Can a mother be clairvoyant?

They glided along for quite a time.
André thought of all the things his leader had shown him up to now.
He had a lot to absorb.
How little the people on earth knew about this.
Nobody sensed anything of them, when they passed on in this manner.
And yet they were there.
The life that existed between heaven and earth was tremendous.
And there was love in everything.
This life was nothing but love.
How mighty God was, to know all these attunements.
No child was ever lost.
God governed everything, knew the attunement of every soul.
Help was present for every being.
Sisters and brothers of love, they came to fetch them.
Everything he got to know on this side was love.
How pathetic earthly man was, compared to those who lived on this side.
What was earthly scholarship compared to the significance of God?
What does wealth on earth mean, in comparison to this wisdom?
How great this life was.
He sensed the tremendous gap which man had to bridge.
Everything possessed depth.
That gap was their sorrow, their grief and their pain, it meant nothing but misery; this is what man had to overcome.
No being could escape.
It was the attunement to a higher life which would bring happiness the day they passed on.
It was love which one could learn from all this, merely love.
One had to possess love, otherwise one dwelt in deep darkness.
Wasn’t this difficult?
Wasn’t it a struggle?
Didn’t it mean misery, suffering and grief?
He sensed how terrible it would be for many, but they refused to advance, even if their earthly life were to last a hundred years.
But it had to be, nobody could run away from it.
Man should show tenderness, like a spiritual wind, like life itself.
This is what man ought to learn on earth.
Here love was the prevailing power, nothing but happiness, eternal happiness, forever.
Sitting beside him was one who possessed love.
Great was the power he possessed.
Yet they were still so far apart.
How long would it take before he had progressed as far?
Again and again he had to experience this.
And yet he called him his son, his brother.
He called himself a child of love.
And how big was he compared to him?
His mind reeled when he thought of his greatness.
It would take him a lot of struggle to get that far.
Yet he wanted to follow the road he had taken.
Now Alcar was showing him that this was the only road man should travel.
Learning to give love, that was the road.
How simple it was, and yet – how terribly difficult.
One should love one’s enemies.
He considered himself still so puny, so very small!
Alcar was like a father to him.
And in his heart he thanked his leader for all the beauty he was allowed to experience.
Alcar laid his hand on his shoulder, looked at him and said: ‘If my son continues in this way and keeps on treading our path, his love will continue to grow for the benefit of mankind.
Once more we are on a spot I chose to be at, and again I want to show you a few things.
Look, here in this house people are born.
Man begins his earthly life from here, and from many other places.
Often little ones pass on and return to the place from where they came.
By this I mean the life that returns to God.
It’s terrible for the mother to have to lose her child.
But when she knows God’s intention she will submit everything.
In this condition of disembodiment I want to show you that everything is God’s will, but also how sacred this happening is; only few can understand this.
Then I want to show you that a mother can be clairvoyant, but above all that she can acquire this enhanced happiness and possess it.
Come on André, we’ll enter without being asked.
This is only possible to the spirit.’
They entered a large hall where André saw lots of mothers gathered together.
‘Look my son, some of them are in possession of their motherly happiness, others are about to receive it, or are in a state of grief and sorrow.
We will sit down here.
In the spheres we very often feel the piercing sorrow which a mother conveys to her lost child.
‘Is that necessary’, she asks.
‘Why does God take away my possession, while others don’t want theirs?
Why hurt me in the deepest depths of my soul?
How can God tolerate this?
After all, I love my child!
Oh, God, give me back my child.
I so much want to keep it.’
Yet the little ones pass on.
Then they think that God is cruel and that He isn’t a Father of Love, and they wonder how God can be so severe.
All these pleas reach us because the sorrow and the grief, just as much as the love of the bereaved ones, reach us.
In their eyes God then seems terribly cold-hearted and He isn’t understood.
We know the deep sorrow they suffer, and then to have to return home with empty hands.
Their sorrow is deep, too deep to put into words.
I have witnessed terrible scenes during my tour on earth.
Mothers, spiritually and physically broken who had no more courage to go on living, no strength to bear their deep sorrow which God placed on their shoulders.
Struck blind by this sudden happening, all their hope and happiness destroyed.
All their plans torn to pieces, their love, their trust and faith changed into hatred.
How can God torment a person in this way?
Is that a Father of Love?
They rise up in revolt like never before.
To those I call out: ‘Man, do not forget yourself.
Be aware of the things you say, think and feel.
If God takes your love away from you, it means that you will learn, however difficult that may be.
The struggle which is imposed on you can be borne, as God burdens you in accordance with your strength.
We know that this is necessary and that God is a Father of Love for all His children.
Man, accept, because your little ones are alive.
They live on this side and are raised and are lovingly taken care of.
One day they will come to meet you in radiant beauty.’
‘Soon, my son, I will show you angelic spheres where the little ones of the earth live.
I will now try to explain to you how great the happiness is which the mother receives.
And also how the mother can become clairvoyant due to this happening.
But above all how she can acquire this enhanced condition, which means nothing but spiritual development.
The mother who expects the birth of her child with love is truth, others cannot be reached.
Science on earth is investigating whether a mother can be clairvoyant, something we have already established.
However, they are unable to determine the corresponding spiritual condition because they lack the necessary feeling.
We know that a spirit can link up with a spirit.
This feeling becomes attuned to feeling, which means love.
When the mother is expectant, a link has been established with another being, a separate force of feeling.
Is that clear to you?
This link lasts for nine months.
So she’s in a state of enhanced spiritual power due to the being she is carrying.
I will shortly come back to this.
When the child is born the mother feels that something is taken away from her; she can’t determine what it is, she can’t put it into words.
But we know of this, and we know what is being taken away from her.
Many believe that the birth of a child, the strange thing they miss, is their own force of feeling.
But it has a different meaning, it’s the enhanced force of feeling which was within her all the time she was connected with her child.
So it was the force of feeling of the being, which made her sense this feeling.
Do you understand what I mean?
It’s the happiness, the great spiritual power of the being.
When this power within her finds attunement in the spirit, the mother reaches an enhanced condition which may enable her to be clairvoyant.
So the extent of clairvoyance is attained by her own power, and that of the being she bears.
She can acquire this enhanced power which she has sensed all the time, but this power, the Divine gift, is lost in many cases.
This happens because the mother keeps her concentration focussed on the being that is being born, and thereby returns into her own attunement.
The mother who possesses a spiritual attunement may become capable of a certain degree of clairvoyance through the power of the child she is bearing.
But this condition also encompasses different kinds of attunement.
These are attunements of life in the spirit, and this stands for the power of the being.
Some mothers live in an earthly fashion, others may be very sensitive and will find attunement to direct mediumship.
And it depends on all these powers of feeling whether the mother possesses this degree.
Now for the spiritual power of the child.
If the inner attunement of the being that is born is spiritual, then mother and child will form a link and attune to each other’s power of feeling.
So what the mother misses after childbirth is the enhanced feeling she was aware of when she was connected.
And she will be able to acquire this power of feeling, the most sacred aspect in this great happening.
We know what the feeling of love means, and that feeling can make a person see; it means that while she is connected, the mother possesses an enhanced love which she received due to this event.
Now I will return to the force of feeling of the being.
So I want to prove that the mother who understands this great miracle and can sense the link with another being, can acquire this love within this short period of time, whereas another life may need years of struggle.
If they focus on their inner condition, they know that God alone can bestow this on the mother.
Do you sense what I mean, André?’
‘If I understand you correctly, Alcar, a mother changes during the time she is one with the child, which is love and which causes her to become a different being.’
‘Very good, my son.
It will, above all, be advisable for her to continue to live in their initial condition of feeling.
This event enables the mother to develop her love.
As I just said, another being needs years of struggle to achieve this whereas the mother is a blessed being, whom this sacred happening may rouse.
And this is what I am concerned about.
Even more so than clairvoyance.
Motherhood is the most sacred thing which God can grant a woman on earth.
Many mothers soon feel released from this oneness and go on living their life as they did before.
In that case everything was experienced subconsciously.
Therefore only one mother amongst thousands will understand this great and sacred happening of motherhood.
There are mothers on this side who only now realize what a mercy God granted them on earth.
But as their lives were material and they knew nothing of an eternal life, they fell back into their previous lives from which they awakened after much sorrow, strife and grief, although they could have acquired this in a short time.
Only here did the mothers understand the miraculous power of this material happening.
Only on this side does man sense and see that many situations were experienced materially.
Here man awakens, but then it’s too late, it has to happen on earth.
Here all the past suffering is understood.
But first they have a path to tread through darkness and coldness if they want to be able to enter the spheres of light.
There are those who acquire this love and they sense the great importance of this happening and live in submission and accept what God gives them to bear.
All the others attune to the being, to the possession of their child.
And when this possession is taken from them we hear and sense their pleas and then they think God is severe, cold-hearted and cruel.
They don’t realize that it is all to their own benefit, to attain a deeper insight.
Yet another situation.
When a link has been made, the mother will remain connected with her child forever, and she will see it again in the spheres when she too passes on.
Her child grows up, as I already told you, and will approach the mother in radiant beauty.
Now for an experiment, André, to make all this even clearer to you.
There are many beings gathered here, and she over there possesses this enhanced spiritual power.
We will now link up with her.
Now focus your powers of concentration on her.’
André tried to link up with the mother.
He slowly felt an enormous happiness overwhelming him.
It was a mild feeling of longing for the unknown being that lived within her.
He felt one enormous power of love surging up within him, which could be compared to the power he had felt in Summerland.
There he had been allowed to feel and experience that same peace.
He looked at his leader who was smiling.
‘Wonderful, André.
I linked up with you and I know what you felt.
She is temporarily attuned to Summerland.
So while she is waiting, she lives in an enhanced sphere.
I hope that everything is clear to you now.
Yet another situation, André.
Should this mother now pass on, together with her child, she would first of all not see her child and second, she could not enter Summerland.
For the following reason.
It’s the spiritual power of the being which she is carrying that brings on her this enhanced attunement.
But when the child is born, she returns to her own condition.
Now the child, that has not seen the light of the earth and hasn’t lived in matter, is an angel in the spirit and therefore has a different, a higher attunement than the mother.
And now that we know that a person must possess attunement in the spirit, it will be clear that the mother will enter a different sphere than the child.
Is everything clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand all of it.’
‘I will tell you more about these conditions when we’re in the spheres.
Will the earthly mother accept all this?
This is the truth on our side.
We know no other.
Many are clairvoyant, many understand the grace of God, yet there are few who are roused by this sacred happening.
They sleep their deep spiritual sleep from which they cannot be awakened.’