In the darkness again, my consciousness was tested

Dectar took me to the building as he had done some years ago.
On our way, I thought I perceived a bit more feeling in him.
As I was about to enter, and he had to leave me, he took both my hands in his and said: “If there is one among us, student-priest, who wants you to attain priesthood, it is me.
I know, however, that you are ready.”
I looked into his beautiful eyes, descended quickly as lightning into him, which was possible now, and I understood that he was open to me. I probed his feelings,
but that very moment his soul closed itself off to me again, and I felt my master.
Yet I said: “I thank you, Master Dectar, I am very grateful to you.
Can you accept my gratitude?”
“If the Gods want me to be worthy of your gratitude, then I am ready, but I am only a servant.”
I understood him; he did not accept and was not allowed to accept any thanks.
Subsequently, I detached myself from him
and entered the darkness, which would now last seven days and nights.
I was completely ready.
I lay down on my couch.
Everything was as before, only I had changed.
I lay down and waited.
Soon I felt myself getting tired and I understood that the masters had adjusted their concentration.
Now, however, I dominated this tiredness myself; I did not allow them to reach my material organism.
The weariness disappeared the way it had come over me.
I drew a magic circle around me and I stayed within it. I felt ready, so that they could begin as far as I was concerned.
I had already overcome the very first fatigue,
but the second and third attacks were heavier.
I condensed my small circle so that it was more difficult for them to attack me.
However, they kept going on and it became increasingly difficult for me, but I remained myself.
I subsequently began to perceive and saw that my cell was completely inhabited.
I saw thousands of little, but poisonous animals approach me.
They looked for an entrance in order to destroy me.
However, my magic wall could withstand them.
I knew they were shapes and I remained conscious.
All those animals smashed themselves up against my concentration.
These little animals could not find me and in reality, they were the masters.
I forced them to stop and return.
I made all these animals fall asleep, but others kept coming all the time, and I stopped.
They could also destroy me in this way.
I therefore reduced my enclosure and by doing so, I prevented them from reaching me.
Now I experienced a tremendous happiness that I was master on my own ground, because Father Taiti was conscious in me.
Yet, I lived in Venry’s life for we were both one.
The animals fell asleep and dissolved; the masters had felt they were unable to reach me in that way.
Then I saw the shadows Dectar had told me about.
All those shadows were women and very beautiful.
But they were dead to me; I did not know these feelings.
They stayed around me to lure me from my own home until I was fed up. But I let it pass however hard they persisted.
I was conscious and remained conscious.
I now understood how demonic these human shapes were.
They also dissolved.
I was now lured outside
where I followed a human being in nature, who invited me to follow him on the water.
I understood him; the masters, and I did not go.
I did not waste my strength.
Dectar had told me about that too.
Yet I thought this game worthwhile, and I appeared but only for ten percent.
My other powers continued to constitute my consciousness.
I floated with him on a large sheet of water.
Then a gale came and we drowned.
I was conscious and thought it ridiculous.
Next, my cell was on fire so that the flames scorched my magic wall.
It became so terrible that I began to hold the masters in great admiration.
However, they could not reach me.
I felt this warmth right into my circle, but I remained conscious, I had no feelings of fear.
What was I to experience this time?
I felt and saw nothing and tried to get some sleep,
but immediately I departed from my organism.
I saw where I was; now I lived in that other world again.
In front of me, I saw many people.
They were demons, I was in the darkness and I was about to experience reality again.
This time I observed them, but unexpectedly they rushed at me.
A few years ago I would have run away, now I waited for them.
They were brutes.
They closed in on me from all sides, they drew an ever-tighter circle around me, but I knew now what to do.
Suddenly, they attacked me and dragged me through the darkness.
During this event, thoughts came over me of withdrawing from their hands, for I was not one of them.
My leader once said to me, that on earth I would be able to do that with my body, here I was a spirit.
I concentrated and dissolved in their hands.
They saw me disappear before their eyes.
They saw an unbelievable wonder occur, which they did not understand at all.
All these human beings were like devils.
They looked at each other in astonishment.
They were hairy and I saw men and women together.
Nevertheless, I wanted to return to them, I wanted to know more about their life.
When I adjusted myself to it, their world condensed and I had accepted their life and darkness again.
Now I took a long walk through the darkness and stayed among them for a long time.
When they saw me I quickly withdrew into my own world and life.
When I walked about here, observing their kingdom and getting to know it, I felt that I was being followed.
Now that I was looking at the animal species, I felt that a master from the past was following me and would attack me,
it was a demon, Dectar had told me about.
This was a master, but he lived in the darkness.
However, I withdrew and walked through the brute and he did not see me.
They could not hurt me at all; I lived in the laws of Father Taiti.
While I was walking, I saw, besides human beings, many other species.
In this way, I learned to know the darkness and it seemed to me that I had been here for at least several days.
Now I lived between life and death where I had been able to acquire a great deal of wisdom.
While proceeding, I felt thirsty; I understood that this belonged to my physical body.
So I returned to my body, woke it up, gave it food and let it drink.
Then lay down again and soon fell asleep.
But I disembodied straight away and returned to the darkness, for I wanted to pursue my way.
I wanted to get to know all these worlds.
I concentrated on floating along and went into that direction.
I saw darkness everywhere.
If I ascended a little and out of the darkness, it became somewhat blurred and lighter.
When I had learned all those dark worlds I felt that the light attracted me and I followed.
Indeed, this was a different world.
Here too I saw human beings, men and women together, but they were different.
I thought I perceived more human feelings in them.
When I approached them they advanced on me, and one of them said to me: “Where are you going?”
I thought that this was an obvious human question, but I was careful.
Others also approached, there were nine people near me, including four women.
I answered: “I am a stranger here.”
“I see, a stranger, and what are you doing here?”
“Nothing”, I said, for I did not know what to say.
But he answered: “If you value your life then leave as soon as possible.”
The women took much pleasure from the case, but I loathed their laughter.
They had apparently been able to pick up my thoughts, for one said: “Look, he gets angry, he finds us horrible.”
I was surprised when the entire gang rushed at me unexpectedly.
I then adjusted my concentration to withdraw; I dissolved in their hands, and before their eyes.
I stood before them like a shape and said: “All of you belong to the demons.
Begin a new life and leave strangers alone.”
I went on, but their laughing, screaming followed me; I could clearly hear it in my own world.
Again I met other human beings and they also attacked me.
I was attacked repeatedly, but I invariably withdrew, in this way I actually got to know all those various worlds of which Dectar had spoken.
I lived in the true school of life.
I walked on and lived in a misty space.
This was one of the many worlds, but I did not see anyone.
Having walked on for a while I saw a figure above me, which had wings.
As I observed this being it condensed and I saw that it was a human being.
Although this was a completely different appearance I did not trust this figure either.
But this human being looked, smiled and seemed to be interested in me.
However, I felt there was danger all around me,
so I continued on my way.
The human being hovered over me, but when I was tired and sat down to have a rest it withdrew.
I thought it most remarkable but I did not trust it.
After a while I saw the same being again, but the light was a bit brighter.
The surroundings were illuminated by it.
I saw a well-shaped, radiating hand manifest itself.
The hand threw a fruit to me and I heard a voice say: “You can safely eat it, stranger, for you are thirsty.”
I caught the fruit in my hands, but threw it immediately away again.
I did not trust this kind-heartedness and wanted to be prepared for any event.
Again, I heard: “Here is another fruit, stranger, but eat it, it is alright, you can trust me.”
The shape saw to it that it remained partly invisible and I did not trust that.
Once more I heard: “Do eat it, you have no faith in me, but you can trust me.”
I probed the fruit and felt that it was all right.
I had learned this at Isis, and Dectar was a master in this field.
All priests and priestesses had to be able to this for their own safety.
Everything coming from outside Isis was checked in this way, because many priests had been poisoned in the past.
This time I adjusted myself to the fruit; I felt and saw that it was all right.
Therefore, I ate it.
The fruit, which was brimming over with delicious juice, strengthened me.
Never before had I eaten one like this in the Temple.
Delicious, I thought, but be careful.
Not having seen anything of this invisible and kind-hearted human being for a while, I suddenly heard a voice from another world say: “Just proceed a little further, friend of the earth, you will behold beautiful scenes.
Use your wings if you wish.
In this world, you may go wherever you want.
So do it.”
But I decidedly refused and remained where I was.
“Do try it, you want to get to know all these worlds, do you not.”
“Who are you?”
“What does it matter; I am a friend of mankind.
Was not my fruit all right, was it not natural?
You probed this fruit, friend, I could follow you,
but it was delicious, was it not?”
This being knew what I was thinking of.
However, demons were able to as well.
However, I found it remarkable.
Yet I stayed where I was and asked: “Why do you remain invisible whereas you say that you are a friend of mankind?”
“Dear friend, my light would only frighten you.
Therefore, I stay where I am, but I try to help you.
However, you have the wrong ideas about me.
The people you met were demons and the others as well.
If you had descended still deeper into the darkness you would have met yet different human beings, but they are very dangerous.”
“Are you a man or a woman?”
“That is of no importance either, here we are both.”
“You speak in riddles and you are a mystery.”
The being replied: “If all priests were like you, believe me, their lives would be too short if they wanted to attain priesthood.
In this way, you will never achieve your goal.
I know this carefulness; it does not risk anything, but receives nothing either.
It is living dead.
In the world you are now, events are experienced.
On this side, one learns from experience, but you are afraid.
Where is your wisdom, disciple of Isis?”
I was startled; did they know me between ‘life and death’?
Did they know me in this world?
I rose immediately and went on.
I did not see the stranger again.
Curious, I thought, how do they know here who I am?
Could he by any chance be my leader?
I did not believe that.
I concentrated on floating along.
Now I lived in space and possessed the great wings.
How wonderful it was to proceed on one’s own.
The further I went the lighter it became.
Quite soon, I passed into other worlds and here I saw also human beings.
A big and powerful light shone towards me and I accepted its heavenly rest and power.
I could descend and proceed on my feet at will.
Below me, there was a beautiful landscape.
I saw trees, flowers and small streams of water; it was like a paradise here.
I thought I would like to stay here, and so I descended.
Some distance away, many human beings were together and I wanted to go to them.
I saw young beautiful men and women; all of them wore wonderful garments.
Their rest engulfed me.
I asked a young being, a handsome figure: “Can you tell me where I am?”
“Certainly”, he said most cordially, but asked: “Are you from the earth?”
“How do you know?”
“I recognize your radiance.
Now you are in life after death.”
I looked at him in amazement; to hear such clear language was not a daily occurrence.
He was a sincere being; that was beyond any doubt.
He answered: “Try to feel me, dear friend, I do not lie.
You see, we are all completely straightforward and you can sense us.”
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“We expect friends.
They will die on earth today and we shall meet on this spot.
Then we will return to our world, which is more beautiful than the one in which we are now.”
“How do you know that they will die today?”
“If you knew our life you would not ask, but you are still on earth and cannot know.
Those, my friend, who are on earth and love us, think of us.
We catch all those thoughts and follow them in earthly life from here.
Only we are able to see when they will die there and those feelings are in us now.
It will happen suddenly and by an accident.”
You are very wise, I thought, and I understood that he had picked up my thoughts, because he answered: thinking.”
“We all can, dear friend, we have mastered that; I can see what you are
I now thought of the worlds which were supposed to be here, but this time again he caught my thoughts and said: “We only live here temporarily, as I told you before, for we live in a different world, which is more beautiful than this one.
This world is a transition to a higher world.
If you wish I will show you that other, higher world.
I have plenty of time and would love to show you.”
I did not doubt his honesty and good intentions anymore and we proceeded together.
On our way, I asked many questions, which were answered.
I saw worlds in which human beings lived who could comfortably enjoy their spiritual happiness.
There were beautiful buildings and Temples radiating their own light, and I saw flowers and plants, which were unknown at Isis.
He showed me beautiful flowers, that took my breath away.
Among all those species of flowers, I saw the flower which was presented to me from this world.
I was deeply moved to see it again and by its reality.
I took the flower into my hands and tears ran down my cheeks.
I thought of Dectar and the events of that day.
I cried for happiness, gratitude and joy. For a moment, I had forgotten my leader.
How could Dectar forget this wonder?
When I looked at him, he gave me an affable smile as if he understood what was going on in my mind.
I asked him questions, the first one was: “Once you lived on earth, but while there, did you possess all this wisdom, this splendour and the reality of this life?”
“No, my friend, there we were all non-conscious.
Yet we had experienced lives in which we were conscious, but it was not until after our death that we learned the great wonder.”
“Are you now conscious of birth and death on earth?”
“Yes, we are conscious of both.”
“What do you desire in this world, do you have any?”
“We all desire to be able to proceed further and higher, and to be allowed to reach these higher worlds.”
“That is splendid, and can you reach them?”
“Certainly, if we want to we will soon enter those worlds, for we are on our way, dear friend.
Formerly, many years ago, we all lived in this world and could not proceed further.
Now we are there and have made headway.”
“And are they all ready, do they want to go further and higher?”
“Not one stays behind, they are all ready.”
“It is wonderful to meet conscious people who know what they want.
Tell me about the things you do.”
“We serve, my friend, we help the mentally poor and those who yearn for wisdom will receive worldly wisdom.
We help everybody who comes to us and we are ready to assist them.”
“That is wonderful.
Do you know your own existence and do they all know their own qualities and the reason why you belong to this life?”
“We do not only know ourselves, but also know that we are part of all those worlds and we thank ‘Him’ who made us part of them.
We know the laws and know how everything was created and where we were before we lived our last life on earth.”
“Is this wisdom already on earth?”
“No, my friend, in the Temples much of our life is already known, but not this.
Nothing is known yet of the very highest wisdom, you can possibly bestow it on them.”
“Does the secret that we human beings must live on earth, reside in it?
The beginning of all life?”
“Exactly, the beginning of all life and the laws we have to follow reside and live in it.”
“Were you a scientist on earth or a priest?”
“In my last life I knew very much of priesthood, my friend, but I was very poor. Now, however, I have received a different richness.”
“Do you know about your previous lives?”
“Yes, certainly.”
“Are all those lives conscious in you?”
“Yes, they are indeed, my friend, and we know now where we have been and how those lives were accomplished.”
“What you say and know is mighty.
Do you know all the laws which must be followed?”
“As I told you, we learned many.”
“Do you also know how these flowers can be born on earth?”
“Yes, we know that too.”
“And could you do that, if you wished?”
“For that, earthly powers, which means gifts, are needed, but it is possible.”
He looked at me but said nothing and I wanted to leave now because I did not want to take undue advantage of his goodness, but he felt what I was thinking of, and said: “I can come with you, my friend, as long as I so wish.
So do not worry about anything, I am pleased and happy that I can help you.”
A very beautiful way of living, I thought, and I asked: “Would you please bring me to the very first stage when there was nothing?”
He looked at me with his shining eyes and answered: “Would you, as a four year old child, be able to put your parents on your shoulders and carry them about for hours?”
“I thank you, I am most grateful to you for this wise lesson, I will wait.”
“I thank you for your keen comprehension, but I will not disappoint you.
Come, follow me, if you wish.”
We passed through other countries and I saw that nature changed repeatedly and that it became lighter as we went on.
“It is all so amazing.
How can I thank you?”
“Here we must stay, you cannot proceed any further, otherwise the desire to possess all this on earth will destroy your inner life, and you will not be able to do your work anymore.
Have a good look and absorb everything; you will not see this again for the time being.
Later, when you are ready, it will be possible, but now it would disturb you, because you do not yet possess those powers.”
I looked at the land before me for quite some time and began to feel tired.
This overwhelming beauty tired me out because I could not digest it and I now understood his explanation.
A sleep which differed from the one I knew on earth came over me and the stranger said: “Relax for a while, dear friend, I will stay here and guard you, even though it is not necessary, nobody will disturb you here.
When you are back on earth you will need a lot of strength.”
I lay down and soon fell asleep.
I did not know how long I had rested, but I felt wonderfully relaxed.
When I woke up the stranger came to me and asked: “Are you rested?”
“Yes, I feel fine.
How long did I sleep?”
“If I would count time according to worldly standards, then you slept for some days.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“Some days, my friend.
You have all the time,
why be in such a hurry?
Better be here than in that little room.”
“You know about that?”
“We can see everything, my friend.”
“Then you also know how long I walked in the darkness?”
“There you also spent some days.”
“In that case I must hurry, my body calls me, I must go back now.
Do you know that as well, I mean my organism calling me back?”
“I know.
Here, my friend, take some fruits with you to the earth; they will strengthen you.
They not only feed the body, but in particular the soul.
I will come with you, and later I will return to my friends.
Shall we go?”
“With pleasure. I am very grateful to you.”
Together we returned to the earth.
On our way, he explained a lot to me. Subsequently, he took leave of me:
“Now I will leave, my friend, and you go on, back to your organism.”
He pressed both my hands very cordially, looked into my eyes as a result of which blessedness came over me.
Then he dissolved before my eyes and I was alone.
I still heard him say: “Be very diligent on earth, priest of Isis, you are a priest.”
“I thank you”, I called to him and I hurried back to the earth.
How wonderful all this was, I thought; I felt very happy.
I rapidly sped through the air and adjusted myself to my body.
Subsequently, I entered my cell; I had accomplished a wonderful journey.
I now possessed the great wings; I was powerful and had learned very much.
I knelt down and thanked the Gods for all this kindness.
Then I adjusted myself to the time, for I wanted to know how long I had been here.
The seven days and nights were nearly over.
Nothing had been able to disturb me, strengthened, I had returned to the earth.
I had got to know the darkness and higher worlds.
How happy I was.
If only I could share my happiness with Dectar, then my life would be perfect.
I descended into my body and woke up.
The body had not suffered, nor did I feel tired.
In my hands I carried the fruits, these spiritual products had returned to earth with me.
Again I thought of my delightful journey.
Oh, I thought, the flowers.
Why did I not think of them?
Without thinking twice I sank down into sleep and disembodied again.
Sinking down into sleep was what I now had acquired and I could do so whenever I wanted.
Quick as lightning I returned to that other world.
I picked up arms full of flowers in this court of piece and quiet.
I took snow-white, purple, deep blue, mellow-pink and many other colours.
I also picked some fruits and ate them.
Then I returned to the earth.
I wanted to bring the flowers to the earth the same way I had done with the fruits.
However, I felt that I had to do it differently.
I therefore descended into my body and left the flowers behind.
When I woke up in my organism, I saw the flowers before me.
I now adjusted myself to the flowers and wanted to draw them consciously into my world.
I picked them up, pressed the flowers to my heart and returned to the earth.
My concentration was perfect; they had been materialized and were in my possession, but were born on earth.
I sniffed their scent up and my heart beat with happiness.
I fell asleep with the flowers pressed in my arms.
I did not know how long I had slept, but there was light in my cell.
The darkness was over and had dissolved.
The doors opened, and who entered my cell?
“Dectar, Master Dectar, have you come to pick me up?”
We looked into each other eyes.
I perceived and read depth and a different feeling in him.
An immense happiness came over me.
Tears of joy ran down my cheeks and Dectar also cried for happiness.
When he pronounced my name, I saw his tears, and I nearly collapsed.
“Venry, my dear Venry, how happy I am.”
“Dectar, my brother.”
I felt and saw my Dectar again.
I thanked the Gods of Isis for his great love, his immense patience and self-control.
Then he said to me: “Priest of Isis, I have come for you; from now on you are a priest and will receive another garment.
We are all very pleased.”
Subsequently, he looked at my flowers.
Dectar knew this wonder and made me feel how much he loved me.
Now I understood my friend.
Dectar had been forced to play along.
I thanked him for all that strength and his sternness, although I did not yet understand why, but I thought I felt it.
He then said to me: “Priest of Isis.
Now and then, there are times, which are very difficult, but through them, the laws are being revealed to us.
‘He’ who rules over heaven and earth makes us human beings endure, and we must do so by ourselves.
You have shown that you are yourself, you have bridged the gap between ‘Life and Death’ and you are now conscious.
It is very hard when a mother must punish her own child, for it causes deep wounds in the mother’s heart, but when it is necessary for consciousness, for awakening, so that youth changes into maturity, she will pursue that course.
A priest of Isis learns to know himself in this way.
The flowers you hold in your arms represent your wisdom.
You have learned to know the laws, not through me or through the masters, but by yourself.
We all greet you and accept you in our midst.
My dear, dear Venry, not my will be done, but his, your leader’s, who said that you are a priest.”
I understood Dectar and also that he had been able to follow me and that we were still one.
He had been wearing a mask during all those years, but through an immense power, he had been able to control himself.
“Come on, dear Venry, the masters are waiting, later we shall be able to talk.”
We went outside.
The supreme priest walked up to me, bowed his head for the flowers and said: “I welcome you in our midst.
Priest of Isis, we are all very glad to see you amongst us.”
The eyes, which were directed at me, blazed with fury; I felt hatred and malice come over me.
Everybody made room for me and bowed their heads for this mighty wonder.
None of them could equal me now.
The power, which emanated from this wonder, forced them to be respectful.
Yet they had been able to follow me in the darkness; and I was taken to their sanctuary.
The pharaoh had sent a messenger to behold the wonder.
According to the laws of Isis, I should have waited for another couple of months before being allowed to wear my garment.
Now, however, I received my garment, the white-yellow garment with black belt, as a sign that I had conquered death.
I bowed deeply for the supreme priest.
The King’s messenger invited all of us to proceed to the pharaoh.
Then I received my sign and the great wings.
A young man with wings floated in space and over the pyramid, spreading from there his wisdom over those who lived on earth.
These were the signs of the great wings, which I now possessed.
Then I felt thoughts entering me and I wanted to know whether the masters knew something about Dectar and me, I asked the supreme priest: “High Master, I am very happy and I thank you.
But my happiness would not be perfect if my master who gave me all this might, and made me what I am now, were not allowed to share my happiness.”
“What do you want, priest of Isis?”
“May I present my master with this flower which lived and grew between life and death?
And may I sacrifice the others to the Gods of Isis?”
“You are a worthy pupil and you command my respect and admiration.
Present your master with this happiness, his powerful leadership makes Isis great.”
I knew enough and looked at Dectar who also understood me.
My dear friend subsequently took the flower from me, I walked up to the King’s messenger and said: “If I may make the pharaoh happy, here you are, another flower for his mighty house, for him and his Consort.”
I lined up before him, bowed to the earth, picked a coal-black flower from the invisible world and presented it to him.
I saw that they all knelt down.
The envoy trembled for fear and emotion because of this wonder.
I said to him: “Tell your King that it will live till nightfall, then it will dissolve.”
To the supreme priest I said: “I, who know the laws between heaven and earth tell myself now to leave and relax.”
I withdrew from their midst, though I knew that I should not have done this, but a feeling arose suddenly, forced me to do so.
This power was not known at Isis, no priest had been allowed to experience it, although they knew a lot about all these wonders.
Dectar showed me my new cell.
When we were alone, he embraced me and we both wept.
“Dectar, oh my dear friend, how happy I am that you are still my brother.
How grateful I am, Dectar, I stand in awe of you, you are a great master, a master in everything.
There was no deadly seriousness in me, but by whom, dear Dectar, and why so suddenly?
My gifts are conscious now; I can go wherever I want, I can pass into material life now and that because of you, Dectar.
You will now witness wonders, my friend, and this seriousness will stay in me.
Have you got the great wings as well, Dectar?
Do you know anything about Myra?
I see everything, dear friend, and my seeing is clear.”
“Listen, dear Venry.
When the first wonder happened, your leader assigned me with it.
You heard someone speak in space; and on my return to earth, I was deeply afflicted.
However terrible it was for me, dear Venry, it was necessary, for we had forgotten ourselves.
Then my heart broke.
I have not seen Myra yet, but that will come soon.
I am so happy, Venry, now we are completely one again, yet we must be very careful.
You are a vision to me, Venry, a great wonder.
You see, the pharaoh knows already about it, they could follow you and they have felt your power, but I received my wings back, dear Venry, and they do not know about that.
Only your leader and he, dear Venry, whom you met there.”
“Do you think, Dectar, that he is indeed my leader?”
“He must be, but it is a great mystery to the masters, only I know and I was allowed to see you there.”
“Then everything is splendid, Dectar, and we can start our work.
Only now I am ready, ready in every way.
Was my leader also with me ‘in death’, Dectar?”
“Therein he did not leave you alone either, dear friend.”
“Can you forgive me everything, Dectar?”
“Is there anything I should forgive, Venry?
I am very happy that this is over, now I can talk with you again.
Yet I followed you in everything, but your closing-off was perfect.”
“Did my leader close you off so deeply, Dectar?”
“Can earthly human beings close themselves off to that extent, Venry?”
“No, that is not possible, so it was his power in everything.”
“Now our work begins, Venry.”
“You will see Myra later, and after that the ‘meadow’.
Can you still be patient for a while?”
“Of course, I will wait.”
“Did you get the wings back through my leader?”
“You have experienced death, and during that time he delivered me from their powers, Venry.”
“Everything is splendid, Dectar.”
“Now you must relax, Venry.
Priest of Isis, you shall sleep.
Now you shall sleep.
My powers have returned to me, Venry, you have also conquered sleep.
Now I will receive wisdom and we shall go to the pharaoh together.
That is going to be delightful, Venry.
The very greatest of wings are now your possession.
How can we thank the Gods;
I will go now, goodbye, Venry.”
After I had admired my new cell, I lay down.
But before I fell asleep I heard my leader speak to me: “Priest of Isis, can you accept my plain congratulations?
Really, dear Venry, you now know how to act and take measures.
You deserve to possess gifts; your youth has died.
Now you serve the Gods from whom you have received all these gifts.
Dear Venry, can you forgive me too?
I had to take these measures, your friend Dectar found it horrible, but it had to be done.
Did you hear, Venry?
The spiritually poor are already inviting you and I told you about that some years ago.
Now we have advanced that far.
They will receive you.
I ask you, Venry, behave like a high priest.
You will soon receive that too.
Show them your powers, but go like the lamb to the mother, put all your wisdom around you, but do not hide your mastery, only show them the wonders when the feelings come over you, because then I will be ready.
Wear the garment of simplicity and humility, but radiate all your knowledge and power, your quietness and consciousness.
Do not forget, dear Venry, that he is the pharaoh and you are a priest.
If the consequences of all the wonders become too much for you, then call me.
I gave the wings to your brother Dectar and I am very grateful to him. I stand in awe for his great help.
You have conquered death, dear Venry.
Do you know death now?
Did you feel my warmth?
From now on I will be at your disposal and you should know that I am always there.
You have neither to look nor wait for me, yet the wonders only happen through me.
Do know that we are one in everything.
You are a master, but remain yourself.
Leave those who strike wound after wound, their time will come, ours is certain.
You will speak to all of them, Venry, make sure to choose your words in such a way that they cannot measure the depth, but still understand you.
I will help you with this.
I will leave, my friend, we will now commence our mighty work.
He, whom you met between life and death greets you.”