New sessions

At Isis we went on quietly.
Our work required our full devotion and holy attention.
It was only now that we could start.
I asked them all to be present.
They entered at the fixed hour and I disembodied.
The supreme priest asked his first question: “Where are you, Priest of Isis?”
This was asked again and again to check whether there was consciousness in those who had disembodied.
Next they began to observe, the winged being moved away and they went on.
I answered: “I am in the material space.”
“So there is an invisible space?”
This question again was a catch to test the winged being.
I said to him: “There is a visible and an invisible space.
Your inner life is feeling and thinking, that is the soul which is invisible and belongs to the invisible world.”
He asked: “When I die will my soul enter there?”
I found this a strange question and Dectar made me feel that such questions had not been asked before.
He also found it strange, but I answered: “If there is great love in you, Father of Isis, you may go ‘in’ where there is light and the light awaits you.
Should there be other powers in you, darkness would await you.”
“Why love?”
“Because He, who created all of us is only love.”
“Who is this ‘He’ about whom you speak?”
“The Gods of Isis say that we are all children of Him if we are prepared to follow Him.”
“Can you see Him?”
“The Gods tell me that when I see all of you I see Him.
You may see Him in the animals, the life of plants and flowers and in everything belonging to life.
All of that is fundamentally He or the God of all life.
All that life is like Him.”
“Is that what He is called over there?”
“He is called here the only God of all life.
Without Him we are nothing.
You call me a God, which I am, if Life is in me.”
Again he slipped back into his hatred for me and said: “If you ask for chastisement then say again that you are a God, and you can have it.”
I was ready and answered: “If you knew who I am, and you know, you would now drop your mask, and your ‘being old’ will change into ‘being a child’ and return into it. We could experience great events and you would follow Him, who wants us to be like Him.
But if you go on hating, you will face darkness.”
“Do you know, Priest of Isis, to whom you are speaking?”
“Have you forgotten, Father of Isis, that I received the favourite animals of the pharaoh?
That is associated with power and gives me a right to decide on life and death.
You arm yourself the wrong way, supreme priest, for I approach you with all the love that is in me, which I also feel here and comes over me.
But if you can neither forgive nor forget, then go and do not disturb our being one with the Gods anymore.
However, if you wish to go on in this way, I will dissolve before your eyes and go to the King, the Head of Egypt.
You may now follow your own choice.”
I saw him like a broken man, and he ordered Master Sma to ask questions in his place.
This master, the only one who had some feeling left, asked his first question:
“Tell us, winged one, who is that God you are talking about, for there are many Gods we have learned to know, who taught you too.”
“Priests of Isis, listen.
The wonders you have been able to follow were mighty and were given to us by the Gods.
Other priests lived in the space where I am now, but none of them possessed those gifts, which I received from the Gods.
But there is only one God.”
“We have heard your answers and we thank you.
Are there rich and poor people?”
“Is a poor human being not a child of God?
Can a God of Love make a distinction?
He, the only God of all life, who created us human beings, and all other life, He is known here as the only God who decides on life and death.
He is the God of stars, planets and suns, and will remain so eternally.
Do you not look into previous lives when all of you are at the ‘meadow’?
Then there will be consciousness in you, and you will know Him, the God of all of us.
Those who live here also know and accept Him, the only God, the God of Love.
This wisdom, priests of Isis, is thousands of moons ahead of all human beings.”
“You say that we are like He is, and that they can follow Him in the animals and all other life?”
“I will proceed if the scribes are ready.
He' made all this life being born, masters of Isis.
All of us returned to Him.
Is this clear?
Can you accept that we are all on our way to become like He is?”
“Can you see that, Priest of Isis?”
“I can follow all that life, Master Sma.
I see it before me, but it can also be seen on earth.
All of us go higher to reach the very highest heavens.
It is always daytime here, and the human beings become ever more beautiful.
All those who at present live on earth will be received here, but they must follow Him.
Not until then they behold the wonders in their own lives and acquire them.
Those who follow Him cannot hate anymore and are forgiving, they love everything that lives, because it belongs to His life and they can accept the wonders they do not understand, which will nevertheless be wisdom for them.
During life He makes room for him who has love and follows Him because He is light.
The darkness must be conquered.
What I see now is still unknown to you, these wonders are new to Isis, and they are only known here.
If the Father of Isis feels this, the Gods will come to him and the masters of Isis will follow him.”
My leader was still prepared to help him, but he rose and left.
We continued and Master Sma asked: “Priest of Isis, the wonders are mighty and we will gladly help you and assist you in everything now that the supreme priest has left.
All of us are ready and we will see to it that no disturbances will occur anymore. We feel honoured that we are being instructed by the Gods and by the God of all of us.
We now wait for the moment that we may ask questions.”
“The Gods want you to ask questions, Master Sma, I am ready too.”
“So death is everlasting life?”
“A very good and conscious question, Master Sma, do go on in this way.
Truly, death is everlasting life, because there is no death, in whatever form you may see life, nothing can die, there is only life.”
“Do the things that you see before you have names?”
“When I go to the darkness it is a sphere, but a dark one and there, as you all know already, human beings live who seek dark life.
The luminous heavens are also called spheres, and the human beings are allowed to keep their own names, the trees and flowers, the birds and all other life are recognized in this way.
But wherever I look there is life and all that life follows Him, only Him.”
“Are there many spheres?”
“I see a great deal of them, but it is said that I cannot see them all, for I have not yet advanced that far.
The Gods say that every sphere is different and possesses beauty according to the light.
All people who live here must acquire the laws and start that higher life, if they want to be able to reach those higher spheres.”
“That is new to Isis and we are very grateful to you.
We ask: Is it definite that everyone who yearns for it will receive those higher worlds as his own possession and will receive wings?”
“Not one soul will be excluded from this miraculous development, all will proceed and one day will reach those heavens.”
“You say that all possess the great wings, but do you feel as a result of what?”
“Once they all lived on earth.
Whatever their life on it has been like, they now live in the full and true light and will progress.
They have advanced that far by giving their love to them, so it is only possible by love.”
“That is mighty, Priest of Isis.
Are they conscious of that?”
“Those who live here follow a school of thought in beautiful Temples, but after that, all will set off and help the strangers they meet.
As a result they will awaken and follow Him, who wants everyone to be helped.
They follow the laws and get to know and understand them.
At the location where the wonders are experienced, they go ‘in’ and the masters explain the wonders to them, and these wonders make them very great and conscious.
All these human beings possess the great wings; they float through space and many other worlds and become the teachers of others.
These wonders that we have now received, have been known to them for ages, for they awakened in them, and all these wonders therefore belong to them.
They all understand the wonders and accept them, because they have got to know Him.”
“That is splendid.
We are ready and ask: You say that all those human beings once lived on earth, was that always in one country?”
“You may accept, Master Sma, that all souls lived in all countries among all peoples and were part of them.
There is not one soul on earth that has not been where people live, and it has belonged to all peoples.”
“Is that what made them awaken?”
“They all possess what Master Dectar now feels and has received.
They live in salvation and happiness and are conscious in all those lives.
They were man and woman, child, brother and sister, the soul must follow and experience all those situations on earth should its inner life attain full consciousness.”
“It is beautiful, Master of Isis, and we are most grateful to you.
The scribes are ready and we ask: Are there also animals, I mean the wild species, can you answer that for us?”
“The Gods say that your questions are very clear.
The answer is: The wild species of animal evolves and receives other material bodies, in which the inner animal becomes conscious to proceed further and higher in this world as the perfect and highest species.”
“Your answer is perfect, Priest of Isis.
What is the life of flowers and fruits like?”
“You have seen the flowers and you will now receive the fruits.
The Gods of Isis are very satisfied.”
I saw from my world that my leader made them all happy.
He made me answer: “Priests of Isis, you are now eating spiritual fruits, they have been given you by the Gods.
Eat them, my friends, they will make you strong.
I will now continue.
The animals in this world all belong to the very highest species.
The higher they go, the more beautiful they become and they will be born again on other bodies just like we, souls, must experience it.
All this life, priests of Isis, returns to Him and they are children of God, in whatever shape the inner animal may live.
The wild species stays on earth and dies just like all hatred in us must dissolve before we can go higher.
All these heavens are open to you if you can conquer yourself, otherwise, the gates remain closed until you bow your head and accept the laws.”
“Can the Gods explain all these wonders to you?”
“You can now explain many wonders, Masters of Isis, and follow what is known, for you belong to the very greatest wonder God has created.
All of us are far ahead of the human beings, but you are priests of Isis and conscious so that you can follow me.
Therefore, follow your own lives, everything is present in you, for you are part of all that power and strength and the laws belong to you.
The Gods now ask you: You have been allowed to experience the wonders.
Can you accept all these wonders?”
“Yes, Master of Isis,
we are ready.”
“The Gods assign me the task to describe all these wonders, you can help me with it.
If anyone among you is of the opinion that he should doubt all this, let him speak and you will receive the answer.”
“We are ready to assist you and we accept everything.
If the High Priest will accept our assistance we shall all be most grateful.”
“I thank you, Masters of Isis, our work can start and we shall accomplish it.
Make up for what all of you have once done wrong and the light of this world will enter all of you.
I return to you because the powers have been spent.”
Soon I was conscious again in my material life.
We checked everything and parted company.
* *
I received the message from my leader that we were allowed to hold the sessions in a different way and that he himself would speak to them.
At these sessions we would be addressed directly from that world, so that all masters would accept it.
During these sessions a dignitary was again present who gave us the seal of the King.
There would be no doubt about the reality.
I sat down in the midst of them and went into a trance at a dim red light and the smell of herbs.
This time, however, I stayed in my organism.
My leader spoke to all of them from his world.
His voice had been materialized and could be clearly heard.
This is what he said:
“Priests of Isis, once again you now witness a great wonder, for the Gods want you to hear me speak.
You will receive new laws for the Temple of Isis.
You read the existing laws to me, many of which will be discarded; other and better laws will take their place.”