Again and again I returned in my mind to those seven days and nights.
Wasn’t what I had followed enough?
Did I not know sleep?
These thoughts remained and I could not dissociate myself from them.
Right now I felt that warmth again.
The feeling came over me that I should make myself completely empty.
Next I had to wait for new sensations to enter me.
In that way I could pick up thoughts and felt straightaway whether they were sent to me or, that they came to me from space.
I deduced that they definitely wanted me to follow those seven days and nights.
Sleep was most essential for me.
To think naturally I would have to feel life in depth.
Now I came to realize it and understood Dectar’s words: “To see things and follow them in a natural way is very difficult.
Ardaty was a master in that.”
But that is quite simple, Dectar, Ardaty lived with nature and followed everything, the awakening of flowers and fruits; he was like nature.
I arrived at the conclusion that natural thinking is in actual fact experiencing everything.
In this Temple they were really living, for all those who were here controlled every thought and became conscious in the process.
I thought everything mighty, but very difficult and even dangerous to many of those present here.
Yet, my soul awakened by it.
I was nonetheless made to sleep.
When I completely surrendered, I heard a voice within me say: “Sleep is deep.
You must follow sleep again.
Only then can you proceed.”
I looked around me but saw nobody.
Yet, someone had spoken to me.
My Mother also spoke about sleep.
I did not mind this and adjusted myself to it.
Next I descended into myself and proceeded to sleep.
The moment of dropping off came over me again.
I was still on the verge of sleep and it was now possible, if I wanted, to enter that unknown and incomprehensible building.
I descended into it.
Now what was that?
I saw a large building in front of me.
I was standing on top of it, and looking down into an abyss.
In this building there was nothing but a staircase meandering down.
The whole building was empty.
This was a vision, and I understood its meaning.
If I descended into this building, and went down the stairs in front of me, then this meant descending, that I would fall asleep.
I signalled to the warmth that I understood, for I felt that I was now being guided by the warmth.
I did not think it necessary to reflect upon this, so I went down immediately.
Now it went down.
I had descended only a few steps when I felt that sleep was coming over me.
My body fell asleep but I myself witnessed this situation.
Above me, I saw space.
The building was entirely open.
Now I descended some more steps and felt sleep becoming deeper at the same time.
After having descended a bit more, the light in space changed into twilight.
If I compared this light with the sensation within me, which meant sleep, my sleep was not deep and the slightest thing that happened with or around me would wake me up.
But when I proceeded the twilight also disappeared, and my body was fast asleep.
What would happen next?
I could still descend further, which I did.
Soon I was in deep darkness
and I got the feeling I had to tune into myself.
What I now saw and felt was wonderful.
The way my material body felt during sleep, the soul experienced the same perception.
This building was in fact my material body, it represented my body, but I lived in darkness during this sleep.
Consequently, a material body was like this building, open on top, which meant being awake.
During sleep the soul could go in and out and reach the deepest darkness, which is the deep sleep.
Above this darkness, day-consciousness became effective, the eyes began to observe, and all other organs, including the brains, performed their duties intended by nature.
When I had been downstairs for some time and used to darkness I began to see.
What I now saw was wonderful and yet perfectly natural.
There was an opening here too, and I could proceed.
Upstairs the walls were made of a compact substance, not unlike the material used in housing construction.
But the deeper I descended the more rarefied the substance became. When I reached the last steps I could even see things belonging to another world,
for I saw life.
A second revelation was that I was like that life, which lived behind the material world.
I definitely was in a different space now.
I wondered whether this was the world in which I dwelt very often when I was a child.
When I thought of this, I clearly sensed that I experienced natural disembodiment.
I therefore thanked my invisible aide for these remarkable experiences.
A lot of power resided in me.
I understood that the soul, as a human being, as inner life, could pass through that rarefied substance, because inner life belonged to that world.
In this world my Mother lived.
Therefore, when I departed from my body the soul detached itself, then it happened what I had got to know, and now experienced consciously.
I entered that other world to which my soul belonged as astral life.
I was now rarefied, invisible to material human beings, yet this rarefied body lived in material man.
What I am learning now is very natural and mighty, I thought.
I was invited to conduct some tests.
I attuned myself to the moment when Dectar called me and I was beset by fear before I jumped over the abyss.
Now what happened?
It got very dark below me, here where I lived.
The rarity of a moment ago disappeared, and I was sent up, which was quite natural.
I resisted with all my energy, but it turned out to be impossible to stay here, no power could stop this ascension.
I returned so fast that I was up within one second.
While coming up, I was wide awake.
It is quite natural, I thought.
I could not have received a clearer vision.
That fear had awakened me; it caused disharmony between my material body and the soul. My fear and a thousand other experiences and events or sensations that can be experienced in material life prevented the soul from descending very deep into the body, which meant being asleep.
If there were many disturbances in the soul, caused by being in revolt, the house would condense and the person himself was the actual disturber of sleep.
He who has many disturbances cannot fall asleep.
One should be completely free from all those experiences one lived through in earthly life, if one wanted to sleep naturally and descend into that space so that falling asleep in a natural way could be achieved.
I thought this very strange; many questions arose in me.
Who was without thoughts?
Were there people who could completely detach themselves from feeling and thinking?
Were there people without any care?
And what about those who do not go on in life, so that life actually destroys them?
A triviality might cause disharmony and disturb sleep, but that emanated from the person.
In addition, there were physical disturbances, sickness, and other phenomena that also prevented falling deeply asleep.
Now that I felt this, I understood Dectar and my own life better.
I had to take care now, so that I would not become the slave of my own body.
If there was harmony in me, if my thinking and feeling were natural, both would be one, act as one, perfect and natural, one in feeling and thinking.
Now it was possible for me to see my own material body.
I learned to understand the working of my own material body through this vision.
I followed all those organs and systems, the foundations, which supported my body.
My body would collapse if I disturbed those systems.
Then the soul would not have enough resistance, those sensations would touch the personality, and the collapse that I had witnessed would occur.
However, I saw a variety of possibilities.
It was, for instance, possible to follow falling asleep in different ways.
The two bodies had to undergo an innate working and infinite space was present in those organisms.
Why this falling asleep was necessary, I began to see and feel the wonder of it.
My spiritual aide let me feel that I had received enough.
I fervently thanked, and understood that this did not emanate from me.
I became aware of the tremendous consciousness both organisms could possess.
“Empty your mind”, Dectar had said.
Now that I was empty, I felt completely one.
In such a condition, I could pick up thoughts for I had experienced it.
The depth of thinking and feeling seemed to be enormous for it was only in this manner that I followed the natural laws and learned to distinguish when it happened in a natural way.
“No, my dear Dectar, that is not so easy”, I said to my friend.
Again I descended to the last steps, and I stood before the other world again.
However, this time I entered, and what I saw was mighty.
I walked in a beautiful nature, in which I had dwelled several times when I was a child.
However, now I understood this disembodiment, for I passed consciously into it.
The human soul was invisible, as was this world.
The soul was a small part of all this splendour and because the soul belonged to it, I could now see and I felt it consciously.
However, when I adjusted to my material body I saw that it was lying there like a dead body.
I was the life in it, I controlled the body, and without me, it was lifeless.
I could not have experienced it in a more natural way.
This was the deepest grade of sleep when the soul could disembody to wherever it wanted, if the conscious desire was present in this life.
They wanted to send me to this world, that was what I was being developed for, and what the gifts I had served for.
The period of rest also served this purpose and the student priests again had to follow everything they had learned.
This re-experience made me perfectly conscious of all these laws and I got to know myself and space.
Those who thought they ‘lived’ on earth did not live, and those who thought to be something, did not possess anything, for they were only thoughts.
In this Temple, things were experienced and they ‘had’ to be lived through in that other world as well.
In this way, one acquired those laws.
Now I took a rest, I was very tired because of all this thinking and feeling, and what I had experienced I found miraculous.
After having rested for some time, I received fresh thoughts.