A View into the Hereafter

Jozef Rulof

This first book by Jozef Rulof gives a broad view of all the spiritual worlds which we can go to after death.

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There are in total 27 books by Jozef Rulof.


‘A View into the Hereafter’ is the first trilogy which Jozef Rulof received mediumistically in the years 1933-1936.
In the foreword of the first edition he wrote: ‘The publication of this book has the aim of giving mankind the belief of its - in a higher form of existence - life after the physical death.’
His spiritual leader Alcar allows him to ‘depart from the body’, whereby Jozef as a spiritual personality departed from his physical body and together with Alcar made many journeys in the Hereafter.
For instance, Jozef saw the seven spheres of light, where the human being goes who feels a universal love for all life.
Furthermore, they also visited the dark spheres.
Alcar allowed him to perceive the intensive contact of the spheres with our earthly world.
The human being on earth who attunes himself to the spheres of light is helped by astral leaders in order to raise the spiritual level of mankind.
However, anyone who is attuned to the dark spheres can be influenced by its inhabitants to follow their passions.
In an out-of-body state, Alcar let Jozef also experience a cremation, in order to allow the readers with knowledge of the spiritual consequences of this transition to be able to make a conscious choice regarding the parting of the earthly body.