Dectar’s lame wing

When I awoke Dectar, he adjusted on me, and began to see me.
Soon he was conscious and spiritually ready. He said to me: “Well, dear friend, you have come to me?
Oh, Venry, descend into me.
You see, my friend, I felt clearly, now I will know what my paralysis is like.
Look at my deformity, Venry, I need not know more for the time being.
Can you see it, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, I see, but keep quiet.”
“Did I not tell you, Venry, that they maimed me?
Oh, those masters, damned be all those demons.”
“Do be quiet, Dectar.
I have a lot to tell you.
I am ready, Dectar.
I was outside the astral walls and even know secrets nobody knows about.
Today I also received my weapon, Dectar, our weapon, my dear, presented to us by the Gods.”
Dectar was very glad and he would have forgotten all caution for happiness.
“Did you not teach me to control ourselves in everything, Dectar.
Do think of yourself.”
He recovered and asked: “Look at what is in me, look well and tell me whether you can help me, Venry.”
From Dectar’s radiance I could now see his deformity and very clearly establish the activity of the masters.
They did not want him to see nor to disembody.
For years he had been imprisoned in this aura.
They had been able to follow Dectar’s thinking and feeling and he knew something of their secrets,
which was his undoing.
What he knew belonged to the masters and the mysterious Isis.
Dectar had nevertheless managed to protect himself.
This was only possible because all those lives were conscious in him; he had told me about them.
He was in fact untraceable, but his perception and feeling were very pure.
Yet, he was kept under this influence and permanent control.
All his gifts were smothered in this way and it prevented his development.
The high priests were mighty.
He should be thankful having been able to save his own life.
At this moment, I saw all those deformed people pass by in my mind.
The soul and the material body were influenced in this way and their spiritual poison descended into them.
One was paralysed, another materially broken; others again suffered from physical and spiritual illnesses, or became insane.
I saw all those poor creatures, they dragged themselves on, understanding what was wrong with them, but they were powerless.
I got to know a mountain of vice and misery.
I saw magic and mystic laws; they were alive before me.
Wherever I looked, violence, passion and misery dominated.
The violent influence broke them all and many had perished who had wanted to acquire spiritual wisdom.
All of them had been deceived, materially and spiritually broken.
Dectar was deformed on his left; again and again, the masters checked his deformity.
Fresh poison was administered to him, which tired him out because he wanted to free himself.
I told him: “I could see everything, Dectar, and I swear that I will help you, my friend.
But you must listen, Dectar, and have a little more patience. I am not now capable of breaking those powers.
Only after darkness, dear Dectar.
I will come for you and you will sit down on the clouds and look down on those who maimed you,
for my leader will help you.
I send you his greetings and he says that you are his friend too.
Next, you will see the ‘meadow’ and her who is your twin soul.
Will you have a little more patience, Dectar?”
“I can wait, Venry, even if it were for centuries, now that I know that I am his friend too.
Did I not tell you that you will be great?
You will receive the great wings, Venry, and Dectar will wait and see.
You see, dear Venry, I am young again, now happiness will come over me, which will help me.
I will do my best and remain myself.
Now set me free, Venry, then you can see how lame I am.
When I am free and rise, I will fall back to the earth and will be so tired, oh so tired.”
“I will set you free, Dectar.”
Now I saw through that web of spiritual powers through which Dectar tried to find his way.
A wonderful event now took place before me.
He sighed, moaned, and wriggled to the left and right, trying to get through this web.
In the meantime, I adjusted to the high priests to find out whether danger was lurking.
We were not followed now.
Then I helped Dectar.
His departure from his material garment was perfect, but his gifts could not develop in this way.
There were beautiful gifts in Dectar, even the very greatest a priest could receive from the Gods.
In the Temple of Isis all priests were gifted and could disembody, but to see deeply and to see the origin of all life, possession of the soul and personality of this being was essential.
This ability was present in Dectar’s inner life so that he could have received the great wings, but no use was made of it, he was maimed.
His material body had to remain asleep.
Now that there was a disturbance in it, the soul experienced this violence to the effect that respiration was cut off.
If I wanted to disembody, I could do so in several ways.
If I wanted to rise, to depart from my body to the left or right, I could achieve this at will, there was not the slightest disturbance.
All I had to do was to adjust to it.
However, Dectar gasped for breath, uttering profanities and cursing the masters.
At last he had freed himself and he entered my world.
We embraced like happy children.
“Now we are together, dear Venry, how I longed for this.
Oh, I am so happy, if you only knew what this means to me.
I have prayed all my life to be allowed to receive this gift of being one, and now we are completely one, one in this immense space where those that died on earth now live.
Now where are all my friends?
Just imagine, Venry.
Do realize how mighty it is to be granted to live here.
Can you see now how monstrous the powers of the masters are?
Then follow me, Venry.
Without your assistance, I would never have been able to free myself.
Now follow me, dear Venry, and you will understand how they tortured me and why there is so much hatred in me.”
Dectar adjusted his concentration to floating up and soon he ascended.
His concentration was enormous; yet another power pulled him back towards the earth, and that power exhausted him completely.
He moaned in pain and flopped down.
He cursed the masters and cried like a small child over his sorrow and spiritual paralysis.
He said to me: “You see, Venry, in this life I am paralysed.
Their powers can even reach me in this world.
It is not enough that I should be a cripple there, even here, those powers do not dissolve and that is the horrible thing about it.
Can you now understand, Venry, that it takes my breath away?
That’s how they break my resistance.
I cannot do anything about it; a higher power must help me.
I have to surrender now, whether I want to or not, for there are seven of them.
The poison kills me spiritually and physically and I am not free of it for a second.
I shall ascend again and show you clearly, so that you know that they will destroy us all.
Whether the Gods can accept this?
Is my prayer the murmur of a non-conscious being?
But I will not ask questions now, dear friend, for I see help.”
However, Dectar’s attempts were discouraged.
When he was about five metres above the earth he uttered sounds of pain and flopped down on earth.
The powers of the masters had paralysed him completely, but it was only temporary.
Then he fell into a rage so that he was foaming at the mouth.
I found this most remarkable for we now lived as spiritual beings, and this phenomenon belonged to the material body.
Yet, nothing had changed in this respect and I understood that the spiritual and material body were one.
A chord connected both bodies and this chord conveyed the phenomenon to him.
When he had calmed down a bit he said to me: “If I were more powerful, Venry, I would blind them all just as they did to Astor.
I would paralyse their vocal chords so that they could never utter another word; or poison their blood so that they would be covered with pimples as the poor and sick who do not harm anybody.
All these demons are not worth possessing gifts; they only use them to work us into misery.”
Dectar sat down on the edge of his couch beside his own material body and continued: “They call themselves masters, Venry, but they are masters of evil.
Now I can look at my own body and see darkness in it, do you also see this?
Can you see that my left side has been paralysed?
And that my poor heart beats weaker when I offer resistance and that my breath is subsequently cut off?
Is that serving the God?
Should my hatred then be so unnatural, Venry?
I possess great gifts, even the great wings, which I received from the Gods, but they destroyed me.
Now you see how horrible the masters are.
This Temple is cursed as well as those ruling here, cursed be all that defile the Goddess and her love.
Cannot the Gods blind them?
Are they allowed to go on destroying all of us, dear Venry?
What do they possess that power for?
However, I know I was given another power and this saved my life.
Therefore, I should be very grateful.
Those who live in this world, dear Venry, and see the light, all have the great wings, for they float in space.
All those demons, however, only possess darkness; and with it all sicknesses of the earth which spoils their lives. Which last for centuries.
You see, dear Venry, I saw all that, and that is why I remained myself.
But my hatred stayed within me.
I curse them all.”
“You must remain relaxed, Dectar, or else you will wake up the masters.
I promise you to do everything, but you must remain yourself. You do realize that it is not possible now, do you not?”
“Nevertheless, I am full of courage, Venry, but sometimes I am very angry and forget myself.
Then this hatred rises in me and I curse them all.
But I will recover, will I not, Venry?”
“You may rely on that, Dectar.”
We now followed the activity of this magic power and agreed that I would help him after darkness.
Dectar understood me completely when I explained how it would be possible to free him of it.
Next, I told him of my experiences.
He said: “Do you realize how great your gifts are?
Did I not tell you?
None of us can do that.”
While Dectar was talking to me something remarkable happened to me.
He looked at me and asked: “Are you going back into the past, Venry?
I will wait.”
“Did you feel that, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, your change is remarkable and natural, I know this phenomenon.”
Then Dectar cast down his eyes, bowed his head and waited.
Now that he felt that I did not speak, he asked: “Oh, my dear, can you forgive me?
May I ask the master something?”
I nodded my consent and he asked: “Has your previous consciousness come into you, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, I see now what you have done.
Now I have progressed that far, Dectar, right now, but through the powers of higher beings and because the Gods so wish.
I am conscious of my previous life, as you have experienced it, and as it is still in you.
This is through my leader, Dectar, his powers bring me into it, the moment has arrived that I have to know everything, only then can we begin.”
“Can you forgive me, master?
Can you forgive your pupil?
I was not sure of my seeing, and I roamed through your soul.
At night, I came to you, like a thief, like a niggard and I was not myself anymore.
Can you forgive me?”
“Yes, Dectar, you were forgiven a long time ago.
In my soul the past now lives and I experienced this wonder.”
Then it was as if Dectar faded away before me.
I saw into my previous life and now that he noticed it, he asked: “Does the master see his own life?
Can I ask questions?
Has the master progressed that far that he can answer me?
I was your pupil and may be so again.
Oh, father Taiti, can you forgive me?”
I became myself again and answered Dectar: “Yes, my friend, I saw in my previous life and was shown a lot concerning myself and others.
Our leader is powerful, Dectar, we both are instruments and must serve.
I advise you, however, to control yourself in every respect.
I know what I must do.
I also saw that you came to me and that you thought that you awakened this life in me, but it was our leader who did it, dear Dectar.
You were allowed to get to know me in Venry, so that you knew that help was on its way.
I spoke to you then and could do so consciously now, but another feeling has come over me, which forces me to leave.
I am going to see for you, dear friend, and my leader wants me to, for you must relax, otherwise, our life remains in danger.
Now I go back to the past, Dectar, and there your happiness resides, there you got to know love, and I can see there where she now lives.
As soon as I know everything, dear Dectar, I will come to make you happy, and I will be ready for the darkness.
Now you descend into your body, for I have no time to lose.
The astral walls of Isis have been opened to me; I will pass through them, Dectar.
We possess and have in our hands now what was impossible to us,
however, I will be allowed to know much more.”
Dectar descended into his material body and we parted.
I still heard him say: “The Gods permitting, dear Venry, this Temple will come down.”