Great healers

We left my cell like two sinners.
Dectar was very quiet and did not say a word.
We entered the building where more wonders would happen.
The sick child was already there.
There was an oppressive atmosphere in the room, which made me short of breath.
Once I was used to it, I could breathe again.
Dectar said: “This is to purify our breath and this atmosphere, Venry.”
In thought I thanked him for this explanation.
The masters entered.
The child was laid down on a couch.
I looked at my Father, but I was unable to think of myself, my inner life had been completely cut off by another power.
Then they began.
The child was put to sleep; the soul had to disembody, which rendered the material body insensitive.
The astral child remained in that other world all the time.
One of the masters drew a magic circle around us all; in this space we lived and the circle should not be broken until healing was complete.
This was to exclude all danger.
I received these thoughts from Dectar, but we were all one in feeling and connected with the masters.
Not a word should be spoken.
What I was going to experience was mighty.
We all followed the child’s soul, the material body had already fallen asleep, but the soul was still awake.
The inner personality now lived in that other world and walked among us, and was pleased that all these disturbances had been removed.
Over there, there were no disturbances for the inner life; the soul was free now and normal.
That disturbance was connected with the material body and would be removed.
One of the masters departed from his body.
We could follow him and I saw that he walked towards the child.
The master then adjusted himself to the child and its inner life fell asleep.
The master cut the inner life completely off with his own aura.
I found all this splendid and quite natural.
Dectar came forward.
He had treated the child and would remove the tumour.
Another priest had rubbed the head with a strong ointment.
Later, the hair dissolved and the skin appeared.
It was explained to me and I understood.
Subsequently, Dectar rubbed other ointments on the head and waited.
Meanwhile, rinse water was put ready, as were bandages of a skilfully woven substance.
Dectar felt very relaxed and ready for his mighty task.
All priests were in deep concentration.
Dectar now treated the head; the skin had grown soft as a result of the herbs and ointments.
Soon the head-skin was open and the skull was lifted.
The atmosphere I felt was sacred.
It was as if we lived in heaven and the Gods were present.
In breathless silence Dectar had so far completed his work.
Then we saw the exposed inner organs and could observe their activity.
The tumour could be clearly seen.
A membrane enveloped the tumour, which had been seen beforehand, so that it was clear that the operation had been performed at the right time.
The child was senseless as a result of this tumour and suffered severe headaches.
Dectar had put this membrane around the tumour by his powerful will, concentration and healing power, so that further growth had been prevented.
This I also found a great wonder.
Now the tumour was removed.
We all remained concentrated and waited.
The removal happened quickly.
Dectar held the tumour in his hands, and showed it to the masters. They were all very pleased.
Dectar was a great master in this field and I admired him with all my heart.
I found this healing unbelievable, the masters of Isis were infallible, they all served, and they all were like saints.
The silence was mighty, their relaxation fascinating and their knowledge of all these laws shone over everything human in them.
I saw a master, a human being in full consciousness, a gifted person; his serving brought him the greatest happiness.
Strong smelling herbs were now being burned and this vapour filled the room.
The masters explained all these phenomena so that I learned a tremendous amount.
They connected themselves with me one by one; in this way, they communicated.
The clerks noted everything down and this was also preserved.
In the meantime, Dectar had replaced the skull.
Now other herbs were used.
First the entire head was rubbed and subsequently bandaged.
A special ointment was applied to the dressed head to condense the head skin,
and nature saw to complete healing.
The masters were ready in every respect; Ardaty had grown herbs for every illness, whatever it might be.
Some herbs were used as a natural poison; another ointment broke these laws and deprived the tissues of all power, which I had seen a minute ago.
As a result, the head skin had become elastic.
Hundreds of species of herbs were known here, all of which worked infallibly; there was also perfection in this respect.
There were ointments, herbs and poisons for life and death.
When Dectar had advanced that far the soul of the child was called back to the material body.
But the child was not allowed to wake up and had to remain asleep for a long time.
All priests remained directly connected with the child, but Dectar treated the boy.
When healing was perfect, concentration was discontinued; everybody co-operated in case of an unusual situation.
And this was a special case.
It was not until then that the master returned in his own body and that the session was now complete.
Still other sick people arrived and they were helped as well.
The child lay motionless, but its soul and material body were guarded.
Gifts and natural powers, wisdom and intelligence, feeling and intuition were combined in this Temple.
The child was relaxed, its soul and body were in harmony.
The boy was taken to another room.
Dectar left with the child and would return to me.
Now other sick people were helped.
An old man who suffered from similar disturbances had a tumour removed, but in a different way.
No removal of the skull was necessary.
When he had laid down the Father of Isis required all of us to follow the process and to make a diagnosis.
All of us saw the same condition and we were infallible in this perception.
The soul of this human being remained in the organism and he was brought in half-waking consciousness.
There was a swelling in his head, which could now be removed.
A master would heal this sick person, but all the masters helped him, because mass-concentration was required.
All priests adjusted themselves to the sick man.
The priest who had treated the man made magnetizing stroking movements over his head and helped him in this way.
This mass-concentration was focussed on one point.
Along his left ear, I saw a swelling appear.
An ointment had been applied on that spot which softened the skin.
This swelling grew bigger and bigger until the skin tore apart and pus oozed out.
I saw a miraculous healing taking place.
Again, the priest made magnetizing stroking movements over the head and led the pus to the opening behind the ear.
Up to four times I saw a swelling.
Then all the pus had been removed and the man was healed.
I found this miraculous.
The sick man returned to his own consciousness and left.
Many sick people were helped and cured that afternoon.
Moreover, all these human beings found it nothing special, for the priests of Isis were powerful in this respect.
Dectar returned to us but the Father of Isis called him.
The supreme priest spoke to him for a while, but I could not follow them, for me they were out of touch.
Everybody left,
Dectar went back to the child, and I could leave.
* *
Having returned to my cell, I took a little rest.
How beautiful everything was; these were wonders.
I understood everything, all these mighty events, they had made a great deal of progress, yes, immense progress.
They had received this wisdom from those having the wings and Ardaty’s mastery gave them that power.
They were all gifted, though; they were seers and were educated.
However, perceiving all these illnesses was the main thing.
They knew beforehand what they should and could do; otherwise, they did nothing.
Dectar had accomplished this wonder within a very short time.
Later, he would come to me and then I wanted to ask him questions, for I gladly wanted to know what he had felt during his exquisite work.
I would like to know whether he accepted the activity from that other world or that he exclusively adjusted himself to the masters, and many questions more.
I was already longing for his arrival.