Jozef Rulof

Jozef Rulof (1898-1952) received all-embracing knowledge about the hereafter, reincarnation, our cosmic soul and Christ.

Knowledge from the hereafter

When Jozef Rulof was born in 1898 in rural ’s-Heerenberg in the Netherlands, his spiritual leader Alcar already had great plans for him.
Alcar had passed on to the hereafter in 1641, after his last life on earth as Anthony van Dijck.
Since then, he had built up a vast knowledge about the life of the human being on earth and in the hereafter.
In order to bring that knowledge to earth, he wanted to develop Jozef into a writing medium.
After Jozef had established himself as a taxi driver in The Hague in 1922, Alcar first developed him into a healing and painting medium, in order to build up the trance that was needed for receiving books.
Jozef received hundreds of paintings, and by means of their sales the publication of the books could be kept under their own control.
When Alcar began passing on his first book ‘A View into the Hereafter’ in 1933, he gave Jozef the choice of how deep the mediumistic trance would become.
He would be able to put Jozef into a very deep sleep and take over his body in order to write books outside the consciousness of the medium.
Then Alcar would be able to use his own word choice from the first sentence in order to explain to the reader from that time how he himself had got to know the reality at soul level, which the eternal life of the human soul is central to.
Another possibility was to apply a lighter trance, whereby the medium could feel what was being written during the writing.
That would enable Jozef to grow along spiritually with the knowledge passed on.
However, then the build-up of the knowledge in the books series would have to be attuned to the spiritual development of the medium.
And then Alcar could only give the explanations at soul level if the medium was also ready for that.
Jozef chose for the lighter trance.
As a result, Alcar was somewhat limited in the words which he could use in the first books.
He let Jozef experience this by writing down the word ‘Jozef’ in trance.
At that same moment, Jozef woke up from the trance, because he felt he was being called.
In order to prevent this, Alcar chose the name ‘André’ in order to describe the experiences of Jozef in the books.
Alcar also changed or avoided other names and circumstances in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, so that Jozef could remain in trance.
In this way, the reader does indeed learn in this first book that André was married, but not that this happened in 1923 and that his wife was called Anna.
In order to remain in harmony with the life of feeling of Jozef, Alcar allowed his medium to first experience for himself what was described in the books.
For this purpose, Alcar let him leave his body, so that Jozef could perceive the spiritual worlds of the hereafter for himself.
The books describe their joint journeys through the dark spheres and the spheres of light.
Jozef saw that after his transition on earth, the human being ends up in the sphere to which his life of feeling belongs.
In an out-of-body state, he was also witness to many transitions on earth.
By means of the description of this, it is recorded in the books what exactly happens to the human soul upon cremation, burial, embalming, euthanasia, suicide and organ transplantation.

Jozef gets to know his past lives

The name André was chosen by Alcar, because Jozef had once borne that name in a past life in France.
Then André was an academic, and the commitment to investigating everything thoroughly could help in order to deepen the explanation level of the books step by step.
For instance, in 1938 Jozef was able to receive the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ from master Zelanus, a pupil of Alcar.
In this book, Zelanus described his past lives.
In this way, he showed how all his experiences in his past lives have ultimately built up his life of feeling, and ensured that he could feel more and more.
In 1940, Jozef had developed far enough in order to experience the book ‘Between Life and Death’.
As a result, he got to know Dectar, his own past life as a temple priest in Ancient Egypt.
Dectar had increased his spiritual powers in the temples to a high level, as a result of which he could experience intense experiences in an out-of-body state, and in addition he did not neglect his earthly life.
Those powers were now necessary in order to reach the ultimate grade of mediumship: the cosmic consciousness.

Our cosmic soul

In 1944, Jozef Rulof was so far developed as ‘André-Dectar’ that he could experience spiritual journeys through the cosmos together with Alcar and Zelanus.
By means of the descriptions of those journeys in the book series ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, the highest knowledge from the hereafter was brought to earth.
Now the masters Alcar and Zelanus could finally describe the reality as they had got to know that as the truth themselves.
It was only now that they could use words and terms which describe the core of our soul and thus reveal the essence of the human being.
In the cosmology the masters explain at soul level where we come from and how our cosmic evolution began because our soul split itself from the All-Soul.
André-Dectar now got to know his past lives on other planets, and the gigantic development path which his soul has gone through in order to evolve from a rarefied cell on the first planet in the universe to the life on earth.
In addition, with the masters he visited the higher cosmic grades of life which await us after our earthly lives.
The cosmology describes where we are going, and in what way our lives on earth are necessary in this.
This casts a cosmic light on the meaning of our life and the essence of the human being as soul.

The University of Christ

The masters could travel all the cosmic grades and pass on this ultimate knowledge because they were helped themselves by their order of teachers.
This order is called ‘The University of Christ’, because Christ is the mentor of this university.
In his life on earth, Christ could not pass on this knowledge because the mankind there was not ready for that.
Christ was already murdered for the little that he was able to say.
However, he knew that his order would bring this knowledge to earth, as soon as a medium could be born that would no longer be killed for this.
That medium was Jozef Rulof, and the books which he received heralded a new age: ‘The Age of Christ’.
Christ himself should have limited himself to the core of his message: the selfless love.
In the Age of Christ, through Jozef Rulof his pupils could give a detailed explanation of how we raise ourselves in feeling by giving universal love and as a result reach higher spheres of light and cosmic grades of life.
Under the assignment of his masters, in 1946 Jozef set up Society The Age of Christ, in order to manage the books and paintings.
In that same year, he travelled to America to make his knowledge received known there, in collaboration with his brothers who had emigrated.
Just like in the Netherlands, he held trance lectures and painting demonstrations there.
Back in the Netherlands, in addition to the hundreds of trance lectures, he also held contact evenings for years, in order to answer questions from readers of the books.
In 1950, master Zelanus was able to write the biography of Jozef entitled ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ with the name ‘Jozef’ and the childhood name ‘Jeus’, without breaking the trance.
The masters knew that mankind would still not accept the University of Christ, despite all the knowledge and efforts passed on by Jozef.
Science will only accept a proof of life after death if that is achieved without a human medium, so that influencing by the personality of the medium can be excluded.
That proof will be supplied by what the masters call the ‘direct voice instrument’.
They predict that this technical instrument will bring a direct communication between the human being on earth and the masters of the light.
At that moment, Jozef and other masters will be able to address the world from the hereafter, and be able to give mankind the happiness of the certain knowledge that we live infinitely as a cosmic soul.
Jozef passed on to the hereafter in 1952.
At the end of his book ‘Spiritual Gifts’, master Zelanus had already mentioned that, after the transition of Jozef, Jozef and the masters will no longer approach human mediums, because the ultimate knowledge from the hereafter can already be found in the books which Jozef was able to receive during his earthly life.