Geniuses of evil (2)

‘How terrible these people are, Alcar!’
André suddenly felt himself subsiding, the impact had been too much for him.
He didn’t know how long he had been unconscious, but when he awoke he looked into the dear eyes of his leader, who had put his arms around him.
They were in a different sphere, surrounded by flowers and nature, just as the higher spheres were.
Yet not a word was spoken, and André thought of all the atrocities he had set eyes on.
He felt haunted by a multitude of thoughts.
It had been too much for him; an earthly human being who still dwelt in matter couldn’t digest this.
He hadn’t expected anything like this, he had never seen passion acted out in such a loathsome manner.
Terrible beings, and yet they were God’s children.
Deep within they too bore the Divine core of all life.
He saw himself back in that building and all the scenes once again passed by before his mind’s eye.
How far were they all away from the normal human condition and attunement?
How black were their souls; no angel of light could help them.
Their thoughts were diabolical.
Mothers were together with other mothers, and children with other children.
They all lived one life, mother and child were unhappy.
They had all turned into animals; lechery and passion, that was their love.
They had transgressed the animal level.
They were human hyenas, who used their intelligence for the sake of violence and vice.
They followed the one who was the ruler of darkness and showed them the way.
They had all lived on earth once and were enviable beings.
They were put on a pedestal and worshipped, yet they had been brought up to live in darkness.
They had been spoilt due to their beauty, but where had that earthly beauty gone to?
If their inner condition could be sensed on earth, would this kind of person still appear desirable?
Could a normal, intelligent human being feel love for such a person?
Who, for the sake of such a being, would kill off another life, simply rob someone of his life?
This showed a complete lack of morals, their souls revealed themselves on this side; they were open, all of them.
Here their inner attunement was visible, but on earth man could hide behind a mask; that was impossible here.
In this life their masks fell; they stood naked, stripped of their treasures.
Here their inner condition was known to everyone.
They all read into each other’s dark soul, because they were all one, one in their feeling; they wanted and knew only one life.
Yet they were honest in all their gruesome deeds.
There was nothing absolutely nothing they wanted to cover up.
They had never heard of anyone disguising himself behind the mask of a spiritual being, but on earth such a thing was still possible.
They were terrible, but this was visible to others; a higher being could protect himself against them.
Here he had been allowed to see the truth.
They didn’t try to hide anything, and this took the sting out of their violence.
Their frankness toned down their lechery and passion.
It was the bandage that covered the wound.
They showed their animal life to others.
Yet people on earth lived in the fortresses they had erected themselves. Yet God saw through everything, God knew the attunement of their souls and knew where they would go on living after that life.
Man had nothing to hide. God lived in everything and knew of their bestialization.
Here they weren’t ashamed to give vent to their passions in front of others.
Anyone who participated in their festivities was one of them, became part of their own life.
But how different everything was on earth
There man could hide behind his material garment; an animal-like feeling lay stored away within his physical body.
Wasn’t everything far more vicious on earth than here?
Were people open to each other on earth, did they reveal themselves there to others?
Did they show there how they felt and what they wanted?
And weren’t there beings on earth too who lived in a pre-animal-like attunement?
Did one human being there not massacre thousands and did he not have the power to have thousands slaughtered?
Didn’t all those in favour of such deeds conceal themselves behind a mask?
Weren’t such people to be found everywhere on earth?
Here he saw the truth, a terrible truth, but they had all been forced to cast off the masks which they had hidden behind during their entire life on earth.
Thank God, one day their earthly animal-like behaviour will come to an end, and then they too will be beaten up and torn apart by demons.
No-one could escape this.
On earth sentences were carried out in silence, but here one could protect oneself.
They were honest in their bestiality, they came straight to the point; on earth that was impossible.
Here they held out the goblet to each other, but there they shot poisoned arrows at people who were unaware.
There, animal instincts were stashed away, there man bowed for animals in human looks because these weren’t recognized as such.
Weren’t the latter a hundred times more dangerous?
He held the beings that dwelt here to be no less than the ones who lived on earth.
Soon they would pass on and their life was finished there. Here they were recognized by millions, because they saw into their dark souls.
What he had perceived was only righteous.
He looked at his leader who had been following his inner conversation.
‘God knows all his children, my boy; let this be your strength, your belief, hope and trust.
Otherwise we couldn’t go on living and life would become unbearable.
Are you strong enough to follow me?
I have more to show you in this darkness.’
‘Do we have to go back there, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my boy, there are other, even more wretched conditions which I must explain to you.’
His leader had spoken these words softly, his head held high, and André sensed what was going on inside this high spirit of love.
‘Alcar’, he said to his leader, ‘I will follow you wherever your path may lead.
I want to persevere and participate in everything, and I really mean everything.
I sense what you are thinking, God will watch over all His children.
I am prepared to follow you.’
‘Thank you, André. In return God will grant you light and happiness in the life after death, since you are willing to do this for others.’
‘May I ask you a few questions, Alcar?’
‘Yes, of course, why not?’
‘Where does all that blood come from in the life after death?’
His leader smiled and said: ‘You’re not the first one to ask such a question; I will try to explain this to you.
Does it strike you as strange that their bodies appear to be material?’
André thought it over.
‘No, not really, after all, I was allowed to behold this in the sphere of the earth?’
‘Doesn’t my son feel his own heartbeat?’
‘But they died, didn’t they, Alcar?’
‘All the same, they’re earthbound in their feelings and they will remain earthbound until they have changed within.
I have blood flowing in my body too, even if its substance is spiritual.
They have built themselves an animal-like, coarse-material body, which finds attunement to this condition.
When man enters the mental areas, he sheds his spiritual body, which marks a separation between the spirit and the soul.
I already spoke to you about this.
So, the higher a human being rises, the more beautiful his spiritual body will become, more rarefied even, just as the inner self.
Is that clear to you?’
André understood.
Man would gradually change until he became spiritualized.
‘You sensed that very correctly, André, that’s how it is.
On earth scholars have been shown certain phenomena in which the materialized spirit built itself a body, enabling them to hear its heartbeat.
This is known on earth; these mediumistic phenomena were handed down by us.
Now I ask you: if this is possible to us, to spirits on a higher level, then couldn’t demons surpass this condition by far?
That’s why blood flows in their bodies, but, as I said, its substance is spiritual.
You see what our life is like, we have everything: animals, flowers, trees and plants, houses and buildings, in short, everything, but in a finer and more beautiful condition than on earth.
The deeper one descends, the cruder man becomes.
The higher we rise, the more spiritualized we become, until we have covered this road which has attunement to the cosmos.
The blood you saw flowing can’t be compared to its material counterpart.
Now rout around in the ground and take some of it in your hand.’
André did what Alcar wanted of him and then looked at his leader.
‘Is this soil, André?
Of course, but its essence is spiritual.
And the wine?
Why not wine, and knives and revolvers, if they possess everything here?
You saw how their jewels sparkle, and yet to me it has no value, nor to any other higher being in the spirit.
It’s the same with everything you perceive in the spirit and with the things you will yet perceive beneath the first existential sphere.
You were surprised to see no white, no other colours than that piercing red and that malicious green, weren’t you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
André realized that his leader had been able to follow him in spite of all the uproar.
‘They wear clothes that match their concentration and their strong will power, and some are more apt at this than others.
Their will power can’t uphold either blue or white, because they lack the necessary power, nor do they possess that purity.
So when you meet a being in a beautiful garment, it means that this being has sunk low.
The poor, who are wrapped in rags, are therefore the fortunate, they are the rich ones in the dark spheres.
They will soon pass on; no influence will keep them back.
They have cast away all that gold and silver, as well as their garments.
Consequently, no being can enter another sphere if he hasn’t done away with his acquirements, the inner feeling that belongs to that lower sphere.
Is everything clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, everything is perfectly understandable to me now.
So everything is built up through inner attunement, concentration and strong will power.’
‘In the higher spheres, people, along with their clothes, will have changed, and as they ascend, so will the spheres in which they dwell.
On this side we know of spiritual, cosmic and even Divine attunements.
Here they are capable of doing anything, André, yet they can’t change their sphere into light, because this requires attunement.
Look, this is where I wanted to be, we will enter without asking, but we will remain in our own attunement; otherwise we couldn’t possibly approach the one I wish to visit.’
What André saw was a most peculiar building.
It had a globular shape, with spires that were outlined on the east and the south, and the north and the west, which gave the whole building an alien appearance.
To him this edifice had something mysterious; he had never seen anything like it in these spheres before, and it seemed to him something extraordinary.
He wondered what it could mean.
It was capricious and the whole thing exerted some strange influence.
It was guarded on all sides; one couldn’t possibly get through, and he understood why Alcar wanted to enter within his own attunement.
They walked past the sentries without being noticed and went through the gateway which marked the entrance in front of the building.
They went unhindered.
Those who were keeping watch here couldn’t see a higher attunement, as they didn’t possess the appropriate powers.
This wasn’t like on earth; in the sphere of the earth animal-like and Divine attunements lived together, but here evil dwelt all on its own.
God’s life was present everywhere, and those who didn’t possess an attunement or a connection were oblivious of such powers.
They passed through various corridors until they reached a passageway that twisted its way up.
It took some time before they had reached the highest part.
Where was Alcar taking him to, what was he in for now?
They finally entered a large hall which turned out to be a laboratory.
He saw various machines arranged to the left and right, but there was no sign of any living being.
There was a deadly hush inside the building.
He felt something lurking, and although he didn’t know what it meant, he could clearly sense it.
Who occupied this place, after all, these machines needed someone to operate them?
He felt overcome by an oppressive feeling that took his breath away.
The influence here was even more intense than around those he had just visited.
Alcar walked ahead of him and he followed his leader at some distance.
Now Alcar stopped.
Had he found the human being who lived here?
Would he get to see a genius?
Alcar motioned him to come closer, as he had also stopped short.
Step by step he approached his leader as if he feared to intrude and spoil everything.
But Alcar smiled at his caution and said: ‘They can’t hear us, André, and besides, we’re invisible; it’s quite safe to come closer.’
He felt relieved; he hadn’t thought about that, although his leader had told him beforehand.
Alcar pointed his forefinger at something and said: ‘Look, André, that being over there is the greatest genius we know on this side.
A genius of evil.
He provides the earth with his inventions, which are handed on by his assistants and infused into those material human beings who crave for fame and honour.
I explained to you in the sphere of the earth how this is done, but here it will become even clearer than on earth.
It is brought about by an interconnection between feelings, between spirits, and between human beings.
He was the one and many others, who brought forth the horrific inventions that exist on earth.
Those who have acquired this knowledge on earth and use their powers for its cause are instruments in his hands.
He is master over the thousands who follow him in his terrible work.
He has a mighty army at his disposal, in the dark spheres as well as on earth. They all have the same attunement.
His assistants are spread over the entire earth and they receive their orders from here.
He has his emissaries, who are in charge of everything on earth, but he is the one who provides all these horrors.
They try to destroy the good things on earth in order to gain control over the planet.
I don’t need to tell you how terrible life would be on earth if they were successful in their endeavours.
They want to see life on earth destroyed.
There are inventors on earth who are under the influence of this monster and they therefore serve him as his instruments.
They are the greatest of the earth; he won’t confide in others, because these don’t empathize with him.
It will also be clear to you that the more power they have on earth and the greater their inventions are, the deeper they have fallen.
These monsters are highly respected on earth; that’s where these beings live, who use their Divine gift to destroy.
This is why there are only few who can take on and absorb his razorsharp, deliberated feeling.
Those individuals have sunk very low.
They guard him because he is a master and they are aware of the powers he possesses.’
He saw a human being sitting on a platform, huddled up in front of a mysterious machine.
It was a tall and lean man.
He sat there, motionless, his concentration focussed intently on invisible powers.
It seemed as though he were dead.
Nothing about him revealed what he felt or perceived within.
He emanated a terrible influence, something he had already sensed beforehand.
This was the devil himself.
‘Not really, André, we know of even deeper conditions than this one, and they all surpass it in atrocity.’
How could even greater evil than this be brought about?
‘He too has his masters and he knows them, and at present he is linked up.
We are about to witness something which only few will ever behold.
His long, dark hair hung down to his shoulders and the garment he was wearing sparkled and glittered in passionate flashes.
His garment reflected his inner condition, as he had seen with others too.
The man sitting there before him must have a very accurate feeling, he could tell from his aura.
André sensed how he was touched by something within, something that held his attention.
Yet he seemed calm, nothing betrayed his inner tension.
This human being governed and supported science on earth.
All those who attuned to him were in his hands and beyond recall.
The scholars of the earth wanted this themselves, because they craved for wealth, honour and fame.
On earth, scholars increased their wealth at the cost of the lives of their fellow human beings, but nobody gave that any thought.
They searched and found, but whether it might further destruction was of no interest to them.
He sat there like a mystery.
‘What is he doing, Alcar?’
‘I will link up with him; maybe we’ll get to know a bit more.’
André saw and felt how his leader adapted himself.
It took a long time before Alcar spoke to him.
What was the man working on?
What powers, still unknown on earth, could he be extracting from the cosmos?
How many years was he ahead of earthly science?
Maybe hundreds.
His leader stirred, and so did the man, who moved about and took a deep breath.
Suddenly he turned around, stepped down from the platform and activated one of the machines.
Then he returned to his seat to become completely engrossed in his studies.
‘Were you able to determine anything, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my boy, he senses something, but doesn’t know where it’s coming from.
Listen André.
I will show you what I see.
Next to him I see an abominable monster’, and due to his leader’s power André also saw.
‘That being is his master, who sank even deeper than he did.
But we know of conditions on an even lower level, in which the masters live who rule over these areas.
Compared to them, the ones we encountered up to now seem innocent.’
André clearly perceived the aura of the monster that exerted his influence on him.
How far were these beings allowed to pursue their destruction of mankind?
Was there no end to this?
Later on they would have to spend thousands of years in the Valley of Sorrows, but they didn’t realize that.
When would they themselves be destroyed?
He looked at Alcar who sensed his question.
‘Their depth is as deep as the highest sphere is high according to the spiritual attunement.
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar’
‘All the same, they cannot sink deeper than the attunement of the earth.
This is the pre-animal-like attunement; every one of them once lived on the planet earth.
But they took a degree in the condition they now live in, and so they are masters.
This tells us that one day goodness will prevail.
They cannot attune to anything higher, which means that goodness will conquer evil.
Listen, he’s going to speak.’
André clearly heard: ‘Master, are you here?
I sense you, but I still don’t have a good connection.
The North will reflect itself in the East and the South, it will take on everything that moves about there.’
Only now did André understand the curious style of this building.
After a short break the genius spoke again.
‘If you are here, master, then let me feel it, I have something to show you and I’m prepared to follow and obey you in everything.’
Now something terrible occurred. It was the link between two demons.
The man continued: ‘I have a connection with the South and the East, but not with the West and the North, because I am ‘cosmorizing’ and therefore I’m unable to regulate.
I will show you, master.’
He stepped from behind his machine, walked over to the South and activated a machine and then in the East.
He stopped the other one which he had set in motion previously and he went along to switch on the machines in the North and the West.
André got a terrible shock.
Sparks and rays of light leapt over from the machine standing in the South to the one in the East.
From there a ray of sparks sputtered towards the one in the West, but he saw and felt that the forces decreased and missed their target.
Something was wrong here, this was clearly visible.
Now he also learnt what ‘cosmorizing’ meant, because the genius showed and explained it to his master.
After the various apparatus had been activated, he went over to a small device and set this going too, wherupon the crackling sound of the sparks ceased and changed into a soft buzzing.
Now André only heard a soft humming sound and all the machines were linked up.
Then the genius returned to his seat and sat down in front of his instrument.
‘I will now show you something, André, which will immediately make you understand what he wants to achieve.
You are required to focus all your concentration on me, as we must link up, but we will remain invisible to him.
Give me your right hand and don’t let go of me, whatever happens.’
Step by step his leader walked forward.
At a certain moment they both felt a violent current passing through their bodies which took their breath away.
It was so intense that it seemed to him as if his chest were being crushed.
André felt how this force increased, which made him realize that his leader would keep on descending until it became unbearable.
Alcar tried upwards and downwards, they rose and descended, went left and right.
They felt nothing to the right, there wasn’t a good connection with the West.
After this had also been perfected, escape would no longer be possible, as anyone entering the field would be doomed to die.
Now he knew what this being was going to present to the earth.
In his mind’s eye he saw how the scholar of the earth, who was about to give birth to this stupendous product of nature, would be covered with honour and fame.
But it all spelt destruction.
This was a death ray which could be adjusted by remote control to bring ruin to everything that lived within its scope.
Alcar returned to his own attunement, so that André could breathe freely again.
Even so, his leader hadn’t been linked up completely, as this would have been impossible to bear.
The striking thing was that the genius had cut himself out and wasn’t in the least impeded.
‘It’s terrible, André, but this product of nature will at some time or other see the light of day.
May God give others the power to deactivate it, so that the earth may be delivered from this murderous invention.
Do you sense the extent of his invention?
If a country possessed this, they could start murdering about in other countries as soon as connections were established.’
‘What does he mean by ‘expanding’, Alcar?’
‘This is clear enough; after all, he regulates from a distance.
For the time being he hasn’t succeeded in hitting a target, not perfectly anyway.’
‘What a monster he is, Alcar.’
‘The scope of his product is immense, its powers are unfathomable.
Everything is cosmic energy, which he transforms into a death ray.’
‘I gather that you have come to visit him, Alcar, as you were here before?’
‘Yes, we went to visit him when I was working down here.
He is already thousands of years old and simply can’t stop.
But we were brought to him by able guides to make us become acquainted with these powers and forces, just as I am showing everything about this life to you.
I know that he has been working on this invention for more than a hundred years, and quite a few years will go by before it has reached perfection.
It will therefore be clear to you that no-one on earth will ever receive anything supernatural if it’s not granted to him from our side.
Everything the earth possesses at present, either good or evil, stems from the spirit.
Here we have the thinking genius who conveys his miracle to man.
Let us hope that some form of energy will be invented to counteract his.’
‘If I have sensed this correctly, Alcar, one of these apparatus receives what is emitted by another and then passes it on.’
‘That’s how it works, and that’s how he wants it to function.
Everything that moves and lives in that field is doomed to die, so that millions pass on at the same time.
But before this invention will see the light of day on earth, many scholars will become its victim, as they don’t know how it works.
But there will always be geniuses to whom this knowledge is passed on, and who are prepared to give their utmost until perfection has been reached.
In fifty years from now great progress will have been made.
And don’t forget that everything we have seen here is already present on earth, in other words: whatever he accomplishes is brought to earth.
Some scientist are at work there, subject to his will, as I already told you, who are getting closer to the truth all the time.
At the moment they are just as unable to link up the East and the West.
But once this is achieved, everything will be singed down to the core and be doomed.
All matter will be deprived of life because his ray is murderous.’
‘So this kind of power is known on earth, Alcar?’
‘Most certainly; death rays have already been invented, but they can’t be compared to this one.’
‘Can you see whether other inventions will be brought to earth?’
‘Oh yes, various ones.
On earth, mankind is now experiencing the century of technology.
They have passed through the century of music and art; at present they’re in the century of technical wonders.
I see an earth, a hundred years from now, in which man lives amidst all his miracles, of which there are many.
I could name thousands of miracles like these, maybe I’ll be able to show you what the earth will look like in a hundred years to come.
Afterwards man will return, and will found a new generation.’
‘Is that already visible on this side, Alcar?’
‘The masters who possess cosmic attunement are aware of that too.
This is beyond my reach, but my master is familiar with many of these miracles.
Yet all this is for later; and when the necessity arises, you will be allowed to record these things too.’
‘The miracle we see now is tremendous and terrible, Alcar.’
‘You’re so right, André, these powers could have been used for more beneficial purposes.’
‘Is it known in the higher spheres what he will accomplish?’
‘The masters know that too, and therefore spirits of light will descend in order to give man something which will deactivate his invention.
In this way some beings work towards a good cause, others towards evil, until man finally reaches a higher attunement and everything will then serve the happiness of mankind.
But as long as there are people on earth who live in a pre-animal-like condition, there will be certain specimen that go around destroying the happiness of others, and inventions will be put to use to further death and destruction, as the cycle of the soul has its origin in the pre-animal-like attunement.
If enough scientists on earth knew in whose hands they were, and if they had the courage to stop, and set their heart on goodness, then nothing but happiness would prevail on earth.
However, what some accomplish to benefit the good cause, is exploited by others for evil purposes.
That’s why many don’t understand the things we give.
But whatever comes from our side will serve the happiness of mankind.
All other inventions are made for the sake of prestige, money, fame and destruction, but that wasn’t why God bestowed His gifts on man.
Poor earth, poor mankind.
Let’s move on to another condition.’