Our spiritual wall

Dectar spoke about space, from there we would talk to each other.
Now that I had experienced it consciously I had that possibility, and I would proceed with it.
If we were to talk confidentially, we should do so from there; we then lived in space.
By going to sleep, I could split myself consciously and this should be possible while walking, wherever we were.
Even among the masters, we would have to do that, however dangerous it was, otherwise they would feel us immediately and we would be lost.
My spiritual aide had shown me the way, I had experienced it already.
When Dectar was ready, we could go quietly on.
Space was infinite, it was not so easy to find us there.
Apart from all the other feelings that I had to assimilate, these were the most essential ones.
We could then quietly deal with the deepest problems, yet we were closed off from all of them.
When I reflected and re-experienced, I felt that sleep solved the mystery for us.
That is why I had to follow this, because our closing off resided in sleep.
I had to pass through sleep before I could build my wall.
Space was defined by this closing off and if I entered it, I experienced infinity.
Then the soul could leave, which were the great wings, the spiritual wings, and the greatest gift the soul as people of the earth can receive.
In that world the soul got to know laws belonging to the invisible world.
It was beautiful and I felt very happy.
Now that I had this great happiness in my possession, I understood even more.
For I felt danger.
I should not be happy, for they might feel it.
The difficulties accumulated.
Suddenly I looked outside and was startled.
There was deep darkness.
The hours had flown by, but I had not noticed it at all.
Dectar said: “Do not concentrate, Venry, not even on my arrival, do not prepare yourself.”
I understood that too.
I would have been disturbed, and here, one did not disturb.
That was also quite natural.
There was nothing unnatural here; nature was miraculously perfect, only I was not.
And that is how all people were and they had to acquire the natural quality as I had just experienced now.
When I had relaxed a little I went on.
I spent hours building my spiritual wall and kept working on it.
At last I was so tired that I fell asleep.
In the morning Dectar entered my cell.
Soon we were outside and he said to me: “Very good, dear Venry, do not say a word, only adjust, it is marvellous.
I am ready too.”
I understood that he had followed me.
“You know that I followed you.
I was also startled when it was dark.
But you forgot something, Venry.”
“Did I forget something, Dectar?”
I am being followed, Venry.”
“How dangerous this life is, Dectar.”
“Remember the wall, Venry.
We are in danger when you forget about it.
We forge a secret weapon and forget what we must follow.
Do not forget that I have to teach you every day, Venry.
And that must continue.
While you were re-experiencing, you forgot that the masters could follow you.
But you relied on that other help.
You thought and experienced, but in between there were other thoughts in you, very dangerous thoughts.
You experienced everything, but you were not in your cell anymore and that made me anxious.
You thought of your own weapon and again you did not.
You were building something, Venry, but what about all those other things?
That is why it is so difficult.
The point is to learn everything, to be able to go far away, but quietly, not wishing to achieve everything at once.
You are far away then, though still on earth.
You have taken the right path, however.
There is no danger now, but be careful.
In that other world, we will be safe.
Do not forget, Venry, that we are still living on earth.
For that reason, we shall build a faultless telepathic connection.
The masters are ready with it, which is the power of this Temple.
But do you feel, dear Venry, what purpose is served and by whom all this happens?”
“Has it been received by the gifted, Dectar?”
“Exactly, Venry, this has been received by those naturally gifted persons.
We all serve the pharaoh and that will be to the benefit of this country.
By you and me, however, and that is why I hate all this.
We are slaves, Venry, and I feel happy now that I can speak.
I am talking in thoughts now and you have followed me. You could even ask me questions, although it is very dangerous.
You must always bear that in mind, you should never forget that. We must prepare ourselves in space. Yet we walk about in the gardens, you learn from me and we follow the laws.
We discuss all these possibilities, but from there, and that is only possible by perfect splitting.”
I had followed Dectar in thought but now he spoke to me and said: “Listen well and do not forget your wall, dear Venry, all these children were bled dry.
If the masters as well as the pupils were convinced and if any resistance was offered, Venry, then a dungeon waited him to die there.
Most of them collapsed already before that, or a poison made their heart give out and the one-day great seer of Egypt was forgotten.
Look, my dear, that hurts me, I hate it, Dectar detests it.
I want to see them perish as the others did.
We are slaves, Venry.”
I had understood Dectar and he went on but as an entirely different person: “I have to teach you many words this morning, Venry.”
“Why is that necessary, Dectar?”
“To be able to speak presently, Venry.
These words are needed to awaken the other words in you.
The powers you possess and the various languages you once learned and spoke will be awakened by the masters to be able to explain what you see in that other world.
You need not learn anything else and know our language completely. What I will teach you is sufficient.
Those words will raise others in you.
Is it not easy, Venry?”
“I think it is splendid, Dectar.”
“We know, Venry, that you have been in this country in the past and you learned a lot during that life.
In addition there are other possibilities, which you will get to know later on.”
Dectar taught me a great many words.
I listened carefully and when he had finished, he said: “You see, Venry, I have had to learn very much but you will not have to anymore.
Changes have been made for those who are naturally gifted.
They may not learn anything at all of what we know, for that disturbs the gifts.”
For a while we walked side by side and were lost in thought.
Dectar was a master and possessed magnificent gifts; he was known as a great healer.
What he perceived in me, however, was much deeper than he could ever achieve on his own.
I possessed the highest possible gifts known.
By means of my gifts I saw the things as they had developed, though these gifts were not yet conscious.
Dectar wanted to possess those gifts, only then would he be a king in thought and concentration, would he possess feeling and thinking, of which the ordinary people of the earth knew nothing.
These gifts were only known to the priests.
I had to repeat the words he mentioned to me time and again, and, when he was satisfied, we continued to build our spiritual wall.
Next he said to me:
“You see, dear Venry, I can tell you all these things now because we are one and, in this respect, we possess the same gifts and powers.
All those years went by, I could not tell anyone, otherwise my life would be endangered.
Then you would not have known anything about this Temple and not understood what Isis meant.
And yet you have to know everything.”
“What does Isis mean, Dectar?”
“In this Temple one gets to know the powers of nature, Venry.
But especially love.
The masters will learn all those laws but through us.
Our sign is like this goddess, Venry, nature is our Supreme Mistress and Lotus the feeling present in everything, and which we must get to know.
But where is all that love?
We live in the Temple of Isis and we will make Isis great.
Dear Venry, you know what I mean when I speak of Isis or I would not dare speak like this and I would be unclear.
I saw and felt Lotus and fell silent because ‘love’ came over me.
At this place, I learned to understand my own life and to know theirs.
It is not at all deep, Venry, because infinity is lost and neglected; Lotus is defiled so that my education is blocked.
You knew nothing of all these truths, but do not worry, Venry, I followed you in everything and I am ready.
However, the masters are ready too, but I have been able to follow them.
I cannot tell you anything about it yet, perhaps later on, now it would be too much for you.
Dectar has thought very deeply and naturally, Venry.
I learned to understand my own sign, I accepted this life like they wanted me to, but I watched, guided myself through all those dangers and I am still doing so.
Here ‘love’ lives and you will get to know this love.
Enough said, Venry.”
We walked on and Dectar taught me to feel and follow nature.
In the meantime he made additional tests and checked our wall.
Next, we visited the animals to put our secret being-one to the test.
Dectar entered the pens and played with the animals.
He knew no fear.
He was not afraid in this respect.
He played with the animals and since I knew that he entered the pens by other powers, for he remained attuned to me in feeling and thinking, I greatly admired his gifts.
It was also clear to me that I was at the beginning of my development.
Dectar was very advanced already and conscious of many mystic laws.
When I watched his activities and thought of all those powers, he called me: “Come on, Venry, enter and play with it.”
He was in the cage of one of the mightiest animals.
An incredibly large lion played with him and he had the animal under control, even if it would pounce upon someone else.
Dectar would be able to take his food away even if the animal was very hungry.
He seemed to be infallible in his concentration in respect of worldly beings, men and animals, however dangerous the animals and the powers and forces of human beings were.
I entered the pen, adjusted at once to the animal and it obeyed me.
“You see, Venry, it listens already, your will has become much stronger.”
I quietly experienced this sensation.
Yet, I should not be getting ideas, for I would not be myself anymore and danger would threaten.
Infallible intuition meant being fully adjusted to one aim.
The animal licked my hands, lied down and felt my power.
Its obedience was perfect.
When I understood that, I played my powers off against the animal and forced it to follow me.
The animal walked out with me.
In the meantime I did not neglect my concentration on Dectar, but at this instant I felt my aide and I understood that this was possible.
Dectar saw that the animal wanted to leave the cage and said: “Are you so sure of it, dear Venry?”
“Just let me, Dectar, I am quite sure of it.”
When I wanted the lion to lie down it did at once.
How quickly the animal listened to me, I did not even hold it; it followed me like a tame animal.
We were completely one.
I wanted it to sit down and lick my hands.
It opened its mouth and did what I wanted.
Now I felt what concentration and being one meant.
A warmth rose in me, it was deep love for the animal and this feeling dominated the animal.
The lion felt inclined to play with me and I knew these feelings too, for they were mine.
Suddenly, strange feelings and thoughts came over me.
I thought I knew this animal.
I felt thousands of animal species in it and I would be able to follow these species.
Subsequently I saw all these species and that was too much for me.
I walked with Dectar and the lion through the gardens.
This was not so exceptional as everyone who wanted to achieve priesthood had to be able to do this.
But for me who had only been here for a short time it was considered tremendous, for it determined the extent of my power and will.
A high priest who saw us approached and watched the game.
He let me carry out other tests and the animal obeyed.
I dominated the animal to the extent that it fell asleep as a result of my concentration.
It was subdued to my will and that caused the animal to sleep.
When I brought it back to its pen it flopped down and fell asleep.
Dectar let me feel that he wanted to expose our wall to a very last test.
He would speak to me now.
An insensitive human being would not be able to follow our being one, but beside us was a master endowed with intuition.
The high priest wanted me to bring other animals under control, but in the meantime, Dectar told me a very different story seriously criticizing the laws and everything concerning this Temple.
The master did not feel anything; our wall was perfect.
Once again, Dectar criticized this Temple sharply.
I understood what would be awaiting us if he had been able to follow and feel us.
The physical and spiritual chastisements would be incalculable: no food for days on end and maybe total destruction.
Dectar put all his eggs in one basket: nothing at all or completely ready.
I felt that we were ready; he surely would know what was possible and what was not.
He was a learned priest.
The high priest failed to notice anything, a secret and invisible radiation covered our feeling and thinking, veiled our being one.
When the high priest followed me Dectar said to me as if it had not been enough: “If we were not pure and one, dear Venry, believe me, we would become feed for the animals.”
Meanwhile I continued; I forced several animals to do what I wanted while the master looked on.
Next, I followed his thoughts and inner life.
When I did so and followed his train of thought I met Dectar on my way to him.
Dectar had also split himself and looked at me significantly, but said after a short while: “You see, we are still in our bodies but we can meet in space already.
I too want to follow his thoughts.
Now return quickly, it is splendid.”
We went back quickly and my person became one again.
What I had achieved was sufficient for the high priest to carry out fresh tests.
He called for Dectar and said: “Tomorrow both of you must come for further tests.”
Then he left.
I had now experienced being completely conscious and to witness mysterious powers all the same.
Adjusting to an animal was superb; I remained one with Dectar and most splendid of all was that we had met in the high priest.
At first, we thought that he had felt us, but that was not possible.
Dectar was delighted and said: “We must go on following him, Venry.
If you feel uncertain and remain so, we shall lock ourselves up over there and we must stay there for the time being.
We shall go for a walk again and I will tell you about various laws, but we will keep following him.”
This we did, but we did not feel anything particular.
While connected we perceived that the master felt himself and did not think of the event anymore.
This certainty within us was proof that we were ready.
Our wall was perfect, although danger was threatening all the time.
We spent the night carrying out an investigation, for Dectar wanted me to disembody; he would put me to sleep.
This was necessary for the next day.
My own Master subjected me to a first test.