All-Soul and All-Source

source and driving force of everything

Before we became individual souls, we were part of the All-Soul which inspires and brings to evolution all the life forms in the cosmos.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

The depth of our soul

The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains that the actual message of the writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, is about our soul.
But what is our soul?
Was our soul born or created, and from what and when?
When the masters asked themselves this, they attuned themselves to the past of their own soul.
This is possible for them, because they live outside time and space.
Because after their death on earth they are no longer bound to the limitation of an earthly body, they can examine the soul spiritually-scientifically and get to know it to its deepest core.
The masters first followed their past lives on earth, and then they noticed that the earth was not the first planet where their soul had lived.
They felt that their soul was older than the earth.
At the time that they came to earth as souls, they had already experienced a past elsewhere and built up a consciousness.
When the masters attuned themselves more deeply to that past, they arrived in a time when there were no planets of stars born yet.
There was even still no trace of any form to be found in the universe.
The masters could look back to a state before the universe was formed.


In that state they felt that they themselves were still not individual souls.
They were part of a larger whole which they started to call All-Soul.
Terms such as ‘my’ soul, ‘I’, ‘you’ and ‘they’ did not exist here, because there was still no individuality, all the life was still one.
Yet the masters felt that this All-Soul already had a consciousness.
There was still no individual consciousness of a separate part, but the large whole already had the realization of what it was and what it could form.
The masters felt that the All-Soul already had a driving force in order to evolve, in order to give itself a form.
They realized that this was their deepest core, that the driving force of the All-Soul had always been present in their inner self.
The masters saw that this driving force in order to evolve is present in all the life.


The masters could feel the All-Source in the state when it had still not created a single form.
It was then darker than in the darkest night on earth, quieter than in the deepest of the Pacific Ocean.
There was still ‘nothingness’, still nothing formed.
Yet from this nothingness everything originated, this nothingness is the source of everything which came to life in the cosmos.
This is why the masters also speak about the All-Source.
The masters saw that this source always continues to flow.
The All-Source was not ready after it had brought all the life to birth.
Also in the human body on earth they feel the driving force of the All-Source, via the solar plexus as the centre of feeling.
From there the All-Source drives to action, to thinking.
The masters realized that it is the All-Source within them which feels, experiences, inspires.
They discovered that they were not ‘human beings’, but a development stage of the All-Source.
From the grade of feeling, they can see to what extent an individual part of the All-Source has developed, how much people already feel of themselves and the depth of the life.
From the body they can see to what extent the All-Source has already brought itself to material form for that life, and what a long path has been covered in order to evolve from the nothingness to this body.

Divine life

The masters also call our soul the ‘divine spark of life’.
The word God represents all the life of the All-Source.
All that life can be called divine in the sense that it originated from God and was created by God.

Becoming conscious

The masters saw that when they had separated themselves as individual souls from the All-Soul, they became an independent part of the All-Soul.
However, as a result of this their being had not changed, the driving force of the All-Soul remained present within them.
That driving force had even brought them to the becoming independent, and to all the following steps in their evolution.
When the masters could oversee their whole evolution, they realized that the All-Soul as soul had already been the driving force within them for billions of eras.
All those times they were not personally conscious of that, because their personality was only built up gradually by means of all the experiences.
It was only now when they could look back at the very first beginning, that they became conscious as a personality of what they were in being.

Sources and deepening