.”
“If you go on like this, my friend, tonight we will be at the place about which we are now talking.
Have you forgotten that you are not yet ready?
You should not have such thoughts, or we will be crushed.
Again and again I must warn you and this makes me afraid.
Oh, Venry, do be careful.”
“I will be more careful, Dectar.
But I hate them, especially now that I know who my Father is.
Sometimes I lose my patience.
All this destruction, Dectar, all these priests were killed, and for what reason?
How many priests and priestesses disappeared here without a trace?”
“Nothing can as yet be altered, Venry, we must guard our own life.
When you are young, I get terrified.
When I am like a child I am very serious and I am very powerful.
You are not, and then I tremble because you think of nothing.
But we shall return to your cell, you must close yourself off better or else I would not say another word.
Do you remember this, Venry?”
“I promise, Dectar.”
“I will come for you. Today we will heal.
You may attend that session.”
“I will pay more attention, Dectar.”
“Let us wait and see, my friend.”