Black magic

André was instructed in occult phenomena, not only the beautiful higher powers but the dark forces too.
Alcar wanted him to be prepared for everything in this world.
‘I will tell you a few things about black magic’, his leader said.
‘There’s a lot of comment on this subject, but only few know how to defend themselves against this dangerous power.
It’s particularly dangerous in our field, and I’ll therefore teach you everything you need to be able to distinguish the messages you will receive.
People can be brought under certain influences that lead them straight to madness.
Anyone investigating occult phenomena should be aware of this, so he can safeguard himself against these perils.
Listen carefully, my son, I will try to explain it to you.
Magic consists of white and black magic.
Europeans are hardly familiar with the practice of black magic.
This is due to the racial characteristics (see article ‘There are no races’ on of the peoples.
That is why in the tropics, in Indonesia, black magic is a more frequent topic than in Europe.
Black magic can only occur in certain surroundings, and certain character traits must be present.
These encompass the ability to concentrate one’s will, secondly mediumship, furthermore material or mental development, and finally the mental power of the person whom it is directed at.
Black magic can only be directed with full intensity at persons belonging to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on and also, but to a reduced degree, at members of other, coloured races.
White people are therefore the most susceptible of all to black magic as a result of their spiritual life, their constitution and in particular their living conditions.
Concentration of the will simply means that the spirit is made to dominate, in other words: the will power is intently focussed on the intended goal.
Every thought is in itself a creation, so it’s something personal and therefore it’s also very real.
The ability to concentrate is brought about by converging certain energies.
Concentrating on the will power is a determined creative act from the available thinking powers.
Certain thoughts are wilfully directed at a person or persons with the urge to harm them.
This objective can be accomplished with considerable success, provided that the person serving to convey these powers possesses the psychic gift.
The followers of black magic are to be found amongst spirits of a lower order. These unhappy spirits are subject to those who have thorough command of their own will power, which enables them to achieve anything they want.
They shut themselves down and are able to perform various so-called miracles by intensely concentrating their will power and by taking possession of the thoughts of those whom they want to use as their instruments.
They are capable of this because spirits of a lower order possess neither a will power of their own, nor an individual existence.
These unhappy spirits belonged to underdeveloped races (see article ‘There are no races’ on and are an easy prey to those purposes.
They cling to their own country and the environment where they once lived, and they don’t ever want to leave that area.
The old black spirits in particular, who once lived there as free people, detest the European invaders.
The latter are easy to lure and to impose on.
The witchdoctor can, by mere disembodiment, enable the spirits to lift up objects, thrust them upward, break them off or touch them, even make them float about.
Not only objects can be made to float in this manner, the black-magician himself can levitate, because he remains connected to the physical body, and by wilful disembodiment he can succeed in densifying his fluid to such a degree that it becomes visible for us spirits, even though it remains invisible to the material eye.
He merely needs his assistants to keep other forms of influence away from the work he wants to accomplish.
Why are Europeans more susceptible to these powers than natives?
Primarily because whites who live amongst natives are rapidly subjected to degeneration, which makes them prone to evil influences.
Secondly because climatological circumstances tend to undermine the European will, which presents a very dangerous threat to whites living in the tropics.
Thirdly because their enfeebled nerves result in a physical condition which soon makes them liable to the influence of evil spirits.
In the fourth place, because white men are not geared to battle and generally receive less spiritual help in eastern countries than in Europe, as they are not within easy reach, which again results from their own conduct.
However, black magic can be counteracted at any time by:
A. Concentration of the will power of the person or persons under attack.
This can only be checked by good clairvoyants with reliable leaders.
B. Refrain from alcohol, card games, smoking, derision of religion and various violations.
C. To live calmly and to perform good deeds.
D. Pray regularly, place a cross on the grounds in front of the house, and burn incense at home.
These are the things you must know. Although you won’t experience much trouble of this kind in Europe, I still had to warn you against these evil powers, because if such people who deal in black magic should ever come to Europe, they might perform miracles that resemble spiritualistic phenomena, which, however, have nothing in common with the latter.
Anyone witnessing such scenes should get special protection against evil influences.
Only to those who are under the guidance of higher protectors will the latter disclose the truth.
They might otherwise believe that they were dealing with real occult phenomena.
This is the major threat to people who are unable to detect the difference between spiritualistic phenomena and black magic, and the reason why spiritualism has often been brought into disrepute.
I was granted the liberty to tell you this, my boy.
Try to understand it properly, so that you may be armed against these forces.
Black magic degrades man, but white magic leads him upward and connects him with leaders and spirits who wish to ascend and endeavour to approach God.’

(For further information and an explanation of these forces we refer you to the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’.)