The second test

I found Dectar a wonder.
His being possessed something mysterious.
Then again, he was shining and alive, but sometimes darkness came over him and a little later, he had the feelings and desires of a little child, but the age of a supreme priest.
I understood about my Mother.
There was a secret in my life and perhaps some day I would be allowed to know everything.
Isis was a mystery all over. I would like to have the strength to render all these secret powers harmless.
Many priests had been here, but they had not been allowed to acquire priesthood; they were killed beforehand.
I felt what Dectar meant for I saw all those little creatures he had talked about.
Here priestesses lived and I understood when he told me of all those atrocities.
Isis, my Isis, Goddess of this Temple, where has love gone to?
We all seek the light, which must illuminate the darkness.
They all perished, but light, force, and power, are coming over me as a result of what I already know.
One day Isis will be great and radiating and passing love on to those who need it.
There was peace in me, but thousands of things forced themselves on me, and it was as if nature took revenge on those who were present here walking about in human form.
If I were an animal I would attack them unexpectedly, but they were also spiritually armoured against that, and they would know beforehand.
My weapon would have to be entirely different, and I would have to prepare it between life and death.
I felt my dear friend in everything; his hatred was terrible.
He had been shown secrets or he had been able to follow them.
I felt, however, that he knew still more but did not want to tell me.
A power within me told me to wait quietly and to be patient.
After a while Dectar returned.
He was in high spirits, and a completely different man.
“Shall we go straightaway, Venry?”
“I am ready, Dectar.”
We entered the room where I had been before.
A moment later the high priests arrived and testing soon began.
I was entirely myself.
The bird, which did not listen at the time, now did as I wanted. This was the first test.
Next, some other tests followed in which several species of animals were used. I controlled even the most difficult kind.
Then they proceeded to other tests.
In the middle of the room, an instrument was placed and I felt that this was the balance Dectar had told me about.
I was to sit down on it and keep my balance.
It was suspended from four cords meeting in a ball, which was suspended from a pointed spindle.
It was rather an instrument for balancing than for weighing.
This appeared to be the case, but the inner balance was connected with it.
One should keep one’s balance by concentration and strong will.
I sat down on the balance, but fell off immediately.
However hard I concentrated, I failed to keep my balance.
The others showed me, including the Supreme Priest, and they all kept their balance.
What they could do, I should also be able to, and I sat down on it again.
The test failed for the second time.
Consequently, I was not ready yet and not sufficiently myself, for there were powers in me I could not control.
The instrument was so precisely adjusted that the person who sat down on it, and was not able to control his feeling and thinking, failed.
I sat down again, but I had to give up.
I clearly felt the lack of balance between the two bodies, but my spirit had to accomplish this.
Another priest sat down on it and then Dectar. Both of them succeeded, consequently, this power was present in the quiet personality, necessary to control his own depth and the mystic laws and activities of the spirit on this balance.
I sensed, however, that I could have done it, given time. What Dectar told me of his own life had brought me to this condition and I was actually not ready.
When they saw that I failed, I had to lie down on a couch.
It was a wooden couch, the feet of which touched the earth.
The whole had been constructed in such a manner that my body touched the earth, for the supports had penetrated the earth some metres, which could not be noticed.
This construction was explained to me because I had to know what this couch meant; no questions should arise in me when falling asleep.
This contact was necessary for the connection with the earth when my body had fallen asleep.
When I had laid down, both arms alongside my body to rest, I felt a terrible influence and I understood that the high priests had started their concentration.
I soon fell asleep.
I departed from my body and I heard that they asked me questions.
However, I did not answer.
But oh dear! I was being followed; they could see me in this world.
I heard a stern and commanding voice say to me the way Dectar had once spoken to me:
“Speak, you shall speak!”
My mouth opened and I asked them what they wanted to know.
Now I heard:
“Where are you?”
“Beside my body”, I said.
“How do you know?”
I looked around and said: “Because I am in a room, and in front of me is my organism.”
“Can you clearly see your body?”
“Yes, very clearly.”
“Do you see all of us?”
“I see everything.”
“Can you move away?”
“Yes, I can.”
“Then do so, we shall follow you.”
I moved away from my organism and now stood before the entrance, waiting.
“Go on”, I heard, “step outside, move on, you may go on.”
Now I passed through the door and stood outside.
“Come back”, I was summoned, and returned.
I lived in this world as I used to, but this time under their control.
I could follow their mutual contact, and I understood that I had to be careful.
It was clear to me that I should have to acquire a great many laws and powers if I wanted to be able to resist them.
And for that, years were needed.
Their power was great, their fathoming and adjusting were deep, while the way they followed was miraculous.
Their will was terrible.
They all saw me and could follow me in everything.
Next, I felt that they made me return whether I wanted to or not. I descended into my own material body and woke up.
I was allowed to dress and leave with Dectar.
We adjusted ourselves to them, but we experienced that we had already been closed off.
The connection with them had been cut off.
We dared not think until in our own space when Dectar said to me:
“This time you did not go too far, Venry.
Do you know what happened?”
“What kind of test is this, Dectar?”
“A wall of power has now been arranged around you, Venry, but they will all the same try to break through it.”
“Now what is the meaning of this, Dectar?”
“An astral wall, Venry, behind which you must stay and spend the days and nights, so that they are able to reach you.”
I suddenly felt the horrible nature of these masters.
Dectar said:
“You will go through a lot of things, which I told you about.
They will make you walk through fire; they will unleash animals on you, snakes will surround you, that will kill you with their bite.
However, much of it is only show, Venry, to destroy the fear within you.
However, you will think that it is all reality and that you actually experience it, but I warn you, take no notice, and remain yourself.
This test is a very short one, those which follow will last longer and, subsequently, you will make journeys.”
“Thank you, Dectar, I shall do as you say.”
“Mind you, Venry, you have got to go through this too, and you must assimilate it or you will perish in that other world, however mighty your gifts are.
In the darkness, you must conquer the evil, when you succeed everything is open to you, and you are a master.
Years are required to attain this, but they have no patience because they have been at a deadlock for quite some time.
They need a lot of wisdom.
The balance test was bound to fail, Venry, their concentration upset you in order to force you to follow them.
Now they can suck you dry if they want to, but we shall arm ourselves against that.
They are worse than wild animals, my friend, and far more dangerous.”