My preparation for priesthood

When I woke up Dectar was with me.
I lay in a lovely, small room and smelt the scent of herbs, which I knew that my Father had grown.
Dectar said:
“From both, dear Venry, only from your parents.
I also have a message for you.”
“Now already, Dectar?”
“Yes, already now, and it reads:
‘Dear Venry, you are in good hands, but watch over yourself.
We are very happy and alive.
God willing you will see us, but don’t hurry.’
That is all, Venry.”
“I am very grateful, Dectar.”
I understood my parents and felt their great love enter me.
“Do you know, Venry, how long you have slept?”
“No. I do not know, but I feel rested.”
“You have slept for seven days and nights, my dear friend.”
“How is that possible, Dectar?”
“That is because of the things you experienced.”
“Why did you want that?”
“Not only I, Venry, the high priests also wanted you to experience it.”
“And did you know that beforehand?”
“Yes, everything, the masters also saw the earthquake beforehand, but you were to stay with your parents till the very last moment.”
“Did you know that I would be able to float and that this would happen?”
“That too, Venry, and we are certain of it, but there is a lot more.
You perceived that I followed your thoughts and feelings.
What I am going to say now is part of your training, so that you may ask me questions, which I will answer.
I want you to think clearly and phrase your questions in such a way that we can go on and on.
Do not ask what happened last of all; start from the very beginning, for we must do this according to the laws of the Temple.
Does my friend understand me?”
“Yes, Dectar, I shall listen attentively and I know what you mean.”
“I also want you to be completely yourself, Venry, to accept me as a friend and always call me by my name, will you?”
“I thank you, and I will.
What is this all about, Dectar?”
“Excellent, very good, Venry, I welcome this question and I am very grateful to you.
This points to feeling and that you are yourself, it points to rest and adjustment.
Go on in this way, Venry, and we shall make rapid progress.
This is because nothing may disturb your inner feeling and thinking.
You must be as you were with your parents.
In that life you were able to feel and think clearly, and that was very good.
You have received, seen, and experienced; you must be completely yourself in this process.
That is another reason why I do not want to be your master, but your friend.
But we must follow up the laws of the Temple.”
“So my parents had to die, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, they both understood and felt that.
Now they are in heaven.”
“So it would not have been possible to leave before it happened?”
“No, Venry, for their passing over is a law.
Those who feel this listen to those laws, and act as it comes to and in them.
Many other people are completely unaware of this, and will leave and flee.
They deceive themselves and will die all the same, because the Gods know what they are doing.
Such feelings, dear Venry, which come to us a long time beforehand, touch the infinite consciousness in which your Mother lived.
You probably thought that this is for everybody, but this state of mind is an attunement, connecting centuries you will get to know that later on.”
“So there is no premature death or overdue departure, Dectar?”
“How can the Gods be too early or too late?
Does the sun go down too late or does it rise too early?
Do you know the ‘what for and why’ of time, Venry?
You will get to know that in this Temple, for these powers are in you and we shall develop them.”
“Why did I have to jump, Dectar?
I could have left sooner and been spared all this terror.”
“Very well, Venry, go on like this, a very good question and clear thoughts.
Was my friend not aware that a miraculous event took place?”
“You mean that light, Dectar?”
“Right, Venry, that curious feeling which came in to you which made you as light as a bird in the sky and removed gravity.
That power was activated and it brought you in to that condition.
You may wonder why we waited until the very last moment.
You cannot know, my friend, and I will not explain these laws to you now, for I will later on.
Suffice to say that these are gifts representing two worlds, which mean the physical and psychical powers.
The masters followed you, but these powers were only activated through that fear and you lived through the experience of many years in a short period of time.
We need quite some time to awaken these powers, but now they awakened in you in a few seconds.
But you will understand this later, also why the masters wanted it.”
“I have got a feeling, Dectar, that I am able to think deeper and more clearly.
Is that the reason, and has it got to do with it?”
“Very good, splendid, Venry, I am very glad.
Keep on feeling and thinking this way, then we shall be able to make rapid progress.
I told you a minute ago that you lived a long time within just a few seconds.
There are many powers in us human beings, which are unknown to us.
Most people cannot even think, Venry.
They are asleep, although they think and feel that the great consciousness is within them.
They are asleep all their lives, their sleep is deep, and yet they are awake.
You will get to know and understand this being awake, and you will feel straight away how little man knows about himself.
Can you follow me, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, I can.
When they awaken do they feel like I felt when I was there, and on earth?”
“Quite so, Venry, half awake, therefore half alive, and yet they think they feel and think the way we live.
But that is not truly, not really being alive, it is sleeping and sleeping very deeply.
You will get to know that, Venry.”
“You know much about mankind, Dectar?”
“We know a great deal, Venry, though not everything.”
“You knew everything about me?”
“Human feelings are not deep, my friend, and we know all about them, but we hope to get to know what lives between ‘life and death’, even though we know very much.
Here you will learn to think, Venry, as you have never been able to before.
And in this process you will attain priesthood.”
“Do other people also come here, Dectar?”
“Certainly, but they return to life and have learned here how to think and feel.
Here they learn to speak, Venry, and are ready to live among mankind and they will make themselves great, but we know this greatness.”
“Do I have to learn another language, Dectar?”
“No, Venry, you do not need that, for you everything is different; presently I will tell you about it.
There are powers in you, which we shall awaken.
They are gifts, Venry, innate feelings, and you have received them from the Gods, for which you must be very grateful.
Only those naturally gifted persons possess these powers and qualities, which cannot be learned.
We knew about it and we therefore wanted you to stay until the very last moment, so that we can start your preparation right now.
These powers are different from ‘his’, are they not?”
“You mean those by which I was possessed?”
“Yes, Venry.
These powers mean rest, but they are very strong and can make you restless as well, because you cannot absorb them.
But do not be afraid, I will help you.
You felt as light as a bird in the sky and you could have forced a bird to come to you,
could you not, Venry?”
“You are a master, Dectar, and you know everything.”
“I know everything about you, Venry. We are one in feeling and thinking.
Now you are entirely closed off.
I shall open the dwelling of your soul; you cannot see any longer now, but feel, and feel very deeply.”
“Is that why I slept so long, Dectar?”
“Also for that reason, Venry, but your jump exhausted you completely.
At that time you were completely closed off, and that’s why you can only think of me and of what you learn.
In due time your own feelings will return, but now you must follow me.
Try to remember your youth, Venry, and you will perceive that it is impossible.”
I did as Dectar asked me but I could neither feel nor think; emptiness had come in me.
I could think back as far as my jump; thinking any deeper and further back was not possible.
“Why is that, Dectar?”
“First of all to help you, so that those powers cannot overwhelm you and you can remain yourself.
But especially because we have to start completely empty and not there where there is plenty of light in you.
Thus, all the events you have experienced,
all those years I must either eliminate or cut off.
Now that I know what awaits you and what your life was like, I will temporarily cut off all those experiences, and we shall begin at the moment you came to me.
From that moment on your development commenced.
Everything else you will forget for the time being, Venry, because there may not be anything in you to disturb your new life.
We shall proceed from a darkness, which you will experience as an emptiness.
Only these thoughts and feelings may now be within you and you surely realize that this is only possible with our help.
So we begin at the moment you approached the Temple, but later on, your youth will return to you again.
Now go to sleep, Venry, I shall be back in the morning, for it is night now.
You are calmly going to sleep, my friend, only sleep and not dream, you shall think of nothing, because I want it and the masters so wish.”
While he talked I already fell asleep.
A paralysing feeling and a mild rest entered my soul.
Great were the powers of this human being; I was not conscious anymore.
* *
I had reached the age of fifteen now and my development was to begin.
As I woke up the next morning Dectar was with me and said:
“Good morning, Venry, did you sleep well?”
“Yes, Dectar, I feel quite rested.”
“I have your meal and your robe.”
There were some fruits on a dish and beside it was a cup of fruit juice.
A yellow robe with a blue cap and a red belt lay on a bench.
On the place of my left breast, I saw a symbol, which assessed my inner life and presence here.
Dectar wore a similar robe, but of a different colour and material, though he also had the same symbol that I noticed on my robe.
He felt me already.
“The symbol, dear Venry, can only be received by the naturally gifted persons and you are one of them.”
“Has your robe the colour of your knowledge, feeling, and thinking?”
He only smiled.
“Get ready, Venry, you will get to know the building, we are going for a walk.
I shall be right back.”
I did not need much time to get ready.
I ate the fruits and drank the juice and when I was ready, Dectar entered.
I understood that he followed me and knew that I was ready.
“We are going for a walk now, Venry.
You will see what has happened.”
I was ready and followed my Master.
While walking on, his body leaned over to the left as I had noticed before.
Sometimes he walked upright as an ordinary human being.
While I thought of that he turned around and looked deep into my eyes so that I was overcome with sadness.
He went on again, leading the way. We passed through long halls and corridors, entered one space, and left the other, without meeting anybody.
It seemed as if this building had fallen asleep with all its occupants.
Then we came outside and I saw the beautiful gardens of the Temple of Isis in front of me.
It was a lovely morning, the sun shone over all this life.
I was in the gardens of Isis now, the Temple of wisdom, which knew and possessed the source of life and, which had brought knowledge to mankind by the prophets and prophetesses.
We walked along the beautifully planned beds and along the pens in which many animals and even wild beasts, birds, and insects were caged. Next, we visited the orchards, herb gardens, and all plants beneficial to inner man.
After we had walked about for a period of time without saying a word to each other he said:
“What you see, Venry, has been grown and brought to bloom by your Father’s mastery.
He was the master of all this beauty.
When he was among them the flowers sent their scent, the birds sang their morning greetings for him and the other animals danced about for joy.
Over there, where he is now, he has all this beauty too.
Life itself was also his school and he was conscious in it.”
“Where is that school, Dectar?”
“I am the school, Venry, and I will teach you how to look upon things, no language is needed for that.”
“Why not?”
“Because it is in you, Venry, a different and better one than ours.”
“And shall I learn to speak it?”
“Only when you are asleep and are among those beings who are no longer on earth and know already what can be learned between life and death.”
“And do you think I shall attain this, Dectar?”
“If you seriously want to, Venry, you shall receive the greatest possible wings.
Now look there, beneath you, Venry, look how the earthquake tore the earth apart, threw mountains over and split them, made rivers swell and houses collapse.
Still we are blessed, for this place was saved.
Another time we and everything you see will disappear, for even that is possible.”
“Do you know this already now, Dectar?”
“I do not know anything yet, Venry, I would like to know everything,
what I see and feel is very little and that is why I am not certain.
But we shall wait and see, the Gods may give it to us, they know everything, Venry.”
“But you have known this for a long time, have you not, Dectar?”
“When I say I have for years, could you accept that?”
“My Mother saw it beforehand and I was allowed to see something, was that because of you?”
“Yes, Venry, you saw and felt it, but through me, and in that way I tested our being one.
Are you happy, Venry?”
“I cannot answer that question, for there is no feeling in me.”
“Very good, Venry, you must say what you feel, nothing else, above all in a few words, and feel clearly what you want to say.
Will you never forget it?”
“I promise, Dectar.”
“What others have got to learn is not for you, you will get to know and understand nature.
This may seem very simple to you, but you will soon realize that it is not so easy.”
“Is it really so difficult, Dectar, to see things in nature as nature created them?”
“Your Father was very good at that, Venry, but it is very difficult.
He was a master in this respect.
Years of study are required to learn to perceive nature, my friend, but you will soon make progress.
Therefore, nature is our school.
You must think and keep thinking, always try to feel and to see clearly how life in nature is and at all times.
You must be able to feel how deep the sleep of the various animals is, what the happy chirping of a bird means, the obstinate refusing of another species.
You must follow all this life, Venry, and know it down to the core.”
“How can I digest that, Dectar?”
“When you are full of it you must forget everything. After some time it will return into you,
and then it will be your property and part of your personality.”
“Is that so difficult, Dectar?”
“Your young enthusiasm does not feel the depth of my words yet, but this will change too.
I also know that you are able to.
There were many others here who felt a vocation for the priesthood.
But they could not think, Venry, and they were sent away.
They had no feeling. They were spiritually asleep and only experienced the worldly life.
We perceived nothing of the greatness of the soul in all those previous lives, and this life is too short to awaken that.
If we feel and perceive that we can draw from it, believe me, dear Venry, then we leave no stone unturned, but it is not possible.
In day-consciousness they are living dead, in half-waking consciousness they are asleep, and in that deep subconscious resides a deadly tiredness which chokes their will and concentration.
You see, my friend, it is not so simple.
If you cannot feel and follow nature, Venry, you will neither be able to stop the eagle in its flight;
then you lack the will to force it to come to you and neither can you be sent to where those live who left this life.
That is why you are here, Venry, and we shall all learn from it.
If you want to achieve that, my friend, you have to follow the life of the smallest insect and all other life which is present in nature everywhere.
You will begin to feel and acquire the immensity of all this life and you will be ready to feel the forces and powers between life and death completely, but especially to present this Temple with what the Gods intended for us.
That feeling is in you, Venry.
Nature presented you with inner treasures, which are given to but a few people.
There are many secrets, laws, powers, and forces in the life into which you saw as a child, and we, human beings, are also part of it.
However, it is up to us, my friend, to think very seriously and to try to feel and experience all that is hidden behind this life.”
“Can you summon a bird to you, Dectar?”
“Yes, Venry, I have those powers, but what does it mean?
What does it mean to be able to concentrate on one aim, my friend, and yet feel an impotence, which bogs you down?
Do you see that bird, Venry?”
“Yes, Dectar, it is flying away.”
“The little animal comes back, Venry, returns to me, it must and will return to me, it comes, life, dear Venry, not the bird but life returns to me.”
“Truly, Dectar, there it is already, you have got it in your power.
You are a great miracle, Dectar.”
“You will learn it too, Venry, and very soon, it is so rapidly conscious in you just because you performed that jump.
Enough said.
I shall call for you in the afternoon and take you to the high priest.
Now you must take a rest and think everything over and I shall help you,
beginning, with your arrival, Venry.
I am in you and remain connected with you, and you know that I can reach you.
You may now do whatever you like, think or not. I follow you and must do so.
You will not be alone in anything, for even in nothingness we are one.
Even in your sleep, dear Venry, in your dreams or wherever your spirit may be we are always one, until you are ready and have attained priesthood.
The first few years will pass by in this way, you need that time to be able to feel and think clearly, if you want to acquire what I did just now.
If I see correctly and clearly, Venry, you will excel me one day, and you will bestow wisdom on us that we do not yet know anything about.
Notwithstanding your feelings, dear friend, you will have to be careful with many powers.
When you are alone, thoughts, powers, and feelings will often overtake you, which do not emerge from your inner being and which come to you unexpectedly, because space is filled with them, but which have got nothing to do with your own life at all and belongs to other lives outside this Temple.
Suppress all these feelings by adjusting your strong and unbending will to them, then force yourself to concentrate so that you remain master of your own life.
Forbid the approach of these meaningless thoughts, which may destroy us priests.
Never permit your thoughts free rein, dear Venry, if you do not want to be hurled into space as if by a gale, but only think because you want to.
What then enters you and is within you is controlled by your powerful and strong will.
Do not permit yourself to become a plaything of those powers and thoughts, so that the light you live in fades away.
Make sure you are always ready, not only in day-consciousness, such as you are now in and listening to me, but also when you are asleep.
It will be clear to you now, Venry, that all this is not so simple, but I will help you think, and I will gladly do so.”
“Thank you, Dectar, I shall do my best.”
“And now, my friend, I want you to rest.
Do not prepare yourself for anything, Venry, not for my arrival either, just wait, we do not know any hurry, because it might bring your development to a halt.”
Dectar subsequently left and I was alone, with thousands of feelings and thoughts within me.