Holding séances

‘Now, my boy, no work will ever succeed without God’s holy blessing.
Only God’s will can bless man’s happiness and ours.
Our journey is about to begin.
We won’t be back for quite a time.
There’s a lot I must make clear to you.
We’ll first remain in the sphere of the earth, and from there we’ll go on to visit the spiritual spheres.
We’ll glide along.
Keep your concentration focussed on me, André, you’ll be able to follow me in everything.’
They glided along, and passed through lots of houses and buildings.
There was nothing to obstruct them and everything was visible to André.
He saw people, many of whom radiated light.
These he could clearly perceive.
Around others he could see a grey haze, and he understood what this meant.
They felt no love and lived an earthly life.
It was strange to him.
He understood now how difficult it was for the clairvoyants on earth to be able to perceive the astral human being.
It was even harder to see, feel and understand something of their life.
Everything was so totally different from the material life on earth.
The link had to be perfect to be able to perceive on earth.
What a mercy it was to possess this gift.
How great his happiness was, to be allowed to see behind the veil, to get to know their life.
It made him see how difficult it was for the astral spirit to reach material man.
‘We will stay here, André.
I want to explain to you how séances function on earth.
Look, a few beings are gathered over there who have formed a circle.’
André saw that they were in a living room.
An old lady who had a beautiful aura, was busy writing.
A young man was sitting at a table, opposite to a woman, both holding on to a wooden cross.
He immediately understood what this meant.
They were awaiting messages from this side.
They were all clearly visible to him.
None of them sensed their presence.
They were enveloped in a haze.
A ray of light shone forth from one of those present on the mother who was busy writing.
It was the attunement from her, who was her child.
Thoughts of love for the being with whom the young woman was deeply linked.
The young man, he saw and sensed this clearly, wasn’t attuned to her.
His love wasn’t strong enough to be one with her.
André touched him, but he didn’t feel anything.
He was dead to him.
He now tried to link up with him, which he fully succeeded in.
He could clearly follow his thoughts.
It was a very remarkable sensation for him to descend into an earthly human being.
He was inside of him and yet he felt nothing.
This clearly showed how sensitive man must be to be able to empathize with an astral human being.
People on earth were like an open book to a spirit.
Here everything was known about them, because their souls had been opened.
And they were unaware of this happening.
It made him see that an earthly human being is never alone.
Nothing could be held back.
Nothing could be hidden here.
Their inner condition was their possession, their light, and every being could read it.
‘Come over here to my side André, I will show you something.
You will understand that they are sitting at table, as they say on earth, to get in touch with their loved ones.
The grey haze you see is the power that serves to close the circle.
By this I mean that not just any spirit can simply barge into their situation.
If they continue in complete submission it will change into a brighter substance: the connection with those who check their séance from this side.
However, it hasn’t got that far yet.
This needs development.
It may take years before a circle can be closed.
I’m showing you these situations to convince you how everything is being done on our side to come into contact with the people on earth and tell them all about eternal life in the first place.
If people seriously search, their loved ones will come to them to bear witness to their happiness.
It will urge them to avail themselves of all their inherent powers for the sake of their inner self.
Then these séances will be set up for other purposes. I’ll show you which.
Look over there, André.’
André looked at the spot his leader was pointing at.
‘What is that, Alcar?’
‘It’s a spirit, my son.’
‘But I didn’t see him before.’
‘You couldn’t have, as he lives in a different condition from the one we’re in.
Yet he’s been here for quite a while.
Later on you’ll get acquainted with those situations too .
He has been brought here because they wanted to convince him that he passed on on earth.
‘But doesn’t he know that?’
‘No, he doesn’t, nor do many others.
To him these séances mean nothing but happiness.
He will be in their midst for a few hours, which offers him some warmth in his dark and cold existence.
The man has only recently come over to this side.
His wife and daughter and his son-in-law are here together.’
André saw a being of about sixty years old.
There was a terrible expression on his face.
He looked like a maniac.
His eyes protruded out of his head and he uttered pitiful sounds.
But nobody heard him.
He felt his way about the room.
The man acted very strangely.
‘Why is he doing that, Alcar?’
‘Isn’t it clear to you?
The man can feel them, but spiritually he is blind.
He’ll be unable to perceive anything at all.
He disgraced himself during his earthly life.’
André saw a terrible truth.
‘He possesses nothing that resembles the holiness that makes one see and feel warmth on this side.
His attunement is deep darkness, and he wanders around in this infinite space.
Do you sense what it means when man forgets himself on earth?
To him and to many others the séances are a chance to become connected with their loved ones.
This is one truth amongst many thousands of situations which I will show you on this journey.
On earth people know nothing about this, at least those who want nothing to do with a continued existence.
When he has become convinced, he will return to his attunement as a starting point for a different kind of life.
Someone with a higher attunement will speak for him to make it clear to him that he is in touch.
This will make him feel that he has shed his material garment.
It’s not so simple to pass on these messages.
Man closes himself off to astral human beings and no other connection is possible.
We need their powers to be able to manifest ourselves.
I’ll try to make it clear to you how difficult it is for us to come through and to convey what we know.
In the first place this needs attunement.
When spirits take part in a séance, it’s man who enables him to do so.
However, from this side they can only get in touch if they possess the necessary powers.
These are: Love, light and happiness.
Without love existence is impossible.
By that I mean a blissful condition, a sphere of light on this side.
Any spirit wishing to conduct a circle on earth must possess a strong power of concentration in order to manifest himself.
When a third person sitting at table is in tune with him, the spirit soon becomes connected.
He makes himself one with the person who is attuned to his power of feeling, enabling him to manifest himself and convey messages.
But even then it is difficult for him to pass on his knowledge.
The difficulty is this: The spirit must be able to ward off the thoughts that are being sent, in other words: he must be able to dominate their thoughts.
If this is impossible to him, then the thoughts of some of those sitting at table will come through.
So their own thoughts will be spelt, and these are meaningless, because then our truth can’t get through.
That’s why mere trivialities are conveyed, merely the thoughts of those who are impatiently waiting for messages in order to be linked up with the deceased.
Do you feel what that means, André?
If astral man can cut out the thoughts which they send off, then he will be able to convey his own insights.
Those sitting at table must be passive.
Even their longing brings forth disharmony on our side, and this blocks the development and hinders us from giving candid messages.
That is why it may take years before a séance can be closed off, so that we are genuinely able to come through.
We require full submission, and if they aren’t capable of that, many a circle will be broken up.
But that’s not our fault.
There are many waiting here, as I told you, to bring spiritual nourishment to earth and to convince unhappy spirits of their eternal life.
Another thing: A spirit who lives in the sphere of the earth and who senses that he is unwelcome because his knowledge is of no value to man on earth, will do anything to maintain the connection once he gets it.
He will speak of God and love and tell tales about an eternal life which he has no knowledge of.
They are the ones who have returned to earth and amuse themselves and urge man to take part in séances.
Nothing of what comes through has any value in the spirit.
That can clearly be felt on earth.
Sooner or later people will sense this, and they will then put an end to their séances.
But once they get far enough for leaders on this side to be able to check everything, then it becomes sacred because they have established contact with their loved ones.
You will understand their abundant happiness, here and on earth.
Everything is pure love, happiness and wisdom in the spirit.
Spiritualism then stands for the spiritual life, which will make many happy.
It will support them in their difficult earthly life, in which they are supported by those who are on this side who make it clear to them that they will soon be connected forever.
These evenings bring pure happiness to both sides.
If people on earth are willing, many will accompany me to help.
Come André, we’ll go on now.
I will explain another situation to you in which our sacred spiritualism is soiled.
It’s known to me and many others how people on earth are cheated.
They are the ones who use spiritualism for their own purposes and make the spirits appear according to their will.
But this is not possible.
I want to make clear to you how many people act counter to everything that stands for the highest and most sacred things God created.
The more their urge for sensation is stepped up, the deeper they have fallen.
Come André, we’ll quickly move on.
I want to show you how a clairvoyant can cheat an uninformed person about the things he pretends to see.
It’s all pure conceit and big talk to impress others.
But they are mainly out to make money through spiritualism.
They think that they can reach God with their pitiful doings.
The clairvoyants and those who take part in their séances are all beings who attune to a dark sphere.
They don’t realize that this is God’s greatest mercy to man on earth.
This mercy from God is love, and all they do is blemish it.
Look, André, the high society has gathered.
Their light is the light of the Land of Twilight on this side.
Everything is cold, as cold as their hearts.’
André saw various people sitting together in a circle.
The room was richly furnished, beautiful paintings decorated the walls.
It was their séance room.
Some radiated light.
Others were enveloped in a grey haze.
In their midst he saw some spirits who were present as invisible listeners, watching over the ups and downs of their loved ones.
Spiritual protectors who supported their loved ones in everything.
He could clearly distinguish all the beings in this room by their aura.
It made him sense their inner attunement, their longings and passions.
These people were only after sensation.
That’s what spiritualism meant to them.
Wasn’t it terrible?
They wanted to be connected so the spirits would protect their property.
That’s all this sacred happening meant to them.
‘Look, André, that’s our man over there.
This clairvoyant is busy destroying our sacred message.
He thinks that he perceives, yet he feels and sees his own thoughts.
He is the medium here.
The lady invites others to take part in her evenings.
This clairvoyant knows how to influence them in his way.
His visions rival each other in beauty.
That’s what he gets his fee for.
This doesn’t concern me, it only serves to show that everything he sees is wrong.
You’ll soon understand how terrible this man is.
And they all think that he sees, because they aren’t without vanity and hallucinations either.
This will soon come to an end.
The spirits who are present will break off everything from this side.
You see how one being busies himself to teach them something and another has a job breaking everything down.
Nothing will be left of all their sanctity.’
André saw a man of about fifty years old.
He was the clairvoyant.
How great he thought he was.
He was the one who was linked up.
There was nothing about him that resembled the power that characterized clairvoyance.
His seeing was nothing but a figment of his own imagination, which they believed in.
He sat there in full regalia, looking around as if he could perceive something.
They all gazed at him as if he were holy.
‘I believe’, André heard him say, ‘that it’s about to happen.’
‘What’s going to happen, Alcar?’
‘Nothing will happen, my son, nothing at all; he believes he sees.’
How could he ever cheat them all in this way?
What a hypocrite he was.
‘Listen, he’s about to see!’
Life’s making its appearance.
Life serves him.
The life that is God.
‘I see’, he began, ‘how high spirits are bringing flowers.
These are heavenly colours of such beauty.’
André looked around, but there were no flowers, nor were there any higher spirits.
There was nothing, nothing at all.
‘How beautiful this is’, he heard him say.
‘They are being laid in your lap.’
He meant their hostess.
‘This is going to be great’, André thought, ‘you just couldn’t beat it.’
‘Flowers keep on coming and now I see two spirits dressed in beautiful garments, with flowers which they are spreading around you.
Oh how beautiful this is.’
‘What a liar that man is, Alcar.’
‘Now’, he continued, ‘ I see two nuns who are also bringing flowers.
Everything is holy.
Something beautiful is about to happen this evening.’
They all stared at him and believed that they had been drawn up into heaven.
‘More flowers are being brought.
There’s no end to the flowers, all in different colours. Oh, how beautiful this is.
What I see now is superb.
A white dove is flying around in the room, trying to find a place.
Oh, what do I see now?
She’s carrying something in her beak.
Maybe it will be shown to me.
There she goes.
What a pity that you can’t see all this beauty.
It’s wonderful.’
They were all trembling with emotion.
André looked at his leader, his face was tense.
He wondered what Alcar must be feeling.
His concentration was focussed on him.
It must hurt him (Alcar), him who wanted to see mankind happy.
Everything was getting messed up here.
‘There’s more to come, André, just listen.’
‘The bird is now settling on your head.
Don’t you feel it?’
Again it was the lady of the house who was to experience all this beauty.
No, she didn’t feel anything yet.
But she blushed with happiness.
There was total happiness inside her.
She was being connected with the greatest sanctity of all.
‘Now I see what it says on that little note.
I can read it word for word.
A spiritual child will be brought for you to take care of.
The child left the earth not long ago and doesn’t feel happy in the spheres.
It can’t yet find peace there.
You have a task to fulfil which only few are afforded.’
Trembling with happiness they all followed the great miracle.
‘Now two spirits are approaching, dressed in white garments.
They are carrying the small being in their arms.
They are standing in front of you and you must stretch out your arms, where you will receive the spiritual child from them.
Yes, it’s happening now.’
The lady of the house felt that she had a child in her arms.
A being from the highest heavens.
They all had tears in their eyes.
This was undoubtedly the most beautiful thing one could receive from the side beyond.
Touched by this sacred happening they prayed and gave thanks, together with him who was making this all up.
They prayed that God would grant her the power to be able to take care of this pure being.
She was truly chosen.
God was with her and with them all.
She stood there like a marble statue.
But even more was to follow.
‘Now I am being told that you must always think of the child.
Then you will grant it peace and it will grow up with your help.’
André felt a cold shiver passing through him.
What a hypocrite he was.
A few sticks of incense were lit so that the room soon looked like a steaming incensory.
If this lasted much longer she would swoon with happiness.
Her arms outstretched towards the invisible being, panting with emotion, while the veins on her forehead swelled up, she looked at the clairvoyant as if he were an emissary from God.
He was even greater than God’s holy Child.
A second Christ.
He looked at her, swathed in his long black coat, sensing his greatness.
Tears rolled down his cheeks.
It was too much for him.
No normal person would be able to deal with this.
No greater actor on earth than him!
He possessed this greatness without knowing it himself.
The gentleman of the house, enchanted by the great event, believed to see an angel in her.
All were overwhelmed with emotion.
Money could never repay this clairvoyant. He was taking them all into heaven.
Suddenly Alcar stepped towards him and focussed his attention.
‘Oh’, he heard him say, ‘I’m under some great influence.’
André saw a tremendous great light appearing.
The spirits who had been watching in silence also stepped towards him and focussed their powers of concentration.
How difficult it was to reach a human being.
Yet he felt it.
Now he was a medium.
It was incredible how much power it took from this side to reach him.
It must surely make his mind reel.
He went all quiet.
They were all deathly quiet.
‘Right’, he heard Alcar say.
‘We’ll leave it at that, but the fear which is inside him now will cleanse his thoughts.
Maybe he can still be saved and will stop his reputable practice.
If God were to grant him the gift of seeing at this very moment, he would flee from these surroundings and would not dare raise his eyes to heaven again.
Isn’t there sensation enough on earth?
Come my son, we’re moving on, this ‘holy’ influence makes me sick.
Is everything clear to you?
It bothers me and many of my brothers to see our spiritualism being soiled in this and similar ways.
The others who take part in this are also unhappy, and they attune to these conditions, driven by their vanity and their delusions.
The self-conceited clairvoyant sees only high spirits and flowers.
To make things even more beautiful he lets the Holy Spirit make Its appearance.
Isn’t it terrible?
God Himself descended in their midst and perched Himself on a material head.
It couldn’t have been acted out in a more spectacular way.
Isn’t it true then, that more is destroyed than is set up?
Their disappointment will be great once they get to see the truth.
Those who accept the idea that spiritual children are brought to them are not only unhappy, their minds are dazed with vanity in their wish to stand out as something in the spirit.
When he arrives here he will be able to develop his talents in the dark spheres.
Nothing but selfishness.
Everything is so terribly sad.
That’s the way séances are held on earth.
This circle is only one out of thousands.
Only here will they see how wrongly they acted, how sad and how pathetic they were.’
They glided along for some time.
Both were deeply in thought.
André felt that his leader was sad.
‘I prefer to dwell in the dark spheres, which I know to be bad, than amongst those who cover their walls with religious objects and place the Christ to their right and their left, who burn candles and carry spiritual emblems to cover up their dark souls.
I’d rather be with the unhappy ones than amongst those who wear diadems, who radiate on the surface but are cold inside and poor in spiritual feeling.
One day they will find out.’