Real clairvoyance and the danger of seeing

André was called over to a lady who wanted his advice.
He asked Alcar for his approval and the answer was: ‘Certainly, let’s go.‘
He arrived at the prearranged hour.
The ladies weren’t at home, but they were expected to return at any moment.
The person who wanted to consult him had come from outside of town and was staying with a lady-friend.
He waited for a while, but after this had lasted a bit too long to his liking he wanted to leave, as he had patients to treat at home. However, Alcar told him to wait, it should be something special.
He thought.
Something special!
So Alcar already knew about it.
He felt a strong impact; Alcar must be doing something.
But he couldn’t yet discern what it was exactly.
The ladies came home, and he was introduced to the guest.
‘I have heard a lot about you, Mr. Hendriks, which is why I want to consult you.
Let’s go upstairs, so we won’t be disturbed.’
When they got upstairs she laid a photo and a tie in front of him and asked whether these objects could tell him anything about her husband’s state of health.
He took the photo in his hands.
‘I’ll do my best, ma’am, but please don’t tell me anything.
Only if I tell you something about the things I see, then you can say whether this is correct or not.’
After a few moments he told her the impressions he got through about her husband.
He felt a strong urge to fall asleep, and then he felt cramped.
As soon as this urge started to affect his body, he informed the lady about it, and she answered that these were the symptoms her husband was suffering from.
‘So I sensed this correctly, ma’am?’
‘Yes, you did.’
‘All right, then I’ll tell you what this refers to.
I see some doctors who are with your husband. I also see that the medicine they are giving him is for his heart.
Is that right?’
‘Yes’, she answered.
"I see your husband like this, madam" and he gave a description of his personality.
Again she had to confirm that it entirely matched the facts.
His character was likewise described correctly.
‘I see the area where you live, the surroundings where your husband takes his morning walk, the streets he has to pass to reach his office.
I also see the name of the street where it’s located.’
The lady had to admit that everything was correct.
Then he saw nothing more and he waited for the things that would happen.
After a few moments the lady asked: ‘Do you see anything else?’
‘No, ma’am, but wait a bit yet.’
She became impatient; however, André was prepared and remained calm.
Alcar had often told him to ward off the influence which people directed at him; otherwise this would frustrate him, and what he saw would be inaccurate and influenced by others.
He had to remain calm, Alcar always told him.
People aimed lots of thoughts at him, which he took over telepathically.
Of course he could still provide them with proof, but it would be founded on their own knowledge and thoughts.
That wouldn’t get him anywhere.
This was now the case.
He forcibly pushed these thoughts back.
Suddenly four people clearly appeared before his mind’s eye.
There were three ladies and a gentleman.
As soon as he saw this image, he heard Alcar say: ‘These are four clairvoyants whom she consulted.
They have all handled the photo and the tie and therefore their influence is still attached to these objects.’
He conveyed this message to her.
This he had also seen correctly.
Then Alcar said: ‘Look at her head, André, concentrate as strongly as you can and take in her thoughts.’
He looked at her and saw a ray of light coming at him from out of her head.
This happened as quick as a flash.
Alcar continued: ‘You now see her thoughts as light.
Telepathy, André, be careful.
All those clairvoyants took over her thoughts, and now I want to show you how influence can be exerted on a clairvoyant, how he catches the thoughts of the person who comes to consult him.’
André knew the meaning of the light that was coming at him.
When the lady asked him whether he could see anything else, he was able to tell her what he had seen and what he had taken over from her.
‘Yes ma’am, I’ll tell you what I see.
The four clairvoyants you consulted all told you that your husband would die before December.
I distinctly hear the words they spoke to you, which I have now taken over from you.
I will repeat them word for word: ‘Do you know you will soon become a widow?’
It startled her, and she began to cry.
It was the fifth time a clairvoyant had established this.
Four others had already predicted this and one of them was a person of European renown.
So it must be true, since they had all got the impression that her husband hadn’t long to live.
André felt sorry for her, because she had been told in no uncertain terms that her husband would soon die and because she believed this. But he went on:
‘So what I just told you is the same as what the other clairvoyants predicted?’
‘Yes, certainly, your statement coincides with what they said.’
‘All right, ma’am, but I assure you that all they did was to take over your thoughts telepathically, and then they told you what you were thinking. You possess a strong ability to concentrate and so you affected them.
They weren’t able to tell you anything more concerning your husband’s condition than what you yourself knew and what your mind was brimming over with.
I stand alone now versus the four other clairvoyants, and I feel that you don’t believe me.
Yet I’ll try my best, ma’am, and I’ll see whether I’m allowed to receive the pure truth for your sake.
I will ask my leader, who is here with me, if he can show it to me.’
He asked Alcar who replied: ‘Give yourself over completely, and we’ll see what the truth looks like.’
He willingly submitted to Alcar, but before he began to concentrate he prayed to God that he might receive the truth, the spiritual truth.
It was essential now to see accurately, not only for the sake of the patient whom this was all about, but also for the poor woman who had already gone through so much terrible fear due to the things she had been told.
He begged for strength for his leader, that the latter, by using him as his instrument, might present her with the complete, pure truth.
He heard Alcar beside him, also praying and asking for strength.
The four clairvoyants ought to know how much evil their work had already caused, and how carefully they ought to handle their gifts.
The poor woman was in such a nervous state that she would undoubtedly pass on before her husband if this went on much longer.
After his prayer he went into a trance and now the veil which covered the truth was lifted for him.
He was allowed to see, and he heard Alcar saying: ‘Tell her what you see.’
He first requested her to write down everything he was about to tell her and then continued:
‘Listen, ma’am.
I see the first of December before me. I then see all the days of December filing past me.
It’s like a reel of film.
Now I see January and I see your husband too who still appears healthy, although he should already have died according to the clairvoyants’ assertions.
I don’t see anything happening in January either, but I do see your husband.
Each time I am shown how he is.
February is next and slowly the first week passes by.
On the eighth of February the film comes to a standstill.
This has a meaning.
Now I see your husband in bed, he’s ill, but don’t worry, the film has started to reel off again.
The tenth, twelfth, fourteenth, sixteenth of February. Now I see that he has recovered.
It was only a slight indisposition.
Now February is past.
I see the fourth of March, and then the rest of the days of that month, one after the other.
Now the days and the months are passing by much faster.
Nothing is happening, nothing at all.
I still see your husband beside you, looking healthy.
November goes by too and now it’s one year past the day when you were supposed to become a widow, but I see this hasn’t happened yet.
The film is being wound up, ma’am. My leader tells me that this is enough.
It’s all over.
I don’t see any more, and you can be happy again.’
But the lady didn’t know what to make of it.
She had hardly written anything down, merely the eighth of February.
She looked at André but said nothing, and he felt that she didn’t believe him.
Here he stood, one against four, and whom was she to believe?
From her point of view the others might be right, and that is what she seemed to be convinced of.
The situation became intolerable for him and Alcar said: ‘Put a stop to it, my boy.
It’s useless to her, and much as we may see, it’s of no help to us.’
‘Listen, madam, think what you like, and accept whatever you want, but please do me one favour: write everything to me, whatever happens to your husband.
It’s very important to me to know who saw correctly.’
‘I promise.’
‘Then I’ll tell you what happened.
What the other clairvoyants took over from you has nothing to do with clairvoyance.
Seeing correctly, ma’am, means conveying what we receive from our leaders.
We have to concentrate with all our might to receive accurately what our leaders link us up with.
You would have influenced me too, if my leader hadn’t warned me of your strong ability to concentrate, and I would have seen just as incorrectly.
What I have seen and told you, I take to be the truth.
I don’t get influenced easily, ma’am.
And why not?
Because I will never try to prove something by telepathy, in other words: by taking over someone’s thoughts.
As I said, this isn’t a question of seeing, it’s merely empathy.
A clairvoyant has to know for sure whether the impressions he receives stem from his leaders or from mortals.
We must be able to distinguish between the two, because this is where the danger lies.
Illnesses in particular oblige us to rule out telepathy completely and to check everything our leaders present us with.
We can’t allow ourselves to make mistakes.
Do you understand how dangerous this is?
If we don’t take precautions, our seeing becomes very hazardous for those who come to us for advice.
Don’t you see the danger now of the things those people told you?
Not yet, maybe, because you don’t believe me, but some day you will recall my words, everything I just told you.
Your lady friend has known me for a long time now, and she knows that I want to be humble and merely wish to serve as an instrument.
I’m not a zealot, ma’am.
My only concern is to help you, with all that’s in me.
Everything we see in a case like yours has to be spiritual.
This tells me that we need to be backed up by a leader, a spirit, in other words: one of our helpers who will give us everything and enable us to act.
I only tell you this because I rely on my leader. This means that everything he gave to you is true, because he always gives me the pure aspect of things.
But also because he never turns a blind eye to a person’s health. This is sacred to him.
I think it’s terrible that they caused you so much distress.
The clairvoyants who are to blame for that no longer know themselves exactly whether they are in pure contact with their guides, otherwise they would never have been able to tell you this.
An advanced spirit who is in the light will never convey such a tiding.
And even if it were true and the facts were reliable, still I would never have told you that you would soon become a widow.
And if these people dare to allege that this is what they saw, then they’re lying and they shut their leaders out.
We must never forget that we are instruments, and we must take care not to let our own thoughts forge ahead and become prominent.
This is a heavy task for mediums.
Every medium operates in combination with a spiritual doctor, but in this case he was ruled out.
When a clairvoyant doesn’t remain honest, I mean: when he can’t tell the difference between clairvoyance and telepathy, then everything is doomed to go wrong.
He will prove the very thing your mind is brimming over with.
Now do you understand, ma’am, how simple everything is?
If you hadn’t influenced these four people by your fear of losing your husband, they too would have given you messages of a different kind.
Your fear proved fatal to you.
The clairvoyants took over your thoughts and believed that they had seen correctly.
That’s what I had to watch out for.
Your thoughts could have side-tracked me. That is why I fend off any thoughts that are directed at me.
Do you understand what I mean, ma’am?’
‘Yes, I understand.’
‘I’ll tell you another wonderful example of proof which my leader gave me.
Some time ago – it was on a Saturday afternoon – a lady and gentleman came to see me, and the gentleman asked if I could tell him anything about his wife’s health.
In order to establish contact, I took her hand into both of mine, because it enables my leader to see, and he then passes this on to me.
We check this three times because we need to exclude any telepathic take-over of thoughts we’re often not aware of.
I got a message that she was deaf on her right ear, and at that moment everything went all quiet in my own right ear.
Then I saw her inside, which was followed by the third check. At this point my leader tells me whether I have seen and felt correctly.
We apply this check to ourselves, and when my leader tells me that it’s all right, then I can be sure that everything I saw is indeed correct.
So I told the lady that she was deaf on the right ear and she admitted that this was the case.
She thought it was wonderful, but this wasn’t all.
I had to help her, and I magnetized her ear for five minutes.
While I treated her, my leader showed me that the abscess in her ear would rupture on the Monday morning at a quarter to nine, and she would then be cured.
I told her this too, without doubting myself or my leader.
‘We’ll see whether it’ll come true’, I said.
The next day, it was Sunday, I kept on thinking about that lady.
I was tense, but I trusted my leader explicitly.
Monday came, and at a quarter past nine in the morning the phone rang and the husband told me that everything had taken place just as I had said and that his wife could hear again.
He thought this was wonderful and he was very happy that the prediction had come true.
These people certainly received a beautiful piece of proof, not only that my leader saw correctly but also the spontaneous method of healing.
Many doctors had tried their utmost, yet in vain, and now the illness had been taken from her within minutes.
Isn’t that marvellous?
Can you imagine that I would ever doubt what was conveyed to you, after the hundreds of times that I was allowed to present people with proof of my leaders’ skill and their ability?
No, ma’am.
I tell you this to give you a greater sense of security and faith in what you were told, because your peace of mind is at stake.
I think it’s irresponsible of the other clairvoyants to have informed you that your husband was to die.
It’s unforgivable that they dared to say: ‘Do you know that you will soon become a widow?’
Even if this were true, it’s still unnecessary to predict this months ahead.
I sense your fear and I completely understand your situation.
I can’t imagine that such a message could ever stem from the side beyond.
I don’t call this helping, it’s destruction.
It doesn’t say much in favour of their love for their fellow-men.
We received our gifts to support the people who come to us.
But instead of helping and supporting you, they caused you great anxiety, which would have gone on for another two long months.
Ma’am, please cast out that fear.
Believe me, what they predicted won’t come true.
Pray that God may grant you my conviction. Pray often, you can’t stand this much longer.
The prayer will console you and help you.
I can’t do anything more for you, and other pieces of proof can’t be given to you.’
André left, and when he got outside he felt relief because he saw his dear leader beside him who told him that he had spoken well.
‘You did your best, my boy, but I fear that our information cannot convince her.
But don’t worry, it will all come true in the way I showed you.
I’ll tell you why it will come true.
I knew in advance what it was all about.
Their thoughts reached me, and you know that I can pick them up.
I saw everything and made sure to contact my master immediately.
At the time I couldn’t mention this to you, but my master showed it to me.
Since this concerns something spiritual I was allowed to ask him.
Then I gave it to you and you gave it to her.
This is the great chain in which we are the links.
My master sees it and can present the truth.
My question and my thoughts travel as fast as lighting to those who know the answer, and then they rise up to God, as everything that is spiritual is given to us by His help.
Always be prepared to receive them.
Pray often for wisdom, truth and strength.
You see, these are bestowed on us because we asked for spiritual support, free from material interests.
Always ask for this in all humility.
A month passed by and André heard nothing.
The case kept troubling him.
December had passed; the fatal period during which the man would pass over had dawned.
Yet he still received no message.
He phoned the lady’s friend and got the reassuring answer that so far all was well.
She was beginning to doubt the fatal prediction and said that she had believed in his statement from the start.
January passed, and still he heard nothing.
On the eighth of February he called again, but nobody could tell him anything.
Finally, in March, he received a letter, saying:
‘Dear André.
Following up my promise of last autumn at Mrs. V’s home, I am writing this letter to let you know that you apparently saw correctly concerning my husband’s health condition.
He sleeps a lot, but apart from that there are no disconcerting symptoms.
If one of the clairvoyants was right in predicting the figure three, then this could mean in three years time.
You cannot write to me directly as my husband has of course no knowledge of my interview with you.
Yours sincerely,
Once again Alcar’s prediction had come true.
Why lose herself in phantasies which were neither here nor there?
Just because one of the clairvoyants had named the figure three, something was to happen ‘in three years time’!
There’s no use helping people who let their imagination get the better of them.
At the start of his spiritual development Alcar had told him: ‘You will see what I will let you see,’ which proves that a medium cannot do anything by himself.
The great trust which a medium puts in his leader, the will to serve merely as an instrument, will preserve him from errors and incorrect messages.
Those who possess the gift of healing should especially be on their guard, as they may get involved in a person’s death.
These mediums carry a heavy responsibility.
Alcar told André: ‘Simplicity is the driving force behind this great gift.
And what is more: Truth comes first.
Don’t use telepathy to convince people by means of their own thoughts.
This is the great danger of seeing.
And don’t become vain; you would be lost in a very short time, no matter how great your gift might be, as you would then be unable to make a clear distinction between your own thoughts and the things which I give you.
Without my help it’s impossible for you to see a thought in light.
Be careful when you’re confronted with important issues, because people’s lives may be at stake.
Listen to us, that’s the main thing for all those who possess this gift.’
Once he was called over to a boy of eight years old, and after he had paid several visits, Alcar told him that further help was not permitted.
He didn’t listen and he thought: ‘Why shouldn’t I be allowed to go on helping him?
The child is making progress, isn’t he?’
When he ignored the warning voice and went to see the boy again, Alcar said: ‘You must listen, André.
You acted as if you hadn’t heard me, but you will do nothing outside of my will.
This child will pass on, and I’m withdrawing you to save you all the unpleasantness.
There’s a doctor attending to the boy and that’s enough.
There’s nothing more we can do, our work is finished here.
Let this be a lesson to you and do everything as I want it to be, no matter how strange it may seem to you.
I see through everything and I always have a purpose in mind.’
Two weeks later the little boy passed on, and Alcar said: ‘You see, my son, it proved correct.
We on our side see through everything.
Implicit trust will make you strengthen the link which joins us both, and one day it will grow to be a link of love.
You will then work as I want you to, and no matter how dangerous a situation may seem, I’ll be able to help you.
Stay simple, it will benefit your development.
And never forget that you’re an instrument, just like all those others who possess this gift.
Everyone must fight his own battle and find his own way.
Not only in his deeds but in his thoughts too.
I’ll tell you something about this.
This holds for everybody, because for some that way is the path to darkness, and for others it is the way which lead to God’s Light along many twists.
I already told you many times and often explained how difficult that path can be for you.
You inhabitants of the earth, who have work to accomplish, you who seek the path towards the light and bear within you the holy will to do good, I tell you from this side that you still often stray and grope around, and that your tracks are still full of twistings and turnings.
But what will the path be like for those who do not search for the great light?
Aren’t they to be pitied.
There are many who lose their way and search.
I don’t mean this as a reproach, because we on our side know that you will wander and must wander.
But once you have reached the road to the Light you will be one of us and you will be done with earthly life.
These detours aren’t wilful journeys along wrong tracks.
No, it’s more the thoughts that stray from the right road.
Nobody will stop you from thinking what you want to.
Your thoughts may be sent in a wrong direction, and you’re astray, often unwittingly.
But when they take the right direction, you will be happy and you’ll make it easy for us to reach you.
Are human thoughts always good?
Isn’t there a streak of evil, of badness in all of you?
And when you think up that kind of an image and send it off, doesn’t that divert you from the brightly lit way that could lead you towards the good?
Is it so strange that I must speak in this way?
Am I not doing this to help, so that you may continue on the right track and that pure thoughts may inspire you to keep on giving yourself for the sake of good?
Is it cruel then, when I tell everyone that they stray, in spite of their good intentions to follow the road to the Light?
If you, who aim at the things on high, find it so difficult to attune to us, to become one with us, then think how much more trouble it takes to follow the road to the Light.
And how infinitely difficult it must be for those who don’t cherish that heartfelt wish to travel the road to heaven.
We, the inhabitants of the spirit world, call out to you: All of you who live on earth, be careful, not only in your deeds but also in your thoughts.
Because the thoughts you send forth are as large as clouds, and your evil thoughts in particular are like black masses rolling past and across your planet.
They’re intransparent and they feel cold, clammy and dirty.
It scares you people to get caught up in such a black cloud.
When you see these dark masses you’re scared stiff.
When this gets really through to you, your first thoughts will be: How could I think like that?
And you really need to ask this question.
It will make luminous thoughts cover the black clouds and their glow will light them up.
That’s the good quality you bear within, which is attuned to the spiritual.
Your pure thoughts will shed their radiance on the dark ones and will light up all that darkness, but some of those dark thoughts keep on appearing out of that blackness until the Light, the Light of goodness, has erased that too.
Such evil thoughts can throng around other ones like black clouds, and destroy them .
But fortunately there are glittering rays too, that travel upwards to God from the bottom of one’s heart.
And aren’t there thousands of intermediary hues between those blue, white and golden rays?
When a dark cloud is lit up by these sacred colours, this Light of goodness, you will once again have passed a twist in the winding road, and you will continue full of courage.
Gradually the dark thoughts will all yield to goodness.
This is your battle to find the things on high.
And although you often think that you possess the Light, still I tell you from this side: you stray and you seek again and again.
Never forget this, my son, because it is not good that black thoughts are around. I am not only referring to thoughts that are unclean and bad in your eyes, I also mean those that are proud, vain and erroneous.
The thoughts of the little godman.
The urge for sensation, the urge to be something you are not.
All these thoughts, which are just as dark, must never appear in your aura.
Dark, evil thoughts can cause endless disaster.
Always remember that, all of you who must take yourself in hand, who must learn to know yourself, and do not forget that it was precisely such evil thoughts that closed in upon the One, that crucified the One, that great Figure, that simple Human being for Whom we must bow down in humility.
All those dark clouds gathered together above the head of God’s Son.
But after they had crucified Him, that black mass of clouds tore apart above Golgotha and God’s Holy Light appeared in the skies.
Oh, son of man, if darkness prevails within you, then fold your hands and remember how difficult it will be to find the way to God in this darkness.
Fold your hands, bow your head, thank Him for His gifts, pray that He may show you the way through the dark clouds towards the Light, and that you may radiate this Light during your earthly life, because the world needs it badly.
We too will help you in everything, never forget that.
And when you are alight inside, you must beg God to let that light shine within you forever.
May God grant that these words, which come from the deepest depths of my soul, give you the strength to always choose to do the things on high.
Ask Him to let that blue, that white and that golden Light always shine within your soul, so that it may also light up others who come to you, and that it may bring them closer to God’s Eternal Holy Light.
My dear boy, when you’re alone, completely on your own, and you humbly bow your head, then ask yourself if you spread more light each day than darkness.
But also say that you wish to rise spiritually, tell this to yourself in all honesty.
Really feel this and then say: ‘Today I was better than yesterday.’
Beg God for help and say that tomorrow you want to be better than today.
Don’t glorify yourself, but don’t underestimate yourself either.
Our Father knows everything, He sees and understands everything.
And when you address us with spiritual questions, we can direct ourselves upward towards our masters so that we may receive the truth through them and pass it on.
Mediums, use your gifts in love for God.
Your help, your strength and your love will help the world onwards, spirituality will keep on spreading, and humanity will be led onto the road to the Light.’