Psychic powers

What André experienced in this condition was not only wondrous, it also made him familiar with the psychic powers on the side beyond.
One evening he was visited by a doctor who came to call in his help.
A member of the family, who was temporarily in medical care, had quietly left the institute, and he was very worried about it.
He had brought along a passport as an ‘influence’, which André was to use to try to find her.
He prepared himself and waited to see what would happen.
Shortly afterwards he felt Alcar releasing him from his physical body and he heard his leader speak to him.
‘Pay attention, my son, to everything I will show you in this condition.
We experience now a similar condition as the one when we found the man who took his own life. However, in this condition you will experience how you can perceive at great distance while you remain linked up with your physical body and can convey the things you perceive to your physical body.
I told you about it when I explained the event that had to do with Frances.
This is a very mighty happening, André, which the scholar will neither feel, see nor hear, in spite of his presence, for the simple reason that he isn’t familiar with these laws.
I therefore request your full attention and concentration on your own condition.
I will remain in my own attunement, so that nothing will distract you.
You will experience something beautiful, which will only be visible and audible to you, because, as a disembodied spirit, you will be leading a spiritual life.
At the moment, you feel released from your material garment and you can perceive on this side.
But not only do you see; although you have now left your physical body, you are nonetheless capable of using your vocal organs to speak.
And this way of speaking is very wondrous.’
André looked at the spot where he heard his leader speaking from, and wondered how this could be possible.
The power that governed the human body had, at this moment, disembodied.
Had he understood Alcar clearly enough?
He immediately heard his leader.
‘I have spoken very clearly, my boy, I’m dead serious about this, no matter how incredible this may seem to you.
Concentrate on your vocal organs and try to tell him something.’
André wanted to talk but he couldn’t utter a word.
Thousands of thoughts swirled through his mind.
After all, he was out of his body; matter was on its own, and the spiritual body ruled matter.
Again he heard Alcar speak: ‘Are you still in doubt, André?
Didn’t I clearly tell you that this would seem wondrous to you too?
Try to concentrate.’
André was thinking what he would tell the doctor.
‘Listen’, he began, but the word ‘listen’ gave him such a start that he completely forgot to go on talking.
How wondrous it was; he heard his own body talking while he was standing next to his physical body.
Its mental power had abandoned it, yet could talk outside the physical body.
His voice, the sound he produced, was slightly softer, yet clearly understandable.
He sensed that the doctor heard no difference in tone.
At the word ‘listen’, which he had caught, the doctor asked: ‘Can you already see something?’
André understood every word he uttered and promptly continued.
His thoughts were now focussed on one point and he replied: ‘I already see a connection’.
The doctor immediately interrupted: ‘For heaven’s sake try to find something out about her.
Exert all your powers, you would be doing me an enormous favour.’
It went smoothly this time, and André continued by saying that he would do his best to get to know something about her.
He was extremely happy to be allowed to experience this miracle.
What a power of wisdom he was learning, how great spiritual forces are.
There in front of him he saw his physical body resting, and his spiritual body was carrying on a conversation with matter, it had control over the physical body through concentration and strong will power.
Now he heard Alcar say: ‘We’ll carry out a different experiment, André.
I will now explain to you how we act upon the physical human being and how we can reach him.
Try to act upon him by linking up with him, and make him say a few words.’
André did what Alcar wanted of him and made him ask whether he could already see something.
Deep within he was accurately tuned in to him.
He felt as if they were becoming one, and he sensed how his own power got the upper hand, so that the doctor repeated: ‘Can you already see something?’
The scholar was now subject to his will without being aware of it.
Alcar said:
‘You’re now seeing and experiencing how we reach the human being from this side.
But if you ask him something relating to himself, he will refuse.
Is that clear to you?’
But André didn’t understand, and Alcar then told him: ‘It will become clear to you shortly; act now!
Ask him to make a gesture which could jar your physical body.’
Suddenly he understood what his leader meant.
He focussed his attention and wanted him to ask whether he, André, already saw something, and at the same time he should touch him.
Again the doctor asked, can you already see something, but refused to comply with his other request.
He felt entirely ineffective; apparently, his powers were inadequate.
Strange, he thought, after all, I’m merely asking him a clear and simple question.
He tried it again but observed how he definitively refused.
He couldn’t be reached.
‘Is this clear to you, or do I have to solve it for you?
He senses that if he were to respond to your request, he would disturb your condition.
He has the power - which amounts to spiritual possession - to wait.
It is certainly true that someone with a different attunement than his would have acted differently.
The spiritual body is the sensitivity body, isn’t it, and now that we know that feeling is love, his refusal is an attunement of love in the spirit.
So every deed or thought finds its attunement to love, it’s either material or spiritual, it’s a condition which depicts the human being.
This is how one recognizes the human being, in other words: we recognize the attunement of the life that dwell within the physical body.
However, this also encompasses various other attunements, which I will explain to you.
In this way I want to show that his deed isn’t in spiritual attunement yet, as the matter is of interest to him and it may therefore be self-love.
Make him ask whether you already see something and he will do so.’
André complied and the doctor literally put the question André wanted him to ask.
‘You could now ask him many other questions, which would enable you to get to know him and sense the condition of his power of love in the spirit, but there’s no time for that now.
However, this contains the power of feeling of the being, which shows up through this event.
The more a human being develops, the more refined his feeling becomes and he tunes in to the spirit in accordance with the love he possesses.
So his inner condition protects him against performing some unbefitting deed or other.
Love, we already discussed this, is a psychic law and can be Divine.
Talking at long-distance by a medium is in research, but science will have to accept this through the proof given to them from our side, or the sientists also must disembody.
But a scientist doesn’t lend himself to this knowlegde, and he cannot open up as an instrument does, because his own studies are a hindrance to him and this truth cannot be scientifically determined.
You have now experienced that speaking is possible, and you will soon be able to do this from afar too; you will notice that when we possess the appropriate powers, distance no longer exists in the life of the spirit.
Now direct all your concentration at her, and although you’re a long way away from your body, you will still have the power to make it act according to your will.’
They moved away as fast as a thought.
André found himself at a country house he didn’t know.
It was a large building, and he walked around it.
There was a garden to the front and the back and these were enclosed by a high wall.
Could this be the institute where she was being nursed?
He heard his leader, who told him that he had sensed correctly.
André understood that his investigation was to start here.
He immediately heard: ‘Exactly, my boy, this is where your work begins.’
Again a miracle occurred.
If he hadn’t experienced it himself, this would have seemed incredible to him too.
Alcar told him to inform the doctor what he perceived.
André wanted to talk, but he couldn’t.
Unwittingly, he doubted again, because it seemed such a miracle to him.
‘Isn’t my son convinced yet?
I respect your sense for self-preservation, but in the spirit this means breaking down your concentration.
Come on, André, tell him what you see.’
Now the most unbelievable thing happened.
Very cautiously and deliberately he uttered the first words and said:
‘I’m standing in a neighbourhood which is unknown to me.’
‘Oh really?’ he heard the doctor ask, and at that moment he saw himself sitting in his room and heard himself talking to the doctor.
He followed the conversation and told the doctor that he would explain the situation to him to determine whether he was on the right track.
The doctor immediately replied: ‘This is correct, you’re on the spot where she was being nursed.’
This was miraculous, as the doctor hadn’t told him anything beforehand.
André trembled with excitement.
How great this moment was.
Now he was getting to know powers of a different kind, which to him meant still more wisdom in the spirit.
When he had reached one of the corners of the garden, he felt an urge to climb over the wall, which he did. On the other side he found his way blocked by a broad moat.
What now, should he go through?
He concentrated on her and clearly sensed how she had gone through the water to reach the other side.
He uttered his findings, sent them to the doctor, and he heard him say: ‘Terrible, that poor woman.’
André gathered that his visitor understood that she had experienced the things he now felt and saw.
‘Is she still alive?’ he added.
André replied: ‘I can’t tell you yet for certain, I’m only at the start of my investigation.’
However, he sensed how sad the doctor felt about her and what a hard time he was having.
But to him this was a spectacular event in his life.
He stepped into the moat and felt himself submerging; it took him quite an effort to recover his footing and reach the other side.
What a situation for this young woman to be in!
He followed her in everything and experienced what she had gone through.
Once he had got to the other side he was overcome by feelings of fear, which made him realize that she too had been afraid, certainly of being caught.
He conveyed to the doctor that she wasn’t in the water, to which he replied: ‘Thank goodness that it didn’t come to that.’
André followed her route and roamed through fields and meadows, from which he gathered that she wanted to remain untraceable.
Her thoughts were accurately focussed on her own situation.
She made no mistakes. He sensed that he would be able to cure her, because he felt and saw the nervous disorder.
He saw her illness clearly exposed within himself, which enabled him to determine where her concentration had weakened.
He was deeply linked up with her.
She kept on going, aimlessly; she passed through a little village which he recognized, so that he managed to get his bearings.
Now he knew where he was.
For a short spell he felt a certain hesitation creeping up; he understood that for a moment she had considered turning back.
The road led to the village of K., and then along the beach towards Sch.
Again he heard the doctor asking: ‘Is she still alive?’
André said he didn’t know yet, but that everything would soon be cleared up.
Somewhere between K. and Sch. she sat down in the dunes to rest.
He clearly felt that she had spent quite some time on that spot, and that she had finally got up to continue on her way.
In Sch. she walked on to the pier; here André found no further trace of her and he sensed that the link had been broken.
The doctor asked him whether he still perceived anything.
He told him to have a little patience because from where he was, the connection with her had come to a halt.
Where had she gone to?
But now he heard his leader, who told him to wait, as he was going to look for her.
André waited.
Now Alcar would solve the mystery.
It didn’t take long before he heard Alcar telling him to listen.
‘On this spot she wanted to take her own life, which onlookers prevented her from doing.
She was taken to an institute nearby, where she is being looked after at the moment.
She’s alive, André!
Tell him to return home, as he will receive news tomorrow morning.
He mustn’t do anything, just quietly wait until tomorrow.
Again, she’s alive.’
André woke up and told him what his leader had instructed him to do.
The doctor was very happy and content and trusted him completely.
André had been disembodied for three-quarters of an hour, and for the second time he experienced how his body had taken over the changes in temperature, which had resulted in a cold.
It was very strange and the doctor thought it was amazing.
But to André this wasn’t strange anymore, as he had already experienced this before.
The doctor left and would return as soon as possible after he had received a message from her.
The next afternoon at one o’clock the doctor came to visit him.
He arrived in a very joyous mood.
‘I’ve got good news’, he began, ‘and I’ve come to congratulate you with your marvellous observation.
It’s truly miraculous what you achieved.
Early this morning we already received a message, and I can assure you that everything literally matches the facts; it literally agrees with what you perceived.
Nothing, nothing at all was amiss.
It’s a mystery to me, and I want to report this.
This is real clairvoyance.
I am very happy to have witnessed this and we are also very happy that she’s alive and back.’
André wanted to tell him that he had determined all this through disembodiment, but he suddenly felt that he should stop if he didn’t want to spoil the doctor’s feelings of beauty for all this.
The most beautiful of all, the spiritual truth, was too profound for an earthly human being, and for this scholar too.
This was beyond people’s potentials; they didn’t look through matter, they couldn’t sense it.
What they saw was merely the shadow of their ego; their senses obstructed their spirit.
It was beautiful, yes, very interesting indeed, but one shouldn’t overdo it.
The patient was being looked after in the Ramaer clinic.
After a few weeks she came to visit him with her husband.
She thought his seeing was marvellous and couldn’t stop talking about the way he had been able to determine all her thoughts and deeds.
She would like to be treated by him.
André treated her with love, but after a few visits she stopped coming.
Didn’t she believe in it?
He didn’t know, but it hurt him for the sake of one special being.
He who had changed their sorrow into a happy reunion was no longer required to give his help.
But now Alcar showed him a mighty and profound scene.
In his mind’s eye he saw dark clouds passing by, saw a human being on the cross; these were wordless images, and he understood.
‘Let them be’, Alcar said.
‘You see, my son, how great psychic power can be.
I ask science: ‘Doesn’t this mean anything to you?’
I merely ask you one thing: ‘If everything is true and proven, then can’t you accept our wisdom?
The things my instrument experienced, don’t they convey the truth?
I prove to you in this way that life after death is a reality and that the spiritual body is the eternal body that goes on living.
I don’t want to deprive you of your science, we only wish to prove one thing, this beautiful, this sacred truth that we live in happiness and in a spirit of love, forever, eternally.
And you also bear all these powers within, if you are willing to develop your love in the spirit.
Accept this, it will support you too in your studies and in your earthly life.
Bow your head before Him Who is our common Father, from Whom we receive the mercy to be led to Him.
Because what does it mean to be learned on earth and to be poor in the spirit?’
Alcar also let him determine the following condition through disembodiment.
André was visited by a gentleman who came to call in his help on behalf of his friend who had been missing for ten days already.
Neither radio nor police messages had produced any results, and his parents were very worried.
This concerned a young man aged thirty.
As usual he had left his home in the morning to go to work but hadn’t returned.
His visitor had brought a photo.
André took it in his hands and soon sensed a link.
Before Alcar released him he said: ‘Tell him not to ask you anything, but to wait until you yourself start to speak.’
After he had passed on this message he felt himself being released from his physical body and then transferred to a faraway place.
Alcar made it clear to him that the things he would now perceive had already happened and belonged to the past.
He saw the man in a car, with a lady beside him, driving towards Belgium.
He was very overstrained and André wanted to know why he had got into this condition.
He clearly felt the man’s inner condition.
Something nagged at his heart, he felt restless.
He concentrated intensely and saw something very strange.
His power of feeling linked him up with another girl, who lived in the town he was from.
André saw her very clearly and understood his restlessness as well as the entire situation.
He saw other images too, but he didn’t want to go into those matters.
The man was aware of everything and knew that he was doing wrong.
What did he want, and where was his path leading to?
Again he concentrated, and he read in the man’s innermost self what he wanted and where he was going.
His entire soul was as open to him as a book.
It gave him a clear image that the spirits could link up with earthly man without him feeling, hearing, or seeing anything of this.
He linked up in the silence and the peace which the spirit possesses.
It was also clear to him that a human being would have to be very sensitive in order to feel the spiritual impact.
He thought it was most amazing to be able to experience all this.
The young man was causing unpleasant circumstances for himself and for others, and these were steadily getting worse.
Whatever could have got into him to leave his parents behind in such anxiety?
Could this be called love of a child towards his parents?
They were in terrible anguish because of him.
It was all self-love, nothing but crude selfishness.
He lived his own life, while two old people were at their wits’ end because of their boy.
André felt that he was under the influence of the lady.
He believed that he loved, but his love remained unanswered.
He fathomed her too; it was all merely sensation. His happiness wouldn’t last long; it would come tumbling down like a house of cards.
It was the kind of love that ruined mankind, that tore hearts apart and shredded souls.
He felt nothing but misery, deep human misery surging up inside of him.
For the man, this was a lesson in the school of life, which he had to learn, and which would make him develop.
If only he could warn him, but this was ruled-out.
Far, very far he saw the road he had to follow.
Through Belgium, towards Germany he followed him.
There too he saw and felt what the man planned to do.
This was where he wanted to try his luck with her and set up a business.
André also sensed that they wouldn’t stay here either, but now he was faced with a mystery.
Up to this point, he had been able to follow and sense everything.
What now?
I can see him, but he isn’t staying here.
Had he accomplished his mission?
Would he be returning to his body?
Once again he heard his dear Alcar, who told him to listen.
‘What you have perceived belongs to the past, but the next you’ll see is the future.
Is that clear to you?’
André understood.
Alcar led him back to Belgium, to the town of Antw.
‘What he didn’t manage in Germany, he wants to try here.
He will remain here for half a year, and only then will he return to his parents.
This can’t be changed in any way, because he has gone in hiding and doesn’t want to return.
No matter how they try, they won’t find him any sooner.
Again, terrible though this will prove to be for the parents, nothing can be done about it.’
André thought it was very mean of the man to leave his parents behind in this uncertainty.
What kind of a mentality was this?
It was all passion, nothing but self-love and hallucinations.
He loved someone, but he crushed his parents’ love.
How cruel this situation was for those poor people; he had wounded their hearts until they bled.
He returned to his physical body and told his visitor what he had perceived.
He told him everything, so that if they were to receive a message this could be checked.
The man thought it was terrible and he was very downcast by his friend’s conduct.
Poor old people, how could a child ever forget himself in this way?
What had got into him?
How deep the grief and the sorrow is of those who wait with silent hope.
His visitor was speechless.
This was too awful, it was incredible.
André said: ‘That’s all I can give you; it’s a sad message, because this is the kind of sorrow that will nag at their hearts.
May God give them the strength to be able to stand up to this.’
His visitor left with the promise to return if he heard anything from him.
After five months he returned to give him the news.
‘I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how great the parents’ sorrow was.
After I left you, I carefully took down everything you had told me about him.
Then I went to visit his parents and told them that he was still alive.
But after a few days that bit of strength had been eaten up too and there was nothing left to help them.
I spoke to them and I still don’t know where I got my conviction from.
I never doubted you.
Otherwise Alcar wouldn’t have given it to you.
After I had read your first book I trusted your leader and his spiritual help; I’m glad now that my confidence proved justified.
It was a terrible time for them.
Months passed by.
We placed advertisements in Belgian newspapers, but to no effect. There wasn’t a trace to be found of him.
Slowly but surely they lost hope of ever seeing him back again alive.
It was unbearable for them.
Various possibilities were put forward, but they were all rejected again.
Then they thought: maybe he had been detained in Germany; many people are locked away over there without anybody knowing.
Maybe he was dead after all?
Perhaps that man won’t tell us.
Finally they gave up hope.
Yet I felt that a little spark of hope remained, from which they drew strength to go on living.
Not all the things you saw were lost; they hung on to that last straw.
To me it will be a support for the rest of my life to know that if you have a good connection, you will receive the truth.
And now their sorrow belongs to the past.
Their happiness is indescribable and their first thoughts went out to you.
When I told my friend everything after he had returned, he thought it was very astounding.
It was just as if you had experienced this yourself.
Thank your leader Alcar in his parents’ name; they asked me to tell you this.’
The man left.
André was happy that this had all come true too.
He learnt from this experience that those on the side beyond know more than we do, even if people think they are dead.
How different everything is when we know that they are still alive and that they can help and support us humans.
André continues, in order to convince mankind.