The end of the Temple of Isis

My leader came to me and said: “Dear Venry, your time is very limited now, but our work is ready.
Let us pray together and thank the Gods.
You have been allowed to receive the wonders.
Now look what I will show you and only tell the pharaoh when I let you feel it.
He will watch over Isis and others after him.
When the time comes that you feel that other wonders will happen I will be with you.
Dectar and Myra will meet at the ‘meadow’.
You cannot avoid the laws, nor can Lyra and Dectar; you will follow them as your Mother and Ardaty have experienced them.
I will come back, but now I thank you for everything.
Now look, dear Venry.”
An ominous darkness came over this country.
Next, I saw that the waters burst their banks and the sky turned crimson as I had seen in my youth.
I immediately understood this vision.
Then my leader left.
* *
Soon I had reached the age of twenty-five.
The weeks and months went by and summer neared.
The evening of the day when the wonder would happen, I visited Dectar and Lyra.
They should be ready when I would summon them.
All others of the Temple could go wherever they wanted, everyone had to act according to his own feelings.
The animals had already been taken care of. I had those of the pharaoh brought back to him; we were ready in every respect. Nothing disturbed our inner peace.
In the afternoon, we had already been able to see the first phenomenon.
A few years ago Dectar had properly and clearly seen what would now happen.
When I felt the first earthquake, I summoned Dectar and Lyra.
Dectar soon fell asleep; he would meet Myra at the ‘meadow’. My master would free Myra from her material body.
Lyra’s prayer had been heard by the Gods, we would be allowed to die together.
Again, we felt a shock and shortly after I heard my leader say: “As you see, my children, I am here.
I see that Dectar is already on his way and he will meet his soul at the ‘meadow’.
Now, dear Venry, my task here is finished.
Until there, my children, at the ‘meadow’.”
When my leader had finished we felt that the earth shook and was torn apart.
I saw that the waters gushed over the earth; houses and buildings were knocked over.
Isis perished.
When we felt the shock, we disembodied.
At the same moment, Isis collapsed and the cord connecting the two bodies was severed.
Our material bodies were crushed, but we floated in the space I had been in so many times.
The Temple of Isis had dissolved and with it all poison and lechery.
I kept Lyra pressed to my heart and we looked at what the Gods had made disappear.
A different Temple would take its place, the inner and spiritual Temple was ready.
Subsequently, we extricated ourselves from this place and floated towards the ‘meadow’.
When we arrived there, Myra and Dectar waited for us.
We could now go for a short walk.
Next, however, we saw a large light coming our way and from that heavenly light, my leader addressed us:
“Children of Isis, I am most grateful to all of you.
You will all return to the earth. Myra is not ready yet and must finish her task in this life.
I will help her with it and after this life she will also return to the earth.
Isis is mighty now, my children.
Isis gave all of you this great happiness, the consciousness of the ‘meadow’, for you all know that when the cord snaps the soul will dissolve and accept the new life as a spark.
My task is finished now, dear Venry, but once we will meet again.
Dectar will receive the very greatest of wings; the Gods want him to receive them.
Are you ready?
You will live again and return here.
Time is short, children. Hurry, the laws remain effective.
At this place, we will meet again.
May the God of all life bless you all.
I will part and am very grateful to you.”
We knelt down and thanked God for this great grace.
Now we could start our walk.
I felt that Dectar would soon dissolve and I also felt that both of us, Lyra and I, had to follow them.
My dear friend would be ready.
These were the laws of life and death and everyone had to experience them.
They led the soul down and up, to riches, and poverty, terror and misery.
Yet, all human beings had to return to the earth to make up.
Both of us were completely one with Myra and Dectar.
I saw the moment before me when Dectar waited for Myra.
He caught her with his hands outstretched to press his soul to his heart.
Now they both led the way and we followed.
Dectar with his masculine beauty, Myra filled with love.
Dectar had acquired his spiritual beauty in submissiveness as he had his great love for all life, by his willpower and prayer, by work and sorrow, grief and distress.
This was a beauty and spiritual acquisition, which could not be compared with that on earth.
“Myra!” we heard him shout, this was the moment of her arrival.
With a cry of joy, which expressed all his love and bliss, he passed into his soul and this being one brought them the silence; a silence which was heavenly and can only be felt by conscious souls, but in deep silence.
Here people could only feel and those feelings were mighty and deep and their being one was holy.
“Myra, my happiness, my soul.
I am infinitely grateful to the Gods who have given us this grace that we are allowed to meet once more before I must pursue my further path of life.
Your love will provide me with the strength to bear all grief and desires which will wait for me in my new material garment.
In that life I may possibly be non-conscious, yet I will feel and clearly recognize those feelings.
There will be moments when my heart is filled with happiness, though I will not know then why I am so happy.
It will be you, dear Myra, only you who will let me feel that happiness as we have been allowed to experience it in this life.
I will then be able to bear all grief and sorrow and my burden will not be so heavy.
Myra, the Gods want it.
The time has not yet come that we are allowed to stay together, but that time will happen, dear Myra, and then we shall be together forever.
The gates of heaven will be opened to us and we will go ‘in’, and be received there.
We shall be surrounded with those who truly love us and we will receive happiness and the everlasting bliss.
Oh, my dear Myra, if only all human beings would be prepared to understand this they would feel that all sorrow will pass, and that they should prepare themselves.
If only they would understand that sorrow and grief are here to awaken and to serve, they too would feel no pain and could not collapse any more.
No soul will be excluded from this powerful and immense happiness, everyone will receive it.
If they are prepared to awaken they will not lament and complain anymore, but all of them are non-conscious.
They think that they really die and that it is all over.
I ardently beseech the Gods to give me that mercy once more to be allowed to serve in one of my many lives, to wait and pray to be allowed to call you my own.
I want to live and die for that and bear everything, yes, everything, Myra.
How grateful I will be if I may open the eyes of one of all those souls, so that it will get to know the heavenly glory of God and the ‘meadow’.
By means of what lives in me I will open their inner life and awaken it. I shall show them that their material home is a prison, even if it is a Temple in which they live during their time on earth.
But in that material home, dear Myra, in their own Temple, they can erect themselves a spiritual building the beauty of which surpasses everything, which they enter upon arrival at this side and receive the everlasting happiness.
That will be their acquisition, dear Myra, earned by all those lives, and the Gods will bless both souls.
All this, soul of my soul, I wanted to tell you and I therefore beseech the Gods to let me serve just once more, so that my gifts and the wings will be perfect.
Oh, dear Myra, you will help me, consciously or non-consciously, wherever you may live, you will support me anyway.
You will live in my vicinity and give me the strength so that I will understand and be able to give everything until my soul is empty and we will return together.”
“Dectar, my life, my own life, my glory, my happiness, I ardently thank you.
I earnestly thank the Gods for this mercy that now we are one and may remain one.
I thank the Gods because we know that nothing can separate us and that you are the only soul among all those millions of souls that is mine, and belongs to me.
Dectar, my soul, my love, this is no farewell, it is the beginning of our future life and the first stone of our Temple, which we will build together.
It will be a Temple, dear soul, finer and mightier than all earthly Temples, in order to receive all those who love.”
“Your words, my dear Myra, give me the strength to bear anything.
They are my inspiration, also for the worldly life to come.
However horrible my house may be, you will follow me.
However rich I may be there, dear Myra, nothing can be compared with what we now know and possess and which will stay, grow and flourish in our deep inner life, so that we will achieve the very last consciousness on earth.
Your love will keep me going and I will do my duty until the Gods say that it is good.
My life and my soul belong to you eternally, dear Myra.
Those lives will also pass like a dream, sometimes in riches, then again in poverty, according to what we have to make up for.”
“We shall wait, dear Dectar, and when the Gods are satisfied they will give us that mercy and I will see and meet you on earth.
But in one life we will be together, Dectar, one life together with Mother Earth and then we will serve for everything that we received from her in all those lives.”
“My darling, Myra, I will die for you, die a hundred times and I shall serve and work, which human beings cannot do because that consciousness is not in them.
All that work I will lay into your hands, only for you, Myra, I shall do everything for you.
For you I will build a Temple which, when compared with the pharaoh’s palace reduces the latter to a hovel. It will be surrounded with beautiful parks, flowers and plants.
The birds will sing my song to you, the song of love and consciousness, of work and yearning, of serving, being one in everything, of sorrow, grief and understanding.
The birds will sing to you the song of life, dear Myra, of death and being born, and our happiness will be eternal.
When we relax, dear Myra, the swans will come to us and increase our being one. They will put their heads on our laps.
Heavenly happiness will then be in us, Myra, death nor life, no God will disturb our being one because we have overcome death and life.”
Dectar fell silent and a heavenly happiness shone over them.
The Gods had accomplished a holy and everlasting connection.
When Myra looked at Dectar with eyes shining with happiness, she saw him enveloped in a haze.
Dectar was about to dissolve and return to the very first stage to be born.
He was ready to fulfil his heavy task and to make up.
We went up to him, Lyra and I, and I said to my friend: “As you see, dear Dectar, you are dissolving already, you will become like the spark of God that inspires the young life and the wonder of which we have learned to know.
You will grow in your Mother, perhaps in a different country, as man or woman, yet you will return to this life to prepare yourself again.
Once your last life will come as will ours and maybe one of us is further ahead; yet we are one and shall remain so forever.
Go, my brother, the laws are effective.”
Dectar dissolved before our eyes but Myra did not cry; there was depth in her and the silence of the ‘meadow’.
We knew this law and understood where he went.
I said to Myra: “Dear Myra, now you must return to your material body, but before you go I should tell you the following.
Make everything clear to the pharaoh and the Queen and tell them everything of my life.
They will understand why he did not receive my blood as I want to proceed and Lyra is my soul.
Tell them, dear Myra, that ‘love’ is the highest gift we human beings can ever receive from the Gods, and that they must also get to know the ‘meadow’.
Tell both of them that they will return and that they may possibly be like the poor who have neither food nor drink and are this time their slaves.
Explain to them, dear Myra, that everything they possess has been borrowed.
You will finish your task, the Gods will bless your end.”
Myra took leave from both of us and returned to her material body, but this time there was light around her.
We both understood, but stayed behind alone.
A separation for many ages lay ahead of us.
“My soul, dear Lyra, the God of all life brought us together and we both represent Amon-Re, through whom we are alive.
Happiness and wisdom are in us and we shall consciously experience this law.
If we meet in other lives, you will perhaps not even recognize me.
However, we will make up and build our own house like Dectar and Myra; we will build brick upon brick and make up.
I see a lot of sorrow and grief, poverty and misery and the many wounds both of us have struck and which must be healed.
We do not want to possess a royal crown, only love and consciousness.
Every step is done with full consciousness, and reflects the return to Him.
If I am empty in other lives the feeling will nevertheless be in me and I will search so that reality will enter me.
We do not possess anything yet, although we seriously intend to serve and to accept everything.
Yet, we will achieve that aim.
The life that awaits me now requires a different consciousness; this life will fall asleep.
I will receive a different name, Lyra, and live in another country and be part of a different people.
Where will you be then?
I will ask the Gods to wake me up.”
“My dear Venry, whatever name you may bear, this one is dear to me.
Oh, I shall go on praying for wisdom and to be allowed to awaken.
The question to be allowed to see and love you as I do now will be in me forever.
Now let the silence enter you, Venry, let us kneel and pray, let me dissolve ‘in’ you, for I feel that this law also becomes effective in me.”
We were profoundly one and thanked the Gods for everything.
I subsequently felt that formidable working come over me.
I embraced Lyra still more closely and kissed her, but I experienced and had to accept that she dissolved in my arms.
“Oh, great God, forgive me my sins and faults.
You are willing to forgive me everything but You cannot however much You would like to, for we are souls like You and we shall return to You.
I thank You for everything.”
Next I felt that I grew lighter, the ‘meadow’ faded before my eyes, my consciousness became non-conscious, this holy space dissolved before me, a tremendous law entered me and became effective, and forced me to return to the earth.
I passed into a different world and I was no longer aware of anything.