The new laws of Isis

They all heard my leader say:
“Do not hate if you do not want to be hated.”
“At Isis there is one supreme priest who is called Father, but he will be Love.”
“The priests who represent the Temple with him are one with their King and they serve him as his counsellors.”
“Those who want to attain priesthood and enter the Temple receive a ‘loving’ protection, and are directly subordinate to the high priest and the Father of the Temple.”
“The astral walls of Isis and all houses, which cause the soul to live as a prisoner, will disappear.
All are one and connected by ‘Love’.”
“The darkness remains but one can go ‘in’ by one’s own free will.
This seclusion serves to approach Him, the God of all Gods.”
“The laws of instruction remain effective, but Love dominates all existing laws.
Those who are great in ‘Love’ will receive the very greatest of wings.”
“The priest and the priestess can both be great in ‘Love’ and attain their being one in it.
Only after ten years can they receive this connection and the consecration will take place in the Temple of Isis.”
“The naturally gifted persons follow a different schooling as determined by the Father of the Temple and the high priests.”
“He who asks questions is entitled to do so by ‘Love’ and possesses the very greatest wings.”
“If questions are being asked which serve the questionnaire himself the others may expel this priest.”
“If a student priest is in possession of the very greatest wings and his consciousness is perfect, he may ask questions even though he is still only a student priest.”
My leader passed on many other laws and all those laws were written down.
At the end he said to them all: “The Gods want you to follow all these laws and the pharaoh signs them.
Other wisdom will follow.”
Then my leader left again, the masters had experienced a great miracle.
When the updated laws had been formulated, we proceeded, and I lived in space again.
Every day we congregated.
My leader took me to other planets, descended with me into the waters and we received the depth of all those laws and miracles.
For a few months we were one and connected and we received spiritual wisdom.
During this time, we described my own experiences; they all helped me.
In the meantime, I disembodied and beyond my body, I received spiritual experiences, which made Isis great.
We proceeded in this way until I received the message that the Father of the Temple was ill.