My death; Carma

The King gave an order to appoint inquisitors and I became the victim of the inquisition.
After having held my last session I relaxed for a while to digest all the pieces of writing.
I visited my friends, but none of them believed me, and they declared me insane.
I had not seen my Mother since then.
Suddenly, the persecution broke out and I was one of the first to be confined.
At night I was arrested in my bed.
We were in all about fifty men and women; we were locked in barred pens because all prisons were packed and we waited for our sentence.
There were people of all social circles.
Beside me stood a young woman; she was not sad.
I thought her admirable and I felt attracted to her, because the others hung their head and were lost in thought.
Her eyes radiated strength and personality, consciousness and complete surrender; there was no sign of fear in her.
Her entire being radiated tenderness and deep love towards me, this struck me as benevolent.
I had had little or no contact with women but this young woman had something that touched me, which I did not yet understand.
I felt something in her, which my master had spoken of, and this could only be the serving feeling.
In her was what I had been allowed to acquire in this short period and why my Mother had left me, which meant devoting the whole personality.
I tried to find out why she was here and asked: “Have you gone astray?”
She immediately understood me and answered: “They say that I am a witch and a bad mother for my child, and that is why I am here.
And you?”
“I do not know yet, but I assume that I am suspected to have concluded an agreement with the devil.”
“Why with the devil?”
“I wanted to get to know death and now it is near me.”
“And do you know it?”
“Yes, I know it if everything is as I feel, but then happiness awaits me and I will go ‘in’.”
“You go ‘in’?”
“Is that so unclear?
‘Going in’ means being able to surrender completely.
What is your view on this?”
“I am not afraid of death.
There is something within me that tells me that there is no death, and that there is eternal life after this life.”
“That is beautiful, you do not find many people like you.
And your child?
Where is your child?”
“My child is where you are talking of; it died a few days ago.”
Next she looked in front of her and was lost in thought.
Her thoughts were deep.
After a while I asked: “How old are you?”
“I am twenty-six.”
“Still that young and yet having to die?”
“Is life here worth being lived?
Are you happy?
Do you expect to stay alive?
Have you still got parents?”
“My Father died, but my Mother is still alive,
and yours?”
“My Father is still alive, but my Mother died long ago.
I am alone in this large world.”
“And your husband?
Is he dead too?”
“No, he is not dead, but I do not know where he is.”
“So all alone on earth?”
“Yes, alone and yet not alone for I have my God.”
Her eyes shone when she spoke of her God, her faith was very strong.
Meanwhile, night had fallen and we all tried to have some sleep.
The people were mad, and the church was possessed by the devil.
The warder came and informed us that I along with others, including the young woman, would be questioned the next morning.
A depressing silence fell.
The jeering of the crowd, a devilish yelling reached our ears.
It was impossible to sleep, nobody could, everyone thought of oneself or of others and of death.
Everybody’s face reflected fear, horror, and many shrunk with sorrow.
Others again were in high spirits and hoped to be acquitted.
I continued my discussion with this young woman and asked: “Is there no fear in you?
And what is your name?”
“There is no fear in me and my name is Carma.
Are you of noble birth?
Judging by what I see, I would say so.
Is your family not protected?
What is your name?”
I gave her a brief description of my whole life up to the moment that I was detained.
Next, she told me all about herself.
She had been rich, had enjoyed a good education, but later, at the age of seventeen, her happiness had been brutally disturbed and her young life wrecked.
I answered her and said: “No, Carma, there is no fear in me and my family does not mean anything to me.
I am not afraid of death.
The nearer it comes to me, the quieter I become, a mighty all-embracing tranquillity comes over me.”
“Come a little closer, Alonzo, I have got to tell you something.”
I did as she asked and she pressed a kiss on my mouth, looked at me like a little innocent child and waited for my reaction.
“Do you know, Carma, that this is my first kiss?”
“That is exactly why, dear friend, you are like a child and I love children very much.
Will you accept this?”
“I am most grateful to you, Carma.”
A feeling of warmth and understanding rose from my inner life.
I suddenly knew that I loved her very much and I would marry her at once if I were free.
In her was that unnatural warmth, which is not understood on earth.
I spoke to her and declared my love to her.
“You, big child, can you love me just like that,
in this condition?
Presently, we will not be here anymore, Alonzo. Maybe you or I will proceed alone and they extend mercy on us and everything will be forgotten.”
“How can you say such harsh words?
Are my words that weak?
Do I radiate lies and deceit?”
“If your Mother knew she would set you free, Alonzo.
I am only a woman; I did not take care of my child and, as the saying goes, I did not go to confession. That is why I have to die.
They know that I gave herbs to sick people and I know the verdict for that as well.
I am a witch, Alonzo.”
“Did you cure people, Carma?
From whom did you get that knowledge?”
“That is in me, Alonzo.
Even as a child, I saw powers in nature to cure sick people.
I sought and found and I cured the sick.
It is quite harmless, but in their eyes, I am a witch.
When you look at the sky now you will be killed, Alonzo.
That is why they will burn me alive.
My poor body cannot help what my soul, I myself did, can it?”
“Have you advanced that far?
Do you know yourself, Carma?
You speak of soul and body, that is only known to but a few human beings on earth.”
“It is in me, Alonzo, so I received it from God when a child, you cannot learn such things, we human beings must experience them.”
“It is miraculous, Carma.”
“You will live, Alonzo, but I shall die for it and I will gladly die.”
“You are a happy child, Carma.”
“I am, Alonzo, only now am I happy.
Oh, Alonzo, come, kiss me, and press me to your heart.
I am so dizzy, Alonzo, love has entered me, only love.”
She collapsed.
I grasped the water jug and sprinkled some water on her head and face.
“Oh, my Carma, do remain conscious, let us talk a bit.”
I prayed for help, my master would no doubt help me.
After a little while she raised her eyes and looked at me.
“Did you think that I am weak, Alonzo?
While fainting, I floated away from the earth and I saw a green ‘meadow’ and we were together in it.
Could this be an omen, Alonzo?
Oh, it was so very beautiful there.
And the silence I felt, oh Alonzo, for that I am prepared to be burnt alive.
But would you be prepared to follow me there?”
“Gladly, with pleasure, Carma.”
“It must be the silence you told me about, Alonzo.
It is heavenly there.
But it lasted only a short moment; next, I was sent back to my body.
I felt that cold and woke up.
Do you think, Alonzo, that it is there where your stranger lives and where we will go when our bodies have been burnt?”
“You saw, Carma.
You were outside your organism.
That is a wonder, you have gifts.
I see it before me.
The stranger did not tell me about that, but he would have, had I not been here.
This is an omen, Carma.
My Father spoke about it.
He too.
We are going to die together, if I may follow you.”
The others did not understand us and let those loving young human beings do as they liked and they were all pleased.
They granted us this great happiness for which we were very grateful.
“Carma, how much do I love you.
Now I know, no, I feel that I am your Alonzo.”
“And I am your Carma.
We will die together, Alonzo, and I will stay close to you.
You are my new life, and I shall stay with you forever.”
The others were beginning to get anxious for daytime was nearing.
One complained and wailed that his work had not been finished; another cursed all people, invoked God and the devil then burst into tears.
Others again already felt their own death and this death was horrible.
Two elderly people had collapsed and could not be aroused.
Others uttered fearful noises so that I thought that my heart would break.
Is there a God?
Many shouted similar things; they were no longer themselves.
I put courage into them.
“Why is there fear in you?
Why do you curse your God?
Have you not learned to know Him yet in your long life?”
“Still so young”, someone said, “yet so full of courage and vitality.
Are you not afraid of death?”
“But that is quite natural, is it not”, someone else said, “these children are in love, they possess inspiration, holy fire, they know no danger.”
“Love makes powerful”, a third said. Silence fell again.
The warder entered.
The hour of departure approached and we had to prepare ourselves.
Our names were called; we belonged to the very first.
“You stay with me, Alonzo?
We will go together and I shall be very strong.”
“Be quiet, little heroine.”
“We are going to marry, Alonzo, and our journey is to the stake.
We will invite some guests and welcome them there.”
“I admire you, Carma.
Oh, my soul, I love you so much.”
“Why do you say soul, Alonzo?”
“I do not know, Carma, it suddenly escaped me.”
The warder took us away.
Soon we neared the building where the inquisitors were waiting for us.
Many people went in and out.
Old men and mothers, even children were carried away.
Our names were called off.
Carma would come after me, for each of us was given a number.
We attended the first trial; the culprit was a man advanced in years.
He was an atheist,
a great heretic.
The verdict was brief and to the point.
He collapsed and was unconscious.
He was sentenced to death by the stake.
As he was dragged away, number two followed.
He received the same verdict but remained himself.
Numbers three and four fared no differently. They showed no mercy here.
It was not even possible to defend oneself.
It was as simple as that.
All followed one path, straight to death.
My name was called and I stepped forward.
“There is someone”, they said to me, “who beseeches you to say that it is not true.”
My Mother,
but I felt my dear Carma.
Was there anyone for her?
I did not consider it for a moment and said: “What I did and said is the holy truth.
I am a seeker.
Tell my Mother that her house is empty; nothing will frighten her anymore.
Do what you must do.”
After some sneering laughter, the verdict was pronounced:
the stake.
I stepped back. Carma was tried.
They read out what she was here for and she answered: “Is it bad to cure sick people?
My child had my own faith and our God is Love.”
There was a short discussion and the verdict read: the stake.
We were taken away, back to the place to wait.
We thanked God that we were together again.
The sentence would be executed the next morning.
Some were already carried off in the afternoon.
The church disposed of all heretics.
Faith was purified of every stain.
We stood in our corner and waited.
Those who left were covered with a cloth, but that was only for a moment, then they had to live through it, see everything beforehand, the people asked for it.
To see human beings die was not daily routine and all sensation would have gone.
Many convicts collapsed and were laid on the stake unconscious.
“Will you be brave, Carma?”
She looked at me and I felt a tremendous power come over me.
“Do you not feel, Alonzo, how I strong I am, now that you love me?
Now that you will die with me, I am very happy.
Oh, my Alonzo, let us be grateful to God.
I am so happy that you are mine and I feel so very much one with you.
You are as I am, Alonzo, like the yearning to learn to know this love has always been in me.
Would God know us?
Would God know, Alonzo, that I will gladly die?
Now that I have been allowed to know you, Alonzo, I am most deeply grateful to God for everything.
I want to follow you, Alonzo, follow you in everything, wherever you may go.
Obedient love is in me, only now, and I feel very strong with it.
Feel, Alonzo, how powerful my heart beats for you, only out of happiness and gratitude.
I am strong and very conscious, Alonzo, and will be so when the flames scorch my body.”
“I am so grateful to you, Carma, oh, how grateful I am.
If only I could show you how much I love you.
I swear to God that I will love you eternally and I am perfectly aware of what I now say, Carma.
I am no child and no youngster, I want to do and experience everything for you because we are one, one in grief and happiness.
No, my dear child, we will not despair nor collapse, we will stay conscious until the very last moment.
We shall go where peace waits for us and lack of understanding is far from us.
The silence of the ‘meadow’ of which you spoke will come over us and we will be one forever.
Do you not want to have a nap, Carma?”
“How could I sleep, Alonzo, now that our hours are numbered?
Now that I feel your love
and happiness is in me.
Do I need sleep now?
We stay awake, Alonzo, and I will show you how much I love you.
That is where my love resides, Alonzo, I will not cry out for pain.
In this, my soul, I love you.
I look into your eyes, Alonzo, you are mine.
We shall show God that we are worth being allowed to love.
For God we will die.
We will be worthy of receiving this love.
I am your wife, Alonzo, am I not?”
I pressed her even closer to my heart, for I loved her spiritually.
“Is this earthly love, Carma?
Can earthly human beings love like this?
Would there still be disagreements?
No indeed.
Everything reflects my love, you will feel and accept me even in my deep non-conscious life, in that which I myself do not yet know.
Now are not our souls completely one, Carma?”
“This love is not of this earth, Alonzo.
Are you not prepared?
Who is being prepared?
Is that not a mercy?
Has the stranger not come to you,
and your Father?
This love, my dear Alonzo, is the most holy gift that human beings may receive; it is heavenly.
It bears, serves and bows for all life.
This love is pure, Alonzo.
Now would you not die for that?
My body burns because of this fire, not like the material fire, which will later destroy our bodies.
I will feel no pain, Alonzo, my love will dominate.
Now I am ready.
Oh, my Alonzo, I notice that you see; your eyes are far away.
Go on seeing, Alonzo, the stranger will help us and show you beautiful things.
Tell me what you see, Alonzo.
Where shall we go?
Light has entered your eyes.
That light is not from this earth.”
“I feel as if I am turning into a different being, Carma, silence comes over me.”
We did not speak until daybreak.
“My child, my soul, you are an integral part of me.
How can I thank God.
If everything I received is true, Carma, we will soon float in space and this space belongs to us, it is our own home.
Then we shall see into other lives, for the stranger told of many lives that every soul has to experience.
I do not want to return to the earth, Carma, a power in me tells me that we will proceed on that side.
I will not receive another organism,
nor will you, we shall proceed there together.
The nearer the hour of death approaches, the holier the silence and our being one become.”
“We are completely one, Alonzo.
You say what I feel, for it is in me.
I too do not want to live anymore, Alonzo, to stay here any longer for it is there that my happiness, the true and real happiness lives.
Is it not mighty, Alonzo?”
“My soul, it is as if I become conscious, as if this love rises from my inner self.
It is as if I have known you for ages.
These feelings are as clear as that, Carma.
I believe that I have known you in the past, for it cannot be otherwise, I perceive and feel in it.
Now I could write poetry, Carma.
The poems I made were shallow, they had no feeling, and I myself had not awakened.
Oh, my soul, how I now feel life.
How deep life is.
How mighty is this love.
When completely one, Carma, two souls are themselves like two flowers of the same colour and they sense each other in everything.
Now I see life as it is, Carma.
Is it because the end of our lives is imminent?
Or is it, because we are now conscious in love?
Look at all those people, Carma.
They are living dead; and they are afraid.
They are broken.
Their souls have fallen asleep.
Oh, if only this beautiful real world could continue.
Their fear and our love will give us full consciousness.
This is what God meant, through which all His children will awaken.
I love you, Carma, I want to die with you, but we shall live.”
“Do continue, Alonzo, you make me so happy.
Oh, my Alonzo, is this night not holy?
What a night, what a morning.”
“The day is ours, Carma, it will remain daytime forever
and we will have conquered the darkness.
You are tired, my child, but how beautiful you are.
So much love radiates from your soul, Carma.
How great you are, dear child.
Can I ever make up for this?
Presently, I will give you proof of my love; I love you with my soul.
Over there we shall have a new garment and ours will radiate with our own light.
We die for God and for His holy Child.
God will give us strength, Carma.
We are ready, are we not?”
We heard strange, fearful screams, which came nearer and nearer.
The doors were opened and our names were called off.
I took Carma’s delicate hand into mine and we were ready.
My right hand caressed her and she understood everything.
She felt and understood every tender squeeze and a treasure of love descended into her; she then sent me all her love.
There was nothing more to say.
Twelve of us were going to die.
Carma was the only woman.
The others were men, most of them older people.
We were the youngest among them.
Four strong men collapsed and were left for dead.
One of them woke up after a while, but his legs were trembling under him.
Now he had to experience the dying process consciously. The others were dragged outside, where they could possibly keep their blessed unconsciousness so that they would not feel the flames.
I whispered to Carma: “Could that perhaps mean a mercy of God, dear soul?
You see they are unconscious.
Look, Carma,
the others become conscious again but that old man over there with his snow-white hair remains unconscious.
He has died already, Carma, look at that deathly pallor.
His eyes have already grown dim.
Now is that not mercy?
Does God not watch over His children?
Is this not an act of God?
God interferes at the very last moment.
Oh, Carma, I grant him this mercy, but I want to stay awake.
Only now, dear soul, do I feel the acts of God, that incomprehensible God and yet, how clear this sinking away is and how mighty God’s hand.
Look, my soul, he is dead.
He is already there where we will go.
Is this not a wonder?
We have been allowed to experience a great wonder, Carma.
That is God, our Almighty God who has given us this love, our holy love.
We will go to God, dear Carma, to Him, the God of all life.
Look over there, Carma, he too is a man advanced in years, it is as if light radiates from his forehead.
How superior this person is.
Where does this light come from?
Do you see that light, Carma?”
“I see it, Alonzo; oh, it is sacred.
God does not want His child to go in darkness.
That other man over there, Alonzo, should not be laughed at.
And we,
bliss of my life,
we must show that we are children of God and we are prepared, are we not, Alonzo?”
“Would you like to swap, Carma?”
“No, dear soul, a thousand times no, I want to stay conscious.”
“God makes us bear and we are grateful.
Those who are strong will have to bear, dear Carma, the others are not ready.
Look, my dear angel, over there, you can see our deathbed.”
Again some fainted but they were soon conscious again.
The others were dragged on to the pile.
We also neared.
The executioners were ready and would soon light the fire.
We did not even hear the jeering of the crowd.
Beside us, we heard someone say: “Look at them.
They look as if they go to their wedding.
Look at those two.
look at them.
They are not afraid,
they love each other.”
I squeezed Carma’s hand more strongly and she understood me.
Then we mounted the ladder.
The others followed us, seven were already on top, and three were unconscious.
The old man had died
but the others became conscious again.
They had to experience this hell.
A mast had been arranged in the centre and we had seated ourselves there.
I pressed Carma to my heart.
Once more we looked at the people who wanted to witness this game of life and death.
Then we took leave of them and of the earth forever.
I pressed her still closer to my chest and looked into her beautiful eyes.
“In this way we will die for God and our love, Carma.”
The executioners had received their sign and a dense cloud of smoke bellowed up. The sentence was being executed.
We all felt the heat.
Shortly, the flames billowed up, but they had not yet reached us.
My soul, I myself, passed into Carma and we felt completely one.
I went ‘in’ into her deep loving life, now we were connected and waited.
Then the flames came.
This event only happened for us, we did not hear anything of the wailing of the others.
I called to Carma: “Keep feeling me, Carma, stay in me, we are completely one.
Do not leave my soul.
I will stay in you too.”
The flames rose higher and higher and had now reached us.
They already affected our legs. I felt that my flesh was being scorched.
“Stay in me, dear Carma, I can help you ‘in’ me and we are one.”
I felt her pains and she felt mine.
A great fire rose.
Then she called to me: “Alonzo, oh, my dear Alonzo, I love you so much.
I love you so unspeakably as only the Gods can love.
I see, my dear Alonzo, I see, I become clairvoyant.
I begin to see.
I begin to see, my Alonzo; now that the flames destroy my flesh I am beginning to see.
I see into a different world, Alonzo.
I see us.
Oh, my God, how great is this mercy.
Alonzo, my eternal love,
do you hear me?
Do you see me, Alonzo?
Alonzo, I love you.
This life fades away; I pass into a different life.
You go away, Alonzo; you go away, my love.
A different life enters me, yet I am one with you.
Both beings belong to me.
I am a different person, Alonzo.
I am someone else and that other person is now conscious in me.
I myself pass into it.
Do you feel it, Alonzo?
Do you see and understand everything?”
“Yes, dear Carma.
I too now pass into a different life.
I see you, my soul, I see you.
I am with you, Carma.
I see us together in a different life.
Do you feel the flames, Carma?
Do you feel my love?
Do you feel that our love dominates?
Do you feel how much I love you?
Let it burn, oh, let it burn.
My God, we want to see more, we want to remain conscious.
Let our bodies burn, but let us remain conscious.
Now we see into other lives.
Oh, my soul, we become conscious of our past life, right now we may know that we will live on forever.
The flames can only add to our love and give us more consciousness.
The flames, dear Carma, give us this perception.
I kiss you, my soul; I embrace you, for my body collapses, my lips burst and your beautiful material garment burns.
But my love is strong, dear Carma, it is conscious and belongs to you.”
We felt our strength dwindling away.
Next the vision returned and I became aware of a different life.
It was as if a veil was being lifted and I could see.
Carma began to see as well and followed me.
We were closely one and we remained one.
I saw a beautiful landscape before me and we walked there.
Others walked with us.
That was the ‘meadow’ and we were very happy.
“I see us both, Carma.”
“I see you too, my dear Alonzo.
I know you.
I call you by your name, the one you then bore.
Oh, my Venry, my dear Venry, Alonzo and Venry are one.
Do you hear me, Alonzo?
You are my Venry, my Venry, my master.”
Our strengths dwindled away more and more and the more terrible it became, the sharper our perception got.
I saw my soul, I saw the two of us and called out to Carma: “My soul, my Lyra, soul of my soul, we are one.
I will be strong, Lyra.
I want to remain conscious.
Oh, my God, let us see.
Let us remain conscious.
My Lyra, ah, my Lyra.
Look, the ‘meadow’.
Now we are conscious again.
There we were completely one and we now return.
The ‘meadow’, dear Lyra.
Look, the ‘meadow’.”
“Oh, God, let us see.”
“Stay ‘in’ me, Lyra, dear Lyra, we shall remain conscious till the very last moment.
Do you know everything, Lyra?”
“Everything, everything, Venry ... everything ... e..v..e..r..y..t..h..i..n..g Venry!”
“My dear soul, remain conscious, oh, do remain conscious.”
“My God, let us experience everything.”
Carma’s eyes had already been scorched and could not see me anymore.
However, she saw me spiritually for we were one.
Lyra opened her eyes. Carma would die.
Lyra awakened and stayed awake.
Her spiritual eyes saw me.
We were spiritually one.
Her mouth still wanted to speak, her material mouth, and I still heard: “Alonzo?
V..e..n..r..y.. A..l..o..n..z..o..m..y..V..e..n..”
Carma had died on earth.
Suddenly, I heard my name being called like the stranger had predicted.
I heard: “A..L..O..N..Z..O?
Do you hear me?
I am here and wait for both of you.
For you, my dear Venry and your beloved Lyra, your soul, your eternal love.”
We must have died on earth by that time, yet we were still conscious.
I said to Lyra: “Look, my soul, our leader from the past.”
At the same moment, however, we departed from our material and charred bodies and we entered eternal life.
We went ‘in’ and had died on earth.
In the other life, I held Lyra in my arms.
We were one and remained one.
I pressed an ardent kiss on her mouth.
“My dear Venry, only now have we made up.
I am so grateful to God.”
Next, we looked at those who had died with us.
Some of them were met by their beloved ones, others dissolved before our eyes and we understood where they were going.
They would receive a new organism.
We went higher and higher, and now floated over the pile.
We slowly left the earth.
Suddenly, we saw a powerful light and this light came to us.
“Do you see that light, Lyra?”
“Yes, Venry, it is coming to us.
The nearer it approaches us, the stronger it becomes.”
“It is an angel, Lyra.
But an angel like a human being, just as we are.
I see a shape already.
My God, Lyra, who is it;
can you feel that?”
“Peace, light and warmth come over me, dear Venry.”
“My goodness, who are you?
Who are you?” we called together.
I pressed Lyra to my heart and we waited.
Now we heard: “Alonzo?
My dear Alonzo?
My children, my Venry, my Lyra.”
We knelt down and bowed our heads and we heard the voice say to us: “Venry, my dear Venry, Lyra, my dear Lyra,
I have come for you and welcome you forever in my Father’s house.
Children of Isis, look at me.
Are you conscious?
Is Isis awake in you?”
“Yes, master, everything in us is conscious.”
“Come to my heart, my children.
My dear Venry, my dear Lyra,
let my tears of happiness make you forget your pains and grief.
Do you know that this had to be so?”
“Yes, master, and we are so sincerely grateful to God.
May we know who you are?”
“I am your Father, your Father who loves you, dear Venry, one of your many Fathers.
However, our bond has a meaning.
God wanted us to accomplish one task.
You were not allowed to know this at Isis, otherwise, the masters could have followed you.
I was not allowed to awaken this past in you during that life.
Many centuries ago we were one, dear Venry, and we have endured very much together and that brought us together.
The Gods wanted you to follow me and that work is done.
You know everything else.
Lyra is your twin soul.
You go on together forever.
Come, follow me, dear children,
I must show you something.”
We floated to Egypt and saw that a new Temple of Isis had been born.
Love reigned in the Temple.
“What you see now, dear Venry, already belongs to the past.
That Temple has also been destroyed.
I will connect you with this time so that you may observe everything.”
“How is that possible, Father?”
“I feel what you feel, dear Venry, and also what lives in Lyra.
Would you think, dear Venry, dear Lyra, that what was born in love can be destroyed?”
“But where is our wisdom, Father?”
“Have you forgotten Dectar?”
“Good heavens, Father, where is Dectar?”
“Dectar has been born again, dear Venry, and he will bring the treasures of the Temple of Isis on earth.
I know, dear Venry, dear Lyra, that it will happen.
But we will talk about that later, when you are with me.
I now go to my sphere, children, there we shall meet again.
In this life, Venry, you have all your gifts and powers again and will convince one human being of the real God.
After a time you will come to me, we are brothers and sisters.
Everything is over now, everything has been made up for and all of us are deeply grateful to God.
Come, children, we will now go to the ‘meadow’, others are waiting there.
I already go my own way here.
We shall meet again, children, you know where I live and I, and thousands with me, will receive you with love.
Goodbye, Venry, goodbye, my dear Lyra.”
We returned to the ‘meadow’.
Father Alonzo waited for me, my brother Geraldo was with him and many, many others.
They were all very dear to me and one with us.
Next an angel came up to us, and with this figure, we saw a small child from the spheres.
Lyra pressed her own child to her heart.
“Oh, God”, she called, “how great is your love.”
Lyra laid her child in my arms and said: “Our child, dear Venry, our child from the spheres.”
After this the little one was collected and brought to its own heaven.
We both knelt down at the ‘meadow’ and thanked God for everything.
“Dear Lyra, how utterly happy we now are.
You are my Lyra and my Carma; both are dear to me.
For me you remain the brave, my loving Carma, but Lyra and Carma are one and will remain so forever.”
Then we returned to the earth.
I had something to do there, this great mercy we also received from our God, our Father of Love.
I was conscious of my gifts.
We soon reached the earth and entered Juan’s room.
I woke him up.
I subsequently condensed my spiritual body. My dear friend saw me and cried out: “Alonzo, oh, my friend, my Alonzo, my heart is breaking.
Am I really worthy of your coming to me?
How can God approve of this?”
“Do you recognize me, Juan?
Do you know, Juan, that I was burnt alive?
But because of that I have learned to know the God of Love.”
“Oh, Alonzo, I know, you were so courageous and she was too, the angel who was with you.
Did she come to you from heaven?
We speak of pure love.
The executioners wept like little children, Alonzo, and people have prayed.
You have been canonized.
Believe me, dear friend, it was sacred.
You, the two of you, have awakened many people.
And now you have come to me to tell that you are alive?
I will make up for everything, everything, my dear friend.”
“Tell the others, Juan.
And get ready, your life is but short.
Be grateful for this great mercy, Juan.”
Next, I dissolved before his eyes and we saw what he did.
I was not interested in the others, but Juan was my twin brother, I was allowed to convince him.
“Come, my soul, dear Lyra, shall we take a rest now?
Shall we go and visit our spiritual and heavenly dwelling?
Shall we go and see what our temple is like?”
Hand in hand we floated to our eternal rest, our spiritual dwelling, built by both of us.
On our way to it, another bliss awaited us.
“Mother, my good and dear Ardaty.
How can we ever thank God.”
Together we went on and entered the third sphere on this side, a heaven of unknown beauty.
We found our spiritual dwelling in readiness.
Flowers decorated our house; birds flew towards us and sang their song of welcome.
We went ‘in’, we understood, we felt, we were grateful, deeply, deeply grateful.
We knelt down and prayed:
“Oh, my God, how great, how good you are.
How can we thank you?
Do we know you?
Father, our Father in Heaven, we thank you.”
“Man of the Earth,
see your one and only God who is nothing but Love.
We go on, ever further and higher, where other planets are waiting for us.
We shall return to God, we have learned to know His Holy Life.
Love is in us.
Can you, man of the earth, accept this God of Love?”
The end